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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cirevam

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    Lego Rock Raiders Text Walkthrough by Cirevam
    Copyright Alan Sokol 2009-2010. This guide may not be distributed anywhere
    other than GameFAQs. If you see this guide at somewhere other than GameFAQs,
    please let me know.
    Table of Contents
    000. Intro
    100. Mission Walkthrough
       100A. Driller Night
       100B. The Path To Power
       100C. Rubble Trouble
       100D. A Breath of Fresh Air
       100E. It's A Hold Up
       100F. Explosive Action
       100G. Search N' Rescue
       100H. Breathless
       100I. Frozen Frenzy
         101I. Quick Path
         102I. Level Exploration
       100J. Erode Works
       100K. Water Lot of Fun
       100L. Don't Panic!
       100M. Rock Hard
       100N. Ice Spy
       100O. Split Down The Middle
       100P. Lava Laughter
    200. General Tips
    300. Contact
    400. Version History
    Intro (000)
    This is my first FAQ that I've written for GameFAQs and as such may be
    confusing at first. If you need to find something quickly use the “find”
    function on your computer (Ctrl+F on Windows and most other OS’s and Apple+F on
    Macs) and type the code that has what you are looking for and scroll through.
    To keep a consistent sense of direction, I will use compass directions to help 
    you navigate (north, south, east, west). Whenever I use a compass direction, it
    will be relative to the minimap radar screen, where up is north.
    Each mission has a small briefing that explains what needs to happen and what
    may occur in the cavern, but they don't often tell you directly. In the
    walkthrough, I'll tell you what you need to do to complete the objectives,
    what kind of cavern you'll be in since that determines the frequency of certain
    threats, and the kinds of threats that are proven to be present in the level.
    I'll also split up the mission if it's possible to explore the entire cavern
    without accidentally completing the mission. The format is as such:
    Mission Name (####)
    * Tips and tricks specific to the mission
    Since this game mostly involves drilling everything you come across, there may
    not be as much information here as you might expect. However, I am making a
    video walkthrough as I'm making this text guide, so if you wish you can view
    that one instead. To find it, go to YouTube and search for the user "Smaveric".
    There you'll find the videos which are a better indicator of my progress
    through the game as I will update them more often than this guide.
    Mission Walkthrough (100)
    Driller Night (100A)
    Target: Collect 5 Energy Crystals
    Environment: Rock
    Threats: Lava
    Since this is the introductory level, you won't need much help. Just take your
    three Rock Raiders north and drill through about five sets of walls until you
    get to your base. From there, drill the east and some of the north walls to get
    five energy crystals.
    * This level has lava in it, and your RRs can damage themselves walking over
    the corners of it. Don't worry about it though, since the damage is minimal.
    Also, there are large amounts of Small Spiders in this level. Small Spiders are
    slippery and stop your RRs for a few seconds when they touch them. What I like
    to do is let one RR drill a wall and let the other two hang back, let the
    spiders trip the first RR (the spiders disappear whenever they hit a RR, even
    if he hasn't gotten up yet), then go in with the other two RRs.
    The Path to Power (100B)
    Target: Build a Power Station
    Environment: Rock
    Threats: Landslides
    This is your second mission, and you're already being hit with the second most
    annoying threat in the game: landslides. They're bad in two ways: first, they
    can actually kill your RRs, and second, they drop rubble everywhere, which
    slows down your RRs making them easier to be hit by landslides. Cleaning up the
    rubble from a landslide doesn't net you any ore, either. There is a silver
    lining though, or should I say a silver hammer. Just give a RR a hammer and set
    "Reinforce Walls" on high priority, and he'll get to it. Just make sure you
    take his shovel away, so that you can tell him to go over to a pile of
    landslide rubble and he'll go straight for the wall instead of clearing the
    path first.
    Now, teleport in as many RRs as you see fit, since there's infinite oxygen in
    this level and we want to get this done quick. Set "Reinforce Walls" on top
    priority and give half of your RRs hammers. Turn off "Clear Rubble" for now,
    and reinforce every bit of hard rock you can find, especially in the southwest
    tunnel leading to an Energy Crystal Seam.
    Northwest of your base is a little cavern with an Ore Seam in it, and there's
    some dirt and whatnot on the way. Drill that out and bring the findings back to
    base. By the way, the hard rock right next to your base can't touch your Tool
    Store if it landslides, so don't worry about it if you don't want to. Once you
    have all the hard rock reinforced, head south to the Energy Crystal Seam. You
    technically only need two Energy Crystals this mission, but getting more ups
    your final score, so go ahead. There's also some drillable rock east of the
    seam, but I usually ignore it since I have enough ore by the time I clear
    everything else.
    Once you have enough ore, upgrade your Tool Store and build a Power Path west
    of it, but make sure it's still touching the Tool Store. Build your Teleport
    Pad off of that. Orientation doesn't matter here since we're only making two
    buildings. When it's built, upgrade it and build the Power Station. Once that's
    up and cooking, you're done, and Chief will get you out of there.
    * If you want, you can upgrade one of your raiders later so he can hold three
    tools, so he can drill, shovel and reinforce without running to the Tool Store.
    You can also rename upgraded raiders so you can identify them more easily.
    Rubble Trouble (100C)
    Target: Collect 5 Energy Crystals
    Environment: Rock
    Threats: Landslides
    To be completely honest with you, this is just a combination of the previous
    two levels: you have to collect five energy crystals, and there's landslides.
    All of the crystals are west of your base and none of them are guarded by hard
    rock. Don't even bother building anything, just reinforce some of the walls if
    you feel the need to.
    * This mission is boring and I hate it.
    A Breath of Fresh Air (100D)
    Target: Build a Support Station
    Environment: Ice
    Threats: Finite Oxygen
    This is the first level that does not have an infinite amount of oxygen in it.
    Your RRs will be teleported out and you will fail the mission should you run
    out of air. However, that's very unlikely in this mission if you only teleport
    three to five RRs. You don't start with any, so teleport them down. Check to
    make sure you kept your upgraded guy from Path to Power. You should notice that
    he will be the first one teleported down; this is because any RRs that have
    learned skills or have been upgraded get teleported first. Keep this in mind
    for later missions.
    There's some drillable rock to your south and north, and an undiscovered cavern
    to the east. Drill the few corner walls around your base to get some ore for a
    Teleport Pad, and to find an Energy Crystal too. Then drill the loose rock up
    north to find another Energy Crystal. Upgrade your Tool Store and place a Power
    Path next to it. I placed mine offset so I could put all the buildings around
    it, like this:
     ____ ____|____|
    The Teleport Pad would be north of the Tool Store adjacent to it. The Power
    Station would "wrap" around the Power Path, and the Support Station would be
    north of the Power Station, so the whole thing would look like this:
               ____ ____
     ____ ____|____|____|
    Of course you don't have to do it like this, but I didn't feel like building
    more Power Paths. In future missions where low oxygen is a real threat, or
    floor space is limited, having a good floor plan will make you feel less
    stressed, so keep this in mind.
    Once your Teleport Pad is built and upgraded, you should start building the
    Power Station. You will have at least two Energy Crystals unless you drilled
    east, in which case you should have at least three, maybe eight or nine
    depending on how far you went. If you went far enough that you discovered the
    cavern with the lake, keep an eye on your RRs, as they'll try to keep cleaning
    up the landslide. Disabling "Clear Rubble" in the priorities helps somewhat,
    but they still run off sometimes. After your Power Station is complete, upgrade
    it and move on to the Support Station. Once that's built, you're on to the next
    * When I finished this mission, I used only three RRs and had 60% oxygen
    remaining. I completed in 22.32, but it's possible to do it in under 17 minutes
    or so if you go to the east cavern right away.
    It's A Hold Up (100E)
    Target: Bring the stranded Small Digger back to your base
    Environment: Rock
    Threats: Landslides, Forced Dynamite Usage?
    This is the first mission where you encounter stranded vehicles, and it's one
    of the first real "free roam" missions, in that you don't have to worry about
    collecting too many energy crystals if you want to keep playing for a while.
    Anyways, there's an energy crystal seam right next to your base, so bring down
    some raiders and drill the walls. There's no oxygen limit, so bring as many as
    you want. The Small Digger is directly west of your base, but you need to go
    north first to get around the solid rock. There's plenty of hard rock blocking
    your path, so if you don't have any explosives experts you'll need to train
    some. All you need to do that is a Level 2 Tool Store. Be careful though, as
    rock raiders will automatically train themselves if you set too many walls up
    for blasting.
    When you discover the first cavern, you'll see some hard rock on either side
    of a narrow tunnel. Reinforce this before you send anyone else down there,
    because it landslides frequently. Just south of this tunnel is some more hard
    rock, and that's what you need to blast through to get the Small Digger. When
    you break through the hard rock, build up a Support Station and train someone
    as a driver if you don't have one already. All you have to do is drive the
    digger into the general vicinity of your base and the mission is complete.
    * In the northeast area of the map is a small pond with some energy crystal
    seams adjacent to it. Know that it is impossible to get those energy crystals
    without using a debug key to get around the solid rock. You'll see more of
    these "impossible seams" in later missions.
    Search N' Rescue (100G)
    Target: Find the lost Rock Raider
    Environment: Ice
    Threats: None
    This is seriously one of the easiest missions in the game. No oxygen depletion,
    no monsters, no lava, and very few landslides. You start out in a little cove
    with three walls on each side, some hard rock on the north and south parts,
    and an energy crystal seam to the west. All of the materials you find in this
    cove are enough to construct every building in order to teleport down a Tunnel
    Scout. Actually, you have enough to get a Super Teleport and Docks as well, but
    you need the Tunnel Scout.
    Once you have a Tunnel Scout and have trained a Rock Raider as a pilot, you can
    proceed north up the river to find the lost Rock Raider.
    Directions: Take a left at the fork, take the second right to the end. Drill
    east and then south (you'll see a Tunnel Scout). Follow the path north until
    you find the Hover Scout, then drill east to find the lost rock raider. There
    are multiple paths, however.
    * It's fun to teleport a Cargo Carrier and Small Digger and play around with
    them. It's more fun to teleport down three of each. Yes, there are plenty of
    crystals to do just that.
    Breathless (100H)
    Target: Find the lost Rock Raiders
    Environment: Ice
    Threats: Landslides, Finite Oxygen, Forced Dynamite Usage?
    This mission doesn't pose too much of a threat, but the initial cavern doesn't
    have that many minerals in it unless you go way to the west. The lost raiders
    are in a cavern east of your base, but you need to go either north or south
    around a wall of solid rock to reach them, and still more hard rock slows you
    Personally, I take the northern route as it seems that there's more landslides
    on the south end, but they're both about the same in terms of distance. Once
    you reveal the cavern, the lost raiders come running back to your base, only
    to be teleported up before they can see it.
    * There are some alcoves right in your base that are perfect for placing
    buildings. One is a few spaces southwest of the Tool Store and the other is
    behind an energy crystal seam just north of the southern alcove.
    Frozen Frenzy (100I)
    Target: Find the Tunnel Transporter
    Environment: Ice
    Threats: FREQUENT landslides, Finite Oxygen, Monsters
    This is my favorite mission without a doubt. You have to act quick right away
    and equip at least one of your raiders with a Laser Beam. In fact, you should
    only teleport three raiders in to clear the loose rock around your base which
    is landsliding like a waterfall, and reinforce the hard rock when you see it.
    We'll come back to it later.
    If you start to head up north, you'll trigger a monster emerge. Emerges are
    spots where Rock, Ice, and Lava Monsters can come out of the walls to harass
    your base. If you see a monster coming out, hit the Action Stations button
    located at the top of the screen, and any raider equipped with a beam weapon
    will attempt to attack the monster. You'll quickly notice how badly they are
    at shooting, but there is a trick that exploits one of the characteristics
    of a raider in Action Stations mode. We'll go over that later.
    Now that your base is secure, you should have just enough minerals to build
    a Teleport Pad and Power Station. If the monsters start coming again, just
    reinforce the wall they're emerging from. Once you get a Power Station, lay
    some electric fences on the north side, but don't put any on the east side
    just yet. That's where you have to go to complete the mission, and if you
    choose to use dynamite to get through then you shouldn't put fences up yet.
    101I. Quick Path
    If you feel your base is defended enough, go a bit up north and you'll see
    some hard rock going south around your base. Blast through a few walls of
    that to get the minerals you need to build a Support Station. There's an
    energy crystal seam nearby, too. Once you have an air supply, bring down
    some more raiders and give some laser beams to them. Give hammers to some
    other raiders, as you'll be needing them soon.
    Start blasting the east walls, reinforcing them when the landslides start
    going (and they go FAST). Eventually you'll hit some emerges, so declare
    Action Stations and pull back the defenseless raiders. Reinforce the walls
    that had emerges and keep blasting through. It'll be about eight walls in
    before you get to the Tunnel Transport. When you find it, Chief teleports
    you out. Take a good look at the mini-base they have there too, and pay
    attention to the intro movie before the next mission...
    * If Action Stations is declared and you take control of a raider with a
    weapon, monsters cannot pick up that raider. This is why you should move
    them as close as possible to a monster, so that they can shoot at it point-
    102I. Level Exploration
    This. Takes. Forever. Actually it takes under two hours if you know where
    everything is. I suggest taking each cavern one at a time since there's one
    in particular that's a literal ocean of landslides. First start off by going
    north past the first monster emerges, and you'll see the cavern forks to the
    east and the west. The east = death. The west = boredom. The cavern you're
    currently in has an energy crystal seam, an emerge, and a few landslides.
    If you decide to go east, go prepared. What you should do is build everything
    necessary to bring in a Chrome Crusher, then turn off all priorities and
    take control of the CC yourself. When you go east, quickly drill the walls
    to your immediate north and south since they start landsliding when you enter.
    After that gauntlet is cleared, go east a bit and turn south into the sea of
    rubble. Seriously, the whole floor is filled and it doesn't stop landsliding.
    Drill everything you can before the other raiders get there, if you forgot to
    disable their priorities. Not that it matters, since the Sea of Rubble is one
    big suicide trip.
    Anyways, when you clear out the gauntlet and the Sea, get the three energy
    crystal seams and use those to bring down some Loader Dozers and Transport
    Trucks. Get about three of each and upgrade the Transport Trucks. You'll see
    why in just a few minutes. Now, if your CC survived, take it north of the Sea
    and start drilling through that narrow tunnel. Eventually, you'll reach a big
    surprise... I won't spoil it for you, but I'll bet my dinner the Chief would
    like it.
    Once you collect the surprise, head back to the fork in the cavern north of
    your base and go west this time. There are a few more emerges, a few ore seams,
    and you'll eventually find a shortcut back to your base that only raiders on
    foot can use. That is, if you drilled out all the hard rock that was just west
    of your base. You'll also get to see an ore seam on a corner wall, which is
    rare but doesn't act any differently. It's a decent haul.
    When you're done clearing out the place, go to the tunnel east of your base and
    drill/blast through everything to get to the end. You can follow the Quick Path
    at this point.
    * I found out in this mission that if a raider drops dynamite on the ground and
    another raider picks it up, he can either take it back to the Tool Store or
    try to blow up another wall with it. When the latter happened, the dynamite
    exploded immediately upon touching the ground and killed the raider. Be aware
    of this in the future, though I can't get it to happen again. Fluke, perhaps?
    Erode Works (100J)
    Target: Find the safe base
    Environment: Lava
    Threats: Lava erosion
    Your first erosion level, and it's not showing any mercy. This is really no
    more than a "find the lost object" level, but there's lava to the south, to
    the north, to the west... Your main focus is getting the lava directly south
    of your base contained. To do this, build Power Paths. Lava can erode Power
    Paths, but it does it so slowly that the paths essentially become a dam. So,
    drill out the ore seams to the west and east of your Tool Store (the east one
    is behind some dirt) and start making that dam. Oh, and don't drill too far
    into that little tunnel right next to your Tool Store going northwest; it's
    a trap with more lava.
    Once you've built your dam, you can start drilling the Loose Rock northeast of
    your base. You'll find a cavern with a bit more lava, but this doesn't seem to
    erode as quickly. Dam that off, and collect the crystals in the walls opposite
    of the lava. Now, I built the necessary buildings to make a Chrome Crusher in
    this level because the target is behind several layers of Hard Rock, but if you
    feel like using dynamite then that's okay too.
    If you keep going north past the second bit of lava the tunnel will turn west
    and you'll get to some Loose Rock. Ignore the Hard Rock on the way, there's
    nothing of worth in there. Once you bust through the Loose Rock, there will be
    ANOTHER cavern full of lava. This, again, needs to have a dam. If you haven't
    made a Support Station yet, make one now so you can teleport some more Rock
    Raiders down. Your raiders have probably hurt themselves by walking over the
    lava, so more raiders now will prevent future raiders from dying by splitting
    the workload.
    Now that you have the dam in the third cavern made, go south to see a single
    Hard Rock face. Behind that face is two more Hard Rock faces and then the Tool
    Store, our target. If you have a Super Teleport at this point, bring in the
    Chrome Crusher and drill your way to victory. If you want to use dynamite, it
    will take a bit longer and your raiders run the risk of taking shortcuts over
    the lava, but it's up to you. You should also be aware that there is a wall
    that creates landslides in the third cavern. It's on the north part of the
    cavern, so drill it or reinforce it.
    * One thing that helps immensely in erosion levels is to keep the minimap in
    map mode and let it watch your Power Path dam. If you see a yellow square turn
    purple, it's starting to erode. Go and fix it immediately to prevent the lava
    from damaging your base.
    Water Lot of Fun (100K)
    Target: Collect 15 Energy Crystals
    Environment: Rock
    Threats: Finite Oxygen
    This is a very easy mission. There are some Dirt and Loose Rock faces around
    your base, and a cavern north of your Tool Store. That's all you need to see in
    this mission. You don't even have to build anything, and I'd recommend against
    it since in this immediate vicinity there are exactly 15 crystals, and you
    don't need to blast most of the Hard Rock. I did the mission in 18:52 with no
    buildings and five raiders, but you could do it in half of that.
    * Chief suggests that you go over to the Docks on the opposite shore to get
    crystals, but there's absolutely no need to. There are just enough right by
    your base, so don't waste your resources. I tried teleporting the Docks out and
    seeing if I could get a Tool Store over there, but there's no room. Don't
    even bother with it.
    Don't Panic! (100L)
    Target: Collect 20 Energy Crystals
    Environment: Lava
    Threats: Finite Oxygen, Lava Monsters, lava erosion
    Five Rock Raiders are stranded by another teleporter malfunction and you have
    to lead them back to base. Simple? It would be if the world wasn't trying to
    KILL YOU. The lava erosion in this level is the fastest you will ever see, and
    there are Lava Monsters popping up all over the place. First start by selecting
    all your raiders and taking them east. You don't have time to move the camera
    to where you want it, just click somewhere and get them running first. The
    first dirt wall is fairly far away, and there will be some Lava Monsters
    emerging to bug you. Ignore them.
    When you get to the dirt wall and drill it, take your raiders southwards and
    keep drilling dirt walls. If you had trained a geologist, he might be here and
    will be a huge help in determining which walls have caverns behind them and
    which ones don't. Also, if one of your raiders gets attacked by a Lava Monster,
    let your other raiders run some distance ahead, but try to get the lone raider
    Once you get to your base, the lava will no longer be a threat, but your
    oxygen levels might be. Forget about it and drill out the seams and walls to
    get the 20 energy crystals required to get out of this place.
    * There's a nifty shortcut directly east when you drill the first rock face
    you come across. The lava can't go into the tunnel, and the shortcut leads
    directly to your base. Most people miss it, and in fact the only reason I
    learned about it is because I looked at the level in a level editor.
    Rock Hard (100M)
    Target: Collect 20 Energy Crystals
    Environment: Rock
    Threats: Finite Oxygen, Rock Monsters
    Don't let the mission briefing fool you: there is plenty of room to fit large
    mining vehicles in here. In fact, with good floorplanning you can fit all of
    the required buildings in the starting cavern.
    To start off, get each raider to drill one seam, and if you feel like it bring
    another raider down to get the sixth seam. When they're all done, clear the
    rubble and prepare to move the Tool Store, since it's in a horrible spot. The
    northwest spot of this squarish area you created has some uneven land, but the
    spots directly south of it are fine. Build a Power Path one square east of the
    most northwest square so you can put the Tool Store south of it, facing east
    with its back to the cavern wall. I'll leave the rest of the floorplan up to
    you, but here's what I typically use:
          ____ ____ ____
         |....|....|....|  Legend:
     ____|____|____|____|  TS = Tool Store
    |....|....|....|....|  TP = Teleport Pad
    |.TS.|.TS.|.TP.|.TP.|  PS = Power Station
    |____|____|____|____|  SS = Support Station
    |....|....|....|....|  ST = Super Teleport
    |.PS.|.PS.|.ST.|.ST.|  PP = Power Path
    The rest of this level is BORING. Stop having a boring cavern, stop having a
    boring life. To stop being boring, you'll want to find the energy crystal cache
    to the southeast of your base. When you break through the Hard Rock and get
    into the southern cavern, you'll see yet more Hard Rock to the south. Blast it,
    and head east. It takes a long time and monsters are bound to show up, so get
    a raider to take hold of a Laser Beam or just block off the one-square-wide
    path into your base with a single Electric Fence. If a monster emerges from the
    northwest part of the map, you can ignore it. A monster's health decays over
    time at a rate of 0.6/sec, so by the time it gets to the Hard Rock you're
    blasting it'll give up.
    You should be able to build a Super Teleport by now, so do so despite the Chief
    telling you that there's not enough room. Hah! Get a Chrome Crusher in there to
    speed things up. Tell it to keep drilling the southeastern walls, and when you
    find the cache teleport the Crusher and take the crystals back to base. Chief
    will be proud, but you'll be court marshalled for teleporting that Crusher into
    the cavern when it was supposed to be impossible. Should have followed orders!
    * The Slimy Slug holes are inactive in this level. I think I got them to
    trigger once or twice a long time ago, but they're of no threat to you here.
    Just wait until Back to Basics.
    Ice Spy (100N)
    Target: Collect 25 Energy Crystals
    Environment: Ice
    Threats: Finite Oxygen, Ice Monsters, landslides
    Ice spy with my camera eye something that is green.
    It's an Energy Crystal, yessss. Twenty-five of them, infact. I also see a bunch
    of Ice Monsters, but they are sleeping. WOW THIS LEVEL IS SO EXCITING. Nope,
    this level is not that exciting. Sleeping monsters just means that your raiders
    have an easier time aiming at them the first time. What this level does for
    you is make you appreciate how most other levels have plenty of flat building
    space. This has hardly any. You start out in a pit and the flat areas are by
    the walls, so you have to build Power Paths by the walls until you find a
    suitable spot. I'll give you a hint: Go two spaces east from your Tool Store
    then go north to the wall, south to the wall, and east to the wall. Those are
    decent areas.
    Once you drill out the immediate area and get some buildings, prepare to go
    south. Hand out some Laser Beams, put up some Electric Fences, and open the
    cavern. Grab the crystals quickly and hit Action Stations! Let the raiders
    take care of the monsters then go in with the drills. I recommend teleporting
    a Small Digger in since there are a lot of Dirt and Loose walls with crystals.
    If you see any Hard Rock, ignore it. Eventually you will uncover another cavern
    in the south with more monsters. Silence them and bring in the cleanup crew.
    At this point you might think about going east from your base. Though I've only
    ever been there once, I'm pretty sure it's not worth it. I know there are a few
    sleeping monsters and a handful of crystals, but if you keep going south you'll
    get what could be considered a crystal cache. So, unless you're curious, go
    south with your Small Digger.
    You'll eventually hit a dead-end cavern with still more monsters. Kill'em and
    start drilling. Let any trucks you have collect the crystals (there should be
    around 15) then bring the Digger back to base. Teleport your vehicles if needed
    then get out of there.
    * This mission has bats. Bats are the third most annoying thing in the game as
    they scare your raiders and make them drop stuff but don't actually hurt them.
    You also can't kill them. Bats are rare, but when you see them you should be
    ready to keep your raiders from running away.
    Split Down The Middle (100O)
    Target: Collect 25 Energy Crystals
    Environment: Ice
    Threats: Landslides
    This mission exists because a cave-in (read: landslide) separated a team of
    Rock Raiders already on a mission. Your duty is to reunite the two groups and
    get them to Rock Raiders HQ. Simple, right? Actually it is simple.
    You start with two groups of three raiders each, west and east of the cave-in.
    On the radar minimap, click one of the yellow dots representing a raider. This
    will help you refocus the camera back on that group more quickly so you can
    finish this mission and get on with your life. Now, just keep heading north
    for a while, then the west group should head east and vice versa. If you have
    a geologist in one of the groups, have him scan the drillable walls first so
    you don't waste time.
    Once you get them back together, look on your minimap for your starting
    position. See the area directly north of that? That's your goal. Yes, that tiny
    cavern is your base, and if it weren't for the solid rock blocking it off from
    the south end you wouldn't have this mission. It's a really cool level design
    that has a looping pattern, but I digress. When I reunited the raiders I had
    to go a bit east and then south, but it should be painfully obvious when
    crystals start popping out of the walls. Keep drilling those walls and you'll
    reach your base. Now build some Power Paths and drill everything! Be careful as
    landslides occur frequently in here. Once you get 25 crystals and have about 18
    lying on the ground, Chief will teleport you out of there.
    * Since there's no oxygen depletion in this mission, feel free to teleport some
    of the buildings for crystals if you feel that you just HAVE to get this level
    done as quickly as possible.
    Lava Laughter (100P)
    Target: Collect 30 Energy Crystals
    Environment: Lava
    Threats: Finite Oxygen, Lava Monsters
    Hoo boy, this is a tough mission if you head east right away, innit. Let me
    tell you why that's a bad idea. Though there's a small cache of crystal in the
    eastern cavern, there are about half a dozen Lava Monsters sleeping on the one-
    block-wide path, so if you walk on that path you're almost guaranteed to wake
    them up. Just don't do it yet. In fact, you don't need to at all, but I'll show
    you how to it right proper.
    First drill walls around your base to clear some floorspace. Drill the Loose
    Rock to your east, but once that's taken care of leave the single Dirt wall
    behind all that alone. If you drill that, the eastern cavern opens and your
    raiders go crazy. Instead, blast through the Hard Rock to the north and south.
    There are also some walls heading east in the hallways you'll open up; ignore
    them, there's nothing of value behind them. However, if you keep going north
    and south, you'll find a ton of crystal seams.
    I should point out that you better have a Support Station as soon as you can
    get one as the oxygen depletion is pretty bad in this mission and only gets
    worse from here on in. Also, it would behoove you to build a Geological Centre
    so you can see the walls that should not be drilled until you're ready. When
    you have twenty crystals and a couple of Transport Trucks, equip some raiders
    with Freezer Beams (important! Lasers don't work as well), put up some Electric
    Fences, and open the east cavern.
    You'll immediately see why I told you to get some trucks. Clearly, those
    crystals were meant to be a meal for those Lava Monsters, and you're stealing
    it right out from under their noses, almost literally. Anyways, if you get at
    least six crystals (two truck's worth) you can teleport the trucks and have
    enough to finish the mission.
    * There appears to be a waypoint error in this mission since the probability of
    a raider killing himself on the lava lake in the eastern cavern is huge. Keep
    that in mind when you keep hearing "unit teleported safely" over and over.
    General Tips (200)
    - Upgraded raiders can hold more tools and actually take less damage from
      landslides and such. It may not be apparent, but it's in the code.
    - Landslides kill raiders, create rubble that slows things down, and monsters
      can come out of certain walls. Reinforcements solve all of those problems.
    - Chief will often give blatant clues if there are monsters in the level. i.e.
      "The scanners are acting up." Make note of these and give at least one
      Raider the appropriate weapon in case you encounter a monster. Rock and Ice
      are weak against the Laser Beam, Lava is weak against the Freezer Beam.
    - In missions with erosion, put the radar on minimap mode and leave it looking
      at the Power Path dam you've built. That way you can instantly see if it's
      starting to erode and can tend to it before the damage is too great. If you
      are in a mission without erosion, you can have it follow a Raider so you can
      see two parts of the cavern at once; the one on your main screen and the one
      on the radar screen.
    - Priorities are randomly assigned for each mission. This can slow production
      immensely as Raiders will constantly collect something until there's no more
      of it before moving on to another thing. The best priority list I've found is
      Enter Vehicle > Recharge Crystals > Repair Buildings > Reinforce Walls >
      Construction > Collect Energy Crystals > Clear Rubble > Collect Ore >
      Drill Walls
      Drilling takes an odd kind of priority over the rest, so it's okay to put it
      last. Also, the reason the main actions are so low is because recharging and
      repairing don't happen as often, but if you don't tend to them bad things can
      happen to your base. The reason Clear Rubble is ahead of Collect Ore is
      because Raiders will clear the rubble halfway then pick up the ore. That's
      really sloppy, innit?
    - Though ore is really common, don't waste it on unnecessary upgrades. Small
      Transport Trucks benefit from Engine and Cargo because they'll speed up your
      economy, but Scanner isn't as useful because they're only going towards areas
      that have already been explored. Putting a Scanner on a drilling vehicle is
      much better because you can see whether it's a good idea to drill behind a
      wall or not.
    - This is a bit opinionated, but I'll put it in here anyways. The buildings you
      should not build are the Mining Laser, and only build the Geological Centre
      ONCE so you can train a bunch of Geologists. After that the Upgrade Station
      can give Scanners to vehicles. The Mining Laser eats up crystals so it's bad
      unless you have a Recharge Seam handy, it's slow, and it can only drill the
      walls in its vicinity. Pretty worthless.
      The vehicles you should never use are the Hover Scout, the Laser Cutters, and
      the Granite Grinder. The Hover Scout does nothing, so it prevents a raider
      from being able to do work. It doesn't go over water or lava either, so it's
      completely trumped by the Tunnel Scout. The Laser Cutters are like the Mining
      Laser; they're slow and they eat up crystals, but these can move. The ONLY
      time they're useful is if you want to take out sleeping Monsters without any
      chance for them to retaliate, since Laser Cutters flip monsters into the air.
      The Granite Grinder is like a larger version of the Small Digger, but it
      still takes bloody forever to drill through hard rock, despite having the
      same exact drill that the Chrome Crusher has. Since the GG and the CC both
      require the Super Teleport, skip the Grinder and go for the Crusher.
    Contact (300)
    If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms about this guide please
    email me at alan_sokol [at] myactv [dot] net. If you need more detailed help
    with a specific mission, visit my YouTube account (Smaveric) and look up the
    appropriate video.
    Version History (400)
    9/01/2009 - V0.1 - Began Walkthrough. Finished first nine missions.
    10/10/2009 - v0.3 - Added contact information, header, fixed a few errors.
    2/01/2010 - v0.5 - Added five more missions.
    4/06/2010 - v0.66 - Finished up to Lava Laughter, fixed a few errors, added
                        directions to Search & Rescue. Added content to General
                        Tips section.

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