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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Kwing

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    | |     |  _| | | |_  | | |  | | ~ROCK RAIDERS~
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    ~ A Strategy Guide by Kwingster ~
    [0] INFO
    This is my first real attempt at a strategy guide so let me know if I'm doing
    any good. My email is thejunkiebox@gmail.com. This review is written based
    off of the PC release, so it may not be entirely correct in the Playstation
    release. You may distribute this anywhere you wish provided that you include
    a link to the original source of this strategy guide (on GameFAQs) and credit
    me as well. Lastly, to view this walkthrough, all of the following numbers
    should fit on one line; otherwise you need to make this text smaller or your
    window bigger:
    You can save time drilling by going after strategic sections of a wall. Take
    Fig 1, for instance:
    Fig. 1  Fig. 2  Fig. 3
    XFFFF  FFFFFFF  CDFFFF   X - Solid Rock
    XDFFF  FFDdDFF  CDFFFF   D - Dirt or Loose Rock
    XdFFF  FFDdDFF  CDdFFF   F - Cavern Floor
    XDFFF  FFFFFFF  CDDDDF   C - Undiscovered Cavern
    If you drill one of the upper-case Ds, you'll leave the other two Ds as two
    corners, but if you drill the lower case D in the middle, it will automatically
    make the other two Ds collapse. You can drill up to a maximum of 6 times faster
    using this trick, like in Fig. 2. Drilling either of the lower case Ds in this
    example will instantly raze all 6 tiles of wall. You can even get rid of tiles
    of Hard Rock and Solid Rock with this method when you cause sections to
    collapse! Another thing this is useful for is NOT drilling. If there's an
    "undiscovered" cavern with a bunch of monsters in it, you can keep yourself
    isolated from that cavern by drilling corners of walls, like in Fig. 3.
    Drilling the lower case D will keep you from stumbling upon a dangerous cavern
    that you're not ready to explore yet. Also, when I use the terms north, east,
    south, and west, I'm referring to north as being the area to the top of the
    screen when the arrow and rectangle depicting the screen on the scanner points
    upward. Don't assume north is the direction the camera faces at the start of
    the mission!
    This is a cakewalk. Have your three Rock Raiders drill through all of the dirt
    that you see until you find the Tool Store. After that you can mash the
    Teleport Rock Raider to Planet button because you have unlimited air. Order
    all of the surrounding area to be drilled and just wait. Energy Crystals
    will be revealed and automatically collected. To make the process faster,
    you can individually order a Rock Raider to pick up an Energy Crystal.
    Teleport as many people down as you can and search for Dirt to drill through.
    Drill around until you find an Energy Crystal Seam. If there re any
    landslides, go ahead and order them to be reinforced. In some levels, your men
    are multitasking and never get around to reinforcing walls, but this one is
    easy; they'll get around to it. All you have to do is drill, clear rubble,
    and then follow the easy sequence of building a Power Station. Upgrade your
    Tool Store (5 Ore), build a Power Path (2 Ore), Build a Teleport Pad (8 Ore),
    and then a Power Station (12 Ore, 2 Energy Crystals).
    Go ahead and teleport down as many men as you can. Set Clearing Rubble to the
    top priority until your starting area looks acceptable, then drill all around
    the area, particularly upwards. There's a cavern at the top that has one wall
    concealing three out of the five Energy Crystals you need. Drilling this spot
    will make the mission go faster.
    Start with five men to prevent from using up too much air. Set the highest
    priorities to Collecting Ore and Clearing Rubble. Drill the areas nearest to
    you and have them retrieve the ore. You should get two Energy Crystals by the
    time you're constructing the Power Station. By the time you're constructing
    the Support Station, there's an area on the east (and a tiny bit south) that
    has some water in it, and also three Energy Crystals very close to the opening
    of the cavern. Make sure to switch the priorities around mid-mission to prevent 
    Rock Raiders from wasting your time.
    [5] IT'S A HOLD UP
    This mission is just a lot of clicking. Your priorities start pretty much where
    they should be so you don't even need to change those. Just click on all the
    Dirt and Loose Rock and drill them, while reinforcing all sections of Hard Rock
    that you see.
    To breeze though this mission you need to keep your Rock Raiders focused on
    what they need to be focused on. This means teleporting down a ton of Rock
    Raiders and shutting off priorities for collecting Ore and Energy Crystals,
    as well as clearing rubble. Select all of your Rock Raiders and have them
    individually drill northwest. As soon as you can see the three pieces of Hard
    Rock, just select the dynamite option for the wall and wait. After it's blown
    up, just grab a driver to reel in the vehicle. It's pretty simple.
    As soon as you have your Support Station and upgraded Teleport Station, beam
    down as many Tunnel Scouts as you can. There's no purpose in only having one.
    As soon as you have drivers for them, have them explore the northeastern area
    of the map. Make sure to turn off collecting Ore and Energy Crystals, as some
    Rock Raiders may pick up Ore after drilling a section and just stand there
    because they can't take it to a Tool Store.
    There's not much to worry about in this mission. Teleport down three or four
    Rock Raiders and have them use dynamite on the area just south of the Tool
    Store. After it's blown up, drill east until you uncover a cavern with some
    drillable wall in the northeast corner of that section. Drill that section and
    you should find all three lost Rock Raiders.
    The beginning of this mission will determine the rest of it massively. Drill
    as little as possible and build a Power Station as soon as you can. Keep your
    buildings close to the Solid Rock, and fence off the north area and the east
    area of the room you start in with Electric Fence. The north area should lead
    off to a bunch of other caverns, while the east area should lead to Hard Rock.
    Once this is done focus on getting a Support Station up and running. This can
    be quite a challenge because while there are many Energy Crystals in this level,
    Ice Monsters will scare your Rock Raiders into dropping them. Make sure you have
    Rock Raiders with Pusher Beams. As if this mission weren't hard enough already,
    there are tons of cave-ins in this level! Because of this you need to make sure
    that your priorities have reinforcing wall as being more important than clearing
    rubble or your Rock Raiders will kill themselves being hit with landslides.
    Obviously you want to drill the area around you first. After that, I drilled
    mostly northwest and along the left wall south. You probably won't need all of
    those resources though. You should really get a Small Transport Truck down when
    you can, and if possible, a Small Digger to make drilling easier. The Small
    Transport Truck is extremely important because it will snag Energy Crystals from
    being potentially eaten by Ice Monsters, as well as collecting Energy Crystals
    even if an Ice Monster is nearby, something no Rock Raider on foot does! After
    all of that, you're going to want to get a Super Teleport up and running. This
    will take a while mainly because it takes a while to get Energy Crystals in this
    level, and you have to be careful not to run out as this will cut off the energy
    supply for the Support Station. Once it's built, however, it shouldn't be hard
    to beam down a Chrome Crusher and then drill directly east of your base. The
    Tunnel Transport shouldn't be too far. One last note: The area northeast leads
    to a winding cavern with a TON of landslides occuring there. You really don't
    need the resources there, and the landslide messages will spam you ruthlessly
    if you uncover it. This is horribly distracting, so don't drill there.
    [10] ERODE WORKS
    The trick to this is simplicity. Simply drill west of where your base starts to
    find a new cavern with a pool of lava. Drill the entire area there and you
    should find a lot of Energy Crystals. Drill more of your surrounding area until
    you have 15 Energy Crystals. After or during this process, drill north and then
    west. Once you find an area farther west with a pool of lava in it, build a
    Power Path there and then a Tool Store. Teleport up your other Tool Store and
    begin the mining process at your new base. You should definitely have 10 Ore by
    now, so upgrade your Tool Store to level 2 so you can train explosive experts.
    From there, just use dynamite on the Hard Rock in the south section of this
    cavern. You should find another Tool Store and an order to collect 15 Energy
    Crystals. Since you already did this you should already win the mission.
    Don't build anything. Collect 10 Ore and upgrade your Tool Store to level 2.
    After that turn off collecting Ore. Drill every last piece of Dirt and Loose
    Rock, and then order all of 4 tiles of Hard Rock to be blasted with dynamite.
    There are 16 Energy Crystals in this area, and you only need 15 to win.
    [12] WATER WORKS
    This mission is very laid back. Drill the entire area north of where you start
    and build up your base. Because a certain section of ground is very flat, you
    can build your Power Path and buildings strategically so that your work is very
    easy. Once you have a Support Station, turn off Collect Ore as a priority, then
    teleport down one Small Digger and as many Transport Trucks as you can. Have
    your Small Digger drill through all of the Dirt and Loose Rock you see on the
    map, and once it's done, send it back to the HQ and teleport it up to harvest
    the Energy Crystal. The rest of the vehicles should be picking up resources.
    Have one lone Rock Raider with a drill go to the top right of the map to rescue
    the other Rock Raiders. The Rock Raiders are on a section fenced off by Solid
    Rock, but your Rock Raiders can actually walk on the Solid Rock to an extent
    and tread around the water. Have this Rock Raider drill the wall in that area
    to uncover 4 Rock Raiders and a ton of Energy Crystals. Now all you have to do
    is wait. If you have one Support Station and 7 or more Rock Raiders, you'll
    start running out of air when you unearth the other four Rock Raiders, so go
    ahead and teleport several up to solidify your win.
    [13] ROCK HARD
    [14] DON'T PANIC
    This is a very easy level considering you're more than halfway through the
    game by now. Drill the sections of Dirt on the farthest end of the cavern over
    and over, ignoring the Lava Monsters and high-speed erosions. Once you reach
    your base, drill the area directly north to create a shortcut and drill the
    surrounding area, especially the north, east, and south areas. Drilling north
    won't breach the lava flow, and a certain section of your base is immune to
    erosions from the west. Don't even bother constructing a Support Station and
    turn off the Ore collecting priority; just drill and collect the Energy
    Crystals. Teleport any idle Rock Raiders up.
    [15] ICE SPY
    Build a Support Station first, but avoid drilling east. Drill north and south
    as much as possible, and build as much as you can with the resources from
    there. Make all of your buildings as far west as possible. You may have to
    drill east a tiny bit for the resources you need, but don't drill east any
    more than you have to. Once you have all of your buildings, reinforce the two
    walls of Hard Rock that are a little bit north and south of the area you're
    in, then put Electric Fence around your entire base so that the only wall
    inside of your base is Solid Rock or Reinforced Wall. Teleport down two or
    three Transport Trucks and equip all of your Rock Raiders with Pusher Beams.
    Finally, drill east. You should enter a cavern with tons of sleeping Lava
    Monsters and a large amount of Energy Crystals on the far east. Hit the
    Action Stations button and send all of the Transport Trucks to the cluster
    of Energy Crystals. As your Transport Trucks are getting the Energy Crystals,
    make sure none of them stop for too long close to a Lava Monster, or it will
    take damage. After the battle has cooled down, focus drilling north and south
    in the closest areas to your base with a Small Digger. There should be an
    Energy Crystal Seam both north and south of your base. Just make sure you have
    a handful of Rock Raiders with Pusher Beams because there are a few more Lava 
    Monsters in this level, although they're not much of a problem. After you get
    those two Energy Crystal Seams you should have enough to win, but if you don't
    just explore around until you do.
    [18] ORESOME!
    This level isn't that bad. Clear the rubble around your base and connect the
    Power Station to the Support Station, then search around for an Energy Crystal.
    As soon as you can, teleport down a Small Digger, then two Small Transport
    Trucks as soon as you can. Have the Small Digger drill all around, but
    especially northwest (close to the lava), and have the Small Diggers pick up
    the Energy Crystals in the area. There's also a way to drill a loop around a
    section of Solid Rock. If you do this, you can make the path for the Transport
    Trucks a little bit shorter. Ignore the erosions but try and work quickly.
    Building and Energy Crystals should be the top priorities.
    [19] FIRE N' WATER
    This can be tricky if you do things in the wrong order. You also have to keep
    your Rock Raiders working at all times or you may find yourself losing quickly.
    Start with five Rock Raiders and drill as much as possible around the lava. The
    more space the lava can erode, the more time it will take for it to spread all
    the way to your base. Make sure that you focus on building a Support Station
    as soon as possible, as air is very limited. Drill the spaces closest to you
    first, then drill the surrounding area. Don't even wait for the Support Station
    to finish building before ordering the Dock to be built. As soon as you have a
    working Dock, teleport down a Rapid Rider and have someone take it south and a
    little east. The southwest area doesn't have any drillable wall so make sure you
    don't go there. In the southern area have your single Rock Raider drill thorugh
    the wall, build a Power Path, and then put a Tool Store in the south area. Be
    careful about where you build things because the ground has a tendency to be
    warped making it unsuitable for building things near the water. Build toward a
    Support Station in the south area, and once you have a Support Station down
    there teleport down several Rock Raiders. Several of them will be teleported
    down in the south area. This will speed up your work. Let the Rock Raiders in
    the north area collect the rest of the Energy Crystals in that area. As soon
    as they finish, teleport up all of the buildings in the north area except for
    the Tool Store. The Rock Raiders in the north should gather the Energy Crystals
    from the buildings. After that you can teleport up the Tool Store and the men
    and focus entirely on the south area. The Energy Crystals deposited in the north
    area are now usable in the south area! It's just like magic! Drill the area all
    around you and collect Energy Crystals at your own leisure. One last note is
    that your Rock Raiders tend to collect more Ore than they need to. Make sure to
    adjust the priorities so that they aren't wasting time collecting unnecessary
    The first thing you want to do is pilot your Rock Raider north, have him
    dismount, and then drill the wall. Once it's drilled, have him get back on the
    Hover Scout and go up, around the corner, and then back south. Drill the Dirt
    in the south area until you find a cavern with a Small Digger in it. Dismount
    and have your Rock Raider get into the Small Digger. Go directly north of the
    area where you found the Small Digger, and then drill north and eventually
    east. As soon as you start goign east, Rock Monsters will start appearing.
    Just make sure you're moving at all times and that you're at least three panels
    away from a Rock Monster while drilling and they won't hit you. Drill east, then
    move south and east again. You should be able to start going back north soon.
    After that, keep going north until you find the Cargo Carrier. Bring your Cargo
    Carrier to the edge of the water and your Small Digger close to it and select
    Load Vehicle on the Cargo Carrier's menu. Then unload it on the area south in
    the water. Drill south and then east and you should find the Tool Store. Simply
    drive up to it and you win the mission.
    [21] AIR RAIDERS
    The first thing you have to do here is connect your Support Station to the Power
    Station, obviously. You have very limited air so the very first thing you want
    to do is clear the rubble in the way while one or two people drill some bits of
    the wall off. As soon as they're done, construct a Power Path between the Power
    Station and Support Station. As soon as you're done with this, have one or two
    Rock Raiders clear the nearby rubble while you put Electric Fences around your
    whole base. Make sure that there's no possible square where an Ice Monster could
    invade and damage your building. After that, reinforce all of the Hard Rock
    close to your base and then drill the area around you. Be careful not to drill
    too much; the more Energy Crystals you uncover, the more Energy Crystals are
    vulnerable to being taken by Ice Monsters. Make sure that you can safely escort
    Energy Crystals from one section of wall back to your base, or you may lose a
    lot of them. There's a lot of cave-ins, so you should deactivate clearing rubble
    and maximize the priority for reinforcing walls. After this, you may want
    another Support Station or two so that more Rock Raiders can help you.
    Alternatively, as soon as you can, teleport down a Small Digger or two, and some
    Transport Trucks. Because you're changing your priorities a lot in this mission,
    make sure you make drilling a high priority after you've reinforced areas and
    gotten everything worked out or the rest of the mission can take a long time.
    If you want to speed up the end game, just teleport up your Support Stations
    and gather Energy Crystals from them.
    [22] LAKE OF FIRE
    This one is clockwork. While the erosions will prove a problem, this level also
    has a very small amount of oxygen in it, making it essential for you to hurry up
    and finish the level quickly. Ignore all erosions and instead focus on drilling
    walls and building a Support Station. Once you have a Support Station, change
    the Priorities list so that Energy Crystals are the top priority, then teleport
    enough men so that you have 9 in total. A Support Station supports 10 people, so
    you should gain back some of the oxygen you lost while building it. As soon as
    you have enough Energy Crystals, teleport down a Small Transport Truck (or two).
    Get a driver for it and then teleport down a Small Digger. These two vehicles
    must act as a team, and since you don't have time to clear rubble or fix
    erosions, the speed these vehicles provide is absolutely essential. Open up the
    small map and scan around for any Dirt or Loose Rock, and order them to be
    drilled. The Small Digger will run around and drill them. Once they're all
    drilled, go ahead and return it to the base, then teleport it back to the LMS
    Explorer so you get the Energy Crystals back from it. In the meantime, the Small
    Transport Truck(s) will be running around collecting Energy Crystals. Make sure
    to order a Small Transport Truck to pick up individual Energy Crystals if
    they're in an area that's about to be cut off by an erosion, so that you keep
    Energy Crystals from being stranded on an island.
    This level can take quite a while. Build up a Support Station first and try not
    to drill near the bottom (as there's a cavern down there with tons of Rock
    Monsters. After you have a Support Station and sufficient air, build another
    two Support Stations (or three if you want) and then surround your base with
    Electric Fences. Teleport as many men as you can without losing oxygen. Now
    drill south to open up the other cavern. Your only problem now is the Slimy
    Slugs, since Rock Monsters are only a problem if you don't have Electric
    Fences. What I like to do is get a bunch of Rock Raiders that can only hold
    two tools and have them carry a Pusher Beam and a Sonic Blast. Get 5-10 of
    players that only have these tools and they are useless for anything except
    base defense. Because they can't do anything else like clearing rubble, they
    should just stand around your base defending it. That means if there's a Slimy
    Slug that appears, they'll shoot at it long enough for you to return to your
    base and tell them to set off Sonic Blasts. I've had as many as five slugs on
    my base at once, so prepare for a maelstrom. Even so, the level is more than
    possible. Go ahead and collect as many crystals as you can; Small Transport
    Trucks and Small Diggers are very useful to this effect. It takes a while,
    but if you drill between waves of Slimy Slugs, you'll eventually have enough
    Energy Crystals. If you're close but can't find anymore, teleport your buildings
    back to the LMS Explorer and use the Energy Crystals left over from those. This
    will also work for vehicles you've teleported down.
    [24] HOT STUFF
    This one can be really hard if you slip up and wake up the Lava Monsters. You're
    also going to need to multitask really well. The first thing you want to do is
    build up a Support Station and surround your base with Electric Fences. You
    won't need more than one Support Station (although I'd still build two or three)
    because the erosions aren't that bad, but you might want to build a Geological
    Center and upgrade it fully to see the surrounding area. While this is
    happening, you need to have a small group of Rock Raiders (maybe five) go up to
    the top left of the screen and drill through the Energy Crystal Seam there.
    There's probably 20 Energy Crystals in that one seam, but it's very close to the
    lava so you need to be quick. It's unlikely you'll be able to get all of them,
    since the lava will consume the area before you have the buildings necessary to
    teleport down a Small Transport Truck, but you can get a good amount. Once that
    area is off-limits, go ahead and drill any area you want aside from the north
    area. There's a lot of Energy Crystal Seams, but if any of them open up a cavern
    with lava in it, I'd suggest not to drill it. What I find useful is to send one
    person to drill the Energy Crystal Seam and watch it as it's being drilled.
    Energy Crystal Seams and Ore Seams seem to "slope" as they're drilled more and
    more, so you can see how close they are to being drilled all the way through. As
    they're drilled, Energy Crystals will fall out. Right before it's drilled all
    the way, get your lone driller to stop drilling and order that section of the
    wall to cancel being drilled, so that you get some of the Energy Crystals from
    the seam without breaching any lava flow. The rest of the level isn't too bad,
    just make sure you have enough men with Pusher Beams to protect any loose
    Energy Crystals on the cavern floor from a Lava Monster.
    This level is actually pretty easy. Start by drilling south and west until you
    find Solid Rock, building up a Support Station as you collect resources. Be
    careful with Rock Monsters and don't wake any up, or you'll have to hit Action
    Stations to have your men attack them, and some of them are stupid enough to
    shoot at sleeping ones. You'll have a whole wave of them coming if you're not
    careful! Once you have a Support Station, put Electric Fence around your base
    except for the area at the bottom and at the left. Instead of having the
    Electric Fence close around your base, have it stem off going west and south
    at the northwest and southeast corners of your base (respectively). This way
    you'll have lots of space to keep building your base. I'd highly suggest you
    drill all of the wall within this enclosed space, though. Rock Monsters can
    come out of any wall that isn't Solid Rock, so if there's any Dirt, Loose
    Rock, or Hard Rock inside of your Electric Fence, you're vulnerable to
    invasion. Once you have this set up, just drill the general area closest to you;
    don't bother going up the long corridors on the left and right of the screen.
    Once you feel strong, teleport down tons of Small Transport Trucks so that you
    have about 5 or so of them. Then go up to the way top of the middle (wider)
    corridor and dynamite it, or drill through it with a Chrome Crusher. You'll
    discover a huge cavern with about 60 Energy Crystals in it and five Rock
    Monsters or more running around in it. Send your Transport Trucks over to
    retrieve as many Energy Crystals as possible, as well as maybe 5-10 men with
    Pusher Beams. This will keep the Rock Monsters from eating too many Energy
    Crystals while the Small Transport Trucks will collect them. It's not too hard
    to get up to 50 Energy Crystals from there.
    (C) Copyright 2010

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