Why does the game keep telling me there is no disc?

  1. I have Windows XP. What do I need to do to get my original Lords 2 Win 95 disc to play on my XP? I put the disc in but the system doesn't recognise it.

    User Info: dwiggyha

    dwiggyha - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There's a couple possible ways to fix it.

    I) delete the SIERRA.INI file from your system directory. Do a search for "sierra" on your system drive, and remove the .INI file.

    II) Start SETUP.EXE and run the installation. SAY NO TO SYSTEM TEST! Continue when asked to confirm, the installation should now finish.

    III) Find the new SIERRA.INI created under your system directory and open it. Find the [Config] heading, or if it's missing completely, adding it to the bottom of the file. Add CDRomDrives and CDROM parameters under it, so it will look like this ("X" being the CD-ROM drive letter you're using for the game):


    IV) There is another .INI under your game directory, most likely resembling the game executable name. You should see a reference similar to SIERRA.INI just now:


    If the above doesn't work or you have Vista or Windows 7, definitely use the following, not the above. Quite wonderful to be able to play this game in Windows 7!
    Reinstall the game using SquirtTheCat's installer (which is still working as of 4/23/2010):

    User Info: Ranilin

    Ranilin - 7 years ago 0 0

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