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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  THE LOST FILES OF
     ##########  ###  ###  ######### #######   ###       ######  ######### ##  ### 
     # ##### ##  # #  # #  # ####### # ######  # #      # #### # ######### # ## #  
     # #   # ##  # #  # #  # #   ### # #  # #  # #      # #  # # ###       # # #   
     # #   ####  # #  # #  # #       # #### #  # #    # # #  # # ###   ### # ##### 
     # #         # #  # #  # ####  # # #### #  # #  ### # #### # ######### ### ####
     #####       # #### #  # ###     # #  # #  # #### # #######                    
      ########   # #### #  # #    ## # #  # #  #######           #########  ###### 
         ### ##  # #  # #  # ##### # ###  ###         ##    ###  # ##### # # ######
            ###  # #  # #  #########          ###     #### ## #  # #   ### # #  ###
            ###  # #  # #            ######## # #     ####### #  # ####    #####   
     ###    ###  # #  ###  ###  ###  # #### # # #     ### # # #  # ####       #####
     # #    ###  ###  #    # #### #  # #  # # # #  ## ###   # #  # #   ### ##   ###
     # ########  #         # #### #  # #### # # ##### ###   # #  # ####### ########
     ########## MMMMMMMMMWM###  ###  ######## ####### ###   ###  ######### ########
        :8.B 2MZWMBW0BZ8088Z82Z0MM
      aXiS;;  MBXMM@@WW8aZ08Z02Z8MM
     iB.M Mr7,MZW MMa0aarrS2SXZrXaMM
    rir8 Z ,. M8;00WMM8BS8ii.Bi7M,SrM
    a72@.0i7; MM7882MMWMZ@X7iarB2;7iWM
    :    riZMMMMMMMM,; .rZXX2@@MMMMW
    Z2S27XSr    .7X;a@MMM:0MMX,@M Z
    222BXrXrZ0MM7i0MS MM M Mr 2 2 M
    S7,;28MMMZiZMM@ .MM MW M2MB .M
    Bi:,,;0@MMM0 7MMMM M0i:M0i.,,MMM
    @WMMMMMMM MWWM@8@M Ma Mr.,:.2 MM
    .; :MMMXa8MMZr;X8M2M iZ:ii, 0 MM
    B7    WMMM7;rXXXXWM7 :i::irZMMM            The Case of the Rose Tattoo
    ZraS.  7MM0SSXXr;7MB ;;iiZX:MM
    MMWSa82 X.MBSXXr,S7M ;;ir8 MM
    XMMMMS0Z,Z 8M27;,7S..;;i2.aM
    MMX BMMMSZ2r;XWr  M;; ::XMM 
    .MMBS:WMM@2Z77a@; MaMX ,@ M 
    a   ZM@XXWMMBBaZ00        M      MB0MMMBMM
    Xi;: 7MMaSWMMMWZW@M      MMM    MMX     ;WM
    aXXr: ;rMM2a@MW8ZZ@M      M      8M880MMMM
    8SXriXi2 MM0aWMMWW@MM    MMM     :MMM8@MMX
    @0a8ZrX;r,BMWZBMM0W@M    MWB     MBZ7X@M
    WM@BZ2;2a7, MM@MWMW@M     8W8Xa00MMSX;W@M
    0M@MMBWXriir X@MMM@MM      M@BX;;:.,;0MM
    WWMM@@M8827i2 : 2MMMM       MMMMB0W@M@M
    8ZZ@BMMMM@BZS0X:i.X8MW        BWMMM82
    PC 1996
    Version:        1.0     released on the 27th of June 2005
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available to GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Rose Tattoo' for
    the PC, an adventure game by Electronic Arts released in 1996. This is a sequel
    to 'The Case of the Serrated Scalpel' but you do not require having played the
    first one to fully enjoy this game.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    You control Watson & Sherlock Holmes with the mouse. Right click on people and
    objects to get more actions than just the default left click, which is usually
    look for objects and talk for people as long as they you are able to talk to
    You cannot die in the game not get stuck like in many older adventure games,
    which is very good. Look at everything at a location, using more actions if
    available. Talk to people about everthing. Often new conversations appear after
    looking around, and looking at that person. At some points it is very picky
    about what you do in order to progress but often there are more than one method
    to find clues for new locations and advance the story. However this might
    require going to places more often and spending a lot more time on this game. I
    recommend doing so to get more out of the game rather than just the bare
    necessities described in this walkthrough.
    By the way you CAN skip the introduction but you need to wait until the "The
    Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes" sign starts turning over again and the "The Case
    of the Rose Tattoo" starts flipping over. Press ESC at this point or after to
    skip ahead and then you may also load your existing game.
    As far as a I know this game still works in Windows, including XP, at the time
    of writing. There could be an issue with scrolling on the city map but it is
    not too much trouble. Please don't contact me regarding any technical support,
    I do not know much more than I have described here. If the game returns to the
    desktop at certain actions you could try running 'setsound' and turning both
    sound and music to off. Then re-try the part where the game crashed and save
    afterwards, turn back the sound and reload your game. Do not forget to switch
    on the sound in the game afterwards, too. Apart from that play around with the
    compatibility mode to see if you get better results, such as running in a fixed
    F1        =        Load Game
    F2        =        Save Game
    F3        =        Inventory
    F4        =        Options
    F5        =        Journal
    F6        =        Music On/Off
    F7        =        Sound Effects On/Off
    F8        =        Voices On/Off
    F10       =        Quit
    When the walkthrough moves on to a new location I will assume you return to
    the city map by yourself unless you get there automatically. The exit to the
    city is often found on the edge of the screen in case you are having trouble
    finding it.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Exit to the city. On the map you can scroll around and click on locations to
    get there. As you progress in the game you will see more and more icons appear.
    ___Scotland Yard___
    Talk to the police constable at the door.
    "Constable, I'd like to nip in for a word with Inspector Lestrade."
    "I believe I heard a young woman call for help. Shouldn't you investigate?"
    "Please, let me pass. I'm Sherlock Holmes's colleague. Surely you recognize
    the name?"
    Talk to the street vendor.
    "What's the good word Augie."
    "I'd like to get into the Yard. Can you help me?"
    "If you've ideas of how I might get inside, I beg you to give them up."
    "The half-crown ought to buy what you know of the Diogenes Club explosion."
    Talk to the police constable again.
    "Constable, have you heard anything about the explosion in Pall Mall?"
    ___Diogenes Club___
    Talk to Daley.
    "Constable, might I have a look inside?"
    ___St. Bart's Hospital___
    Talk to Matron.
    "Matron, might I look in on one of your recent arrivals."
    "My name is John Watson. I once worked here."
    "After Bart's, I served with the Army Medical Department. I was wounded in
    "Matron, I'd like to see Mycroft Holmes. I'm a close friend of the family."
    Look at the directional sign with the 'Morgue'. Look at the patient upstairs
    and then talk to the patient on the gurney.
    "Sir, how long have you been unattended in this wretched hall?"
    "Is the new patient ward far from here?"
    Talk to Matron.
    "Matron, I entreat you. Let me see Mr. Holmes, just for a moment."
    "Is Dr. McCabe still the staff coroner?"
    Enter the morgue and talk to McCabe, the medical examiner.
    "Greetings, McCabe. You're well, I hope. Might I have a word?"
    "As I recall, there was circuitous passage here to the old patient ward. Can
    the new ward be likewise approached from here?".
    Go left into the patient ward. Talk to Sister Grace here.
    "I had no idea that Mr. Holmes' injuries were so extensive. What is his
    Speak to Mycroft Holmes.
    "Hello, Mycroft. It's John Watson. Sister treating you well?".
    Look at Mycroft Holmes and look at the nightstand.
    Talk to Sister Grace.
    "Has Mr. Holmes said or done anything that you can tell me about?"
    Try to remove the ring, but Sister Grace will interfere. Talk to Mycroft once
    "Sherlock's in a funk, sir. I'm trying to revive him. Can you help?".
    Talk to Sister Grace.
    "Will you please fetch Mr. Holmes some fresh water." 
    When Sister Grace is gone, remove the ring. Open the door in the back and
    leave to the city.
    ___Diogenes Club___
    Show the ring to Daley. Walk right a bit and examine the small box on the
    floor near the bar. Walk right some more and enter the archway at the end of
    the bar. Examine the clock. Look at the clock face. Pick up the clock face.
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Enter 221B. Walk right some more and analyze the clock face at the lab table.
    You will need to drag and drop items here, not click and select actions. Pick
    up the sodium sulphate and drop it in the empty beaker. Now fill the distilled
    water into the beaker. Use the scraper with the clock face lying on the table.
    Light the bunsen burner with the matches. Walk left and open the desk. Pick up
    the bull's-eye lantern. Open the door to leave. Pick up some pebbles next to
    ___Scotland Yard___
    Talk to the street vendor.
    "Hello, Augie. Anything doing?"
    "What have you heard about the Diogenes Club explosion?"
    When picking the card select Augie's hand. Talk to the Police Constable.
    "A quiet watch, Constable?"
    "Is Augie still schooling you at three-card Monte?"
    "Do you want to know the secret to Augie's success?"
    Talk to the desk sergeant.
    "Sergeant, might I have a a word with Inspector Lestrade?"
    Look at the distressed woman, Inspector Lestrade and Inspector Gregson.
    Talk to the desk sergeant.
    "When might Lestrade be available, Sergeant?"
    "How's the family, Sergeant?"
    Talk to Inspector Gregson.
    "Has there been any news concerning the fire at the Diogenes."
    Look at the man in the jail cell. Talk to Watson.
    "May a patient's maladies be diagnosed from their ravings?"
    Talk to the desk sergeant. 
    "Sergeant, I believe your prisoner is ill."
    Look at the library and talk to the desk sergeant again.
    "Sergeant, are you familiar with the Encyclopedia Britannica?"
    Talk to Lestrade.
    "You're finally ready to resume your duties, Lestrade?"
    "If you won't investigate the explosion further, you might at least assist
    ___Diogenes Club___
    Show the permission slip to Forbes and talk to him.
    "Let's not tarry, Forbes. We'll go in now." 
    Pick up the small box on the carpet and open the dutch door. Walk right and
    enter the archway at the end. Examine the clock like before and pick up the
    handle. Return to the previous room and talk to Forbes.
    "Has anyone worked on the gas lines in the last day or so?"
    "Forbes, who relieves you when you're away from your post?"
    "Did any strangers enter the Club this afternoon?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "This fellow is too eager to assert his authority, Watson."
    "If Forbes continues to be obstructive, Watson, will you distract him?"
    Enter the archway again. Talk to Forbes.
    "Forbes, the lounge appears wrapped in mourning bombazine."
    Talk to Watson.
    "Watson, what do your feline orbs espy?"
    "Forbes truly is an intractable dunce, Watson. Be prepared for a signal."
    Walk further right. Try to shift the beam and sift the wreckage.
    Talk to Watson.
    "Come, Watson, let's carry on."
    "Watson, might I have a word?"
    "Watson, I was just thinking of that embalmed armadillo."
    Go right and free the chain. Dislodge the beam with the chain. Illuminate the
    wreckage with the Bull's-eye lantern. Sift through the wreckage. Pick up the
    Bull's-eye lantern.
    ___St. Bart's Hospital___
    Present the permission to Matron. Talk to Matron.
    "Matron, I would like to see my brother, Mycroft Holmes."
    "I ask again, in a civil manner, for permission to see my brother. I am his
    only relation."
    Look at the patients on the second floor and then at the patient on a gurney.
    Examine the patient on a gurney. Talk to Matron again.
    "Matron, why is the patient forced to languish in this pestiferous hall?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "Watson, will this influenza become an epidemic?"
    "Have you conceived a perfectly gruesome method for disposing of the old
    Talk to the patient on a gurney.
    "Would you mind if I pushed your gurney to a warmer and more sanitary spot?"
    Move the patient on a gurney.
    Show the permission to the medical examiner, then look at the corpse. Talk to
    the medical examiner.
    "Your findings on Sir Hubert, please, Doctor."
    "Might I examine the body?".
    Examine the corpse. Talk to the medical examiner again.
    "Might I see Sir Hubert's clothes?"
    Open the cabinet and then look at the clothes. Exit left to the patient ward.
    Read the medical chart next to Mycroft's bed and take the receipt. Talk to
    "Hullo, brother. You're keeping well, I hope."
    "What is it, Mycroft. What do you have for me? Where do  you have it?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "His clubs in ruins; he wouldn't risk his office; home is where the heart is;
    he must mean he has something at his digs."
    Open the door. Talk to Matron.
    "As a courtesy Matron, I inform you that we are going inside."
    Give the receipt to Matron. Talk to Matron.
    "Matron, this receipt is in order. Spare me the lecture and produce the
    ___Mycroft's Flat___
    Click on the driver. Talk to the man at the door.
    "What is your name, if I might ask?".
    Talk to Watson.
    "There is something particular about that driver, Watson."
    Show the summons to the man at the door. Talk to man at the door.
    "Colleran, I assure you I can be trusted upstairs. My brother summoned me."
    Show the keys to the man. Talk to the man again.
    "Could we go in now, Colleran?".
    Talk to Watson.
    "Have you learned anything of significance Watson?"
    Talk to the man.
    "Do you know that my brother was injured in the Diogenes explosion?"
    Talk to the driver.
    "Constable Tallboy, isn't it? Could I have a moment of your time?"
    Talk to the man.
    "Please insure we are not disturbed while we're upstairs, Colleran."
    Open the door. Walk right into the bedroom. Search the desk. Move the
    candlestick. Examine the foolscap. Pick up the foolscap. Exit the bedroom and
    open the door.
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Open the door to 221B. Analyze the foolscap on the lab table. Dump the paper
    on the lab tray. Fill the distilled water onto the lab tray. Light the bunsen
    burner with the matches. Use the wet foolscap with the lit bunsen burner.
    Press Exit. Open the door.
    ___Mycroft's Flat___
    Open the door. Peruse the beginning of the bible. Pick up the parchment. Enter
    the bedroom on the right. Test the pen and then taste the pen. Exit the room.
    Open the door. 
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Open the door to 221B. Analyze the parchment on the lab table. Fill distilled
    into the beaker. Drop some Iodine into the beaker. Light the bunsen burner
    with the matches. Use the parchment with the beaker. Press Exit. Peruse the
    directory on top of the desk near the left wall. Open the door.
    ___St. Bart's Hospital___
    Enter the patient ward. Talk to Mycroft.
    "Mycroft, what about Professor Dewar."
    ___Dewar's Laboratory___
    Touch the iron stove. Open the iron stove. Peruse the paper in the stove. Talk
    to Dewar.
    "Professor Dewar, I am Sherlock Holmes. Mycroft is my brother."
    "Mycroft has been injured in an explosion, Professor."
    "Can the cause of an explosion be easily determined from its consequences?"
    "Professor, could you analyze this spring? I have reason to believe that..."
    "Is that a copy of your formula, Professor?"
    "Professor, what is the subject of your formula?"
    "Could you replicate the formula from memory?"
    ___Lord Lawton's Town House___
    Give a business card to Jenkins and talk to him.
    "I am Sherlock Holmes. Might I have a word with Lord Lawton, please?"
    Try to climb the stairs or exit the room. Look at Jenkins and talk to him.
    "You've been having a good run at the table?". Try to climb the stairs or exit
    the room. Talk to Lawton.
    "At my brother's request, I'm looking into the disappearance of the formula
    from the ministry."
    "Are you aware that Mycroft has been injured in an explosion?"
    "Are you purposely offensive or merely obdurate?"
    Exit the room.
    ___Thomas Pratt's Loft___
    Talk to Mathilda Mason.
    "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Mason. Is Mr. Pratt available?"
    "Have you had any recent word of Pratt, Mrs. Mason?"
    ___Silverbridge Residence___
    Talk to Hepplethwaite.
    "May I have a word with Mr. Silverbridge?". Pick up the bowl (candy) on the
    table and wait for Hepplethwaite to return. Talk to him.
    "What is the problem, Hepplethwaite. Won't he see us?"
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Open the door to 221B. When Mrs. Hudson knocks, click to receive the fax. 
    Open the door.
    ___St. Bart's Hospital___
    Enter the morgue. Show the telegram to the medical examiner. Talk to the 
    medical examiner.
    "What can you tell me about this victim's cause of death?"
    "Might I examine the body?"
    "Could I see the victim's effects?"
    Open the cabinet and pick up the hat. Examine the corpse.
    ___Scotland Yard___
    Talk to the police constable.
    "Which is more bother, Lestrade being in or being out?"
    Talk to Lestrade.
    "I need details of the corpse you hauled in from the Thames, Lestrade."
    "Where can I find this worthy?"
    ___Cleopatra's Needle___
    Show the telegram to Roach and talk to him.
    "Constable, it's Sherlock Holmes. I'd like to survey the scene."
    "Your predictions notwithstanding. I will examine the scene constable."
    "I'm sure Lestrade would be stupified if you've discovered anything of
    "What can you tell me about the crime, constable?"
    "Where might I find the wherryman?"
    ___Jesse Needhem's Abode___
    Talk to Jesse Needhem.
    "Tell me about the corpse you pulled from the river, won't you?"
    "Have you done army service, Needhem?"
    "Forget the fable you told the police. I think you witnessed a crime on the
    "Strangely, the corpse you found had no personal effects. Perhaps some of 
    them found their way here."
    Open the sea chest. Rummage through the sea chest and examine the tie. Talk to
    "I would have expected a hidey-hole somewhere about. But I don't spy one." 
    Talk to Needhem.
    "That tie belongs to the victim. What else of his personal property did you
    steal? A wallet perhaps?"
    "You are a thief, Needhem. British justice takes a dim view of robbing the
    Give him the watch and chain. Talk to Needhem again.
    "I'd like you to return with us to the Embankment. Will you do that?"
    ___Cleopatra's Needle___
    Light the Bull's-eye lantern with stairs. Examine the button and the shiny
    disc. Now look at the odd stains on the stairs. Look at the gaff hook on the
    left. Talk to Needhem.
    "You witnessed a murder here, Mr. Needhem. Tell me everything. No
    prevarications, please."
    "Tell me about the argument, after the shots. What did you hear?".
    "What do you recall about the men you saw?"
    "Could you find the object that made the splash, Mr. Needhem?"
    "Be more specific, Mr. Needhem. We're looking for a critical piece of
    evidence.". Use the gaff hook. Pocket the pistol and pick up the bull's-eye
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Open the door to 221B. Analyze the watch fob on the lab table. Drop the watch
    fob  into the beaker. Fill some hydrochloric and nitric acid into the beaker.
    Use the tweezers on the beaker to get the watch. Use the magnifying glass 
    with the dish with the watch. Press exit and open the door. Purchase a
    Go to the Liverpool St. Station to board a train to Cambridge.
    Rouse Fleming. Talk to Watson.
    "This won't do, Watson. He requires some hair from the dog that bit him."
    While Watson is gone, examine the books. When Watson has returned, rouse
    Fleming once again. Talk to Fleming.
    "Would you oblige us, Fleming, with your opinion. We're evaluating this ale."
    "I need to excavate your prodigious memory, Fleming. May I do that?"
    "The Tudor Rose drew its members from the whole University, didn't it?"
    "I have reason to believe my corpse was a Maudlin man and a member of the
    Tudor Rose."
    ___Thomas Pratt's Loft___
    Talk to Mathilda Mason.
    "I'm afraid I carry some deplorable news. Mr. Pratt has been murdered."
    "Could you identify Pratt for the police if requested?"
    "Might we look at Mr. Pratt's effects? It can make no difference to the
    Talk to Watson. 
    "Watson, we need to peruse the flat. Can you occupy Mrs. Mason?"
    Talk to Mathilda Mason.
    "I'm sure he thought highly of you and confided in you. Perhaps you have the
    names of his friends or relations if you flat."
    "Perhaps you would like to freshen up and change your handsome frock."
    Pick up the hat pin on the table and enter the archway. Rummage the basket and
    pick up the sealing wax. Pick up the photograph and examine the papers on the
    desk. Sift the fireplace, then pick up the red cloth. Clean the hookah on the
    table using the hat pin.
    ___Neville's Baths___
    Smell the counter near the entrance. Examine the radiator close to the
    attendant. Move the pillow near the bath patron and finally talk to the bath
    "I'm now ready to inspect the baths, Russell."
    Move the towel. Talk to Whitney.
    "A fortuitous meeting, Mr. Whitney. I am Sherlock Holmes."
    "As you attendant is occupied, let's talk about the formula missing from your
    reading room.".
    "At the moment, you are not accused, Whitney. I'm simply trying to gather
    Employ the squeegee on the floor and turn the valve at the boiler. Talk to
    Whitney once more.
    "You will not trifle with me, Whitney. Tell me what you know."
    ___Lord Lawton's Town House___
    Talk to Jenkins.
    "Jenkins, I need to speak to Lord Lawton again."
    "Please show me in. I have some tragic news for Lord Lawton."
    Try to climb the stairs or exit. Talk to Lord Lawton. 
    "I'm sorry to inform you that your friend, Thomas Pratt, has been found dead."
    "Your colleagues should know of Pratt's condition and other developments.
    Where might I find Sir Avery Fanshawe?"
    "What do you think of the connection between Pratt's murder and the formula's
    "I ask again why the investigation was terminated?"
    Exit the room and talk to Jenkins.
    "I'll tell you of Mr. Pratt's demise. In return you could answer some
    questions and let me look about."
    ___St. Bernard's Billiard Academy___
    Talk to Jock Mahoney.
    "Hello, Jock. Remember me?".
    "I'll assume you're still cock of the walk here. Would you like a game?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "Not a promising beginning, Watson. Jock won't even speak to me."
    Look at the barman, look at the dartboard, look at Mahoney and look at the
    Lush sitting at the bar. Talk to the barman.
    "A large brandy, please."
    "Why is Mr. Mahoney in such a foul mood."
    "The Metropolitan Police deal harshly with violations of the Temperance Act."
    "I'm sorry for his loss, but I need Mahoney's help. What can you suggest?" 
    "May I have the darts, please?"
    Talk to Mahoney.
    "Might I stand you to glass of stout?"
    "What about a game of darts, Jock?"
    " How about a game of ____?" <- Select from 301, 501 or Cricket.
    If you do not know the basic rules of darts I strongly suggest you look it up.
    There are three types of games, 301, 501 and cricket. The first two are simply
    getting you score down to 0. You do NOT need to finish on a double/bulls-eye
    like standard rules. Cricket mode means you need to get three of each listed
    number, the first to do so wins the game. Double and Triple gives you two and
    three strikes accordingly, thus getting only triples speeds up the process
    immensely. I is one, X is two and O on top of the X means you are done with
    this number. Also the green 25 point circle counts as the bulls-eye. As for the
    actual gameplay, simply wait for your hand to get where you want it to be and
    then clicking the left mouse button. Then do the same for the bar on the left
    hand side.
    Tip: 60 points is the highest you can get per dart and simply means having the
    hand dead center and the bar on the 6th level counting from the bottom.
    After you win talk to Mahoney again.
    "Care for another match, Jock?"
    "I believe you know Alfred Jenkins, Lord Lawton's man. Can he give you a run?"
    "Any special tips for me, Jock?"
    ___Lord Lawton's Town House___
    Talk to Jenkins.
    "Are you ready for our chat, Jenkins?"
    "May we get started, Jenkins; cut to the chase as they say?"
    "We won't waste time with a match, Jenkins. I possess something you want."
    Unlock the photo album with the hat pin. Browse the album. Talk to Jenkins
    "Are these all of Lawton's photographs?"
    "The photo from the inside of the back cover is missing, Jenkins. Do you
    recall it?"
    Open the box on the piano. Study the music and play the piano. Talk to
    "When was the piano last tuned?"
    "Is Lord Lawton a music aficionado?".
    "Who accompanies Lord Lawton when he plays?"
    "What is Lady Lockridge to Lord Lawton?"
    "These selections may be too difficult for Lady Cordelia. I know from
    experience that Paganini is formidable."
    ___Fanshawe's Pile___
    Talk to Watson.
    "Some sad associations here, Watson. You called it The Case of the Serrated
    Scalpel, I believe."
    "The Brumwell butler was a trial. Pettifog, Petticoat, no Pettigrew, wasn't
    Talk to Lady Fanshawe.
    "I'd like to speak with Sir Avery, please. Is he available?"
    "May I speak with Pettigrew, please?".
    Talk to Watson.
    "Watson, please give me your sense of Lady Fanshawe.". 
    Talk to Lady Fanshawe.
    "Lady Fanshawe, I must speak with Pettigrew. To make delivery arrangements."
    Talk to Pettigrew.
    "Do you remember us, Pettigrew?"
    "Where does Sir Avery spend his time, away from the Ministry?"
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Talk to Wiggins.
    "What are you up to, Wiggins?"
    "I've a mission for you, boy. Small chance of success. But the game is worth
    the candle."
    ___The Daily Telegraph___
    Examine the portrait gallery. Look at the portrait gallery. Study the small
    posters. Talk to Charles Freedman.
    "Hello, Charles. We're not interrupting?"
    "You've assembled a remarkable group of character portraits."
    "This small portrait is distinctive. Who is it? Or more to the point, what is
    "The posters are very well drawn. Same artist?"
    "Might I have young Hemming's address?"
    "I'm trying to identify a man, Charles. Might I explore your memory?"
    ___Hemming's Digs___
    Wait until Nigel is ready and talk to him.
    "I saw your work at Freedman's. It's exceptional. Would you like to make a
    'mug shot' of someone for me?"
    ___Jesse Needhem's Abode___
    Talk to Needhem.
    "I need your help, Mr. Needhem. Will you come with us, please?"
    ___Hemming's Digs___
    Wait until Nigel is ready and talk to him. 
    "Does the work of a professional photographer appeal to you, Needhem?"
    "This is Mr. Needhem. He has seen the person I want drawn."
    Talk to Needhem.
    "Needhem, please describe the gentleman you saw in profile at the Embankment,
    the third man."
    Wait a while and talk to Hemmings.
    "How would you evaluate Needhem's powers of observation?"
    ___The Daily Telegraph___
    Show the mug shot to Freedman. Talk to Fairfax Carter.
    "I've heard your name from Mycroft, sir. Freedman has filled you in?"
    "You probably heard us speaking of Colonel Moellendorf?"
    "If it's not an official operation, what might the Prussian motives be?"
    "Can you help me gain access to the Kaiser? I know he's in London."
    "What kind of man is the Kaiser?". 
    ___Lady Lockridge's Town House___
    Walk a bit to the right and look at the sheet music. Look at the piano. Look
    at the photographs on top of the piano. Examine the engagement portrait.
    Inspect the engagement portrait. Talk to Lady Cordelia Lockridge.
    "You are rare and flexible musician, I perceive?"
    Accompany the piano. Talk to Lady Lockridge again.
    "My hat, Lady Lockridge. You've set yourself two very difficult pieces. All
    will be well with time and practice.". Pick up the sheet music.
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Open the door to 221B. Open the bedroom door. Play the wax cylinder 3. Crank
    the gramophone. Practice the violin.
    ___Lady Lockridge's Town House___
    Walk towards the piano. Talk to Lady Lockridge.
    "Lady Cordelia, I may have discovered where Paganini went wrong."
    Play the violin. Talk to Lady Lockridge again.
    "Might you now tell me, my Lady, why Lord Lawton has been reluctant to speak
    with me?"
    "What can you tell me about Lord Lawton's man, Jenkins?"
    Inspect the engagement photo.
    ___Silverbridge Residence___
    Talk to Hepplethwaite.
    "Hepplethwaite, I must see Silverbridge. Immediately.". Look at the kid's
    portrait above the fireplace. Look at Silverbridge. Talk to Hepplethwaite.
    "Doesn't the child have his own room?"
    "Hepplethwaite, what's going on? Is he very ill?"
    Talk to Silverbridge. 
    "You do not look well, Mr. Silverbridge."
    Open the jar and use the jar to wake Silverbridge. Talk to Silverbridge.
    "Did you know Pratt well?"
    "That's your son's portrait, isn't it? Handsome lad. Where is he now?"
    Talk to Hepplethwaite.
    "Hepplethwaite, where is Virgil Silverbridge?"
    Examine the lead pencil lying on the floor. Pick up the lead pencil. Look at
    the table on the left hand side. Rub the inscription with the lead pencil. Use
    the chess move with the chessboard. Open the panel. Read the letter. Use the
    jar. Talk to Silverbridge.
    "The note is genuine, isn't it? He is missing."
    "Can you spare a picture of the boy?". Take the photographs on top of the
    fireplace. Open the double-doors. Pick up the blankie.
    ___Old Sherman's Animal Emporium___
    Look at Sherman. Talk to Sherman.
    "My compliments, Sherman. I hope we find you well."
    "Must we guess the reason for your foul humor?"
    "Would you like a fresh cuppa, Sherman?"
    "We have need of your treasure's skill."
    ___St. James Park___
    Talk to the boy sitting on the bench.
    "Hello, young man. May I pet your dog?"
    Talk to Wilbur Heywood.
    "Hello, Birdy. Business brisk?"
    "Birdy, what do you know of the little fellow on the bench?"
    Talk to the boy. 
    "I think I recognize your dog. His name is Toby."
    "Listen, lad. I need to borrow Toby. May I do that?"
    ___Old Sherman's Animal Emporium___
    Talk to Sherman.
    "Sherman, a young boy is caring for Toby. I'd like to reward him for his
    Take some biscuits from the table in front of Sherman. Use the biscuits on
    the birdhouse (kuckucksclock).
    ___St. James Park & Surroundings___
    Talk to the boy.
    "We've brought a new companion for you, Master Harte."
    Show the blankie to Toby. Query at the door to the Castle Stationary. Talk to
    the stationer.
    "I apologize for interrupting your labor. Might I have a moment?"
    Show the blackmail note to the stationer. Talk to the stationer again.
    "I know it's unusual, but could I ask you to smell the letter?"
    Show the blankie to Toby once more.
    Talk to the window washer.
    "Have you sold any peppermints recently?"
    Use the ransom note with Toby. Examine the mail slot key which is. Use the hat
    pin with the key. Use the key on the door lock. Examine the ring close to the
    dead woman. Pick up the ring. Open the door. Pick up the handkerchief. Pick up
    the dark bottle. Open the paper bag. Open the reticule at the bottom-left
    corner of the right door. Pick up the envelope.
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Talk to Wiggins.
    "Wiggins, I need your assistance. Are you free?"
    Open the door to enter 221B. Click to accept the telegram. Analyze the ring at
    the lab table. Drop the ring into the beaker. Fill it with hydrochloric acid
    and use the tweezers. Use the magnifying glass with the ring. Click exit. Talk
    to Watson.
    "I wonder if friend Farthington knows the disparaged solicitor, Bledsoe."
    ___Jacob Farthington's Chambers___
    Talk to Jacob Farthington.
    "Your clerk's demeanor is unaffected by his tuition at the charm academy."
    "I'm looking for a barrister named Bledsoe. He has chambers here, I believe."
    "If you won't tell me where Bledsoe is, perhaps you would tell me about him."
    "Must I rummage through the bowels of the court looking for the man?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "We could waste precious time looking for Bledsoe, and still come up empty.
    I'm stymmied, Watson."
    Talk to Farthington. 
    "Will you settle for the reason I wish to speak with him, and trust me with
    the details?"
    Peruse the calendar. Talk to Farthington once more.
    "I beg you to arrange a meeting with Bledsoe, Farthington."
    ___A Suite At Kensington Palace___
    Talk to Watson.
    "The Kaiser has a diverse collection of reading materials."
    "Thank you for receiving us, sir, in your apartments."
    Look at the bust. Talk to the Kaiser again.
    "I perceive a resemblance between you and Frederick the Great."
    "My mission is difficult, Your Highness. May I speak frankly?"
    Show the mug shot to the kaiser. Talk to the Kaiser once more.
    "Why would he act contrary to your interests? His behavior is treasonous."
    "We must take our leave, Your Highness. Any parting advice?"
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Talk to Wiggins.
    "Have you seen the man I described to you, Wiggins?" 
    "Wiggins, could this be the man you followed up the Strand?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "If the Prussian is still in London, Wiggins will find him."
    Leave the area and come back, twice. Talk to Virgil.
    "Virgil, where is Wiggins? Why have you returned alone?"
    Talk to Jonas Rigby.
    "Have you heard from Wiggins, Jonas?"
    Give the lozenges (candy) to Virgil. Talk to Virgil.
    "Now, my boy, tell me. Where has Wiggins got to?"
    Give another lozenge to Virgil. Talk to Virgil.
    "You drove a hard bargain, Virgil. Now tell me, where did Wiggins go?"
    ___Croydon Aerodrome___
    Brandish the sword. Break down the sword. Talk to Moellendorf.
    "I know you recently witnessed the murder of Thomas Pratt. Why was he killed?
    Who pulled the trigger?"
    "The Imperial Chancellor will be censured and ridiculed when his treachery is
    Smell the small flask and then smash the flask. Extract the spike. Examine the
    shed on the right hand side. Examine its lock. Use the iron spike with the
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Open the door to 221B. Click to answer the door. Analyze the formula at the
    lab table. Cut the photo with the scissors. Drop the piece into the beaker.
    Fill the beaker with ammonia hydroxide and chloroform. Mix the beaker with the
    glass rod. Press exit.
    ___Dewar's Laboratory___
    Talk to Dewar. 
    "Professor, what did your analysis of the clock spring reveal?"
    ___Lloyd-Jones' Bungalow___
    Talk to David Lloyd-Jones.
    "I'm sorry we find you feeling poorly, sir."
    "Would you answer some questions about your former speciality."
    "You've received no visitors recently, Miss?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "Without a lever I fear we'll get nothing substantive from him."
    Leave and come back. Wake David up. Look at the player piano. Play the pedals.
    Open the player piano. Remove the cigar box. Examine the bank notes.
    Confiscate the bank notes. Talk to Lloyd-Jones.
    "What is this money in the piano?"
    "This packet of fivers is more than enough to ruin you."
    "To whom did you sell the recipe for the bomb?"
    "This Vincent, you saw him just the once?"
    "I want to take this money to an expert. You may have received both more and
    less than you thought."
    ___Rumsey's Haberdashery___
    Talk to the woman.
    "I beg your pardon, Madame. Might I have a brief word with Mr. Rumsey?"
    Talk to Ethlebert Rumsey.
    "If you might spare me a moment, Stitch. I would appreciate it."
    Talk to Watson.
    "I'll grow gray before Mrs. Rowbottom is satisfied."
    "I've decided on a strategy to shift La Rowbottom."
    Talk to the woman again.
    "The fabric on your frock has become a favorite of the diamonde."
    Show the bank notes to Rumsey.
    ___Burlington Jewelry___
    Show the small ring to the clerk. Examine the ring case in front of him.
    Compare the ring case. Inspect the strong room door in the back. Purchase the
    knickknacks on the left. Talk to the clerk.
    "I presume these rings are merely representative of your collection. Might I
    see more?"
    Close the strong room door. Peruse the register.
    ___Lloyd-Jones' Bungalow___
    Talk to Miss Lloyd-Jones.
    "Hello, Miss. Might we speak to your brother?"
    ___St. James Park___
    Talk to Wilbur Heywood.
    "Have you spoken with Sir Avery Fanshawe recently?"
    Buy some bird food. Walk right to the lake. Talk to Hodgkins.
    "Might I have a word with Sir Avery?" 
    "Your dedication to Sir Avery does you credit, but I have official business to
    Talk to Watson
    "I believe Hodgkins has the wherewithal to deliver on his threats."
    Walk left into the park. Look at Fred. Talk to Heywood.
    "Does Fred take instructions, Birdy?"
    Use the bird feed on the birds. Talk to Fanshawe.
    "Sir Avery, my name is Holmes. My brother is Mycroft..."
    Give the bird food to Fanshawe. Talk to Fanshawe again.
    "I have some questions about the termination of the investigation into the
    stolen formula."
    "Would it surprise you to learn that Thomas Pratt has been murdered?"
    "Sir Avery, where might I find the reading room char, Mrs. Ratchett?"
    Ignore all the bums in this area. Enter the Phrenologist's studio. Talk to
    "Can you direct me to a family named Ratchet?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "The road is filled with obstacles, Watson. Your assessment?"
    Talk to Rose Hinchen.
    "Hello! It's Rose Hinchen isn't it?"
    "We're looking for the Ratchet family. No one seems able or willing to help 
    Leave and walk right to enter the greengrocer's. Look at the security guard.
    Look at the shelves. Look at the copy book. Attempt to open the copy book.
    Talk to Watson.
    "Watch my back, Watson. Will you do that?"
    Talk to the proprietor.
    "Mrs. Ratchet lives hereabouts, I'm told you might know where. Do you?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "I'd lay odds the proprietor knows her, Watson. Perhaps she shops here."
    "Might you occupy the proprietor's attention? I want to look inside that copy
    Talk to the proprietor.
    "I'd like some marmalade from the top shelf."
    Read the copy book.
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Talk to Wiggins.
    "I want you to find a Mrs. Ratchet. Older party, lives off Bishopsgate near
    the Spitalfield Markets."
    Leave the area and come back, twice. Talk to Wiggins.
    "Wiggins, what news of Mrs. Ratchet? Old Frying Pan pay off?"
    Open the door to 221B. Open the bedroom door. Open the wardrobe door. Change
    into the laborer's costume.
    Talk to the proprietor.
    "Hello, comrade. Might I pop up and see your mum?"
    Enter the door on the right hand side. Show the snuff box to Mrs. Ratchet.
    Reveal the large ring to Mrs. Ratchet. Look at the coffee pot. Talk to Mrs.
    "Might you send out Mr. Ratchet, so we can talk?"
    "Do you have some coffee or strong tea, Madame?"
    Exit and talk to the proprietor.
    "I saw some ersatz coffee on the shelves. If you have the real thing, I'd like
    a quarter pound. Your pa needs the caffeine."
    Enter the door on the right hand side again. Talk to Mrs. Ratchet.
    "In lieu of conversation, may I look around your premises?"
    Use the kindling (behind the bed). Fill the coffee pot with coffee. Use the
    coffee pot. Dump the workbox. Compare the sealing wax with the wax seal. Talk
    to Mrs. Ratchet.
    "My brother has been incapacitated, Mrs. Ratchet. You may speak to me as you
    would him."
    "You were difficult to find, Mrs. Ratchet. Is that by design?"
    "This wax is a part of the seal from the stolen formula. How did you come by
    "Tell me what you know of Pratt, Mrs. Ratchet?"
    "How did you return the formula to the Ministry reading room?"
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Open the door.
    ___Neville's Baths___
    Walk into the baths on the right. Talk to Whitney.
    "Thomas Pratt has been found dead, Mr. Whitney."
    "It seems you have not been completely forthcoming with me, Whitney."
    "What is the connection between Pratt's murder and the return of the formula?"
    ___Ministry Of Defense___
    Show the summons to Eldridge Whitney. Examine the document on the desk. Talk
    to Whitney.
    "What is the condition of the Dewar document, Mr. Whitney?" 
    "The formula is alleged to have disappeared from this room. May I examine the
    Walk to the left and fill the dustbin. Ignite the dustbin.
    ___221B Baker Street___
    Open the door to 221B. Examine the formula at the lab table. Taste the 
    document and then smell the document. Analyze the document. Use the scissors
    with the formula. Drop the piece into the beaker. Fill distilled water into
    the beaker. Use ferric sulphate on the beaker. Use iron nitrate with the
    beaker. Press exit.
    ___Hargrove Studios___
    Talk to Hargrove.
    "Mr. Hargrove, my name is Holmes. I'd like to ask you a few questions."
    "I saw the portrait you did for my friend Lord Lawton and his fiance."
    "Most studios now use the collodian development process, do they not?"
    "I believe I've happened upon a sample of your work, Mr. Hargrove.".
    Draw the curtains. Move the camera. Examine the rug. Move the rug. Use the
    business card on the cabinet. Peruse the cabinet. Confiscate the folder. Use
    the folder with the telephone. Call using the telephone.
    ___Mystery Import/Export___
    Rip the calendar. Slide the calendar under the door. Use the hat pin with the
    lock. Retrieve the calendar. Unlock lock with the brass key. Pick up the
    ledger. Look at the desk. Try to open the secure drawer. Look at the secure
    drawer. Look at the aquarium and look at the trident inside it. Try to break
    the aquarium. Shoot the pistol at the aquarium. Pick up the trident. Unlock the
    secure drawer with the trident. Pick up the new fivers. Pick up the German bank
    notes. Pick up the negative. Talk to the Managing Director.
    "This string is played out, Misteray. Where is the scurrilous composite of
    Lord Lawton and Princess Alexandra? Does Vincent Scarrett have it?"
    Talk to Watson.
    "The connection between Scarrett and Pratt is finally clear, Watson. They were
    opium eaters."
    "You stay here. I will seize Scarrett in his den or know the reason why."
    ___Thomas Pratt's Loft___
    Enter the archway. Open the coal box. Examine the small boxes. Pick up the
    small boxes.
    ___The Weary Punt___
    Talk to the barman.
    "May I purchase a packet of matches, for my pipe?" 
    "Did you know Thomas Pratt?"
    ___Rumsey's Haberdashery___
    Look at the costumes and talk to Rumsey.
    "I need a nautical ensemble, Stitch. Can you help?"
    ___The Weary Punt___
    Show the matches to the barman and give him money. Look at the beaded curtain.
    Talk to the barman.
    "Gim'me a place in the back, mate."
    "You've got your lucre; the matches is my bonafides. All right?"
    Talk to the parrot a few times to hear "Going East?"
    Talk to the barman again.
    "I think I remember the words you're looking for."
    Type 'Going East' (without the '') and press Enter. Enter the beaded curtain.
    Look at Scarrett.
    Enjoy the ending.
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