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"One of the best unknwn strategy games available"

This game was released by Activision around the mid 1990's. While it might be old, it still holds its own against newer competitors such as Starcraft and Earth 2150. Why? Read on...

As any strategy game player knows, the gameplay is either the first or second most important element of any strategy game, the other important being control. In this title, gameplay shines. The units are easy to move thanks to a grid system, and all the directions are easy to understand and execute. Also, there are eight different clans to choose from, with each one specializing in a particular type of unit. This means that players can choose a clan that best represents their playing style. For instance, a player that favors quick, devastating strikes would choose the Sacred Eights clan, while a player favoring a defensive battle would likely choose the Sacred Eights clan. Also, there is another good layer to the gameplay. Units can only move OR fire during their turn. The only exceptions would be planes and units with multiple shots per turn. This adds some realism and prevents units such as the missile crawler from becoming rulers over the assault guns.

GOOD: everything
BAD: nothing

CONTROL: 10/10
This game has awesome control. The mouse is quick and responsive, and the screen can scroll as fast or as slowly as you want it to. Also, the hot keys are easy to remember. Also, since this a turn based game, there is lots of time to think. And thinking is good, since it helps you win. The only gripe I have with the control is a glitch that shows up sometimes. Basically, your unit will stop to think, and not move again until the build menu is activated. However, everything else about the control is fantastic.

GOOD: Everything except the glitch
BAD: the glitch
PFF: the Auto move button on the surveyors

SOUND: 10/10
The sound in this game is also fantastic. The gunshots sound like gunshots, the missiles sound like missiles. Also a great soundtrack. Not much else to say.

GOOD: Everything
BAD: nothing
PFF: The sound infantry makes when they die ;-)

The graphics in this game are,like everything else about the game, fantastic. The views when super zoomed in rival those of CCRA2. That is simply fantastic for a game this old. Also, the FMV's are awesome. They might be rather short, but still amazing.

GOOD: Everything
BAD: nothing
PFF: The look of the assault guns

Those of you who think RA2 is the ultimate multiplayer experience, just try this sucker out. Only one computer is need, since the game is turn based. Also, since the options are so customizable, the game is almost never the same. And for tose looking for a challenge, try playing against three other God opponents. Believe me, it IS possible.

GOOD: Everything
BAD: Nothing
PFF: Hotseat play

I know some players are much better at strategy games then others. And that has been taken into account by the designers of this game. Think the game is easy? crank the CPU's up to God and watch them steamroll you. Think it's too hard? simply set the computer on clueless and they won't even attack, allowing for a much more laid back atmosphere. Simply put, the amazing variety of difficulty in this game is mind blowing.

GOOD: everything
BAD: my base after trying to fight off three God mode CPU's at once
PFF: sheer variety

BOTTOM LINE: 9.9/10. sized to fir Gamefaqs: 10/10
This game simply ROCKS. And since its really old, it shouldn't cost more then ten bucks nowadays. Heck, you could buy one of these and $30 worth of pizza for the cost of most new games. All in all, a very worthwhile investment of your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/04/01, Updated 05/04/01

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