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    Hints and Tips by ICummings

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    Magic Carpet 2 Hints  Written by Ira Cummings (nalesnwbrd@aol.com)
    The Basics:
    -Attack all creatures by flying backwards (how fast depends on how fast 
    the creature moves), strafing one way and turning the other so that you 
    are always facing the creature.  This makes you rotate in a circle 
    around your target.  On most creatures, excluding other wizards and very 
    powerful monsters, this works very well.  If you are hit at all it will 
    be very rare.  
    -Build a castle as soon as possible.  If you die without one you will 
    have to start again and that sucks.  Building castles in a large body of 
    water or lava avoids many land-based creatures.  If you have a lot of 
    mana possed and you castle is full, but you still can't build a 
    Lightening Tower, build a regular size castle and wreck it when you have 
    enough mana collected.  If your castle is full make it bigger as soon as 
    -To banish wizards kill them first then destroy their castle.  If you 
    can't destroy it, lower it a couple of levels and take the mana.  At 
    least that wizard won't get it back.  Fireball III is the best spell for 
    building destruction.  If you don't have that, try the Meteor spells and 
    then Fireball II.
    -Use the spell speed select.  It will save your life.  To do it hold 
    Shift while you select a spell.  To change to that spell, hold Shift and 
    fire with the button you selected the spell with.
    The Monsters:  (for all monsters use the attack method described above 
    useless told otherwise)
    Archers and Skeletons:  No problem.  Meteor III is by far the funnest 
    spell to use on hordes on these. 
    Bees and Fireflies:  The most annoying creature in the beginning of the 
    game until you get better spells just fly backwards way from them and 
    shoot as fast as you can.  Fireball 2 makes them easier to kill and so 
    does any Meteor spell.  
    Cymmerians:  They are easy to destroy in their initial stage, but then 
    they are the most annoying monsters of the whole game.  They break into 
    3 smaller " bug things."  I don't know what they are, but they go right 
    for your castle.  They can swim and 3 of them can total you castle if 
    left unattended.  Use Meteor.
    Devils:  Relatively easy.  They die after one hit with Meteor (which 
    works the best).
    Dragons:  They aren't too hard to kill but they can dodge your shots.  
    Just make sure they are in your sights.  Meteor works well.
    Goats:  Do I really need to say anything?
    Hydras:  Wait until you have more mana to attack these creatures they 
    are definately the hardest creatures in the whole game.  The only chance 
    you have is to lure them close to your castle so that it can help 
    destroy the hydra.  If they start teleporting that means they are 
    Leviathans:  Not that bad.  They can be killed with Fireball 2 if you 
    have to.  Just fly backwards, strafe and turn every once and a while, 
    then shoot them when they pop up.  Try not to get hit by them cause they 
    cause a good amount of damage.
    Mana Worms:  Possess 'em.
    Manticores:  I really hate these creatures.  Attack by going backwards 
    as fast as possible with the standard attack method and shoot the hell 
    out of 'em.  Don't worry about the green things they shoot at you.  They 
    just slow you down for a second, it's hardly noticable unless you get by 
    five at the same time.
    Moon Dwellers:  They will appear on your map but you won't be able to 
    see them until the come closer to the ground.  Just shoot some Meteors 
    at their general location on the map.  It might take several shots to 
    kill them but they'll die eventually.  If you can see them and they see 
    you kill them fast.  Their lightning attack hurts.
    Sentinels:  Really tough to kill.  The best way to kill them is with a 
    powerful attack spell while Rebound is in effect.  If you can't use 
    rebound, fire at them for a while until you think they are going to 
    shoot and Speed Up backward while strafing.
    Spiders:  Things things are pretty annoying when starting off.  Just use 
    the tactic described above, and using a relatively weak attack spell 
    should finish these guys off.
    Troglodytes:  They are ususally located in a cavern.  Fly into the 
    cavern, fire off some shots, fly out.  It's teadious but your trying to 
    stay alive.  
    Worms:  These things are just annoying at the early stages of the game!  
    Use the standard attack, and you will beat these without getting 
    Wyvern:  I hate Wyverns.  They are tougher than Sentinels and shoot a 
    very powerful fireball spell.  It says that Rebound doesn't work on it 
    but use it anyway, at least its shots aren't hitting you!  Then attack 
    it with Meteor III.  Otherwise watch out!
    Zombies:  Easy to kill but keeping your mana is a pain.  Wait 'til they 
    are visible then blast them.  If they are draining your mana and spells 
    try to lead them to a corner of a room then go to the opposite corner 
    and wait for your mana to recharge.  Then blast them, one by one, 
    repeating the process if necessary.
    Fireball:  Your basic weapon.  Use Fireball III on castles and anything 
    else that moves slowly.
    Possession:  Be careful with Possession II & III.  While they are 
    working you mana doesn't recharge.  
    Metamorph:  I haven't figured out the point to this spell.  Tell me if 
    you do.
    Heal:  I don't use it much, since you just heal slowly anyway.
    Sheild:  Use Rebound instead.  Otherwise, don't bother.
    Lightning:  Use Meteor or Fireball instead, they are just so much more 
    Rebound:  One of the best spells, use it on monsters with range attacks 
    except lighning.
    Meteor:  Good for destroying a lot of annoying things.
    Teleport:  This is a savior if you are in a lot of trouble.  Use it when 
    ever you are in a hot spot.
    Invisible:  I don't really use it, but I can see how it would be helpful 
    especially the later stages of the spell.  Use it if you want.
    Beyond Sight:  A very useful spell, you can see your enemies and their 
    ballons on the map with it.
    Steal Mana:  Too much of a pain.  This spell sucks!  DON'T USE IT!!  
    Duel:  A good spell if your opponent is using Speed Up to get back to 
    his castle.  You can follow him with it.
    Tremor:  Not that effective except on castles, don't do it near your 
    Crater and Earthquake:  Basically the same spell, great for making holes 
    in caverns or your own tunnels.
    Volcano:  I don't use it, might be good if you put it next to your 
    opponents castles.
    Summon Army:  I don't use it, it's kinda pointless until you can summon 
    Wyverns.  Then use it.
    Gravity Well:  Great for those annoying land-based monsters (Sentinels 
    in 1 shot), plus it looks cool!
    Whirlwind:  Pointless, can't even kill an archer at its lowest level.  
    But, it can buy you some time by shocking your opponent for a short time 
    while they're up in the stratasphere.
    Fool's Mana:  Also pointless except in a network game.
    Magic Mine:  Not that great of a spell.  Not worth the effort.
    Alliance:  I've never had an opportunity to use it, so don't bother to 
    use it.
    Cave In (hidden):  Causes the roof to collapse where you fire it.  It's 
    hidden on Demon Lord level 20, inside of the tall castle. Plus, it looks 
    Demon Lord's Levels:
    There are Demon Lord levels on the levels 5, 8, 12, 18, and 20.  Most 
    levels are found by razing a building or destroying all the monsters in 
    a level.  Demon levels are very beneficial, but have an average-hard 
    For additional info download the UHS hint file for Magic Carpet 2, but 
    I've given you the basics that you'll need to know.  
    For comments e-mail:  nalesnwbrd@aol.com                       METEOR 

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