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Reviewed: 10/21/00 | Updated: 02/22/01

The fiend has sprung a trap! Fight, wizard, fight!

Magic Carpet 2, a innovative cross between an FPS and an adventure/RPG, is one of the last and best MS-DOS games of all time. The graphics, the sound and the gameplay all make for an incredible experience.

Graphics: (10) While today, these graphics may be a bit primitive, they were gorgeous back in 1995 and the beautiful levels and incredible spell effects still make them nice to tlike. The enemies were nicely done and the frame rate is even excellent on a 486 DX2/66. This definitely pushed the primitve 2D cards of the mid 1990s to the limits and beyond. Of special note is the intro video, which looks about a year ahead of its time.

Sound/Music: (10) An excellent and well-used musical score combined with beautiful ambient sounds and the best voice acting this side of Working Desings create an exquisite Arabian Nights atmosphere.

Gameplay: (10) All these beautiful graphics and sound would mean nothing without incredible gameplay. Luckily, MC2 fails to disappoint and provides excellent FPS and RPG elements that blend in well with the primitve flight sim engine used to guide the carpet. Common gameplay objectives inculde kill the enemies, fly to a certain point, defeat a boss enemey, destroy a building,or collect a spell. Nothing new by today's standards, but this game did breath new life into the tired FPS genre. The magic system is also excellent. Destroying enemies with spells creates Mana, which can then be possessed by your character to provide the necessary energy to cast spells. Buidling a castle allows one to store more mana and also protects one's mana from being possessed by human or NPC opponents. Mana is rechargable.

Control: (9) The controls here are not flawless but they are excellent. Mmost players would prefer the mouse or the keyboard, but I went for a joystick/keyboard combination that worked very well.

Challenge: (9) This game is pretty challenging and will last quite a while. The later scenarioes get especially difficult but please DO NOT cheat. I have never played a game where cheating sucked out more fun than it did here.

Story: (10) One of the advantages of this game being chock full of RPG elements is the fact that the developers at Bullfrog were able to throw in one darn good storyline involving Vissiluth, Lord of the Netherworld, and his 7 Minions trying to reclaim the entire Netherworld as their own. If you are like me, however, and have never played the prequel, you may feel like something is missing

Replay: (8) Cheaters will definitely want to replay this game fair and square to get the most out of it. Heck, even non-cheaters may play through this one a few times.

Overall: (10) An outstanding game that's worth buying or even downloading from the Internet for those who cannot find it in stores.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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