How do I buy cards from villages in Magic the Gathering:Duel of the Planeswalkers:Shandalar??

  1. I recently downloaded this game from many different abandonware sites to try and fix this problem.After I installed the game,and created shortcuts to the magic and shalandar exe icons,and read the manuals in PDF format in adobe acrobat reader,started up the game,and got in the game,and went into the villages to buy cards,when I went to click on the card,it would show a close up of the card,but I couldnt figure out how to buy it.The manual said that first you left mouse button click the card,then click yes to buy the card,or no,and if clicked yes,card would be put in deck.
    But when I would do that,there was no yes or no option,and no matter what I tried,I couldnt buy the cards,even though I had way more than enough gold to buy the card a 100 times over.Selling cards works.And when I found a rare lair,where there was a monster selling cards out of its hoard,I was able to buy cards from there,by clicking the card text,and card picture,and the button that had the price of the card on it.And when I did that the card was put in my collection.But when I tried that in the villages and towns,it didnt work,I was only able to buy cards from that specific lair.

    So is all this due to is the abandonware version of this game a demo/shareware version where you cant buy cards?Is it a bug or glitch with the game?If so,how do I fix it?Is the game installed wrong,or certain files missing?Or am I just doing it wrong somehow?

    Anyways can anybody please help me with this? If I cant buy cards,then this game becomes a 1000 times harder and almost impossible to play thru.

    User Info: MikealDH

    MikealDH - 8 years ago

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  1. It's XP, not the fact you downloaded it. You need to press Y (yes) or N (no).

    User Info: longwonghunglo

    longwonghunglo - 8 years ago 2 0

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