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"Magic: the Gathering, always been a great card game, not disappointed with this computer version"

Magic: the Gathering is a great game that magic released, too bad there wasn’t any way to update the rules or new cards online or through expansion packs. The free jumbo card you get with the game is pretty cool too, and in the game there are several cards that aren't even printed in Magic: the Gathering (M:tG).

Story – 7/10 – There are basically two stories to this game! The original story of M:tG that is ongoing and the story that is in the Shandalar version of this game. Since that story is more specific to this title and just much easier to explain I’ll go with that one. You are a mage (of status you decide) and you have to prevent any one of the five wizards from taking control of too many cities or they will cast a spell to take over Dominia. In doing so you must also defeat many of their minions as well as the wizards themselves. Not great for a story, but it’s not horrible either.

Control – 5/10 – Unfortunately there aren’t many special moves you can use, though there are some (of which you won’t want to use often or sometime not want to use at all). Other than that you use the arrow keys to endlessly walk in one direction until you run into something. Once in a castle or dungeon you don’t endlessly move though, you just take one step at a time. No, the controls aren’t very good, but this game has excellent game play and variety.

Graphics – 5/10 – For a computer game you would probably expect more, though it is an older computer game. At least you can make out what almost everything is, trees look like trees, houses look like houses and so on. This is a category that could of used improvement, but we all know that graphics don’t really make games great by themselves, it’s just really nice to have them.

Sound – 2/10 – Okay… where did the sound go? There is almost no sound or music in this game. The sounds that are included all sound very similar and dull. The sound is the worst part about this game and the only other thing I can say is at least they didn’t put any really annoying music in the game that would drive you nuts, sometimes silence is golden. Other times, you were expecting more.

Challenge – 9/10 – This game has different levels of difficulty and can be challenging to many players, that is at least until you build a good deck for yourself. If you beat the easy mode, you can try the next level of difficulty. This is something that many games lack and is nice to actually have some games that take some effort to beat.

Entertainment – 9/10 – This game is fun, as long as you know what you are doing. There are many different ways you can play this game and the variety of cards is good too. I never have found myself bored out of my mind playing M:tG. To me I guess it’s kind have been a second way of life or something, I play against other at every opportunity.

Replay Value – 9/10 – After you beat the game there is much more to do. You can try using a different color to start off with, build a new deck strategy and start at a new level of difficulty. How about trying to find all the dungeons and getting all the treasures? The possibilities are nearly endless!

Overall Score – 7/10 – This is a good game, so I’d give it an 7 out of 10 overall. This game is probably worth paying the $10 price tag for. If you buy it new you get a promo card with the game as well, which is pretty cool in itself.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/05/01, Updated 09/05/01

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