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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sdwoodchuck

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Marathon 2: Durandal 
    By Dan Harris (sdwoodchuck)
                                 Table of Contents
    I -------------- The Formalities
        a ------------- Introduction
        b ------------- Version History
        c ------------- Copyright Issues
        d ------------- Contact Information
    II ------------- Marathon Basics
        a ------------- HUD Display
        b ------------- Terminals
        c ------------- Switches
        d ------------- Swimming
    III ------------ General Tips
        a ------------- Use Your Fists
        b ------------- Establish a Home Point
        c ------------- Grenade navigation
        d ------------- Let Your Enemies Fight For You
    IV ------------- Weapons
        a ------------- Fist
        b ------------- .44 Magnum Class A1
        c ------------- Zeus-Class Fusion Pistol
        d ------------- WSTE-M Combat Shotgun
        e ------------- MA75B Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher
        f ------------- TOZT-7 Backpack Napalm Unit
        g ------------- SPNKR-X 18 SSM Launcher
        h ------------- Unknown Weapon Class (Alien Gun)
    V -------------- Allies
        a ------------- BoB's
        b ------------- Converted Drones
        c ------------- S'pht'Kr
    VI ------------- Enemies
        a ------------- Pfhor
            1 ------------- Drones
            2 ------------- Fighters
            3 ------------- Troopers
            4 ------------- Enforcers
            5 ------------- Hunters
            6 ------------- Tanks
            7 ------------- Simulacrums
            8 ------------- S'pht Compilers
            9 ------------- Juggernauts 
        b -------------- F'lickta
        c -------------- Winged Orbs
    VII -------------- The Walkthrough
    Level 1 ------- Waterloo Waterpark
    Level 2 ------- Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
    Level 3 ------- Charon Doesn't Make Change
    Level 4 ------- What About Bob?
    Level 5 ------- Come and Take Your Medicine
    Level 6 ------- We're Everywhere
    Level 7 ------- Ex Cathedra
    Level 8 ------- Nuke and Pave
    Level 9 ------- Curiouser and Curiouser
    Level 10 ------ Eat It, Vid Boi
    Level 11 ------ The Hard Stuff Rules
    Level 12 ------ Bob's Big Date
    Level 13 ------ Six Thousand Feet Under
    Level 14 ------ If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay
    Level 15 ------ Sorry Don't Make It So
    Level 16 ------ For Carnage, Apply Within
    Level 17 ------ Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry
    Level 18 ------ Big House
    Level 19 ------ This Side Toward Enemy
    Level 20 ------ God Will Sort The Dead
    Level 21 ------ My Own Private Thermopylae
    Level 22 ------ Kill Your Television
    Level 23 ------ Where The Twist Flops
    Level 24 ------ Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks
    Level 25 ------ Requiem For A Cyborg
    Level 26 ------ Fatum Iustum Stultorum
    Level 27 ------ Feel The Noise
    Level 28 ------ All Roads Lead to Sol
                            I:  The Formalities
    a)  Introduction
    Yo, my name is Dan.  As a fan of Bungie's Marathon series, I was overjoyed to 
    see the second chapter, Durandal, coming to X-Box Live Arcade in August of 
    2007.  Considering I've been playing this game for years, I've decided to 
    write an FAQ and walkthrough, to aid in those who are just now taking their 
    first steps into the world of Marathon.  The information here will not only be 
    dealing with the methods for completing each of the game's levels, but will 
    also include some weapon and enemy analysis, as well as some general tactical 
    suggestions.  There may be some spoilers contained within this guide, but as 
    the completion of Marathon 2 does not require dealing with the plot (though it 
    is highly recommended), those spoilers will be relatively minor.
    Not all secrets are outlined for each level.  Only those leading to early 
    weapons are listed in the "Noteworthy Secrets" segment after each level's 
    This guide is primarily written with the difficulty setting of "Normal" in 
    mind.  Also, do keep in mind that this guide is written from the perspective 
    of the AlephOne release of Marathon 2.  If changes are brought to my attention 
    between the AlephOne and the X-Box Live Arcade versions, I will provide 
    information from both accordingly.  
    Finally, I highly suggest using the Detailed Walkthrough segments of the guide 
    only as a last resort.  Much of the joy of Marathon is in exploring, and 
    figuring the levels out on one's own.
    b)  Version History
    Version 1.0 – The first run of the finished guide.  This is considered 
    complete until I receive feedback, and make changes accordingly.
    c)  Copyright Issues
    Copyright, © Daniel Harris, 2007.  You may copy, share, and post segments as 
    you wish.  I'm not strict on who does what with my guide, but for the sake of 
    decency, I would greatly appreciate if you credit me if you do.  I'm certainly 
    not going to hound you if you don't, but please exercise some moral judgment.
    d)  Contact Information
    drharris@hawaii.edu is my current email.  Please use this for any questions or 
    suggestions you may have.  If you submit a tip that I wind up making use of, I 
    will list your name and give credit, unless you specifically request not to be 
    identified, in which case the tip will be credited to "anonymous."  
                             II:  Marathon Basics
    a)HUD Display:
    The red bar is your health.  When it depletes, you die.  Health rechargers can 
    be found somewhat frequently.  They appear as a small mechanism, usually set 
    inside an indentation in a wall.  There is a round design in the middle.  When 
    you press the "activate" button in front of it, it will light up in one of 
    three colors:  Red, Yellow, or Purple.  The red ones fill up your red health 
    bar, and are found more frequently earlier in the game.  Later you will 
    stumble across yellow ones, which fill your Health bar a second time over with 
    a yellow bar.  This essentially doubles your health.  Still later you will 
    encounter the Purple regenerator, which fills your health bar a third time.  
    The Blue bar is your oxygen.  This depletes when you are submerged in water, 
    or other liquids, or when you are in an oxygen-free vacuum level. There are no 
    vacuum levels normally found in Marathon 2, so you should probably only 
    concern yourself with liquid.  The blue bar is filled at oxygen stations, 
    which are about the same size as Health stations, but with a different design.  
    When activated, it makes a hissing noise, like the air being let out of a 
    Your weapon screen shows an icon of your current weapon, and a reading that 
    shows how many rounds of ammunition or how much energy are left in the gun 
    before it needs to reload.  On the left, a list of numbered ammunition types 
    shows the number of remaining full reloads left for each weapon.  For example, 
    one line may read "15 MA75B Clips (x52)."  This means that you have 15 full 
    reloads of your MA75B Assault Rifle after your current load of ammunition 
    depletes.  The (x#) indicates the number of rounds per clip.  The only 
    exception to the above rules is the alien gun dropped by the enforcers, which 
    the player's computer is apparently unfamiliar with, and can provide no 
    The circular item on your HUD is the radar, and it has a range of 15 meters.  
    Red triangles on the radar are usually enemies, and green squares are usually 
    allies, though there are some exceptions.  The Green Squares in particular 
    should not be trusted, as they are occasionally Simulacrums, or exploding 
    units posing as BoB's, or your Human Allies.
    Terminals in Marathon provide text-based information, as well as your means of
    ending most stages.  Often times there will also be an image associated with 
    the text on screen, though unless it is a map, the image is for entertainment 
    purposes only.  To activate a terminal, you simply walk up to it and press the 
    "activate" button.  
    In most levels you will find a terminal early on, which will describe your 
    mission objectives and provide some information on the level.  Almost all 
    levels will also end by finding a new terminal or returning to a previous one 
    after completing your mission objectives, at which point you will be 
    teleported out from the level.  If you are at an exit terminal, reading the 
    message before ending the level, and you decide that you want to go back and 
    recharge health or grab a few items before continuing on, you can hit the 
    Escape key to exit the terminal.  I'm not yet sure what the X-Box Live 
    equivalent of this is.  
    The Terminals are also the method by which Marathon's story is told.  Often 
    the details of the plot are intertwined with your mission information, or on 
    the level-completion terminal.  There are also many terminals scattered 
    throughout the game that will not deal specifically with your mission or 
    ending the level, but will provide background information on the Marathon 
    Universe, contact with other characters, and some very unusual and interesting 
    text, some of which is still debated to this day.  
    Switches generally come in three types:  Permanent Effect, Reversible, and 
    Temporary Effect.
    1) Permanent Effect switches cause something to happen.  A door opens, an area 
    floods with lava, etc.  When you hit a permanent effect switch, attempting to 
    activate the switch again will result in no effect.  The switch will typically 
    not even respond.
    2) Reversible Switches are similar to Permanent Effect switches, but by 
    activating the switch again, the effect can be undone.  
    3) Temporary Effect switches activate, and usually stay lit for a period of 
    time.  During this time, some effect is taking place, and will usually 
    automatically reverse itself, at which time the switch will go dark again, and 
    can be reactivated.  Sometimes, by pressing the "activate" button on a 
    Temporary Effect switch that is in the middle of a job, you can pause the 
    effect while it is happening.  For example, if the switch opens a door, but 
    only for a few seconds, but stopping the switch halfway through, the door will 
    stay open.
    d) Swimming
    Simple enough:  You press the swim button; you rise toward the surface.  By 
    using normal movement controls, you can control your directional movement.  If 
    there is a ledge slightly above the surface of the water, you can hop out onto 
    it by swimming up and moving toward it.  If you're too close to the surface 
    though, you may need to sink a little further down, first, in order to have 
    the momentum to pop up that far out of the water.
    Note that while underwater, your weapons other than your fists and Fusion 
    Pistol will not fire.  Don't fire the Fusion pistol though, or it will hurt 
                              III:  General Tips
    a) Use Your Fists.  
    Assuming you've played other first-person shooters, you have probably 
    developed the assumption that your melee attacks fall at the very bottom of 
    the weapon hierarchy and must be used only as a last resort.  While not 
    entirely necessary on Normal, this is a habit that it pays to break away from.  
    The most important thing you need to know is that a running punch will deal 
    significantly higher damage than a standing punch.  The fist is still 
    generally a situational weapon in normal play, so knowing when and how to use 
    it is key.  Pfhor Fighters (the Green, Purple, Orange, or Blue infantry units 
    carrying staves) are easy targets for the fist.  Killing them this way will 
    save ammunition for those enemies that are more dangerous to engage at melee 
    range, such as the Tanks (the gray, rolling guys) and the Pfhor Troopers 
    (dome-headed units with Assault Rifle-like weapons).  
    b) Establish a Home Point. 
    Begin every level with a search for a health recharger and a save station.  
    Even if you start out at full health, it will pay to know where to go back to 
    when that time comes, and to have that way cleared.  If you die in a level, 
    and your last save was in the previous level, you will be forced to load the 
    previous level—though I hear this is not the case in the X-Box Live Arcade 
    release of the game.  
    c) Grenade Navigation.  
    Your assault rifle's secondary fire option is a grenade launcher.  These 
    grenades serve more functions than just dealing damage within an area of 
    effect.  They are also good for hitting switches, and in the absence of a jump 
    button, propelling the player upward or backward.  
    By aiming as low as the game will allow and firing a grenade while running 
    forward, you can launch yourself upward a significant distance, at the cost of 
    some health.  This will help you land on ledges and walls that are otherwise 
    unreachable.  In many cases the reward is a decent ammo stash.  
    Aiming downward and firing both the Assault Rifle, and its secondary grenade 
    launcher while running *backward* off of a ledge will not get you greater 
    height on a jump, but it will increase the distance of your jump.  If done 
    correctly, this also results in no damage to the player.  
    Hitting switches is self-explanatory.  If you launch a grenade and it hits a 
    switch, the switch will activate.  Note that the Fusion Pistol's charged shot 
    will accomplish the same, and is better at hitting distant targets as it flies 
    straight as an arrow.
    The Rocket Launcher can accomplish much the same results as a grenade.  The 
    explosion is more powerful, and will launch you further, but beware that the 
    cost in health is also greater.  
    d) Let Your Enemies Fight For You
    Most enemies will attack anyone who hits them.  By making the Pfhor 
    accidentally hit each other, you can get them to do most of the work for you 
    in a hectic combat situation.  Also note that the F'lickta and the Pfhor will 
    naturally fight each other.  
                                   IV:  Weapons
    *Note:  On Total Carnage difficulty, there is no limit to the amount of 
    reserve ammo the player can carry.
    a) Fist
    Power:  Variable (see note below)
    Effective Range:  Point Blank
    Ammo per clip:  N/A
    Maximum Ammo Reserve:  N/A
    Primary Fire:  Punch with right fist
    Secondary Fire:  Punch with left fist
    Note:  As mentioned in the tips section, the fist can be an excellent weapon 
    against weaker enemies when used while running.  Running at an enemy and 
    punching while you are still moving at full speed will deal significantly 
    higher damage than a standing punch.  Hitting an enemy while running past him 
    will often allow you to avoid retaliation as well.  Killing Pfhor Fighters, 
    F'lickta, and drones with the fist will save you ammo for the more dangerous 
    b) .44 Magnum Class A1
    Power:  Relatively low
    Effective Range:  Long
    Ammo per clip:  8 rounds
    Maximum Ammo Reserve:  50 clips (400 rounds)
    Primary Fire:  Fires Magnum in right hand
    Secondary Fire:  Fires Magnum in left hand (if available)
    Note:  With only a single magnum, the weapon's stopping power is very slim, 
    and in most cases will not serve you much better than your fist.  However, 
    when you locate a second magnum, the damage increase is significant enough to 
    recommend this weapon against distant enemies.  Do note that though you cannot 
    see the bullet traveling, and it is quite fast, it does take time to reach its 
    c) Zeus-Class Fusion Pistol
    Power:  Relatively High
    Effective Range:  Medium to Long
    Ammo Per Clip: 20 regular shots—charged shots consume more
    Maximum Ammo Reserve:  25 Fusion Batteries 
    Primary Fire:  Fires a standard Fusion Bolt
    Secondary Fire:  Hold to Charge, and fire a stronger Bolt
    Note:  The Fusion Pistol is relatively strong, and will make short work of 
    most Tanks and Hunters, not to mention Fighters, Troopers, and Drones.  
    Charging the weapon with the secondary fire button will release strong bolt 
    that will consume more energy than a standard shot.  Charged bolts are capable 
    of hitting switches.  Note that though the Fusion pistol is extremely 
    accurate, its shots travel relatively slowly, and your target may move before 
    the shot reaches him.  Also note that against Hunters, the Fusion Pistol will 
    cause them to detonate upon death.
    d) WSTE-M Combat Shotgun
    Power:  High
    Effective Range:  Short
    Ammo Per Clip:  2 Shells (one shot)
    Maximum Ammo Reserve:  50 reloads (100 Shells)
    Primary Fire:  Fires Shotgun in Right hand
    Secondary Fire:  Fires Shotgun in Left hand (if available)
    Note:  At close ranges, the shotgun deals very impressive damage, and when you 
    find two it is a dual-wieldable weapon.  It burns through its ammo very 
    quickly, but is an excellent weapon for gunning your way out of a corner.  
    e) MA75B Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher
    Power: Variable (read note below)
    Effective Range:  Short to Medium
    Ammo Per Clip:  52 Rifle rounds, 7 Grenades
    Maximum Ammo Reserve:  15 Rifle Clips, 8 Grenade Clips
    Primary Fire:  Fires the Assault Rifle
    Secondary Fire:  Launches a Grenade
    Note:  The Assault Rifle is a very capable close-range weapon when fired in 
    short bursts.  It will quickly chew through most enemies, and ammo is common 
    enough that this can be considered a primary weapon.  While caught in the 
    rapid-fire of the Assault Rifle, most enemies are unable to move.  Each 
    individual round is relatively weak, but it fires at a very quick rate.  The 
    Assault Rifle's spread is wide enough that beyond short range, a decent 
    percent of your shots will miss the target.  
    The Grenade Launcher packs a serious punch, and if you get used to the arc of 
    the grenade as it flies, it can be accurate up to a long range.  It will deal 
    damage in a small area of effect, and will knock enemies back.  A well-placed 
    grenade can send an enemy flying into lava.  Grenades can also be used to hit 
    switches, or propel yourself up to high ledges or across wider chasms than you 
    might normally be able to clear (see the General Tips section).  
    f) TOZT-7 Backpack Napalm Unit
    Power:  Very High
    Effective Range:  Short
    Ammo Per Clip:  About 8 seconds of continuous fire
    Maximum Ammo Reserve:  3 Cannisters
    Primary Fire:  Hold to shoot flames
    Secondary Fire:  Same
    Note:  The Napalm Unit is essentially a flamethrower.  Certain enemies seem 
    more resilient to its effect than others.  For best results, use the Napalm 
    Unit to cut through hordes of Fighters, Troopers, or Enforcers quickly and 
    g) SPNKR-X 18 SSM Launcher
    Power:  Extremely High
    Effective Range:  Medium to Long
    Ammo Per Clip:  2 Rockets
    Maximum Ammo Reserve:  4 Full Reloads (8 rockets)
    Primary Fire:  Shoots a rocket
    Secondary Fire:  Same
    Note:  The Rocket is great for clearing groups of smaller enemies or dealing 
    significant damage to durable enemies such as the Juggernaut.  Against smaller 
    units, you will want to aim at the ground beneath their feet, or at a wall 
    near them.  Note that the rocket has a relatively slow travel speed, so at 
    longer ranges your target may have moved out of its range.  
    h) Unknown Weapon Class (Alien Gun)
    Power:  Relatively High
    Effective Range:  Short to Medium
    Ammo Per Clip:  25-30 shots
    Maximum Ammo Reserve:  N/A
    Primary Fire:  Shoots Fire-based orbs straight ahead
    Secondary Fire:  Fires orbs to the sides in a V-shape
    Note:  The Alien gun deals fire-based damage (so the same enemies that are 
    resistant to the Napalm Unit apply here), at a rate that is somewhat less than 
    the Napalm Unit, but gains some range.  The shots are relatively slow 
    traveling, so accuracy against moving targets at long range is relatively low.
                                V:  Allies
    a) BoB's:  
    Short for "Born on Board," (referring to the people born on the colony ship 
    Marathon) BoB's are humans who carry magnums.  They can only absorb a few 
    hits, and they deal low damage, but in packs they can be useful as a 
    distraction if nothing else.  Kill too many in a group, and they'll turn on 
    you.  Be careful of the green ones—some are Simulacrums (see Enemies section).  
    b) Converted Drones:
    Only in one level, and all but worthless.  Just pretend they're not there.  
    Heck, leave them with the enemy for a few seconds, and you won't need to 
    pretend anymore.  Don't depend on them for anything.
    c) S'Pht'Kr:
    These are flying units that appear as a small, somewhat spherical body in 
    either blue or red.  They shoot green bolts.  They have a lot of health, and 
    deal heavy damage to the enemy.  Be careful not to hit one—they are easy to 
    anger, and will turn on you if you so much as scratch them.
                                VI:  Enemies
    a)  Pfhor
    1) Drones:  
    These are small, hovering, mechanical units with three eyes.  They will fire 
    an energy-based weapon at you that does minimal damage.  Their health is very 
    minimal, and can be easily destroyed with the fist.  They come in two 
    variations-those with a blue lining, and those with yellow.  The Yellow ones 
    are slightly more durable than the blue.
    2) Fighters:  
    Tall, thin infantry units carrying staves.  Their health is relatively low, 
    and they come in four varieties:  Green, Purple, Orange, and Blue.  Green and 
    Purple only deal melee damage, with the Purple units having more health, and 
    swinging twice per attack.  The Orange and Blue can fire slow-moving 
    projectiles.  The Blue has somewhat more health than the Orange, and can fire 
    two projectiles in quick succession.  All Fighters are easily disposed of with 
    the fists.
    3) Troopers:  
    Similar to the Fighters, but more armored, and with domes over their heads. 
    Their health is slightly higher than Fighters.  They carry a weapon that is 
    extremely similar to your MA75B.  At close range they will fire their Assault 
    Rifles continuously, and at medium to long range they will lob grenades 
    frequently.  The damage on this weapon is relatively high, but it is easily 
    avoided at range.  The Handgun, Napalm Unit, or your own Assault Rifle will 
    easily make short work of a Trooper.  In Marathon 2, they come in two 
    varieties:  Green and Purple.  The Purple ones have higher health, and a 
    faster rate of fire for their grenades.
    4) Enforcers:  
    Robed Pfhor infantry units with health comparable to Fighters.  Their weapons 
    shoot fire-based orbs that deal relatively small damage individually, but if 
    you get caught in a rapid-fire stream of it, it hurts.  They drop the Alien 
    Gun, but not if they are killed by an explosive or fire-based weapon (so that 
    means if you kill one Enforcer, take his gun and use it to kill another, the 
    second Enforcer will not drop his gun).  
    5) Hunters:  
    Large, heavily armored units that fire green bolts at the player.  They can 
    absorb a decent amount of damage, and their weapon hits pretty hard.  To top 
    it off, when you kill a Hunter with an explosive or the Fusion Pistol, he 
    detonates dealing damage to anything close to him.  If you're close to a 
    Hunter, it is recommended that you use the Shotgun or the Assault Rifle.  At 
    range, the Fusion Pistol can cut them down very quickly, and their detonation 
    can be used to hurt other enemies nearby.  Hunters come in three colors:  
    Brown, Green, and Blue.  Brown are the weakest and have the lowest HP.  Green 
    deal a little more damage, and have more health.  Blue are extremely 
    dangerous, dealing significant damage, and having a ton of health.  Blue 
    Hunters will also detonate regardless of what they are killed with, and their 
    detonation deals massive damage over a much wider range than Brown or Green 
    Hunters.  Be very careful with Blue Hunters.
    6) Tanks:  
    These look like they are living beings somehow grafted to mechanical treads 
    for movement.  They're gray in color, and fire bouncing grenades.  The 
    grenades are gray, and either have a red or green light on them.  Red means it 
    will bounce straight, green means the grenade chases its target.  Both deal 
    somewhat high damage.  If you get close, they also have a weapon that is 
    identical to the Napalm Unit, and it deals very heavy damage.  Tanks have 
    somewhat high health, comparable to Brown and Green Hunters, and when a Tank 
    dies he will always explode, dealing high fire-based damage to those around 
    him.  Keep your distance if at all possible, and use grenades or the Fusion 
    Pistol for best results.  There are two types, with one being larger than the 
    regular tanks.  The larger tank fires the homing grenades, and has a lot more 
    7) Simulacrums:
    These look exactly like your allies, the BoB's, even so far as showing up as 
    green squares on your motion tracker.  A Simulacrum will charge directly 
    toward you, and when he touches you, he will explode, dealing heavy damage.  
    They have extremely low health, and killing one will cause him to explode 
    prematurely.  The fist works (it knocks them back before they explode), but is 
    dangerous, especially in tight spaces.  Also be careful; they travel in packs, 
    and exploding one may send another flying toward you.  They say some things 
    that give them away, including "Out of Ammo!" and the famous "Frog Blast the 
    Vent Core!"  Also, they only ever appear as BoB's wearing green.  Any other 
    color of BoB, and you're safe.  If it is green, be careful—could be fine, 
    could be a simulacrum.   
    8) S'pht Compilers
    Flying, robed beings with a white, domed head plate, and no legs.  They will 
    open their robes to fire damaging orbs.  They have relatively low health, and 
    they move slowly, allowing the player time to maneuver, and usually kill them 
    easily.  Their projectiles are fairly slow-moving, and easily avoided, so they 
    are easy enemies to kill with your fists.  Indeed, if you get caught in a 
    corner, you can simply punch constantly, and it will prevent them from being 
    able to fire, though in the open running punches are always recommended.  
    Compilers come in two colors:  Orange and Purple.  The orange ones fire yellow 
    orbs, which simply move straight toward the target.  Purple Compilers have 
    more health and fire a green orb that chases the target.
    9) Juggernauts
    Juggernauts are giant metallic units with a ton of health, an extremely 
    powerful selection of weapons, and the mother of all detonations.  They fire 
    homing missiles that deal heavy damage, but track slowly and can usually be 
    avoided. They also shoot fire-orbs identical to those fired from the Alien 
    Gun.  When you kill a Juggernaut, he will go into a slow descent, beeping 
    noisily.  This is your cue to run.  When the Juggernaut touches down on solid 
    ground, he will explode, dealing huge damage to everything within a wide 
    range.  Expect to spend several rockets to kill one, or many grenades or 
    Fusion Pistol batteries.  
    b) F'lickta:
    These are living beings that usually live in or near water.  They are tall, 
    have two arms and legs, and a large vertical mouth stretching across their 
    torsos.  They come in three colors.  The Green ones are the most common.  They 
    fling what looks like dirt or feces, or they deal melee damage with their 
    claws.  Orange F'lickta have more health, and throw fireballs rather than 
    dirt.  Blue do not have a ranged attack, but deal heavy damage at melee range, 
    and can absorb a lot of health.  All F'lickta can be killed with the fists, 
    though anything higher than a green will take a while.  The Shotgun is a 
    recommended weapon for Orange and Blue F'lickta.  
    c) Winged Orbs:
    I'm not sure you can really classify these as enemies.  They do not attack, 
    and they die in a single hit.  On Normal, they do nothing aside from getting 
    in your way occasionally, and killing them is no problem.  On Total Carnage 
    difficulty though, be careful.  They still don't attack, but when they die 
    they explode with a force comparable to a grenade.  For the most part, you can 
    just ignore these.
                            VII:  The Walkthrough
    Note:  The walkthrough here will give you the information necessary to 
    complete each level of the game.  However, exploration will yield more ammo, 
    earlier weapons, and some hidden terminals.  Any secrets I feel are important, 
    I will list in the "Noteworthy Secrets" section at the end of each level, but 
    certainly not everything.  
    When I suggest labeling a room "S(#)," that means that an important secret can 
    be found from that room.  The number is the level number, followed by 01, 02, 
    03 etc, depending on how many are in that particular level.  Thus, "S201" is 
    the room in level 2, that leads to the first important secret for the level.
                         Level 1 – Waterloo Waterpark
    Overview:  Find the two discs placed in different areas in the level.  Next to 
    each disc is a slot to put it in.  Do so, then return to the Terminal at the 
    start of the level.
    Detailed Walkthrough:  
    The level begins with you, the player standing amongst a group of BoB's.  The 
    BoB's are your allies, and they will begin shooting at a small group of Pfhor 
    Fighters directly ahead.  Don't waste your ammo, don't jump in the way—the 
    BoB's can handle this.  Once the way forward is clear, the BoB's will teleport 
    out.  Walk forward, and take the right branch.  There's a yellow switch in 
    here.  Hit it, and it will turn the lights on in the room below.  Go back out 
    the way you came in, and go straight across through the other door.  Here you 
    will find the game's first terminal.  Durandal will give you your mission 
    info.  Also in this room is another yellow switch.  Hit it, and you will light 
    another room.  
    Hop off the ledge into the lower area.  Head through the doorway to the east 
    (your right), and kill the Drones.  Continue east through the door.  East yet 
    again from this room will take you to a room with two Pfhor Fighters.  Easy 
    pickings.  You are rewarded with a nice supply of ammunition.  
    From here, you can head up one of two staircases, either north or south.  If 
    you need health, head south, where you will find a health station.  Otherwise, 
    head North.  Through the door, you will encounter a group of BoB's fighting 
    some Drones and Fighters.  Help them out.  In thiis room, the staircase to the 
    southwest will take you to a supply of pistol ammunition.  In the same room, 
    the northwest leads down two seemingly dead-end paths.  The left leads to a 
    room you should remember as S101, the other contains a MA75B Assault Rifle.  
    Take the Right for the Rifle, and kill some Pfhor.
    Head back to the previous room, and this time take the exit in the Northeast 
    corner.  This will lead to you a room with a pool of water and some Pfhor.  
    This room also contains the first disk you need.  Grab it, and then press the 
    "activate" button while facing the drive on the east wall.  There is also a 
    Now backtrack to the room with the two staircases.  Last time you took the 
    north.  This time we're taking the south.  Right through the door you'll find 
    some Drones.  On the west wall is another disk, and drive to put it in.  Do 
    so.  This room also has a health station and a save station.  
    Leave through the west exit.  Hit the yellow switch in this room to open the 
    barricaded door to your west.  Continue west until you reach the earlier area 
    with the level's first terminal.  You may now use this to exit the level.
    Noteworthy Secrets:
    Return to room S101.  There is a hidden door located on the south wall, in the 
    southwest corner.  Open this door and head through.  There is an elevator in 
    this room.  Step on the elevator (after killing the Orange Fighter), and then 
    ride it to the top.  Step off, and head down the west path.  It should lead 
    you to a door.  Go through this door, and then once in the next room, follow 
    the left wall.  It will lead you to a nook that contains a shotgun and 
    ammunition. You can exit the way you came in, or by continuing forward.  
              Level 2 – The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
    Overview:  Find the Exit Terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:  
    You will begin in a round room with a few enemies.  Once the room is cleared 
    proceed out into the hallway.  Following it to the right will lead to a 
    Terminal.  Left leads to a staircase, and the main portion of the level.  
    There is a health station and save station on the staircase.  
    Up the stairs, you will find a room flooded with green water.  The exits from 
    this room are all underwater.  To the south you will find ammunition and an 
    oxygen recharger.  Northeast will lead to another room.  Take the north exit 
    to this room as well, which leads to a hallway leading west.  Follow this into 
    another room.  Label this room "S201."  The exit at the northwest corner of 
    this room leads to the level's exit terminal.  There are a number of very good 
    ammunition deposits around the level though.  They are not hidden, and will be 
    easily found with some exploration.  Go grab them if you're interested (I 
    recommend it), then make your way back to the exit.
    Noteworthy Secrets:  
    One secret it will definitely pay to get this early on is the Fusion Pistol.  
    Go back to room "S201," the flooded room just south of the room with the exit 
    terminal, press the "activate" button while facing the wide blue pillar in the 
    middle of the north wall.  A bunch of F'lickta and Pfhor will pour out of the 
    secret room.  The F'lickta will probably kill the Pfhor.  Once the room is 
    cleared, inside you will find a Fusion pistol and ammunition.  
                    Level 3 – Charon Doesn't Make Change
    Overview:  Use terminals to teleport through, and explore the areas of the 
    level.  Exit through the terminal near the start.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    Note:  This level contains lots of F'lickta, which can be a pain to fight if 
    you wind up submerged in water.  
    You begin in a room that is empty aside from a Pfhor corpse and a strange bit 
    of architecture.  Through the northwest exit, you will find another room, with 
    the starting terminal.  Take the northwest exit to this room as well, and the 
    stairs down to the lower floor.  
    Label this room "S301."  The northwest corner of this room has a staircase 
    leading down into the basement.  Head on down.  In the basement you will find 
    a red terminal, as well as a health station and a save station.  The terminal 
    will teleport you to another segment of the level.  Use it.
    You will teleport to a large room with a walkway around its perimeter, and a 
    pit in the middle.  This room will begin to fill with water the moment you 
    teleport in.  You arrive at the south end of the room.  Run around the 
    perimeter to the north.  At the north end of the room, you will find a small 
    octagonal room.  Stepping into this room opens up an area near where you 
    teleported in.  Head back to the south end of the room, and find a few 
    terminals—two yellow and a red.  The red will teleport you further.  Use it 
    when ready. 
    You will teleport to an odd room that at first appears to have no exit.  
    However, when you approach the southwest corner, a part of the west wall 
    collapses, revealing a way forward.  Go through this opening.  In the next 
    room you will find another red terminal.  Use it.  
    You will find yourself in another room that floods—this one much smaller.  
    There is a F'lickta behind bars to the west, and on the west wall is a switch.  
    It will activate a press that will crush the F'lickta in the room.  To the 
    northwest, you will find a door leading into the first basement area (now also 
    flooded).  Now head back up the stairs from the north path in the basement.  
    You're now back in "S301."  From here, head up the northeast stairs, and use 
    the terminal to exit the level.  
    Noteworthy Secrets:
    In "S301," there is a door just south of the northeast staircase.  Go through 
    this door and it will lead to a room that is empty aside from a slightly 
    raised platform.  Perform a grenade jump up onto this platform, then follow it 
    into the wall.  The wall opens to reveal a second Magnum.  You can now dual-
    wield handguns.
                           Level 4 – What About Bob?
    Overview:  Jump down a pit, flood an area with lava, make your way out, then 
    clear the exit zone.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    You arrive in an area with a group of BoB's and a bunch of Pfhor, including 
    your first Tank enemy.  The BoB's can usually handle this group, but feel free 
    to help if you like.  In the middle of this room is a building.  Head inside, 
    to find the starting terminal.  Up the stairs you will find the entrance to a 
    vertical shaft.  Jump on down, and be ready to fight.  
    There are lots of fighters and a few tanks.  They shouldn't prove to be too 
    much of a problem.  Once they're all dead, exit through the west opening.  
    This leads to an area with narrow corridors surrounding an open area.  In the 
    northwest corner of this area there is a doorwway leading onward to another 
    similar room.  From here head north, and up the stairs.  
    Next will be a room that is filled with lava, with narrow walkways across.  
    Cross the bridge to the east, carefully killing Pfhor along the way without 
    falling into the lava.  Once you're across, a health station, save station, 
    terminal, and switch are down the hall to the right, before going through the 
    door.  The switch will raise a bridge in the lava room.  Follow the ledge of 
    the room around, counter-clockwise (don't go through the door), until you come 
    to a bridge that leads to a pillar in the lava.  Open the panel on the front 
    of it, and punch the circuitry behind it.  Now head back and go through that 
    door on the east end of the room.
    Follow the ledges around this room as well, until you come to a very similar 
    pillar in the lava.  Open a panel, stand back, and take a deep breath.  You 
    will probably want to read the following paragraph before destroying the 
    Fire a grenade at the circuits.  Lava will begin to rise, flooding the area.  
    Immediately run through the doorway at the southeast corner of the room.  
    Follow the path forward, and quickly climb the stairs.  Once you reach the 
    top, you're safe.  
    Following the Hallway forward will lead to an area near where the level began.  
    There will be enemies, and BoB's fighting them.  Help the BoB's out, as they 
    likely won't survive on their own.  From this open room, head through the exit 
    at the southeast corner.  Here you will find two rooms with Pfhor enemies.  
    Kill everything, and then head back to the open room.  This time take the 
    southwest exit.  
    Next head south.  There is a large room full of Pfhor.  Clear it.  Take the 
    west exit to another large room.  Clear that one too.  Go back to the previous 
    room, and this time take the east exit, and continue east.  Another room, 
    another killing spree.  Leave through the north exit, and follow the stairs 
    up.  Partway there will likely be another small group of Pfhor in the room to 
    your right.  Kill them, and then continue up the stairs.  At the top you will 
    find a terminal, a health station, an oxygen station, and a save station.  The 
    terminal is your exit.  
                     Level 5 – Come and Take Your Medicine
    Overview:  Destroy a few circuit panels, and make your way back to the 
    starting terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    There is a lot to explore in this level, but it can be extremely short and 
    simple if you just stick to the necessities.
    You begin in a room with open windows, a health station and a starting 
    terminal.  Drones will fly in at the beginning.  Kill them.  Open the doors to 
    the southeast, and head down the stairs.  Kill the enemies you encounter.  
    This should be your first run-in with a Pfhor Trooper as well as a S'pht 
    Once the room is clear, find the circuits on the northwest corner.  There are 
    three, but you only need to pop the middle (don't worry, destroying the others 
    does not cause harmful effects).  Enter the room, and then go through the door 
    ahead, at the south wall of the room.  Ahead of you will be a panel that can 
    be lowered to reveal a circuit panel.  Destroy it.  Follow the wall around, 
    and directly behind where you busted that one, there is another.  Take that 
    one out too.  Now head back to the start of the level, and use the terminal 
    again to exit the level.  
    That's all there is to it.
                            Level 6 – We're Everywhere
    Overview:  Destroy some panels, flip some switches, and find a terminal out.  
    You begin on a platform in the middle of deep green water with a bunch of 
    BoB's.  S'pht will be firing bolts at your group immediately.  You can either 
    hide behind the BoB's and hope to get their ammo when they die, or just dive 
    off.  I recommend diving off to the right (west).  Swim or walk underwater to 
    the northwest.  When you reach the corner, stop, and follow it around until 
    you face toward the southeast.  Ahead, you should see a gray pillar.  Swim up 
    around until you find a platform you can get up onto within the pillar.  There 
    is a switch.  Hit it, and you will be lifted up.  At the top, there will be a 
    ledge across from your platform.  Run off the platform and land on that ledge.  
    BoB's should arrive and run down a hall.  Follow them.  
    The BoB's will almost certainly be gunned down by Hunters.  Kill the Hunters 
    (and S'pht, if they're still around).  Follow the hallway to the south.  From 
    here you can go either east or west.  Go west for now (you will be coming back 
    though).  It will lead to a U-shaped ledge that forms a perimeter overlooking 
    a water area.  Stay on this ledge.  At one end there will be a switch, and a 
    panel to destroy.  Destroy the panel and hit the switch.  At the other end is 
    another switch, but you'll have to cut through some more Hunters first.  Do 
    this, and then head back to the earlier room.  Go east this time.  At the end 
    of the hall is a room.  The northeast corner of this room has two paths.  Take 
    the right one.  Go to the end of it, kill the Hunter, then turn left.  The 
    terminal in front of you is your exit from the level.
                           Level 7 – Ex Cathedra
    Overview:  Open the Temple, get the chip, and head outside to put it in the 
    underwater drive.  Then head back in, find another terminal, and exit the 
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    There are two ways to do this level.  There is a switch located outside the 
    Temple's area that requires a trip through an underwater maze.  This switch 
    will open up the inner segment of the Cathedral, allowing you to progress.  
    There is another switch, hidden behind a secret wall, which will do the same 
    thing with much less effort.  For the sake of this guide, we will be using the 
    second switch.  If you prefer to take the longer route though, you are more 
    than welcome to do so.
    The level begins with stairs in front of you leading up to a terminal.  There 
    is a save station hidden in a nook on the left, partway up the stairs.  From 
    the terminal, head left (west), and up onto the small step.  Head north.  You 
    will notice a health station on your right.
    Head down the stairs to the west.  South from here will lead you to a ledge 
    with some ammunition.  Get that if needed, then come back, and head north.  
    Follow the path around to the east, and head up the stairs into another 
    entrance.  The east wall just inside from those stairs is a hidden door; open 
    it.  Inside you will find a yellow switch (hit it), and an alien gun.  
    Now continue back to where the level began.  You should notice that a door has 
    opened, just around the corner from the starting terminal.  Go through this 
    door, and you will find yourself in a large, inner room full of enemies.  Kill 
    them.  On the east and west sides, there are raised platforms.  Inside a nook 
    on the east platform is a Yellow (2x) shield charger.  In the center of the 
    north end of the room is another raised platform containing the needed disk.  
    Take it.
    Now go back outside, and back around to the area where you opened the secret 
    door that contained the Alien Gun.  Once there, follow the hall south, and 
    take the first left turn you come to.  Take another left, head down the stairs 
    at the north exit.  The southeast corner of this room is open.  Go that way.  
    There is a raised area that houses a vertical shaft filled with water, 
    resembling a well.  You can get over the ledgge of this by standing on the 
    raised portions to the left or right, then walking against the ledge of the 
    well, toward the lower segment.  Once inside, dive in.  Just below the 
    surface, to the north, is an underwater hallway.  At the end of this hallway 
    is a panel that opens, revealing a drive in which you put the disk you picked 
    up earlier.  
    Now use the stairs to get out of the well, and once again head back to the 
    beginning area of the level, to the large room with the 2x Shield Generator.  
    In the northwest section of this room is a nook.  Step into it and an elevator 
    will lift you to the ledge.  Follow the path on this ledge, and you will find 
    yourself on another elevator that leads up to a room with a save station.
    On the east end of this room is an elevator that is constantly rising and 
    falling.  Do not simply hop into it—it continues up until it meets the top, 
    and will harm you if you're on it when this happens.  Instead, wait for it to 
    reach the top, and then begin moving down.  Then step on it, and ride it to 
    the bottom.  At the bottom, step off to the north.  
    Here you will find a bunch of Pfhor Troopers.  Be careful, in tight quarters 
    that many can be tough.  Once they are cleared, you will find the exit 
    terminal at the west end of the room.
                            Level 8 – Nuke and Pave
    Overview:  Fight your way to the exit terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    On this level, green-trimmed Drones will aid you, but they are very little 
    help.  Don't depend on them to kill anything.
    You start on a ledge in a square room with a pit of lava in the middle.  There 
    are two save stations here, and one exit to the southeast.  Through the 
    southeast door you find a large room with a lava river running through it.  At 
    the south end of the room, the gap is narrow enough that you can run across 
    easily.  The door in the northeast corner and the door in the middle of the 
    east wall both lead to the same room, which contains a yellow health station, 
    some ammo and a bunch of enemies.  It would be wise to clear this room now, in 
    case you need health later.
    Once you're done, return to the lava-river roomm, and head through the south 
    door.  This room contains a large pool of lava, and a ledge around the room.  
    There is really only one path, so continue forward.  There are some enemies in 
    this room, including unfriendly drones—don't mistake them for the helpful 
    Next you should come to a room with a bunch of Pfhor Troopers and Tanks 
    fighting allied Drones.  Help the drones out, but stay on the ledge.  Once the 
    room is clear, continue through the exit on the west end of the ledge, to 
    another, very similar room.  Again, kill the enemies, and follow the ledge 
    onward, into a hallway.
    The hallway ends with a ledge opening to a large outdoor area, generally in 
    the shape of a boxy figure-eight.  Run off the ledge to your right (east).  
    The floor will rise and lift you up to the higher ledge.  Continue to follow 
    this ledge, which will lead you around the room counter-clockwise.  You should 
    come to a dead-end with two health rechargers—one yellow and one red.  It may 
    seem like common sense to use the yellow, but the red is actually a Purple 3x 
    Charger in disguise.  Use it.  
    Come out of the nook.  There should be a platform to your east that is a bit 
    lower than your current.  Hop on over to it.  On the platform there is a large 
    obstacle, and on the north side of this rock is the entrance to a vertical 
    shaft leading downward.  You may also notice that there are some red platforms 
    north of the platform you're on now.  If you return here at the end of the 
    level, you can ride the central platform up, and get an invisibility and 
    invincibility power-up.  For now, just hop down the shaft.
    Head east at the bottom, and you'll come to a small pool of lava.  Hop across 
    it to the stairs on the other side, and follow them up.  Through the next 
    door, you come to a room with three exits.  Ignore the one to your left 
    (east).  Head through the one to the right (west) first.  Directly to the left 
    inside the door is a circuit panel that you can destroy.  Once this is done, 
    you can head back and get the Invisibility and Invincibility power-ups I 
    mentioned earlier—but they're not necessary.
    Head back to the previous room, and now go through the south door.  You will 
    find yourself on another ledge overlooking one of the rooms you cleared 
    earlier.  Follow this ledge to its end, where you can either go through a 
    door, or continue out to a lava room.  No sense going to the lava room; go 
    through the door.  
    There are a few things to note in the next room.  If you take the northeast 
    corner exit, it will lead you to a save station.  In the opposite corner, the 
    southwest, there is a switch that you must hit with either a grenade, or a 
    charged Fusion Pistol shot.  This switch opens up a door in the middle of the 
    north wall that leads to an elevator.  Hop on up the elevator, and the exit 
    terminal is at the top.  You can poke around the rest of the level for some 
    extra ammo if you like, or continue on.
                        Level 9 – Curiouser and Curiouser
    Overview:  Hit some switches and open the way forward to the exit terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    You begin in a closed room with one exit.  Open the door and step out.  To 
    your left (south) is a group of Pfhor.  You may want to head back into the 
    room and use the doorway as a funnel to keep them at a manageable rate.  This 
    tactic will help quite a bit throughout this level—gaining the attention of a 
    group, and then retreating to a tactical position.
    Once the group is dead, head north.  There is a standalone wall.  On the other 
    side of it is another pair of doors on either side.  Go through the door to 
    the right (east).  The room on the other side has only one exit, which leads 
    to an area waist-deep with green water.  There is a 2x shield recharger here.  
    This flooded area circles most of the level.  Follow the water clockwise.  The 
    following directions will refer to locations around this section as relative 
    positions compared to a clock-face.  So, for example, 3:00 would mean at the 
    far east, 6:00 would mean at the far south, and 9:00 would mean the far west.
    If you stand at around 5:00 and face north, you will see a terminal you can 
    access.  At around 7:00, face east.  Here, you will see a switch.  Hit it.  At 
    11:00, facing north, you will see a save station.  Just past this, on the 
    right, there will be an entrance into another of those small, round rooms.  
    Enter here, and go through the door within.  There will be a group of enemies 
    here that need killing, but keep in mind that the door almost directly across 
    the hall (south) from the one you just stepped through is where we are going 
    Once you're through this door, follow the wall around to the right.  There is 
    a panel you can destroy.  Do so, and then leave through the same door you just 
    came in through.  Once out in the hall again, head east.  The hall will turn 
    southward.  After this bend, go through the door on the right (west).  The 
    following room has two exits.  Go through the south one.  Directly south is 
    another destructible panel.  Bust it, and then go back north, and through the 
    same door you just came through, back into the hallway. 
    Go north in the hallway again, and follow the bend back to the west.  When 
    you're in the middle of the northern segment of the hall, note the staircases 
    in the northwest and northeast corners.  Head up the northwest (left) stairs.  
    There is a switch across a wide chasm.  Fire a grenade or charged fusion bolt 
    to hit the switch.  A platform rises that allows you to easily run across to 
    the far platform.  Once across, follow the hall, and break another 
    destructible panel.  Head back across the chasm.
    Now go up the northeast (right) stairs.  At the top is a similar situation—a 
    switch you need to hit from afar.  This switch is partially behind the corner 
    of a wall though, so it's a little trickier to hit.  Once you do, another 
    platform rises, allowing you to cross the chasm to the new platform.  Cross, 
    and follow the hall to the exit terminal.
    There are is a lot of ammo stashed around this level, as well as another 
    shotgun.  It would pay to explore a bit, though it is not entirely necessary.
                           Level 10 – Eat It, Vid Boi!
    Overview:  Make your way through the area, hitting switches that allow you to 
    cross a bridge to the citadel.
    You start on a ledge next to a pool of lava.  We won't be crossing the lava 
    just yet, so head through the door to your north.  There are a bunch of 
    enemies in this room, including a group of Tanks.  There are elevators at the 
    east and west ends of the room, but before we head up there, look on the North 
    wall, three blocks from the left.  The bottom wall segment should appear 
    darker than the others.  It is a door.  Open it up.  
    Consider this room your home base for this level—return when you need health 
    and to save.  All in all, there is a save station, a terminal, a health 
    station, a switch (hit it), and a few elevators in the southwest corner.  
    Stand in the very southwest corner itself to be lifted up to an ammo stash.  
    Just to the east of that are two elevators that lead down to a 2x Health 
    Generator.  Once you're done here, head back out of the safe-house through the 
    same door you came in.
    Take the elevator in the west end of the room.  Turn the corner, and you will 
    find a large room with a large, cross-shaped lava pit.  You will also gain the 
    attention of a ton of Pfhor.  You will likely want to head back to the 
    previous room to fight them.  Once you're done, come back here.  Don't try to 
    cross the lava.  Go through the door to your west.  
    Follow the hall and go up the stairs (you have to zig-zag to get up the 
    stairs).  Continue following the hallway, and after a long red section of hall 
    there is a drop-off.  Drop down, and turn left (north).  You'll enter a room 
    with a D-shaped lava pool.  Follow the ledge around to the north.  In the 
    narrow path at the north you'll find a save station and a switch opposite each 
    other on the hall's walls.  Hit the switch, and continue through this hallway.  
    It may appear at first to be a dead-end that drops off into lava.  However, 
    the switch you just hit raises platforms around the perimeter of the room—this 
    room now also has a D-shaped lava pool.  Once the walkway has been raised, 
    follow this ledge.  Go through the door, and down a short hallway to find a 
    room with a health station and a set of stairs on the right (west).  Go up the 
    Follow the hallway south to a room with a bridge across two lava pools.  In 
    the Northeast corner is a switch that opens up the wall to the southwest, 
    revealing a terminal and another switch.  Hit that switch.  
    Now head back to the first room with a D-shaped pool of lava.  This time we'll 
    be taking the northwest exit from the room, into yet another D-shaped lava 
    pool room.  Follow the ledges through the next two rooms, until you finally 
    find yourself in a long, indoor room with a bunch of Pfhor Fighters and tanks.
    There are several side rooms leading off from this long room.  The northeast 
    and northwest rooms contain nothing noteworthy.  Further down, go through the 
    opening to the left (east).  It looks like it splits too directions at first, 
    but they both come around to the same point.  Further east, it again looks 
    like it splits into two paths, and again both lead around to the same place.  
    If you go right (north) though, there is a side room with a save station.  
    Finally, you get to another split, and this time both lead to different 
    places.  The right leads to the save station mentioned above.  The left 
    (north) leads down another set of zig-zag stairs.  Go this way, and follow the 
    hall around to another door, and into the next room.
    There is a hexagon-shaped part of the floor that is a different color than the 
    rest, near the west end of the room.  Step on this, and it lifts you up.  You 
    can then run over to the ledge on the far west, and access the terminal there.  
    Stepping on this ledge causes a pillar on the north wall to lower, revealing a 
    switch.  Hit the switch.  Now turn directly south.  You should see an opening.  
    Go through this opening.  The following room has a switch on the west side, 
    that raises a small platform granting you access to a 2x shield generator, a 
    Fusion Pistol, and Fusion Batteries.  
    Now exit the room the way you came in.  Go back through the hall, up the 
    stairs, and then west until you're back in the long indoor room.  Continue 
    west into the other side-room.  Hear there are areas to drop down on the left 
    and right.  Go left.  Go through the door, and you will find yourself back in 
    the room with a cross-shaped lava pool.  However, the lava has gone down, 
    allowing you to drop down into the center part of the room safely.  Do so, to 
    get a shotgun and a bunch of ammo.  Head south, and carefully go around the 
    corner to the east.  You can go either left or right here.  Go left.  When you 
    step into the nook, you are lifted upward to a hallway that leads back to the 
    room near the start of the level.  Jump down, and hit the safe room again, if 
    you need health and/or a save.  
    Done?  Okay.  Now go through the double door to the south.  The lava pool from 
    the beginning of the level now has a bridge across it.  Go across, and kill 
    the Pfhor in the room on the other side.  There is a terminal in the middle of 
    this room, which will end the level.  
                       Level 11 – The Hard Stuff Rules…
    Overview:  Fight your way through several floors to locate and activate a 
    group of yellow terminals at the top.
    Detailed Walkthrough:  
    There's a bunch of F'lickta right at the start.  You can gun them down or kill 
    them with your fists, whatever you're most comfortable with.  Once the room is 
    clear, step into the nook on the north side of the central pillar.  It is an 
    elevator that will lift you to the next floor.  There is a terminal directly 
    ahead, but rather than rushing forward and activating it, you might want to 
    stop and kill the F'lickta in the room to your right first.  Otherwise, it can 
    be easy to find yourself backed into a corner, and take more damage than you 
    would have with proper preparation.
    Once you've cleared the room west of the terminal, head through its north 
    door.  When you approach the east door in the next room, a large supply of 
    ammo will be teleported into the southwest corner.  In the room to the east 
    there are two pillars containing elevators.  Use either one—they both take you 
    to the same place.  
    Up on the next floor, you will encounter a large group of red and blue 
    F'lickta.  Once they are dead, approach the south end of the room.  You'll 
    notice three platforms, with the middle being the lowest.  Step onto this 
    platform, then up to the one slightly higher.  Then run from that platform 
    onto the higher one; it's simple enough.  This results in putting you up to a 
    ledge that leads to the next room.  Note that in the northeast corner of this 
    room there is a nook containing a red health recharger.  Also, in the 
    northwest corner of this room is a hallway containing an ammo stash you can 
    get to if you're interested.  The safest way to do so is to run across the 
    raised platforms around the room, however if you fall to the lower floor, you 
    can still get there through use of some fancy grenade jumping.  
    Move ahead to the room to the north, and follow the opening at the northeast 
    that leads to another elevator up to the next floor.  The exit leads south 
    into a circular room.  You currently in the middle of this room, and your 
    destination is a staircase directly behind you.  However, getting there 
    requires that you walk around the perimeter.  Head south to the wall, then go 
    either left or right—the direction doesn't matter.  The shotgun is 
    recommended, as it will kill the F'lickta on the ledge very quickly, allowing 
    you to progress.  You can kill everything in this room if you want to, but it 
    is not necessary, and I suggest saving your ammo.
    When you get around to the north end of the room, take the stairs up.  You 
    will see a terminal ahead, but be careful as you head down this hall—Tanks 
    will teleport nearby, and it's easy to get boxed in.  That's good advice for 
    the entire rest of the level actually—listen for the sound of something 
    teleporting, and make sure you don't get surrounded.  
    Northeast of the terminal (go east first, then north, then east again) is 
    another nook that functions as an elevator.  Ride it up to the next floor.  
    East from here, there is a branch in the path that allowing you to continue 
    east, or head north.  To the east, past the pillars, are a 2x Health recharger 
    and a save station.  Use them if you need to, then come back to the branching 
    path, and head north until you reach a point where you have to go either left 
    (west) or right (east).  Go west, and follow the path as it eventually curves 
    around to the north.  You will see a yellow terminal—activate it.  Ignore the 
    door next to this terminal.
    Head west, until you notice a very narrow doorway in the north wall.  Go 
    through here, and activate the working terminals found within.  There are rows 
    of terminals, but some are not working.  Once you have found and activated the 
    three that do work, head back out through that narrow doorway.  If you are 
    desperately in need of ammo, you may use the elevator to the south, which 
    leads up to the next floor, where some ammunition can be found.  Otherwise, 
    head back to the east.  Head south again from the yellow terminal, and just 
    after the hall curves to the east, you will notice a ledge you can drop down 
    to the lower floor from.  Do so.  The exit terminal is very near to the 
    southeast from here, but be careful of Tanks and F'lickta nearby.
                         Level 12 – Bob's Big Date
    Overview:  Find two yellow terminals, and then find the exit terminal in the 
    central room. 
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    You start on a ledge, facing a terminal to your south.  There is an opening to 
    a room in the north, and stairs leading down into rapidly rising and falling 
    water to the west.  Head north first, as that room contains the first terminal 
    you need to access (on the west wall), as well as a 2x Shield Recharger (on 
    the north wall).  
    Now head back to the area near where you started, and head down the stairs 
    into the rising and falling water.  Be careful about this; enemies will shoot 
    at you from the window south of the stairs.  You can kill them now if you 
    want, but it's easy enough to avoid them by just running past quickly.  
    The next room is the level's central hub, and is somewhat circular in shape.  
    Here too, the water level constantly rising and falling.  There is a switch up 
    the wall in the southeast corner, which will lower the water to waist level, 
    and stay there.  This is useful if you're determined to kill the enemies in 
    the central hub area, however you will need the water in motion to reach 
    necessary areas, so afterward you will need to use a grenade or fusion shot to 
    activate the water shifting again.  
    From the Central hub there are 8 exits along the outer wall.  You entered from 
    the east, and to complete the level, you need only go through the southeast, 
    and the northwest.  Going through the remaining rooms is recommended though, 
    as it will result in a wealth of ammunition, as well as save stations, and an 
    oxygen station.  Be careful though; those rewards are guarded by groups of 
    enemies in each room.  Go through each of those areas if you want, and when 
    you're done, return to the central hub, and continue with the next paragraph.  
    Note that the entrance on the middle of the west wall is inaccessible from the 
    central hub—that is the exit when you follow the northwest path.  
    Now, to continue forward, go through the exit in the southeast area of the 
    Central Hub.  It is far up the wall, to the left and up from the switch that 
    controls the water level.  Once in this nook, walk up the stairs to the top 
    platform.  Follow the north exit from here, and follow the hallway to the end 
    a large room with lots of Pfhor Troopers and Hunters.  The second terminal you 
    need to access is in the southwest corner of this room.  Once you have done 
    this, head back to the central hub. 
    This time take the northwest exit, from the Central Hub, which is a short way 
    up the wall.  Follow the stairs inside north to a dead end with a switch.  Hit 
    the switch, and the stairs you just climbed will rise up, forming stairs to 
    the next floor.  Climb these, and at the top head west into a flooded area 
    with water that will be slightly over your head.  Be careful in this area, as 
    there are F'lickta and Pfhor Hunters, and combat can be a little tricky 
    underwater. You may want to retreat back to the stairs in order to shoot at 
    the tops of their heads.  In the north section of this room is a save station.  
    In the south are a set of stairs leading up to the east.  When you're ready to 
    advance, take these stairs.  
    The doorway faces out onto the Central Hub again, however you're higher up 
    now, and there is an opening in the central pillar directly ahead of you.  Run 
    off the ledge, across to this doorway.  There are enemies inside, and with 
    close quarters you need to be careful with explosives.  Also be careful of the 
    hunter's detonation if you're using the Fusion Pistol.  The exit terminal is 
    at the top of the stairs, but more enemies teleport in as you touch the top 
    step.  Kill them, then exit the level.  
                     Level 13 – Six Thousand Feet Under
    Overview:  Activate switches that alter the lava levels, allowing you to 
    progress to the exit terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    This level has two separate starting points, but the paths for each converge 
    early on.  
    Starting Point 1:  If you start off on a gray ledge directly at the side of a 
    pool of lava, read from here!
    Head east into the hallway, and follow the path out onto another ledge.  This 
    ledge goes generally south, ends in stairs that head up to the right (west).  
    Go up these stairs, which lead to a hall that curves right (north), and out 
    onto another ledge.  Go left (northwest) on this ledge.  At its end is another 
    flight of stairs going up to the left (west).  Climb them.  There is a pathway 
    partway up that goes out to the right, but ignore it for now.  At the top of 
    the stairs is a hallway, which leads out onto a ledge that heads generally 
    southeast.  Continue on this ledge until the end, where it turns south into a 
    hallway.  The hallway turns left (east).  Along this hallway you will notice a 
    ledge to your right (south) where you can hop down and use a save station.  Do 
    so, but be careful to jump all the way to the south wall so you don't fall 
    into the pit.  Continue reading below, after the explanation for starting 
    point 2.
    Starting Point 2:  If you start on a brown ledge, two floors up from a lava 
    pool, read from here!
    Starting from Point 2, you will be under attack by red F'lickta almost 
    immediately, so get your bearings quick, and you'll be fine.  Head southeast 
    along the ledge and into the hall, until it turns to the right (west).  Just 
    ahead on the left, you will see a ledge on the left (south), where you can hop 
    down and use a save station.  Do so, but be careful to jump all the way to the 
    south wall so you don't fall into the pit.
    From here on, everything is the same.
    Head along the narrow ledge west from the save station.  A red F'lickta will 
    attack from the platform to the north, so be careful not to fall off.  At the 
    end of the ledge, you can hop across a narrow gap to a platform to the 
    northeast.  Further northeast from this platform is another against the wall, 
    with a switch.  This will raise a floor between the two platforms.  Head 
    southwest, where you'll find a switch, and a terminal.  Hit the switch.  Head 
    back northeast, following the wall to your right, until you come to the 
    opening.  Hop over to the narrow ledge again, and walk east along it, until 
    you're close enough to the north platform (where the red F'lickta attacked you 
    from earlier) to hop across.  Do that.  In the middle of this platform, you'll 
    find a wide hallway leading to stairs going up to the left (west).  
    From here, we retrace a few steps from starting point 1.  Go up these stairs, 
    which lead to a hall that curves right (north), and out onto another ledge.  
    Go left (northwest) on this ledge.  At its end is another flight of stairs 
    going up to the left (west).  Climb them.  There is a pathway partway up that 
    goes out to the right.  If you take this path, it will lead you to a shield 
    recharger and a save station.  There is only one path, so it is easy to find.  
    When you are done, come back, and climb the rest of the stairs.
    At the top of the stairs is a hallway, which leads out onto a ledge that heads 
    generally southeast.  Continue on this ledge until the end, where it turns 
    south into a hallway.  The hallway turns left (east).  Follow this hallway to 
    its end (ignore the ledge to the south this time), and follow the hallway 
    north to another ledge.  You may recognize this as Starting Point #2.  
    From here, head northwest.  Without jumping off the ledge, there is really 
    only one path to follow, and it will take you to a small flight of stairs 
    leading up to a fork in the path; but to be as precise as possible, here are 
    the more specific directions if you need them:  Go northwest where the ledge 
    will enter a hallway.  This hallway curves around in a semi-circle counter-
    clockwise until you are heading south.  The hallway ends, and you are on a 
    ledge once again, heading generally west.  The ledge will follow the wall to 
    your right, curving first northwest, and then northeast.  At the end of this 
    northeast run are the stairs, which curve around to the northwest.
    At the top of the stairs, the path branches, allowing you to head either right 
    (north) or left (west).  Go west, and you will once again find yourself on a 
    ledge.  Follow this ledge southwest, until you find yourself in another narrow 
    hallway.  This one turns south, and up another short flight of stairs.  Blue 
    F'lickta will attack from the room to your left (east).  Also in this room is 
    a Yellow terminal.  After you're done with those, come back to the top of the 
    stairs, and head south.  
    Once again, you're on a path that leads to a long, curving ledge.  Follow this 
    ledge south, then southeast, and then east until you come to what looks like a 
    lava-waterfall embedded in the wall.  When you get to the ledge, head 
    northwest until you're at another flight of stairs.  
    Step up onto the first stair and stop.  As I'm sure you can tell, there is a 
    gap.  You are capable of running across this gap and continuing up the stairs, 
    but instead turn to your right (north).  There is a ledge that runs to the 
    north from here.  Follow it.  Take it slow—short ways along, the ledge turns 
    around a corner and stops abruptly.  Just ahead there is a narrow opening.  
    Run off the ledge toward this opening.  This leads to a small room with a 
    switch on the west wall.  Hit the switch.  It rises to reveal another switch.  
    Hit that one too.  This lowers the lava level elsewhere in the level.
    Head back outside and carefully drop down by running to the left off the 
    ledge.  You should recognize these stairs from earlier.  Head up them, and 
    repeat your earlier steps until you get to the first set of stairs with a fork 
    in the path at the top.  This time you'll be turning right (north).  Turn the 
    corner to the right (east).  The pit ahead of you should now be empty of lava.  
    Jump in, and kill the enemies.  
    At the far east end there are a set of zig-zagging stairs.  Climb them.  At 
    the top there is a terminal, and south of that a shield recharger and a 
    switch.  Hit the switch, and look out the window to the east.  The lava should 
    be going down.  Head back into the pit.  This time head up the zig-zag stairs 
    on the west end of the room, back to where the road forked.  
    Repeat your earlier steps again until you come to the stairs next to the lava-
    waterfall.  This time climb them to the top, and follow the hallway west, 
    south, and then west again.  Here you will find a ledge.  Follow it nortwest 
    then northeast.  When you come to the corner where the ledge turns east stop.  
    Ahead you should see a red ledge.  Back up a bit, and then make a run across 
    the chasm to that ledge.  
    Follow the red ledge east, and then northeast.  When you reach the dead end, 
    look off the ledge to the northeast.  There is a platform below you, ahead and 
    to the right.  Hop on over to that.  Across a small gap, there's a hall to the 
    north.  Hop over to that now.  This leads to a small room with a save station, 
    and one other exit to the right (east).  Step through the east exit, out onto 
    the ledge.  
    F'lickta will begin attacking you, and Tanks will teleport in.  Run back into 
    the room with the save station to fight them.  When it's safe to go forward, 
    go back out onto the ledge, and head left (north), then right (east).  Once 
    you're in the hallway running east, take the first left (north) that you come 
    to.  More Tanks will likely teleport in.  Carefully hop to the ledge at the 
    ride side to get to the end of the hall, and then hop back to the left doorway 
    at the end of the hall.  
    Follow it around the right turn (east).  There are some gaps in the floor 
    along this hallway, but generally head east until you come to the end, where 
    you walk down a flight of stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs, the hall turns 
    south, where you'll find a health recharger and a switch.  Hit the switch to 
    open the door forward, and get ready for tanks.  You might want to let the 
    tanks come to you through the door, as once you're on the other side and the 
    door closes there's no way back to the 2x Health Recharger.  
    Follow the long hallway south, and then west, killing more tanks along the 
    way.  The hall will turn south, then southwest, ending in a flight of stairs 
    that follow the edge of the wall.  Climb these stairs, and be careful around 
    the tight turns.  When you reach the platform at the top, you will notice an 
    opening in the wall to the north.  Hop across to that.  Follow the hall on the 
    other side into a room with two switches and a save station.  Hit both 
    switches, which will lower to terminals—a yellow terminal and (finally!) the 
    exit terminal.  
            Level 14 – If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay
    Overview:  Find the Rocket launcher; make somebody pay.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    Give your eyes a moment to adjust to the clown-colored interior design of the 
    Before you begin, understand that this level is tough for a first-time player, 
    so let me describe generally what you will be doing.  You will be finding 
    airlock doors, and opening them.  However, they open slowly, and you will be 
    under attack by waves of enemies while you wait.  You need to run like hell, 
    and kill quickly.  This will be the general progression until the end, where 
    you get the Rocket Launcher, and then can easily dispose of the swarms.  There 
    is an almost limitless supply of ammunition in this level, so don't worry too 
    much about conserving.
    In your starting room, there are two 3x Shield Rechargers to the east and 
    west.  At the north end of the room are two shotguns (if you don't have two 
    already, you'll definitely want to get up to two now).  There is also a save 
    station, and a terminal.  Make sure to save your game here.  Get both shotguns 
    out and ready, access the terminal, and you will be teleported into another 
    part of the ship.  
    You will end up in a room with a nearby switch to your north, that opens an 
    airlock to the south.  Hit it immediately.  There is a delay between 
    activating the switch, and when the door starts to lower.  Get ready to defend 
    your position.  Pfhor Troopers will flood in, along with a few Simulacrums.  
    Use the shotguns here, as the area near the airlock door will respawn shotgun 
    ammo as you need it.  There are also shield canisters on the ground—two yellow 
    and one purple.  The yellow ones will immediately refill your health to 2x no 
    matter how low you are, and the purple will restore your health to 3x.  Once 
    the door is low enough for you to get through, do so.  
    Through the airlock, the path splits two directions.  There is a save station 
    and a 1x shield recharger to the left (southeast).  If things are clear enough 
    that you feel safe going for it, go ahead.  Be careful though, Simulacrums and 
    more Troopers are on the way.  When you're ready, take the right path to the 
    southwest.  When it opens up into a room, go left (east) until you come to 
    another airlock door.  Hit the switch to its left (north).  A large group of 
    Hunters and simulacrums should now appear.  The Assault Rifle may be your best 
    bet here, since both of its ammo types respawn next to the airlock door.  This 
    room is a little more complex than the first airlock room, and you can buy 
    some time by running around its edges.  At the north end (just to the west of 
    where you came in) is another 3x shield canister.  Beware, there is a Blue 
    Hunter in this large group of enemies.  You can kill him if you like, but it 
    may be wiser to just make a break for it once the airlock is open.
    Once you're through this airlock door, a group of BoB's will teleport in.  
    None are Simulacrums, so don't panic and start a killing spree.  Continue to 
    the east, and follow the hallway south.  The hall widens, and there is a red 
    wall length-wise down the middle of the hall, dividing the path in two.  If 
    you take the right, there is a save station on the side of the red wall.  More 
    Hunters here.  Generally head south, and hop across the gap onto the gray 
    platform.  Don't go too far though, or you'll fall off the other side.  
    You're now on a long gray walkway that runs from east to west.  To the east is 
    a terminal, to the west is the way forward.  Head west.  A Hunter will 
    teleport in front of you, blocking your path.  Kill him.  
    The gray walkway ends, and you enter a hallway that splits in two directions—
    left (northeast) and right (southeast).  Go right, and follow the ledge around 
    the edge of the purple goo pool.  Kill anything that blocks your path, and 
    climb the stairs at the east end of the platform.  Up the stairs you will be 
    in a wide hallway that runs north to south.  About halfway along its length, 
    there is an opening, and a platform stretching out to the west.  Run out onto 
    this platform to find the Rocket Launcher, and a bunch of rockets.  Then run 
    back east into the Hallway, and north to its end.  Turn the corner to the 
    east, hit the switch (there is also a 2x shield recharger next to it, if you 
    need it, and then use the rocket launcher to easily destroy the incoming 
    enemies while you wait for the door to open.  On the other side of the airlock 
    and around a corner is a save station and the exit terminal.  
                       Level 15 – Sorry Don't Make It So
    Overview:  Kill enemies, and make your way to the second segment of the ship, 
    where you will find the exit terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    In the hallways throughout this level, you will notice raised, lit platforms 
    at the sides.  Whenever you pass one of these, get ready for enemies (usually 
    Pfhor Enforcers) to spawn.  
    You arrive at the south end of a long corridor.  There are enemies, but 
    they're pretty far off, so you have time to decide on a course of action.  I 
    recommend the Fusion Pistol.  The first door on your right (east) won't open.  
    The second will, but I suggest you ignore it.
    Continue onward (ignore the switch at the north end), following the bend east, 
    and then north again (watch out for the Enforcers that teleport in).  Halfway 
    up the short north segment of the hall is another door.  This one opens.  Go 
    in, and kill the enemies that approach.  Go up the stairs to the right 
    (south), and be careful of another large group of fighters teleporting in.  
    Here you will find a 3x Shield Recharger.  There is a save station in the pool 
    of purple liquid.  If you feel the need to save your game, you can do so, and 
    then swim out immediately after.  
    Head back out into the Hall.  Now follow the hall north, east, south, west, 
    and south again, ignoring all doors along the way.  Along the way there will 
    be many enemies.  After that last turn south, you will notice a doorway (west) 
    that is open.  Go in, and clear out the enemies inside.  Continue west until 
    you get to a narrow, winding staircase.  Follow it to the top, where you will 
    find two Pfhor fighters.  Consider this room S1501.  If you plan to get the 
    secret, read the Noteworthy Secrets segment below, since you will want to do 
    it now, rather than come back later.  
    Before you continue, make sure your health is at full.  Backtrack to the 3x 
    shield generator if it is not.  Look toward the south end of the pool of 
    liquid.  From that there is a red protrusion near the ceiling?  Almost 
    directly beneath this, under the liquid, is a doorway.  Run off the ledge, and 
    enter that doorway.  Move quickly, because your health will be draining fairly 
    rapidly.  You will notice an opening at the surface of the water.  Swim up, 
    and hop out to the right (west).  Continue west, ignore the door to your left 
    (south), then follow the hallway left (south), and left again (east) at the 
    next two bends.  
    Immediately after the turn east, there will be a door to your left (north).  
    Open it, and go in.  Many enemies will teleport into this room, and it may be 
    a tough fight.  There will be a few tanks, including one larger-than-usual 
    Tank who fires green homing grenades, and absorbs a ton of damage.  Once the 
    room is clear, find the save station and the exit terminal at the southeast 
    Noteworthy Secrets:
    You're in S1501, right?  Well, instead of dropping down to the left (south), 
    look right (north) instead.  There is a doorway in the liquid in this 
    direction too.  If you jump in and head through that doorway, you will find a 
    TOZT Napalm Launcher.  Be very quick though, as soon as you grab it, you need 
    to turn around and immediately head south, and continue the directions above 
    from there.  You will lose considerably more health this way, but you will 
    have a weapon capable of clearing crowds quick.  
                      Level 16 – For Carnage, Apply Within
    Overview:  Reach the end of the level; use the exit terminal.
    Detailed walkthrough:
    Like "Six Thousand Feet Under," this level also has two starting points.  
    However, they are very close to each other.  Either you will start in a cross-
    shaped room, or you will start in the room directly to the north of the cross-
    shaped room.  Either way, the cross shaped room is where you want to be, so if 
    you start in the north room, just go through the south door to get there.
    You may notice that there is a square-shaped shadow surrounding the middle 
    part of the cross-shaped room.  If you walk into the middle, walls will drop 
    down, surrounding the middle square, and won't raise for a good few seconds.  
    Enforcers will teleport in, and fighting them in close quarters is tough.  I 
    suggest running through the middle square, so that you're on the outside when 
    the walls drop, and then kill the enemies that teleported in after the 
    obstacle has gone back up to the ceiling.  When you're done, head through the 
    east door.
    Hear you will encounter a long, narrow hallway, with two doors on opposite 
    sides just ahead, and a few S'pht Compilers.  I highly suggest not walking 
    further east than the doors of these rooms, as it will trigger a swarm of 
    S'pht.  The first room on your right (north) contains a good supply of ammo, a 
    2x health canister, and a terminal.  Get what you want from this room, then 
    exit and go through the opposite door to the south.  
    In this room, you must hop from platform to platform across the liquid, head 
    generally south, until you reach an enclosed area that contains a Terminal, a 
    2x Shield recharger and a save station.  As you run across these platforms, 
    S'pht will teleport in one at a time.  You can fight them as you go, or run to 
    the end first to make a stand in the enclosed area (I recommend the latter).  
    The order of platforms should be obvious, but just for the sake of clarity, 
    these are the directions for each platform, from one to the next:  
    From the starting platform, southwest, west, southwest, southeast, east, 
    southwest, southeast, west, southwest, southeast, east, south.  
    Use the facilities in the enclosed area and get ready to make the break to the 
    end of the level.  There are two ways this can be done, depending entirely on 
    how comfortable you are using the rocket launcher to propel yourself upward.  
    If you're comfortable with rocket-jumping, use method #1.  It is easier, and 
    overall safer.  If you are not so comfortable with rocket jumping, go for 
    method #2, which will be much more dangerous, and more difficult.  
    Method 1:  Use the east exit from the health/save room.  Hop northeast to the 
    first green platform.  Look to the east.  See the raised platform?  That's our 
    goal.  Stand in the northwest corner of the platform, and face northwest.  
    Equip the rocket launcher, and aim as low as you possibly can.  Now run 
    backwards and after a brief pause (right about the time you're reaching the 
    edge of the platform, if you can estimate that), fire your rocket launcher 
    twice.  If done correctly, you should find yourself up on the platform, and 
    having taken no damage.  A few enemies will appear, but far fewer than what 
    you would otherwise be facing.  
    Method 2:  From the east exit of the health/save room, follow another path of 
    platforms back to the north.  Again, S'pht will teleport in one at a time as 
    you go.  Directions:  northeast, northwest, northwest, northeast, northeast, 
    northeast, north, northwest, northwest, northeast, northeast, east.
    Just ahead to your right (east) is a set of stairs leading up to a platform 
    that overlooks the platform room you just went through.  As you go forward, a 
    bunch of S'pht will spawn.  Follow this ledge all the way to the south, until 
    you reach the door, stop here, turn around, and get ready to fight a long 
    string of S'pht.  
    From here, it's the same again:
    Go through the door to the south.  There will be a few final enemies, a huge 
    ammo supply, and the exit terminal.  
                   Level 17 – Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry
    Overview:  Find an open door, hit a switch within the open door, find an open 
    circuit panel in the level's center, bust circuits, repeat.  When all circuits 
    are busted, stand on the center floor, and be teleported out.
    Let me start with the general layout of the level, since that will make for a 
    much easier point of reference.  In the very center is a round area with a 
    pillar in the middle, and a bunch of panels on the pillar and the walls 
    surrounding it.  Around this center area is another round room, with lots of 
    ammo, and lots of doors.  There is a pair of doors in each of the northwest, 
    northeast, southwest, and southeast corners.  When I refer to "center area" I 
    mean the area with the pillar in the very middle of the map.  When I refer to 
    "the ring," I mean the circle around the center area.  When I refer to one of 
    the doors as "northwest/right," or something similar, that is the door to the 
    right when you're facing the northwest corner.  
    Don't be shy about blowing ammo on this map; you lose all weapons and 
    ammunition after this level is done.
    You begin in the central area of the map.  Go up the north stairs.  There is a 
    terminal to the north.  Be careful anytime you walk around The Ring, as 
    enemies will teleport in frequently to challenge you.  
    First, head to the northwest/right door.  In this room is a long, winding 
    staircase going back and forth across a lava pool.  Kill the enemies, then 
    climb it to the top, where you will find a switch and a 3x shield recharger.  
    Hit the switch, and head back out to the ring, and into the center area of the 
    map.  A panel on the west side of the center pillar has opened, revealing 
    wires.  Fire a grenade or charged fusion bolt into those wires, destroying 
    Second door is southeast/left.  Once inside, look to the left (north).  See 
    the more brightly lit area in at the far north?  Step into it and hold still 
    for a moment to be teleported.  After being teleported, note there is a save 
    station just ahead to the right (east).  The far west of this room is where 
    you will find the switch.  Hit the switch.  Then step on the brightly lit 
    floor panel in the northeast end of the room, to teleport back near the door.  
    Now head back to the central area, and destroy another set of wires on the 
    northwest wall.  
    Third door is southwest/left.  In this room, a ledge runs around the outside 
    edge of the room.  Follow it until it send.  Below is a platform in the middle 
    of some liquid.  Hop down to this platform.  On the east wall is a switch.  
    Hit it to raise your current platform.  Turn around and look up.  There is 
    another switch to the west.  Use a grenade or charged Fusion shot to hit this 
    switch. When the platform has raised high enough, jump back onto the ledge, 
    and make your way out of the room.  Back to the central area, and destroy the 
    wires on the southeast wall.  
    Fourth door is Northwest/left.  Here, there's a platform heading north to a 
    door.  A group of enemies will teleport in, but they should be no problem.  
    When they're dead, open the door at the end.  Run in, and stand on the 
    platform.  It will begin to sink.  On the north wall, just below the surface, 
    is a switch.  Hit it.  Once the platform reaches the bottom, it will rise back 
    up to the top.  Turn around and face the door.  To its left is a switch that 
    is partially submerged.  Hit it with a grenade or charged fusion shot, then 
    exit the room.  Go back to the central area, and destroy the wires on the east 
    side of the pillar.  Be aware though, that once you do this, the 3x Shield 
    Charger in Northwest/right will deactivate.
    Fifth door is northeast/left.  Follow the winding stairs to the north.  You 
    will find a 2x Shield charger, and this room's switch.  Hit the switch and 
    head back to the central area.  Destroy wires on north side of the pillar—this 
    one deactivates southeast/left save station.
    Sixth door is northeast/right.  This room should look familiar.  Another long 
    platform heading north to a door.  This one has a Blue Hunter on it, but you 
    should have enough room to destroy him from long range.  Go to it, open the 
    door, and handle this room the same as the last.  Wait for the platform to 
    sink, hit the north switch, wait for the platform to rise, and hit the south 
    switch.  Back in the central area, destroy the wires now exposed on the south 
    side of the pillar.  
    Seventh Door is southeast/right.  Step inside and get a kick as about a dozen 
    Pfhor teleport in right over a pool of liquid.  They fall in, they get burned.  
    The rest of the enemies that show up will not be done with so easily.  Follow 
    the room around to the right (south, then west).  You'll find a save station, 
    but no apparent switch.  The switch is on the north end of the liquid pool 
    next to the save station, below the surface.  Be quick, and you'll make it out 
    with plenty of health to spare.  In the central area, northeast wall is the 
    wire set to bust.  
    Eighth door is southwest/right.  This one is very similar to southeast/left.  
    The center of the south area is the right teleporter.  After teleporting, the 
    switch is just ahead, to your right (west), east is a terminal.  Continue 
    directly south from the switch to get back.  Go the central area, on the 
    southwest wall are the wires you need to break.  Hold still in the central 
    area for a moment, and you will be teleported out of the level.  
                           Level 18 – The Big House
    Overview:  Don't die.
    Detailed Walkthrough:  
    Step 1)  Hide behind the door.  
    Step 2)  Wait.
    Step 3)  Victory!
    No, really, that's it.
                         Level 19 – This Side Toward Enemy
    Overview:  Locate the two switches that light up some machinery, then use the 
    nearby terminal to exit the level.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    You start by falling into a pool of water.  At the north end is a magnum and 
    some ammunition.  You'll want to be picking that up.  Exit through the 
    underwater door to the east.  This leads to a hall that turns north, and ends 
    in a room.  Just to the north there is a set of stairs going up, above the 
    surface of the water.  Also to the north is another Hall, that leads to a 
    shield recharger.  It also leads to a F'lickta.  Back off, and either fight 
    him with your fists underwater, or go up the stairs and shoot him as he climbs 
    the stairs after you.  After the F'lickta is dead, go back to the shield 
    recharger and fill up.  Then climb the stairs to continue on.  
    At the top of the stairs, there is an exit heading south.  It quickly splits 
    left (east) and right (west).  Go east, and follow the hall as it turns north.  
    There's a terminal, a save station, and at the north end two switches.  Both 
    of the switches do the same thing—raise the platform next to it.  You want it 
    up, so only hit one of the switches once.  When you're done, head back out the 
    south exit of this room, and then head west.  
    The hall to the west ends in a room with a window facing northwest.  Hop out 
    this window, and land in the same pool you started the level in.  This time go 
    through the west door.  In the next room, there is a cross-shaped pillar to 
    the west.  On the far side of it is a floor that is different colored.  Stand 
    on this, and it will rise, lifting you out of the water.  Hop from that onto 
    the ledge to the west, and hit the switch.  Two pilllars, one at the north end 
    of the room, one at the south, with lower.  From this higher platform, you can 
    hop down to one of those ledges.  Go North first, and you'll be in a hall.  
    Follow it east, north, and then east again.  Hit the yellow switch, and then 
    make your way back.  Those two switches raise staircases elsewhere in the 
    In the water-filled room, ride up to the high platform again, and this time 
    jump down to the south.  Same situation—follow the hall east, south, then east 
    again, and hit the switch.  Head back to the water-filled room again.  Now go 
    back to the east, and continue east until you reach the room with the stairs.  
    Climb them to the top, enter the hallway to the south, and head west along it 
    again until you make your way back to the room with the window you jumped out 
    of earlier.  
    Now there are stairs to the west.  Climb them.  The next room is similar but 
    with stairs to the north.  Climb those as well.  From this next room, look out 
    the window.  You will see a window that is somewhat lower, and directly to the 
    east.  Run out the window, and land in the one to the east.  Along the 
    northeast wall, you will find a second magnum, along with ammo.  
    Exit through the west doorway, and then climb the stairs to the north.  Be 
    careful of the troopers.  Continue to the east, and you will find yourself in 
    a room with waist-deep water.  In the center of this room is a platform that 
    rises.  From the higher position, hop across to one of the small, raised 
    platforms to the east, on the sides of the larger pillar.  Whichever you step 
    on, it will drop, and reveal a path forward into the next room.  
    The center of this room also has a platform that lifts.  Use this to hop onto 
    the raised platform to the left of the pillar in the southeast.  Follow the 
    hall here to the south, east, and then down the stairs to the north.  The 
    switch on the north wall lowers a platform in the hall you just went through, 
    allowing you to go back to the earlier save station room if need be.  If you 
    don't need it, don't worry about the switch.  
    Continue east, south, east and then north.  At the bottom of the stairs, is a 
    split path and a terminal.  Turn left (west).  This room is mostly flooded.  
    The switch to your south just as you enter the room controls the water level.  
    Hit it to make the water go down.  At the bottom of the stairs in this room 
    you will find a save terminal and a switch.  Hit the switch to activate the 
    green machines that fill the room.  Go to the north end of this room to find a 
    Fusion Pistol and ammunition.  Now leave the room, and go back to the point 
    where the path split.  
    Go north this time, then follow the path as it turns west, then south.  This 
    next room is the same idea as the last.  Hit one switch to lower the water, 
    hit the other to turn on the green machines.  At the far west end of this 
    room, you will find a bunch of magnum ammo.  Backtrack once again to the point 
    where the path split, and use the terminal to exit the level.  
                       Level 20 – God Will Sort The Dead…	
    Overview:  Kill a bunch of Simulacrums, exit via the terminal near the start.  
    Detailed Walkthrough:  
    Expect constant carnage.  You start in a cross shaped room, with four green 
    BoB's standing guard.  The northeast one is the only simulacrum in this room. 
    Head through the east door.  From here on, if any green BoB's get near you, 
    shoot them.  Better safe than sorry.  This room contains a shield generator, 
    terminal, save station, and oxygen station.  When you are done here, return to 
    the cross-shaped room.  
    This time, go south, and kill what you need to.  There are two doors in this 
    room, southeast, and southwest.  It doesn't matter which you use; they both 
    lead to the same place.  Kill all Simulacrums.  There are a group of 
    Simulacrums in a nook on the west wall, at the very south end of the room.  
    When you're sure all of them are dead, head back to the cross-shaped room.
    This time go west.  This room also has two exits, both on the west wall.  Go 
    through the southernmost first.  Follow the stairs down west, south, then 
    east.  Kill the Simulacrums at the bottom of the stairs, and head forward.  A 
    Hunter will spawn on the stairs behind you.  Kill him before progressing 
    forward.  When you enter the next room, be very careful.  There are a lot of 
    blind corners, and this area has quite a few Simulacrums.  When you reach the 
    far west segment of this room, a group of Hunters and Troopers will spawn 
    behind you.  Run back into the stairwell so they're forced to come single-
    file, and kill them there.
    Return to the room to the west of the cross-shaped room.  Now take the 
    northern of the two west exits.  The room curves around to the north, then the 
    east.  Follow this, and then exit through the far east door.  Inside is a 
    stairwell that goes south, east, north, and then east again.  Continue east 
    until you reach a large, generally hexagonal room.  Grab the shotgun, let the 
    BoB's do as much as they can, and then clean up any Pfhor left over.  Then, 
    head back to the cross-shaped room.  
    Only exit left is north.  Go that way, and stand back.  There's a ton of 
    simulacrums coming.  Go in.  Left or right, doesn't matter, they both lead to 
    the same place.  It's a small room.  Kill all possible simulacrums, then head 
    back to the cross-shaped room.  Go back to the room to the east, and use the 
    terminal to exit the level.  
                      Level 21 – My Own Private Thermopylae
    Overview:  Activate the switches that light up the green machines, and find 
    the exit terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    You start on a platform surrounded by water and walls.  On the south and east 
    walls there are pillars.  The south pillar has a switch and a shield 
    recharger; the east has two switches.  Activate all three switches to raise 
    staircases to three different paths.  Take the far left, which goes up to the 
    west.  In the room at the top of these stairs you will find a terminal, a save 
    station, and two switches.  Call this room S2101.   
    Head back out the east door, and down the stairs. This time head up the north 
    stairs, and through the door there.  To the west, you should see two platforms 
    lowering from the ceiling and rising rapidly.  Walk in the lit area between 
    them, and through the door at the west end of the room.  Hit the switch, and 
    ride the platform to the top.  Now on the upper floor, head east, and then 
    north.  When you reach the very north end, go through the narrow hallway to 
    the northwest.  Follow the hall west, then south. When you reach a ledge, turn 
    right (west).  The first right (north) that you come to, turn and hit the 
    yellow switch.  The wall to the north opens up, revealing another room with 
    green machines.  Hit the switch on the south wall, then make your way back to 
    the area where you started the level.  
    This time, head up the stairs to the northwest.  At the top, head generally 
    west until you reach a dead end, then turn south.  At the end of the south 
    hall, turn east, and continue to the end where you will find a door opening to 
    the north.   You will find an Assault Rifle here, and you will be ambushed by 
    a group of Pfhor.  When all are dead, find the exit in the very northeast 
    corner of the room you're in, and follow it north.  Hit the switch, and ride 
    the elevator up to a higher floor.  Follow the hall west, north, then west 
    again.  Through the door, you should find yourself on a ledge overlooking a 
    battle between a group of BoB's and a group of Pfhor.  Help out the BoB's, 
    then jump down into the room.  
    Go all the way to the west, then follow the hall north until the right (east) 
    wall ends, revealing a ledge you can hop down from.  Run off toward the stairs 
    on the opposite wall.  Climb those stairs to the top.  At the top, move to the 
    end of the platform, and then jump across to the northwest, to another 
    platform at nearly the same height.  Once across, turn right (north).  Again, 
    there are stairs across from where you are.  Hop down to them.  Partway up the 
    flight of stars, you will see a hallway leading off to the east.  Go in, and 
    find another room of green machines.  The switch is on the south wall.  
    Now exit, and climb up to the top of the stairs.  Once at the top, hop across 
    to the platform to the southwest.  Move to the west end of the platform, and 
    look southwest.  There is another platform to hop to.  Do it.  Follow this 
    south, and you will find yourself in the earlier room with the large group of 
    BoB's.  The stairs to the southeast lead up to the top platform, where you can 
    exit trough the door to the east.  Follow the hall east, south, and east 
    again.  You can drop down from the ledge to your right (south), onto the lower 
    walkway.  From here, continue east until you reach the starting room again.  
    Then go up the stairs to the west, to room S2101, where you can use the 
    terminal to exit the level.
    Noteworthy Secrets:
    In Room 2101, activate both switches, and the west wall will start rising and 
    falling rapidly.  Go to the north end, face northwest, and press the 
    "activate" button.  You should hear a door open.  Step onto the rising 
    platform, and move north.  You should enter a narrow room that contains a 
    Rocket Launcher.  
                       Level 22:  Kill Your Television
    Overview:  Light up the green machines and find the exit terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    There are many underwater F'lickta on this stage.  In most cases, you should 
    be able to swim over them, but be ready to fight with your fists underwater 
    just in case.
    You drop to the ground, and have some tanks to fight.  Should be no problem.  
    Once the area is clear, look at the west side of the central pillar.  There is 
    a darkened part of the wall (second from the right), which opens to reveal a 
    switch.  Hit it.  Now move to the southwest corner of the level.  The water 
    here is deep enough to submerge yourself, and there is a door on the side of 
    the pillar.  Open it up to find a terminal.  Now swim to the top, and hop out 
    of the water onto the ledge.  Careful, there are Tanks up here as well.  
    This ledge runs all the way around the square starting area.  At the south end 
    is an opening you can use to jump to the central pillar of the room, where you 
    will find a Fusion Pistol (if you didn't grab the one earlier), two 2x Shield 
    Cannisters, a save station, and an oxygen station.  If you use this, you will 
    have to get up to the ledge again the same way you did the first time.
    Follow the ledge around to the northeast corner of the room.  Inside this 
    pillar is another pool of water.  Jump in, and sink to the bottom.  At the 
    south end of the room is an exit to a hallway running east.  Go through this 
    hall until it connects with a wider hall running north.  Take the first right 
    (east).  In here, swim to the top, and you can hop out onto the ledge to your 
    right (south).  There should be a large open area to your south.  Try not to 
    fall in.  Follow the ledge east.  Do you see the switch barely peeking up over 
    the edge of the water to the northeast?  You need to hit that remotely (you 
    may need to move to the north side of the pool to do this).  Once you hit the 
    switch, the water in the north pool drains, and the large open area to the 
    south fills.
    You may now swim to the doorways high up on the pillars of the open area to 
    the south.  The south pillar contains an oxygen station.  North contains a 2x 
    shield recharger.  When you're ready to continue go to the west pillar.  The 
    doorway is the highest up of the bunch.  Follow the hallway until it opens up 
    into a room with no visible ceiling.  Swim to the top, and hop out through the 
    opening in the northwest corner.  The room should look very familiar to you.  
    Hit the switch to lower the water, hit the other switch to activate the green 
    machines.  At the north end of this room is a stockpile of magnum ammunition.  
    Now head back to the large, flooded room.  This time you will be exiting 
    through the door to the east, at ground level.  It turns north and heads down 
    some stairs.  Follow it west after that until you come to what appears to be a 
    dead end.  Swim up to find a ledge with a door to the west.  Go through.  
    Continue west, until another tunnel allows you to turn right (north).  
    Immediately after this is another turn, this time to the left (west).  Go 
    here, and then swim to the surface.  You can hop out to either the north or 
    south, it doesn't matter which.
    You're in another large, open room with tanks.  This time, there is a cross-
    shaped pool of water spanning the room.  At the southeast corner of this large 
    room is another darkened panel that acts as a hidden door.  Open it up, step 
    in, and hit the switch to activate the lift.  It takes up to another ledge 
    that runs the perimeter of the room.  There are gaps in the ledge over the 
    water, but you can easily clear them by running.  Make your way around the 
    ledges to the west end of the room, where you will find a short hallway 
    leading west, out to another ledge that runs mostly parallel to the one you 
    were just on.  Follow it around to the south, then east to find some spare 
    Fusion Batteries.  Go back around to the north, east and then far south to 
    find a Napalm Unit and ammo for it.  
    On the east segment of this ledge, just north of where you find the Napalm 
    unit is a doorway leading to the east.  Go througgh this to find another green 
    machines room.  Same deal: lower the water, turn on the machines.  At the 
    north end is some more Fusion Pistol ammunition.  Make your way back to the 
    room with the cross-shaped water pool.  Hop into the water at the east end, 
    and exit through the submerged doorway to the east.  Directly to the south you 
    will notice a terminal.  Use this to exit the level.
    Note:  If at this point you return to the terminal near the beginning of the 
    level (inside the pillar at the southwest end of the starting area) you can 
    read one of the most talked-about messages in all of Marathon.  Make sure your 
    oxygen is full before you do though—reading underwater is dangerous business.
                        Level 23 – Where the Twist Flops
    Overview:  Kill The Simulacrums and Pfhor; exit through the terminal you start 
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    Consider this "God Will Sort The Dead: Part 2."  
    You begin in a small room with a save station and a terminal.  The only exit 
    is to the east.  Go this way—don't worry, this first set of BoB's are safe.  
    As you cross into the next room, Hunters will spawn.  The BoB's can probably 
    kill the Hunters on their own, but help out if you feel like it.  Afterward, 
    continue east (both exits from this area lead to the same room).  
    Consider this the "pit room" for this level; you will return here a couple of 
    times.  There's a pit in the middle filled with simulacrums.  Should only take 
    a few shots to set the whole bunch off on a chain reaction.  If you fall into 
    the pit, some creative grenade/rocket jumping can get you out, but it isn't 
    advisable.  You want to leave through the north.  The north exit does split 
    two ways, and though they lead to the same room, you'll want to take the right 
    (easternmost) path.  Careful, now the Simulacrums come out en masse.  
    There is an exit on the northeast wall.  Go here.  This is a hall that 
    stretches a little ways south, and far to the north.  Kill the cloaked S'pht 
    to the south, then head north, careful of the enemies that will teleport in.  
    At the very north end there is a ledge.  Hop down, and be careful to land on 
    solid ground, not in the lava.  Once again, you're in a wide hallway 
    stretching north to south.  At the south end is a 1x Shield recharger and a 
    switch.  The switch will lower a column that can be used as an elevator when 
    the time comes to make your way back. For now, ignore it.  Halfway along the 
    east wall is another ledge you may use to drop down.  Do so, and help the 
    BoB's fight the Pfhor at the bottom.  Go through the door at the far south of 
    this room.  
    This room is a dead end, but there are Pfhor here that need to be killed.  
    There are some Simulacrums mixed in with regular BoB's.  There are two pillars 
    you will likely walk between to get to the east end of the room.  If you stop 
    between them, there is an opening in the north pillar leading to a 1x Shield 
    Recharger.  When all of the Pfhor and simulacrums are dead in this room, head 
    back up the stairs, and through the door at the northwest.  In the next room, 
    a switch in the nook at the east end lowers a pillar to the northwest, 
    allowing you to ride it up to the second floor.  On the second floor, use the 
    switch next to the shield recharger at the south end to lower a pillar beside 
    it, for the same purpose.  Head west, back to the lava-pool room, and south 
    into the pit room.
    This time head south, to another room with a lava pool.  Take the left 
    (easternmost) path.  Some Pfhor will teleport into the room, but they should 
    be no problem.  When they're taken care of, exit through the southeast door.  
    This leads to a round room with a few Pfhor and a bunch of BoB's.  None of the 
    BoB's are simulacrums.  When the room is cleared, leave through the north 
    This room is almost identical to the last.  Kill any Pfhor that spawn.  You 
    may need to run around it a couple of times to trigger all of the Hunters and 
    cloaked S'pht teleporting in.  When you're ready to move on, exit through the 
    east door.
    It's a cross shaped room with four Simulacrums.  Gun 'em down.  There are 
    unopened doors to the north, east, and south.  Go north first.  The west end 
    of this room contains a shotgun, and a large stockpile of ammo.  Go north from 
    the first ammo stockpile to find an even larger ammo stockpile.  The east end 
    of the room has stairs leading up.  Climb them.  There's a ledge allowing you 
    to hop down to the east.  Do so, but be careful.  Most of these BoB's are 
    simulacrums.  Head south (following the shotgun shell trail) to find a large 
    surplus of shotgun ammunition.  When you are done, exit through the west door, 
    and follow a short hallway, to get back to the cross-shaped room.  
    Since we went north last time, and came back from the east, south is the only 
    way unchecked.  Go south.  It's a room that stretches to the southeast, and 
    contains Hunters.  There is also a 2x Shield Recharger here, should you need 
    it.  From here, return to the pit room, and then head east to the room you 
    started the level in.  The terminal there will now allow you to exit the 
    level, provided you've killed every non-BoB.
                Level 24 – Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks
    Overview:  Gain access to the two towers at the south of the map, hit the 
    switch in each, and then use any terminal to exit the level.
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    During this level you will be fighting many F'lickta, and many Pfhor (mostly 
    enforcers).  If you can get them fighting each other, you can save yourself a 
    lot of health and ammo.  
    The starting room has a save station to the south, and a Shield recharger to 
    the north, as well as a bunch of terminals that all give the same message.  
    The exit is in the middle of the west wall.  Head out into the next room, and 
    immediately come under attack by a group of F'lickta to the south, and Pfhor 
    to the north.  Once the area is clear, climb the stairs north, and then start 
    heading to the west. You will go up a couple of stairs, and then they start 
    heading down again.  The third step down (the first stair with ankle-deep 
    water) should be remembered as S2401.  
    Continue down the stairs to the west until you come to a switch near the 
    northwest corner.  Activate it, and a platform lifts to its left (west).  Ride 
    this up to the doorway above.  Follow the stairs inside down to the east, and 
    then to the west.  Take the first left (south), and prepare to fight a bunch 
    of Enforcers.  Continue to the south end of the room, and you will see a 
    switch.  Hit it, and then go back the way you came:  south through the 
    previous room, then up the stairs, and to the exit of the area.  
    Once outside, climb the stairs to the south.  At the top, at the far south, go 
    through the door on the west wall.  Fall the hall west, and it will take you 
    to a room with stairs leading down, and some Pfhor tanks and enforcers.  At 
    the bottom, use the exit to the southwest, leading to a hall running to the 
    south.  At the end of this hall is an east turn, which empties into a room 
    with a terminal.  This room will fill up with Pfhor pretty quick.  The 
    terminal is the level's exit terminal, but won't take you out until you hit 
    the switches in both of the two towers; one to the north and one to the south.  
    The order you do them doesn't matter.  Simply climb the stairs, and on the 
    fifth floor of each is a switch (at the west end).  When you've finished one, 
    come back and do the other.  Then use the terminal to exit the level.  
    Noteworthy Secrets:  
    In S2401, on the south wall is a hidden door that opens to reveal a large pool 
    of green liquid.  Inside this pool, floating at various heights, are bunches 
    of ammo.  If you have not yet picked up the rocket launcher or are short on 
    ammo, you may want to look into it.  Note though, that it can be a bit tricky 
    on the timing to get back out once you're in the room.
                         Level 25 – Requiem For a Cyborg
    Overview:  Hit some switches, then return to the terminal near the beginning 
    of the level to exit.  
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    The starting room has a vertical shaft in the middle of it and a door to the 
    north.  For now, go to the north door.  Kill the Troopers, Fighters, and 
    S'pht.  There are two pillars in this room.  The west is a terminal, the east 
    is a save station.  Now head back to the starting room, and jump down that 
    vertical shaft.  
    The room at the bottom has a 1x Shield recharger and a switch.  The switch 
    causes an elevator to lift in the vertical shaft, allowing you to go back to 
    the earlier save station whenever necessary.  To the south east is an exit 
    into a long hall running south, with doors going east, west, and at the end of 
    the hall, south.  I'll refer to this from here on as "The Long Hall" as it is 
    a bit of a hub for the rest of the level.  As you pass the first doors, a 
    flood of Fighters will come out to attack you.  
    Use the first door to your left (east).  It will lead you through a hall, and 
    into a room with two triangular raised platforms.  Go through the south door, 
    to another room with raised triangular platforms.  From here, use the east 
    door to enter a room with an elevator at the south end.  The switch next to 
    the elevator will activate it.  Ride it to the top where you will find a 
    switch, a 1x Shield Recharger, and an oxygen station.  Hit the switch, and 
    then head back down, and to The Long Hall.  
    Now go through the first west door (directly across from the door you just 
    came through).  This room also has an elevator at the south, which will 
    activate as you step on it.  At the top is another switch (hit it) and a save 
    station.  Head back to the Long Hall.  
    This time go to the very south and through the door on the east wall.  There's 
    a terminal here, and you're on a platform overlooking an area filled with 
    S'pht.  Kill as many of the enemy from up on the ledge as you're able, and 
    then jump down.  Open the door to the south.  It leads to a room that is full 
    of pillars and pools of purple liquid.  When you get the attention of the 
    enemies here, you may want to retreat to the previous room to avoid being 
    surrounded.  You will mainly be fighting Fighters, cloaked S'pht.  Once all 
    enemies are dead, go back into the south room, and hit the switches on the 
    east, south, and west walls.  Once all three are activated, exit the room 
    through the north door.
    In the next room, head through the exit in the northeast corner.  After a few 
    turns, it leads to an elevator.  Hit the switch; ride it up; get off to the 
    east.  This next area is very narrow, and mildly maze-like.  Whenever you have 
    a choice of what direction to go, always go south.  This will take you to a 
    hall with red walls.  The door to your right (west) exits into the Long Hall.  
    Return to the room north of the starting room, and use the terminal to exit 
    the level.  
                         Level 26 – Fatum Iustum Stultorum
    Overview:  Open the path to the exit terminal.
    Detailed Walkthrough:  
    You start in a room with a cross-shaped platform.  Once again, this cross room 
    will be the central hub of the level.  After you move a few steps, Pfhor will 
    teleport in—and so will some strange looking flying things.  The flying things 
    are S'pht'Kr, and they are your allies.  They are also very strong, and 
    shooting them is not advised.  
    To the northeast is a switch that opens the door next to it.  Go through.  In 
    the short space of the doorway is a save station.  Ahead is a bridge through a 
    water-filled room that runs east, and then north.  Simulacrums will drop in as 
    you go.  There are no normal BoB's on this level, so don't hesitate to shoot.  
    Try to avoid falling in the water, as there will be simulacrums under the 
    surface.  Exit through the north door.  This leads to another bridge room that 
    runs east, and then south.  Exit through the south door, then follow the hall 
    west until you come to a room with a ledge around the side of a water-filled 
    room.  There is a terminal here as well.  The exit to the south leads to 
    another bridge room, this time running south, then west.  The west exit leads 
    to a winding hall.  At the end of the hall you'll find two exits—one west, one 
    north.  Use the west exit, into yet another bridge room.  Here you will find a 
    2x Shield recharger, as well as two switches that must be hit remotely; one on 
    the south wall, and the other on the northwest.  These open the door to the 
    north, which leads back to the central hub of the level.
    This time hit the switch at the southwest, and step through that door.  Jump 
    into the pool of water just ahead, and sink to the bottom.  At the south of 
    the submerged room, rise to the surface.  There are Simulacrums on the ledge 
    in front of you.  Kill them before you hop out of the water.  Once they're 
    down, climb on up.  The next room has two more pools to jump into.  The 
    southeast leads to a room with some Fusion batteries and a 1x Shield 
    Generator.  Get it if you need to.  When you're ready to progress, hop in the 
    southwest pool.  
    At the south is another ledge you can swim up to, but again, kill the 
    Simulacrums before you attempt to get out of the water.  When you get out, you 
    might feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of doors, but none open other than 
    the already-open north door on the west wall.  That's where you should be 
    going.  This leads to another water-filled room.  Jump in.  If you look up 
    near the middle of the north wall, you'll see an opening you can swim up to.  
    Go there.  The hallway leads to another water-filled room, but before you jump 
    in, look to the left (northeast from your current position).  There is a 
    yellow switch which you should hit with a grenade or charged fusion shot 
    before jumping in.  Once you do jump in, head to the far east wall, and hit 
    the switch to open the door.  This leads to an earlier room.  Rise to the top 
    and hop east out of the pool to return to the starting room.
    Only one unopened door left.  Head northwest.  This leads to a room with two 
    ledges on either side and a deep pit in the middle.  Let the S'pht'Kr handle 
    the Troopers.  Hop into the pit.  There are two switches on the east wall.  
    Hit either one with a grenade or charged fusion shot to raise the water level.  
    Climb out onto the ledge to the west.  Once you're on this ledge, hit one of 
    the two east switches again.  This will lower the water level again, but raise 
    the water in the next room.  Move through the door to the west, into the next 
    room.  Swim across to the west door in this room as well.  This leads to a 
    room with many S'pht'Kr and Pfhor.  When the Pfhor are dead, make your way 
    around the room to the exit that is somewhat west of the door you came in 
    through.  The next room is very similar to the last.  Here you will find the 
    level's exit terminal.  
                             Level 27 – Feel The Noise
    Overview:  Hit switches to open the path allowing you to reach the Exit 
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    This level is filled with Hunters.  Thankfully, you have the S'pht'Kr helping 
    you out until near the end.  
    You begin in a very oddly shaped room that is generally circular in nature.  
    Once the room is cleared of all enemies, head up the stairs on the south, and 
    through the door.  Let the S'pht'Kr do the work in the next room, and then 
    head to the hall in the southeast.  The next room stretches a bit to the 
    south, and has quite a bit of ammo.  Get your fill, then head through the exit 
    to the northwest.  In the next room, head up the stairs at the east end.  At 
    the top go generally west.  Hop across the lava to the stairs to the west, and 
    then climb them around the perimeter of the room.  At the top, continue east 
    through the hall, and you will come to a switch.  Hit that switch.  
    Now go back all the way to the room just south of the starting room (at the 
    top of the starting room's stairs).  The north door of this room should now be 
    open.  Go through, and kill the Pfhor that arrive.  At the north end of the 
    room, near an opening in the west wall you'll find a switch.  When you hit 
    that switch, the platform outside will raise up as stairs.  After you hit the 
    switch, cross to the opposite doorway.  Inside, you will find a terminal and a 
    save station.  Continue to the west, and the next room contains a 2x shield 
    recharger.  You probably also have noticed the switch.  When you hit this 
    switch, a platform temporarily raises outside the north door.  When you are 
    ready to progress, hit the switch, and quickly move through the north door to 
    run across the newly risen bridge.  Go through the door, drop down a few feet 
    in the next room, and kill the group of Hunters.  There is a differently 
    colored floor segment.  Step on it, and it will rise up, allowing you to hop 
    over to the opening near the ceiling, to the northwest.  Once you're on the 
    platform, hit the switch directly to the east, and then exit through the 
    southwest opening, which will take you back to the starting room.
    Go up the south stairs again, and retrace your steps as earlier, up to the 
    room with the stairs circling the lava pools.  This time, after climbing the 
    stairs around the southwest of the two pools and passing through the hall, and 
    stop at the north ledge.  Northeast of this ledge is another.  If you get a 
    good run before the edge, you can make it across easily.  Follow the path 
    northwest, and around the second lava pool.  You will come to a doorway in the 
    middle of the northwest wall of the room.  Follow this hall, and you will come 
    to a split that allows you to continue north, or drop down to the northeast.  
    Go north, through the narrow hall, until you come to wide open room.  Jump 
    down into this room.  
    You will immediately come under attack by Hunters, and a few larger-than-
    normal Tanks.  Once they're gone, hit the switch at the southeast, near where 
    you entered the room.  The larger western wall will lower, releasing a group 
    of enemies including two Blue Hunters.  Once the enemies are dead, head up 
    this path, and through the door into the center.  There's a save station, and 
    the exit terminal.  
                        Level 28 – All Roads Lead to Sol
    Overview:  Make your way to the final room, where you must defeat a large, and 
    very dangerous group of enemies.  
    Detailed Walkthrough:
    By the end of this level, you will be an expert at killing Juggernauts.
    You're on a narrow walkway between lava pools.  To the north are some rocket 
    launchers and ammo.  The ammo restocks as needed, so you will probably be 
    making many trips back here to refill between Juggernauts.  The room to the 
    north has a 2x shield recharger and a save station.  Once you're ready, head 
    down the stairs to the southwest.  It leads to a room with a Fusion Pistols 
    and ammo.  Exit through the east, and find yourself in a room with a very 
    large lava pool.  Kill the Fighters and the Hunters that spawn, then carefully 
    make your way along the walkway to the south.  Have your rocket launcher 
    Shortly along the walkway, a Juggernaut will spawn out above the lava.  The 
    easiest way to defeat him is by ducking back into the previous hallway, 
    popping out to fire rockets and/or Fusion shots, then hiding again.  When he 
    dies, he will drop into the lava.  He won't detonate until he reaches the 
    bottom, and by then he should be far enough away that his detonation won't 
    kill you.  This is true of all of the Juggernauts, except the last.  
    Go back and restock if you feel it is necessary.  When you're ready, continue 
    south from the room where you killed the Juggernaut.  You'll go through a room 
    that gives you useless pistols and ammo, then into another deep lava room.  
    You will reach a gap in the ledge in the next room.  There is a switch on the 
    east wall that will raise the absent segment.  Kill another Juggernaut, jog 
    around the ledge.  When you've gone around nearly the entire room, you will 
    reach an exit just south of where you came in.  This leads to a small room 
    with a few Hunters, including a Blue.  Be careful not to fight them from the 
    doorway.  The exploding blue Hunter can very easily knock you backward into 
    the lava.  
    Pass through this room, and head out to the east.  Another narrow ledge; 
    another Juggernaut.  Once the Juggernaut is down, head around the ledge again.  
    There is a save station here, if you need it.  Exit the area to the south.  As 
    soon as you enter this room, a bunch of Fighters and a couple of Hunters will 
    drop in.  Should be no problem.  Exit this room to the east.  Can you guess 
    what's in here?  If you guessed a narrow ledge, lava, and a Juggernaut, you're 
    right.  This time though, you will not be walking along the ledge yet.  After 
    you kill the Juggernaut, return to the door that you entered this area from.  
    To the south, across the lava, is a ledge.  You're going to need to do some 
    lava swimming to get to it.  If you're quick, you won't take much damage.  
    Enter the door on the other side, and follow the hall.  You will fight a few 
    Fighters, but they should be no problem.  You will also come across some spare 
    Shotguns, and a 2x shield recharger.  Hit the switch at the end of the hall to 
    open the door across the lava pool.  Head back down the hall, and cross the 
    lava at the same narrow spot you did earlier.  Now follow the ledge around, 
    and exit the room to the north.  
    Up the stairs, you'll find a rather calm little room.  There are panels that 
    can be opened and circuits inside them.  Don't just go busting them willy-
    nilly yet though.  The circuits on the west wall, next to the door, should be 
    ignored.  Those will cut the power to the save station and shield recharger in 
    the starting area of the level.  Destroy the one just up from the stairs, and 
    the one on the north wall first.  This will open the door forward.  Then hit 
    the one on the east wall.  This will begin filling the area with lava, so your 
    next moves are crucial.  Once you hit the circuits, head out of the newly 
    opened door, and quickly move toward the north exit of the next room.  Turn 
    the corner, and run up the stairs.  You're now in the starting area again, but 
    the lava levels have shifted.  Now it is the east pool with the lower level.  
    Restock ammo, refill shields, and then head down the southeast stairs.  
    The next room contains a few enemies, but one is a Blue Hunter, so take care.  
    The southeast exit leads to another large, lava-filled room.  Your ledge here 
    is very small, but there is a 3x shield recharger just inside from the door.  
    There are two Juggernauts here, which need to be killed.  Once the Juggernauts 
    are down, it's time to take a very long swim through lava.  Head southeast, 
    then south, then southwest and up onto the platform ahead.  On the platform is 
    a 2x Shield recharger.  You will want all the health you can get for the next 
    room.  Exit to the west, and climb the stairs.  You will find a slightly 
    lowered area of the floor glowing.  Step on this and stop to be teleported to 
    the final room.
    As you teleport in, you're under lava.  Swim to the surface and get out 
    immediately.  Outside of the pool, you will be under attack by a Juggernaut, a 
    Blue Hunter, and a huge group of other Pfhor.  Use the rockets to take out the 
    small fry first.  Before long it should just be the Blue Hunter and Juggernaut 
    left.  Circle the room, keeping as much distance between yourself and the 
    Juggernaut as possible.  When he finally goes down, he will only drop for a 
    split second before exploding.  If you're not far away, the explosion will 
    hurt you quite a bit.  If the Blue Hunter is left, kill him taking similar 
    care. At the south of the room is the exit terminal.  If there is a pool of 
    lava below it, hit one of the switches above either the east or west lava 
    pools to raise a floor below the terminal.  When you're able to, activate the 
    terminal to end the level, and the game.  Congratulations.

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