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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KChang

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               Mechwarrior 3 Expansion Pack: Pirate's Moon
                    Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                             by Kasey Chang
                        updated January 24, 2004
    0    Introduction
    Welcome to the MW3:PM FAQ.
    0.1   A word from the author
    A quick browse through the gamefaq.com shows that there was no
    MW3:PM FAQ, so here's my version.
    This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
    with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life
    of software pirates.
    This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
    that I have.
    Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
    XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.
    This USG/FAQ only covers the Pirate's Moon Expansion pack.
    There's a separate USG about the main game.
    0.2   Terms of Distribution
    This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2000-
    2003, all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the
    disclaimer section.
    This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the
    following conditions:
    1) This notice and author's name must accompany all copies of
    this document: "Mechwarrior 3 Pirate's Moon Unofficial Strategy
    Guide and FAQ" is copyrighted (c) 2000-2003 by Kasey K.S. Chang,
    all rights reserved except as noted in the disclaimer."
    2) This document must NOT be modified in any form or manner
    without prior permission of the author with the following
    exception: if you wish to convert this document to a different
    file format or archive format, with no change to the content,
    then no permission is needed.
    2a) In case you can't read, that means TXT only. No banners, no
    HTML borders, no cutting up into multiple pages to get you more
    banner hits, and esp. no adding your site name to the site list.
    [Small exception: a "small" toolbar is acceptable.]
    3) No charge other than "reasonable" compensation should charged
    for its distribution. Free is preferred, of course. Sale of this
    information is expressly prohibited. If you see any one selling
    this guide, let me know.
    4) If you used material from this, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE the source,
    else it is plagiarism.
    5) The author hereby grants all games-related websites the right
    to archive and link to this document to share among the game
    fandom, provided that all above restrictions are followed.
    Sidenote: The above conditions are known as a statutory contract.
    If you meet them, then you are entitled to the rights I give you
    in 5), i.e. archive and display this document on your website. If
    you don't follow them, then you did not meet the statutory
    contract conditions, and therefore you have no right to display
    this document. If you do so, then you are infringing upon my
    copyright. This section was added for any websites that don't
    seem to understand this.
    For the gamers: You are under NO obligation to send me ANY
    compensation.  However, I do ask for a VOLUNTARY contribution of
    one (1) US Dollar if you live in the United States, and if you
    believe this guide helped your game. If you choose to do so,
    please make your US$1.00 check or $1.00 worth of US stamps to
    "Kuo-Sheng Chang", and send it to "2220 Turk Blvd. #6, San
    Francisco, CA 94118 USA".
    If you don't live in the US, please send me some local stamps. I
    collect stamps too.
    0.3   Voluntary Contribution
    Gamers who read this guide are under NO obligation to send me ANY
    However, a VOLUNTARY contribution of one (1) US Dollar would be
    very appreciated.
    If you choose to do so, please make your US$1.00 check or $1.00
    worth of stamps to "Kuo-Sheng Chang", and send it to "2220 Turk
    Blvd. #6, San Francisco, CA 94118 USA".
    If you don't live in the US, please send me some local stamps. I
    collect stamps too.
    For the record, out of ALL the FAQs I wrote (35 at least count),
    I've received exactly 2 dollars, and 2 sets of stamps, as of
    release of this guide. So I'm NOT making any money off these
    guides, folks.
    0.4   How and when to contact me
    PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark,
    mistakes, and thereof... If you find a question about this game
    that is not covered in the USG, e-mail it to me at the address
    specified below.  I'll try to answer it and include it in the
    next update.
    Please do NOT write me for technical support. I do NOT work for a
    game company and thus I do NOT provide support.
    Please do NOT ask me to send you a list of controls, the manual,
    etc. If you borrowed the game without borrowing the manual, curse
    at your own stupidity. If you bought the game without a manual,
    please blame your own stupidity as well. If you copied the game
    without copying the manual, you're scum in my book.
    Please do NOT ask me to answer questions that has already
    answered in this guide. It makes you look REALLY idiotic.
    I will NOT answer stupid questions like the ones above unless I'm
    in a really good mood. If you send questions like that, do NOT
    expect a reply.
    The address below is spelled out phonetically so spammers can't
    use spambots on it:
    Kilo-Sierra-Charlie-Hotel-Alpha-November-Golf-Seven-Seven AT
    Yankee-Alpha-Hotel-Oscar-Oscar DOT Charlie-Oscar-Mike
    To decipher this, simply read the first letter off each word
    except for the numbers and the punctuation. This is "military
    phonetics" or "aeronautical phonetics" in case you're wondering.
    This document was produced on Microsoft Word 97. Some editing was
    done with Editpad (editpadclassic.com).
    0.5    The Author
    I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
    ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
    what I did, so I kept doing it.
    Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
    XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
    Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Privateer, Spycraft, 688(I)
    Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack, Mechwarrior 4,
    Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed,
    The Sting!, Terranova, Fallout Tactics, Starfleet Command Volume
    II, DS9: The Fallen, Dominion War, Driver, and a few more.
    To contact me, see 0.4 above.
    0.6   Disclaimer / Copyright Information
    Mechwarrior is copyrighted by FASA, licensed to MicroProse.
    Mechwarrior 3 and Mechwarrior 3 was created by Zipper Interactive
    for MicroProse / Hasbro.
    This USG is not endorsed or authorized by FASA, MicroProse, or
    The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
    independently through the author's efforts. The Prima MW3:PM
    "fasttrack" guide was used to verify information accuracy, but it
    covers only half of the missions.
    0.7   Some assumptions
    I assume that you are playing at the default difficulty level
    with no cheats and all default gameplay options.
    0.8   The Most Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Can you send me Pirate's Moon?
    A: No. Go buy MW3: Gold Edition.
    Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
    A: No.
    Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
    A: Read the manual.
    Q: Why does it ask me for the original MW3 CD?
    A: Because this is an EXPANSION PACK, not a full game in itself.
    Q: What's the latest version?
    A:  There is no patch for the expansion pack.
    Q: Can you help me get the game working?
    A: That's the publisher's job. Ask MicroProse / Infogrames /
    Q: How do I tell what version I have?
    A: At the Pirate's Moon main menu, look in the lower right
    Q: Why can't I get any repairs done at the MFB?
    A: Did you order the MFBs to deploy? You must deploy them every
    time you want to do repairs, even if the MFB's have not moved.
    Q: How do I get past mission X?
    A: Read the walkthrough
    Q: Which mech is the best?
    A: Depends on your playing style. My personal favorite is Mad Cat
    (a.k.a. Timberwolf). Though I also like my Atlas with 4 ER PPC's
    and lots of heatsinks.
    Q: Which weapon is the best?
    A: Depends on your playing style. I'm partial to ER LLAS (and X-
    PULSE L later).
    Q: Why can't I add any more armor?
    A: Each mech has an armor limit. You can see the limit by looking
    at the point allocation. If all the areas have the max points
    allocated, you can't add any more armor.
    Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
    A: Accuracy/skill of the enemies, and the amount of salvage you
    Q: Where are the cheat codes?
    A: This is a STRATEGY guide, not a cheat guide.
    Q: Why do I get a note about incompatible heatsinks?
    A: You can only have one type of heatsink per mech, no mix-and-
    match. Remove all existing heatsinks before adding new ones.
    0.9   Release History
    21-OCT-2000         Initial release
    08-JAN-2001         Added several tips on beating the "Survive!"
    mission, some grammar fixes
    24-JAN-2004         More notes on the final mission, updated
    terms and conditions
    1    What's new in the expansion pack
    NOTE: If you want to know about Mechwarrior 3, please read my FAQ
    for that instead. This FAQ is about the expansion pack only.
    You can read more about Mechwarrior 4, Black Knight, and
    Mercenaries in my other FAQs, all available on Gamefaqs.com.
    Here is a list of differences...
    1.1   Install
    Expansion pack can be installed separately. It will read your MW3
    CD to confirm ownership. Otherwise the two are separate games
    completely and can be installed into separate directories.
    The version number is "MW3 Pirate's Moon" (lower right
    of the main menu).
    1.2   Increased difficulty
    The missions are much harder. You start in smaller, inferior
    mechs and fight more enemies than ever before. There's also more
    timed missions where you can't afford to repair every step of the
    1.3   Mission additions
    Pirate's Moon introduces "night" missions (where you turn on your
    "shoulder lights"). Guess Inner Sphere mechs don't have thermal
    views (even though they're available in MW2).
    1.4   More weapons
    PM also introduces more weapons, though most are just minor
    variations on the existing stuff, and it actually makes things
    worse as you have MORE weapons and ammo to track. Instead of one
    type of machine gun, you now get THREE! (each with different
    You also get light gauss rifle (again, with its own ammo), Medium
    Range Missiles (MRM, in 20, 30, or 40 packs), Thunderbolt
    Missiles (T-BOLT), plus Heavy Lasers and X-Pulse Lasers (S, M,
    L). There's also the microlaser (half the size of small laser).
    1.5   More Terrain Types
    Additional terrain types. You now get two "deep chasms", ridge
    land (the map with a lot of deep water), and the Madre crater.
    These four maps used in the expansion pack are now available in
    the multiplayer and the instant action games. You either find the
    land bridge that allows you to walk over (some are actually
    fragile!) or trust your jumpjets.
    1.6   More mechs
    Atlas, Awesome, and several other mechs have been added.
    1.7   More control over lancemates
    See your README file for details on the new lancemate commands.
    You can now send lancemates to a location without physically
    being there yourself.
    2    Tactics and Tips for the Expansion Pack
    Please refer to the MW3 USG for notes on tactics, mech design
    notes, salvage management, etc. This part is only about the
    changes and additions.
    2.1   Notes on "night" missions
    The night missions have very low visibility, which causes several
    problems. You can't see where you're going (or need to go). When
    you do see the enemy mech, you may not get precise enough to
    shoot, and turning on the lights make YOU a better target. You
    also may not see the hill between you and the target, thus
    wasting shots.
    You'll need to trust your cursor extensively, and rely more on
    the map rather than the radar to keep you safe. Use the lights
    only sparingly in enemy presence.
    2.2   Notes on the new weapons
    2.2.1     Light and Heavy Machine Guns
    Point-blank weapons, they don't do enough damage unless you have
    large groups of them. Don't bother. You get far more flexibility
    with a good set of MLAS and heatsinks instead.
    2.2.2     Light Gauss Rifle
    Not worth the trouble unless a regular one won't fit no matter
    what. A clan version of the regular gauss rifle is not that much
    2.2.3     Medium Range Missiles (MRMs)
    Good compromise between the LRM and the SRM, the huge number in
    one salvo will overwhelm most AMSs. On the other hand, the
    launcher is quite heavy, and it's unguided. I'd rather fit two
    Clan LRM launchers if I have the ammo. You get longer range, less
    tonnage, and guided munitions.
    2.2.4     Thunderbolt Missiles
    Being AMS proof makes them quite useful, except for the slow
    firing rate and heavy launchers. However, they do a LOT of
    damage, so they are worth considering.
    2.2.5     Heavy Lasers and X-Pulse Lasers
    The extra heat generated may or may not be worth the extra
    damage. Use them where there's plenty of water around or if you
    are good with energy weapons.
    2.2.6     Microlaser
    I personally never use the small laser. Why would you use
    something even smaller? You'd be much better off adding armor or
    speed or ammo or AMS.
    2.3   Notes on the new mechs
    2.3.1     Atlas
    The quintessential assault mech, it's big enough and roomy enough
    to accommodate wide variety of mods. Put enough missiles and
    cannons backed by a good laser battery.
    One possible killer config: 4 PPCs, backed up by 25 double
    heatsinks. Add some AMSs. Yes, it'll fit if you use clan double
    heatsinks. Fire two PPC shots every 2.5 seconds. If you aim
    carefully, should kill just about anything. If you aim for the
    head, you may even score knockouts (critical shot to the head).
    2.3.2     Awesome
    Fit in 2 ACs and 2 PPCs and it can be very deadly. Default config
    of 3 PPCs is too heat intensive.
    When you're fighting Awesomes, they're usually equipped with a T-
    BOLT launcher. You'll need to kill them ASAP because your AMS
    can't shoot down T-BOLT missiles, and T-BOLTS do a lot of damage.
    2.3.3     Centurion
    A very famous Inner Sphere design, Centurion is a bit light for
    heavy fighting, but it's very well balanced.  Use half AC and
    half laser config, and alternate the group firing.
    2.3.4     Clint IIc
    Technically a scout mech, the "relatively" heavy armament on it
    can be VERY surprising to an unwary foe, esp. the PPC config.
    They can stay far away from you and chew you up. In the rest of
    the USG it'll only be referred to as Clint.
    2.3.5     Masakari
    Smaller cousin of the 100-ton Daishi, the default config has a
    lot of PPC's. Brave the PPC fire and go for the legs. The Clan
    name is "Warhawk".
    2.3.6     Ryoken
    Ryoken is a very flexible medium mech with wide variety of
    configs. Think of it as a light Vulture. Primary config features
    a lot of lasers.
    2.4   New Lancemate Commands
    Those of you who don't pay attention to the README file should do
    so with Pirate's Moon.
    You can now tell lancemates to go to specific spots on the map,
    and attack/defend spots. This is any spot, not just specific nav
    points. This is very useful as you don't need to run to the spots
    physically to issue specific orders.
    You will use this feature a lot esp. in the defense missions,
    when you need to be on a specific side or direction, for example.
    Remember to use this feature, since I assume that you will be
    using it!
    3    Expansion Campaign Walkthrough
    Your group was transferred to "Veil" to baby-sit some miners
    after that bit of adventure on Tranquil against the Smoke
    Jaguars. How hard can it be?
    3.1   Mission 1
    Patrol the area, protect Corona base and the camp at Point Able.
    You start in a Centurion. Epona Rei is in a Puma, though you
    could switch her to an Owens.  There's no big difference. Use a
    limb chopper config (lots of MLAS), as you'll be doing quite a
    bit of mid-range fighting.
    Enemies include: Thor, Clint, and 2 Shadow Cats.
    Walk out the camp, look to the south to take a quick look at the
    Rim Collective camp at Point Able. They reported a pirate Thor
    beating the heck out of them, and heading north toward you. Meet
    the Thor about half way, and defeat it. Kill it quickly, since
    its autocannon can hurt you.
    A Clint also attacks the Rim Collective Camp. Take care of it.
    As soon as the Clint dies, the main camp comes under attack by
    two Shadow Cats. Run back, kill the Shadow Cats and you win.
    3.2   Mission 2
    Scout the enemy. Cross the chasm with jumpjets at Point Able,
    take out two comm centers at Point Baker and Charlie, avoid the
    suspected pirate camp at Point Dog.
    You may have salvaged one or more of the mechs from the previous
    battle. Use them. Add max number of jumpjets you can, as you'll
    need to do some serious jumping. You'll need some long-range
    weapons, but most fighting will be mid-range. Speed is needed if
    you plan to avoid confrontation at the end.
    Enemies include: Clint, Turret, Puma, Clint, 2 Cauldron-Borns, 3
    You walk toward Point Able. As you stop at the edge of the abyss,
    a Clint pesters you from across the divide. When you hurt it a
    bit, it runs to Point Baker to the south. If you're a good shot
    you can kill it right there. Summon the MFB to point Able and
    repair now.
    Once you're repaired, jumpjet across the chasm. You should have
    range to spare. Once you've landed, walk inland a little, then
    wait for your lancemate to jump over. Then head toward Point
    Baker slowly.
    On the way to Point Able you will run into a laser turret, and a
    Puma (and that earlier Clint if you didn't kill it). Take care of
    them. Then take out the antenna at Point Baker. Go back to Point
    Able, jump across, get repaired.
    Jet across again, then head south from Able, stay as far away
    from Point Dog as possible. The pirate base at Point Dog has two
    Cauldron-Borns. They will chase you if you get too close. Hug the
    "coast" and approach Point Charlie from the east. There are a
    couple Bulldog tanks there. Take them out. A Clint may also
    challenge you here, kill it. Then take out the antenna.
    The two Cauldron-Borns from Point Dog will come out and chase
    you. Run full speed back to Point Able and jet over. Once you do,
    you win regardless of what happens, though if you want the kills
    you can try to take out those two Cauldron-Borns.
    3.3   Mission 3
    Protect a convoy, hold off the pirate assault on Point Able, take
    out the pirate base at Point Baker, and make your way over to
    Point Charlie.
    Terrain has a lot of water, so use it. Add more heatsinks and
    energy weapons like PPC's, large lasers, etc. You should have
    salvaged an Avatar by now, use it. Leave the Centurion to Epona.
    Enemies include: 1 LRM turret, 2 Avatars, Bushwacker, Ryoken, 2
    LLAS turrets, 1 LLAS turret, 3 Elementals, 2 Bulldogs, 1
    Centurion, 2 Clints
    You start in the water, around the bend from Point Able. Start
    moving toward Point Able at 90% speed. When you see the LRM
    turret, send Epona after it, while you continue toward Point
    Able. Aim straight at it.
    When you get there (it's an island), the enemies are coming from
    the east, so park yourself on the east side of the island, just
    in the water. The 2 Avatars should be attacking, so go for leg
    shots, then the Bushwacker and the Ryoken will follow. Take them
    all out, and try not to lose any limbs in the process. You WILL
    have to order Epona to take on an enemy or two as you can't do
    this fast enough all by yourself. Also take out that LLAS turret
    ASAP as it's hitting you DURING the battle. Once you've cleared
    the area, the base is saved.  Take out the turret if you haven't
    done so. Deploy the MFB's to MFB 2, and repair now.
    Continue toward Point Baker. You should kill the laser turrets
    that you see ASAP. As you almost got onto the island that is
    Point Baker, you'll see the 2 Bulldogs. When you kill them,
    Centurion should wake up. Back up into the water, and take it out
    from long range. After that, 3 Elementals will jump off from the
    mesa behind Point Baker and approach. Take them out with help of
    zoom. Once that's done, shoot the trucks you see at Point Baker,
    and you've completed the second primary objective.
    You should now notice two Clints moving away to your left. Run
    into the water, stop, and start shooting at them to force them to
    attack you. The Clints are fast so they will charge right up to
    you, but you should be able to take care of them without major
    damage, as their armor's really  thin. Once that's done, go to
    Point Charlie. When you get there, the mission's done.
    3.4   Mission 4
    The convoy has been ambushed. You must save the convoy, then
    escort the convoy to Point Dog, the dropship.
    This is a tough mission, as the convoy won't wait. Thus there's
    sort of a time limit. Speed is essential, as are fast kills.
    This mission has the same terrain as mission 3, with lots of
    water to help you cool down. Optimize your weapons toward energy
    weapons. Keep using the Avatar if you got it.
    Enemies include (may be incomplete) Ryoken, Clint, Centurion,
    Avatar, 2 turrets, 2 Strikers, Centurion, Thor.
    You get the call to save the convoy. As you approach, Werewolf
    (the escort in an Avatar) was destroyed (this is scripted, you
    can't save him). He's under attack by the first four mechs. As
    long as at least ONE truck survives, you're still good. Take out
    those four mechs quickly (it'll be a tough fight). Try to stay in
    the water. Order Epona to attack the closest enemy.
    Unfortunately, you can't rest after this. The convoy will
    continue toward Point Dog as soon as the last mech is destroyed,
    so you have to get in front of it. Fortunately it doesn't move
    very fast. If you go all out (100% throttle), you should have no
    problem staying in front of the convoy, esp. if you cut across
    the water. Take out any turrets you see from long range.
    As you get close to Point Charlie, the convoy will stop at the
    bridge, giving you the chance to take out the enemies ahead.
    You'll have to take out a few turrets here and there.
    A Centurion and 2 Strikers are at Point Charlie. Take them out,
    and a Thor will pop up. Take out the Thor, and you win when the
    truck(s) arrive at Point Dog.
    3.5   Mission 5
    You're assaulting the pirate base, the one you bypassed last
    time. You're getting a little help (3 Strikers), and Alan Matilla
    finally joined up.
    Take the heaviest mechs you got except the Atlas (too heavy).
    Remember jumpjets. Killing turrets will require a bit of moving
    around. Somehow those turrets are "shielded". They can hit you,
    but you can't hit them except from certain angles. Move around
    and go after them, or use LRM's and rely on the splash damage.
    Enemies include: Centurion, Masakari, turret, 2 Strikers, Atlas,
    Supernova, Mad Cat, T-Bolt turret.
    Order the MFB's to MFB 1. Go toward Point Able at full speed. As
    you jet across a Centurion and a Masakari will try to take out
    the bridge.  Take them out first. When 3 Strikers drive over, you
    got the secondary objective met. You will get just enough time to
    get one mech fixed now as the MFB arrive.
    Lead the team toward Point Baker, following the Strikers. A
    turret will be in your way. Take it out.
    When you get close to Point Baker, you'll see two enemy Strikers
    approaching from southeast. Take them out.
    By this time, the friendly Strikers should be marching on the
    enemy camp. And its defender rumbles out. an Atlas?!?! Take it
    out ASAP. Go for the legs.  The turrets will hit you in the
    meanwhile. Take them out when you can. After that, a Supernova
    will join the party. Take it out too.
    Once that's done, only two defenders are between you and the
    pirate camp: a T-Bolt turret, and Suzy Ryan herself in a Mad Cat.
    You can order the MFB's to MFB 4, and repair first. When all
    mechs are repaired, order everybody in, and take them out. Then
    watch your teammates take out the camp, and you win.
    3.6   Mission 6
    Suzy Ryan is still around somewhere. But looks like you have
    taken the wind out of the pirates' sails. You'll be chasing the
    pirate convoy with their cache of Germanium toward an old landing
    field. They may be beaten, but they're not broken.
    You probably salvaged the Atlas from last time. Refit it and
    bring it along. There'll be a lot of enemies and you need the
    firepower, along with your heaviest mechs.
    Enemies include: 4 Clints, 1 gunship, 4 Elementals, 2 Clints,
    LLAS turret, 2 Atlas.
     As you approach the land bridge at Point Able, 4 Clints will
    snipe at you from long range or jumpjet over and try to hit you
    from behind. They all carry PPC's, and you'll be hit a LOT. Feel
    free to duel with them at long range, or run across the bridge,
    braving the fire, then take out all of them. You can deploy the
    MFB's there and return for repairs if you need to. A transport re-
    configured as a gunship will make passes at you. Blow it out of
    the sky when you can.
    If you do use the Atlas, don't walk across the bridge. Use the
    jumpjet and fly over. The weight may collapse the bridge.
    When you took out all 4 Clints, repair all mechs at MFB 2, next
    to the abandoned Pirate base. Then start heading north.
    When the 4 Elementals power up, start backing up, and take care
    of them with the lancemates' help. Repair now if needed.
    As you continue toward Point Baker, 2 Clints and a LLAS turret
    will engage you. Take care of them. You may have to maneuver a
    bit to hit the turret. Repair again if needed.
    Now the final fight. Two Pirate Atlas is guarding their trucks
    with the Germanium ores. Send your lancemates in, then go in
    behind them and chop off the legs. Destroy them, and you win the
    3.7   Mission 7
    The situation is messy. The different factions seem to be
    fighting each other and pirates. Things never stay quiet, do
    they? Just some patrols for now.
    You'll need the heaviest mechs you can get on this one. Speed is
    not important. Add maximum amount of armor, esp. on yourself. Add
    at least one AMS per mech, if not more.
    Enemies include. 2 Awesome and a Masakari, Atlas and Mad Cat,
    Supernova, Masakari, Awesome, Centurion, Masakari, and finally,
    Atlas and Centurion.
    Yep, sudden reversal of fortune for you. As you start toward
    Point Able, you talk about having the pirates on the run. And
    suddenly FIVE heavy mechs power up in front of you! The two
    Awesomes and the Masakari attack ASAP. Take out the Awesomes
    first, as they carry T-Bolt missiles. The Masakaris carry LRMs
    too, but AMS can stop LRMs. Once those enemy mechs are gone,
    deploy MFBs and repair all mechs.
    The Mad Cat and the Atlas are at Point Able, guarding it. They
    won't come out unless you're really close.  Approach them slowly.
    Find a good spot where you can snipe at them using energy
    weapons, while they don't shoot back. Kill both. Ignore the
    dropship that is landing. That's just scenery. You can't damage
    it, and it won't hit you.
    Once the enemies are gone, it's time to head toward Point Baker.
    However, don't head there directly, as the chasm is in the way.
    Instead, head southwest (heading 215). Start slowly, leave the
    MFBs at Point Able. At about midway down the map, a Supernova
    will challenge you. Stop, and kill it. Continue and a Masaraki
    will challenge you. Stop and kill it. Head east to MFB2, then
    summon MFBs there, and repair all mechs. Next comes the tough
    part. Taking back Point Baker.
    Head all the way south until Point Baker is directly east. Then
    head east slowly. The other pirate lance will attack: Awesome,
    Masakari, and Centurion. Somehow, they all concentrate on you!
    Start backing up. Let your lancemates take some of the heat. When
    you took them all out, repair all mechs at MFB 2.
    Now only two mechs stand in your way to Point Baker. Approach
    Baker slowly. You'll see the Atlas. Take it out from long range.
    Get a little closer, and do the same to the Centurion that pops
    up, and you've survived this mission.
    3.8   Mission 8
    Suzy Ryan seems to be directing the assault. You'll need to
    escort a convoy toward Point Baker, passing through lots of enemy
    presence. The best way to protect the convoy is get way in front
    of it. The convoy trucks have to go via bridges, while you can
    bypass them, staying in water to keep your cool.
    If you got the Atlas, use it. You'll need the heaviest mechs you
    Enemies include: 2 turrets, Sunder and Vulture, 2 turrets, Orion
    and Atlas, 2 Bushwackers and Vulture.
    As you start, 2 turrets will be nearby. A lance of Sunder and
    Vulture will attack ASAP. With three against one it should be
    easy. Wipe them out quickly, and then get in front of the convoy
    by going at full speed.
    At Point Able, you'll run into 2 turrets, plus Orion and Atlas.
    The turrets you can take out from long range. Orion and Atlas
    should go down with leg chopping. Then continue forward. When you
    get close to Point Baker, three mechs appear from UNDERWATER!
    (voiceover says a dropship dropped them off). New lance consists
    of two Bushwackers and a Vulture. The friendly turrets will
    engage them. Get into the water yourself and blast them to
    pieces. The convoy will just have to fend for itself for now.
    After you take care of all the enemies, the primary objective has
    been met. You can stop now, or you can repair now and wipe out
    the pirate base at Point Able. In fact, you can just send a
    lancemate over there and take care of the targets there. After
    that, you win.
    3.9   Mission 9
    Looks like some of the pirates are not pirates after all. Some
    Lyrans are trying to stir up trouble and use the pretext to take
    over Veil from the Consortium. It'll be ugly. Survive the
    assault, and hopefully there are enough people left to fight the
    real pirates.
    Dominic finally joins the team. The script says Atlas, but he
    actually shows up in an Awesome.
    You'll again need heavy mechs, the heaviest you got. Use medium
    range weapons, since you need to kill the enemy mechs FAST before
    they destroy your base. Keep some long range weapons for each
    mech though.
    You start next to the base, facing south. Use the map and assign
    two mechs to the EAST-side of the base, a little south of the PPC
    turret, while you lead the other lancemate to the WEST-side of
    the base, and line up next to the PPC turret there. The reason
    you want to be on the west-side is you need to salvage some heavy
    mech for the next round. Your lancemates go for body blows, not
    leg shots, thus they don't produce salvage. With good shooting,
    you can salvage one or more of the Sunders.
    From the west, 2 (3?) Sunders and an Avatar charge your position.
    A few seconds later, a Puma and a Centurion charge in from the
    EAST side. If you did not station mechs on the east, they'll take
    out the base while you try to take care of the western assault.
    With help, you should have no problem taking out all attackers.
    Repair all mechs.
    When you're ready, it's time to take the fight to the enemy.
    Approach Point Able slowly. Take out the two turrets when you see
    them. Two Ryokens will challenge you. Kill them. Then Avatar will
    try to stop you. Kill it, destroy the base, and you've taken care
    of the traitors.
    3.10  Mission 10
    Now it's Suzy Ryan's turn. The real pirates have used the battle
    to sneak into position at two different camps around the crater,
    and they're attacking.
    You need LONG range weapons on this. Suzy's forces love PPC's and
    X-PULSE L's. This time, take a 70-tonner. A Mad Cat would be
    ideal, but a Thor or Avatar would do. It'll need a top speed of
    at least 75 kph. And this time, you're NOT leading from the
    front. Give everybody else big heavy machines like Atlas and
    When the mission starts, it'll be a bad fight. 1 Shadow Cat, 2
    Vultures, and 2 Ryoken (note: the count is not exact) will charge
    your position from the southeast and southwest. They are after
    your mechs and you personally. Just position your forces just
    outside the base in the direction of the two nav points, and you
    should intercept them. Try not to lose any limbs off of any of
    your mechs. Kill all enemy mechs.
    When that's done, repair all mechs. Check the objective, and
    you'll notice that "protect Point Able" is not complete yet. That
    should be a hint to leave a guard at Point Able. Leave the
    lightest mech as a guard. Remember to assign guard order!
    Lead the other two lancemates toward Point Able (the closer enemy
    camp). Take out the two turrets guarding it, and 2 Ryokens should
    wake up. Take them out from long range if you want to. Otherwise
    just send your lancemates in, one on each. When they're gone, two
    Shadow Cats will take their place. Take them out, and you get
    Point Able to yourself. Your lancemates will take out the
    Ryan will chit-chat on the radio. It's clear she's at Point Baker
    camp. Deploy MFBs to MFB 2, and repair all mechs. When complete,
    head south (the guard stays at Point Start!)
    Now head south from MFB2, and you'll get to Point Baker. Take out
    the two turrets, and two Ryokens will show up. Take them out, and
    Suzy's personal lance is out to get you. 2 Mad Cats and Suzy
    herself in an Atlas.
    However, there's a catch. One of the Mad Cats is piloted by
    Scourge, Suzy's lieutenant, and he's out to attack the base at
    Point Start. Assign your two lancemates to Ryan and the other Mad
    Cat. You must kill Scourge's mech ASAP, even if you have to
    ignore the other mechs. Assign the guard to attack it as well.
    Your lancemates can take care of themselves. When Scourge is
    gone, come back and help out. Take out all enemy mechs, destroy
    the camp at Point Baker, and you win.
    Note: in my latest attempt, I was able to take out Suzy's Atlas
    with a headshot. I had assigned a Sunder and an Awesome to take
    out Scourge, while the other Sunder took out the other Mad Cat.
    It's three against one. Slowed by a leg shot, Scourge didn't last
    4     Expansion Pirate Campaign Walkthrough
    The pirate missions in Pirate's Moon are roughly the "other side"
    of the story in the expansion pack. You're part of the Suzy
    Ryan's ragtag crew, taking care of business.
    In Pirate missions, you do NOT get salvage, nor MFB inventory
    management. You CAN change your mech's loadout, but the inventory
    is limited. Your available mech will change from mission to
    mission, so the customizations may be for naught in the next
    mission. On the other hand, this also means you don't have to
    worry about losing the mechs.
    You also get a new set of MFB's per mission, so it's not
    necessary to protect the MFBs in the Pirate missions.
    Pirate missions should be treated like guerilla warfare: hit them
    where they hurt, while avoiding frontal assaults. This means you
    should almost NEVER take the nav points the order they're given.
    That's good way to run into more enemies than you absolutely need
    to, and more chance at getting shot at.
    Pirate missions are QUITE hard, so don't be surprised to retry
    missions several times, even on the easy level.
    4.1   Mission 1
    Take out the Rim Collective camp generator isn't hard, it's just
    a little tedious, esp. if you avoid the enemies instead of
    following the nav points in a slugging match.
    Your best bet is probably 2 Thors and a Centurion. Load up on
    long range weapons, while cram in at least two AMS per mech. Lots
    of enemies seem to carry missiles. Your mech should have at least
    one LLAS for sniping. And finally, you'll need jumpjets on all
    Enemies include: 2 AC turrets, Avatar, 2 AC turrets, 2 Strikers,
    2 Centurions, Orion, AC turret, Centurion, 2 Bulldogs, Puma.
    (Not necessarily in this order.)
    You have two choices: go northeast to the bridge and engage in
    slugging match, or go east and jump across, bypassing most of the
    defense. I recommend going east, jump across that narrow point,
    then go north.
    You'll hit the Rim Collective camp, with AC turret, Centurion, 2
    Bulldogs, and a Puma. Use the hill for cover and snipe them all
    out of existence. If enemy charges you, back up and let your
    lancemates take care of them. Clear the area.
    If you need repairs, jumpjet back to the other side and deploy
    the MFB's there. Jumpjet back when you're done.
    Now approach Point Able slowly. Snipe the 2 AC turrets, then take
    out the Avatar that comes to investigate, but don't get closer.
    That'll trigger more enemies. You want to stay as far from Point
    Baker as you can. Jump back to the other side if you need
    Now look at the terrain about Point Baker. There's a hill nearby
    that you can use to hide and snipe at the enemy camp, which
    contains 2 AC turrets, 2 Strikers, and 2 Centurions. If the mechs
    chase you, lead it back to your lancemates and kill them with
    lancemates' help. Take out the rest of the defenders.
    Get a little closer, and Orion will show up. Take it out. Now you
    can destroy the dome at Point Baker.
    Finally, make your way to Point Charlie, (head across the bridge
    is fine) and you win the mission.
    4.2   Mission 2
    Ambush Sinclair. Teach him a lesson he won't forget! Then wipeout
    the two bases.
    The trick is bring all lasers, and fight UNDERWATER. Lasers work
    fine underwater, but missiles, cannons, and PPC's don't.
    Equip your heaviest mechs with lots of lasers. Should be 2 Thors
    and a Cauldron-Born. Heat should not be a problem since you'll be
    HEAD DEEP in water. Yep, completely submerged if you can arrange
    it. You can fit 1 ER LLAS and 1 L-PULSE at least. Add an Ultra 20
    for out-of-water use. The other Thor needs a different setup as
    there's not enough LLAS to go around. Try MRM10's and more
    Start by heading south, which takes you deep. Then stay in the
    deep channel and start running toward the ambush point.
    When you see an Owens, take it out from underwater. You may not
    see it clearly, but just shoot when the cursor turns yellow.
    You'll take it out in no time, and it won't be able to shoot
    back. In fact, you can just emerge above water. It'll be confused
    and just sit there.
    Get to the bridge, and stay near it. When the Sinclair's Mad Cat
    come along, take it out from underwater. If you need to, get out
    of the water and chase him down. Get back into water ASAP.
    When Sinclair's gone, take out his lancemates, include Epona (in
    an Awesome) and Alan (in Sunder). Sunder should follow pretty
    closely, but it'll stay on land. Epona. May or may not follow
    immediately. Sometimes she just falls into water and becomes a
    sitting duck.
    Once the command lance is gone, deploy MFB at original location.
    Then go back and repair all mechs. Then it's time to start
    Approach Point Able slowly. Take out any turrets you see. Then
    it's just a Shadow Cat and some Strikers in your way. Wipe them
    out, and you got Point Able.
    Approach Point Baker slowly. It's another Shadow Cat and 2
    Bulldogs, with a few turrets. You can take care of them easily.
    That's it for the objectives. If you REALLY want to try, you can
    TRY Point Charlie, but it's NOT required. There are TWO Atlas at
    Point Charlie armed with LRM's and Gauss Rifles. They are VERY
    dangerous. I'd recommend you leave Point Charlie to the good
    4.3   Mission 3
    Hijack the Germanium convoy, then take out the enemy base.
    You'll still need the largest mechs on this one. Keep the Vulture
    to yourself, as you'll again be the sniper with the LRMs and the
    LLASs. Load up on more AMSs and armor. Dump the jumpjets. If you
    find the pulse lasers a bit hard to handle, I replace them with
    ER PPC's and ER MLAS's, and use the saved weight for more
    Start by heading south-southwest toward the convoy. You take out
    the turrets, while your lancemates will take out the Bulldogs
    when you get close enough, then all of you take out the Orion
    rear-guard. Now run behind the ridge, as Blackhawk and Avatar
    will come to "rescue" the convoy. When the enemy mechs crests the
    ridge, order a full-out attack and take them out.
    Deploy the MFBs and start repairing. You're likely the most
    damaged. If so, set your lancemates to guard, while you repair. A
    Cauldron-born may come attacking, take it out. Repair all mechs.
    When ready, approach Point Baker from the south, and snipe out
    all the turrets. Approach Point Baker again, and you'll run into
    2 Sunders and an Awesome, the last guards at the base. One Sunder
    will charge you, while the other two will just keep cruising back
    and forth if you don't approach any closer. Take out the one that
    charge you first. Send your two lancemates after it. The other
    two enemy mechs will split off and "patrol" nearby. Use the hill
    for cover as they have quite a few missiles. Stand up, take a
    shot, then crouch so the missiles hit the hill. Repeat when
    ready. Take them out, and you win.
    4.4   Mission 4
    Protecting your bases will require a LOT of running around. And I
    really mean it. Fortunately, you only need to save ONE of the two
    antennas (either Baker or Charlie).
    You will need a LOT of top speed on this one. Take the heavier
    mechs, but you'll need speed, speed, and more speed. Dump weapons
    and upgrade engines until all of your mechs can do about 81 kph.
    You'll also need AMSs, as you'll run into quite a few missiles.
    Load up on medium-range weapons with some LLAS. You will need to
    kill enemies quickly. Give lancemates ER LLAS or ER PPC's, with
    some LRMs, maybe a cannon.
    Start running toward Point Able at full speed. When you get
    there, you'll see 4 Strikers escorted by an Awesome. Send your
    lancemates to attack the Awesome while you pick off the Strikers.
    When the Strikers are gone, help your lancemates take out the
    Now leave ONE lancemate (preferably someone relatively undamaged
    and over 60 tons) to guard the spot. Start running south to
    protect the Point Baker. As you leave, you should see a Champion
    coming across, send the guard to attack it. Continue toward Baker
    with your other lancemate.
    As you head south, you'll run into two Centurions heading for the
    base at Point Baker from the east. Intercept them and kill them
    QUICKLY. There's no time to dawdle. Kill one quickly, then send
    your lancemate to attack the other one. Again, top speed run
    toward Point Charlie. Your lancemates will join up when they
    During the run toward Charlie, check if the guard you left is
    done (use the command map, it will tell you their position even
    if they are out of radar range). If so, send him to Point Charlie
    immediately. You can do this as soon as he reports the kill over
    the radio. Issue the DEFEND order to the guard, as you approach
    Point Charlie. However, most likely, the enemy forces will have
    destroyed the antenna with LRM's before you got there. The
    chances are slim, even with fast mechs, to protect Charlie. If
    Charlie is destroyed, call the guard to join on you.
    Now run for Point Dog. Your lancemate sent to take out the
    Centurion at Baker should be done and rejoining. Deploy MFBs to
    the point nearest Point Dog (should be just north of it) on your
    way there and see if you can repair one mech before the final
    attack force arrives.
    Last attack force is a Bushwacker and an Awesome approaching from
    the northeast. Take them out, and you win the mission.
    4.5   Mission 5
    Protect your base at Baker, then take out the enemies at Able.
    Take the heaviest mech for yourself (Supernova), assign heavy
    mechs to your lancemates. Add max jumpjets to all mechs. Add some
    engine upgrades, as you'll need to run a little (but not as much
    as that previous mission), depending on which route you take.
    Leave one mech to guard the spot you're at. Two Clints will
    attack your spot if you choose the flying route, and you may lose
    one or more of the MFBs. It's not that important though. You only
    need two more mechs to join you to defend the base. Then you need
    to decide the route: flying, or running.
    You can use the flying route: Start toward Point Baker directly,
    using jumpjets cross the chasm. To do this, you'll need to
    increase your speed to 65+ kph. You'll have to land on the island
    in the middle, then make a second jump to get across, but you
    should make it. Your lancemates will follow, but don't be too
    surprised if one or more of them don't make it.
    Or you can use the running route. Cross the chasm at Point Able
    (in this case you don't need the guard), then make a mad dash
    toward Point Baker. It's a longer way, and unless you have really
    fast mechs you may not beat the attack force there. You'll run
    into two Clints to the south. Let your lancemates take them. Keep
    going. As you go past Point Able, your lancemates should take out
    the defenders and the contents.
    You have less than 4 minutes before the attackers arrive. Get to
    just south of Point Baker. A Mad Cat and two Ryokens approach
    point Baker from the south. If they're past you, shoot them in
    the back to force them to turn toward you. Your lancemates will
    hopefully join up soon after and help take them out.
    When they are gone, a Bushwacker and 2 Clints will attack from
    the east. Take them out, and your base is safe. Repair now if you
    want. If Point Able is already destroyed, you win!
    If Point Able is still standing, then it's time to attack.
    Approach Point Able, take out the Striker and Bulldog, wipe out
    the buildings, and you win!
    4.6   Mission 6
    Defend your base, attack enemy base, again.
    Take the heaviest mechs you got, take a Sunder for yourself.
    Speed is not a big problem, but you may need it to chase down
    some light mechs. Take long range weapons for your lancemates,
    like LRM racks, PPCs, and LLAS. Your mech needs a good group of
    medium range weapons.
    You start in the middle of a battle. Two Orions are attacking.
    Send one lancemate on each, while you take one of the enemies.
    Your other lancemate will shoot at the closest enemy.
    When the Orions go down, a pair of Sunders will lumber in from
    the east. Take out the Sunders quickly, as two Pumas will attack
    from the south in about a minute. If you're not done yet, let
    your lancemates worry about the Sunders while you chase down the
    Pumas. If they run past you, chase them into the base and shoot
    them in the back. A few shots and they're history, and that's
    almost all the attackers.
    Deploy the MFB now and try to get some repairs done. An Orion
    should attack in another minute or two. Order your least damaged
    mechs to take it out, join the fight when you can. That's all the
    attackers. Repair all mechs.
    Once all mechs are fixed, it's time to attack the enemy. Head
    toward Point Able slowly and take out the Sunder in your way.
    Destroy the enemy camp, and you win.
    4.7   Mission 7
    You're defending the Germanium deposits. The other guys will try
    to rush you. If they make it past you, you lose!
    You need assault mechs. This is the hardest mission in the Pirate
    Campaign, and it's not surprising you'll repeat this one many
    times (took me about 10 attempts at first), even at the lowest
    difficulty level. Your lancemate will need some heavy firepower,
    like LLASs, ER PPCs, etc. You should have the "limb chopper"
    package ready: MLAS and some LLAS, with a lot of double
    heatsinks. Fit as many in as you can. Group lasers in groups of 2
    or 3. Add some AMS would help, as you'll see a lot of LRMs.
    My winning combo is Supernova with 2 ER LLAS, 6 MLAS in 2 groups,
    and 2 ER MLAS. Add AMS and Clan double heatsinks. Deuce gets
    Sunder with Ultra 20 (and lots of ammo), 2 ER PPC's, and a Clan
    LRM 15 launcher with two tons of ammo. Fit in maximum armor, and
    don't use any endo-steel or FF armor as you need the slots.
    Consider using regular instead of XL engines so save critical
    slots to fit in more weapons and heatsinks. You should have
    PLENTY of Clan double heatsinks.
    You start in a depression, where your MFBs and the Germanium
    cache are. Turn right until you see the end of the crater. Send
    your lancemate just a little beyond that. Go just a little beyond
    her. Do NOT deploy the MFBs, as they'll die. However, it doesn't
    really matter that much since you'll get a new set next mission
    any way.
    The first attackers are an Orion and a Champion, attacking from
    southwest, followed by another Orion from southeast. The
    southeastern Orion is the real threat. The other two just walks
    back and forth. If you have positioned Deuce correctly, she
    should start shooting. Help along with your lasers. You should be
    able to take out all three with no problems. Take a break. It'll
    be less than a minute before the next group attacks. Not really
    enough to get some repairs done though.
    Next group includes two Clints attacking from the south, followed
    by a Centurion from the east. Centurion is the main threat. If
    you had deployed the MFB's, the LRMs from the Centurion will
    destroy one of the MFB's. Sit in place, then shoot at it as it
    approaches. Hit it enough times and it'll turn to engage you. A
    couple more hits and it's history. Let your lancemate handle the
    Clints. They wouldn't last very long under her PPC's and
    missiles, and they don't really go after your Germanium any way.
    A lance of two Awesomes should now be approaching from the
    southwest. However, they just walk back and forth. They are the
    bait, trying to sneak the Centurion through the other side. Let
    your lancemate snipe at them as they walk back and forth. You
    just wait for the Centurion that is the final threat to your
    Germanium cache. When it comes, stay still, crouch, and keep
    hitting it until it goes down. Your AMS should take out some of
    the LRM it launches. Kill it, and your Germanium is safe, really.
    Your lancemate likely have taken out one of the Awesomes by now,
    and you should be pretty beaten up. Deploy the MFB, and repair
    yourself. Help Deuce take out that last Awesome. You win!
    4.8   Mission 8
    This battle required good execution, but otherwise is quite
    possible to protect BOTH bases. After that, wipe out the enemy
    Let your lancemates have the heaviest mechs. You need to take a
    70-ton mech as you'll need to run really fast. Mad Cat would be
    ideal, but Thor would do as well. There's a lot of water, so feel
    free to take a lot of lasers and heatsinks. You'll need some LLAS
    to take out the turrets, and a group of MLAS to remove limbs. One
    possibility is a Mad Cat with 3 PPCs and some MLAS.
    Start by running at full speed toward Point Baker, while assign
    all lancemates to defend a point JUST west of Point Able. Use the
    map command mode to do so.
    When you get to Point Baker, two Centurions should be attacking
    from the northwest. Get between them and Point Baker, and take
    them out quickly. You'll get semi-beat up, but that will have to
    wait. Head back toward Point Able, while deploy the MFBs at the
    point near Point Baker. There are no more enemies there.
    Now run back toward Point Able where your lancemates are trying
    to hold off 2 Mad Cats and an Awesome. They may have taken them
    down already. If not, get in there and help. When the enemy mechs
    are gone, you're safe for now. Repair all mechs at Point Baker.
    Don't be surprised if one or more of your lancemates got stuck
    near or under a bridge. Somehow the AI can't negotiate bridges
    over water once they fell off.
    Now it's time to take out Point Charlie. Move north along the
    path, and take out the turrets when you see them. Continue
    approach, and you'll see the Masakari and Daishi guarding Point
    Charlie. Approach obliquely to get your lancemates in range, and
    do a long range weapon duel. You should win easily. Watch your
    lancemates take out the base at Point Charlie, and you win!
    4.9   Mission 9
    Slow deliberate assault, take out both enemy outposts and Able
    and Baker.
    This is a slow meat grinder mission. Preserving your mech and
    sniping at enemy from long range is crucial. If you lose lots of
    weapons from your mech (i.e. lose arm(s)), you may as well start
    You'll probably want to keep the Daishi for yourself. Get a pair
    of PPCs or LLASs and a group of MLAS. Give lancemates long range
    weapons, like LRMs, ER PPCs, LLASs, etc.
    Remember to repair whenever you can, even when there's still an
    enemy mech walking around. Your lancemates can take care of the
    enemy while you repair, or vice versa.
    Start by deploying the MFB's immediately. Then lead your lance
    out of the "hole". Two Cauldron-borns will charge in. Take them
    out from where you stand. Mad Cat will follow. Take it out too.
    Now is a good time to repair all mechs.
    Approach Point Able slowly, and you should see Atlas and Mad Cat
    in the distance. Play peek-a-boo using the nearby hills and take
    them out from long range. Remember to let your lancemates take
    some of the damage. Repair when needed.
    After all mechs are repaired, continue approach Point Able. Take
    out the AC turret and Vulture, the last defenders. Then walk
    close enough so your lancemates take out the base. Repair all
    mechs now.
    Slowly approach Point Baker. You'll see 2 AC turrets, so take
    them out from long range. Avatar should show up, take it out.
    (This is a good time to do battlefield repair, as your lancemates
    can hold their own.) When that's gone, Awesome, then Thor
    approaches. When they're all gone, go through Point Baker. Let
    your lancemates take out the camp, and you win the mission.
    4.10  Mission 10
    The big enchilada. Take over the entire crater by destroying all
    Keep the Atlas for yourself. Give yourself a pair of LLAS or pair
    of PPC's, and a battery of MLAS. Add a good cannon like gauss
    rifle or Ultra 20 as backup. Deuce gets the Daishi. Trey and
    Blade gets the Mad Cats. They should get the usual long-range
    weapon mix. Add as many AMSs as available.
    Everybody wants to attack you. If you stay still, you'll get
    really beaten up, and there may be no MFB's left by the time
    you're done. Don't do it. Run for Point Able immediately.
    First, send MFB's to the point just north of Point Able (MFB1),
    while send all lancemates to "attack Point Able" (use the map
    command mode). Then run after them. By this time enemies should
    be attacking from the north. Just keep running.
    Your lance will probably run into Clint and Ryoken at Point Able.
    The MFBs will have to fend for themselves now. As long as you're
    nearby they won't hit the MFB (you are a bigger threat). Take
    them out. Then send your lancemates to guard just north of the
    MFB point. Start repairing the most damaged mech now then repair
    all mechs.
    Annihilator just patrols to the northwest. Ignore it. A Mad Cat
    and a Masakari will attack from north, take them out. If you did
    not deploy the guards they may hit one of the MFB's. Once you
    destroy these two, you may get an ERRORNEOUS message of
    congratulations about the all bases being secure. Ignore it. The
    ONLY completion that counts is the F12 screen. If it still says
    "In Progress", you're not done yet.
    Make sure all mechs are repaired. It's time to hunt. Approach
    Point Charlie slowly, take out that Annihilator that you left
    earlier. There should only be a few turrets and a few Bulldogs
    defending the base now. Kill them, and you got the base to
    yourself.  Call MFB in and repair now.
    Continue toward Point Dog. Two turrets, 2 Mad Cats, and 4
    Strikers defend it. Take out the turrets first from long range.
    Snipe the Mad Cats, or order your lancemates to charge, you
    following them. With four mechs shooting they shouldn't last too
    long. Once you take them all out, the base is yours. Repair now.
    Approach Point Baker slowly, and you should only see a Clint, a
    Ryoken, and some turrets. Take it out, and you got the base, and
    all enemies are gone.
    Stop at Point Baker. Use the map to send one lancemate to each of
    the other three nav points. Usually, you may want to head for
    Point Able yourself, as your lancemates don't navigate very well
    across those toxic pools. Send Deuce in the Daishi to Baker (it's
    the closest). The two further ones get one Mad Cat each. When
    they arrive at the respective nav points, and you as well, you
    got the whole crater to yourself (okay, you and Suzy Ryan), and
    you win the pirate campaign.
    5    And the finale: bonus mission (Survive!)
    You get a bonus mission when you finish both campaigns.
    This bonus mission is absolutely the LAMEST mission I've ever
    seen. It's nearly impossible. Those of you who are Trekkers, this
    is Mechwarrior 3's "Kobayashi Maru".
    You can configure an Atlas, Annihilator, or Masaraki. There are
    no jumpjets in the inventory. You start in the middle of a little
    island. There's no way you can get off. Then all your teammates
    and your enemies come to kill you. They come in all sizes of
    mechs. Clint, Clint, Ryoken, Shadow Cat (Epona), Thor (Alan),
    Supernova (Scourge). With my best effort, I killed five mechs,
    and got killed by Scourge in the Supernova. I've been told that
    Suzy Ryan will be there in a Mad Cat as the seventh and final
    I've received 3 e-mails on how this mission can be beat. Two
    suggests LRMs and T-Bolts, plus some good solid long-range
    weapons, like ER LLAS and ER PPC. The smaller mechs are hard to
    hit with the long-range weapons, so you need some hefty guided
    weapons to take them down. The other weapons for used for
    precision strikes to take off specific body parts. If targeting
    computer is available, get it.
    Another suggestion from Brian Schwarting was an Annihilator or
    Atlas with 4 ER PPCs and LOTS of double heatsinks. Put them in a
    single group in chain fire mode, then shoot one at a time. Think
    of it as a PPC gatling gun. Go for the legs, and remember to lead
    the target.
    Try to move to the middle of the island, though I guess it
    doesn't really matter. Crouch down if the legs start to take
    damage. Stand up and crouch randomly to hide/show your legs.
    The Clints are not that dangerous. They die easily, esp. if you
    have a good LRM battery. Fire 40 LRMs at the same time and you'll
    cook each one in no time in combo with the PPCs or lasers.
    The Thor is not dangerous. It may hit you a few times with SRMs,
    but it'll just walk back off the edge and kill itself. Same for
    the Clints if they do manage to jet over.
    It's Ryoken and Shadow Cat that plink you to death from a
    distance. They run around a LOT. You will need the LRMs and/or T-
    bolts to slow them down and kill them.
    Then it's a matter of killing the Supernova quickly. Group launch
    all your missiles and slam it down. Rotate a little to avoid its
    Then it's a matter of killing Suzy Ryan in her Mad Cat. Her large
    lasers can do you some serious damage, so be careful.
    There are no cinematics or anything else after this, just the
    ending credits. (Duh!)
    --THE END--

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