Review by ForeverZero1986

Reviewed: 02/25/05

It was better than Mechwarrior 3

Noticable differences between the original and this expansion, let me elaborate:

Pirate's Moon was a lot better in the fact that you could choose to be either the group of mechs from the first one, or a group of pirates. Pretty much both sides were after the some thing in the end but the pirates seemed to have more fun while doing it. While the first game kinda had you running around the same back ground, Pirate's Moon constantly changed they way you viewed the planet you were on, you could even do missions at night!

Pretty much the same as Mechwarrior 3, not really any new controlls added. you can still use the mouse for precision targeting but no new interface or HUD has been added.

Now this is where I wish that activision still make the Mechwarrior series. Mechwarrior 2 had amaizing music, it's successors however seem to be lacking in the taiste department. There were only about 3 different music tracks and it didn't really seem to fit the mood of the game.

Excellent eye candy. If you played Mechwarrior 3, you should be able to pick up slight modifications to the mechs and their overall appearance. Nice looking explosions and lighting effects.

This is where the game really takes a fall. Pretty difficult missions, you find yourself repeating them over and over again. There is a bonus mission for the Pirate side that is pretty much impossible. I know what happens if you fairly complete it because nobody I know has ever beat it without setting invinciblity on. Besides that, gameplay is fairly decent. They added in some new mechs and new weapons. However, if you play as the Eridiani Light Horse team (the dudes from the 1st one) you loose the ability to salavge parts from enemy mechs even thought your MFB are still with you. Pirates on the other hand can salvage parts while recieving new mechs and ammo from their homebase.

Overall this game was good enough for me to enjoy. I wouldn't pay more than $15 bucks for it though. Leave it alone for a year, and then play it again. It has moderate replay value.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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