Review by SilentStrider

"If it wasn't for the difficulty this game would be decent."

Gameplay - 6 The controls are the same as Mechwarrior 3 with a few additions such as using headlights as well as ejecting. Since this game is just a bunch of missions it gives you a chance to blast more metal with really high powered weaponry(woohoo!!). BUT (and there is a big but here) the fact that the game is extremely difficult and buggy can really try your patience, even on the easy level! There were several times where for some reason I couldn't contact my lancemates even though they were alive....somewhere. I've completed this game and several times I've gotten blasted by some mysterious weapon that has enough power to take out both my lancemates and 50% of my armor! Personally I liked Mechwarrior 3(MW3) because of the fact that I just don't like missions where I have to protect something. Unfortunately most missions primary objective is protection(they're pirates remember!) A big problem with most of the protection missions is that you start several meters away from the object that you are supposed to protect! Many times you fail your mission and have no idea of what went wrong.

Story - 5 Essentially, after you finished off the clanners in your last mission (MW3), you were shipped to some space rock named Veil. Your group was shipped there to investigate the pirates that are restricting access to the precious ore found there. Woulda been nicer if they did the same movie-like intro from the first game to explain your missions but they didn't.

Audio/Video - 8 No changes that I could notice. The lighting effects on the dark side of the moon are really neat, especially when you're repairing your mech in the dark. Not too crazy about the music. After the first try it turned me off so I turned it off.

Replayability - 5 If you don't mind the difficulty and the other problems listed above then you might play this game again. Otherwise you can trade it in for $5 credit at EB.(ask me how I know..)

To buy or to rent? - If I knew where I could've rented this game before paying cash I would've. If possible get this game from a friend or KEEP THE RECEIPT!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/02/00, Updated 07/02/00

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