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"This game ownz SO MUCH!"

Metal Fatigue is an awesome RTS. You use these hovercrafts to build stuff and mine lavapits, which give you Metajoules. You use Metajoules to build most of the stuff in this game. You also use Metajoules to deploy new units. Also, you use manpower for creating stuff faster, and to create Combots. You need to use Cyrofarms to get more manpower.

There are 3 different teams you can choose from. Blue attacks with direct weapons, and have awesome ranged attacks, really balanced out, red is the strongest, they attack directly and at a range, and purple is the weakest, but they have the most researches. They attack from ranges.

You battle in 3 divisions, air, ground and underground. In Air, there are a bunch of islands that you can put SolarPanels on to get more Metajoules, and you can put some pretty nifty defenses up there, like Gunrails and walls, to blow up the enemy's air base, or stop units from going on other islands. Also, hovercrafts can travel on air between the islands. You can also build nifty combot defenses up there. Ground is where the main battle takes place most of the time. Here you can build combots and tanks, as well as some nifty defenses. If you build an outpost here, and an outpost in air, you can travel between them easily. Also if you put an elevator somewhere with your digging truck, you can go underground. Here is where most of the lavapits are as well. This is where the primary battle is. Underground, there are more lavapits, and you have to use your digging truck to dig around underground. You can't build combots down here, but you can still build tanks. If you're evil, you can wait until they're built a really big defense on ground, then come in to his base from underground with a LOT of tanks and attack that way! It's all up to you.

Combots are the main aspect of this game. If you have a parts factory and an assembly, you can build them. You can choose from many different torsos, legs and arms. There are TONS of possible Combot combinations. They're useless if you don't know how to deploy them, though. To build them, when the parts are done, click on the assembly, click on the done parts, then go to a Cyrofarm and deploy a unit, then when it's done, go back to the combot and click deploy, and there you go, a Combot! Combots have MANY different parts you can use, from Jetpack Torsos to Missile Legs to Katana Arms! The possibilities are almost endless. Depending on what team you are, you have different combot parts.

Well, that's basically all there is to this game. You build all different combinations of combots and tanks, you build stuff with the hovercrafts, and when you're ready, attack the other guy's base ;)

Anyway, to summarize it, AWESOME GAME!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/15/02, Updated 06/15/02

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