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    Quick Victory Strategy by DG Dobrev

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             Might and Magic VIII - Quick Victory Strategy
                   =    Author: DG Dobrev             =
                   =    E-mail: iron_feather@mail.bg  =
                   =    Date: 28.06.2002              =
                   =    Version: 1.0                  =
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    I. Introduction.
    Might and Magic VIII is the eighth episode of the award winning
    Might and Magic series. It is also the third oldest going RPG
    type game in the World, with only Wizardry and Ultima being
    older than it.
    Might and Magic VIII made some kind of a revolution in the
    Might and Magic series. You may no longer pick a party of four
    or more adventurers in the beginning. You can only pick one!
    to compensate for this, the number of available characters was
    reduced to 7 (it was 9 in Might and Magic VII) and the races
    are "eliminated" - each character represents a specific race.
    We'll talk about the races and their descriptions later on.
    Why trying to beat the game for a short time?
    Well, for me, it was a challenge of strategy, correct planning
    of movement between the maps, careful distributing of skill
    points, correct way of fighting, recruiting allies (hirelings)
    and of course, since Might and Magic VI can be won with your
    entire party on lvl 1, why shouldn't Might and Magic VIII be
    the same? I don't think this is possible in Might and Magic VII
    but it sure is in this part.
    I will try to do anything possible to show you my way of
    thinking and planning, and hope it'll be most useful when you
    play this game the next time - even if you're not aiming to
    beat your best score and just trying it out for fun!
    II. Picking up a starting character.
    I would like to note that for this special short-time victory,
    perhaps not all characters will prove to be most useful. So,
    I'll give their availability, since you'll need that promotion
    to increase your main character's Hit points and spell points
    (if he has!) totals.
    However, I would like to note too, that we'll be passing all
    areas in the game, so be sure that almost no character will
    prove to be useless here :-)
    OK, let's start.
    1. Troll.
    Availability: High
    Challenge: Low
    Promotion: Go to Murmurwoods, explore the area while flying and
    discover the Ancient Troll Homeland. Just enter it and leave
    before being attacked by the basilisks. That's all! Then just
    talk to the Troll that makes the promotion to War Troll in
    Ironsand Desert the second time you're visiting this place and
    you're promoted (and your HP make nice big boost!)
    This is one of the best classes to start this game. Since
    you're visiting Ironsand Desert twice early in the game, you'll
    be able to complete the promotion without problems, and on the
    top of all, the promotion is very, very easy.
    Stat point distribution:
    -2 from Intellect, Personality and Luck
    Make Endurance 34
    Make Might 32
    Leave all other stats as they are!
    Pick Bow and either Leather or Body Building as additional
    2. Knight.
    Availability: Somewhat High
    Challenge: Somewhat Low
    Promotion: Go to Mad Necromancer's Lab in Shadowspire, head for
    the second floor, talk to Blazen Stormlance found behind the
    door, then return to the main room, turn left and take the
    stairways leading down. Scout the area for a room with 4 chests
    guarded by lots of enemies. In one of the chests lies the spear
    Ebonest. Give it to Blazen Stormlance and when you return to
    Garrote Gorge while doing the Alliance quest, talk to Leane
    Stormlance (Blazen should be highlighted, and should wear the
    spear Ebonest) about her father. Then enter Quixote's fortress
    and and get your promotion to Champion!
    The Knight has lots of HP and may wield very powerful weapons -
    just buy him the Sword and Spear skills and give him a weapon,
    corresponding to the specific skill you've chosen. He will
    most certainly influct more damage than the Troll, but will
    have less HP.
    Stat point distribution:
    - from Intellect, Personality and Luck
    +9 to Might
    +4 to Endurance, Accuracy and Speed
    Pick Bow and Shield as additional skills
    3. Minotaur.
    Availability: High
    Challenge: Somewhat Low
    Promotion: Near Alvar you can find the Dark Dwarf Compound.
    Enter it and kill the Boulders from afar. You don't need to
    venture very far in this dungeon - the chest containing the
    Balthazar's Axe is near the entrance, before the appearance of
    the Dark Dwarfs. So, get the Axe and warp to Dagger Wound
    Island. Talk to Dadeross and ask him to identify the axe you
    found as Balthazar's Axe. He'll give you a certificate of
    authentication. Now, warp to Balthazar's Lair in Ravage Roaming  area and
    receive your promotion!
    The Minotaur may wield the strongest armor and is great with
    his axe, but don't gorget he's unable to wear any headgear or
    boots, meaning he'll be a little short on Armor Class in his
    totals. This ain't good, and means you'll take more damage than
    usual. Since you'll remain at level 1, this is a MAJOR problem.
    On the positive side, axes are one of the best weapons for this
    style of play!
    Stat point distribution:
    We are not going to use any magic with this character, so:
    -2 from Intellect, Personality, Luck
    +4 to Endurance, Accuracy, Speed
    + 16 to Might (maximize it - 30 points)
    You start with Axe and Spirit Magic, so pick Chain and Body
    Building as additional skills. Bow is not available.
    4. Dark Elf
    Availability: Extremely High
    Challenge: Moderate
    Promotion: save Cauri Blackthorne. She can be found in the
    Murmurwoods area, near the Druid Circle. She is turned to stone
    by the basilisks that inhabit the location, and you must find
    some Stone-to-Flesh scrolls to rescue her. So, talk to
    Relburn Jeebes in Alvar about Cauri, then leave for
    Murmurwoods. Find Dantilion's residence (it's near the road to
    the Sun Temple) and talk to him about Cauri - he'll give you 4
    scrolls of Stone to Flesh. Fly to the Circle, scout the area
    and locate Cauri. She's just north of the circle. Make the
    Basilisks follow you away from her statue, then quickly fly to
    it and hit it. She'll turn to normal again and will tell you
    that she'll be waiting for your party in Ravenshore. Not only
    you get your promotion, but you get a wonderful (and cute) 50th
    level character.
    Dark Elves are pure archers, which is nice, since most of the
    combats you'll enter will be from distance! However, they are
    low on HP, and SP, and I'm sure you'll rarely use magic (maybe
    save for Air, since one more Sparks spell will be nice for you) - so, the
    horseshoes we find will be spent for Air magic only.
    Stat point distribution:
    -2 from Intellect, Personality, Luck
    Make Might 15
    Make Accuracy 30
    Make Speed 14
    Make Endurance 10
    Dark Elves start with Bow and Dark Elf Ability. Pick Sword and
    Leather as additional skills. Buy the Dagger skill as soon as
    possible and make him (her) expert dagger, then wield Sword +
    5. Vampire.
    Availability: Somewhat Low
    Challenge: Moderate
    Promotion: You must first go to Ravage Roaming and find the
    Crypt of Korbu (it's near the Ogre Fort, an area, which you'll
    necessarily complete). Use Invisibility before entering and
    scout the area for hidden doors. A hidden passage will lead to
    a large marble block. Click on it and you'll get the
    Sarcophagus of Korbu. Then go to Ironsand Desert and plunder
    the Cyclops Larder. In it's deepest places you'll find a chest,
    which contains his remains. Bring both Sarcophagus and Remains to the Vampire
    in Shadowspire city and you'll get a promotion
    to Nosferatu!
    In my opinion, the Vampire is wastly underestimated. The Dagger
    is the fastest weapons, with the chance of dealing triple
    damage to oponents and two attacks per round. In addition, the
    GM level now increases its damage, making this weapon something
    the enemies should fear. As for this type of play, the Vampire
    is nice because of the fact he'll wear two daggers, meaning his
    damage will be quite high! On the negative side, he doesn't
    have much HP...
    Stat point distribution:
    -2 from Intellect, Personality and Luck
    Make Might 20
    Make Accuracy, Endurance and Speed 20.
    Pick Leather and Regeneration as additional skills. Buy Dagger
    at first possibility and pump up points here. after you have
    lvl 4 Dagger, make him expert and start wielding Sword +
    6. Cleric.
    Availability: High
    Challenge: High
    Promotion: In the abandoned Temple in Dagger Wound Island, find
    the large rooms with lots of traps in it. Turn back and enter
    the right passage. Explore the area and you'll find an elipse
    looking room, full of Serpentmen and Couatles. Kill everything
    inside and carefully search the wall to the left of you for
    hidden doors.A big panel will open, revealing a book. This is
    the "Prophecies of the Sun" book. Take it and deliver it to
    Stephen in Murmurwoods for your promotion.
    The Cleric is very low on hit points, meaning he'll (she'll)
    die very, very often. In addition, we are not going to raise
    levels in this game, so his spells will remain extremely weak.
    I don't see any positive side here.
    Stat point distribution:
    -2 from INtellect, Personality and Luck
    Make Might 15
    Make Endurance 20
    Make Speed and Accuracy 15
    Pick Leather and Shield as additional skills and forget about
    7. Necromancer
    Availability: Moderate
    Challenge: Very High
    Promotion: In Dagger Wound Island you can find the Uplifted
    Library on an Island near the upper corner of the map. Enter
    it while invisible and just keep on going upwards till there
    are no more elevators. Climb the stairs at the top levels and
    walk the thin path to the panel with a button on it. Hit the
    button and a part of the Roof will go down. Walk on the plate
    and it'll go up. In the chest there you can find the Lost Book
    of Kehl. After that, go to the Mad Necromancer's Lab. Turn left
    and walk the stairs down. Scout the area and you'll find a room
    with lots of chests on the right wall. Along with Ebonest,
    there are lots of Lich Soul Jars there. Now, having the Book
    and a Jar, go to Vetrinus Taleshire's house (just in front of
    the Tavern) to receive your promotion to Lich.
    The challenge is indeed high if you want to start a Necromancer
    - he's extremely low on HP, will die very, very often. He is
    only useful if you can raise both Dagger and Air magic skills
    to level 4, so that he can use dual-daggers and Sparks. Yet,
    it's a pure suicide to start with this character...
    Stat point distribution:
    -2 from Intellect, Personality, Luck
    Make Might 12
    Make Endurance 25
    Make Speed and Accuracy 14
    Pick Leather and Air Magic as additional skills. Buy Dagger
    skill as soon as possible.
    This covers all characters. As you see, you may as well play
    all of them, but you'll come to some problems if you try the
    low-on-HP characters and you'll have to count on your stronger
    III. Equipment to aim for.
    Here, I'll post the best equipment (of course, consisting only
    from artifacts, relics and special items)for each character. If
    you can find even a part of this equipment, consider yourself
    incredibly lucky!
    1. Troll.
    Weapons: Breaker, Mace of the Sun
    Armor: Drogg's Helm, Archangel Wings, Serendine's Preservation,
    Berserker belt, Herald's Boots, Ring of Planes
    2. Knight.
    Weapons: Spiritslayer, Glomenthal, Elsenrail, Wyrm Spitter,
    Armor: Supreme Plate, Drogg's Helm, Archangel Wings, Berserker
    Belt, Herald's boots, Ring of Planes
    3. Minotaur.
    Weapons: Volcano, Hell's Cleaver
    Shields: Herondale's Lost Shield
    Armor: Any good Plate mail, Berserker Belt, Archangel Wings,
    Ring of Planes
    4. Dark Elf.
    Weapons: Longseeker, Tournament Bow, Glomental, Elsenrail
    Armor: Glomenmail, Drogg's Helm, Archangel Wings, Berserker
    Belt, Herald's Boots, Ring of Planes
    5. Vampire.
    Weapons: Glomenthal, Elsenrail, Foulfang
    Armor: Serendine's Preservation, Drogg's Helm, Archangel Wings,
    Herald's Boots, Ring of Planes
    6. Cleric.
    Weapons: Breaker, Mace of the Sun
    Armor: Serendine's Preservation, Drogg's Helm, Archangel Wings,
    Herald's Boots, Ring of Planes
    7. Necromancer.
    Weapons: Staff of the Swamp, Staff of the Elements, Blade of
    Armor: Last Stage Cuirass, Serendine's Preservation, Crown of
    Final Dominion, Archangel Wings, Herald's Boots, Ring of
    This stuff will help you endure throughout the game awhile
    IV. Artifacts, Relics and Special Items list.
    I have decided to include this (I haven't copied it from
    anywhere, I can assure you), because I'm speaking about certain
    items, and you can't see their specifications. So, here goes!
    Attack: +10  Damage: 2d3 +10
    Specs: Vampiric, +10 Poison damage, VAMPIRE ONLY
    Judicious Measure
    Attack: +13  Damage: 2d4 +13
    Specs: Endurance +40, Luck +40, Ogre Slaying
    Drogg's Helm
    Defense: 12
    Specs: +15 Intellect, +15 Personality, Regenerates HP over time
    Archangel Wings
    Defense: 10
    Specs: Feather Falling, Intellect +30, All resistances +10
    Herald's Boots
    Defense: 10
    Specs: +30 Speed, Swift, Immunity to Sleep
    Berserker Belt
    Artificer Belt
    Specs: +100 Might, Immunity to Fear, Accuracy -39, Armor Class
    Attack: +13  Damage: 1d9 +13
    Specs: Vampiric, Might +50, Luck -40
    Attack: +14  Damage: 3d4 +14
    Specs: Armsmaster skill +7, Air resistance +30
    Attack: +14  Damage: 3d3 +14
    Specs: Might +40, Adds 10-20 pts of Dark Damage
    Attack: +14  damage: 3d3 +14
    Specs: Accuracy +40, adds 10-20 pts of Light Damage
    Attack: +10  Damage: 5d2 +10
    Specs: Accuracy +50, Swift, Bow skill +4
    Ring of Fusion
    Specs: of Water Magic, Alchemy Skill +5, Intellect +40,
    Endurance -20
    Defense: 3
    Specs: Disarm Trap skill +8, Bow skill +8, Armsmaster skill +8
    Crown of Final Dominion
    Specs: Intellect +50, of Dark Magic, LICH ONLY
    Blade of Mercy
    Attack: +15  Damage: 2d2 +15
    Specs: Might +50, Adds 4-10 pts of Elec damage, Accuracy -40,
    Serendine's Preservation
    Leather Armor
    Defense: 34
    Specs: Endurance +30, Regenerates HP over time
    Attack: +12  Damage: 3d3 +12
    Specs: Might +20, Endurance +20, Adds 10-20 pts of Body damage
    Scepter of Kings
    Scepter (Mace)
    Attack: +14  Damage: 2d4 +14
    Specs: Personality +40, Regenerates HP over time
    Two-Handed Axe
    Attack: +15  Damage: 3d7 +15
    Specs: Adds 10-20 pts of Fire Damage, Fire Resistance +40
    Wyrm Spitter
    Attack: +14  Damage: 1d9 +14
    Specs: Endurance +20, Dragon Slaying, Swift
    Two-Handed Sword
    Attack: +15  Damage: 4d5 +15
    Specs: Adds 10-20 pts of Fire Damage, Slow, Speed -20
    Trident of Rulership
    Attack: +13  Damage: 2d6 +13
    Specs: Water Breathing, Water Resistance +70, Fire Resistance
    Attack: +12  Damage: 4d2 +12
    Specs: Might +20, Swift, Adds 6-12 pts of Cold Damage, MINOTAUR
    Last Stage Cuirass
    Leather Armor
    Defense: 19
    Specs: Personality +80, Intellect +70, Mind and Spirit
    Resistances -30
    Hell's Cleaver
    Attack: +12  damage: 4d2 +12
    Specs: Might +70, Accuracy +70, Intellect -50, Personality -50
    Lucky Hat
    Specs: Luck +90, Personality -50
    Attack: +12  damage: 3d4 +12
    Specs: Slows Target, Personality -15, Water resitance -50
    Templar Sword (Longsword)
    Attack: +15  Damage: 3d3 +15
    Specs: Accuracy +70, Speed +70, Armor Class -20
    Lightning Crossbow
    Attack: +12  Damage: 4d2 +12
    Specs: Swift, Accuracy -50, DARK ELF ONLY
    Staff of the Swamp
    Attack: +10  Damage: 3d4 +10
    Specs: of Shielding, Immunity to Paralyze, Disease, Poison
    Herondale's Lost Shield
    Defense: 14
    Specs: Immunity to fear, Paralysis, Stone, Sleep, Personality
    -15, Luck -15
    Staff of Elements
    Attack: +4  Damage: 2d4 +4
    Specs: Of Fire, Air, Water and Earth Magic, Armor Class -40
    Tournament Bow
    Attack: +10  damage: 5d2 +10
    Specs: Accuracy +100, Bow Skill +5, Armor Class -20
    Supreme Plate
    Plate Armor
    Defense: 70
    Specs: Speed +15, Accuracy +15, KNIGHT ONLY
    Attack: +15  Damage: 3d6 +15
    Specs: +10 to all statistics, Adds 10-20 pts of Body Damage
    Chain Mail
    Defense: 48
    Specs: +10 to all statistics, +10 to all resistances, DARK ELF
    Noblebone Bow
    Attack: +12  Damage: 5d4 +12
    Ring of the Planes
    Specs: +40 to all elemental resistances
    Mace of the Sun
    Attack: +7  Damage: 3d4 +7
    Specs: Double Damage vs. Elementals
    Defense: 21
    Specs: Of Body, Mind and Spirit Magic
    V. Quick-time victory walkthrough
    This part of the walkthrough describes one of my games, which I
    managed to win in a month and 19 days (a day shorter according
    to the certificate). To read this, I assume you've won the
    game at least one time, know all crucial buildings, which have
    major impact over the game. I won't get too descriptive in the
    specific quests!
    Character Pickup
    Chosen character:
    Zlatka Dobreva the Knight
    Stats: 20 Might, 9 intellect, 9 Personality, 15 Endurance, 15
    Accuracy, 15 Speed, 9 Luck
    Additional skills: Bow and Shield
    Day 1 of Month 1. Location: Dagger Wound Island
    You start just in front of the caravans. Turn around and open
     the crates. They are full of Tolbersk Fruits and Empty Bottles
    - but some of them have Bottles of Tolbersk Brandy inside. Pick
    the two botles of brandy, which can be sold here, in Dagger
    Wound Island, in Long-tail's house, found hear the Adventurer's
    Now, equip everything drink from the barrels near you and go to
    the tavern. You must win the Arcomage game now. In fact, you
    must win this game in every area you enter (I won't tell you
    this every time) in order to get a real nice artifact sword -
    the Glomental. But, for now we are concerned with the 600 gold
    you get for this win. These money will be extremely neccessary.
    Practically, the gold will play no major part in your game,
    rest assured! You won't train in order to need gold for
    After you won the game, go sell this Brandy. After you got
    your money from Long-tail, travel to the Clan Leader's house.
    I would like you to know, that WE ARE NOT CONCERNED WITH ANY
    SIDE QUESTS! So, just talk to Dadeross and get the letter, then
    speak with Brekish Onefang and choose the "Portals of Stone"
    topic. He'll give you a crystal and will ask you to find
    Frederick talimere the Cleric for more information about the
    crystal. Leave and walk to your northwest. Pass the Training
    Grounds, the big house and the well and one of the houses you
    face is Talimere's. Talk to him about the "Power Stone". Since
    he has one, he'll offer you to join your company. Select "yes"
    and you got your first companion!
    Now, go to the Adventurer's Inn. There are two more companions
    here - Elzbeth Lamentia the Vampire and Devlin Arcanus the
    Necromancer. recruit them both.
    Skill point distribution:
    Raise Talimere's Body Magic Skill up to 5 (ready for expert)
    Raise Devlin's Air Magic Skill up to 4 and Fire magic up to 3
    Buy Disarm Trap skill for Elzbeth Lamentia and raise it up to 5
    Make devlin Expert Air Magic here. The house of reshie is near
    the Adventurer's Inn. Now, leave the Village and travel to the
    teleporter to the south. Plunder all chests you see in the way,
    and forget about combat. In one of the three houses just before
    the teleporter Chevron Wist teaches Expert Disarm Trap skill.
    Make Elzbeth Expert Disarm. Now, continue to the teleporter and
    Evade the fight with the Pirates here and plunder the 4 chests
    on the hill. Then travel to the houses near the next teleporter
    and make Frederick Expert Body magic there (he heals a lot
    better now). Leave trough the teleporter again. You have
    reached the last island, without a teleporter and a path,
    leading to the Abandoned temple. Prepare for fight. On entering
    the temple, you'll find another character, called Simon Templar
    - he's a knight, just what you need! A strong combatant! And
    now, your party's full.
    Zlatka Dobreva, Frederick Talimere, Elzbeth Lamentia, Devlin
    Arcanus, Simon Templar
    No time to return to Adventurer's Inn and swap the placement.
    Continue the game that way. Try to waste as less time as
    possible. It's not crucial, but it's better to get to the ship
    before 6 pm (he closes then), or you'll have to wait till
    tomorrow. Unless you play the challenging game with a Cleric
    as a main character, don't search for the Prophecies of the Sun
    book - you'll just waste time!
    When I left the temple, it was 12:37 PM - nice achievement.
    Then just go around the mountain and activate the teleporter.
    You'll get warped just in front fo the Clan Leader's House.
    Talk to Brekish to deliver the good news that the teleporters
    are repaired now and leave Dagger Wound Island through the
    ship, "The Dauntless".
    You travel 4 days.
    Day 5, Month 1. Location: Ravenshore
    Drink from all barels near the shipyard and then from the
    fountain near the Merchant's House of Alvar. This will activate
    this area as a Town Portal location. Now, enter the house and
    deliver the letter from Dadeross to Edgar Fellmoon, the
    Guildmaster. Accept the quest for Blackmailing the Wererat
    Smuggler and search the seaside area. In one of the houses, you
    should meet Arius the Minotaur. Since we're going to do BIG
    fights, Devlin's often deaths will be a formidable obstacle.
    So, dismiss Devlin Arcanus and recruit Arius.
    Zlatka Dobreva, Frederick Talimere, ELzbeth Lamentia, Simon
    Templar, Arius
    Now, go to the stables and take the two horseshoes, but DON'T
    USE THEM! We'll need them later on. Now go to the Smugglers's
    Cave and enter it. You may have some problems clearing out the
    first area, so leave if you see the bitter end! Heal and enter
    again. This is a sure way to empty the first area, which will
    be nice for an outpost!
    Day 6, Month 1. Location: Smuggler's Caves, Ravenshore
    Continue cleaning the caves. You may as well have finished by
    now... And discover that this day is completely empty for you.
    Do whatever you want today, for my plans don't include
    travelling today. Here's why:
    -> IF: Ravenshore->Alvar->Murmurwoods->Alvar->Ravenshore you'll
    spend 2+5+5+2=14+ days (I'm not sure if you'll get back to
    ravenshore in time).
    -> IF: 1 day->Garrote Gorge->Shadowspire->1 day->Ironsand
    Desert->Alvar->Murmurwoods->Portal to Ravenshore this is
    1+2+3+2+1+2+5=16 days, but you employ both Alvar and
    Shadowspire locations by activating the waypoints and recriut
    useful people.
    So, rest today, or fight! Your call on this one. Just don't
    Oh, and don't forget to deliver the report for successfully
    blackmailing the Wererat Smuggler.
    Day 7, Month 1. Location: Raveshore
    Travel to Garrote Gorge.
    Day 9, Month 1. Location: Garrote Gorge
    Get the three horseshoe near the stables and again, don't use
    them. You'll need it in a moment. Leave the Fortress and talk
    to Leane Stormlance, the daughter of Blazen Stormlance the
    Knight. She'll ask you to find her father.
    Go to the Dragon caves. Dismiss Elzbeth on entering them and
    recruit Ithilgore.
    Zlatka Dobreva, Frederick Talimere, Simon Templar, Arius,
    Give all the horseshoes to Ithilgore! Raise his Dragon Ability
    up to 7 and make him expert and master Dragon here, in the
    Caves. Now you can FLY!
    Well, you got Ithilgore, so cast Fly and return to the fortress
    to use the stables. Travel to Shadowspire for 3 days.
    Day 12, Month 1. Location: Shadowspire
    Drink from the fountain first, so that Shadowspire becomes a
    Town Portal location. Then, dismiss Frederick Talimere and
    Arius and recruit the 15th level Gethric Mercutura the Vampire
    and Nathaniel Roberts the Necromancer.
    Zlatka Dobreva, Simon Templar, Ithilgore, Gethric Mercutura,
    Nathaniel Roberts
    Raise Roberts' Air and Water magic skills up to 7.
    Do whatever you want today - win the arcomage, take the quest
    for the Lost book of Kehl, etc. And sleep.
    Day 13, Month 1. Location: Shadowspire
    Go to the stables and leave for the Ironsand Desert. Don't
    forget to take the horseshoes!
    Day 15, Month 1. Location: Ironsand Desert
    Take the two horseshoes and make Nathaniel Roberts Water Magic
    MASTER. He'll be able to use Town Portal now!
    After you do this, leave for Alvar.
    Day 17, Month 1. Location: Alvar
    Drink from the fountain to make Alvar a Town Portal location
    and go to the Elemental Guild. Save before entering and try to
    find 2 Town Portal Spells and an Invisibility spell. Don't give
    up till you find those! IT'S BEST IF YOU FIND A FLY SPELL TOO!
    Now, talk to Relburn Jeebes about rescuing Cauri Blackthorne
    and give one of the two Town portal spells to Nathaniel. Then,
    cast Fly and leave through the small canyon near the Fortress
    for Murmurwoods. we'l be rescuing Cauri!
    Day 22, Month 1. Location: Murmurwoods
    Cast Fly and go to the village. If you're a Cleric, accept your
    promotion from Stephes for returning the prophecies of the Sun
    and take the scrolls of Stone to Flesh from Dantillion (his
    residence is along the road), win the Arcomage and fly to the
    Druid Circle. Make the basilisks follow you, locate Cauri, fly
    quickly to her, hit her to make the beutiful girl normal again
    and talk for a promotion if you're a Dark Elf!
    If you're a Troll, use Ithilgore's Fly to discover the location
    of the Ancient Troll homeland. Just enter it and leave. It's
    all you need to do!
    Get back a several feets above the ground and use Nathaniel to
    make a Portal to Ravenshore.
    Day 22, Month 1. Location: Ravenshore
    Weehaw! We get our first 50th level character! Dismiss Simon
    Templar and go to the Adventurer's Inn to rearrange the order
    of your party.
    Zlatka Dobreva, Cauri Blackthorne, Ithilgore, Gethric Mercutura
    and Nathaniel Roberts
    heal in the temple and go to Alvar to return the report to
    Bastian Luodrin. After that, warp tp Shadowspire.
    Day 22, Month 1. Location: Shadowspire
    Tomorrow, you'll be able to travel to Ironsand Desert again!
    So, this means we have only today to rescue Blazen Stormlance
    and recover the spear Ebonest for him. Give the second TP spell
    to Cauri and the Invisibility spell too. Use Ithilgore's Fly
    and cast Traveller's Boon from Cauri. Travel to the Mad
    Necromancer's Lab and cast Invisibility. Enter the Lab.
    Immediately take the first room to the left and go down the
    stairs. SAVE OFTEN! I know you're not supposed to do this part
    of the game if you're playing a character different from Nerco
    or Knight!
    You're now in the corridore with green walls. Continue forward
    from the starway and turn left at the second junction (the
    second passage continues forward, and the first junction leads
    to some Skeletal Dragons)and continue forward. You'll have to
    pass invisible by some Skeleton archers without bumping into
    them. Save before doing so! It is very difficult and requires
    some skill to complete (and tries). Once you've gotten past them
    continue to the room with 4 chests. In one of them is the
    Ebonest, in the others you can find items, Lich jars (take
    some!) and the Puzzle Box which really looks like the Control
    Cube from Might and Magic VI and VII...
    Now, go back. Save before the skeleton archers again and try
    to pass by them... It will take some trials again. and of
    course, carefull planning of the sutiation. Always hug the
    Leave the Lab, recast Invisibility and enter again. This time,
    go to the second floor (using the elevator) and talk to Blazen
    Stormlance, found behind the door. He'll ask for help. So,
    leave the Lab once again and warp to Ravenshore.
    Go to Dervish Chevron's house (near the upper tavern) and ask
    for a cure for Blazen Stormlance. Dervish will give you a
    crystal, called the "Gem of Restoration". Return to the Mad
    Necro's Lab in Shadowspire and free Blazen from his curse. Then
    warp back to Ravenshore.
    Dismiss Gethric Mercutura and recruit Blazen Stormlance. Make
    rearrangements in your party.
    Zlatka Dobreva, Blazen Stormlance, Cauri Blackthorne, Ithilgore
    and Nathaniel Roberts
    We have yet time today to do questing. Warp to Dagger Wound
    Island and travel to the Uplifted Library. cast Invisibility
    and start using the elevators (beware! Don't bump into anyone)
    till you hit the highest level. Take the stairs, walk the thin
    path and hit the button on the panel. A section of the roof
    will go down. Step on it, and it'll go up again. In the small
    area there's a chest. Open it to find the Lost Book of Kehl and
    an artifact or two!
    Warp back to Shadowspire. Promote Nathaniel to Lich (giving
    Vetrinus Taleshire as Soul Jar and the Book!) and rest till
    Day 23, Month 1. Location: Shadowspire
    Use the stables to travel for Ironsand Desert for 2 days.
    Day 25, Month 1. Location: Ironsand Desert
    Talk to Overdune Snapfinger and take his brother's ashes. You
    must place them in the Troll's tomb. Enter it and follow the
    next move pattern: North->North->North->East->South->West->
    North->Tomb. Place the Ashes in the furthermost sarcophagus
    and leave this place.
    Now, if you're a Vampire, cast Invisibility from cauri and
    enter the Cyclops' Larder. You must find Kobru's remains here.
    One way or another, return to Overdune. Temporarily dismiss
    Roberts and recruit Overdune. Then visit the Flandring's cave
    (invisible, reach the chest and plunder the 2-3 artifacts
    there) and the Chain of Fire (invisible again, plunder the lone
    chest in the middle of the lava - 2-3 artifacts) - just be
    careful in the chain, save before entering the chest area, for
    there are some very powerful fireball traps there!
    Warp back to Alvar and deliver the witness to Bastian Luodrin.
    Return to Ravenshore, drop Overune and hire Roberts back. The
    next day we'll travel to Ravage Roaming.
    We'll be forming the alliances now!
    Day 26, Month 1. Location: Ravenshore
    Travel to Ravage Roaming for 4 days, using the Smuggler's
    Day 2, Month 2. Location: Ravage Roaming
    Win the Arcomage game and plunder the chests containing the
    Dread Pirate Stenly's Treasure. In one of them you can find the
    Judicious Measure artifact cutlass. Take advantage of this.
    Then go to Balthazar's lair. We will be unflooding it! Here's
    the correct combination:
    The combination is written on a scroll found on the second
    level of the Lair, near a heap of bones. It might be easily
    mistaken with a first-level spell scroll, so don't be fooled
    like me the first time I was clearing the lair :-) I unflood
    it, but it took me 20 minutes to solve the combination!
    Having unflood the lair, talk to Masul and you have the first
    Leave the lair and enter the Ogre Fortress now. Clear it from
    top to bottom and get the Dragon Leader's egg. Then, if you
    happen to be a Vampire, go to Korbu's crypt and get the
    sarcophagus (while invisible, of course! You can't fight the
    Warp to Shadowspire and pay a little visit to Sandro in his
    Necromancer's Guild. He'll ask you to retrieve the Nightshade
    Brazier from the temple of the Sun in Murmurwoods. But first,
    you need to get Dyson Leyland first. He's found on the opposite
    tower in the Necromancer's Guild. Again, temporary dismiss
    Nathaniel Roberts and recruit Dyson.
    Warp to Alvar and travel to Murmurwoods.
    Day 7, Month 2. Location: Murmurwoods.
    Go to the Sun temple and click on the blinking red switch
    just below one of the torches on the upper level. It will
    cause the large star sign on the lover level to shift and go
    up. Go to the lower level and fall in one of the star's walls
    (there's a visible hall). Proceed to the Brazier location and
    save. Go behind the pedestal, put your cursor over Cauri, hit
    space to take it and use her Townportal spell to warp to
    Ravenshore before the Clerics of the Sun have become hostile.
    Now, hope you've been FAST enough so that the stables aren't
    closed. I was there in 4:52 (nice timing!) and successfully
    went to Garrote Gorge.
    Day 9, Month 2. Location: Garrote Gorge
    Give the egg to Charles Quixote and dismiss Dyson Leyland. Go to
    Leane Stormlance and place the cursor over her father. She'll be
    happy to know her daddy's safe and will immediately join your
    party. So, with Leane in hand, go to Quixote and promote to
    Now, return to Shadowspire. Go to the Necromancers' Guild and
    talk to Sandro about the alliance. He'll go to Ravenshore in
    the Merchants' Guild, and it's best to do this yourself too.
    Talk to Edgar Fellmoon and he'll ask you to sink the Regnan
    Fleet. However, we haven't been to regna yet, so, warp to
    Dagger Wound Island. Fly to the southern island, where a new
    building has appeared. Enter it and make your way to the
    submarine. You'll have to kill Blackwell Cooper in the process,
    and get the key from him. This key not only opens up the way to
    the submarine, but is the key for a secret chest which hides
    the Terminus Broadsword artifact. This chest is found near the
    entrance to this building.
    Now, use the submarine to emerge in Regna. You'll find yourself
    in a small cave, full of enemies. Run to the bridge and leave the
    submarine area. Evade all combat and leave the cave to find
    yourself in Regna.
    Drink from the fountain to allow teleportation to this place and
    use Fly to get to the big building on top of the hill near the
    Regna village. Cast all beneficial spells, cast invisibility and
    enter it.
    I suggest that you clear out this place. Having it empty, you can
    easily cast an Invisibility spell and go all the way through the
    Passage Under Regna, without fighting.
    Go through the passage, hug the walls so that nobody runs into
    your arty and leave it. You'll find yourself in the building that
    hold the Canonball of Dominion - the thing we need to sink the
    Regnan Fleet.
    I'm confident that you're still invisible and will easily fetch
    the cannonball without being noticed. Leave the Outpost quickly
    before the Invisibility runs out (meaning you have about 1h 10
    mins to do all that!). Evade all combat if noticed! Just run.
    Day 10, Month 2. Location: Regnan Islands.
    It's time to sink the Regnan Fleet. Use Flu to go the the big
    Cannon in the northern part of the map. Hit the white panel
    and you'll hear rumbling... You are thrown about 15 feet above
    the ground in the AIR! Cast either feather fall or keep
    airbourne, or you'll take damage by falling.
    Warp back to ravenshore and bring the good news. Then accept the
    quest for taking to Xanthor.Go to the hostel near the crystal and
    find the wise sage there. He'll ask you to find the heartstones
    of fire, air, water and earth.
    But first, we'll make a switch or two. Dismiss Ithilgore and
    Leane Stormlance and recruit Dervish Chevron the Priest of the
    Sun from Ravenshore and Vetrinus Taleshire the Lich from
    Zlatka Dobreva, Blazen Stormlance, Cauri Blackthorne, Dervish
    Chevron, Vetrinus Taleshire
    OK, let's go get some heartstones. The heartstones of Earth and
    Water are accessible without travelling, just with portals. So,
    warp to Dagger Wound Island and go to the Uplifted Library area
    - the Portal to the Plane of Earth is there! Cast all beneficial
    spells, cast invisibility fron Vetrinus and enter. Make your way
    to the elevator and go down. Now, prepare your strongest spells
    (Shrapmetal from Vetrinus, Power Cure from Dervish and Sparks
    from Cauri) and attack the Juggernauts which block the stairways
    up. Kill them and run up. OOPS! Save the game before showing
    yourself! If you manage to climb to the next floor, run in the
    corridore, attack the earth elementals and get the heartstone.
    I hope Vetrinus has 20 SP to portal away from here... If not, pay
    more attention to your spell points!
    Heal in any temple and warp to Balthazar's lair. Leave it and
    enter the portal to the plane of Water. get the other hearrtstone
    and warp to Alvar. Then travel to Murmurwoods.
    Day 15, Month 2. Location: Murmurwoods
    I think it should be a little late in the day (about 5PM), so you
    have the entire night before you to take the heartstone of Air.
    The castle of air is nice because there are at least 2 artifacts
    hidden in the chests, so, lay your hands of them without
    hesitation. :-)
    Day 16, Month 2. Location: Murmurwoods
    You have taken the Heartstone of Air! So, now the last heartstone
    of Fire remains. Warp to Shadowspire and take the Caravan to the
    Ironsand Desert.
    Day 18, Month 2. Location: Ironsand Desert
    Now, let's get the heartstone of fire! The protal is near the
    lava sea, so scoult a little and you'll find it. Cast all
    beneficial spells again, along with invisibility and enter.
    Be sure to make your way to the Training camp. It's a nice
    place to enlarge the collection of artifacts and relics...
    There are at least 2 guaranteed there. You don't have to fight,
    just be careful, so that you don't bump into an enemy. Collect
    the artifacts and leave.
    Next, the Fire Castle! I used Sparks here from Terinus and Cauri,
    while Dervish was healing my party. Sparks is nice, simce the
    corridores here are thin and each sparks hits nice, disallowing
    the enemy to retaliate at times...
    Reach the fire tunnel and run. You don't have to fight the
    enemies there, unless they don't block your way (rarely happens)!
    Just run and leave the tunnel. You'll find yourselfjust in front
    of the crystal. Be nasty, just take it and warp out with
    Vetrinus. Cast Town Portal to Ravenshore.
    Go to Xantor's hostel and get the elemental key from him. And now
    I made my final switch. Considering I need more firepower, I went
    to Regna and killed everything in Duroth's cave, and finally,
    recruited "the most powerful" (hell, if I rased Ithilgore to lvl
    50, he would've beeen better! Unfortunately, that's not available)
    Dragon - Duroth the Eternal. He's level 50, and his dragon breath
    does 20-120 damage - something Blazen couldn't dream of. So, I
    dropped Dervish and Blazen and recruited Duroth the Eternal
    and Brimstone from Shadowspire.
    NOTE: Brimstone's cave is near the NE corner of the map. It's
    extremely difficult to be seen, so, you may have some problems
    noticing it at first. And second, you must fly to reach it.
    Zlatka Dobreva, Duroth the Eternal, Brimstone, Cauri Blackthorne,
    Vetrinus Taleshire
    Why? Because I knew I could well complete the game without much
    fight and invisible. Actually, I passed Escaton's crystal
    without even taking a swing at someone, and receive a swing from
    anyone. However, in Escaton's Palace I really had to fight. But
    no matter, the enemies there aren't that difficult. Some Ether
    Lords, some plane protectors... Not big deal! Just fight and
    push every switch you see to open the doors, leading to Escaton's
    Throne room. Talk to Escaton, answer his riddles:
    Riddle 1 - prison
    Riddle 2 - inside
    Riddle 3 - egg
    NOTE: The answers are found in the Merchants' House of Alvar in
    Ravenshore. If you explore the area carefully, you'll find a
    library. You can get a "Torn Page" there. It consists of answers
    to riddles. Just see that one of the answers corresposnd to the
    question. EASY!
    After answering, you get the Ring of Keys, which will open the
    egg-cells of the Elemental lords. The egg-cells are place in th 4
    ends of the map - NE, NW, SW, SE. It is highly possible that the
    day has passed, so...
    Make a beacon near the entrance of Escaton's Palace and leave.
    Day 19, Month 2. Location: The Plane Between Planes
    Today, we'll just free all Elemental Lords. Of course, use
    Invisibility. The biggest pain is the Prison of Aqualander, the
    Water lord. It is fiery area, and you'll have to walk on lava
    al the time. Well, hug the walls and evade the lava pools. When
    you reach his door, free him, warp to any town, heal in the
    temple and recall the beacon you have created just before
    leaving Escaton's Palace. Finish of the libertion, just pay
    attention to the enemy movement and all is done!
    Now, warp back to Ravenshore and the game is complete!
    -                                                               -
    -                                                               -
    -                       CONGRATULATIONS!                        -
    -                                                               -
    -               ZLATKA DOBREVA THE LEVEL 1 CHAMPION             -
    -                                                               -
    -                                                               -
    -   Excellent work! By thwarting the Destroyer of Worlds,       -
    -   you have pulled your world from the brink of unending       -
    -   oblivion. Not only may life life continue, but a new        -
    -                          PEACE                                -
    -   reigns over Jadame. The mighty alliance you forged will     -
    -   see to the land's restoration and eventual                  -
    -                       PROSPERITY.                             -
    -                                                               -
    -                                                               -
    -              TOTAL TIME: 0 years, 1 Month, 18 Days            -
    -                                                               -
    -                       YOUR SCORE: 28 898                      -
    -                                                               -
    1. You need a powerful character to begin the game.
    2. Since he'll be remaining at level 1, he needs a powerful
    equipment - any artifact, relic or special item he may wear.
    3. If you find equipment, that adds to Hit Points, put it on
    immediately. You'll need more life to survive the upcoming
    4. Take care about your cleric and necromancer first. This means
    that even your character may seem important to you, it would be
    better that he dies, but your Necromancer remains alive to warp
    the entire party to the nearest temple and heal in time.
    5. Don't care about money. You won't need them. They'll just
    keep multiplying before you know it. I finished the game with over
    750 000 gold, just because I didn't train and money never went
    that way (for training I mean!).
    6. Try to inflict the highest possible damage. This means that
    you must choose weapon with high damage (Spear, Two-handed Sword,
    Dual-Dagger, Dagger+Sword, etc.). Don't forget to cast Bless,
    Heroism and all other beneficial spells you may have.
    7. If you see an area, which you can't complete by fight, then
    sneak through unnoticed! INVISIBILITY is the best addition to
    spells since Might and Magic VII!
    VII. Game statistics.
    The following artifacts were generated in Zlatka's adventures:
    (refer to artifact list for more info):
    Drogg's Helm
    Tournament Bow
    Herald's Boots
    Herondale's Lost Shield
    Berserker Belt
    Serendine's Preservation
    Hell's Cleaver
    Judicious Measure
    Mace of the Sun
    Noblebone Bow x2
    Lightning Crossbow
    Crown of Final Dominion
    Staff of Elements
    Last Stage Cuirass
    Ring of Fusion
    23 (24 if taken into account the second Noblebone Bow)
    artifacts, relics and special itmes in all. Try to find as
    much as you can, since this has the greatest impact on your game!
    VIII. Special thanks
    To Zlatka, whose name I used as a main character. Believe me or
    not, she was a bit similar to the second female knight (the
    And again to her, for being such a wonderful friend and person!
    I never regret any minute I spent with her, no matter the tasks
    I had at hand... It was always worthwhile!
    Thanks, Zlatence Blqskawi4ko :-)
    Copyright DG Dobrev 28.06.2002
    All right reserved
    For personal use only
    No profit can be made from the distribution of this material

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