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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TNg

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/30/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Might and Magic VIII
    Day of the Destroyer
    Walkthrough Ver 1.1
    30 March 2000
    Timothy Ng, Singapore
    Send your constructive comments to njytim@hotmail.com
    This walkthrough Copyright 2000 Timothy Ng
    The walkthrough is 50% complete.
    Table of Contents
    What's New
    Character List
    Guided walkthrough/Quest list
         Dagger Wound Island
         Balthazar's Lair
         Ironsand Desert
         Garrote Gorge
         Promotional Quests
         Regna and the Last Quests
    Travel Schedules
    Alchemy and Potions
    Ore and Smiths
    Taverns and Arcomage
    Obelisk Puzzle
    What's New
    New to version 1.1
    Added the Arcomage Quest with a full list of taverns and victory conditions
    The dragonbane flower quest
    A character list with descriptions
    Some artifacts in the game
    Values of the ore
    Character List
    Simon Templar   Starting Level 5
    When he was a lad, the elders of Simon Templar's village were quick to notice 
    that intellectual pursuits were not in his future. Encouraging him to put down 
    his pen and pick up the sword, they made him into the soldier he is today.
    Joins you when you first enter the abandoned temple in Dagger Wound.
    Leane Stormlance   Starting Level 15
    As a daughter of Blazen Stormlance, Leane's whole childhood wasa spent playing 
    with swords as other girls played with dolls. Now a warrior of great repute, her 
    sword is yours to command.
    Joins your party after you rescue Blazen Stormlance and talk to her at 
    Stormlance Residence in Garrote Gorge.
    Blazen Stormlance   Starting Level 50
    The finest knight ever trained by Charles Quixote. Blazen has a personal crusade 
    against the Necromancers of Shadowspire and their attempts to create skeletal 
    dragons. His skill will prove very useful to you if you allow him to travel with 
    Joins you when you rescue him from the Mad Necromancer's Lab in Shadowspire
    and free him using Dervish Chevron's crystal.
    Tempus   Starting Level 50
    Among Dragon Hunters, Tempus is a legend. While most hunting parties consist of 
    at least twenty seasoned knights, Tempus prefers to hunt his prey solo. You are 
    fortunate to have in your service a knight of great ability.
    Can be recruited from Tempus' House in Garrote Gorge.
    Fredrick Talimere   Starting Level 5
    After he left the sanctuary of his order, Fredrick Talimere  found himself drawn
    towards secular pursuits, particularyly towards the study of cultures that have
    disappeared from the face of Jadame.
    Joins you after you deliver Brekish Onefang's message to him.
    Dyson Leyland   Starting Level 15
    Though a cleric schooled in the ways of the Sun Temple, his time in the 
    Necromancers' Guild as a secret agent left him with a dark nature. Though still 
    on the path of Light, the feels betrayed by his former order.
    Joins your party when you speak to him in the Necromancers' Guild when doing the 
    cleric vs. necromancer war quest.
    Maylander   Starting Level 15
    After making a reputation for himself in Erathia, Maylander, a cleric of the Sun 
    Temple, came to Jadame on a Sabbatical rest. The tug of the open road pulled too 
    strongly on him, however, and now he is in your service.
    Can be recruited from Maylander's House, Ravenshore.
    Impressed by the defeat of the Necromancers' Guild, Verish, a priest of the Sun 
    Temple, offered to join you, seeing your mission as one serving the greating 
    Path of Light.
    Can be recruited from Verish's House in the Murmurwoods after helping the 
    clerics in the war by destroying the Skeleton Transformer.
    Dervish Chevron    Starting Level 50
    Holder of the title of Keeper of the Light, Dervish will soon lead the Temple of 
    the Sun in Jadame. You are lucky to have such a strong follower of the Path of 
    Light travelling with you.
    Can be recruited from Dervish's Cottage in Ravenshore after you help
    Blazen Stormlance.
    Devlin Arcanus    Starting Level 5
    A newly initiated practicer of the Dark Arts, Arcanus is taking his first steps
    down the path which he hopes will lead him to power and glory. Strong in mind 
    if not body, he has concentrated his time in pursuit of magical knowledge.
    Can be recruited from The Adventurer's Inn in Dagger Wound.
    Karanya Memoria   Starting Level 15
    Cast out of the Necromancers' Guild for pursuing forms of knowledge too dark
    for even their corrupt tastes, Karanya Memoria now pursues greater power
    without the guild's help... or hindrance.
    Can be recruited from House Memoria, Ravenshore.
    Nathaniel Roberts   Starting Level 15
    Though not an official member of the Necromancers' Guild, Nathaniel Roberts has 
    gained considerable skill in the dark arts. Tolerated by guild members for his 
    willingness to perform certain favours, Roberts picks up his knowledge where he 
    can get it.
    Can be recruited from Roberts Residence, Shadowspire.
    Ventrinus Taleshire    Starting Level 50
    Next in line to lead the Necromancers' Guild in Shadowspire, Ventrinus has 
    nothing in his heart for the Temple of the Sun but contempt. You are luck to 
    have such a powerful student of the dark magics travelling with you.
    Can be recruited from Taleshire Hall, Shadowspire.
    Dark Elves
    Rohani Oscleton
    Trained to be a merhant caravan guard, Rohani's destiny seemed set until you 
    recruited her into your adventure. Talented in both magic and combat, her skills 
    are now at your disposal.
    Can be recruited from Oscleton Residence, Alvar.
    Jasp Thelbourne    Starting Level 15
    Though at least slightly too full of his own self importance, Jasp Thelbourne is 
    not entirely without bragging rights. An adventurer before you met him, he 
    travels with you now seeking to enlarge his glory and reputation.
    Can be recruited from Thelbourne Residence, Alvar.
    Cauri Blackthorne    Starting Level 50
    Guardmaster of the merchants of Alvar, Cauri is one of the finest warriors of 
    the Dark Elf people. She works for the Mrechant Council, running errands which 
    they feel require a "special" touch. Her skills wil be of great use if she is in 
    your service.
    Joins you after you rescue her in the Murmurwoods.
    Overdune Snapfinger    Starting Level 15
    All Overdune Snapfinger wanted to be was a simple hunter. The destruction of his 
    village of Rust by the elemental cataclysm changed all that. Now events have 
    made him an adventurer whose life now is tied into the ultimate destiny of the 
    world itself.
    Joins you after you help Vilebite.
    Volog Sandwind    Starting Level 15
    A warrior of Rust Village, Volog Sandwind earned the name "One Eye Slayer" while 
    championing the village's defense against raiding cyclopses. Now that you've 
    found his village a new homeland, he has joined your cause.
    Can be recruited from Schmecker's Hovel, Ironsand Desert.
    Sethrc Thistlebone    Starting Level 30
    Known in the village of Rust for his great sense of civic responsibility, Sethrc 
    Thistlebone chose to join you for the greater good of his people. Now in your 
    service he single-mindedly pursues an end to the elemental cataclysm.
    Can be recruited from Thistlebone residence, Ironsand Desert
    Thorne Understone    Starting Level 50
    It is uncommon to hear songs of trollish heroes in the Ravenshore taverns, but 
    when they are sung, chances are that their subject is Thorne Understone.
    Can be recruited from House Understone, Ravenshore.
    Arius    Starting Level 5
    Born of a long line of Balthazar Blacksmiths, Arius saw nothing in his life but 
    the pounding of metal in his future -- a prospect that did not sit well with 
    him. Seeking new experience, he left the underground city to find adventure in 
    the larger world.
    Can be recruited from Arius' House, Ravenshore.
    Thanys    Starting Level 15
    Grateful to you for rescuing his herd at Balthazar Lair, Thanys has pledged his 
    loyal service to you. Skilled in warcraft, he is a worthy companion.
    Can be recruited from Thanys' house in Balthazar's Lair after you drain it.
    Rionel    Starting Level 30
    A great hero of the Minotaurs' campaign against the Vori Frost Giants, Rionel 
    saw joining your quest as a great opportunity to know further glory. An expert 
    with both axe and bow, his skill at the arts of war make him a good companion in 
    Can be recruited from Rionel's house in Balthazar's Lair
    Ulbrecht    Starting Level 50
    Many minotaur heroes made their name in the war against the Vori Frost Giants, 
    but some names stand out more than others. "Ulbrecht" is such a name. Impressed 
    by your great deeds he has raised his axe in your service.
    Can be recruited from Ulbrecht's house in Balthazar's Lair
    Elsbeth Lamentia    Starting Level 5
    Turned into a vampire against her will by none other than Thant, the guildmaster 
    of the Necromancers' Guild, Elsbeth fled her native Shadowspire. Seeking a new 
    life, she found it as a freebooting adventurer.
    Can be recruited from The Adventurer's Inn in Dagger Wound.
    Artorius Veritas   Starting Level 50
    Grevious wounds forced the ancient vampire, Artorious Veritas, into a healing 
    slumber for thirty four years. Recently awaken, he chooses to travel with you to 
    see the changes time has wrought on Jadame.
    Ithilgore    Starting Level 5
    A youth among dragons, Ithilgore felt oppressed by the regimental society, of 
    Garrote Gorge Dragons. He jumped at the opportunity to explore the larger world 
    freely when you came by.
    Can be recruited from Ithilgore's Cave, Dragon Cave, Garrote Gorge
    Duroth the Eternal    Starting Level 50
    Few dragons live to become as old as Duroth. Disgusted with the younger 
    generation at Garrote Gorge, he left with his friend, Loeb, to form a new nest 
    built around the old ideals. Since that nest's fall he travels with you seeking 
    a clearer truth.
    Can be recruited from Old Loeb's Cave, northeastern Regna
    Quest List
    Dagger Wound Island
    Clan Leader's Hall, Main Village
    Brekish Onefang
    Objective: Talk to Frederick Talimere
    Go to Talimere's hut and talk to him
    Objective: Deliver Dadeross' letter to Elgar Fellmoon
    Take the ship to Ravenshore and go to the Merchant house. There are two doors. 
    One leads to a place and the other initiates a conversation with Elgar. Talk to 
    him to get a new quest.
    Rohtnax's house
    Objective: Fetch Isthric the tongue for Rohtnax.
    Use the teleporter and go to the extreme west island. 
    Go to Isthric's house and talk to Isthric. Return and talk to Rohtnax.
    Aislen's House, Main Village
    Objective: Deliver scrolls of Cure Disease to the infected houses
    Just go to the three houses on the extreme west island and click "yellow fever"
    in your conversation. Do the same for the three houses on the northwest island. 
    (The island with the the temple) More potions of cure disease can be found in 
    the chests in the middle of the extreme west island.
    Tisk's Hut
    Objective: Find the Prophecies of the Snake
    In the Abandoned Temple, after climbing up the stairs from the room with the 
    four buttons, there are two hidden panels on the walls of the walkway
    (right and left), uncovering two chests. The book is in the left chest.
    Hiss' Hut, Main Village
    Objective: Get the Idol of the Snake
    Go to the large room in the Abandoned Temple where there are many pressure 
    plates and traps. It's the one with the skull boxes in the centre and 4 traps 
    around it. Step on the sixth pressure plate to uncover a hidden panel.The chest 
    there holds the Idol of the Snake.
    Languid's Hut, Southwest of Main Village but on same island
    Objective: Find an anointed herb potion
    The anointed herb potion can be found in the smuggler's cove in Ravenshore. 
    Proceed to the large room with the two wooden doors. One leads to Arion Hunter 
    the wererat and the other to a storeroom.  
    The chest in the storeroom holds the potion.
    Hall of the Tracker
    Objective: Kill all dire wolves
    Kill all the dire wolves in ravenshore, including those in the Dire wolf Den.
    Lathius' Home
    Objective: Recover Eclipse
    Elgar, Merchant house of Alvar
    Objective: Blackmail Arion Hunter
    After delivering Dadeross' letter, Elgar asks you to deliver a letter to Arion 
    Hunter. Go to the Smuggler's Cove in Ravenshore by following the coast to the 
    west. There is a hidden door which accesses the rest of the cove.  Just go north 
    of the starting point and click on the wall. Follow the path until you get to 
    the large room with the two wooden doors. Go down one of them and you will see 
    another door. Click it to talk to Hunter.
    Elgar, Merchant house of Alvar
    Objective: Report to headquarters in Alvar
    Go to the merchant guildhouse in Alvar and talk to Bastian Loudrin.
    Arion Hunter, Smuggler's Cove
    Objective: Rescue Hunter's Daughter
    Go to the Ogre Raiding Fort in Alvar. Proceed up the stairs to the central 
    chamber, where there are 2 chests. There is a button on one of the walls.
    Push it and return to the entrance. You will see that the barriers have been 
    lifted. Kill all the enemies here. One of them holds a prison door key. Go to 
    the southwest part of the fort and insert the key in the keyhole on the wall. 
    Talk to the greater wererat. Report to Arion Hunter.
    Arion Hunter, Smuggler's Cove
    Objective: Deliver fake report in Regna
    After getting to Regna, head for the tavern and talk to the pirate.
    (See the Last Quests for more information)
    Bluesawn Home, Ravenshore
    Objective: Win a game of Arcomage in all the taverns
    You can check which taverns you have won Arcomage in by accessing the Awards
    page in your journal.
    You have to win the game in all these taverns:
    The Grog and Grub, Dagger Wound Island
    Kessel's Kantina, Ravenshore
    The Dancing Ogre, Ravenshore
    Profit House, Alvar
    Miho's Roadhouse, Alvar
    Bull's Eye Inn, Ravage Roaming
    Black Company, Shadowspire
    Dragon's Blood Inn, Garrote Gorge
    Parched Throat, Ironsand Desert
    Traveler's Rest, Murmurwoods
    Pirate's Rest, Regna
    Bastian Loudrin, Merchant Guildhouse
    Objective: Find a witness to the sea of fire
    Leave for Ironsand Desert and talk to Overdune Snapfinger in Overdune's House.
    Go to the Troll tomb and to the largest chamber. Remember that the tomb has
    multiple levels so the map will be misleading. However, the main tomb is on
    the lowest level so many staircases leading down is a sign that you are 
    travelling correctly. Go north and click on the northmost stoneslab. A message 
    saying that vilebite is now at rest will appear. Go back and talk to overdune, 
    who joins your party. Make sure he is in your party when you report to Bastian 
    at the guildhouse.
    Fromago Manor
    Objective: Find three cheeses
    One of the three cheeses is in a Temple of Eep.
    The three temples are in Ravage roaming, Garrote Gorge and Ravenshore.
    Keldon's Cottage
    Objective: Kill all ogres
    Kill all ogres in Alvar. You must also kill those in the ogre raiding fort.
    Objective: Find the Bone of Doom
    The Bone of Doom is in the Dire wolf Den in Ravenshore.
    Go to the southeast chamber in the den. The bone is in the chest.
    Hallien's Cottage
    Objective: Get a vial of Grave Dirt
    A vial can be found in the Vampire Crypt northeast of Shadowspire Town. Take the 
    room on the left and examine the wooden table to yield a starcase going down. Go 
    down and follow the passageway until you reach a big room. On the stand to the 
    north is the vial of grave dirt.
    House of Benefice
    Objective: Get the puzzle box
    The puzzle box can be found in the mad necromancer's lab.
    Refer to the Knight Promotion Quest for more details.
    The draining of Balthazar's Lair:
    Pull lever A and go down. Look for a parchment marked Emergency Meeting and
    follow the instructions there. If you do it right, you get to watch a short
    movie clip after you pull the lowest lever.
    Ironsand Desert:
    Pole's Hovel
    Objective: Deliver 6 potions of fire resistance to the homes.
    Go to the homes at the far end of the village and deliver the potions.
    You may need to obtain extra potions of fire resistance
    Garrote Gorge:
    Foestryke residence
    Objective: Retrieve the drum of victory
    The drum is in the Naga Vault
    Calandril's Residence, Garrote Gorge
    Objective: Find a dragonbane flower
    Scarwing's Cave, Dragon Cave, Garrote Gorge
    Objective: Find a dragonbane flower
    Promotional Quests
    Knight: Stormlance residence, Garrote Gorge
    Find Blazen Stormlance and Ebonest
    Both of them are in the Mad Necromancer's Lab in Shadowspire. Proceed north to 
    the lift from the entrance of the Lab. Blazen Stormlance is behind the door. He 
    is held captive by dark powers and asks you to get help from his friend in 
    Ravenshore. Leave for Ravenshore and talk to Dervish Chevron, who gives you a 
    crystal. Return to the Lab and talk to Blazen,  who offers to join you. Ebonest 
    is below, in a chest in the green dungeon. A puzzle box is also in the dungeon. 
    Other chests there hold soul jars, which are needed for the Lich quest. Talk to 
    both Stormlance and Quixote for your promotion.
    Cleric: Murmurwoods
    Find the Prophecies of the Sun
    The book, Prophecies of the Sun, is in the Temple of the Snake on Dagger Wound 
    Island. There is a place in the temple with many split corridors, in between the 
    pressure plate room and the pit room. Follow the map from the start of the split 
    You will finally reach a large area with a secret wall on the left of the 
    chamber. Click on it to reveal the book.
    Necromancer: Taleshire Hall, Shadowspire
    Find the lost book of Kehl
    The book of Kehl can be found in the Uplifted library on the Southeast island
    of Dagger Wound. You have to get there by water-walking or flying. Take the lift 
    up, cross over, take another lift up, cross over again and take a third lift up. 
    Take the staircase up and walk to the center of the platform where there is a 
    button. Depress it and wait for the platform. Step on it. You are brought to a 
    stone room with a chest. The chest holds the book of Kehl.    
    Soul jars are obtained from the mad necromancer's lab.
    Refer to the Knight Promotion Quest for more details.
    Dark Elf: Blackthorne estate, Alvar
    Find Cauri Blackthorne
    Go to Dantillion's residence in the town in Murmurwoods and talk to Dantillion,
    who gives you a scroll of stone to flesh. Cauri Blackthorne is near the Druid 
    Circle. She has been turned to stone along with other dark elf pilgrims. She 
    offers to join your party after you have found her.
    Troll: Schmecker's Hovel, Ironsand Desert
    Find the Ancient Troll Homeland
    The Ancient Troll Homeland is in the Murmurwoods. Just enter it and get out 
    straightaway. Return to Schmecker's Hovel to get your promotion.
    Vampire: House of Lathaen, Shadowspire
    Find Coffin and Remains of Korbu
    The crypt of Korbu is in the north part of Ravage Roaming. Go north from the 
    entrance and down the stairs. Activate the hidden panel to the right. You will
    find the coffin of Korbu but not his remains. Go to the Cyclops Larder in 
    Ironsand Desert. From the entrance, take the door to the right. Enter and walk 
    straight to the door at the other end. In that room is a lever. Pull it to 
    activate reveal a hidden platform. Step on it to go down. Proceed to the room 
    with a big cage and two chests. Korbu's remains are in the chest on the right.
    Report back to Lathaen.
    Minotaur: Tessalar's House, Balthazar's Lair, Ravage Roaming
    Find Balthazar's Axe in the Dark Dwarf Mines
    Go to the Dark Dwarf Compound in Alvar. 
    The axe is in a chest in the place marked X.
      ____________     | |
      _________  |_____| |__________
              |   __________   ____
              |  |          |  |
    __________|  |          |  |
    |          __|          |  |
    |   ____  |	     _______|  |
    |   |  |  | 	|          |
    | E |  |  | 	|__X_______|
    Next go to the Clan Leader's Hall on Dagger Wound Island and talk to Dadeross. 
    Get the certificate of Authenticity and return to Balthazar's Lair for your 
    Dragon: Dragon Cave, Garrote Gorge
    Kill all Dragon Hunters
    Kill every dragon hunter on the map and in the camp of Charles Quixote.
    Also kill Jerric Whistlebone and get his sword.
    A message will appear when you have killed all of them.
    The last quests
    Bastian Loudrin, Merchant Guildhouse
    Objective: Persuade three out of five members to join the alliance.
    You can choose: 1) Minotaurs of Ravage Roaming
                    2) Knights or Dragons
    		3) Clerics or Necromancers
    1) Just speak to the Minotaur King after draining Balthazar's Lair.
    2) Both Knights and Dragons require you to find a dragon's egg. Proceed to the
    Barbarian fortress in ravage roaming. With respect to the minimap, climb the 
    southeast staircase and pull the lever.
    | |___=  =___*| |   Go up the stairs marked X and pull the lever. 
    | |   =  =    | |   Next go to * and notice that the walls are lowered.
    | |   =  =    | |   Proceed down the passageway "=" 
    | |   =  =    | |   Make your way south until you come to a wall with a button.
    | |   =  =    | |   Pressing it uncovers two chests.
    | |           | |   One of them holds the egg.
    | |           | |         
    | |___________| |         
    To complete the quest, give the egg to either Charles Quixote in the Dragon 
    hunter's camp or to (AA) in the Dragon Cave.Both are in Garrote Gorge.
    3) Visit either the Temple of the Sun in murmurwoods or the Necromancers'
    guild in shadowspire. You then have to find Dyson Leyland. Dyson Leyland is in 
    the necromancers' guild in Shadowspire. Climb the main staircase and turn left 
    to climb the west staircase. Follow the path down until you come to a circular 
    room. Press the button to go up. You will meet with Dyson and recruit him into 
    your party.
    With Dyson in your party, return to the necromancers' guild, climb the staircase 
    and take the main door. Follow the path to another circular room and take the 
    lift down. You will enter a room with many levers, two buttons and a beam. click 
    on all the levers to raise them up (you will have to do this in a certain order) 
    and then press the button on the west wall to shut the door click on the beam 
    and then walk into the large area if done correctly, you will get to see a 
    movie. Report back to the temple of the Sun.
    I'll play it later.
    Report to Bastian Loudrin.
    Return to the Merchant House of Alvar in Ravenshore. There is a staircase 
    leading up to a door in the house. The door leads to the council room.
    Talk to all your council members to get the quest.
    Objective: Sink the Regnan fleet
    Travel to Dagger Wound Island and go to the Regnan Pirate outpost. It's to the
    west of the library and south of main island. Push the button on one of the 
    crates to reveal a hidden entrance. Make your way to the southeast and kill the 
    head pirate who drops a key. Use the key to open the area in the southeast 
    revealing a submarine. Click on it.
    Make your way out of the small sub pen and you emerge at Regna.
    Enter the pirate stronghold of Regna (on the main island with the shops)
    take the right lift down and search for an entrance leading down.
    You will find an exit with the message "You find an entrance leading downwards".
    This puts you at the "Passage under Regna".
    There are many exits from this place but take the northwest one.
    You will find yourself in the back entrance of the abandoned pirate keep.
              | |     |  _____  |
              | |     | |     | |
           ___| |_____| |     | |             X is where you start
           ___   _____  |     |  _______X_    Y is the chest with the cannonball
              | |     | |     | |             * is the exit to the keep
              | |     | |_____| |             (search for it)
              | |     |_________|
              | |    ______
              | |   |  ____
              | |   | |
              | |___| |_____________
              |_____   __________Y__
                    | |
                    | |____
    *               |______
    At Y, go up the stairs and open the chest. You will find the Cannonball of 
    Dominion and design notes. Exit the Keep. there is an exit to the Southwest so 
    there's no need to go all the way back. (high perception required). Outside the 
    abandoned pirate keep you find a cannon positioned towards the regnan fleet. 
    Selecting the character with the cannonball, click on the white panel that says 
    "Fire the cannon!" :) If you have fly, go take a look at the damage.
    Return to Ravenshore and report to the council.
    Check the hostel near the guildhouse. If Xanthor is not in, rest for a day or 
    two or train up. Return after your break to talk to him and get your quest.
    Objectives: Get the Heartstones of each plane
    Fire    Ironsand desert
    Water   Ravage Roaming
    Air     Murmurwoods
    Earth   South east island of dagger wound
    The Heart of Fire is in the castle of fire.
    (northwest part of the plane of fire)
    Be careful not to fall in the lakes of fire here. Climb the platforms and make 
    your way to the right side of the castle. While on the platform, you can see a 
    square-based pillar. Jump on it and it will go down. Go back to the entrance and 
    you will see that the originally high platform has been lowered. Jump on it to 
    go up. Follow the path to another platform bringing you down. Follow the path to 
    a place with suspended beams. Go to the northeast one and pull the lever. You 
    will see steps appearing. Jump on to them and walk into the fire wall. You will 
    be teleported to a tunnel of fire. Follow it and you will again be teleported to 
    a small room with the heartstone.
    The Heart of Water is found directly in the plane of water itself (so you don't 
    have to go into any buildings) Go to where the strongest congregation of 
    monsters is. (To the Northeast) Pick up the stone and run for it.
    Go to the castle of air, west of the exit from the plane of air. Walk straight 
    up the staircase and turn right, walking up that staircase as well. Walk down 
    the corridor, taking the second room on the left. Check for a hidden doorway 
    next to the chest of drawers. This reveals the air heartstone.
    The earth plane is a mess of tunnels but you should make your way north. You 
    will eventually come to a large room where you can take a platform down. Climb 
    the stairs there and make your way north to a circular room, where the earth 
    heartstone lies.
    Return to Xanthor to get the key.	
    Objective: Find Xanthor
    Using this key, open the door to the crystal.
    I can't continue now because after i completed the game, the crystal was 
    destroyed and removed from the map so I can't give details.
    However, here's a brief outline:
    Travel to plane between planes
    Talk to Escaton
    Give answers to riddles:
    Prison, Egg, Inside
    Get the key
    Save the Four elemental Lords
    The end
    Travel Schedule		
    Dagger Wound Island
    Monday:         Ravenshore      4 days
    Tuesday:        Ravenshore      4 days
    Wednesday:      Ravenshore      4 days
    Thursday:       Ravenshore      4 days	
    Friday:         Ravenshore      4 days
    Saturday:       Ravenshore      4 days
    Sunday:         Ravenshore      4 days
    Guild Caravans
    Monday:	    Alvar           2 days
    Tuesday:        Off
    Wednesday:      Off
    Thursday:       Shadowspire     4 days
    Friday:         Off	
    Saturday:       Alvar           2 days
    Sunday:         Garrote Gorge   2 days
                    Arena           5 days
    Monday:         Ravage Roaming  4 days
    Tuesday:        Off
    Wednesday:      Shadowspire     6 days
    Thursday:       Off
    Friday:         Ravage Roaming  4 days
    Saturday:       Off
    Sunday:         Off
    The Dauntless	
    Monday:         Off
    Tuesday:        Dagger Wound    5 days
    Wednesday:      Off
    Thursday:       Dagger Wound    5 days
    Friday:         Off
    Saturday:       Off
    Sunday:         Off
    Guild Caravans
    Monday:         Ravenshore      2 days
    Tuesday:        Shadowspire     3 days
    Wednesday:      Off
    Thursday:       Garrote Gorge   3 days
    Friday:         Ravenshore      2 days
    Saturday:       Off
    Sunday:         Garrote Gorge   3 days
    Guild Caravans
    Monday:         Ravenshore      2 days
    Tuesday:        Ironsand Desert 2 days
    Wednesday:      Ravenshore      2 days
    Thursday:       Off
    Friday:         Off
    Saturday:       Ironsand Desert 2 days
    Sunday:         Garrote Gorge   3 days
    Ravage Roaming
    Ship: Mist
    Monday:         Off
    Tuesday:        Ravenshore      4 days
    Wednesday:      Shadowspire     6 days
    Thursday:       Ravenshore      4 days
    Friday:         Off
    Saturday:       Ravenshore      4 days
    Sunday:         Off
    Ironsand Desert
    Guild Caravans
    Monday:         Alvar           2 days
    Tuesday:        Off
    Wednesday:      Shadowspire     2 days
    Thursday:       Ravenshore      3 days
    Friday:         Off
    Saturday:       Ravenshore      3 days
    Sunday:         Shadowspire     2 days
    Garrote Gorge
    Guild Caravans
    Monday:         Ravenshore      2 days
    Tuesday:        Shadowspire     3 days
    Wednesday:      Alvar           3 days
    Thursday:       Off
    Friday:         Ravenshore      2 days
    Saturday:       Off
    Sunday:         Arena           5 days
    Monday:         Ravenshore      4 days
    Tuesday:        Ravenshore      4 days
                    Dagger Wound    5 days
    Wednesday:      Ravenshore      4 days
    Thursday:       Ravenshore      4 days	
                    Dagger Wound    5 days
    Friday:         Ravenshore      4 days
    Saturday:       Ravenshore      4 days
    Sunday:         Ravenshore      4 days
    There are quests where you gather reagents to make black potions.
    Endurance       Thalion's Hovel         Ironsand Desert
    Intelligence    Kelvin                  Shadowspire
    Personality     Castigeir               Murmurwoods
    Speed           Thistle                 Dagger Wound Islands
    Luck            Home of Rihansi         Alvar
    Items you can sell:
    Royal Wasp Jelly                Schmecker's Hovel,Ironsand Desert
    Dire wolf pelts                 Hall of the tracker, Ravenshore
    Ogre Ears                       Keldon's Cottage, Alvar
    Wasp Stingers                   Veldon's Cottage, Alvar
    Location              Buy                             Sell
    Long-tail's hut, DW   Tobersk Fruit  (200)            Tobersk Brandy
    Treblid's home, RS    Tobersk Pulp   (300)            Tobersk Fruit
    Neblick's House, RS   Forged Credit Vouchers (6500)   Silver Dust of the Sea
    House of Brandy, A    Tobersk Brandy (500)            Tobersk Pulp
    House of Journey, SS  Silver dust of the sea (5000)   Ground Wyvern horn
    Whisper Hall, SS      Pirate Amulets (1500)           Heartwood of Jadame
    Pavel's Place, Regna  Dried Sunfish (2000)            Pirate Amulets
    Item making:
    Here is a list of the different types of ore and the smiths.
    Ore            Value
    Iron              5
    Siertal          50
    Kergar          500
    Erudine        1000
    Stalt          2000
    Bombah Hall, Alvar
    Brightsprear Hall, Shadowspire
    Bowes Residence, south Alvar
    Caverhill Hall, Shadowspire 
    Breman Residence, south Alvar
    Crane cottage, Shadowspire
    Mace of the Sun, Mace, 3d4 +7
    Double damage vs. Elementals
    Glomenthal, Longsword, 3d3 +14, 
    Might +40, 10-20 pts. of Dark Magic damage
    Ebonest, Spear, 2d9 +13,
    Double Damage vs. Dragons
    Wyrm Spitter, Spear, 1d9 +14,
    Endurance +20, Dragon Slaying, Swift
    Noblebone Bow, Bow, 5d4 +12,
    Explosive Impact
    Staff of Elements, Staff, 2d4 +4,
    Bonus to skills of Air,Fire,Earth and Water, AC -40
    Crown of Dominion, Crown
    Intellect +50, Dark Magic skill bonus, usable only by Lich
    Body Armor
    Last Stage Cuirass, Leather Armor, AC +19
    Intellect +70, Personality +80, -30 Mind and Spirit Resistances
    Supreme Plate, Plate Armor, AC +70
    Swift, Speed +15, Accuracy +15, usable only by Knight
    Berserker Belt
    Might +100, Immune to Fear, Accuracy -30, AC -15
    Archangel Wings, AC +10
    Intellect +30, Feather Falling, All resistances +10
    Ring of Plains
    +40 Air, Earth, Fire, Water Resistances
    Taverns and Arcomage
    Tavern                                 Food Packs Last for # days
    The Grog and Grub, Dagger Wound                6   
    Kessel's Kantina, Ravenshore                  10
    Profit House, Alvar                           15
    Parched Throat, Ironsand Desert               15
    The Dancing Ogre, Ravenshore                  17
    Miho's Roadhouse, Alvar                       20
    Dragon's Blood Inn, Garrote Gorge             25
    Traveler's Rest, Murmurwoods                  35
    Bull's Eye Inn, Ravage Roaming                40
    Black Company, Shadowspire                    50
    Pirate's Rest, Regna                          60
                          Start Tower   Start Wall   End Tower   End Resources
    Grog and Grub (DW)          15           5          30           100                  
    Kessel's Kantina (RS)       20           5          50           150             
    The Dancing Ogre (RS)       20          50         100           300
    Profit House (A)            20           5          50           150  
    Miho's Roadhouse (A)        10          20         125           350  
    Black Company (SS)          30          15         100           300                  
    Dragon's Blood Inn (GG)     25          10          75           200                           
    Parched Throat (ID)         25          10          75           200                                               
    Traveler's Rest (MW)        30          15         100           300                                    
    Bull's Eye Inn (RR)         20          10         150           400                        
    Pirate's Rest (Regna)       20          10         200           500                       
    Obelisk Puzzle
    There is one obelisk in each map square. Here are the clues for each obelisk.
    1) theunicornkin
    2) gholdsold
    3) thornskey
    4) amonghiss
    5) ubjectsap
    6) pearswhil
    7) ethesunsh
    8) inesonmid
    9) summerday
    Compiling together, we have:
    The unicorn king holds old thorn's key among his subjects. 
    Appears while the sun shines on midsummerday.
    To do this quest, you will need to visit all of the obelisks first.
    Objective: Find the key to the vault of time
    Go to Murmurwoods on June 24.
    You must have the druid circlet of power.
    Kill the unicorn king on the map and he drops a key.
    Use it to open the vault of time in ravenshore.
    You will get:
    7 stalt-laced ore
    Scepter of kings
    Things to come:
    Adventurer list with full statistics
    Potion recipies
    More quests
    Ending of the game walkthrough
    Greater elaboration of details
    Other stuff i missed out

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