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    FAQ/Move List by FulgoreX

    Updated: 06/14/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    MK4 Extreme *N64* FAQ http://mk4.home.ml.org <-check for latest info!
    *** ADDED   ***
    Unlimited Run Kombat Kode (got deleted er somethin)
    Took off the Ranper Kombat Kode (doesn't work - thanxs to ICEOUT's faq 
    *** 6/14/98 ***
    All Fatalities are close, unless noted
    HP/LP=High/Low Punch  HK/LK=High/Low Kick  BLK=Block  RN=Run
    FDBU = Forward,Down,Back,Up                ST=Start
    ^ =in air   @ =also in air   () =hold    + =Press together
    [D+RN] = pick up weapons,rocks,heads and spiked ball.
    Throw Weapons    [Same as the weapon pull]
    To flip a select screen pic, hold ST and hit any button.
    Flip once = alternate color
    Flip twice = alternate uniform/weapon for all but Kai, Sonya and Tanya
    Flip three times = alternate uniform/weapon for Kai, Sonya and Tanya
        Weapon [B,B,LP] (Crossbow)
        Whirlwind Spin [F,D,(LP)]   Air Dive Kick  [D+LK^]
        Levitate       [F,D,F,HP]~~~Slam [B,F,D,LK]
        Super Knee     [D,F,HK]
       !Fatality(sweep)[RUN+BLK x4] 2nd (outside sweep)[D,F,F,U,BLK]
       !Fan Fatality   [D,D,D,HK]   Spike Fatality [B,F,B,HP]
        Fireball        [F,B,HP]    Air Stomp     [F,F,B,HK]
        Lunge Kick      [B,B,HK]    Swipe         [F,F,HP]
        Juggle Uppercut [D,D,HP]    Ground Stomp  [B,F,D,D,HK]
        Taunt           []          Dash Punch    []
        Weapon [F,F,HP] (Weird Blade)
        Cannonball Roll [B,F,LK]    Ground Shaker  [B,D,B,HK]
        Projectile      [D,B,LP]    Vertical Roll  [F,D,F,HP]
       !Fatality        [F,B,F,F,LK] 2nd(outside sweep) [U,U,F,F,BL]
       !Fan Fatality    [F,D,F,HK]   Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LP]
                   alternate outfit: white shirt/pants
        Weapon [D,F,HP] (Spiked Klub)
        Energy Wave    [F,F,D,LK]    Dash Punch    [D,B,LP]
        Backbreaker    [BLK ^]       Fireball      [D,F LP]
        Multi-Slam     [LP,RN+BLK+HK,HP+LP+LK,HP+BLK+LK,HP+LP+HK+LK]
       !Fatality[(LK)3secF,F,D,F rel] 2nd [B,F,F,D,BL]
       !Fan Fatality   [F,F,B,LK]     Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HP]
                              Johnny Cage
                    alternate outfit: Bond-esque tux
        Weapon [F,D,F,LK] (Weird BladeII)
        Shadow Kick    [B,F,LK]      High Fireball [D,F,HP]
        Uppercut       [B,D,B,HP]    Low Fireball  [D,B,LP]
        Crotch Punch   [BLK+LP]
       !Fatality       [F,B,D,D,HK]  2nd [D,D,F,D,BLK]
       !Fan Fatality   [D,D,F,F,HK]  Spike Fatality[B,F,F,LK]
                 alternate outfit: leather jacket/shades
        Weapon [D,B,LP] (Kali Dagger)
        Fallin Fireball[B,B,HP]     Rising Fireball  [F,F,LP@]
        Turbo Air Fist [D,F,HP]     Super RoundHouse[D,F,LK]
        Handstand      [BLK+LK](LP)spin)LK/HK(kicks)BL(standup)
       !Fatality       [U,F,U,B,HK] 2nd(outside sweep) [U,U,U,D,BL]
       !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D,BLK]  Spike Fatality [B,F,D,HK]
                                Liu Kang
                  Alternate outfit: headband/karate outfit
        Weapon [B,F,LK] (Flamberge` Sword)
        Fireball       [F,F,HP@]      Low Fireball   [F,F,LP]
        Flying Kick    [F,F,HK]       Bicycle Kick   [(LK)+3secs release]
       !Fatality(Sweep)[Fx3,D,HK+LK+BLK] 2nd [F,D,D,U,HP]
       !Fan Fatality   [F,F,B,LP]        Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HK]
                               Noob Saibot
                         alternate outfit: hood
        Weapon [F,F,HK] (Scythe)
        Fireball [D,F,LP@]            Air Throw      [BLK ^]
        Teleport/Slam  [D,U @]~~[BLK (when close, to slam)]
       !Fatality       [ ]            2nd [ ]
       !Fan Fatality   [D,B,B,HK]     Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HK]
                                Quan Chi
        Weapon [D,B,HK] (Mace)
        Air Throw      [BLK ^]      Tele-Stomp     [F,D,LK]
        Skull Fireball [F,F,LP]     Dash Kick      [F,F,HK]
        Weapon Steal   [F,B,HP]
       !Fatality[(LK)5sec F,D,F,rel] 2nd (outside sweep)[U,U,D,D, LP]
       !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D HP]    Spike Fatality [F,F,B,LK]
                     alternate outfit: blue sleeves
        Weapon [F,B,HP] (Wooden Mallet)
        Torpedo        [F,F,LK@]       Teleport      [D,U]
        Electric Spark [D,B,LP]
       !Fatality       [BL(F,B,U,U,HK)] 2nd [D,U,U,U,HP]
       !Fan Fatality   [D,F,B,BLK]      Spike Fatality [F,F,D,LP]
        Weapon [D,B,HP] (Spiked Klub)
        Teleport/Slam  [D,U @]~~[BLK (when close, to slam)]
        Spin Behind    [B,F,LK]      Flip Kick     [B,D,F,HK]
        Ninja Stars    [D,F LP]
       !Fatality[F,D,F,LP+BLK+HK+LK] 2nd(outside sweep)[B,B,D,D,HK]
       !Fan Fatality   [D,D,B,LP]    Spike Fatality[F,F,D,LK]
                   alternate outfit: old ninja costume
        Weapon [B,B,LK] (Battle Axe)
        Acid Bubbles   [D,F,HP]      Dashing Punch  [B,F,LP]
        Invisibility   [BLK+HK]      Super Krawl    [B,F,LK]
       !Fatality   [(HP+HK+LP+LK) U] 2nd (outside sweep)[U,D,D,D,HP]
       !Fan Fatality   [D,F,F,LP]    Spike Fatality [D,D,F,HK]
                   alternate outfit: grey without mask
        Weapon [F,F,HK] (Broad Sword)
        Spear          [B,B,LP]      Teleport Punch [D,B,HP@]
        Air Throw      [BLK ^]       Flame Breath   [D,F,LP]
       !Fatality(sweep)[B,F,F,B,BL]  2nd            [B,F,D,U,HP]
       !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D,D,LK]  Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LK]
        Weapon [B,F, LP] (Nagimaki(Bladed Staff)
        Impersonation Moves:Jarek [B,B,B,LK]   Kai     [F,F,F,LK]
        Sub   [D,B,LP]      Liu   [B,B,F,HK]   Fujin   [F,F,B HK]
        Scorp [F,B,LP]      Sonya [F,D,F,HP]   Raiden  [D,F,F,HP]
        Quan  [F,B,F,LK]    Tanya [B,F,D,BLK]  Reptile [B,B,F,BLK]
        Reiko [B,B,B,BLK]   Cage  [D,D,HP]     Jax     [F,D,F,HK]
       !Fatality      [D,B,F,D,RN] 2nd [D,U,U,D,BL]
       !Fan Fatality  [D,D,F,HK]  Spike Fatality [D,F,B,HP]
                 alternate outfit: pink uniform w/o hat
        Weapon [F,F,LK] (Blade Wheel)
        Fireball       [D,F,LP]      Leg Grab       [D+LP+BLK]
        Sq-Wave Punch  [F,B,HP]      Vert. Bike Kick[B,B,D,HK]
        Air Throw      [BLK ^]       Front Flip Kick[B,D,F,LK]
       !Fatality(sweep)[D,D,D,U,RN]  2nd(outside sweep) [U,D,D,U,HK]
       !Fan Fatality   [D,D,B,B,HK]  Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HP]
                    alternate outfit: half-frozen
        Weapon [D,F,HK] (Icy Wand)~freeze with it   [B+LP]
        Ice Blast      [D,F,LP]      Ice Clone      [D,B,LP@]
        Slide          [LP+BLK+LK]
       !Fatality [F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN]  2nd(outside sweep) [B,B,D,B+HP]
       !Fan Fatality   [D,U,U,U,HK]  Spike Fatality [D,D,D,LK]
                    Alternate uniform: black dress
        Weapon [F,F,HK] (Boomerang)
        Fireball       [D,F,HP]    In Air Fireball [D,B,LP]
        Splits Kick    [F,D,B,LK]  Corkscrew Kick  [F,F,LK]
       !Fatality [D,D,U,D,HP+BLK]  2nd             [D,F,D,F,HK]
       !Fan Fatality   [B,F,D,HP]  Spike Fatality  [F,F,F,LP]
    Kombat Kodes
    123 123 - One-Hit Win
    012 012 - Noob Saibot Mode (?)
    020 020 - Red Rain (do on the Rain stage)
    050 050 - Explosive Kombat
    002 002 - Weapon drawn and can't be knocked out of your hands
    100 100 - Disable throws
    010 010 - Disable Max Damage
    001 001 - Unlimited Run
    110 110 - No Throw/ Disable Max Damage
    111 111 - Free Weapon (Random weapon falls)
    222 222 - Start With Random Weapon
    444 444 - Start With Weapons Drawn
    555 555 - Many Weapons
    666 666 - Silent Kombat
    321 321 - Big Heads
    Stage Select
    011 011 - Goro's Lair (Spike Pit)
    022 022 - The Well (Scorpion's Stage)
    033 033 - Elder God's (Blue Face)
    044 044 - The Tomb Stage
    055 055 - The Rain Stage
    066 066 - Snake Stage
    101 101 - Shaolin Temple
    202 202 - Living Forest
    303 303 - Prison (Fan Stage)
    313 313 - Ice Pit
    Access Secret Options
    At the Options screen, select 'continue' then hold BL+RN on Controller 1,
    listen for a laugh, keep holding, until you hear "Outstanding" and the Cheat 
    Menu is activated.. This will enable 4 options [Endings, Fatalities I, 
    Fatalities II and Level Fatalities] With Ending s toggeled to ON, after you 
    beat the first opponent, you see your characters Ending, as for the 
    Fatalities, turn on which ever, and when the finish him comes up, press Down,
    HP to exeucte the Fatality.
    Play as Noob Saibot
    ***The Secret Options Menu must be activated first!!!***
    at the select screen, choose the Hidden option at the bottom of the screen, 
    then move up to Reiko and hit BL+RN.  This will access Noob Saibot.
    Play as Goro
    ***The Secret Options Menu must be activated first!!!***
    at the select screen, choose the Hidden option at the bottom of the screen, 
    then move up to Shinnok and hit BL+RN.  This will access Goro.
    ** Note for Noob and Goro **
    To Select Noob and Goro with ease, press and hold Run on 'Hidden' move up and 
    over to the mentioned characters and press Block, while still buffering the 
    Run button, this will act as though they were pressed at the same time.
    Play as "Meat"
    Beat "Group Mode" (keep choosing "group" in a 2 player game).
    After you have WON with all the character, select any character.
    Now you will be that character, but with a different look..."Meat".

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