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    FAQ/Move List by FunkyLizard

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    v. 1.0 2/10/99
    Faq/Move List
    Mortal Kombat 4
    by FunkyLizard 
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Move List
         Johnny Cage
         Lui Kang
         Quan Chi
    3. Secrets
    4. End
                   This faq is a move list for MK4. Actually, this game
    kinda sucks. If you are bloodthirsty for violence, but don't like
    fighting games that much, rent this, use the one-button fatalities
    code, and take it back to the video rental. Simple enough?
                   This game is alot darker and kinda devil- worshiping
    then MK3, because they took away Friendships, Babalities, and
    Animalities. But those are the slight downsides.
                   The new things (not neccacarily good) are breakers,
    which are kind of like a throw exept you break a bone; weapons, which
    have thier own moves, can be thrown, and neat stuff like that; and a
    round arena which reminds you of War Gods. Now on with the faq!
    Move List
    LP= Low Punch (A)
    HP= High Punch (B)
    LK= Low Kick (C Right)
    HK= High Kick (C Up)
    BLK= Block (Z or or C Left)
    RN= Run (C Down)
    D= Down
    U= Up
    B= Backward
    F= Forward
    HCB= half circle back- down, then back, in one motion
    HCF= half circle forward- down, then forward, in one motion
    FCB= full circle back- forward, down, then back, in one motion
    FCF= full circle forward- back, down then forward, in one motion
                     The characters are in alphebetical order. See? What
    other MK4 faq gives you that? Also the moves and fatalities are in
    order from coolest to least coolest, in my opinion, exept for the Fan
    Pit, Goro Pit and the weapon. And the characters are rated with stars,
    * being boring ***** being awesome.
    *Note- To throw a weapon, perform you characters draw weapon move a
    second time
        Slam- B, F, D+ LK
        Whirlwind Spin- F, D+ hold LP
        Flying Knee- HCF+ HK
        Lift- F, D, F+ LP
        Draw Weapon- B, B+ LP
        Whirlwind Death- F, F, U
        Crossbow Death- RN+ BLK 10 times at sweep distance
        Fan Pit- D, D, D, HK
        Goro's Pit- B, F, B+ HP
       Throwing Star- HCB+ LP
       Back Bust- B, D, B+ HK
       Cannon Ball- B, F+ HK
       Vertical Cannon Ball- F, D, F+ HP
       Draw Weapon- F, F+ HP
       Heart Rip- F, B, F, F+ LK next to opponent
       Laser Beam- U, U, F, F+ BLK
       Fan Pit- F, D, F+ HK
       Goro Pit- B, F, F+ LP
       Quad Slam- next to oppent press LP, RN+BLK+HK, HP+LP+LK, HP+BL+LK,
       Ground Pound- F, F, D+ LK
       Air throw- BL while in air beside opponent
       Dash Punch- HCB+ LP
       Fireball- HCF+ LP
       Draw Weapon- HCF+HP
       Arm Rip- Hold LK , walk next to opponent, press F, F, D, F and
    release LK
       Head Bust- While next to opponent, press B, F, F, D+ BLK
       Fan Pit- F, F, B+ LK
       Goro Pit- F, F, B+ HP
       Johnny Cage**
         Shadow Kick- B, F+ LK
         Nut Punch(gay, but strong!)- BL+ LP
         Low Fireball- HCB+ LP
         Shadow Punch- B, D, B+ HP
         High Fireball- HCF+ HP
         Draw Weapon- F, D, F+ LK
         Torso Rip- F, B, D, D+ HK next to opponent
         Head Punch- D, D, F, D+ BLK next to opponent
         Fan Pit- D, F, F+ HK
         Goro Pit- B, F, F+ LK
         Hand Stand- BLK+ LK, then LK, HK, or hold LP
         Ground Fire- F, F+ LP
         Air Fire- B, B+ HP
         Super Kick- HCF+ LK
         Air Punch- HCF+ HP
         Draw Weapon- FCB+ LP
         Mega Fireball- U, U, U, D+ BL at sweep distance
         Body Tear- U, F, U, B+ HK+ BLK next to oppenent
         Fan Pit- F, F, D+ BL
         Goro Pit- B, F, D+ HK
       Lui Kang***
          Flying Kick- F, F+ HK
          Bike Kick- Hold LK for 3 seconds, release
          Low Fireball- F, F+ LP
          High Fireball- F, F+ HP
          Draw Weapon- B, F+ LK
          Dragon (maybe there are animalities...)- F, F, F, D+ BLK+ LK+ HK
    at sweep distance
          Big Fireball- F, D, D, U+ HP
          Fan Pit- F, F, B+ LP
          Goro Pit- F, F, B+ HK
       Quan Chi****
          Weapon Steal- F, B+ HP
          Teleport Stomp- F, D+ LK
          Eating Skull- F, F+ LP
          Air Throw- BL in air next to opponent
          Slide- F, F+ HK
          Draw Weapon- FCB+ HK 
         Leg Rip- Hold LK, walk to opponent and press F, D, F, and release
         Enemies Fatality- U, U, D, D+ LP at sweep distance
         Fan Pit- F, F, D+ HP
         Goro Pit- F, F, B+ LK
         Fly- F, F+ LK
         Teleport- D, U
         Electricity Blast- HCB+ LP
         Draw Weapon- F, B+ HP
         Shock Explosion- F, B, U, U+ HK next to opponent
         Electric Staff- D, U, U, U+ HP next to opponent
         Fan Pit- B, F, D+ BL
         Goro Pit- F, F, D+ LP
          Stars- HCF+ LP
          Teleport- D, U, and press BLK to slam
          Spin Telelport- B, F+ LK
          Flip Kick- HCF+ HK     
          Draw Weapon- HCB+ HP 
          Throwing Stars- B, B, D, D+ HK at sweep distance
          Body Kick- F, D, F+ BLK+ HK+ LK+ LP next to opponent
          Fan Pit- D, D, B+ LK
          Goro Pit- F, F, D+ LK
          Invisiblility- BLK+ HK
          Crawl- B, F+ LK
          Dash Punch- B, F+ LP
          Acid- HCF+ HP
          Draw Weapon- B, B+ LK
          Flesh Devour- Hold LP+ HP+ LK+ HK, then walk over to opponent
    and press U
          Acid Burn- U, D, D, D+ HP at sweep distance
          Fan Pit- D, F, F+ LP
          Goro Pit- D, D, F+ HK
          Spear- B, B+ LP
          Teleport Punch- HCB+ HP
          Air Throw- BLK while in air
          Fire Breath- HCF+ LP
          Draw Weapon- F, F+ HK
          Scorpian (animality??)- B, F, D, U+ HP next to opponent
          Fire- B, F, F, B+ BL (sweep distance)
          Fan Pit- F, D, D+ LK
          Goro Pit- B, F, F+ LK
      Shinnok (no rating becuase he is everyone)
      All these moves you transfrom into another character and you can
    perform his/ her moves
          Cage- D, D, HP                       Lui Kang- B, B, F, HK
          Fujin- F, F, B, HK                   Jarek- B, B, LK
          Quan Chi- B, F, B, F, LK             Rayden- D, F, F, HP
          Kai- F, F, LK                        Jax- F, D, F+ HK
          Scorpian- F, B, LP                   Tanya- B, F, D, BLK
          Sub- Zero- D, B, LP                  Reptile- B, B, F, BLK
          Reiko- B, B, B, BLK                  Sonya- F, D, F, HP
          Draw Weapon- B, F+ LP
          Hand Smash- D, U, U, D, BL next to opponent
          Hand Squeze- D, B, F, D+ RN next to oppenent
          Fan Pit- D, D, F+ HK
          Goro Pit- U, F, B+ HP
         Leg Grab- D+ BL+ LP
         Air Throw- BLK while in air
         Cartwheel- FCF+ LK
         Fireball- HCF+ LP
         Vertical Kick- B, B, D+ HK
         Air Punch- F, B+ HP
         Draw Weapon- F, F+ LK
         Fireball Kiss- D, D, D, U+ RN at sweep distance
         Body Split- Get very far away and press U, D, D, U+ HK
         Fan Pit- D, B, B+ HK
         Goro Pit- F, D, F+ HP
        Statue- QCB+ LP
        Ice Ball- QCF+ LP
        Slide- BLK+ LP+ LK
        Draw Weapon- HCF+ HK
        Head Rip- F, B, F, D+ HP+ BLK+ RN next to opponent
        Ice Break- B, B, D, B+ HP sweep distance
        Fan Pit- D, U, U, U+ HK
        Goro Pit- D, D, D+ LK
         Flying Kick- F, F+ LK
         Splits Kick- FCF+ LK
         Fireball- QCF+ HP (to do in air, QCB+ LP)
         Kiss of Ouch- D, D, U, D+ HP+ BLK next to opponent
         Neck Shatter- D, F, D, F+ HK next to opponent
         Fan Pit- B, F, D+ HP
         Goro Pit- F, F, F+ LP
     One Button Fatalities
            Go to options, highlight continues, and hold C-Left and
    C-Down. After a while you will hear a hum. Keep holding it and it will
    warp you to a screen. Choose any one, but do not turn more than one
    on. Go and fight, and when you win, just walk over to the characters
    and uppercut. It will perform the second fatality if you turn one you
    chose off, and the other one on. The pit fatalities are boring and
    very easy anyway, so just ignore them.
     Play as Meat
           This code sux. Just keep playing group on 2 players and after
    you win with every character, pick a character. Your moves will be the
    same, but with no skin.
     Play as Noob (only for N64)
           First go to the one button fatalities screen. You don't have to
    turn anything on. Now at the select player screen, select hidden.
    Press up, up, left, to Reiko and press run+ block together.
     Play as Goro (only for N64)
          Do the same thing as Noob Saibot, but instead of up, up, left;
    do up three times and left, to Shinnok.
     Different Outforms and Weapons
         Select any player, hold start, and press A or B. The picture will
    spin. Select and you will have a different costume, and maybe a
    different weapon. To increase the chances of a different weapon, spin
    it again, or a third time.
    This faq is copyrighted 1999 Tony Emerson. Do not steal, sell, or use
    it for finacial purposes.
    I am not affiliated with Midway, or Nintendo, in any way.
    Mortal Kombat 4, all the character names, etc. is copyright Nintindo
    of America and Midway.
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