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    Tanya by BGuimond

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    -------------------------------                                                                  |                
    Tanya Faq                     |                                                                   |      
    Written By: BGuimond          |                                                                   |           
    February 20, 1997             |                                                                   -----
      1.  Who is Tanya?
      2.  The History of Tanya
      3.  Tanyas Strong Points
      4.  Tanyas Bad Points
      5.  Special Moves
      6.  When to use Specials
      7.  Fatalities
      8.  Description of Fatalities
      9.  Combos/ Basic
    10.  Combos/ Intermediate
    11.  Combos/ Expert
    12.  About Me
    13.  Special Thanks
    1.  WHO IS TANYA?
    	Tanya is A close and personnal friend of Kitana.  She worked as  a 
    servant and a bodygaurd for many generations while living in outworld.  
    Tanya is a very fast and agile charicter to use.  She has many offensive 
    moves that will catch your opponent off gaurd, as well as a variety of 
    ones that can help protect and/or harm your opponent.  I personally used 
    Tanya all the time, but now I just do "random."  Tanya is probably by 
    far my favorite charicter on MK4, right next to Raiden.  She is not that 
    difficult for beginners to use, but she can give you a challenge, and 
    she's no "f, f+button" charicter  (a.k.a. Liu kang!)  I've been playing 
    MK since its release in Summer of 1992, and this is the first Faq I've 
    written that I actually posted on the internet.  Why Tanya?  Because I 
    believe this is one of the first faq's out there on her, All I can find 
    are sub-zero and liu kang.
    	A daughter to Edenia's ambassador to new realms, Tanya invites a 
    group of refuges fleeing their own world into the safety of Edenia.  But 
    soon after Queen Sindel allows them through the portal, she learns that 
    one of the warriors is none other than the banished elder god, Shinnok.  
    The opened portal leads not into another world, but into the pits of the 
    netherealm itself.  The once free realm of Edenia is now at the mercy of 
    Shinnok.  Struck by suprise and fearing for her life, Tanya agrees to 
    betray her long time friend, Kitana, and to join Shinnoks army of 
    darkness.  But Tanya has her own plans.......
    	Like any fighter in any game, everyone has a selection of strong 
    points, including Tanya.  Her Drill Kick is not only fast, but it can 
    set up for some serious juggle combos. The same goes for her Flip Kick, 
    It can knock opponents out of the air, and can Be used as a juggle.  Her 
    Fireball is good at long range, causing your oppoonent to jump, in which 
    you can counter them afterwards.  Her Air Fireball is great on advancing 
    opponents,  and when your jumping back.  Her main Strong point is mainly 
    her speed.  She has a very fast uppercut, and her special moves are very 
    quick, and often catch opponents off gaurd.
    	Well, you cant have strong points without its opposite, bad 
    points.  Tanya also has a couple of bad features.  Like if you miss your 
    Drill Kick, It has a serious amount of lag time if it misses.  Your 
    opponent can counter with an uppercut, or a combo easily.  Her Flip Kick 
    does great damage, but Its almost impossible to start any form of combo 
    or juggle from it.  Her Fireball is slow, and not recommended at close 
    range.  Her Air Fireball  is bad if your opponent is close to you, cause 
    they can duck it, and counter with a jump kick.
    Drill Kick=          f, f+lk                                           
    pull out weapon=           f, f+hk
    Flip Kick=          hcb+lk                                          
    Throw weapon=             f, f+hk
    Fireball=             hcf+hp                                         
    Swipe w/ weapon=         lp
    Air Fireball=      hcb+lp
    	Drill Kick
    Tanya spins forward, feet first, and knocks her opponent up and over 
    herself.  Does decent amount of damage, could be better, though.  This 
    move is the main starter for all her juggle combos that she has.  Its 
    best to do this move when your opponent is getting up after being 
    knocked down.  Or, if your fast enough, to counter a jump kick or 
    jumping opponent in general.
    	Flip Kick
    Tanya Flips foward, and lands in a split position.  This move knocks 
    your opponent foward about half the screen length.  It does a good 
    amount of damage, but doesnt really set you up for and good combos.  You 
    can run in, and try to throw them, which is probebly your best move 
    after the Flip Kick
    She shoots a huge purple fireball towards your opponent,  and it hits 
    low.  It does great damage, but its pretty hard to hit your opponent.  
    Better if used from full screen distance.
    	Air Fireball
    Tanya shoots a semi-small fireball at an angle towards the ground.  This 
    move must be done in the air.  It does a little damage.  I use it just 
    to get a cheap shot in :)  Best used when opponent is jumping toward 
    you, or if your opponent is getting up after being knocked down.
    	Pull Out Weapon
    I never, ever use this move!  Only if i'm assured victory, because I 
    personally think weapons are a big waste of time.  She has a boomerang 
    that is very slow, but when it hits your opponent, it does alot of 
    damage, and I mean alot!  It also keeps your opponent on the ground for 
    a couple of seconds.
    Kiss of Death=   (close)     d,d,d,u,d+hp+blk                         
    Fan Pit=                 b,f,d+blk    
    Neck Crack=       (close)     d,f,d,f+hk  (rev. 3)                        
    Goro's Lair=           f,f,f+lp
    	Kiss of Death
    Tanya Kisses her opponent, then she walks off slowly.  Then her opponent 
    starts to stretch, and then their limbs begin to bend in all directions.  
    Then their back twists, wait a little bit, then your opponent explodes, 
    with body parts and blood splattering on the screen.
    	Neck Crack
    Tanya jumps onto her opponents shoulders, just like her limb breaker.  
    She does a full 180 degree spin, then all the way around again.  Your 
    opponents head pops off their body, she climbs off, and their head falls 
    to the floor.  And their body collapses to the floor, spilling blood.
    	Fan Pit
    Tanya picks her opponent up by and arm and a leg, and starts to sping 
    them around.  She continues to spin them around, then she suddenly lets 
    go of him/her, and they go flying into the fan.  Body parts and blood 
    spill everywhere, and their head comes flying towards the screen, and 
    hits the screen and leaves a blood splat.
    	Goro's Lair
    Tanya lowers herself, charging up for and uppercut.  Meanwhile, the 
    camera shows rows and rows of sharp spikes on the ceiling.  She 
    uppercuts your opponent right into the spikes.  (hold down on both 
    controllers to make the body slide off the spikes and onto the floor.)
    1.  hp, hk, f,f+hk                                5.  hk, hk, f,f+hk
    2.  hk, hk, b+lk                                   6.  hp, hk, b+lk
    3.  hp, hk, b+hk                                 7.  hk, hk, b+hk
    4.  hk, hk, d+hp                                 8.  hp, hk, d+hp
    1.  hp, hp, d+hp, jump kick              5.  hp, hp, d+hp, hcf+hp
    2.  hk, hk, d+hp, walk, uppercut     6.  hp, hk, b+lk, throw
    3.  hp, hk, f,f+lk, hcb+lk            
    4.  hp, hk, d+hp, f,f+lk
    1.  hp, hk, d+hp, walk, uppercut, f,f+lk, air fireball
    2.  drill kick, split kick, drill kick, split kick, air fireball
    3.  hp, hk, d+hp, walk, uppercut, drill kick, limb break 
    12.  ABOUT ME
    I, personally have pretty much mastered every charicter on MK4.  I've 
    tried to beat it with everyone on "Master 2", And Ive succeeded with 
    everyone but Fujin, Jax, and Shinnok.  I've also Mastered other games 
    like the Tekken series, Mk series, and Some of the Street Fighter 
    series.  Fighting are my Fav. Next to RPG's and I prefer all the 
    systems, not just the 64 or PSX, I think their all good.  I'm just a 
    lowly 15 year old thats has nothing better to do than write faqs and 
    play games.  I spend about 10$ a week at the arcade, which is alot, 
    considering I dont have a job.
    I'd like to thank Midway for creating such a good series of games.  
    Also, I'd like to thank Chris Labeau for kicking my ass over and over, 
    and teaching me how to play the game right  :)  I personally dont care 
    what you do with this faq, but if you post it anywhere, please tell me  
    E-mail me at:  JQEA32B@prodigy.com

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