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"Your mission is to survive."

NAM - Stacking up.

Granted that this game came out in 1998, I am doing this review in the rise of even greater PS2 games and PS3. Not to mention PC games that are pretty much untouchable and not to mention state-of-the-art in technology. But all that shouldn't matter, at least for most of us. We all have a soft spot for the older classic game styles and systems. And it is my pleasure to say that this game falls right into that category of classics. I gave it a seven for multiple reasons I shall state in a little bit, but a seven to me isn't bad, keep in mind I am grading this game from the standpoint of not comparing it to everything else. At least not the newer stuff, I am not the kind of person that says, well with all these new games coming out, who the heck would play this? know?


Indeed Vietnam was a pretty nasty war and in this game no doubt you get to experience all the horror in first person. I want to tell you why I gave this game a 7 now and get it out of the way, first off for it being a 1998 game, the graphics are a bit underdeveloped for its time. I have seen a lot of other games that completely blow this away graphically. It looks like what a nintendo war game would be in 3-D, very blocky. I don't usually have a problem with these kinds of graphics because I have enjoyed games with worse graphics but sometimes it is hard to determine who is shooting at you and where they are. Other than that factor, the levels are a bit closed in, NAM is supposed to be a bit more open, sometimes you run into a barrier and while this game is wide open, you can still see your limitations. And last but not least, there is a lack of story going on here, no background or anything. You just seem to be a lone gunman surviving war. Granted that there is nothing wrong with this since you are in the middle of a frickin war. And keep in mind, if you are into better graphics and bigger games, this game just might not interest you.

NAM, heavy and solid!

Despite those issues, NAM is a very solid game that never fails to bring the gritty soldier out in you. Keep in mind that there is no real strategy here, it's just running and gunning all the way. There are situations however where you need to take advantage of your cache of weapons otherwise you might turn out in a body bag. The game also puts you in the most unfortunate of places to be, right in the middle of it all. You have to carefully watch your step anywhere you decide to go, which is one of the aspects I like about this game the keeps you on your toes. So you know your not going to be dancing around blowing everything up because the game has it's challenges and that is surprise when you least expect it. I feel that this is the games strong point, action...and plenty of it. Not to mention the vast supply of weapons and explosives at your disposal.

NAM ambiance and control.

Gun fire, air-strikes, shouting and screaming in the's all here and sounds really good. I feel a war game should have good sound effects because they are what make you feel like you are there and in the action just as much as the game play. The controls are also a simple matter, within no time you will be moving around like you should...a surviving soldier as intended my friends.

NAM man, it's a classic.

Despite the flaws NAM is seriously a classic among the rest. Best suited for those who want to get into a game and immediately recieve action. This game is pretty old and don't come around that often so if you ever find it, just grab it, it's really worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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