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Reviewed: 08/28/01 | Updated: 08/28/01

A solid racing game with tons of extras.

Need for Speed II is a racing game with everything you need, including speed. There are extensive showcases for every car, movies(at least 20 minutes worth total), info on each car, pictures, the works.

Graphics: 9/10
As far as the racing itself is concerned, the cars and outside structures(even if they are mostly sprites) look good, but desert textures and such become repetitive after a while, which takes the score down a little. I did not see much slowdown, if any at all, even at a simulated 230+ mph(McLarenF1). However, the showcases, movies, and things like that, bring the score here right back up.

The sound in this game is ample. Tire screeches and revving engines is about all you hear during racing. But the voice acting in this game is extraordinarily crisp and clear, especially in the showcase narratives. I am guessing there is at least 35 minutes of voice acting in this game. Music is equally awesome. There is plenty of cool music on and off the tracks. There's all kinds of music-rock, old-country style, European, all perfectly suited to the tracks they are on.

Control is very simple while racing, just hit the gas and turn when necessary. Some strategy is needed on hairpin turns with cars that have poor handling, however. Off the road, it is very easy to navigate the game and all its options.

Replay value:9/10
6 tracks, 8 cars, plenty of records to beat, this game will stay fresh for a long time. For a challenge, try to beat a bunch of McLaren F1's with a Lotus GT1. Loads of fun. A guilty pleasure is to race a McLaren F1 against a bunch of Lotus GT1's. There's so much to do in this game you'll never want to stop.

Definitely buy if at all possible. You can get a feel for it if you rent it, but to get the full impact of the game in all its glory, you have to buy it.

This is a great racing game. Of course, it does not compare to the really great ones(Gran Turismo, Test Drive, etc.), but who really expects it to?
There is so much extra stuff in this game that you could sit at your computer all day, playing this game, and not race. Watch all the movies, learn about the car manufacturers' histories, read info about the cars' performance, you can do it all.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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