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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Twirl

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/26/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Need for Speed 2 Special Edition for PC
    General GameFAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by Twirl
    E-mail at emunalysis@yahoo.com
    Date 26.07.2003
    Version 1.2
    This Game Guide is available at its homepage Emunalysis
    at http://emunalysis.cjb.net
    And Gamefaqs
    at http://www.gamefaqs.com
    1. Introduction
    2. General Game Information
    -What is Need for Speed 2 SE?
    -How is NFS2SE different compared to NFS2?
    -How good is this game?
    -What sort of computer do I need to play NFS2 SE?
    -About the 3dfx mode.
    -The old http://www.nfs2.com
    3. Stuff from the Menu
    3.1. Game Setup
    3.2. Location, Car Select
    3.3. Options
    4. Car Information
    4.1. General Rundown
    4.2. Summary Table
    5. Driving the Line
    5.1. Car Settings
    5.2. The Cockpit
    5.3. Driving the Line
    5.4. Other Driving Techniques
    5.5. General Race Tips
    5.6. Music
    6. Track Information
    6.1. General Walkthrough with Maps
    6.2. Summary Table
    7. Race Type
    7.1. Tournament
    7.2. Knockout
    8. Extra Analysis
    9. Easter Eggs
    10. FAQ about this GameFAQ
    11. Outro
    12. Version History
    13. Credits
    14. Legal Stuff
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my Need for Speed 2 Special Edition Game Guide!
    This GameFAQ/Game Guide is for those of you who are relatively new to the game.
    If you have been playing this game for quite a while, then there isnít much new
    here. But of course, feel free to read through it if you want!
    In this Game Guide, I just basically talk about the game in as many ways as I
    So what makes this particular NFS GameFAQ different to the others?
    Well, I tried to cover every aspect of the game in as much detail as possible.
    Even the simplest or little things I go on and on about in case you donít
    understand anything. However, I donít go on about pointless things like secret
    areas in the tracks, which I happen to think are bugs anyway.
    What makes me different from all the other NFS fans? Well Iíve been playing all
    the NFS games with alot of interest since the first NFS came out. So you can
    pretty much call me an NFS veteran who has raced many many many races, in all
    the cars and all the tracks. You can also think of me as a dedicated NFS fan
    who is always willing to be involved in the series and will go that extra
    distance for his GameFAQ audience!
    However, I donít claim to be an NFS expert. So donít go e-mailing me a load of
    crap if you donít like what I say. Iím giving you my free information for
    crying out load!
    So now that you know a bit about me, I can finally get back on topic and
    outline what is in this GameFAQ. Firstly in Section 2 I go over general things
    about the game. Section 3 will go over the menu if you are either lost or new
    to the game. Section 4 will go over all the cars, kind of like my own separate
    showcase. Section 5 and onwards will finally start to talk about how to play
    this game. Section 6 will go over all the tracks and this even includes maps!
    Section 7 will go over the various ways of playing this game. Section 8 Extra
    Analysis is like an Appendix at the back of a Non Fiction book, stuff that
    youíll either cringe to know about or want to have a peek at for interests
    sake. Section 9 will give away Easter Eggs. No, not chocolate eggs! Easter Eggs
    formally known as cheat-codes. Section 10 is a FAQ about this GameFAQ for those
    of you with a wary eye.
    And from Section 11 onwards I start to say goodbye in a sense that youíve read
    this whole GameFAQ top to bottom and have come to an end.
    One more thing. If you find anything wrong with this GameFAQ whether it be a
    spelling or grammatical error, or something wrong with the information I have
    provided or anything else, anything at all, then please e-mail me at
    emunalysis@yahoo.com, so I can make changes on the next update.
    Enjoy the drive!
    2. General Game Information
    What is Need for Speed 2 Special Edition?
    According to my own count, it is the forth game in the Need for Speed series.
    Need for Speed
    Need for Speed SE
    Need for Speed II
    Need for Speed II SE
    Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit
    Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed
    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit II
    Need for Speed *and so on*
    In case you are new to the game or the entire series, the Need for Speed series
    is basically a collection of games where you get to drive super sports cars and
    race against other super sports cars on a selection of tracks. Some real
    tracks, some made up tracks.
    In NFS or NFS SE, you get to play the bad guy by trying to outrun cops in the
    open road with civilian traffic. These cops seem 100% biased torwards you,
    because they never ever want to catch your opponent.
    In NFS2 or NFS2 SE, the emphasise shifts to faster and more expensive cars,
    racing on closed race tracks around the world that funnily enough have civilian
    traffic that endlessly go round and round the same route. You arenít the bad
    guy this time, because there are no cops that want to give you tickets.
    Then in NFS III Hot Pursuit, the emphasise shifts back to you playing a bad guy
    trying to outrun cops. But this time you are a very bad guy because you can
    have something like 4 or 5 cop cars after you. The cops have even got a bit
    smarter by parking their cars in the middle of the roads in an effort to block
    you and if that doesnít work, theyíll go for the extreme in the form of road
    spikes. The cops will even go that little bit further by bringing out their
    super cop cars if their ordinary bomb cop cars gas out. However, the cops
    arenít actually all that smart, in fact they are quite dumb because they pull
    you over even when you are well under the speed limit.
    OK, Iím drifting off the topic here.
    NFS2 SE is a different version of NFS2, which leads onto. . .
    How is Need for Speed 2 Special Edition Different Compared to Need for Speed 2?
    The positives:
    -3 extra cars: Ferrari 355F1, Ford Mustang Mach 3 and ItalDesign Nazca C2.
    -3 new bonus cars to unlock in tournament.
    -1 extra track, the Last Resort.
    -Each car has its own set of colours, even black which was unavailable in
    -Some new cheat codes.
    -An extra racing style, Wild.
    -Able to drive tracks backwards and mirrored
    -Personal statistics.
    -Slightly improved graphics in software mode.
    -3dfx Support. (more info about that below)
    -A black McLaren!
    -Maybe a few other things, but they ainít that important
    The negatives:
    -You can race against up to 7 cars, rather than 11 in NFS2 in a single race. I
    think this is the biggest letdown. It is always a lot more fun racing against
    more cars. It may not seem like a lot to you, but to me it is enough to
    question whether or not this game is better than NFS2.
    -You canít choose any colour car you want anymore!
    -No in-car view on 3dfx mode, I wonder why?
    -The same bonus track to unlock in Knockout.
    How Good is This Game?
    Back in 1997, the reviews for NFS2 SE were generally pretty good. Review scores
    ranged from around 70%-90%. It wasnít the best driving game back then compared
    to other simulation games like TOCA Touring Cars or Colin McRae Rally.
    The main things I liked about this game were the amount of flash sports cars
    you can play around with and the awesome music. I think that there should have
    been a few open road tracks like in NFS with cops to make it an even better
    game altogether.
    But all in all, to me this is an excellent driving game and will remain that
    way no matter how far we go into the future. A classic.
    What sort of computer do I need to play NFS2 SE?
    Youíll need a decent Pentium computer with at least 90Mhz, 16MB RAM, about 15MB
    free hard drive space and a Quad Speed CD-ROM drive.
    However, in order for the game to run properly, a Pentium 166Mhz MMX with 32MB
    RAM and about 100MB free space would do the job fine.
    About the 3dfx Mode
    The biggest change going from NFS2 to NFS2 SE was the all-new 3dfx support.
    The 3dfx graphics mode is only for 3dfx video cards. So if you either have a
    computer with an ordinary 2D video card or some other 3D video card, then you
    will only have the game running in the ordinary software mode like NFS2.
    However, you can install whatís called a ďGlide WrapperĒ and get the gameís
    3dfx mode working for other 3D video cards like a GeForce with an nVidia
    You can download a Glide Wrapper at http://www.glideunderground.com.
    Note that it wonít run the 3dfx mode all perfect, because in the game there
    will be a whole bunch of graphical glitches like funny car textures and grey
    ingame graphics floating over the horizon.
    How Good is the 3dfx Mode?
    From what Iíve seen, the 3dfx mode isnít all that good, at least compared to
    todayís games.
    This is why:
    -All the tracks look dark and foggy forcing you to set the brightness level to
    14 and your monitor brightness and contrast to full to see things clearer. Your
    vision isnít seriously impaired, but only in certain parts of the game: inside
    the volcano on Last Resort and the snow on Mystic Peaks.
    -It rains on the Proving Grounds and Pacific Spirit all the time. You get
    flying bees splattering onto your screen in the Outback, this especially
    obstructs your view if a group of them splatter in the middle of your screen.
    The snow sections of the Mystics Peaks snow very heavily. This is a nice little
    extra thing to have, but not when youíre taking the game seriously in
    tournament or knockout. There should have been someway to turn this off.
    In the ordinary software mode, you can tell that the graphics have been
    slightly improved from NFS2. The roads have more of a texture to them and the
    surroundings donít look as crappy.
    Personally I would just stick to the software mode, because everything looks
    more colourful making it easier to see things, plus you donít have things
    falling down the sky like in 3dfx.
    The Old http://www.nfs2.com
    http://www.nfs2.com was the gameís official website. When NFS3 came in, EA
    opened itís official Need for Speed series website http://www.needforspeed.com.
    http://www.nfs2.com was moved to that site under EAís NFS Heritage section.
    That NFS Heritage section still remains, but without NFS2 and NFS.
    I think it was taken down around 2000. In case you are interested to know what
    was in it because youíve never been in it before then you are in some luck
    because I happen to remember a wee bit.
    To be honest there was hardly anything. Back in 1997 internet was still
    relatively new and official websites were quite crap. Anyway, as much as I can
    remember the official website was like this:
    Upon entering you get the big NFS2 logo in the middle of the browser. A menu
    bar is at the bottom of the screen. There was a section listing the gameís
    features with minimum and recommended system requirements. There was a section
    on the cars, which included a few brief sentences about the car, some car stats
    and a nice flash picture of it. People freely and happily ripped these flash
    pictures off the site to put into their own websites that remain around the net
    to this day. There was also a section with screenshots from the game, a lot
    like the ones on the box. And thatís really all I remember. I think there was a
    section on the tracks with some comments and pictures on it.
    3. Stuff from the Menu
    Here I will go over everything in the menu. Itís just for people who havenít
    played the game before or in case there is something you donít know. When the
    game passes itís fancy intro videos, youíll be presented with NFS2ís sleek
    looking menu. It looks like this:
    Game Setup
    Player 1
    Player 2
    Note that you can push left and right on your keyboard or any other game
    control device to scroll through Game Setup, Location, Player 1/2, and
    Opponents, with the status of the game shown along the right side of the
    3.1 Game Setup
    Game Type: 1 Player, Split Screen, Modem, Serial or Network
    I canít go through anything about Serial or Network because I havenít tried
    those out before. As for modem, it is quite straight-forward.
    One person calls, the other answers and once youíre connected, youíre off.
    Race Type: Single, Tournament or Knockout
    *Information on Game & Race Type are in Section 7. Game Modes
    This gets activated when you play split screen racing. What happens is the
    player who is behind the other gets a speed increase, but not as the
    speedometer suggests. Say when the leading player is going at about 100 mph at
    some point and the other player would be going faster than that even when the
    speedometer is at 90 mph.
    I did a little test on the Proving Grounds with two McLaren F1s. I got one to
    finish the race with about 50 secs on the 2nd lap. Then I got the other one to
    go round twice and it got about 40 secs on the 2nd lap. That looks like a 20%
    decrease in time. I donít know whether itís the case of the furtherer behind
    you are the faster you go, so Iím guessing the player behind would be going
    between 1-20% faster.
    Backwards: Drive the track going backwards. Do this if you are bored of doing
    the tracks the normal way round.
    Mirrored: Left is right, right is left. Do this if you are bored of the same
    old turns.
    Turning both backwards and mirrored on nearly makes the track completely
    different, something youíd do if you were bored to death of the game.
    Turning backwards on would yield different lap times.
    Here you select what sort of physics model you want to play in the game.
    You can choose from:
    Here the cars will usually act like they do in real life. Not exactly
    realistically but enough for you not to say ďwhat the hell is going on here?Ē.
    Turning and braking will cause the car to understeer rather than drift or
    power-slide. Turning and hand-braking at the same time will cause the car to
    skid sideways quite fast and this is quite hard to keep control of. If you use
    the handbrake properly, you can pull off power-slides.
    Here the cars will accelerate a lot faster than in simulation and also reach
    their top speeds in about the half the time. The cars also turn a lot better,
    probably twice as good as they would in simulation. Handbrake turns donít skid
    you sideways. Instead they seem to make you power-slide sideways on all 4
    wheels rather than just the 2 rear wheels while youíre still moving forward and
    when this does happen, I donít know how to stop this without hitting something.
    Itís quite strange really. This is to make the game more fun I guess. It is
    also easier to go airborne when you hit something especially oncoming cars.
    I canít really tell too much difference between wild and arcade. What I have
    observed is that the acceleration, handling and braking are similar. Handbrake
    turns are easiest to control here. You are able to power-slide through corners
    without too much effort unlike simulation or arcade mode. I also think that
    hitting other cars seems to cause more mayhem, hence the style ďwildĒ.
    3.2. Location and Car Select
    Here you select the track you want to race.
    This is greyed out in knockout.
    Laps: pick from 2, 4 or 8 laps.
    Track Info:
    You wonít get as much information here as you did in NFS. There will be a thick
    yellow line of the track along with how long it is and how hard it is. Wait for
    the trackís logo on the top left to spin twice and youíll hear a voice over on
    the track.
    Track Records:
    This lists the top ten times for each track for 2, 4 and 8 laps. The car and
    whether they are driven in simulation, arcade or wild is shown. The lap record
    is at the bottom of the screen. Initially for each track there will be these
    funny made-up names with made-up times, which are certainly all quite beatable.
    If you decide to clear the records, then everything will be wiped out for that
    track only, including the stuff that was initially there.
    Personal Statistics:
    This gives you line graphs of: number of fatal crashes, best lap time, total
    time and top speed on your previous outings. Changing the car, track or number
    of laps will all change the graph. This is really of any use if you have been
    playing the game for a very long time otherwise you wonít get very good graphs,
    just ones with very short ranged y-axes. Quite a handy thing for keeping track
    of your lap times especially if you are the type of person who is always
    persistent on shaving milliseconds off your best times.
    Car Select
    Player 1 / Player 2
    Here you select your car. In single race you can select any car you want. In
    tournament and knockout, you will be restricted to a class set of 4 cars
    depending on the track youíre going to race.
    Select from Automatic or Manual.
    Select the colour of your car. Depending on which car you have chosen, this
    will range from 5 to 9 colours, except for the Ford Indigo which only has red.
    Get a quick glance at how good the car is under acceleration, top speed,
    braking and handling. I have made a full analysis of this under 8. Extra
    Be your own mechanic and change the settings of your car the way you see fit.
    More information on this is under 5.1. Car Settings.
    Get the full low down on all 12 cars. Information includes General,
    Performance, Transmission Type and Mechanical. Under history, you get little
    history lesson on the car and itís manufacturer with a timeline of past models.
    Note there are only 7 of these rather than 12, because the game only has 7 car
    The slideshows are quite nice to look at, each car will have 7 or 8 pictures.
    Select video to see the car in real life action. Although some of them like the
    Ford GT90 just sit there in the showroom for you to drool over! The Isdera
    Commendatore 112i is the only car with no video.
    Now that youíve picked your car and learnt all about it, you will want to race
    against a few others. This is a racing game isnít it?
    Car: Pick which car(s) you want to race against. Picking Class A,B or C will
    automatically set the number to Full Grid.
    Number: Select from None, One or Full Grid, which is against 7 other cars.
    Skill: Select Beginner if you are starting out. This will become too easy once
    youíve got the hang of the game. Select Advanced for more of a challenge. This
    too soon does become too easy after youíve REALLY got the hang of the game!
    Traffic: This will put a few civilian cars in the way, not too many, about as
    much as a quiet Sunday afternoon in a local neighbourhood. You can only have
    one opponent to race against with this turned on. This is not available on the
    Proving Grounds. You would normally switch this on if you arenít racing
    seriously. I only play with traffic on to make big crash accidents. A fun thing
    to do is to try and knock buses and trucks over!
    3.3. Options
    Speedometer: Select from mph or kph.
    Personal Stats: When this is turned off, none of the stats will be recorded and
    will grey out the Personal Stats feature under Location.
    Credits: If you are really bored, then take a look at this. The people that
    appear on that list donít get the credit they deserve mainly because youíre
    unlikely to know any of them!
    Here you change the volume of the menu music, racing music and sound effects.
    Only of any use if you have speakers with no volume knob like I had once.
    Interactive Music: With this turned on, the track will play with either one of
    itís rock or techno tunes, but the music will change according to where you are
    on the track to suit the race situation.
    Racing Tune: With interactive music turned off, you can select from having the
    trackís default music, random music from the 16 scores or individually pick
    which one you want.
    Engine Sounds: I never knew what this was, because I cannot tell the difference
    between Optimal or Standard racing sounds. So if you have a slow computer, just
    switch it to Standard and try to psychologically think youíll get a frame rate
    Audio/Audio Quality: Select from Stereo or Mono / 16 bit or 8 bit
    Setup: You are almost certain to visit this place at least once. There are a
    few keys you canít use: L/R Shift, L/R Control, L/R Alt, all function keys,
    Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause and Caps Lock. However, you can assign
    controls to the Shift Keys, like !, @, ? & ~. I find that quite funny seeing
    they are harder to access.
    You can mix keyboard controls with gamepad, joystick and steering wheel
    More information on the actual controls, they are under 5.2. The Controls.
    Steering Sensitivity:
    For Steering Wheels of course. Set how far your steering wheel turns before it
    is a full turn in the game. Select from Full, Three Quarters, Half or a
    Quarter. I can honestly say that playing NFS2 with a steering wheel isnít as
    fun an experience as it would seem. Youíre most likely to be better off with a
    game-pad, both fun and performance wise.
    Force Feedback: No idea about this. I can imagine it being a pain in the butt
    if youíre trying to win a Knockout tournament though.
    You know, this place seems very hidden. Putting it under Options is quite
    cheeky given that Loading and Saving things arenít really Options. It actually
    took me a while to figure out that you come here to view your replays!
    Anyways, here you can save, load or delete tournaments. For replays you can
    view your most recent outing and save it, or delete saved replays.
    You are most likely to come here more often if you had a slow computer like me
    to tinker around a bit.
    Window Size (Software Mode):
    Choose from Full, Medium or Small. If you have something below a Pentium
    133mhz, Medium or Small will drastically improve the frame-rate.
    Image Quality (Software Mode):
    Choose from High, Medium, Interlaced, Low or Low Interlaced.
    Interlaced puts inactive dark lines through the screen to improve the frame-
    rate. It actually isnít too bad.
    Setting the image quality on high is too slow for anything below a Pentium
    150mhz with 32 RAM.
    Car Detail (3dfx Mode):
    Car detail here means putting that extra shiny gloss onto the cars. If its
    turned off then the cars will just look like they do in Software Mode.
    Brightness (3dfx Mode):
    This ranges from 1-14. It is defaulted to 6. I would suggest putting this on 14
    seeing everything is so dam dark.
    View Distance: Choose from Far, Medium or Close. Selecting Close wonít affect
    your vision. In fact when I played with this on, I was so busy trying to race I
    never noticed anything.
    Horizon: You can either have this on or off.
    4. Car Information
    4.1. General Rundown
    For each car in order of itís overall placing (out of 12) Iíll give some useful
    stats worth knowing, how the car rates against the other cars (out of 12) and
    some of my personal opinions on the car.
    And those stats are worth knowing because you wonít find some of it in the
    If you want to know about how I produced the car ratings, then go to 6. Extra
    As an indication of how fast the cars are compared to each other, I have
    provided typical Proving Grounds times to the nearest 0.1 seconds on simulation
    1. McLaren F1 (Class A)
    Engine Specs
    48 Valve, V12
    627bhp @ 7500rpm
    Top Speed: 231mph, 372 km/h
    0-60: 3.2 secs
    0-100: 6.3 secs
    Weight: 2509lbs
    Available Colours: black, yellow, teal, white, grey, brown
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:00.00
    Flying lap: 50.00
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 3rd
    Top Speed: 1st
    Handling: 4th
    Braking: 1st
    Overall: 1st
    Clearly this is the best car in the game hands down. It has by far the best top
    speed. The Ferrari F50 and Ford GT90 are a little faster going from 0-100mph,
    but once youíve gone over 100mph the McLaren F1 can easily outpace any car.
    Handling isnít the best, but it is still relatively good compared to most of
    the other cars.
    It is the only car than can do a lap of the Proving Grounds in less than 50
    So if you really want to win on any track then use this car!
    2. Ferrari F50 (Class A)
    Engine Specs:
    60 Valve, V12
    513bhp @ 8500rpm
    Top Speed: 202 mph, 325 km/h
    0-60: 3.7 secs
    0-100: 6.0 secs
    Weight: 3080lbs
    Available Colours: red, yellow, teal, black, white
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:06.40
    Flying lap: 57.00
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 1st
    Top Speed: 5th
    Handling: 5th
    Braking: 5th
    Overall: 2nd
    Believe it or not, 0-100 in 6 seconds, thatís pretty darn fast for a road car.
    Overall consistency earns this car a firm 2nd best. Itís only letdown, which is
    very minor is itís 202 mph top speed which is overshadowed by the Class B cars
    Isdera 112i and Jaguar XJ220. Having the best acceleration in the game comes at
    a price. Because the car revs up real quickly, it has a slight tendency to
    oversteer after crashing into things while still accelerating.
    However, the F50 can still be handled very well by a beginner. But with an
    experienced driver behind the wheel, the F50 can be very hard to beat.
    3. Ford GT90 (Class A)
    Engine Specs:
    48 Valve, V12 Quad Turbo
    720bhp @ 6300rpm
    Top Speed: 220 mph, 354 km/h
    0-60: 3.1 secs
    0-100: 6.2 secs
    Weight: 3200lbs
    Available Colours: white, red, grey, black, yellow, blue
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:02.50
    Flying lap: 52.30
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 2nd
    Top Speed: 2nd
    Handling: 7th
    Braking: 11th
    Overall: 3rd
    This car is a complete monster! It kinda looks like the Nazca C2, but all
    beefed up.
    It uses some sort of ďmodular technologyĒ to fuse 2 separate engines together.
    This results in the car having the most horse-power in the game of 720bhp. Now
    that is a heck of alot of power. And that sort of power makes this is the
    fastest car going from 0-60 mph and needing 4 exhaust pipes to handle it all!
    Itís top speed of 220mph makes it the only car to give the McLaren F1 a decent
    one on one race on the Proving Grounds and the Outback. So why is it 3rd best?
    Because of itís handling. This car does not pin to the ground under high speeds
    without accelerating. So if you turn without accelerating under high-speed, the
    car will slide forcing you to counter steer. This of course allows you to
    power-slide more easily although it wonít improve your time. Highly recommended
    for the experienced driver.
    4. Lotus Elise GT1 (Class A)
    Engine Specs:
    V8 Twin Turbo
    350bhp @ 6500rpm
    Top Speed: 195 mph, 313 km/h
    0-60: 3.8 secs
    0-100: 9.0 secs
    Weight: 2315lbs
    Available Colours: blue, white, black, red, yellow
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:09.60
    Flying lap: 59.00
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 7th
    Top Speed: 6th
    Handling: 2nd
    Braking: 3rd
    Overall: 4th
    I would have to call this the best all-round performer in the game. Although
    its acceleration and top-speed are about average, the strength lies in itís
    superb handling.  Being extremely lightweight makes the car able to sweep
    around corners like a charm. The brakes are very good too, but you wonít need
    to be using them as much as most other cars seeing you can accelerate through
    many of the turns. This is definitely the best car for beginners without too
    much of a compromise in speed.
    5. Ford Indigo (Class B)
    Engine Specs:
    48 Valve, V12
    435bhp @ 6100rpm
    Top Speed: 180 mph, 290 km/h
    0-60: 3.9 secs (est)
    0-100: 6.9 secs (est)
    Weight: 2300lbs
    Available Colours: red only
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:12.10
    Flying lap: 1:03.70
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 6th
    Top Speed: 10th
    Handling: 1st
    Braking: 2nd
    Overall: 5th
    This was a bonus car that you had to unlock in NFS2. Somehow I feel that this
    is kind of like an outsider car from the rest of the pack. Firstly because it
    doesnít look like a road car, more like a big super kart. And secondly you
    canít change the colour of it!
    Besides all that, this car is quite similar to the Lotus GT1. The acceleration
    is above average and the top speed is not so great. But like the Lotus GT1,
    itís ultra light weight of 2300lbs gives this car the best handling with
    excellent braking, making it the easiest to drive.
    6. ItalDesign Nazca C2 (Class B)
    Engine Specs:
    24 Valve, V12
    380bhp @ 5300rpm
    Top Speed: 193 mph, 311 km/h
    0-60: 3.6 secs
    0-100:  9.9 secs
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:11.20
    Flying lap: 59.30
    Weight: 2293lbs
    Available Colours: grey, dark red, blue, yellow, purple, white, black
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 8th
    Top Speed: 7th
    Handling: 3rd
    Braking: 7th
    Overall: 6th
    An overall rating of 6th (according to me) makes this the most average car in
    the game. Performance is reliable all around. Decent acceleration, decent top-
    speed, and decent braking. Weighing in at a feather-like 2293lbs makes this the
    lightest car in the game, giving it very fine handling. You canít really go
    wrong with this car, unless of course youíre racing against faster cars on the
    Proving Grounds or the Outback. Yet another good car for beginners. And in my
    opinion, the flashiest car in the game.
    7. Jaguar XJ220 (Class B)
    Engine Specs:
    24 Valve, V6 Twin Turbo
    542bhp @ 7200rpm
    Top Speed: 213 mph, 343 km/h
    0-60: 3.4 secs
    0-100:  7.9 secs
    Weight: 3497lbs
    Available Colours: violet, dark green, black, grey, brown, white
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:06.50
    Flying lap: 55.00
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 4th
    Top Speed: 3rd
    Handling: 12th
    Braking: 10th
    Overall: 7th
    If I was to give this car one word descriptions, then they would be: rock,
    brick, stump and beast. Being the 2nd heaviest car at 3241lbs makes this car
    handle like a huge rock. You can barely keep it on the road at high speeds and
    youíll have a hard time trying to slow it down to take a corner efficiently.
    Youíll even struggle to keep this car in place on the Proving Grounds. This is
    made up for with well above average top-speed and acceleration. Like the Ford
    GT90, this car is best left for experienced drivers.
    8. Isdera Commendatore 112i (Class B)
    Engine Specs:
    48 Valve, V12
    408bhp @ 6200rpm
    Top Speed: 212 mph, 341 km/h
    0-60: 4.0 secs
    0-100:  8.8 secs (est)
    Weight: 3256lbs
    Available Colours: silver, black, blue, dark red, teal
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:07.20
    Flying lap: 55.40
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 5th
    Top Speed: 4th
    Handling: 11th
    Braking: 12th
    Overall: 8th
    This car is very evenly matched against the Jaguar XJ220. The acceleration, top
    speed and braking are about the same as the Jaguar, but it handles slightly
    better. Not bad for a hand built car! This is the heaviest car in the game at
    3256lbs, which explains why it has the worst braking in the game. Overall this
    car is able to race closely against all the other cars on any track making it a
    solid performer.
    9. ItalDesign Cala (Class C)
    Engine Specs:
    40 Valve, V10
    400bhp @ 7200rpm
    Top Speed: 181 mph, 291 km/h
    0-60: 5.0 secs
    0-100: 10.9 secs
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:16.20
    Flying lap: 1:03.90
    Weight: 2844lbs
    Available Colours: yellow, brown, dark violet, black, light grey
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 11th
    Top Speed: 9th
    Handling: 6th
    Braking: 4th
    Overall: 9th
    A lot like its big brother Nazca C2, but with a little less grunt. A 0-100 time
    of 10.9 secs suggests this car has the slowest acceleration, however when you
    are playing the game it appears to be quicker than the 355F1 with a 0-100 time
    of 10.5 secs. So donít let that fool you. The top-speed may be a little on the
    slow side, but the car handles nice & smoothly with very good brakes. So when
    youíve got the speed going you can even give cars like the Jaguar XJ220 a good
    race on the Intermediate tracks, just like in the introduction video, which is
    why I think the Cala is the best overall Class C car.
    Iím not so sure about the engine sounds of the car, I think it sounds more like
    a moped. Donít you?
    10. Ford Mustang Mach III (Class C)
    Engine Specs:
    V8 Super Charged
    450bhp @ 5500rpm
    Top Speed: 180 mph, 290km/h
    0-60: 4.5 secs (est)
    0-100: 8.7 secs (est)
    Weight: 3000lbs
    Available Colours: red, dark green, dark blue, white
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:13.60
    Flying lap: 1:04.50
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 9th
    Top Speed: 11th
    Handling: 8th
    Braking: 9th
    Overall: 10th
    The carís showcase states the top-speed as being 180+mph and after trying it
    out on the Proving Grounds, the carís top speed looks very set on just 180mph.
    There is a major problem with this car; like the Ford GT90 it has hardly any
    downforce and thatís easily seen by the shape of the car. If you try to turn
    without accelerating, then the car turns into a slippery sliding soap. It just
    doesnít stick to the ground!
    In order to drive this car properly, you really need to brake before entering
    corners and accelerate out of them. It has the best acceleration of the Class C
    cars, so if you can manage to drive it properly, it can quite easily beat Class
    C opposition and even give Class B cars a good race.
    11. Ferrari 355F1 (Class C)
    Engine Specs:
    40 Valve, V8
    375bhp @ 8250rpm
    Top Speed: 183 mph, 296 km/h
    0-60: 4.4 secs
    0-100:  10.5 secs
    Weight: 2976lbs
    Available Colours: red, yellow, black, dark blue, white
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:15.20
    Flying lap: 1:03.00
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 12th
    Top Speed: 8th
    Handling: 9th
    Braking: 8th
    Overall: 11th
    The 355F1, a very toned down version of its big brother F50 with below average
    acceleration, top-speed, handling and braking. It has the best top speed of the
    Class C cars. Despite the game showing its 0-100 time as being 10.5 secs, which
    is not the slowest, this car does appear to have the slowest acceleration in
    actual gameplay. So that along with poor handling and braking lets this car
    down against Class A & B opposition. A Formula-1 steering wheel, but not so
    much Formula-1 performance.
    12. Lotus Esprit V8 (Class C)
    Engine Specs:
    V8 Twin Turbo
    350bhp @ 6500rpm
    Top Speed: 175 mph, 282km/h
    0-60: 4.5 secs
    0-100: 10.5 secs
    Weight: 3042lbs
    Available Colours: brown, dark blue, orange, red, yellow, sea green, grey,
    navy, white
    Typical Proving Grounds Time:
    Starting lap: 1:16.90
    Flying lap: 1:05.50
    Ratings Against Other Cars:
    Acceleration: 10th
    Top Speed: 12th
    Handling: 10th
    Braking: 6th
    Overall: 12th
    The Esprit V8 gets an overall placing of 12th mainly due to its top speed being
    substantially lower than the rest of the pack. It will also yield the slowest
    lap times out of the other cars for all tracks.
    It has the exact same engine specifications as itís older brother GT1, but
    being 727lbs heavier than the GT1 slows it way down. So thatís why I tend to
    think of this car as being very overweight. The braking is quite good, giving
    it an edge on the Mediterraneo and the Mystic Peaks.
    4.2. Summary Table
    The table below neatly compacts the essential stuff you would want to know
    about the 12 cars in order of overall ranking. Unlike above, I have included
    the length of the car in inches for a size visualisation.
    | Rank | Car            |TSpd |0-60 | Eng | bhp |disp | wght |length | color  |
    | Class A                                                                     |
    | 1st  | McLaren F1     | 231 | 3.2 | V12 | 627 |6064 | 2509 | 168.8 | black  |
    | 2nd  | Ferrari F50    | 202 | 3.7 | V12 | 513 |4700 | 3080 | 176.4 | red    |
    | 3rd  | Ford GT90      | 220 | 3.1 | V12 | 720 |5927 | 3200 | 176.0 | white  |
    | 4th  | Lotus GT1      | 195 | 3.8 | V8  | 350 |3506 | 2315 | 176.8 | d.blue |
    | Class B ********************************************************************|
    | 5th  | Ford Indigo    | 180 | 3.9 | V12 | 435 |5935 | 2300 | 175.3 | red    |
    | 6th  | ITD Nazca C2   | 193 | 3.6 | V12 | 380 |5576 | 2293 | 173.0 | grey   |
    | 7th  | Jaguar XJ220   | 213 | 3.4 | V6  | 542 |3497 | 3241 | 194.2 | violet |
    | 8th  | Isdera 112i    | 212 | 4.0 | V12 | 408 |6000 | 3256 | 182.0 | silver |
    | Class C ********************************************************************|
    | 9th  | ITD Cala       | 181 | 5.0 | V10 | 400 |3900 | 2844 | 172.8 | yellow |
    | 10th | Mustang Mach 3 | 180 | 4.5 | V8  | 450 |4600 | 3000 | 188.6 | red    |
    | 11th | Ferrari 355F1  | 183 | 4.5 | V8  | 375 |3496 | 2976 | 167.3 | red    |
    | 12th | Esprit V8      | 175 | 4.5 | V8  | 350 |3506 | 3042 | 173.8 | brown  |
    *weight in pounds, length in inches.
    5. Driving the Line
    5.1. Car Settings
    Now that youíve picked your super sport car and a desired location to have a
    spin around in, you need to set-up your car to suit your own preferences and
    track conditions.
    You set your car up under Settings when you are choosing your car. This is not
    available in Tournament or Knockout mode.
    The four things you can set up are Front Downforce, Rear Downforce, Brake Bias
    and Gear Ratios. All four of these are defaulted to Stock.
    Front Downforce and Rear Downforce
    This is how much you want to pin the car down to the ground.
    On the Stock setting, the Front & Rear Downforce are set to low.
    Medium is the next highest up and High is the most downforce.
    Basically the more downforce you have, the better your car can turn, but with a
    sacrifice in overall speed. Having more downforce at the rear prevents
    Setting the downforce here is most useful on twisty tracks, especially the
    Mystic Peaks.
    Brake Bias
    You decide whether you want more brake power to the front or rear of your car.
    This is actually more of a big deal in rallying. I havenít noticed that big a
    difference between changing the Brake Bias in this game seeing you normally use
    the handbrake to powerslide.
    Basically setting the Brake Bias to the Rear makes the car tend to oversteer
    under braking and setting the Brake Bias to the Front makes the car tend to
    understeer under braking.
    Gear Ratios
    Leaving the car on Stock will allow the car to attain itís normal top speed,
    provided that Front & Rear Downforce are left alone.
    Setting the Gear Ratio to Tall will slightly increase acceleration without too
    much of a sacrifice in top speed. Setting it to Short will increase the
    acceleration even more, but with a pretty big drop in top speed.
    Like the Downforce, setting your Gear Ratios is more useful on twisty tracks.
    5.2. The Cockpit
    Set your Controls up under Options, Controls, Setup.
    NFS2 SE has very typical controls for a racing game.
    Below are all the Controls with their default keys.
    Pause Game          - Escape
    Steer Left/Right    - [<-] / [->] Left & Right Arrows
    Accelerate          - [/\] Up Arrow
    Brake               - [\/] Down Arrow
    Shift Gears Up/Down Ė [A] / [Z]
    Cycle Through
    Camera Views        - [C]
    Look Behind         - [B]
    Horn                - [H]
    Below are the Ingame Function Key Commands. Very handy to have indeed, but only
    when youíre not turning!
    Toggle Window Size       - [F1]
    Toggle Image Quality
           Car Detail (3dfx) - [F2]
    Toggle View Distance     - [F3]
    Toggle Horizon On/Off    - [F4]
    Cycle Player 1 HUD
    Display                  - [F5]
    Cycle Player 2 HUD
    Display                  - [F6]
    Toggle Rear View
    Mirror On/Off            - [F7]
    Toggle Music On/Off      - [F8]
    Toggle Sound FX On / Off Ė [F9]
    Capture Screen Shot
    Toggle Bright 1-14 (3dfx)- [F10]
    5.3. Driving the Line
    We all know how to drive a car in a video game at least. We accelerate to get
    the car moving. Put on the brakes if we think weíre going too fast. Tap left or
    right to turn. But we donít all know about driving lines. If you have played
    Gran Turismo 1,2 or 3 and got all the licences then you must have taken driving
    lines to get through at least some of it. If you have done something like that,
    then you donít need to worry about this section at all, so you should move on
    to the next sections 5.4. Other Driving Techniques or 5.5. General Race Tips.
    Or if you donít care about being a clean driver and just want to be a wreck-
    less, power-sliding, barrier-scrapping maniac, then by all means move onto the
    next sections as well.
    Driving lines are going through all types of corners in such a way that you
    minimise the distance required to go through a corner while at the same time
    you maximise the speed and time it takes you to get through it. NFS2 SE may be
    more of an arcade racer, but driving lines apply to all driving games alike.
    You donít necessarily need to follow driving lines, but racing with a driving
    line is the proper way to race. And if you make a habit of driving lines, they
    will become natural to you, making you a better video game driver altogether.
    Most of the tracks in NFS2 SE donít have many tight narrow corners. In case you
    havenít noticed, nearly all of the roads in this game are really wide. So wide
    in fact that it makes it easier to apply driving lines. So when I say ďtight
    cornerĒ, I really mean a corner that gradually goes around 90 degrees or more
    on a narrow road, not sharply.
    Below I will show you the way you can drive through three types of corners. Not
    the only way, just a good way you can do it:
    - Ordinary Corners
    - Gentle S-Bends
    - Switch-Backs
    An Ordinary Corner
    In my own terms, an ordinary corner is a corner thatís not too flat and not too
    sharp. In other words, any old corner. If you think your car is at an
    appropriate speed to go through a corner, then common-sense suggests that you
    hug around the corner, staying to the inside of it as you go around.
    But of course in a game such as this, you will very often have to negotiate
    corners at high speeds. The basic thing here is to come braking into the corner
    wide, then accelerating right through. The wider you take the corner, the
    faster you can accelerate through it.
    The diagrams below pretty much sum it all up:
                           MMM                           a    MMM
                        MMM                           a     MM
                      MMM                            a    MM
                    MM                            a    MMM
                 MMM                            a    MM
               MM                            a    MMM
             MM                            a    MMM
           MM                            a   MMM
          MM                          a    MMM
        MM                          a    MM
       MM                        a    MMM
      MM                       a    MMM
      M                      a    MMM
     M                     a     MM
     M                  a      MM
     M                a       MM
     M              a        M
     M            a         MM
    M           a           M
    M          a            M
    M        a             M
    M      a               M
    M     a                M
    M   a                  M
    M  a                   M
    M b                    M
    M b                    M
    M b                    M
    M b                    M
    M b                    M
    M b                    M      b- Brake
    M b                    M      a- Accelerate
    M  b                   M
    M   b                  M
    M    b                 M
            MMMMMMMM                       *******************************
         MMM                        *******
        M                      *****
       M                    ****
      M                  ***
      M               ***
     M            ***  MMMMM
     M          ***   MM
     M         **    M
     M       **      M
     M      **      MM     Follow the *s.
     M     *       M
     M    *        M
     M   *         M
     M  *         M
     M  *         M
     M *          M
     M *          M
     M *          M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
     M*           M
    Gentle S-Bends
    An S-Bend is something like a left turn followed by a right turn followed by
    another left turn, vice versa. Technically it is strictly more like a shape of
    an S or in race car driving terms, itís called a chicane. But I wonít get too
    technical here, so Iíll just refer to them as gentle S-bends.
    There are plenty of these gentle S-bends in this game, particularly on long
    When beginning drivers go through these sort of bends in video games, they tend
    to follow the road left and right without realising they are travelling a
    greater distance than they should be.
    Remember that:
     || The closest distance between two points will always be a straight line. ||
     || ._____________________________________________________________________. ||
    So what I am trying to say is how some gentle bends that go left and right
    after another can be driven through without steering at all.
    The diagram below sums it all up. The * is the line to drive.
        MM          *    MMM
          MM        *       MM
            MM      *         MM
              MM    *           MM
               MM   *            M
                M   *             M
                MM  *             M
                 M  *              M
                MM  *             M
                M   *             M
                M   *            MM
               M    *            M
              M     *           M
             M      *          M
            MM      *         M
           MM       *        M
          M         *       M
         M          *      M
        M           *     M
       M            *    M
      MM            *   M
      M             *  MM
     M              *  M
     M              *  M
     M              * MM
     M              *  M
     M              *  M
      M             *  MM
      MM            *   MM
        MM          *    MM
         MM         *      MM
           MM       *       MM
    These are type of corners where you go sharply around 180 degrees. These are
    the main feature of North Country. The best way to go through switch-backs is
    to enter it wide, go into the inside of the curve, then exit wide; all that in
    a nice round curve. Control your speed while going around so you donít run off
    to the outside of the curve. It is quite similar to doing a less sharp curve.
    The diagram below will explain it better:
                      MMMMMMM          MMMMMMM
                   MMMM                      MMMM
                MMM                              MMM
              MMM                                   MM
            aMM                                       MM
           MM                                          MM
          M                                              MM
         M                  ************                 MM
        M              *****   MMMMMMM  *****              MM
       M          *****    MMMMM     MMMM    *****          M
      M        ****     MMM              MMM     ****        M
      M      **        M                    M        **      MM
     M     **         M                      MM        **     M
     M   **          M                        M          **   M
     M  **           M                        M            *  M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
     M *             M                        M             * M
    5.4. Other Driving Techniques
    The following driving techniques are just based on common sense. So if youíre
    familiar with driving games, donít bother reading this part.
    Driving Around Long 180+ Corners
    What I mean by long 180+ corners are the long round ones that go around 180
    degrees or more. There are heaps of these in the game.
    I have never personally had a ďproperĒ way to go around these.
    What I do suggest is to enter them on the outside lane not going too fast,
    drive your way into the inside lane then work your way around controlling your
    speed so you donít hit the sides.
    Controlling your Speed Through Turns
    You can go around a lot of corners or bends without braking into them or while
    youíre going through them. The problem is, you might hit the outside of the
    track or run into barriers. Controlling your speed around turns (as I call it
    anyway) is going around a corner without using the brakes, but by pushing your
    foot on the accelerator or releasing it whenever it feels comfortable. What you
    do is when youíre turning and you feel that youíre heading into the outside of
    a corner, you let go of the accelerator until the car angles away from the
    outside, then immediately stick the accelerator back on to maintain speed.
    Of course, youíre supposed to be on a driving line while youíre doing all this.
    But some of you will be too lazy to, and will just act upon natural instinct.
    Power-sliding is turning without your wheels gripping to the road, just sliding
    through like they always do in the movies. They donít really improve your lap
    times in this game, they are just for fun. To power-slide in this game, you
    turn and hold down on the handbrake at the same time. The Ford GT90 and Mustang
    Mach3 can do this without using the handbrake. Both these cars have poor
    downforce, meaning you are forced to power-slide when not accelerating at high
    speeds. In Simulation mode, they are quite hard to pull off properly, because
    turning the wheel with the handbrake on just slides the car side on rather than
    sliding sideways and going forwards at the same time.
    Power-sliding is very easy to do in Wild and Arcade mode and they can be quite
    helpful around certain corners.
    Quick Turnaround
    Sometimes when you screwed yourself up, you might end up facing the wrong
    direction of the track on a narrow road. Now in real life, you might do a 3-
    Point turn making use of the reverse gear. But a better way in this game is to
    turn using the handbrake. Like it says on the box: ďbootlegĒ turns, so make use
    of it!
    To do this, drive up to around 25mph going the opposite direction, then turn
    the car left or right releasing the accelerator and holding down on the
    handbrake. The car will quickly spin around the other way. Itís a fun and quick
    way of turning around, but more importantly, it works!
    Road Signs
    A lot of the road signs that you tend to knock down arenít there just for
    pretty decoration you know. A lot of them are actually very good indicators for
    when you should start steering into a corner or when to brake. So either make
    use of them, or knock em down for fun.
    Scrape the Sides
    If you really canít be bothered going on driving lines or arenít very good at
    it, then itíll be best if you just scrape the sides. By that I mean
    accelerating through the corner without worrying about hitting the outside
    barrier. When you do come in contact with the sides, make sure youíre going in
    as side on as you can by going into the corner nice and wide with your foot
    firmly on the accelerator. Going in sharply will cause you to awkwardly rebound
    off the side with a huge lose in speed.
    5.5. General Race Tips
    In this section Iíll just give you my general racing tips. They will come in
    handy in the gameís Tournament or Knockout modes, especially if you want to
    Donít Rev the Engine Up Hard at the Start!
    When the green lights come on and the guy says ďGO!Ē thatís when your car moves
    into 1st gear allowing you to hit the accelerator. You get off much quicker with
    minimal burn out.
    The Computer AI can be Smart at Times, but not all the Time
    After a high-speed collision with the side of a track, you might rebound then
    oversteer facing a wrong direction with a huge speed lose. This gets worse if
    there are oncoming opponent cars, they will just ram straight into you causing
    you to go into a spectacular spin out. They make no effort to avoid you.
    The computer drivers also donít follow a driving line a lot of the time, making
    it easier for you to overtake them.
    Quite often when you smash into a computer driver, they will retaliate! They
    will stay really close behind you beeping their horn hard-out and try to smash
    you back.
    A funny incident that happened to me was on the last bend of the Proving
    Grounds. Using the Jaguar XJ220, I rammed a Nazca C2 into the right barrier. I
    deliberately slowed down and when the Nazca C2 caught up, it didnít overtake!
    It was stuck behind my car, beeping itís horn! I went into the pitlane very
    slowly and the Nazca C2 was still stuck behind me, ramming the rear of my car
    and still beeping itís horn!
    Take Em Out!
    Never be afraid to play dirty by ramming into opponent cars to take them out,
    just as long as you arenít the one who ends up getting screwed. To spin or tail
    opponent cars out from behind, simply just drive hard and fast into the sides
    at the rear end. This is quite hard if your car is lighter than the car youíre
    trying to spin out. But doing it from behind isnít the best way. The best way
    is when youíre in front. Use the rear of your car to ram into the car behind,
    but not full on, somewhere between the carís bonnet and front wheels. This is a
    very effective way of spinning cars out and is very satisfying when it is
    achieved. Trust me, it actually is. Go try it for yourself!
    Of course, the heavier your car is, the easier it is.
    Always try to overtake by taking the inside lane, it is a lot easier. The
    car(s) outside you will act as a cushion to prevent you from going wide and
    keeping you inside a corner. While you are passing a car, you can always try to
    deliberately use the rear of your car to take the other car out as I mentioned
    Flying and Jumping
    Throughout the game, there will be many places on the tracks where you can make
    very big jumps, some that you have to take and some that are optional. These
    jumps look spectacularly fun and all, giving an impression that youíre going
    faster than you would be if you stayed on the ground. But really, they simply
    just slow you down. So if youíre racing seriously and see places where you can
    pretend to be an aeroplane for a few seconds, then forget it! This is a driving
    simulator, not a flight simulator!
    Always Give Yourself the Landing Space!
    One of the worse things that you can ever do is go airborne into the side of
    the track. If this happens, almost all of the time youíll go into a mid-air
    spin-out finished off with an ungenerous landing. Always give yourself enough
    landing space!
    Stay out of Trouble
    Very often, the computer will crash and flip its car. It is really easy to bang
    into it while youíre on the move like I always do. Try to stay away from it! I
    once lost a Knockout race on the Mystic Peaks, because when a Mustang Mach3
    went on a crazy flip around on the bridge, I accidentally knocked it back onto
    its feet and ahead of me as well! I never caught up.
    Prevent Over Revving
    What I mean by ďover revvingĒ is when your rev counter is up really high while
    your wheels are spinning & burning rubber like mad. This happens often after
    youíve bumped something to lose speed. Your car remains fully revved, but your
    carís wheels have gone crazy making you go on a spin out. To prevent this after
    youíve hit something, donít accelerate all out. Get the car back in line while
    tapping the accelerator to get the necessary movement.
    Hitting Roadside Objects
    If you are going to hit roadside objects like boxes or sale stands for whatever
    reason it may be, then release the accelerator the moment you hit them to
    prevent over revving the car. That way you wonít go on a pointless spinout.
    Car Restarts
    After youíre flipped your car and it doesnít flip back onto its wheels, the
    game will automatically drop you back onto the track. While all this happens,
    donít accelerate!
    Similar to the start of a race, wait until your car to back on ground, into 1st
    gear, then accelerate away.
    Catch-Up is on
    When youíve done something stupid, or if a computer driver did something stupid
    to you and you find yourself well behind, donít worry! A bit like in split-
    screen racing, the car behind will go faster and also the cars ahead will go
    slower. Well, if something stupid happened on the last lap near the end, then
    youíre toast unless a computer opponent does something stupid.
    5.6. Music
    Racing with music on is certainly much more fun, so that way I would much
    rather race with music on. However, from my past experience, whenever I turned
    the music off, I produce much faster lap times. I donít know if this is the
    case for everyone else, but I suggest you try racing with music on and off to
    see if this makes any difference.
    Throughout my time with NFS2 SE, like many other people, I have become bored
    with the ingame music. Not like its bad or anything, I think it is the best
    racing music you can ever get. Simply over time, you just get sick of hearing
    the same tunes over and over again, like you do with the game itself. So what I
    do is I put on an MP3 playlist of ordinary music before I load up the game, to
    listen to while I race. Iíve tried out many songs, some are quite funny to
    drive with, some make the game look more intense, and some are just plain ol
    In fact almost anything you like will do. I tend to stay away from the very
    heavy rock stuff, they drive me nuts while Iím racing.
    Below I have compiled a list of 20 songs that I highly recommend you try out
    while playing the game:
    -Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus
    -Dope Nose, Weezer
    -Escape, Enrique Eglesias
    -Footloose, Kevin Loggins
    -Hey Jealousy, Gin Blossoms
    -I Get Around, Beach Boys
    -Itís My Life, Jon Bon Jovi
    -Life Styles of the Rich and Famous, Good Charlotte
    -Macho Man, Village People
    -Rebel Yell, Billy Idol
    -Roam Around the World, B 52ís
    -Rocking All Over the World, Status Quo
    -Respect, Train
    -Start Me Up, Rolling Stones
    -The Rock Show, Blink182
    -Twistin the Night Away, Rod Stewart
    -U Canít Touch This, MC Hammer
    -Wondering, Good Charlotte
    -Winner Takes it All, Sammy Hagar
    -Word to Me, Sugar Ray
    6. Track Information
    6.1. General Walkthrough with Maps
    For each track, I will briefly summarise what it is all about. Then I will give
    you a detailed walkthrough taking you step by step through the main parts of
    the track. The walkthrough is only for tracks going the normal way around and
    not mirrored. But more importantly, the walkthrough only concentrates around
    the simulation mode. Each of these steps or parts of the track are lettered
    a,b,c,d... and so on. I have also provided ASCII maps of all the tracks. Each
    of these maps will be labelled with the appropriate parts of the track I was
    talking about namely a,b,c,d... so you know what I am going on about. These
    maps are actually taken from the game and some will be rotated to make things
    easier for you to see. Note that when I say ďfast carĒ I mean a car that can go
    over 200 mph.
    I have even gone that little bit further by providing typical lap times of all
    the tracks using all the cars (not the bonus ones). They arenít so much to give
    you an idea on how long itíll take you to do but they are to rank the cars
    against the others on how fast they can go around the track. At the beginning
    of each track, I have also stated the top 3 cars that give the top 3 lap times.
    A ďflying lapĒ is a lap that isnít a starting lap. All of these lap times are
    taken under the following conditions:
    -Simulation mode
    -Car with default stock settings
    -Single Player
    -No opponents
    -No traffic
    They are in no way meant to be accurate.
    I will also be using these typical lap times to rank the carís lap times
    against one another under 8. Extra Analysis.
    I am not going to go on about these secret areas within some of the tracks,
    firstly because I think they arenít any fun and secondly they are a waste of
    time and effort. Not a just a waste of time and effort on your behalf, but a
    waste of your lap time! I also happen to think that theyíre just bugs in the
    game anyway and even if they arenít, they pretty much damn well look like bugs.
    1. Norway - Proving Grounds
    Beginner, 3.2 miles / 5.15 kilometres.
    Best 3 Cars: McLaren F1, Ford GT90 and Jaguar XJ220
    This is the easiest track of the game. There is hardly any skill involved and
    isnít all that fun playing against computer players, because if you have a car
    thatís faster or with equal speed, then you know youíre going to win. Even if
    you use a Ford GT90 going up against a computer opponent with a McLaren F1, you
    will still win a 2 lap race.
    General Advice
    First off, playing this track in Simulation mode is a lot more fun than Wild or
    Arcade. When you play this on Arcade or Wild, the cars shoot to their top
    speeds and get stuck on maximum revs real quickly and the distance between you
    and the other player hardly changes. Not my idea of fun.
    There are two basic things you need to do on this track:
    1. Keep your finger or foot down on the accelerator and not let go.
    2. Stay as close to the left as you can on the inner lane throughout the entire
    race (given you are playing the normal way round).
    Staying on the inside, middle or outside does make a difference, even though it
    is a bit easier to maintain a higher speed on the outside. The computer is not
    good at doing this, which is why you can beat it all the time.
    I did a little test with the McLaren F1 and Ford Indigo, by driving both cars
    around the track on a flying lap, once sticking to the inside, the other
    sticking to the outside.
                  Inside   Outside
    McLaren F1    50.28    51.18
    Ford Indigo   1:03.78  1:04.69
    So as you can see there is about a 0.9 sec difference, just under a second.
    a. The Ditches
    Around the two bends there are those ditches to your left. Of course if you
    move into them you will slow down and if you come back up from them, you will
    slow down again.
    However as unrealistic as it is, you can actually have two wheels of your car
    in these ditches while youíre going around the bend without the car losing any
    speed, just as long the whole car doesnít fall in. Going around the bends like
    this will minimise the distance, hence your lap time.
    b. The First Bend
    The first bend is more tighter than the second bend after the tunnel. The only
    car that you might have difficulty getting round the first bend is the Jaguar
    XJ220. After doing the first lap, you will be going into the first bend around
    213 mph. Note that it is very easy to hit the right barrier near the end of the
    bend when it closes in.
    c. The Tunnel
    A minor observation I made is how before you enter the tunnel after the first
    bend, there is a small downhill section. This boosts you up at about 3-7 mph.
    What I found weird is how when you make it near the end of the tunnel, your rpm
    drops causing you to lose about 3-10 mph of speed, even when the track looks
    relatively straight.
    About halfway through the tunnel, watch out for a small part of the concrete
    barrier than narrows down on your left. So while in the tunnel, try to stay
    right. The computer is really dumb at this part. They always hit that part of
    the barrier! And when there are cars just behind it, then sometimes there will
    be a mass crash pileup, one that you should not get involved in.
    d. The Official NFS2 Pitlane
    Donít bother coming through here if you are racing seriously, you will lose
    about 0.1 secs. If you do feel like zooming by, remember not to smash into the
    cars parked along there!
                    b. Most easiest to hit right barrier
                       here, especially with Jag XJ220.
                          MM7         ;MMX
                        MM               7M.
                       M                   MM
                      M                     M;
                     M                      /M
                     M                     / M;
                     M                    /   M
                     M                   /    M
                     M    a. Ditch around     M
                     M       bend.            M
                     M                        M
                     M                        M
                     M                        M
    c. Watch for    7M                        M
    the barrier     M                         M      /\
    that sticks    W:                         M      || This
    out to the-----M                          M      || way
    left.         M                          pM      ||
                 M                          Start
                Ma     d. NFS Pitlane        pM
                M         only for fun!------pM
               M                             pM
              0M                             pM
              M                               M
             M                                M
             M                                M
             M      a. Ditch around bend,     M
             M         2 wheels can go        M
             M         into it without        M
             M  /------slowing down.          M
             IM/                             M
              MM                            M
               MM                         MM
                 MM                    ,MM
                   MMM0            ,MMMM
    2-Player Match-Up
    This track is most fun in 2 player mode when youíre either playing against each
    other with the same car or even better; with evenly matched cars. But in order
    for it to be fun, it should be played on Simulation.
    Good different car match-ups involve cars with similar top speeds.
    Below I have provided typical Proving Grounds times for Simulation. Your times
    should be quite similar to them.
    Typical Starting Lap Times
    1. McLaren F1      Ė 1:00.00
    2. Ford GT90       - 1:02.50
    3. Jaguar XJ220    - 1:06.50
    4. Ferrari F50     - 1:06.30
    5. Isdera 112i     - 1:07.20
    6. Lotus GT1       - 1:09.60
    7. ITD Nazca C2    - 1:11.20
    8. Ford Indigo     - 1:12.10
    9. Mustang Mach 3  Ė 1:13.60
    10. Ferrari 355F1  - 1:15.20
    11. ITD Cala       - 1:16.20
    12. Esprit V8      - 1:16.90
    Typical Flying Lap Times
    1. McLaren F1      Ė 50.00
    2. Ford GT90       - 52.30    +2.3
    3. Jaguar XJ220    - 55.00    +5
    4. Isdera 112i     - 55.40    +5.4 (up 5 to 4)
    5. Ferrari F50     - 57.00    +7   (down 4 to 5)
    6. Lotus GT1       - 59.00    +9
    7. ITD Nazca C2    - 59.30    +9.3
    8. Ferrari 355F1   - 1:03.00  +13   (up 10 to 8)
    9. Ford Indigo     - 1:03.70  +13.7 (down 8 to 9)
    10. ITD Cala       - 1:03.90  +13.9 (up 11 to 10)
    11. Mustang Mach 3 Ė 1:04.50  +14.5 (down 9 to 11)
    12. Esprit V8      - 1:05.50  +15.5
    Here are my suggested good match-ups (Catch-up must be turned off!):
    Isdera Commentatore 112i vs Ferrari F50 (2 laps)
    The F50 would be leading by just under a second at the end of the first lap,
    but can it hold off a huge speed burst by the 112i?
    Jaguar XJ220 vs Isdera Commentatore 112i
    The XJ220 with the slight advantage in speed, but can the 112i capitalise on
    the XJ220ís likely mistakes around the bends?
    Ford Mustang Mach 3 vs ItalDesign Cala
    The Mustang Mach 3 will get a quick head start and will have a hefty lead of
    about 2.5 secs at the end of the first lap. Will the Calaís slight +1mph top
    speed advantage allow it to catch up?
    Ford Indigo vs Ferrari 355F1 (4 laps)
    The Ford Indigoís far superior acceleration will create quite a big gap of
    about 3 secs after the first lap.
    Will the 355F1ís +3mph speed advantage be quick enough to make up for lost
    Those match-ups are really quite a lot of fun. Some will end in a lot of drama
    Remember to play it in Simulation with Catch-up turned off!
    I wouldnít bother playing against the computer even on advanced. The computer
    opponents are just too dumb here and no matter which car you use from those
    above match-ups, you will always win.
    2. Australia, Outback
    Beginner, 4.7 miles / 7.56 kilometres.
    Best 3 Cars: McLaren F1, Ford GT90 and Ferrari F50.
    Like the Proving Grounds, this is a high-speed track where the faster cars
    would normally win. But it isnít always easy to win races here if youíre racing
    against the A-Class opposition. Those McLarens and Ford GT90s just become a
    major pain in the butt to keep behind you.
    This track nearly sums up all things Australia. You start off in the Sydney
    Harbour Bridge, but this one has a huge concrete barrier on its sides so you
    wonít get to see that wonderful scenery! Shortly after you make it through the
    bridge, you enter what looks like a seaside apartment area, a gentle 180 left
    turn. You then come to a gentle 180 right turn where there is a beach on your
    right. In case you havenít noticed, the Sydney Opera House is situated there.
    After that, there is a nice and easy gentle S-Bend that you can go through
    straight. Youíre now entering Sydney City, a tight right turn followed by a
    tight left turn that can be very efficiently taken if you follow a driving
    line. From now on youíre in the Australian Outback, the deserts of Australia!
    It is mostly straight-forward from here seeing it is just one long straight.
    Your great big Australian adventure ends with a pass by an industrial area and
    back onto the Harbour Bridge. See? Nearly all things Australia.
    I will go through all of that in more detail below.
    a. Start at Sydney Harbour Bridge and Seaside Apartments
    After you have made it through the bridge, you come across a gentle 180 left
    On your first lap, you can either go around it staying as close as you can on
    the inside lane or accelerate right through it by scrapping the sides. Of
    course, going around it properly is always quicker.
    On a flying lap, you are driving through the bridge at near top speed. When the
    left bend is within sight it is time to brake like mad and go around the bend.
    A good indication of when to brake is straight after you make that big jump
    coming out of the bridge if your car is slow or just before the big jump if
    your car is fast. And of course you can decide not to brake and accelerate
    through the bend by scrapping the side, but be very careful on your approach.
    b. Sydney Opera House
    After than 180 left bend, you will drive through a very gentle S-bend. Try to
    drive straight through the S-bend to build up good speed. You will now be
    outside the Sydney Opera House that strangely happens to be next to a beach.
    Obviously you cut through the beach here. Enter the beach cut-through nice and
    sharply. Try to go around as smoothly and with as much speed as you can. Once
    youíre out of the beach, there will be another S-bend. Once again, drive
    through it nice and straight.
    c. Sydney City
    This is a part of the track where races can be won or lost. Drive through it
    fast and smoothly and computer opponents shouldnít be a problem. Hit a barrier
    sharply to either lose about 1-2 secs or be overtaken. Going into the City will
    be a tight left turn followed by a tight right turn. Just apply the driving
    line and you should be fine, but do it fast. A good indication of when to brake
    is after or before the road signs depending on how fast your car is.
    d. The Outback
    Now youíre onto the desert, a long straight where you go through tunnels, pass
    a rural town, make nice long jumps to ruin your car and come across killer
    This part is quite straight-forward, but things can go wrong if youíre using a
    fast car.
    Expect to make various jumps through here with a car than can go 200mph+. All
    cars should make a big jump at the end of the long bending downhill to uphill
    section about three quarters the way into the desert. When making these big
    jumps, make sure you have enough landing space facing the right way! If you are
    jumping slightly sideways, there is a good chance your landing will put you
    into an uncontrollable slide. And if you are jumping into the side of the
    track, then you know what happens!
    Try not to come into contact with any of the cars! A slight knock into another
    car at near top speed with jumps all over the place can have the potential for
    an immense yet spectacular accident.
    Somewhere near the end of the white desert, you may notice a sharp dune/ramp on
    the right. This is only for fun and going onto it for the jump is likely to end
    up in a funny disaster.
    If you are playing in 3dfx mode, then you might know about those bees that
    annoyingly hit your screen. On your first lap, these bees will randomly appear
    either when you are going down the downhill section after the rural town, or at
    the very end of the downhill section when you make the jump. Then they
    alternate areas from each lap on. I wish I had a way to turn those darn bees
    off! They look more like bird plops donít you think?
    e. The Split Roads
    Near the end of the desert after the second big jump, you will come across rock
    barriers that split the road into two twice. The best way through this is by
    accelerating all the way, going into the right one in both the first and second
    splits seeing this minimises the distance and can improve your time by around a
    second. However, taking the right one twice is only possible either if your car
    has good handling or doesnít go 200mph+.
    If your car canít handle going into the right one twice, then the next best you
    can do is taking the left one first, then immediately switch to the right one.
    Either way, you accelerate right through. Once youíve made it through that
    hectic ordeal, youíre back into town passing an industrial factory area and
    onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge again.
    c. Take driving line,
    go through as              fWMMMMMMMWf
    fast & smoothly     MMMMMMMM          MMMX
    as you can \     ZMM                     ;MM
      |         \    M                          MM
      |          \  M:                            M
      |           \ M                              M@
      |            mM                               MX
      |2MMWaMMMMMM0M                                 M
     MM2                                              M
     M                                                M    d. Expect
    .S          MMr                                   iM   various jumps
    W         MM: rMM                                  M   through the
    M        M      M                                  M    desert.
    M        M      M                                   M
     M       M      M---a. Expect to jump here,         8M
     M       M      M      brake going into left bend.   MM
     M      80      M   /\                                M7
     M/     M       M   ||                                 M
     /8MMMMM        M   ||                                  M
    /               M   || This way                          M
    b. Cut through  M                                        M
       sand here.   M                                         M
       Gentle       M----Start                                M
       S-bend       M                                         M
       follows on. 0@                                         Xa
                   M;              d. Long downhill &          Z
                    M                 uphill bend.             M
                    M                 Bees are here!          M
                     M                  /       \            ;M
                     /MMi              /         \          ;M
                    /  /MM            /           \        MM
                   /  /  MM          /             \     MM
     e. Split Roads--/     MMM0     /               \MMMM
                              MMM  /         rMMMMMMM
    Typical Starting Lap Times
    These simulation mode lap times to the nearest second are in no way meant to be
    accurate. You should just expect to get close to these times with whichever car
    you are using, about plus or minus 2.5 seconds.
    McLaren F1    Ė 1:35
    Ford GT90     - 1:40
    Ferrari F50   Ė 1:42
    Jaguar XJ220  Ė 1:45
    Isdera 112i   Ė 1:45
    Lotus GT1     Ė 1:45
    ITD Nazca C2  Ė 1:46
    Ford Indigo   Ė 1:49
    ITD Cala      Ė 1:53
    Ferrari 355F1 Ė 1:53
    Mustang Mach3 Ė 1:55
    Esprit V8     Ė 1:56
    Typical Flying Lap Times
    McLaren F1    - 1:28
    Ford GT90     - 1:32  +4
    Ferrari F50   - 1:34  +6
    Isdera 112i   - 1:35  +7
    Lotus GT1     - 1:36  +8
    ITD Nazca C2  - 1:36  +8
    Jaguar XJ220  - 1:37  +9   (major handling problems!)
    Ford Indigo   - 1:39  +11
    ITD Cala      - 1:44  +16
    Ferrari 355F1 Ė 1:44  +16
    Mustang Mach3 Ė 1:46  +18
    Esprit V8     - 1:49  +21
    The Ferrari F50 happens to be a very good car on this track despite the Jaguar
    XJ220 and Isdera 112i having a much higher top-speed. Simply the F50 can handle
    those early turns a lot better that more than make up for its top-speed through
    the desert.
    3. Mexico, Last Resort
    Intermediate, 4.7 miles / 7.56 kilometres
    Best 3 Cars: McLaren F1, Ford Indigo, Ferrari F50
    This is the new track in NFS2 SE and a worthy addition it is indeed.
    To me, this track has the most adventurous setting. It is quite an easy track
    to drive on and you can win almost any race against opposition Class cars a
    Class ahead of you.
    You start off at a seaside holiday resort with a few gentle turns followed by a
    few harder ones. Going away from the seaside, you travel through a native
    Mexican village zig-zagging your way through multiple gentle S-bends. You then
    enter a lush tranquil Mexican jungle with gentle bends, cross a rickety old
    bridge, drive through some more vegetation, then literally fly into a volcano!
    The trip through the volcano is intense with heaps of twisting, winding turns,
    and finished off by literally flying out of it! You make a sharp right turn
    after going through a tunnel and finish off by pushing full speed back along
    the beach to the seaside holiday resort.
    See? A cool track that is bound to be eventfully adventurous.
    I will go through the track in more detail below:
    a. Seaside Holiday Resort
    Start off by going to the right side of the track. The track will bend right
    then eventually bend to the left so keep going as straight as possible here.
    Now stay on the left side. You will encounter a big right bend followed by a
    left bend. Accelerate right through these bends, entering them nice and wide.
    The first yellow road sign on the right is a very good indicator on when to
    start turning into the right hand bend, as with the hotel sign to your right
    for the left hand bend.
    b. Local Village
    Here the road-side scenery turns all nice and green. There will be a wide and
    sharp right bend going into the village. If necessary, slow down a bit and try
    not to scrape the left side of the track. After making the turn, there will be
    a load of gentle S-bends down the track, making the road all zig-zaggy. You
    will be tempted to zig-zag through the road here, but donít. You can actually
    drive through most of it without steering at all. Find the correct line here,
    drive straight through the road and trust yourself that you wonít clip a bank!
    As soon as you see that little brown carriage in the middle of the road, thatís
    when you have to start turning again. By now, you must have built up a lot of
    speed through those S-bends.
    c. The Jungle
    You will now be going high speed into the jungle where the road turns to
    gravel. Youíll hear birds chirping, feel a light fresh shower drifting down,
    with vines hanging above your head. Now is not a time to savour the natural
    sights! Youíll head into a tight right turn, so slow right down taking the turn
    at about 120-130 mph. Accelerate right through the forest. The bridge will be
    after a long left bend, accelerate right through here. Enter the bridge nice
    and smoothly. A sharp entrance can literally see you fly right off the bridge
    and down into the bottomless chasm! The first turn off the bridge will be a
    long and tight 135 degree turn. Try to accelerate through here, taking your
    foot off the pedal or braking if necessary.
    d. The Volcano
    This is the intense, red hot, right on the edge part of the track! Enter the
    cave as straight as you can, because your entrance will be a huge jump! The
    road is very narrow here, so keep your car to the middle of the road as much as
    you can. Really, try not into bump anything here. Doing so can cost you
    anything up to 10 seconds. After youíve made your landing, brake right down to
    100 mph to take the sharp right turn that follows. Now accelerate all out!
    After the long downhill left bend, start slowing down. Take the sharp left turn
    here at about 80-90mph. You will now see a red hot glow of lava just around the
    corner (on 3dfx anyway)! Now it is the time to put on as much speed as
    possible, accelerate turning right through the lava part. There is no time to
    see the sacred statue, it looks ugly anyway! The road will slope up really high
    and eventually become extremely steep causing your car to lose some speed. If
    youíve built up enough speed from before, you can make it to the top of the
    hill without too much slowing down. Be prepared to turn left at the top of the
    hill. Now youíll catch a glimpse of sun light at the end of the cave and your
    exit will be a big jump!
    If youíre on the 3dfx mode, it will be very dark in here, nearly pitch black.
    Put the brightness and contrast on your monitor to full to make things easier
    to see.
    e. Head Back Home
    Keep an eye out for that big concrete block in the middle of the road. After
    passing underneath the short tunnel, slow down if necessary to take the sharp
    right turn. It will be very straight-forward and high speed from now on back to
    the finish line. Stick to the left side of the road here and try to stay off
    the sand. Keep accelerating. While youíre driving through the seaside, youíll
    notice 2 big sand ramps for making very spectacular aerobatic jumps. Those are
    only for fun and will only serve to slow you down!
    a. Start turning into                  b. Enter sharp turn wide,
    the long right bend at          /---------keep on the inside.
    the yellow road sign           7@7
    and into the left one        MMMM88MMM
    at the hotel sign  \       MMr       iMM
                |       \     MM           WMM          b. Multiple gentle S-bends
                |        \  XMM              0M            through this long
                |         \MM                  MM  /-------straight of road,
                |MMMMMMMMMMM                    BMZ        drive through here
              MMMM,   .;W.                        MMi      straight.
             MM                                     MM
             M                                       MMM
            ,M                                         MM
            MM                                          MM
            MM                                            M:
            M                                             ,M
           MM                                               M8
          MM                                                 MM
        MMM                      c. After entering            M
       MM                        jungle, slow down to         7M
       M                         120-130mph to handle          M
      MM     /\                  corners while       \         M
      M8     ||                  accelerating.        \        M
      M      || This way                               \     0M:
     ,M      ||                                         SMMMMM
     0M                                   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
     Start                             MMMi
     MM                             MMM2            d. Slow right down to
     MM        c. Try not to      MMM                  100mph to take sharp
     2M           fall off the   MM                    right turn.  |
      M           bridge!--------MM                                 |
      MM                         MM                 0MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:
       M--\                       MM        .,.SMMMMMM2.::,       ,BMM
      rM   \                       MMMMMMMMMMMMMM                    iM
      MM    \                                                        ,M
      SM     \                                                      MM
       M      \                                                   MM
       MM      \                 d. Be prepared to                MM
        M:     e. Jumps only        turn left.                MMM:
        8M        for fun!                  |              rMMX
         MM       /                         |             8M
          MB     /                       0MMr             M
           MM---/                       MM  MM          MM
            MM                        MM    /M          M     d. Slow down to
             7M                      MM    / M         iM-----80-90mph to take
              MM                   ZMM    /  M         XM     sharp right turn
               M                  MM      |  MMMi     MM7     about here.
                MX               MM       |    XMMMMMMS
                 MM            WMr        |
                  M           MM      d. Steep uphill climb.
                  MM          M\         Try to build up lots of speed
                   ;MB       MB \        before going up to prevent a
                     MM  iMMMS   \       slow down.
    e. Very easy    /  MMW        \
    to bump left   /              e. Watch out for the big
    side here.----/                  concrete block!
    Typical Starting Lap Times
    These simulation mode lap times to the nearest second are in no way meant to be
    accurate. They are meant to a rough ranking guide of the cars on this track. If
    youíre racing on this track with no other cars on track, with simulation and
    stock car settings, then expect to get close to these times, about plus or
    minus 3 seconds.
    McLaren F1     - 2:03
    Ferrari F50    - 2:05  +2
    Ford Indigo    Ė 2:06  +3
    Lotus GT1      Ė 2:08  +5
    ITD Nazca C2   - 2:10  +7
    Ford GT90      Ė 2:11  +8
    Isdera 112i    Ė 2:12  +9
    Jaguar XJ220   Ė 2:15  +12
    ITD Cala       Ė 2:20  +17
    Mustang Mach 3 Ė 2:20  +17
    Ferrari 355F1  Ė 2:21  +18
    Esprit V8      - 2:22  +19
    4. Northern Europe, Northern Country
    Intermediate, 4.7 miles / 7.56 kilometres
    Best 3 Cars: McLaren F1, Ford Indigo, Lotus GT1
    I think that this track has the funniest music, the rock theme. However, I also
    think that this isnít the most fun to race on. Races on this track arenít
    normally that close. After stuffing yourself up a few times, it can become very
    difficult to get yourself back into contention. You do go really fast at
    certain parts of the track, but then again it requires a lot of braking. So in
    a few words, Iíll just say that this track isnít that exciting. Maybe
    sometimes, but not all the time.
    The track starts with you parked in a highway tunnel. Going down the highway,
    youíll be faced with a few ordinary wide bends before going past ďKinder WeltĒ,
    which looks some sort of childrenís toyland type theme park. Here the road will
    narrow down to 2 lanes. Once you leave Kinder Welt, the setting changes to an
    old country-side forest look, typical of Northern Europe. Youíre faced with a
    tight right hander, followed by a very sharp left hander before heading into an
    old fashion local village. The road rises up high as you leave the village and
    then youíll have to negotiate a few twisting turns and jumps at the same time.
    After coming out of a tunnel, the setting slightly changes to an Alpine hilltop
    where you get to test your acceleration and braking skills in set of
    switchbacks. This winds its way down to an old day medieval setting where you
    enter a tunnel that looks like a castle from the outside. The setting in the
    tunnel changes to a dark forest, then youíll head back into the highway tunnel
    to the finish line.
    I will go through the track in more detail below:
    a. The Highway & Kinder Welt
    The highway here is very wide, perhaps the widest section of road in the game.
    It is 4 lanes wide, 6 lanes if you count the outer footpaths. This part of the
    track is very straight forward seeing the road is wide, but you should still
    follow the driving line to overtake opponents easier. The very first turn is a
    90 degree right hander. On a flying lap, you need to slow down to around under
    130mph to go around the turn without hitting the left side of the track.
    Accelerate right through the highway. When youíre near the end of the Kinder
    Welt theme park, prepare to quickly brake down to 100mph for the tight right
    turn, but donít accelerate right through the turn because a very sharp left
    turn follows on immediately. Brake down to 60-70mph before you go into the
    corner. Try to keep off the grass on low speeds or else youíll suffer some
    frustrating spinouts! Beginner drivers are likely to just stuff the brake and
    scrape their way around these turns, with maybe a few spinouts on the grass.
    b. The Old Fashion Village
    After youíve made the right turn into the village, get yourself to the right,
    then enter the bridge steering left at about 100mph. Yeah, a nice pleasant site
    around here with old houses and shops. Did you notice the waterfall? No time to
    play tourist though, straight after the bridge, the road slopes right, rising
    up steep leaving the village. If you go full speed up here, you will jump. If
    you are going to jump, then do yourself a favour and donít jump head into the
    side! The safest way to exit the village is to keep your speed under 90mph,
    preventing the jump. While youíre going through the village, you really must
    try to avoid hitting opponent cars. A slight knock into another car can very
    much piss you off!
    c. Ye Old Country
    After your brief visit through the village will be a tight right turn to be
    taken at around 85-100mph. You will now have to balance your sense of speed
    control here, as the road ahead will bend right then left, as well as going up
    and down forcing you to make jumps. If you are going to jump, I repeat again;
    donít jump into the sides! The road will keep sloping upwards and when it
    finally levels down, youíre into the tunnel with a sharp left turn. Once youíre
    in the tunnel slow down to around 100mph to do the corner properly. Following
    the driving line will help an awful lot here.
    d. Switchbacks down the Countryside
    I gotta admit, this is one of the most interesting sections of track in the
    game, the switchbacks! You will have to do 3 of them down downhill. I found
    that the best way to do these is to just follow the driving line. It isnít
    really worth power-sliding into them, seeing the road is quite wide. It also
    isnít worth cutting through the grass, because itís all jagged making it easy
    to flip out.
    To get around these switchbacks efficiently, brake down to about 100mph, enter
    the switchback wide, accelerate going through the inside of the corner, exit
    the switchback wide. Control your speed while youíre going around to follow the
    correct driving line. If your car has bad handling, youíll make use of the run
    off space into the grass that there is plenty of on the 2nd switchback. For a
    more pictorial view on how to do these switchbacks, goto 5.3. Driving the Line.
    e. The Shortcut
    Oohh! Donít forget about the shortcut! There is a big grass opening after
    coming out of the tunnel allowing you to cut right through the 1st switchback,
    one of the few proper shortcuts this game has to offer. It is a little tricky
    to do though and if pulled off properly, you can save many seconds and even pip
    into 1st place. To do it safely, start braking coming out of the bridge. Brake
    right down to 30-40mph, then turn right when you get to the 2nd road sign coming
    out of the tunnel.
    If you enter the grass anymore than 50mph, the car will almost certainly flip.
    Carefully steer right to get back onto the road. It is really easy to screw up
    by accelerating hard-out on the grass, so take it easy!
    f. From Medieval Tunnel to Highway Tunnel
    After the 3rd switchback, youíre heading down a long straight that ends with a
    sharp 90 degree turn. Slow down to about 100mph before going in. You will have
    to be quite careful in the next bit here. It is really easy to spinout, so slow
    down but not too much. You will cross a bridge where the road changes to paved
    stone. After the bridge is a nice big speed bump. Get onto the left side of the
    road before taking the jump to give yourself landing space. Now youíll be
    entering the castle tunnel! The next corner is going to be a sharp right-hander
    going into the dark forest. Slow down to about 100mph and take the driving
    line. Stay on the inside lane to prevent cars overtaking, because the computer
    opponents can do this bit quite fast and a slip up here can cost you a race.
    After leaving the dark forest, you can breath a sigh of relief as the cautious
    bit is over. Youíll now be back onto the highway tunnel. Just push full speed
    here and when you get to the barrier near the end that splits the road in 2,
    take the left one to minimise the distance and to take the first corner of the
    track more easily. And if youíre just coming last, you better hope that a car
    ahead smacks into that concrete barrier! Trust me, it happens very often!
                                               a. Slow down to about 150mph
                a. Accelerate all out, easy       to turn properly.
                   to overtake opponent cars         |
    This way       on inside lanes.\                 | BMMMZ
        /--->           /           \               MMMM  ,MMMW
       /               /             \             MMa       @MMi
      /       ZMMM0:  /               \           MM           MMM
      |     MMMMMMMMMMMo      WMMMMMMMX         ,MM              MMM
      |    MM         MMMMMMMMMMM  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                 MMM
      |    MM------\                     :MMMMa                      MMM
           ||      a. Slow down to under                               MMM
           Start      130mph on flying lap.   a. Slow down to            MM
           ||                                    100mph, donít -------\   M
           MM                                    speed up too much.    \  M
           MM    f. Take left lane                                      \MM
          MM--------at barrier split.        a. Go into turn            MM
        ;MM                                     at 60-70mph-----MMMMMMMM
       MM                                                       MM
      MM                                                         MM   b. Stay right
     MM                                                           MX     /
     M                                                           ZM-----/
     M        f. Move to the                               MMMMMMM
     MM          left before                               M \      b. Steer left
      M          taking jump.           e. Enter shortcut  MM \------  through the
      MM             \           MMMM   /  at 30-40mph      M          bridge.
       M            MMMMMMM     MM  MM /                 iMMM\
       MM         MM      MM   MM   MM |               MMM.   \    b. Stay under
        M        MM       MM   MM   M; |  MMMMM        M       \------90mph to
        M       M@        M.   M,   M  | MM   MX       @MM            prevent jump
        M      :M         M    M    M  | M    MM          MM---\
        M      MM         M    M    M  |rM     M           M    \
        M       M        ,M    M    M  |MM     MW          M     \
       MM       M0       MM   BM   MM  \Mi      M,        M8     c. Prepare for
       WM        M       M7   MW   M    M        MM      MM      /  2 jumps around
        M        M       M    M    M    M         MMM0MMMM      /   here.
        /MMMMMMMMj       M    M   WM   ZM           aMa        /
       /         |       M    M   WM   Mi           \----------
       |         |       MM:7MM    MMMMS
     f. Computer can       SX         |
        easily overtake    |          |
        if you go too      |          |
        slow.           d. Enter switchbacks
                           wide at 100mph.
    Typical Starting Lap Times
    These simulation mode lap times to the nearest second are in no way meant to be
    accurate. They are meant to a rough ranking guide of the cars on this track. If
    youíre racing on this track with no other cars on track, with simulation and
    stock car settings, then expect to get close to these times, about plus or
    minus 3 seconds.
    McLaren F1     - 2:25
    Ford Indigo    Ė 2:26  +1
    Lotus GT1      Ė 2:27  +2
    Ferrari F50    - 2:28  +3
    ITD Nazca C2   - 2:36  +11
    Isdera 112i    Ė 2:36  +11
    Ford GT90      Ė 2:37  +12
    Jaguar XJ220   Ė 2:38  +13
    ITD Cala       Ė 2:41  +16
    Mustang Mach 3 Ė 2:45  +20
    Ferrari 355F1  Ė 2:45  +20
    Esprit V8      - 2:46  +21
    *There appears to be a big time gap between the Ferrari F50 and the Nazca C2.
    Because you brake alot, this track requires good acceleration mixed with good
    handling. Lose either one and youíll go a lot slower.
    5. Canada, Pacific Spirit
    Intermediate, 5 miles / 8.05 kilometres
    Best 3 cars: McLaren F1, Lotus GT1, Ford Indigo
    I think that this is the best track in the game alongside Mediterraneo.
    It has a fair share of long straights for speed and corners without too much
    braking involved like in North Country. You can even do the entire track
    without lifting your foot off the accelerator and still get decent lap times to
    cater for the lazy drivers. Races here are always fast and exciting for all
    cars, making it enjoyable for 2-player racing.
    You start off in the middle of a typical street shopping area in town. No time
    to shop though. Driving up the street, you approach a long 180 degree right
    hander. The setting quickly changes to a more natural green setting with trees.
    Not long after that, youíre faced with a tight 180 degree left hander. You now
    begin to build some speed heading onto a bridge, but you slow down again to go
    right around a 360 degree turnaround that is quite tricky to pull off fast and
    cleanly. The setting changes yet again with the seaside to your left and a
    forest to your right. Here it is full speed ahead. Take a little drive on the
    beach if you want, or even a drive through the forest dirt track!
    Near the end of the long straight, the speed is subsided a little entering a
    canyon. But the intensity soon picks itself up again as you twist and turn at
    high speed through the canyon. Coming out of the canyon, youíre onto the
    highway back to town. The action doesnít stop there though. You continue to
    push the car full speed through a tunnel, make a sharp right coming out of it
    to get back in town, and from then on itís a test of taking the best driving
    line to power your way back to the finish line!
    a. From Downtown to Green Surroundings
    Start off by getting yourself on the left to prepare for the 180 degree right
    hander. Some cars can accelerate right through the turn like the Lotus GT1. But
    if your car canít do it, then it doesnít hurt to scrape the side a little. Not
    long after that, you need to brake down to about 100mph to take the tight 180
    degree left hander. While youíre going around the turn, the road gets even
    tighter, so control your speed here to prevent hitting the right barrier.
    Hitting the right barrier at a sharp angle here can awkwardly spin you around
    to face the inside of the track and you risk computer drivers crashing into you
    like the fool you are. So donít hit the barrier! You will next make a right
    turn onto a bridge, use the road signs as an indicator on when to turn.
    b. The Shortcut
    After the first turn of the track, there will be a parking lot up the road to
    the left. You can turn left to cut through here, rather than doing the slow 180
    degree sharp left hander, one of the few proper shortcuts this game has to
    offer. This shortcut isnít that hard to pull off, but you should do it fast for
    it to be worthwhile. Doing the shortcut slowly will either have no effect on
    things, or make things worse. It is also very easy to stuff up if you try to do
    it too fast. From my past experience, doing this shortcut properly can improve
    your lap time by up to 3 seconds.
    This is how you do the shortcut properly:
    After coming out of the first turn of the track, wait a wee while for the road
    to straighten up, then brake down to about 100-120mph. Enter the parking lot
    early and wide, but be careful not to clip the barrier in the parking lot. Once
    youíre in, accelerate to the right onto the grass. When youíre at the very
    right beside the trees, start to exit the grass turning left to get yourself
    back onto the road being careful not to cut through the undrivable grass area,
    but donít go too fast on your exit. When you get back onto the road, you should
    be doing at least 75mph. Any slower, then youíve gone too slow. Any faster than
    90mph, then you might hit the right barrier on the road causing you to come to
    a complete halt. All in all, it depends on what car you have,
    If you really donít like wordy instructions or steps to process through your
    head like above, then the diagram below will help an awful lot, the line of
    ďoĒs is the driving line to take:
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo                       Should be 75-90mph
                                     ooooooooooooo           coming back onto
             Road                               oooooooooo     the road.
                                     There is a grass     G    ooo               G
                                     area here that is    G       ooo            G
                                     not drivable, be     G          ooo         G
                                     careful not to cut   G            ooo       G
                                     through too early.   G              oo      G
                                                          G                oo    G
                                                          G                 oo   G
                                                          G                  oo  G
                                                          G                   oo G
                                                          G                    o G
                                                          G   Grass Area        oG
                                                          G                     oG
                                                          G                     oG
                                                          G                     oG
                                                          G                     oG
                                                          G                     oG
                                                       C                      o  C
                                                       C                     o   C
                                                       C   Carpark         oo    C
                                                       C                  oo     C
                                                       C                oo       C
                                                       C               oo        C
                                                       C             oo          C
                                                       C            oo           C
                                                       C          oo             C
                         CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC         oo              C
                         C                                     oo                C
                         C                                   ooo                 C
                         C   Carpark                       oo                    C
                         C                              ooo                      C
                         C                            ooo                        C
           Slow to 100-120mph           ooooooo           Road
    c. Turnaround to Forest and Beachside
    Once youíve come to the downhill section of the bridge, brake down to a
    suitable speed that feels comfortable going through the 360 turnaround. Go
    around as fast as you can without hitting the left barrier, try to stay in the
    middle of the road. Scraping your way around the left barrier wonít hurt too
    much, but you should only come into contact with the left barrier once. Anymore
    and youíll lose too much time and speed. Exit the turnaround accelerating full
    out and keep on accelerating through the next right turn. If your car has bad
    handling, youíll make use of the runoff space on the sand. Now if youíre racing
    seriously, stay on the road! Otherwise, you can take a trip through the beach,
    but watch out for the 3 logs laying around. You can even take a trip through
    the forest dirt track on your right. You even get to make a huge jump that is
    quite hard to land where the ancient settlement is. The dirt track will
    eventually reach a dead end, so exit the dirt track when the canyon comes into
    d. Canyon Rush
    By the time you catch sight of the canyon, youíll be going extremely fast,
    maybe a few mph shy of your top speed. The entrance into the canyon is a long
    right hander. Slow down to about at least 160mph before heading into the turn
    to prevent scraping the rocks. It will depend on how good your carís handling
    is. Like if you have a Jaguar XJ220, youíll need to slow down to about 140mph.
    Now go hard out through the canyon! If you want to play tourist, watch out for
    the gas station to your right! Stay aware of sections of road that rise up and
    down suddenly causing you to jump. For the McLarenF1, youíll be forced to use
    the brake at least once to avoid flying head into the rocks. The computer
    drivers like to flip and crash out through here and at the speeds youíre going,
    itís going to be real easy to get involved. So stay alert for flipping computer
    opponent cars around corners.
    e. Highway Back to Town
    After the canyon, youíll be on the highway back to town. After that downward
    sloping right-hander coming out of the canyon, youíre going to make at least
    one jump going up and down through the highway. Start braking the moment you
    make the 1st jump. You will enter/jump into the tunnel with a sharp uphill right
    turn at the end of the tunnel. You must be going 110mph at the most before you
    can go up that turn. Anymore and youíll risk knocking the barrier to lose time.
    Now that turn out of the tunnel is where races are won or lost. Iíve lost many
    races just because I was going over 110mph up into the corner.
    f. Back in Town
    After the bridge youíre heading down a straight. You might see that monorail
    travelling along the background. Heh, donít bother chasing it, itís too fast
    for yah! This is the part of the track where a driving line comes in handy.
    Slow down a bit and start making the turn into the wide right-hander at the
    road sign. Coming out of that turn, keep steering right to prepare for the next
    turn. Accelerate right through the next left turn if you can, then keep
    accelerating into the tunnel. The tunnel is like an S-bend, so try to
    accelerate through it as straight as you can so you can zoom by fast past the
    finish line hopefully in 1st place!
    d. Enter canyon
       depending on             d. Might need to slow
       carís handling.             down to get around
                   |          /----this point.
                   |   rq,   /
                  MM        M2
                 MM          M
                MM           M
               0M            MZ
    c. Logs   ;M              M
    on the   rM               @M
    beach   MM                  M@
       \  MM                     Ma
        \MM                       MM;
        MZ                          MMr          d. Go all out through
       ZM    c. Dirt track            MM            canyon, stay aware
       M      / only for fun!          IM-----------of sudden slope
       M     /                          M           changes that cause
       M    /                           M           you to jump.
       M   /                            M          /
       M: /                             M         /
        M/                              M        /
        M                                M      /
        M                                rM    /
        MM                                 MM /
         M   c. The 360 turnaround,         WM
         MX     go into it slowly,            M7
          M     come out of it fast.           M
          M                  |                  M
          M;                 |                  M
           M                 |                  M
           MM                MMMM.              M7
            lMMMMMMMMX      Mr   M               M
                     0MMM 7M     M                M
                          M  XMMMí                WM
                         MM                        MM
                         M                          .M
                        M                            M7
                       M                              M
                      MM                              0M
                      M                                8M
                     M                                   MM
                    M                                      M
                    M                                       M
    b. The          M                                       M
       Shortcut     MMb                                      M
              \       MMMMM                                  8M
               \-----\     WMr a. Really try                   MMB
           .i,        \      M    not to hit                     WMM
        MMMMrMMMMMMMv |      M----the barriers,                    XM
      MM            MMMa    .M    youíll bugger                     M
     iM                aMMMM8     yourself!                         MM
     M                                                               M
     M                     S                     e. Start to         M
     MS                    T                        brake after      M
      MZ         MMMMMMMM**A**iMMMMMMMr             the 1st jump.----M.
       SMMMMMMMMMj         R          MMMMMMMa                       M2
         |                 T                 8MM                     MM
         |                                  /  M   e. Exit tunnel     M
    a. Keep fast           f. Road signs   /   M      at 110mph---\   M
       tight around           mark good   /    M      or less.     \  M
       this 180.              places to  /     Mr                   \ M
                              start turning.----lMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMr    XM
    Typical Starting Lap Times
    These simulation mode lap times to the nearest second are in no way meant to be
    accurate. They are meant to a rough ranking guide of the cars on this track. If
    youíre racing on this track with no other cars on track, with simulation and
    stock car settings, then expect to get close to these times, about plus or
    minus 3 seconds.
    McLaren F1     - 2:10
    Lotus GT1      Ė 2:14  +4
    Ford Indigo    Ė 2:15  +5
    Ferrari F50    - 2:16  +6
    Ford GT90      Ė 2:17  +7
    Isdera 112i    Ė 2:21  +11
    ITD Nazca C2   - 2:22  +12
    Mustang Mach 3 Ė 2:24  +14
    Jaguar XJ220   Ė 2:25  +15
    ITD Cala       Ė 2:28  +18
    Ferrari 355F1  Ė 2:31  +21
    Esprit V8      - 2:31  +21
    6. Greece, Mediterraneo
    Advanced, 4 miles / 6.44 kilometres
    Best 3 Cars: McLaren F1, Lotus GT1, Ferrari 50
    I think that this is the best track in the game alongside Pacific Spirit. And I
    think that because it is so easy to crash out yet at the same time it is just
    plain fun making it excellent for 2-player racing. Iím not so sure about this
    track being labelled ďAdvancedĒ, because getting through the track is
    reasonably easy and races arenít that hard to win.
    The track has a desert-like setting and basically has 3 parts to it.
    In the 1st part, you start off on a hilltop and the road ahead leads to a Greek
    town. Oh but this Greek town ainít just any old town. Itís a town on a very
    steep hill! Going down fast through the street takes a bit of skill and is
    incredibly accident-prone.
    Leaving the town, youíre onto the 2nd part of the track; a long section of road
    with gentle bends and jumps where you can just accelerate flat out all the way.
    After zooming through a tunnel, youíre onto the 3rd part of the track, a series
    of twisting tight turns back towards the finish line that can be driven through
    really fast with intensity.
    See? Fun, fun, fun all the way through. A fantastic Greek classic!
    a. Welcome to Greece
    Start off by accelerating straight down the road, slowing down if necessary to
    avoid rolling the car. You can hit those 3 sale stands without losing too much
    time if you want. They are very good for blocking the road from computer
    You might jump into the town with a 2 wheel landing, but the car should regain
    balance if youíre around the middle of the road.
    Note going 130mph+ down into the left barrier at the top of the town can result
    in you flying straight off the track into the buildings!
    b. Down a Very Steep Town
    You will first make a gentle right turn. While youíre going through it, keep
    steering right to get yourself onto the right side of the road around the brown
    line. Donít go on the left where it is steep up ahead! The car will jump side-
    on into the buildings and maybe even roll. Brake down to at least 120mph, then
    continue going down the road staying around that dark brown line. Stay well
    away from that building corner that sticks out. Take it easy down the bit that
    swerves down right then left. When you see the concrete platform on the right,
    donít go onto it! Go around the concrete platform, staying at least a car
    length away from it, or else youíll run into the wee little bump thatís hard to
    see, making a pointless jump to slow you down and ruin your driving line.
    Straight after the concrete platform, move to the very right to prepare for
    your exit out of town. The exit out of town is a long and wide 180 degree left
    hander. You need to judge when to start turning into it so that you go through
    it fast and smoothly without braking or hitting any barriers. Preferably youíll
    want to enter it real early and wide, going through close to the left barrier
    onto the dirt straight outside of town to give yourself plenty of runoff space
    to the right.
    Watching computer drivers go down the town can be so hilarious at times! I once
    saw a Lotus Esprit V8 jump up into the air vertically facing up, then some
    other cars smacked into it, causing it to roll all the way down street!
    Now that concrete platform in the middle of town is great for doing 360 spins!
    If you make a handbrake turn into the buildings to the left before you jump,
    you can do multiple spins and when I say multiple, I mean something like 6 of
    them! This makes for some very entertaining replays indeed.
    c. Rural Greece
    After making that wide left hand exit from town, youíll make a wide 180 right
    hander. You might not be able to accelerate right through it, but cutting
    through the sand close to em cows here can be quite helpful.
    Now itís an ďaccelerate all you wantĒ part of the track through the Greek
    Countryside. Of course this is not without a few things in between. You will
    come across 3 big road bumps for your jumping pleasure. Stick to the left side
    of the road to take the 2nd and 3rd jumps to give yourself decent landing space
    as the road bends right. After the 3rd road bump, youíll hop onto a big wooden
    bridge that bends right about 60-70 degrees; check out the huge overhead! Some
    cars can accelerate all the way in and out. It also doesnít hurt to scrape the
    left rail a tiny bit. Coming out of the bridge, youíll go around a very long
    right bend with nice looking windmills outside the bend. Cars with good
    handling wonít need to let go of the accelerator. But for cars with not so good
    handling, you will only need to let go of the accelerator once here while going
    around. Even better, you can cut through the dirt on your right, but be careful
    about those bumpy areas. Now just keep pushing along into the tunnel for the
    final sprint home!
    After coming out of the bridge, you can take a left into a separate dirt track
    behind the windmills.
    There is also a huge dirt pile to your right around the big right bend to make
    really huge jumps. And as usual, big jumps only slow you down!
    d. The Athletic Race Home
    By now, youíll be going very fast. Near the end of the tunnel is the start of a
    tight 90 degree left hander. For some cars, you can continue to accelerate
    right through. For others, youíll need to release the accelerator when it looks
    like youíre going to run off the road, so make use of the runoff space onto the
    dirt. Keep an eye out for the ancient Greek pillar on the right side of the
    track at the end of the bend. Not so much because you might hit it, but because
    computers drivers always smash into it!
    Now youíll encounter a series of twisty tight turns after another, kind of like
    the canyon in Pacific Spirit. The road may look narrow here, but keep in mind
    that the dirt around you is drivable. Try not to use the brakes here, there
    isnít much need to slow down. Whenever you can, make use of the dirt by cutting
    through it. Itíll really help on that sharp left corner. The race is finished
    off with a sharp 90 degree left turn around a wooden bridge. Stay well away
    from the dented part of the barrier, or else youíll fly off the mountain! Keep
    steering left when youíre back on the road and donít let go until youíre facing
    the finish line to avoid hitting the big concrete pole. You can even cross the
    finish line by going around the outside of the poles.
    c. A trip behind the                              rMB     ,MM7
       windmills                                      M          MX
             |                                        M           M
             |                                        M            M
             |                                        M            M
             |   MMMMMMMMM0                           M            M
            BMMMMMX      MMMMM      c. The Tunnel    M2            M
          MMMS            |  MMM           |         M           iM
         MM               /    MM          |        M           M2
         M               /      XMM        |       M0         BM
        MM    c. Big dirt         MMX      |       M         ;M
        MM       ramp for          @MM     |        M        M
        MM       jumping.            MM    |         M8     BM
        MM                             M   |          M.    M
        0M                     2MMMMMMMUUu |           M    0
         M  d. Donít stop    MMX        UUUu           M  .M
         MM   steering left  M             UUUU      XM .MM------d. Possible to
          MZ  until youíre   M     SS         UUUUUUUUUM7           carry on
          MM  facing the     Mm    TT                               accelerating
           M  finish line-----MMM==AA==MMMMMMMMMMMw                 coming out of
           M                       RR             aMM;              tunnel.
          ;M                       TT                MM
          MZ                                         /TT
          M                   a. Easy to flip out   /  T
         M                       if youíre not-----/   T
        M                        careful.              T
       M                                               T
      MX                        b. Slow down to at     T
      M                            least 120mph   \    T
     M                             about here.     \  tT
     M                                              \tT
     M                                             TTT
     M                                           TTT
     WS                                         Tt
      MW                                        T
       7M                                       T
         MM:                                    T
           7MMS                                 T
              ZMM:                              Tt
               | MM                              TTT
               |   MM                              tT
               |    .Mr                             T
    c. Accelerate     MM                            T
       hard out        MM                            T
       here, donít      MM                           TT      b. Exit the town wide
       slow down for     MM                          TT         and early to save
       the jumps!\        M;                         TT  /------heaps of time here.
                  \        M                          T /
                   \       ,M                        TT/
                    \       M2                       TT
                     \       M                        TM
                      \      :M                        rZMMMMMMMMM2
                       \      SM                                  WM
                        \       MM                                 M:
                         \       ;MMr                              W
                          \         MMM                          BMM
                           \----------wMMMMMMXx          jMMMMMMM8
    Typical Starting Lap Times
    These simulation mode lap times to the nearest second are in no way meant to be
    accurate. They are meant to a rough ranking guide of the cars on this track. If
    youíre racing on this track with no other cars on track, with simulation and
    stock car settings, then expect to get close to these times, about plus or
    minus 3 seconds.
    McLaren F1     - 1:47
    Lotus GT1      Ė 1:48  +1
    Ferrari F50    - 1:49  +2
    Ford Indigo    Ė 1:49  +2
    ITD Nazca C2   - 1:51  +4
    Ford GT90      Ė 1:54  +7
    Isdera 112i    Ė 1:57  +10
    Jaguar XJ220   Ė 1:58  +11
    ITD Cala       Ė 1:58  +11
    Ferrari 355F1  Ė 2:01  +14
    Mustang Mach 3 Ė 2:04  +17
    Esprit V8      - 2:05  +18
    In case you havenít noticed, in all 4 of the Intermediate tracks, the Cala is
    always only a few seconds behind the XJ220. Like in the intro video, these 2
    cars make for some terrific and stylish one on one racing, particularly on this
    track. I raced them round and round the track many times, and there isnít much
    separation between the 2.
    7. Nepal, Mystic Peaks
    Advanced, 4.7 miles / 7.56 kilometres
    Best 3 Cars: Ford Indigo, McLaren F1, Ferrari F50
    ďHateĒ would be too strong a word to use here. So Iíll just say that I
    ďdislikeĒ this track. The drive through the track is difficult involving alot
    of braking and turning without much room for speed. It can even be frustrating
    for beginners as well. It certainly earns a tag of being ďAdvancedĒ, but itís
    not exactly my idea of Advanced fun if that was what EA had in mind.
    You start off in the middle of a Nepalese town high up in the mountains
    somewhere. As you drive around the first 180 left turn, things start to look
    Asian when you see that little Chinese looking building. The road turns to
    gravel as you approach a very sharp switchback, then it slopes up really steep,
    levels off a bit then goes back down as you enter a queer purple looking cave.
    The trip through the cave is slow, but just when youíre itching for some speed,
    you go out into an all-new world of snow! Oh but youíre not going much faster
    for longer as you continue to put up with a barrage of tight and sharp turns.
    When you drive past an old Nepalese temple, you head down the road sloping down
    bending right then left, a place where you can easily do amazing flip outs. The
    road soon levels down and youíll see a plane crash wreck in the background,
    with itís supply boxes spread out all over the road. This is the one few parts
    of the track where you can go really fast. You escape the snow for one brief
    moment as you speed through a tunnel then itís out into the snow again. Not
    long after that, you have to slow down yet again to make your brave and daring
    climb up the mountain. A bit of excitement builds up when you jump onto a
    rather old yet sturdy looking bridge. You finally begin your descent going
    round and down the mountain, into the cave finally escaping the snow to the
    finish line. Do you really want to go over all that again?
    If you are playing the track on a normal single race, changing the car settings
    would be very helpful. Set the front and rear downforce on high, and put the
    gear ratios on short. You get much better acceleration and turning. Perfect for
    the Mystic Peaks.
    Do yourself a favour by not painting your car white!
    a. In Town For a While
    Start off by moving to the right side of the road. The first turn is a 180 left
    hander that starts off gently and tightens as you go around it. On a flying
    lap, you will have to brake. Try to stay off the grass bank and remember that
    the grass bank to the left is undrivable. As soon as the corner closes up and
    the road straightens, there is a sharp 180 right switchback. Slam the brakes on
    fast, slowing down to at least 80mph before turning. Donít go on the grass!
    Accelerate up the hill, then slam the brakes on again when you see the top of
    the hill. Keep under 100mph to prevent jumping. Now if you want a bit of fun,
    charge up as fast as can to see how far you can fly up the cliff, only to come
    crashing down again!
    b. Queer Purple Cave
    Youíre now going to take a scary little trip through a queer purple looking
    cave. Maybe itís ice? Anyway, when you first enter the cave, the left side
    slopes down steep, so stay on the right. Now while youíre in the cave, the
    keyword here is ďpatienceĒ. Donít worry if computer opponents overtake you,
    because the computer is quite good through this bit. Stay under 85mph to safely
    go around the corners, a driving line would also be of great help here.
    c. Snowy
    If youíre on 3dfx mode, youíll have to put up with the snow. Itís not too bad
    if youíre going under 100mph. But if you are going over 100mph, the snow-balls
    flurry around faster making it hard to see things.
    The drive through the snow is a little different to the road, because the grip
    feels different, yet I donít know if it is actually different or not. You will
    be faced with some narrow and sharp turns. This is where the handbrake comes in
    very handy. If your car is heading for the outside of a corner, tap the
    handbrake to quickly steer yourself the other way, it actually works very well
    for all cars.
    d. A Plane Crash Wreck Around a Temple
    Once youíve gone around the gentle left bend where the Nepalese temple is, the
    road will slope down steeply bending right then left. Stay below 120mph to
    prevent leaving the ground and stay well on the right side while going down the
    slope. The left side where the rocks are near the bottom may look flat and
    safe, when in fact it is a dangerous bit. I think the game has a bit of a
    glitch there. Because if you drive over it, your car will mysteriously fly off
    the ground and get dumped over on the right side.
    After that, you can finally begin to drive without releasing the accelerator
    for a while. Accelerate all the way through into the tunnel and out of the
    tunnel. This may be your only chance to overtake some opponent drivers, so
    donít slow down! Avoid the 3 boxes spread around the road if you can help it.
    e. The Old Yet Sturdy Looking Bridge
    Now youíre going to go right around a long uphill 360 right hander. Try to go
    through as fast as you can, because this is the last good chance youíll get to
    overtake anymore cars. Make use of the handbrake going around, remembering that
    just single taps will do the job. When youíve finally made it around, there is
    the old yet sturdy looking bridge up ahead. Definitely not a place for super
    sports cars! Donít go onto the bridge anymore than 120mph, or youíll jump too
    high causing you to land sharply and ultimately flip your car over. Computer
    drivers will also be idiotic, flipping their cars here very often. When youíre
    about to come off the bridge, get yourself onto the right and brake down to
    under 100mph to prevent jumping off the bridge. If you drive hard out of the
    bridge, youíll either crash out on the rocks or fly off the mountain!
    f. Down You Go
    By now, you should not be last! Overtaking in this part of the track can be
    difficult. You might be tempted to slow down while going around, but donít. Any
    slow down will allow computer opponents to overtake you. Go down fast,
    carefully staying well away from the rocks around you. It may not look like it,
    but even scraping the rocks here can flip you out. Like before, make good use
    of the handbrake. And finally when the cave is in sight, power home fast to the
    finish line!
    Like so many other parts of the game, the computer is too dumb to realise the
    barriers in the middle of the road near the end of tracks. Here it is no
    exception, computer drivers will once again bang themselves into the big rocky
    barrier in the cave.
                                                       a. Stay off the grass, there
                                                          is no need to go onto it!
                                                                |     |       |
       b. Donít power                                           |     |       |
          through the cave,                                     |     |       |
          be patient.                                           |  a@MMMMMz   |
                    \                                           MMM@      `BMMm
                     \   iMMMMM         wWMMMMMMMMMm           MM             MM
                      \-XM    MMMm   mMMM,         Mm          M               MM
    c. Make your         MM      MMMMM              M          M               XM
    way around sharp      .MMMZ                    MW         iM               M:
    corners slowly,           mMM                  M           M               M
    using handbrake   MMMMMb    M                  ďMMMMMM     M              M
    to avoid         MM    MMMMM:                  |     ďMM   M              M
    hitting sides.   M7                            |       ďM  MM            M
                 \   ,M@                           |         M  M           M
                  \    MMMM                        |         7M M           M
    d. Stay away   \      WMM             a. Very steep       M M           M
    from left       \mMMMMm 0M               level off,       M  M          M
    going down      MM    Mm  M              slow down to     M  M         2M
    the slope.     MX      W  MM             avoid jump.      M  M         M
     |            M        M   M                             M   BS        M
     |            M        M    M                            M    M       M2
     |  ;MMMMM7   M        M    M                            M   ;M      MM
     | ,M     aM  M        M     M                           M   MS      M
     | M        M  M7     :M     M                            MMMM \    M
     | M        M   WMW   MX     Mi            a. Slow down        |   MM
     | M        M     MM  M      aM               to at least     /    ||
     | M        M       M ZM      M               75mph going    /   Start
     | M       2M       M  M    mM                into sharp    /      ||
     | M        M      0M   mMMMM                 switchback.--/       M
     MM         M    BMM                                              @M
    M:          SMMMMM                                                M
     M.                                                              BM
      M                                                              MM
      XM               7MMMMMMMMW                                    MM
       M            2MM8         MM0         e. Slow down coming    MM  e. Donít
        MMZ     WMMM2              aM,          onto bridge to      MM  fly off the
          7MMMMMr                    MS         avoid flipping     @MS  bridge!
              |                       MM,       over.  |           MM     |
              |                      /  MMM            |          MMi     |
              |                     /      MMi         |         rM       |
              |                    /         WMM.      |         M        |
          d. Accelerate all the way             MMM    |         M      MMMMMMMr
             from plane wreck, in and              MMM |        W      MS |    BMZ
             out of the tunnel.                       ABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBMM7   M
                                               ,MMMMMMM@80a     W    ;M      Mi  B2
                                             MMM,         MM    M8   iM       M  W
                                            M:             M     M    iM0MMMMMa  M
                                            M              M      MM      |    gM
                                            MM            MM        WMMMXI2DMMMf
                                             MM8       MMM                |
                                                MMMMMM0  \                |
                                                         |    f. Go down as fast
                                        e. Make use of   |       as fast as you
                                           handbrake going       can, computer
                                           up.                   can very easily
    Typical Starting Lap Times
    These simulation mode lap times to the nearest second are in no way meant to be
    accurate. They are meant to a rough ranking guide of the cars on this track. If
    youíre racing on this track with no other cars on track, with simulation and
    stock car settings, then expect to get close to these times, about plus or
    minus 3 seconds.
    Ford Indigo    Ė 2:55
    McLaren F1     - 2:57  +2
    Ferrari F50    - 2:59  +4
    Lotus GT1      Ė 2:59  +4
    ITD Nazca C2   - 3:00  +5
    ITD Cala       Ė 3:03  +8
    Ford GT90      Ė 3:05  +10
    Isdera 112i    Ė 3:06  +11
    Jaguar XJ220   Ė 3:09  +14
    Ferrari 355F1  Ė 3:09  +14
    Esprit V8      - 3:14  +19
    Mustang Mach 3 Ė 3:14  +19
    Despite being a Class C car, the ItalDesign Cala outperforms much faster cars
    like the Isdera 112i and even the Class A Ford GT90. Obviously on a track like
    this, good handling and acceleration will win the day. This is the only track
    where the McLaren F1 isnít the best.
    Mumbo Jumbo on Mystic Peaks
    For 3dfx users, this track becomes almost a nightmare. Out in the snow, not
    only is it foggy which is bad enough already, but it snows with snow flying all
    over the place and snow splattering onto your screen. This can really obstruct
    your view if when youíre going over 100mph. I could put up with the rain on the
    Proving Grounds and in Pacific Spirit. I can only just put up with those
    annoying bees in the Outback. But the snow here is absolutely ridiculous. Yes,
    you can still see the road ahead, itís fairly visible, but anyone would rather
    have it off than have those damn snowballs peppering all over your face. They
    may have looked impressive back in 1997, but now itís downright primative and a
    plain old eyesore.
    Oh I just wish there was a way to turn this off!
    8. Hollywood, Monolithic Studios
    Intermediate, 4.5 miles / 7.24 kilometres
    Best 3 Cars: McLaren F1, Lotus GT1, Ferrari F50
    This is the bonus track that you unlock after successfully completing the
    Knockout competition. It is quite a fun track to race on; firstly because the
    track it quite challenging to get around, but not too challenging and secondly
    because of how the track interestingly changes from one movie theme to another.
    Sadly this is the exact same bonus track from NFS2, but nevertheless it is
    still a worthy addition to the game.
    You start off in what looks like a movie set of a typical LA Street with palm
    trees. You sweep by a Western movie set, then forcefully charge into the Star
    Wars movie set complete with X-Wings flying over you, laser sound effects and
    hologram projections in the middle of the road. The road suddenly goes steep,
    then bends around into a Blade Runner movie set. You travel in a slight uphill
    angle then when you least expect it, you make a massive jump as well as an
    unusual speed burst in mid air. As you land, the road bends to a long 180 left-
    hander and straightens up going into the Jurassic Park movie set. Your
    cornering skills are tested with a variety of different turns and bends, some
    gentle, some sharp. Spinning UFOs surprisingly come into view at the end of the
    Jurassic Park set before you enter the final movie set of the track; a city
    raging with fire. The road slopes down quick causing you to make a big jump
    back into the LA street, then sharply turns right back towards the finish line.
    a. Streets of LA to the old Western
    If you have a fast car, take a driving line into the first corner.
    If you have a slow car, then you should be able to go around the first corner
    by staying on the right.
    When you enter the Western set, you can accelerate straight through it if you
    take a driving line, but you must make use of the dirt track. There is no need
    to brake at all, just release the accelerator to slow down if necessary.
    b. Star Wars
    Accelerate all the way through the outer space area. Spend a moment checking
    out the Star Wars stuff around you, even glittering stars in 3dfx mode.
    By the time you reach the end of it, there will be a 90 degree right-hander.
    On the onscreen map, it the turn looks very sharp when in fact it isnít. Some
    cars will be able to accelerate right through the turn. If you canít, then
    youíll have to brake down to about 150mph or release the accelerator for a
    moment. Ignore that space map projection in the middle of the road. Instead,
    keep an eye out for that blue hologram pole thingy up ahead. When you see it,
    stay away from the black surface surrounding it, because itíll slow you down.
    Straight after you pass that thing, brake to a safe speed, so you wonít fly off
    the steep downhill slope that first bends right then left. This bit is probably
    the trickiest part of the track to get right, especially with a Ford GT90 or
    Mustang Mach3; they will really piss you off! I suggest that you first go down
    the slope on the blue lane to the right and when you see the road bend left,
    steer left back onto the road, although you could risk a 2-wheel landing to
    slow you down. Next youíll go around a 180 right-hander into the Blade Runner
    set. A driving line here would be helpful.
    c. Blade Runner
    Now I donít actually know if this is Blade Runner or not. I just assumed it is
    because of the futuristic buildings, the TV suspended up high and the flying
    cop cars.
    But anyway, moving on.
    While youíre accelerating hard down the set, depending on what car youíre
    using, you might actually slow down about 3 or 4 mph. The road will eventually
    slant down causing you to make a great big jump and get a quick speed burst in
    mid-air. The higher you go, the more speed you gain mid-air. Must be something
    to do with Blade Runner and flying cars?
    Your landing will be a hard one where you land on your 2 front wheels, but you
    shouldnít flip over. Down the road is a long 180 left-hander. Brake down to a
    speed so that you wonít wind up going around the bend on the outside lane. Now
    prepare for Jurassic Park!
    d. Jurassic Park
    As soon as you pass the blue road signs entering the set, slow down and enter
    the sharp 180 right-hander wide, cut over the grass if you want. Now just
    accelerate through the next few gentle bends, taking a driving line to shave
    off those milliseconds. When you reach the T-rex, youíll go around a gentle
    right hand bend. Yes that T-rex is real, donít hit it or itíll eat up your
    time! As soon as you pass the last road sign going around the bend, kick in the
    brakes slowing down to around 120mph for the next corner; a very sharp right
    turn that is tough to get around even with a Ford Indigo. Cut through the grass
    here if you want, being careful not to bump into the bank, but donít stop
    steering right until youíre safely through. The next few turns can be easily
    taken with a driving line, cut through the grass if you want.
    e. A Pyrotechnic Finish
    After leaving Jurassic Park, you enter straight into a movie set with buildings
    and barrels on fire around you. Donít know what movie this is.
    Your fantastic journey through the sights and sounds of Hollywood are rounded
    off with a big jump out of the burning city set and into a sharp right hand
    bend. If youíre going over 160mph, you might need to brake before flying off
    the ground. Anyhow, while youíre car is in flight, steer right so that when you
    land, youíll immediately start steering into the turn. Control your speed
    around the corner so you donít mess the whole lap up by hitting the left
    barrier. Once youíre around the corner, the finish line and hopefully 1st place
    is in sight!
                         MMS      M
    b. Donít go into     M        MM
    corner if youíre    MM         M  d. Brake as soon
    160mph+.            MM        MM     as you enter
     |                  MM        MB     the set.
     |            rq   bM;        M       |
     |        MMMMMMMMMM |        M       |
     |      MMM          |        M       |
     |    MMM            |       MM       |      m7m
     |  ;MM     b. Take this     MM        \   MMMMMM
     | MM          bit easy.     M          \ MM    MM
     ZM@                         M           MM      MW
     M                           M        rMM        MM
     M     c. Try to go around  MM       MM          M7
     MM       on inside lane.   MM      MM           MM
      MM                \       M;     2M             MMX
       BM                \      M      MM               MMM
         MM               \     M      MM                 MM
          iM2              \   M@      MM            MM    MM
            MM              \ MM       MM          MMMMMM   MM
             :MZ             MM        M7        MMa    MM   MM
               MM            MM       aM        MM       M    MMS
                 MM           MM     MM        MM        M      MMM
                  MM           2MMMMMM        MM         M        MMMi
                    MM                       MM          M           MM
                     MM                      M,          MM           0M
                       MM                    M            MMMMMMM      :M
                        2M                   MM             smĒ MM      MX
                          MM                  M                  MM     MB
                           SMW                Mr            wwrMMM      Mr
                             MM                M         MMMMMMM        M
                               M7              M8       MM             MM
                                M               M        MM          MMW
       a. No need to use        M.              M0        MMMMMMMMMMMM
          brake at all --------MM                M        |  MMMMM.
          through this       MMi                 M        |
          part, unless      MM                   MM       |
          youíre on a       MM                    M      d. Brake as soon as
          flying lap.        M                    MM        you pass the last
                     \       MM            S      MM        road sign around
                      \-------MMMXa .      T     MM \       bend.
                                AMMMMMMMM==A==MSMM   \
                                           R          \
                                           T        e. Steer right the
                                                       moment you land to
                                                       get the earliest turn
                                                       into the corner.
    Typical Starting Lap Times
    These simulation mode lap times to the nearest second are in no way meant to be
    accurate. They are meant to a rough ranking guide of the cars on this track. If
    youíre racing on this track with no other cars on track, with simulation and
    stock car settings, then expect to get close to these times, about plus or
    minus 3 seconds.
    McLaren F1     - 2:02
    Lotus GT1      Ė 2:07  +5
    Ferrari F50    - 2:08  +6
    Ford Indigo    Ė 2:09  +7
    Ford GT90      Ė 2:16  +14
    ITD Nazca C2   - 2:16  +14
    Isdera 112i    Ė 2:17  +15
    Jaguar XJ220   Ė 2:20  +18
    ITD Cala       Ė 2:23  +21
    Mustang Mach 3 Ė 2:26  +24
    Ferrari 355F1  Ė 2:26  +24
    Esprit V8      - 2:26  +24
    Kind of like in North Country, there is a big time gap between the Ford Indigo
    and Ford GT90. Like the Mystic Peaks, cars with the handling and acceleration
    will win the day. The McLaren F1 is exceedingly dominant here. Combining itís
    quick acceleration, good handling, topped off with the best top speed and
    brakes in the game, this super car of all super cars will beat any other car by
    between a few seconds to many seconds.
    6.2. Summary Table
    The table below briefly summarises a few things about all 8 of the tracks I
    went through above.
    Length is in miles.
    The ďUnderdogĒ below is the car that performs unexpectedly well on the track
    compared to the other cars and given the nature of the track.
    For example, you expect the Isdera 112i with a much higher top speed to beat
    the Indigo on Pacific Spirit where there is are long straights, when in fact
    the Indigo is faster.
    Approximate Simulation Times below are only starting laps, no catch up on.
    | Track     | Length | Difficulty  | Fun Factor | Approx Sim Time | Underdog  |
    | Norway    |  3.2   | Easy        | OK         |  1:00 to 1:17   | None      |
    | Australia |  4.7   | Easy to Mod | Good       |  1:35 to 1:56   | F50       |
    | Mexico    |  4.7   | Easy to Mod | Very Good  |  2:03 to 2:22   | Nazca C2  |
    | N.Europe  |  4.7   | Moderate    | OK         |  2:25 to 2:46   | Indigo    |
    | Canada    |  5.0   | Moderate    | Excellent  |  2:10 to 2:31   | Indigo    |
    | Greece    |  4.0   | Mod to Hard | Excellent  |  1:47 to 2:05   | Lotus GT1 |
    | Nepal     |  4.7   | Hard        | Bad        |  2:55 to 3:14   | ITD Cala  |
    | Hollywood |  4.5   | Moderate    | Very Good  |  2:02 to 2:26   | Lotus GT1 |
    A bit more stuff about the carís lap times on all 8 tracks are under
    8. Extra Analysis.
    7. Game Modes
    7.1. Tournament
    This is what you play the game on single player for; to show that you are
    better than the computer drivers. When you prove that you are better than the
    computer drivers, then you go win the tournament! What do you get for winning?
    I wonít tell you at this point, because itíll be a spoiler for those of you who
    are new to the game. The reward might be worthwhile, it might not be. Either
    way thatís not the point! You are here to prove that you are better than the
    computer drivers... Isnít that the reward itself?
    The tournament mode consists of you racing with a full grid of cars on all 7 of
    the tracks. The 7 other cars that have made up names will be part of the
    tournament with you throughout all the races. Each track you race on will
    consist of 4 laps. You may race the tracks in any order you wish. Each track
    will be restricted to either Class A, B or C cars. You are not allowed to
    change the settings of your car.
    The objective of the tournament mode is to score as many points as you can. To
    score points, you need to finish a race and come better than last place. You
    will not get disqualified for coming last.
    The table below will show you how many points you score for what placing you
    | Placing |  Points  |
    | 1st     |   30     |  	
    | 2nd     |   25     |
    | 3rd     |   20     |
    | 4th     |   16     |
    | 5th     |   12     |
    | 6th     |   8      |
    | 7th     |   4      |
    | 8th     |   0      |
    The table below will show you what Class cars you are restricted to race with
    and against on each track:
    | Track           | Class |
    | Proving Grounds |   A   |  	
    | Outback         |   A   |
    | Last Resort     |   B   |
    | North Country   |   C   |
    | Pacific Spirit  |   A   |
    | Mediterraneo    |   B   |
    | Mystic Peaks    |   C   |
    After racing and completing all seven tracks with the most points, you are
    declared the tournament winner. If you donít have the most points, then you
    have wasted your time!
    The objective is not only to score the most points, but to score as many points
    as you can in the shortest time possible. Because you are allowed to race the
    tracks in any order, you can use this to your advantage and race them in such
    an order that allows you to score easy big points early on. Basically do the
    easy tracks first, then the harder ones after. This way, you wonít be pressured
    to do so well on the harder tracks. I am telling you this, because when I first
    played the tournament mode, I did it the other way round; to get the hard
    tracks over and done with. Stupid idea!
    You can guarantee to win the tournament if you win 6 races, provided that the
    second place computer opponent has come third or worse at least once.
    You are allowed to save/load tournaments making it a whole lot easier for you.
    Below I will go through each track in the order you should play the tournament
    The list of cars shown is in the order they should be most preferred to use.
    Of course, if youíve won the tournament before and are in need of a challenge,
    then use the least preferred cars.
    1st. Proving Grounds
    Class A
    Preferability: McLaren F1
                   Ford GT90
                   Ferrari F50
                   Lotus GT1
    Difficulty: Easy
    Car to use: McLarenF1
    Well duh! Of course you use the McLaren F1. This is the no brainer race. You
    will win it. There is no way you canít win it. Just win!
    2nd. Outback
    Class A
    Preferability: McLaren F1
                   Ford GT90
                   Ferrari F50
                   Lotus GT1
    Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
    Car to use: McLaren F1
    Once again, you are to win this! It wonít be all that easy like on the Proving
    Grounds though. Those McLarens and Ford GT90s all around the track are a major
    pain in the ass. You can manage to just pass them on the straight, but a slight
    mistake will see them zoom by like.... well like I said before, a major pain in
    the ass! Just use the McLaren F1, go fast, keep control, donít hit things and
    you will win.
    3rd. Last Resort
    Class B
    Preferability: Ford Indigo
                   ItalDesign Nazca C2
                   Isdera Commendatore 112i
                   Jaguar XJ220
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Car to use: Ford Indigo
    You should be able to keep a lead throughout the race using the Ford Indigo.
    Those fat assed Jaguars and Isderas wonít be able to corner well through the
    forest and caves, and the Nazca C2s poor acceleration on the straights let it
    4th. Mediterraneo
    Class B
    Preferability: Ford Indigo
                   ITD Nazca C2
                   Isdera Commendatore 112i
                   Jaguar XJ220			
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Car to use: Ford Indigo
    Using the Indigo, you should be able to create quite a big lead by the time you
    go around the first bend outside the town. A few cars might pass you around the
    end of the tunnel. Donít worry, the Indigoís handling will easily zip you
    through the twisty section allowing you to re-create your lead once again.
    5th. Pacific Spirit
    Class A
    Preferability: McLaren F1
                   Ferrari F50
                   Lotus GT1
                   Ford GT90
    Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
    Car to use: McLaren F1
    I classified this as moderate to difficult because of how fast the race is
    where things can change very quickly. Races can be won or lost at the canyons
    on the last lap. This race can be won by any of the cars. With a Lotus GT1 you
    can lead anywhere, but not the long beach straight where you are likely to be
    6th. Northern Country
    Class C
    Preferability: Ford Mustang Mach 3
                   ItalDesign Cala
                   Ferrari 355F1
                   Lotus Esprit V8
    Difficulty: Difficult
    Car to use: Ford Mustang Mach 3 or ItalDesign Cala
    A reasonably OK track with nice wide spaces to roam free, Class C cars, so why
    difficult? Well when youíre racing with Class C cars, there is no clear-cut
    winner car. The Ford Mustang Mach 3 is hell hard to drive. And if youíre using
    a car other than a Ford Mustang Mach 3, then itís hell hard to overtake those
    Ford Mustang Mach 3s!!!
    The Mustang Mach 3 has the quick acceleration necessary to kick the other Class
    C carís butts on a track like this. But it just likes to slip and slide all
    over the place and I donít like it. If you know how to drive the Mustang Mach 3
    without making mistakes, then itíll be fine. You can win. However if youíre
    like me and hate the Mustang Mach 3, then the next best thing to go for is the
    Cala because of its good handling. You can come about third with some effort
    put into it. But itíll take something more than effort to come first!
    7th. Mystic Peaks
    Class C
    Preferability: ItalDesign Cala
                   Ford Mustang Mach 3
                   Lotus Esprit V8
                   Ferrari 355F1
    Difficulty: Difficult
    Car to use: ItalDesign Cala
    Like the Northern Country, those quick as Ford Mustang Mach 3s are becoming
    quite a nuisance. Mystic Peaks relies on a combination of quick acceleration
    and good handling. The Cala nicely does the job here. Stay on the track, stick
    to your driving line, and ram hell hard into those Mustangs to spin them out!
    By now, if you did reasonably well on the previous six tracks, then you might
    have won the tournament by now. But of course, if you really want to prove
    youíre a better driver than the computer opponents, then winning on the Mystic
    Peaks proves it all!
    End of Tournament
    OK. If you have won the tournament, then you unlock three bonus cars.
    So there is no need for me to tell you what they are.
    But if you came here because you were too chicken to win the tournament, then I
    will tell you what the bonus cars are:
    -Bomber BFS
    -FZR 2000
    Theyíre fantasy cars of course. Go play with em. So thatís your reward for
    winning the tournament. Was it worth it? Hey! Wasnít the whole point of this
    tournament proving youíre better than the computer? Well, yes it was. But did
    you win all races?
    If you havenít, then you havenít proved anything!
    Oh no, winning the Knockout was proving you were better than the computer!
    Read on.
    7.2. Knockout
    This is what you play the game on single player for; to show that you are
    better than the computer drivers. Wasnít that what I said about the Tournament?
    Yes it was, but the Knockout is the real deal my friend. Win the Knockout and
    you can rightfully call yourself a good NFS player.
    The Knockout mode consists of you racing on all 7 tracks, plus a final face-off
    You must race the tracks in one order of increasing difficulty and you must
    race all the tracks using one car.
    The first race starts out with a full grid of 9 cars. After each race is
    completed, the last placed car is eliminated. Each race is 2 laps long. Your
    opposition will depend upon which Class car you decide to use throughout the
    For example, using a Lotus GT1 means you will race against other Class A cars.
    As long as you donít come last, you will progress to the next race. However,
    your placing in a race will determine your grid position on the next race.
    The biggest thing; you canít save or restart races. Bugger that eh?
    So as you can see, the Knockout is more difficult than the Tournament. It is
    the gameís endurance test. Winning the Knockout requires consistency,
    concentration, a reliable car, some dirty tricks, maybe a bit of luck and about
    half an hour of your time! Win the Knockout to prove that you are better than
    the computer drivers once and for all!
    The main objective of Knockout is not to come last.
    Come last in a race and youíre out. No reloading, no restarting, nothing.
    So it is very important that you donít do anything stupid, especially on the
    second lap.
    Grid position isnít all that important. So even if you come second to last,
    itís no big deal.
    Choosing your car here is absolutely critical, seeing you will be using it
    through all of the races with the same opponents.
    The first race on the Proving Grounds starts off with a grid of 9 cars. 8
    computer opponents, and yourself. There will be 2 of each car depending on
    which Class car you picked. So if you picked say the Ferrari F50, there will be
    2 McLarens, 2 Ford GT90s, 2 Ferrari F50s and 2 Lotus GT1s to race against.
    It is possible to win the Knockout using any of the cars, but some cars will be
    a heck of a lot easier than others. Every race will have one less opponent car
    than the last and you can use that to your advantage. What do I mean by that?
    The objective of the Knockout isnít just not to come last. In the Tournament,
    you did the easy races early to make things easier for yourself. In the
    Knockout, you make things easier for yourself by deliberately, yet literally
    knock the troublesome cars out!
    In other words, you need to try and deliberately make the cars that will make
    life harder for you later on come last to eliminate them from the Knockout. I
    will call these cars the ďEnemy carsĒ.
    That way, when you reach the Mystic Peaks followed by the final face-off track,
    you wonít have to race against such difficult opponents.
    This is called ďKnockoutĒ after-all!
    Car Selection
    As I said earlier on and I repeat again: Car choice is absolutely critical!
    The race where things start to get extremely difficult is on the 7th race,
    Mystic Peaks.
    By then, you will race against 2 opponents cars. What you need here is a
    reliable car that can handle such a track.
    Class A
    Preferability: McLaren F1
                   Lotus GT1
                   Ferrari F50
                   Ford GT90
    Winning the Knockout using this Class is the most difficult.
    Class A cars give for some exceptionally close racing.
    The outright fastest car out of this group is obviously the McLaren F1.
    However, the Lotus GT1 is the most reliable. This is a matter of personal
    preference. Do you want to play it safe by sacrificing speed for handling? Or
    do you want to take a risk by going for all out speed? Itís entirely up to you.
    The Ferrari F50 is an OK car to use. But it isnít as fast as the McLaren or
    Lotus on the Mystic Peaks.
    Now, the Ford GT90 will definitely be the hardest car to use. It will be fine
    on the first 2 tracks, but itíll be a reliability nightmare from then on.
    Class B
    Preferability: Ford Indigo
                   ItalDesign Nazca C2
                   Isdera Commendatore 112i
                   Jaguar XJ220
    Winning the Knockout using this Class is the easiest.
    The Ford Indigo is definitely the car to go for here. You wonít come 1st in the
    first 2 races, but you can win from then on.
    The Nazca C2 will be an OK car here with a bit more speed on the straights.
    The Isdera 112i and Jaguar XJ220 will both be a lot harder.
    Class C
    Preferability: ItalDesign Cala
                   Ferrari 355F1
                   Lotus Esprit V8
                   Ford Mustang Mach III
    Winning the Knockout using this Class will be quite difficult.
    There is no clear-cut best car here, so using any car here will be fairly even.
    The ItalDesign Cala has the best handling of the bunch to be able to get
    through the Mystic Peaks the fastest.
    The Ferrari 355F1 and Lotus Esprit V8 are the OK cars here.
    If you can drive the ever most unreliable Mustang Mach3 properly, then it would
    be the one to go for.
    Enemy Cars
    These are the cars that you should literally knockout yourself in any way
    possible to make things easier for yourself in the latter stages of the
    Knockout. I will state the main enemy car, followed by the second enemy car,
    which is the car you take out if youíve already taken the main one out or canít
    get in contact with the main one.
    Class A: McLaren F1, then the Ferrari F50
    The McLaren F1 is highly likely win all races in the Knockout if you leave them
    alone. So deal with it by not leaving them alone!
    Class B: Ford Indigo, then the Nazca C2
    The Ford Indigos are the slow bunch in the first 2 races, but a total menace
    from then on, making it crucial to knock them out early.
    Class C: Ford Mustang Mach III, then the ItalDesign Cala
    The Mustang Mach 3s will always be the leading pack after the first race, so
    make life easier for you and the other cars by dealing to them early on.
    Below I will take you step by step through each track with Class A,B or C cars,
    so you know what to expect.
    1st. Proving Grounds, 9 cars
    Class A
    The car that you should take out would obviously be the McLaren F1s. This is
    especially hard to do with a Lotus GT1. Make your move on the 2nd lap to
    prevent them from catching up. Try to leave the Lotus GT1s alone. They are
    highly unlikely to make it to the Mystic Peaks.
    Class B
    Take the Ford Indigos out! They are the slow ones here, but they will become a
    total menace later on. Spin one out on the 2nd lap and youíll be sweet.
    Class C
    Take the Ford Mustang Mach 3s out! It is very hard to overtake any of the cars
    here, so when the opportunity comes, spin one of them out. If you donít now,
    itís almost impossible to knock both Mustang Mach 3s out in the next races.
    2nd. Outback, 8 cars
    You are faced with a major problem here. Opponent cars crashing straight into
    the rock barrier at the split roads near the end of a lap. After you spin the
    appropriate car out on the last lap, there is a good chance that some other
    opponent driver crashes at the split road allowing the car you want eliminated
    to go through to the next round.
    Seeing this is only the 2nd race, itíll be worth taking the risk to eliminate
    an opponent at the split roads on the last lap in case some dumb ass computer
    driver crashes at the rock barrier.
    Class A
    Once again, take the McLarens F1s out. It maybe hard if you arenít using a
    McLaren F1, so the next best thing you can do is to go for the Ferrari F50s and
    leave the Lotus GT1(s) alone.
    Class B
    The Ford Indigo is going to have a very hard time here, because all the other
    cars will be faster on the straight. Like before, you must take the other
    Indigo(s) out. But a false move using the Indigo on the 2nd lap might put you
    way behind the rest of the pack, so be careful.
    Class C
    Once again, keep trying to take the Mustang Mach3(s) out. They wonít have the
    highest top speed, so you can do it easier with a Ferrari 355F1.
    3rd. Last Resort, 7 cars
    By now, if you havenít deliberately eliminated the enemy cars, this track would
    almost certainly be your last chance. Make your move after youíve come out of
    the volcano where you are less likely to get caught in a mess like in the
    4th. North Country, 6 cars
    If by now there are still some enemy cars left, you shouldnít bother taking any
    of them out. The track is long and with only 6 cars left, it is a bit risky. If
    you are going to take the risk, make your move on the last lap in the tunnel
    after the switch-backs where the road is narrower. If you mess it up, then
    youíre almost certainly toast.
    However, if there are no enemy cars left you can try to take out the 2nd enemy
    Class A: Ferrari F50
    Class B: Nazca C2
    Class C: ItalDesign Cala
    If youíre behind near the end of the last lap, then youíd better hope a
    computer driver smashes into the tunnel barrier! This has happened a few times
    when Iíve played.
    5th. Pacific Spirit, 5 cars
    At this point, it is far too risky to take any enemy cars out. Youíve come way
    too far to mess this up now! If you are the extreme daredevil, then make your
    move in the canyon where all cars are going at very high speeds making it
    easier for you to create something dangerous. As you know, mass crash pileups
    can occur here. Also if you happened to stuff things up for yourself here, you
    can still catch up in the City.
    6th. Mediterraneo, 4 cars
    Seriously, no more enemy car business. You have come way way too far to do
    anything ridiculous. Feeling ultra dangerous? Then take out enemy cars out
    after the tunnel where the road is twisty and narrow. Perhaps you can try
    knocking them off the mountain near the end?
    If you were lucky before, you might have already taken out the main and
    secondary enemy cars. If you are in that situation, then the other 2 cars you
    race against shouldnít pose any problems.
    7th. Mystic Peaks, 3 cars
    Now there is no time to worry about taking enemy cars or any cars out. On a
    track like this, youíll struggle to hold a position, let alone to win. If
    youíre coming last and stuffed yourself on or after the wooden bridge, then you
    better hope that a computer driver smashes into the rock barrier in the last
    Class A
    If you havenít taken out any enemy cars, then your two last opponents are most
    likely going to be either two McLaren F1s or a McLaren F1 along with a Ferrari
    F50. Also, the 2 Lotus GT1s almost certainly should have been eliminated by
    Class B
    Hopefully at this point there are no Ford Indigos. There is most likely going
    to be a Nazca C2 here. If thereís an Isdera or Jaguar, then you canít lose!
    Class C
    It is very likely that you struggled to keep up with the Mustang Mach3s up till
    now. In that case, it is most likely that there will be one of them here. A
    Cala should also be here.
    8th. Monolithic Studios, 2 cars
    By now, you must be totally gased out! Youíve just spent half an hour trying
    not to come last in races that get increasingly harder topped off with a heart
    pounding Mystic Peaks thriller!
    Now it is show down time. It is one on one on a fast tight track that youíve
    never seen before. It will not be easy at all. There is no time for you to
    screw with the other car. Get ahead of the other car and stay ahead. It is time
    to go all out without holding back.
    Class A
    The last car you will face off against is most likely to be a McLaren F1. Now
    racing one on one against them is extremely tough. Whichever car youíre using
    will have the firepower to beat the other car no matter what it is. Itís now a
    matter of how hard you push your exotic super car to the limit!
    Class B
    The last car you will face off against is most likely to be a Ford Indigo or a
    Nazca C2.
    With an Indigo, you can beat any car one on one here. Not using an Indigo? Then
    youíre in for a tough time!
    Class C
    The last car you will face off against is most likely to be a Mustang Mach3 or
    a Cala. You wonít be able to afford any major mistakes with whichever car
    youíre using, because your acceleration wonít be quick enough to get back into
    contention. Keep yourself at a high average speed, corner smoothly and hope for
    the best!
    End of Knockout
    Phew! If youíve just won the Knockout, then I must commend your worthy efforts.
    You have also been duly rewarded in the game, so there is no need for me to go
    on about it.
    But if you came here because you were too chicken to successfully complete the
    Knockout yourself, then I will tell you what is unlocked:
    -The Monolithic Studios track in Hollywood.
    It is the same track that you raced on the last race of the Knockout.
    So, youíve proved that youíre better than the computer drivers eh?
    Oh not just yet! Win all races in the Tournament. Then go on to winning the
    Knockout using a Class A car. That is when you finally prove that youíre better
    than the computer drivers!!!
    8. Extra Analysis
    Here in this Extra Analysis, Iíll show you how I came up with those car ratings
    out of 12 above in the General Rundown on each car. Then Iíll go through each
    of those 4 categories in some more detail. After that, Iíll continue to go over
    some other useless stuff that you might be interested in.
    It is just boring stuff you donít really need to know, but if you feel like
    Each car is judged by the 4 categories: acceleration, top speed, handling and
    I made use of the graph feature when you are selecting your car. Now these
    graphs donít measure anything complicated, their lengths are just based on the
    carís rating in that category out of 12.
    Using a ruler I measured the longest bar on my screen, which turns out to be
    114mm (millimetres and if you arenít familiar with the metric system, then Iím
    afraid I canít help you!). The next longest was 110mm, followed by 106mm,
    102mm, 98mm, 94mm... Notice the pattern? Now you can just subtract 14 from all
    those numbers to get a nice number out of 100. And finally I can assign those
    nice numbers out of 100 to the cars according to their rankings out of 12. Then
    with it all put together, we can see how the 12 cars are classed A, B or C.
    Now summarised into a table:
    | Ranking |  Score   |
    | 1st     |   100    |  	
    | 2nd     |   96     |
    | 3rd     |   92     |
    | 4th     |   88     |
    | 5th     |   84     |
    | 6th     |   80     |
    | 7th     |   76     |
    | 8th     |   72     |
    | 9th     |   68     |
    | 10th    |   64     |
    | 11th    |   60     |
    | 12th    |   56     |
    The cars with the longest bars were:
    Acceleration: Ferrari F50
    Top Speed: McLaren F1
    Braking: McLaren F1
    Handling: Ford Indigo
    Top Speed
    Top speed is the fastest speed the car can go given enough straight flat space.
    In the game it is measured in miles per hour. Top speeds for each car are given
    in kilometres per hour as well in the General Rundown above.
    The car can go over its top speed in downhill sections of tracks.
    Here I found out that some of the graph bars were wrong. This included the Ford
    Indigo, Ferrari 355F1, Ford Mustang Mach III and the ItalDesign Cala. After
    extensive testing on the Proving Grounds on simulation mode, I have confirmed
    all of the carís top speeds and they are pretty much the same as what is shown
    in the showcases.
    In the graphs those wrong figures were (with their true top speeds):
    Indigo: 8th (180 mph)
    355F1: 9th (183 mph)
    Mustang Mach III: 10th (180 mph)
    Cala: 11th (181 mph)
    Now as you can see, there is obviously a problem.
    I have driven the Indigo and Mustang Mach III around the Proving Grounds (with
    stock settings) many times and no matter how hard I try, they will not go over
    180 mph and this is not counting that downhill bit before the tunnel.
    So seeing I think Iím 99.9% correct on this, I just changed the values around
    355F1: 8th
    Cala: 9th
    Indigo: 10th
    Mustang Mach III: 11th
    Note that although the Indigo and Mustang Mach III have the same top speed, the
    Mustang Mach III was stuck on 179 mph for a very long time before going onto
    180 mph, so I can fairly say that the Indigo has the slightly higher top speed.
    OK, now that little EA error is out of the way, here are the carís top speed
    | Rank | Car            |  Score  | Top Speed |
    | 1st  | McLaren F1     |   100   |  231 mph  |
    | 2nd  | Ford GT90      |   96    |  220 mph  |
    | 3rd  | Jaguar XJ220   |   92    |  213 mph  |
    | 4th  | Isdera 112i    |   88    |  212 mph  |
    | 5th  | Ferrari F50    |   84    |  202 mph  |
    | 6th  | Lotus GT1      |   80    |  195 mph  |
    | 7th  | ITD Nazca C2   |   76    |  193 mph  |
    | 8th  | Ferrari 355F1  |   72    |  183 mph  |
    | 9th  | ITD Cala       |   68    |  181 mph  |
    | 10th | Ford Indigo    |   64    |  180 mph  |
    | 11th | Mustang Mach 3 |   60    |  180 mph  |
    | 12th | Esprit V8      |   56    |  175 mph  |
    Acceleration is measured by how long the car takes to get to 60 mph (96 km) and
    100 mph (160 km). I donít know how EA ranked the acceleration of the cars, but
    I think they mustíve averaged the acceleration up to itís top speed.
    In simulation mode, most of the cars do reach 60 mph and 100 mph fairly
    accurately to their specified times. Some of course are way off. The showcase
    for the Cala shows 0-60 in 5.0 secs and 0-100 in 10.9 secs, but in the game it
    appears to be a lot quicker than that, about 0.5 secs faster. The McLaren F1
    also does 0-100 in less than 6.2 secs. This game by all means is more of an
    arcade racer than a simulation. I think with a ďsimulationĒ mode, EA should and
    could have done better than that. Afterall, they did specifically put on the
    box ďLICENSED SUPER CARS MODELED TO EXACT SPECSĒ. Donít know about your box,
    but thatís what my one says.
    So now Iím just going to shut up and give you the rankings according to what
    the game shows:
    | Rank | Car            |  Score  | 0-60 | 0-100   |
    | 1st  | Ferrari F50    |   100   | 3.7  | 6.0     |
    | 2nd  | Ford GT90      |   96    | 3.1  | 6.2     |
    | 3rd  | McLaren F1     |   92    | 3.2  | 6.3     |
    | 4th  | Jaguar XJ220   |   88    | 3.4  | 7.9     |
    | 5th  | Isdera 112i    |   84    | 4.0  | 8.8(est)|
    | 6th  | Ford Indigo    |   80    | 3.9  | 6.9(est)|
    | 7th  | Lotus GT1      |   76    | 3.8  | 9.0     |
    | 8th  | ITD Nazca C2   |   72    | 3.6  | 9.9     |
    | 9th  | Mustang Mach 3 |   68    | 4.5  | 8.7(est)|
    | 10th | Esprit V8      |   64    | 4.8  | 10.5    |
    | 11th | ITD Cala       |   60    | 5.0  | 10.9    |
    | 12th | Ferrari 355F1  |   56    | 4.5  | 10.5    |
    *I made up the 0-100 figures for the 112i, Indigo and Mustang myself by timing
    it in the game.
    Well as you all know braking slows down a car. Iím not entirely sure how it is
    measured in this game, but I think itís to do with braking distance. There
    actually isnít that much difference between the cars here. The McLaren F1,
    which is supposed to have the best braking stopped in about 5.8 secs from 120
    mph. The Isdera Commendatore 112i, which is supposed to have the worst braking
    in the game stopped in about 6.5 secs from 120 mph. So as you can see there is
    only about a 0.7 sec difference, but if you imagine all the other cars put in
    between, then the difference will be smaller still.
    Here are how the cars rank in braking:
    | Rank | Car            |  Score  |
    | 1st  | McLaren F1     |   100   |
    | 2nd  | Ford Indigo    |   96    |
    | 3rd  | Lotus GT1      |   92    |
    | 4th  | ITD Cala       |   88    |
    | 5th  | Ferrari F50    |   84    |
    | 6th  | Esprit V8      |   80    |
    | 7th  | ITD Nazca C2   |   76    |
    | 8th  | Ferrari 355F1  |   72    |
    | 9th  | Mustang Mach 3 |   68    |
    | 10th | Jaguar XJ220   |   64    |
    | 11th | Ford GT90      |   60    |
    | 12th | Isdera 112i    |   56    |
    I think handling here is based upon how good the car can turn, not how much
    control or grip it has. For example: The Ferrari F50 may be 5th, but it likes
    to oversteer. The Mustang Mach III may be 8th, but itís down-force is laughable
    meaning the car is nearly impossible to drive without accelerating at high
    | Rank | Car            |  Score  |
    | 1st  | Ford Indigo    |   100   |
    | 2nd  | Lotus GT1      |   96    |
    | 3rd  | ITD Nazca C2   |   92    |
    | 4th  | McLaren F1     |   88    |
    | 5th  | Ferrari F50    |   84    |
    | 6th  | ITD Cala       |   80    |
    | 7th  | Ford GT90      |   76    |
    | 8th  | Mustang Mach 3 |   72    |
    | 9th  | Ferrari 355F1  |   68    |
    | 10th | Esprit V8      |   64    |
    | 11th | Isdera 112i    |   60    |
    | 12th | Jaguar XJ220   |   56    |
    Overall Ranking
    Now finally after all that mumbo jumbo we can get straight to the point.
    To produce an overall car rating out of 100, I didnít just average all 4
    categories together.
    Lets face it; for a game that relies on speed to win, the brakes arenít all
    that important. Iím not saying that theyíre not important at all, just not as
    important as acceleration, top speed or handling. In fact, I only think of
    brakes as being half as important.
    So I added the top speed, acceleration and handling scores together, plus half
    of braking. This big number is then divided by 3.5 times 100 to finally get a
    nice car rating out of 100. Now that the cars are all neatly stacked together,
    you can see how the cars were classed A, B and C:
    | Rank | Car            | TSp | Acc | Han | Bra | Overall  |
    | Class A                                                  |
    | 1st  | McLaren F1     | 100 | 92  | 88  | 100 |    94    |
    | 2nd  | Ferrari F50    | 84  | 100 | 84  | 84  |    89    |
    | 3rd  | Ford GT90      | 96  | 96  | 76  | 60  |    85    |
    | 4th  | Lotus GT1      | 80  | 76  | 96  | 92  |    85    |
    | Class B *************************************************|
    | 5th  | Ford Indigo    | 64  | 80  | 100 | 96  |    83    |
    | 6th  | ITD Nazca C2   | 76  | 72  | 92  | 76  |    79    |
    | 7th  | Jaguar XJ220   | 92  | 88  | 56  | 64  |    77    |
    | 8th  | Isdera 112i    | 88  | 84  | 60  | 56  |    74    |
    | Class C *************************************************|
    | 9th  | ITD Cala       | 68  | 60  | 80  | 88  |    72    |
    | 10th | Mustang Mach 3 | 60  | 68  | 72  | 68  |    67    |
    | 11th | Ferrari 355F1  | 72  | 56  | 68  | 72  |    66    |
    | 12th | Esprit V8      | 56  | 64  | 64  | 80  |    64    |
    * Brakes only count for half of its score
    ** The Ford GT90 & Lotus GT1 came out with the exact same overall rating of 85.
    I made the GT90 3rd because of its far superior speed.
    Lap Time Ranking
    Obviously the overall car rankings mean nothing if their lap time rankings were
    different. So as a little experiment, Iíll see how the cars stack up against
    each other with their lap times only on all tracks. This would give a more
    meaningful way of ranking the cars in actual gameplay.
    I wonít do anything complicated. To keep things simple, Iíll just insert the
    carís ranking on the track based on the typical lap times from the track
    walkthrough in Section 6.1. then average them all.
    All that information is neatly compiled in the table below, ďAvg PĒ is the
    average position over all tracks:
    |Car/Track    | Nor  | Aus  | Mex  | NEur | Can  | Gre  | Nepl | HolW | Avg P |
    |McLaren F1   | 1st  | 1st  | 1st  | 1st  | 1st  | 1st  | 2nd  | 1st  |  1.1  |
    |Ferrari F50  | 5th  | 3rd  | 2nd  | 4th  | 4th  | 3rd  | 3rd  | 3rd  |  3.4  |
    |Lotus GT1    | 6th  | 5th  | 4th  | 3rd  | 2nd  | 2nd  | 4th  | 2nd  |  3.5  |
    |Ford Indigo  | 9th  | 8th  | 3rd  | 2nd  | 3rd  | 4th  | 1st  | 4th  |  4.3  |
    |Ford GT90    | 2nd  | 2nd  | 6th  | 7th  | 5th  | 6th  | 7th  | 5th  |  5.0  |
    |Nazca C2     | 7th  | 6th  | 5th  | 5th  | 7th  | 5th  | 5th  | 6th  |  5.8  |
    |Isdera 112i  | 4th  | 4th  | 7th  | 6th  | 6th  | 7th  | 8th  | 7th  |  6.1  |
    |Jaguar XJ220 | 3rd  | 7th  | 8th  | 8th  | 9th  | 8th  | 9th  | 8th  |  7.5  |
    |ITD Cala     | 10th | 9th  | 9th  | 9th  | 10th | 9th  | 6th  | 9th  |  8.9  |
    |F355F1       | 8th  | 10th | 11th | 11th | 11th | 10th | 10th | 11th | 10.3  |
    |MustangMach3 | 11th | 11th | 10th | 10th | 8th  | 11th | 12th | 10th | 10.4  |
    |Esprit V8    | 12th | 12th | 12th | 12th | 12th | 12th | 11th | 12th | 11.9  |
    *Australia and Proving grounds used Flying Lap Times
    So as you can see, there are a few changes.
    The Jaguar XJ220 and Mustang Mach III both dropped one place,
    with the Isdera 112i and Ferrari 355F1 going up into their places respectively.
    The Lotus GT1 and Ford Indigo move up one place while the Ford GT90 drops 2
    The keyword here is ďhandlingĒ. If a car has similar acceleration
    characteristics, then the car with the much better handling will always come
    out on top. Top speed isnít much of an issue on the Intermediate and Advanced
    Lap Time Differentials
    Carrying on from lap time ranking, instead of averaging the lap time positions,
    Iíll use the lap time differences in seconds behind the leader and add them up
    together. This way weíll get a more proportional ranking of the cars relative
    to the time. Again this is based off the typical lap times from the track
    walkthrough from Section 6.1.
    So if you were to race a McLaren F1 and Esprit V8 over all 8 tracks, the Esprit
    V8 would be around 2 minutes and 37 seconds slower than the McLaren.
    |Car/Track    | Nor  | Aus  | Mex  | NEur | Can  | Gre  | Nepl | HolW |
    |McLaren F1   | 0.0  |  0   |  0   |  0   |  0   |  0   |  2   |  0   |
    |Ferrari F50  | 7.0  |  6   |  2   |  3   |  6   |  2   |  4   |  6   |
    |Lotus GT1    | 9.0  |  8   |  5   |  2   |  4   |  1   |  4   |  5   |
    |Ford Indigo  | 13.7 |  11  |  3   |  1   |  5   |  2   |  0   |  7   |
    |Ford GT90    | 2.3  |  4   |  8   |  12  |  7   |  8   |  10  |  14  |
    |Nazca C2     | 9.3  |  8   |  7   |  11  |  12  |  4   |  5   |  14  |
    |Isdera 112i  | 5.4  |  7   |  7   |  11  |  11  |  10  |  11  |  15  |
    |Jaguar XJ220 | 5.0  |  9   |  12  |  13  |  15  |  11  |  14  |  18  |
    |ITD Cala     | 13.9 |  16  |  17  |  16  |  18  |  11  |  8   |  21  |
    |F355F1       | 13.0 |  16  |  18  |  20  |  21  |  14  |  14  |  24  |
    |MustangMach3 | 14.5 |  18  |  17  |  20  |  14  |  17  |  19  |  24  |
    |Esprit V8    | 15.5 |  21  |  19  |  21  |  21  |  18  |  19  |  24  |
    *Flying lap times used on Proving Grounds and Outback
    |     Car            | Total Time Behind |
    | 1.  McLaren F1     |       0:00        |
    | 2.  Ferrari F50    |       0:34        |
    | 3.  Lotus GT1      |       0:36        |
    | 4.  Ford Indigo    |       0:41        |
    | 5.  Ford GT90      |       1:02        |
    | 6.  Nazca C2       |       1:08        |
    | 7.  Isdera 112i    |       1:17        |
    | 8.  Jaguar XJ220   |       1:35        |
    | 9.  ITD Cala       |       1:59        |
    | 10. Ferrari 355F1  |       2:18        |
    | 11. Mustang Mach 3 |       2:22        |
    | 12. Esprit V8      |       2:37        |
    *approximately a 21 second margin of error
    Horse Power
    BHP seems to be the main measure of a carís speed when it comes to Gran
    Turismo. So just out of interest, Iíll list the carís BHP in descending order:
    |        Car           | Horse Power |
    | 1.  Ford GT90        |     720     |
    | 2.  McLaren F1       |     627     |
    | 3.  Jaguar XJ220     |     542     |
    | 4.  Ferrari F50      |     513     |
    | 5.  Mustang Mach III |     450     |
    | 6.  Ford Indigo      |     435     |
    | 7.  Isdera 112i      |     408     |
    | 8.  ItalDesign Cala  |     400     |
    | 9.  Nazca C2         |     380     |
    | 10. Ferrari 355F1    |     375     |
    | 11. Lotus GT1        |     350     |
    | 12. Lotus Esprit V8  |     350     |
    9. Easter Eggs formally known as Cheat Codes
    For all cheat codes, simply enter them in the gameís main menu.
    You will hear a swoosh sound to remind you it is activated.
    Change all Civilian Cars Including Yourself
    madland    - Wooden Stand
    rexhour    - Tyrannosaurus Rex
    schoolzone - School Bus
    vip        Ė Limousine
    Civilian Car Cheats
    go18 - School Bus
    go19 - Commanche Pick-up Truck
    go20 - School Bus
    go21 - Tractor Trailer
    go22 - School Bus
    go23 - Audi Quattro
    go24 - School Bus
    go25 - School Bus
    go26 - Mercedes-Benz
    go27 - Volkswagen Fastback
    go28 - Mazda Miata
    go29 - School Bus
    go30 - School Bus
    go31 - Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
    go32 - School Bus
    go33 - Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
    go34 - Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
    go35 - Limousine
    go36 - Mazda Miata
    go37 - School Bus
    go38 - School Bus
    go39 - School Bus
    go40 - Wooden Box
    go41 - Hand Cart
    go42 - Wooden Stand
    go43 - Tyrannosaurus Rex
    go44 - Wild West Style Wagon
    go45 - Souvenir Stand 1
    go46 - Souvenir Stand 2
    go47 - Souvenir Stand 3
    go48 - Log
    go49 - Crate 1
    go50 - Box of Beer
    go51 - Block of Rock
    3dfx Only Cheat Codes
    kcjones Ė drive with rainbow car and rainbow in background
    mad     - have cows coming out behind you instead of dust
    Miscellaneous Cheats
    chase Ė make opponent cars follow you if youíre in front of them.
    pioneer Ė upgrades all cars to pioneer engines, making them faster and handle
              a lot better than they normally would.
    rain Ė race with rainy conditions on Proving Grounds and Mystic Peaks
           (n/a with 3dfx)
    roadrage Ė when you honk your horn, an opponent car in front of you will crash.
    rushhour Ė get a lot more traffic on the road
    slip Ė make track all slippery
    slot Ė enable slot mode, automatically turns your car when you accelerate, so
           you wonít need to steer.
    Hold n when the race is loading to drive during the night. (n/a with 3Dfx)
    Type silspd as your name when you recieve a record to make your car heavier.
    Type roadrage at the main menu and when you honk your car when an opponent is
    in front of you, your opponent will crash.
    Hold h while racing to give your car a short speed boost (the slot cheat must
    be enabled).
    Bonus Car Cheats
    After activating these bonus car cheat codes, they will remain in the car
    selection menu for single race mode.
    bomber    - the Bomber BFS.
    fzr2000   - the FZR 2000.
    tombstone - a Tombstone Daytona racing car.
    Bonus Track Cheat
    After activation this code, the track will remain in the track selection menu
    for single race mode.
    hollywood - obtain the Monolithic Studios bonus track.
    Thanks to http://www.nfscheats.com for the cheats above.
    10. FAQ About this GameFAQ
    How much experience have you had playing NFS2 SE?
    Got NFS2 in mid 1997 and played it regularly for the rest of the year.
    Got NFS2 SE in early 1998 and played it regularly until I got NFS3 in late
    1998. From then on, I would only play NFS2 SE when I was bored with all my
    other games.
    I started to play NFS2 SE regularly in early 2002 when I decided to write this
    How long did this GameFAQ take to write?
    About 11 months of steady work every now and then, between February 2002 to
    December 2002.
    Why did you decide to write this GameFAQ?
    Because NFS2 along with NFS2 SE are amongst my all time favourite games.
    I just knew so much about the game that I felt like sharing it with the world
    for the fun of it.
    What other works have you done on GameFAQs?
    I have also written a complete walkthrough for the Last Ninja 2, Commodore 64
    and a beginnerís GameFAQ for Sensible Soccer, Sega Genesis.
    Check out my homepage http://emunalysis.cjb.net for all my other video game
    related works.
    How did you come up with those typical lap times in the track walkthrough?
    I went through a similar process with each of the tracks.
    1. Same conditions, simulation, stock car settings, no traffic, no opponents,
       not mirrored or backwards.
    2. I drove around the track to the best of my ability with all 12 cars,
       recording the lap times after completing a lap.
       If I bumped into something, crashed, skid around to lose time, or anything
       else that would have increased the lap time, then I keep restarting until
       I got it right.
    3. After driving right around the track with all cars, I would have discovered
       new things about the track I never knew before. I would then pick any car
       then try the track again. If there is an improvement in the lap time,
       then I would go through step 2 again. I would repeat this process until
       I was satisfied that I had good lap times.
       The most times I have repeated a drive with all 12 cars around a track
       was 3 times.
    4. Lap times were then rounded up or down to the nearest second, except for the
       Proving Grounds which was to the nearest 0.1 seconds.
    Why have you not provided typical lap times for Arcade or Wild racing styles?
    I donít have all the time in the world, producing typical simulation lap times
    for all the tracks is a very time consuming process. Doing the Proving Grounds
    itself took about 4 hours of full on driving around and around. So you can
    imagine what I had to go through for the rest of the tracks that were much
    Did you really mean what you said under 7.2 Knockout quote:
    ďSo, youíve proved that youíre better than the computer drivers eh?
    Oh not just yet! Win all races in the Tournament. Then go on to winning the
    Knockout using a Class A car. That is when you finally prove that youíre better
    than the computer drivers!!!Ē ???
    No, I didnít really mean to say that you had to win the Tournament and Knockout
    using Class A cars to prove that youíre a good NFS player who is better than
    the computer drivers. It was just one of my attempts to sound funny and lame.
    Being very successful in any game doesnít prove anything unless you are having
    fun. So when youíre playing NFS2 SE, just have fun!
    Are you serious about deliberately going on about knocking out the troublesome
    cars in Knockout mode?
    Yes, I was. I just wanted to introduce another element of fun into the game for
    those people who are new to the game or games of this type.
    How did you make those ASCII maps of all the tracks and those other diagrams in
    the GamqFAQ?
    I used a program called ASCII Generator where you can convert any image to
    ASCII text. To make those ASCII maps, I had to take screenshots of the tracks
    under track info in the game.
    How on earth did you come up with ďapproximately a 21 second margin of errorĒ
    8. Extra Analysis, Time Differentials?
    Under each of the typical lap times for Intermediate and Advanced tracks, I
    said expect yourself to get plus or minus 3 seconds.
    For the Outback it was about 2.5 seconds and for the Proving Grounds Iím
    guessing itís about 0.5 seconds. Add all those seconds up and you come up with
    21 seconds. Note I said ďapproximatelyĒ, I donít intend for anything to do with
    lap times in this GameFAQ to be accurate, just roughly.
    Why on earth do you keep putting information into tables?
    Humans like storing information in tables.
    What is your favourite car in NFS2 SE?
    The ItalDesign Cala, because it looks sleek & sexy.
    I wish I had one in real life!
    How much are you into motor sport in general?
    I am a very keen fan of the World Rally Championship and Formula-1.
    I also keep an eye out on a lot of other things like V8 Super Cars and the
    11. Outro
    Well, it has been a long road writing this GameFAQ.
    It has certainly been a much longer road with NFS2 along with the rest of the
    NFS series and it wonít stop here just yet.
    I hope you have found this GameFAQ helpful in any way possible, whether it was
    to know a little bit more about the cars or improving your lap times.
    But more importantly, I hope this GameFAQ has helped towards your enjoyment of
    the game, so that way you got your worth and I got my worth!
    And of course I hope you have enjoyed reading this GameFAQ more than I have in
    writing it! Not that I didnít enjoy writing it or anything, I did enjoy it
    rather thoroughly.
    Have fun playing NFS2 everyone.
    12. Version History
    26.07.2003 (Version 1.2)
    -Extended a few bits.
    -Corrected a few more spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
    -Fixed up the lap time differentials table where the McLaren was suppose to be
    2 seconds behind in Nepal, not Hollywood.
    06.12.2002 (Version 1.1)
    -Added the Version History you are looking at right now.
    -Added 5.6. Music.
    -Extended the Credits.
    -Corrected a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
    04.12.2002 (Version 1.0)
    -Released the GameFAQ out into the internet.
    13. Credits
    -Electronic Arts for making Need for Speed 2 Special Edition.
    -McLaren, Ferrari, Jaguar, Ford, ItalDesign, Isdera, and Lotus for creating
     such awesome exotic super sport cars.
    -GameFAQs.com for inspiring thousands of people to write GameFAQs for free.
    -nfscheats.com for the cheats.
    -ACSII Generator at http://go.to/ascgen/ for making the ASCII diagrams.
    -Microsoft Word for giving me something to write this GameFAQ on.
    -Your web browser, for allowing you access to this GameFAQ.
    -Your computer and my computer. Without them, nothing regarding this GameFAQ
     would have happened!
    -Everyone who read this GameFAQ.
    14. Legal Stuff
    This Need for Speed 2 Special Edition GameFAQ is Copyright 2002 by Twirl
    You may distribute it freely and make print outs but only in it's original form
    Feel free to edit it in anyway you wish, but don't save it or print it out or
    copy/cut and paste anything afterwards
    You are not to profit from this GameFAQ in any way, because if you do, I will
    hunt you down and take the money you made without hesitation

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