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    Blaster/Items FAQ by Sebasabi

    Version: 0.99 | Updated: 03/04/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			 __  __                    ___  
                            /\ \/\ \                 /'___\ 
                            \ \ `\\ \     __   _ __ /\ \__/ 
                             \ \ , ` \  /'__`\/\`'__\ \ ,__\
                              \ \ \`\ \/\  __/\ \ \/ \ \ \_/
                               \ \_\ \_\ \____\\ \_\  \ \_\ 
                                \/_/\/_/\/____/ \/_/   \/_/ 
                       /\  _  \                                 
                       \ \ \L\ \  _ __    __    ___      __     
                        \ \  __ \/\`'__\/'__`\/' _ `\  /'__`\   
                         \ \ \/\ \ \ \//\  __//\ \/\ \/\ \L\.\_ 
                          \ \_\ \_\ \_\\ \____\ \_\ \_\ \__/.\_\
                           \/_/\/_/\/_/ \/____/\/_/\/_/\/__/\/_/
                        ____    ___                     __      
                       /\  _`\ /\_ \                   /\ \__   
                       \ \ \L\ \//\ \      __      ____\ \ ,_\  
                        \ \  _ <'\ \ \   /'__`\   /',__\\ \ \/  
                         \ \ \L\ \\_\ \_/\ \L\.\_/\__, `\\ \ \_ 
                          \ \____//\____\ \__/.\_\/\____/ \ \__\
                           \/___/ \/____/\/__/\/_/\/___/   \/__/
    ©Copyright, 2006, Sebasabi.(Sebas v/d Bijl) 
    Table o' contents:
    1.......................................Introduction 	(1A)
    2.......................................Blasters	(2A)
    3.......................................Upgrades/Items	(2B)
    4.......................................The End		(3A)
    (1A) (---Introduction---)
    Hello to you!
    This is my Blaster FAQ about the blasters in "Nerf ArenaBlast,
    but you probably already knew that.
    I've been working on this FAQ every time I got bored. (I finished it pretty
    fast) Anyways, just read the FAQ I will probably just bore you if you type
    more about myself. Remember, you can use ctrl+F to search the FAQ.
    (2A) (---Blasters---) 
    The Blaster section, I've written a little bit about each Blaster and given
    some advice on how to use it properly (Technique). Also I've made a small
    list in which you can see which one (according to me) is the best blaster
    and which is the worst. I've also added what kind of ammo the blaster uses.
    The most powerful one of the Nerf Blasters, but also the most rare.
    The Whomper shoots a very powerful ball of energy/plasma that blows up on
    contact. Secondary fire is the most powerful single shot projectile in
    the game, and most dangerous to use. If someone shoots you while you
    are powering up this monster, you will blow yourself up. 
    Technique: The weapon with the coolest name :P ! But that’s not all it
    has to offer, this weapon is the best one in the game, or at least one of
    the best. The technique is kinda up to yourself on this one though,
    if you are an beginner at shooting games then I would suggest that you keep
    it with the Primary mode, but if you are a professional I suggest the 
    secondary mode. Load it up and boom! Just don't get hit while loading though,
    then it will "boom" in you face. I personally think that this is the best
    Blaster in the game, even when I keep blowing myself up with it. :)
    Ammo: Whomper Battery.
    Shoots discs that bounce off walls.
    One of the faster blasters in the game, and most useful in tight areas,
    like hallways and stairwells. Secondary Fire fires a disc that you control
    manually. When you fire the disc you become the eyes of the disc and are
    given them freedom to move the disc in any which way you choose.
    It'll take some practice but if you hit someone, they die instantly. 
    Technique: What I always do with this weapon is, walking right up
    to someone until your right in front of them, then use the 
    secondary fire. When you are so close you will almost always hit your
    target and kill them in one shot.
    Ammo: Mini Discs.
    Shoots a high-energy powered rocket blast that instantly hits its  target.
    This is very accurate, but very hard to use, I suggest you leave this 
    weapon if you are a beginner.
    Secondary Fire turns on the Sniper scope for those long range attacks.
    This mode will make it very easy to hit targets/opponents that are at
    a good distance away from you.
    The main problem with using the Sniper scope is that it leaves you very
    vulnerable to close range attacks.
    Technique: Well, to be honest, there isn't really a good technique to use
    this weapon, I mean, the weapon just sucks. The best thing to do is to
    walk up to someone and then fire. (kinda like the Sidewinder technique.)
    If I had to choose between this weapon or the "Secret Shot" I would 
    probably go with the "Secret Shot".
    Ammo: Rockets.
    [=Triple strike=] 
    Shoots one rocket which explodes on contact with something.
    It has a large radius blast explosion, which will depower a player with
    a direct hit. Just be careful, the blast radius is so powerful that if
    you happen to be within it during the explosion,
    it will cause your energy suit to lose power. Secondary Fire shoots 3
    rockets at once. This is the most powerful of the attacks in ArenaBlast,
    though it takes a long time to reload the weapon after you have fired,
    its still the best Secondary Fire in the game.
    Technique: One of my favourite weapons! The technique is actually quite 
    simple on this one. Just use the secondary fire and instead of aiming
    on the opponent just aim on the ground next to him. This will increase
    you’re chance of hitting him. Cause when you try to fire at his torso
    or head the chance that he'll evade your rockets is kinda big, 
    especially when your on "Super Nerf" or higher.
    Ammo: Rockets.
    Shoots a projectile that can knock your opponent’s weapon out of their
    hand if you’re right on target. This projectile also has a good sized 
    radius damage, but it flies pretty slowly through the air. Secondary Fire
    is a rapid fire burst that, if used correctly, make this gun probably 
    the best all around weapon in the game. The Secondary fire mode is very 
    accurate and very fast.
    Technique: This is probably my second favourite blaster. For it has a great
    secondary fire and a primary fire that can knock your opponents
    blasters out of there hands which will probably leave them with
    the Secret Shot.
    Use the secondary fire mode and keep fireing while you walk towards
    your target, then, when you’re close enough, use the primary fire mode
    to finish the job, if you didn't already with the secondary fire. You
    can also try to shoot the weapon out of you’re opponents hand and then 
    kill them with the secondary fire.
    Ammo: Balls.
    [=Nerf Cannon=]
    Shoots exploding Cannon Balls which bounce off the walls and explode on
    contact with a player or another projectile.
    Secondary Fire will launch a Cannon Ball that can be detonated by
    pressing the Secondary Fire button again after launching it.
    This is very useful because you can launch regular fire Balls into an
    area, then fire a Secondary-Fire ball after them and blow them all up 
    causing a huge explosion.
    Technique: I don't really like this weapon, because the balls it shoots
    fly way to slow, but I guess that’s just me. What I do when I get this
    weapon is: shooting a few normal balls at an opponent and then try to 
    finish the job by blowing up the balls with any other weapon, you
    can also use the secondary mode of this weapon but I find that, that
    doesn't work as good.
    Ammo: Nerf-cannon balls.
    [=Scatter shot=] 
    Shoots a burst of energy which hits opponents instantly.
    The closer the shot the more powerful the shot is. 
    Secondary Fire is more powerful and has a wider blast area,
    This will completely destroy an opponent in one shot.
    This fire mode uses up 4 times the ammo of the normal shot.
    The only drawback to this weapon is that it takes a while to reload the
    weapon after a few shots. 
    Technique: Ah yes, "the shotgun" of the blasters. There’s not really a 
    technique for this weapon, just keep fireing at your opponents with the
    secondary fire while trying to get close. Personally I find this a very
    good weapon for close combat but not that great for longer ranged 
    Ammo: Scatter Pellet.
    Rapid fireing Dart Gun which is one of the best close range weapons.
    Secondary Fire shoots a blast of ten darts in a spread type shot.
    (Shotgun style.) This will completely destroy an opponent when at very
    close range.
    Technique: This is actually a improved version of the "Secret Shot".
    This fires the same bullets as the "Secret Shot" but 10 times as fast
    and with that it also has a good Secondary mode. The technique for this
    one is to kill you opponents from a distance with the primary mode,
    unless the are to close then just kill them with the secondary mode.
    All in all this is one of the better Blasters in the game.
    Ammo: Darts.
    Shoots explosive balls really fast that ricochet off walls at great
    Velocities. This gun uses the same Ball Ammo as the Pulsator, and can 
    carry a maximum of 60 balls. The Ballzooka is the best weapon for gun
    fights in tight areas, such as hallways, or stairwells. Secondary Fire
    shoots green goo that makes your opponent stop in their tracks.
    When they get stuck in the goo it is a very good time to blast them
    until the are all out of power. One thing to remember though about the
    goo, is that you can get stuck in your own goo too, so watch where
    you step.
    Technique: I like this weapon, I just love to trap my opponents in the 
    green goo! And that’s also the best technique for this weapon. Use the
    secondary fire mode a few times 'till you trap your opponent, then,
    you probably guessed it, kill them using the primary fire mode, or
    any other weapon.
    Ammo: Balls.
    [=Secret Shot=]
    The default weapon. The primary fire is pretty slow and weak,
    try to avoid this weapon, even though it has unlimited ammo, its
    still not good. Secondary Fire mode is very similar to the primary fire,
    but it is more powerful and fires slower. 
    Technique: Like I said, try to avoid this weapon, for it doesn’t
    have good: Damage, Range, Rate of fire or Looks, alright the last one 
    doesn't really matter, but still. The technique for this weapon is
    to avoid it and try to get any other weapon. But if you must use it:
    always use the Secondary fire mode for it is almost the same as the
    primary mode but its a tat stronger.
    Ammo: Darts. (Always loaded.)
    That about covers the blasters, I've made a list here in which you can see
    which blaster is the best and which is the worst. Note that this is only
    based on my own thoughts and preferences. But I think its pretty logical
    though. Number 1 is the best and number 10 is the worst, in that order.
    1. Whomper.
    2. Pulsator / TripleStrike.
    3. TripleStrike / Pulsator. 
    4. Wildfire.
    5. SideWinder.
    6. Scatter Shot.
    7. BallZooka.
    8. NerfCannon.
    9. Hyperstrike / Secret Shot.
    10.Secret Shot / Hyperstrike.
    (2B) (---Upgrades/Items---)
    A list of the few upgrades/items that are in this game.
    This is for you gamers who don't know what an Item/Upgrade does.
    When you pick this Belt like thing up, you're health will be restored,
    these come in 2 sizes, one which restores 25 Life Points and another one
    which restores 50 Life Points
    [=Mega Power=] 
    This gives you an extra 100 life points, with a max of 200,
    which is quite handy, especially when on "PointBlast"
    [=Mega Jump=]
    When picked up, it gives you the ability to jump very high, about 
    3 or 4 times higher then normal. Making it easy to jump over opponents.
    This is very handy in "Ball Blasts" when the hole for the balls is at
    a higher ground. Its too bad that this only last for about 1-2 minutes.
    [=Mega Speed=]
    This increases your speed of walking/crouching, you'll walk about 5 
    times as fast as normal with this, for 5 seconds.
    This is great for "Speedblast's" or for running away from a battle,
    if you’re a chicken. :)
    [=Double Damage=]	
    I think the name says it all on this one.
    Yes....., It makes you do double damage for a period of time.
    [=Electro Shield=]
    If you pick this up, you'll get an electric shield,
    which will reduce the damage received from other blasters with 50%, it 
    will go away after it has taken 100 damage for you. (Actually 200 if
    you where to be shot without a energy shield.)
    (3A) (---The End---)
    Well, that’s it! You can almost stop reading now! Just read this:
    if you want to put this FAQ on your site go ahead but please inform me
    about it before you do it,
    also please don't alter anything I wrote except for personal use,
    and personal use only. You can email me at Sebasvanderbijl@hotmail.com.
    You can also email me if I missed something or got something wrong.
    Furthermore, I would like to give special thanks to:
    For making this marvellous FAQ and with that helping to make the world
    a better place, :P feel free to send me money and/or candy for me making
    this FAQ.
    I would also like to thank, Gamefaqs,
    and the ones who let this FAQ be on it.
    You can stop reading now.

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