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    Mudokon Guide by inoffensive

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    Created by         Inoffensive
    Version            3.10
    Started            July 4, 2002
    Last updated       August 27, 2009
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    Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (c) Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc. All rights reserved.
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    Copyright 2002-2009 Inoffensive
     00.  PROLOGUE
     001. INTRO                                                           ID#00.001
    This is a guide for the missing Mudokons. This means that I will not be giving
    any explanations on how to actually beat the game. The walkthroughs described
    pertain only to the hidden Mudokons and that's it. This is a guide for people
    who have already finished the game at least once.
    Spoilers do run free in this guide. I didn't make any attempt to avoid them so
    if you don't want to know how it all goes down I would avoid continuing reading
    further if I were you. You won't be warned again.
     Oddworld Abe's Exoddus: The missing Mudokons
     Final Fantasy IX: Secrets of Gaia
     Chrono Cross: Secrets of El Nido
     002. COMMONS DEED                                                    ID#00.002
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    - To copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
    Under the following conditions:
    - You must give the original author credit.
    - You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
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    Your fair use and other rights are in no way affected by the above.
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     003. INDEX                                                           ID#00.003
    If you need to find a specific section of this guide, just pop-up the find form
    and use the ID numbers to get just about anywhere pretty darn fast.
     00.  PROLOGUE
     001. INTRO                                                           ID#00.001
     002. COMMONS DEED                                                    ID#00.002
     003. INDEX                                                           ID#00.003
     001. PROPHECY                                                        ID#01.001
     002. STORYLINE                                                       ID#01.002
     003. CHARACTERS                                                      ID#01.003
     004. NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS                                         ID#01.004
     005. EMOTIONS                                                        ID#01.005
     006. QUARMA                                                          ID#01.006
     001. WALKTHROUGH                                                     ID#02.001
     001. VERSION HISTORY                                                 ID#03.001
     002. OUTRO                                                           ID#03.002
     001. PROPHECY                                                        ID#01.001
     His scarred hand branded
     On moons odd face
     This hero may free
     The Mudokon race
     With skin of blue and
     Spirit guides too
     Only he can save our
     Bones from brew
     But shall he fall
     To Glukkon yoke
     Mudokon nation...
     Be doomed to croak
     002. STORYLINE                                                       ID#01.002
    Selected by the fickle finger of fate, Abe, floor-waxer first class for
    RuptureFarms, was catapulted into a life of adventure when he overheard plans by
    his boss, Molluck the Glukkon, to turn Abe and his fellow Mudokons into Tasty
    Treats as part of a last-ditch effort to rescue Molluck's failing meat-packing
    During his escape from RuptureFarms, Abe received a vision from the mysterious
    Big Face, showing Abe that he must not only rescue his fellow Mudokons, but also
    protect all of Oddworld's creatures from the predatory Magog Cartel.
    After completing arduous Temple trials, and journeying across a wasteland with
    his friend Elum, Abe was granted the awesome power of the Shrykull. Returning to
    RuptureFarms, Abe destroyed the foul slaughterhouse, rescued his buddies, and
    brought down some righteous lightning on top of Molluck's pointy head before
    heading back home to kick back and relax.
    But Abe's peaceful retirement was shattered when visited by a vision from the
    Three Weirdos. Abe learned the Magog Cartel was mining Necrum, the sacred
    Mudokon city of the dead, to collect bones to make super-addictive SoulStorm
    After freeing the Mudokon spirits imprisoned in the Mudanchee and Mudomo Vaults,
    Abe gained scary powers from the Weirdos, including the ability to heal his
    Mudokon friends of SoulStorm addiction, and the power to turn invisible.
    Infiltrating the transportation hub of FeeCo Depot, and using explosive farts to
    survive adventures at the Slig Barracks and Bonewerks, Abe broke into SoulStorm
    There Abe learned the truth behind the secret ingredient of SoulStorm Brew...
    just before blasting the place to atoms with the combined power of the sobered-
    up Mudokon he'd rescued. Then Abe joined his brew-addled pals at Alf's Rehab &
    Tea to take the cure - the journey of a lifetime starts with one step. Or is it
     003. CHARACTERS                                                      ID#01.003
    Now let's meet the guys that will stand in your way (at least most of them). I'm
    going to let you in on a little secret, you can possess almost every single one
    of them. That's loads of fun guaranteed.
    He's a victim, he's a dreamer, he's a klutz, and he's the first great hero in
    the Oddworld Quintology. Former slave laborer and RuptureFarms Employee of the
    Year, Abe didn't ask to be the savior of his people...and if his people had a
    choice, they'd throw him back.
     L1 + L2           Chant
     L1 + TRIANGLE     Hi
     L1 + CIRCLE       Work
     L1 + X            Wait
     L1 + SQUARE       Follow me
     L2 + TRIANGLE     All ya
     L2 + CIRCLE       Sympathy
     L2 + X            Anger
     L2 + SQUARE       Stop it!
    Typical of Oddworld's Industrial species are the Glukkons. An aggressive cohort
    of slash & burn capitalists, they eat rain forests for breakfast and televise
    toxic spills on prime time. Sharp-dressed, cigar-smoking, merciless corporate
    masters of RuptureFarms. When these creeps make a killing in the market, they
    use a butcher, not a stockbroker.
     Vice-President Aslik     Glukkon in charge of FeeCo Depot. The Trains will run
                              on time! Loves decorating and wearing designer suits.
                              Returns videos unrewound.
     General Dripik           General Dripik is the stern taskmaster of the Slig
                              Barracks. It used to be about the brew, now it's all
                              about profit.
     Director Phleg           Head boner at the Bonewerks. With the meatpacking
                              plant now closed, the first item of business was to
                              find a new source of bones for their brew, which they
                              found to be plentiful at the Necrum Mudokon burial
                              grounds. The bones were processed at Bonewerks.
     BrewMaster Glukkon       Half the heart but twice the flavor! After the fall
                              of the RuptureFarms meatpacking plant, Molluck, the
                              CEO of RuptureFarms, entrusted the company's
                              SoulStorm Brewery to this less than competent
     L1 + TRIANGLE     Hey!
     L1 + CIRCLE       Do it!
     L1 + X            Stay here
     L1 + SQUARE       Commere
     L2 + TRIANGLE     All O'ya
     L2 + CIRCLE       Help!
     L2 + X            Kill'im
     L2 + SQUARE       Laugh
    Sligs are leased out at birth as corporate security personnel. They are given
    mechanical pants or wings, batons, tear gas, various types of weaponry, but are
    never taught to use any of them all that effectively. They are easily impressed
    and even misled by anyone who sports larger or more exotic weaponry than their
    own. Status is very important to Sligs.
     Sligs                    Gunned-up slugs in mechanical pants, with itchy
                              trigger-fingers and room temperature IQs. Cruel
                              taskmasters of the sadistic playpen that is
                              RuptureFarms. Corrupt, lazy and sadistic, Sligs are
                              soldiers bred by the Glukkons. Shooting first and
                              asking questions later is their forte, that is, when
                              they aren't catching a quick nap while the Glukkons
                              aren't looking.
     Flying Sligs             The only thing worse than a walking Slig is a Flying
                              Slig. Discarding their legs for a pair of vibrating
                              rotors, Flying Sligs are the snobby finks of the
                              Magog Cartel. Whether they're hunting down fugitives
                              or spraying grenades on each other, Flying Sligs are
                              everything their walking cousins are not -
                              efficient, deadly, and never asleep on the job.
     Crawling Sligs           Normally brutal enforcers of the Glukkon's will,
                              Sligs without their pants become cowardly worms,
                              victims of even the lowliest Mudokon. Sligs without
                              their pants are despised by Glukkons, Mudokons and
                              especially other Sligs. If you see a Slig without his
                              pants, step on his head before he gets to his
                              locker... Everybody has to start someplace.
     L1 + TRIANGLE     Hi
     L1 + CIRCLE       Freeze
     L1 + X            Git 'im
     L1 + SQUARE       Here boy
     L2 + TRIANGLE     BS
     L2 + CIRCLE       Look out
     L2 + X            S'MO BS
     L2 + SQUARE       Laugh
    Scrabs are viciously territorial monsters straight out of a nightmare. Pair off
    a couple dominant Scrabs and you've got a brouhaha for the ages - the one thing
    they hate more than upstart Mudokons are other Scrabs. Finding yourself between
    a couple of Scrabs is a great way to boost your insurance premium. Not much to
    look at, but terrific dancers.
     L1 + TRIANGLE     Shred power
     L1 + SQUARE       Howl
    Scrambling, scurrying, chattering, and conniving, Paramites seem pathetic enough
    at first, but don't be fooled. Following a Paramite is to invite doom; after a
    twist and a turn through the Mudomo Vaults, you'll find yourself backed into a
    tight corner, with a wild brood of paramites swarming out of every shadow.
    Wrestling a Paramite is like having a hornet's nest explode in your shorts, only
    not as much fun.
     L1 + TRIANGLE     Howdy
     L1 + CIRCLE       Do it
     L1 + X            Stay
     L1 + SQUARE       C'mon
     L2 + TRIANGLE     All a ya!
     L2 + X            Attack
     004. NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS                                         ID#01.004
    Besides all those you can possess there are also some other characters. They'll
    either help you out or try to hunt you down and collect that reward you have
    hanging over your head.
    Mysterious spiritual leader of the Mudokons. Already a shaman, healer, and
    teacher, add "miracle worker" to his resume: he has to make a hero out of Abe.
    Deceased denizens of the sacred city of Necrum, the Mudokon Spirit Guides were
    roused from their comfortable slumber by greedy Glukkon bone ranchers who have
    been plundering Mudokon graves for the main addictive ingrediant for SoulStorm
    Brew. After granting Abe mystical powers and helping him to destroy SoulStorm
    Brewery, the Mudokon Spirit Guides returned to their crypt where they are still
    kvetching about Abe's performance.
    Not all Mudokons are enslaved by the Industrialists, but those that live in the
    wild are a vanishing breed. They don't take kindly to city-folk. These Natives
    fight to for the right to roam free on Oddworld.
    Robbed of their proud and ancient legacy by profit-crazy Glukkons, the Mudokons
    are the slave labor force of RuptureFarms and SoulStorm Brewery. Because there
    are no animals left to slaughter, these chumps are the flavor or the week.
    Worker Mudokons are divided into the Employed Worker Class or Freed Worker
    Class. The Employed Worker Class or Scrub Mudokons are the lowest of the low.
    Starting life as happy Glukkon pets, these vicious little worms rapidly grow too
    big to cuddle, and are eliminated by flushing them down the toilet. Whole
    colonies infest Oddworld's underworld.
    If a surly garbage truck driver from the Bronx was reincarnated into the body of
    a banana Slug, you'd have a Slurg. Slurgs wait for unwary travelers and manuever
    themselves underfoot. When stepped on, their gaseous bodies emit a high pitched
    screech. This alerts anything in the vicinity - usually Fleeches.
    There's nothing more wholesome than a Slig with his Slog. Regular beatings by
    their Slig masters from the time they are little Sloggies ensure Slogs are
    pathologically temperamental. Slogs are ever alert for the smell of fear. They
    bark, eat live flesh, and are definitely not good with children but they're a
    Slig's best friend.
    Greeters are rolling robots originally designed to follow Mudokons and give the
    SoulStorm Brew sales pitch. Unlike the MameGame Generators, Greeters are happy-
    looking, festive robots, their sides festooned with the SoulStorm logo and
    slogans like: "Our Spew Is Your Brew." A voicebox is built into Greeters as
     005. EMOTIONS                                                        ID#01.005
    This is the only part of the game I'm going to discuss in this FAQ because it
    matters for the way you play the game. Mastering the moods of the Mudokons is
    essential for their survival. Oh, and yours too...
    These guys are angry and they want everyone to be too. They won't follow you
    unless you tell them you're sorry. Sometimes they'll start slapping around and a
    peaceful scene can quickly become a bar brawl after last call. Tell them to stop
    before they kill themselves.
    That's what you get when a Mudokon stops by the laughing gas lounge. They are
    totally out of control and will follow you around, running back and forth, left
    and right, making loud noises that can wake up even the laziest Slig. Slap some
    sense into their heads.
    A whole life of slavery makes them not care at all about any other thing besides
    their own pain and suffering. They are on the edge and ready to jump, one shock
    and they will turn suicidal so show some sympathy.
    Drunk from Brew, these guys are good for nothing, before they even stand up
    you'll need a healing ring from a Shaman.
    They can't see a thing, so you need to give them a special attention. Telling
    them to "Wait" will be crucial if you want to save them all, otherwise they'll
    just keep going against walls, off the ledges, over electric fields, right into
    mine drills and stepping over those nasty land mines. This will be funny the
    first 30 or 40 times but don't forget that you need to save all the 300 Mudokons
    to get the very special ending.
    Those that point out that blindness is not actually an emotion are correct. That
    means that blind Mudokons can still become angry or depressed. Blind Mudokons
    require extra care when trying to save them, so help the poor guys out.
     006. QUARMA                                                          ID#01.006
    Quarma is good for the soul. Actually, Quarma is the soul. Good Quarma can take
    you far, bad Quarma will probably get you dead in the end. Quarma saved your ass
    back in RuptureFarms when Molluck had you hanging over the meat grinders. It
    means that to win the game you need to save at least as many Mudokons as those
    that are left behind. After you leave an area the Mudokons you didn't save will
    be permanently lost. Check the Status Displays throughout the game to know how
    you're doing.
    The ultimate challenge is to save all the 300 Mudokons, and if you're reading
    this guide, that's probably why you're here. A special bonus awaits those that
    leave no Mudokon brother behind. But if you're trying a funnier approach, try to
    kill every single Mudokon you can. The sick part of his quest is that you can't
    just leave them to die. You're going to have to take a more active role on
    exactly how they die. Mudokons can be shot, beaten, crushed, smashed, eaten,
    sliced, shocked, vaporized and they can commit suicide. Inventing new ways to
    kill a Mudokon is all part of the fun. You're going to have to kill the Mudokons
    in the secret areas too, so this guide can serve a double purpose.
    There are a total of 11 Mudokons that require saving. 2 of them are right in the
    beginning and you need to save them to open the gate. You need to save two blind
    Mudokons in Tunnel 4. In Tunnel 5 you'll also need to save a couple of Mudokons.
    In Block 2 of Slig Barracks you have to save 3 Mudokons. You also need to save a
    couple of Mudokons right in the end so you can get Shrykull and finish the game.
    That's a total of 11 Mudokons saved and 289 dead you sadistic bastard.
     001. WALKTHROUGH                                                     ID#02.001
    It's time to go on to the chapter you're all here for, let's begin our quest for
    the missing Mudokons. Now, you remember those little strange numbers and letters
    on the top right corner of the screen when you hit pause? Those work as a sort
    of an exclusive ID number. If the number presented on a specific location
    matches the one you're in, that you are on the right spot to find the secret
    If you're having troubles finding out the right spot you can also look for the
    bottles of SoulStorm Brew. They are pretty easy to see so you really can't miss
    although they sometimes look like mushrooms. If there are bottles of SoulStorm
    Brew on the screen, that means there's also a hidden location present, so look
     LOCATION #1: MINES - START POINT                                    [MIP01C04]
    These guys from Oddworld Inhabitants are the devil in disguise, I tell ya.
    They've hidden a group of Mudokons right on the first screen of the game. Get
    down behind that bone carrier on the ground. Despite what I told you about the
    SoulStorm Brew bottles, there aren't any on this particular screen.
    Go through the door. As soon as you get there start climbing down and hide. You
    will come across 2 Flying Sligs. Your goal is easy: 3 slave Mudokons. As soon as
    the Slig flies off make a Mudokon follow you to the next screen and tell him to
    wait when they get there. You need to hide from the Slig before you can carry on
    with the rescue. When you're safe, tell the Mudokon to follow you once again,
    then all you need is to pull the lever and let him fall down to the next screen.
    Hide again from the Slig and repeat the process for the other 2 Mudokons. Jump
    to the well and you will meet up with your friends. Tell them to open the gate
    and then save them. After that just go save some more Mudokons and when you're
    done just get our of there. That makes 15 already saved. Great start.
     LOCATION #2: MINES - TUNNEL 1                                       [MIP02C03]
    Near the end, you will go through a well, after that you'll come across a screen
    with a Slig patrolling and a transporter on the background. See the bottles of
    SoulStorm Brew? That means a secret.
    Possess the Slig and use the teleporter to transport the Slig to the back row.
    This is important because you need the Slig to kill another Slig. Eventually
    you'll come across the Slig in the front row. Just shoot him (try not to shoot
    the poor Mudokon while you're at it) and blow yourself up. After that, use the
    screen above you to get to where the Slig was. Just use the teleporter once
    again and save all your buddies. Don't forget to go back and save that Mudokon
    you couldn't save before.
     LOCATION #3: MINES - TUNNEL 2                                       [MIP02C04]
    In the beginning of Tunnel 2, the section of the tunnel in which you need to
    roll under the ventilation system, just press DOWN when you're standing on the
    right corner, below you'll find a well that will get you to 5 Mudokons. Give
    them a shout and save them.
     LOCATION #4: MINES - TUNNEL 2                                       [MIP02C27]
    After running from the Flying Slig right after the previous location you'll end
    up in a well that will transport you right to a door, but don't go in yet. Run
    and jump to the left, and you will fall on another well that will get you back
    on the lower ledge, now keep moving left.
    Go through the door on the previous screen and convince the Sligs to follow you.
    Go through the door and possess the Slig. Kill the other Slig and blow yourself
    up. Once the path is clear, go on to the next section, possess the Slig there
    and make him blow up the mine. Proceed and save your 3 pals before going through
    to the well.
     LOCATION #5: MINES - TUNNEL 2                                       [MIP02C13]
    The important part of this specific location is to possess the Flying Slig right
    after you go through the door at the end of the previous location (the one I
    told you not to go in). Use the Flying Slig and go up, blow up the Sligs before
    they kill you. Now, cross the drilling zone and kill the final Slig. If you
    don't do this you might have a hard time getting to the spot without being
    killed in the process.
    After that just get Abe on another of those wells. Before moving on, get down to
    free some more Mudokons. If the Slig is still there you can still make it, but
    it will be hard. Either way, save your pals and go back up.
     LOCATION #6: MINES - TUNNEL 3                                       [MIP04C03]
    In the beginning, use the rocks to clear your path. On the screen with the
    Status Indicator simply jump so you can hand on the ledge on the other side. Go
    down, through the door and into the well.
    3 Blind Mudokons are working. Throw a rock to blow the mine (this is optional
    but I advise you to do it just in case you miss the timing) and pull the lever
    to raise the first trap door. Call a single Mudokon and tell him to "Wait" and
    pull the lever again to raise the second trap door, tell him to proceed to the
    next screen, pull the lever here to save him from falling and tell him to follow
    you once again. Press the lever once more to make him fall to the next screen.
    Repeat the process for the other 2 Mudokons and follow them.
    Now, notice the SoulStorm Brew on the ground? That means a secret within the
    secret. In fact there's an extra location on this hidden spot. Ignore the bird
    portal and tell them to follow you left. Just make them work to bring down the
    platform and give them a lift after that. You'll meet up with 4 more pals of
    yours. Save them all.
     LOCATION #7: MINES - TUNNEL 5                                       [MIP04C04]
    Tunnel 5 starts with a couple of Mudokons that require some rescue before you
    move on. After that scene, you'll get to a place straight out of nightmares.
    Mine drills, very fast mine drills. All you need here is timing. Give a good
    running jump and you'll end up hanging in a hidden projection. Just go up and
    you'll see a couple of Mudokons working. Save them.
     LOCATION #8: MINES - TUNNEL 5                                       [MIP04C05]
    From the previous mine drills, go left and you'll see once again a couple of
    mine drills. Quickly climb and jump right. You'll get to a hidden level. Just
    move on up and pull the ring to stop the drill. Although you can't save the
    Mudokon now, you might want to remember him later. Do not leave Tunnel 5 before
    saving this Mudokon and all the others. I'm not going to explain how because
    apart from the ring that shuts down the drill, they are not hiding.
     LOCATION #9: NECRUM - START POINT                                  [NEP02C202]
    Necrum, the ancient city of the dead. By now, Necrum Mines are already destroyed
    so if you forgot to save anyone, you won't be able to do it anymore. You
    should've saved 75 Mudokons at this point. This screen's right next to the
    starting point, you can't miss the SoulStorm Brew on the ground. Once you're
    there, jump to the right on the lower level. If you got it right you should fall
    in a well.
    The hardest part of this location is getting to your pals alive. There will be 3
    Sligs on each screen and you need to use the environment to your advantage.
    Either way you'll eventually reach the Mudokons and you can clearly see the
    problem here, the drill and the 3 UBX bombs. Call the 3 Mudokons and tell them
    to follow you to get them out of danger. Be careful not to let any of them touch
    the UBXs, now they should be out of the drill's range, but if they're still in
    danger try to get down and fart near them to make them step aside. Now, slowly
    disarm the UBXs and save your buddies.
     LOCATION #10: NECRUM - BEFORE MUNDANCHEE VAULTS                     [NEP05C01]
    For the sake of this guide, I advise you to choose the Mundanchee Vaults first.
    After you choose Mundanchee Vaults you'll come across the well that will
    actually lead you inside the vaults. Don't go in yet. Just crouch and roll all
    the way to the left.
    You'll get yourself in a pretty awkward position. Once the Slig is facing away
    just pull yourself up and jump right. Pull the lever and move on. The
    explanation to this puzzle is quite simple but hard to pull off. You need to
    disarm the UBXs before the trap doors open. If you fail you'll fall down and
    you'll have to start over (provided that the Greeter doesn't kill you). After
    you reach the Mudokons, pull the lever to bring down the gate. Activate the UBX
    and have the Greeter chase you. Once you get rid of the Greeter just say you're
    sorry to your pals and save their asses. After that just head to Mundanchee
    This screen is the one that has an Abe portal leading to Mundanchee Hub. Check
    for the SoulStorm Brew if you have to. Simply crouch and roll to the right to
    get into a secret area. Chant to open the portal and when you get a clear run
    simply jump before the Scrab has a chance to get you.
    This time, you will have to be fast, and I mean really fast. Once you pull the
    lever, it will take only a few seconds for the Fleeches to reach you. A trick to
    save a few seconds is to call your 2 pals and telling them to follow you before
    you push the lever. On the lower screen, push the lever to open the gate.
    Unfortunately, this will also activate the drills. Cross on to the other side
    and deactivate them. Then, chant to free your buddies and get out before the
    Fleeches get to you.
     LOCATION #12: MUNDANCHEE VAULTS - VAULT 1                           [SVP08C05]
    Vault 1 is the top vault in Mundanchee Hub. When you get there, go right and
    drop down. Roll all the way to the left, stand up and drop down. When you reach
    the intended screen you will have to go through a little hidden passage in the
    lower right corner of the screen, right next to the bottles of SoulStorm Brew.
    After that just open the portal and get in.
    Darn it! It's those Fleeches once again. The lever controls the electric wall
    but be careful for even though there are two electric walls they don't always
    work together when you pull the lever. Just crouch and move to the next screen.
    The moment you go through the trigger, the gates that separate the Fleeches from
    your 3 friends will start to open. When you get to the next screen simply lower
    the gate and lure the Fleeches. Be fast and pull the lever to vaporize them.
    Repeat the process if any of them got away. All you need now is to save your
    Mudokon brothers.
     LOCATION #13: MUNDANCHEE VAULTS - VAULT 6                           [SVP02C01]
    Vault 6 is the leftmost vault in the Mundanchee Hub. As soon as you enter just
    move left. You can see the Fleeches down there and also the bottles of SoulStorm
    Brew, indicating where you need to climb down. At this point the Fleeches can't
    do anything to you so don't worry about it yet. Just climb down and as soon as
    you touch the ground start running. A Scrab will be on your tail. Once you get
    to the well you'll be safe. Just chant and jump in.
    Inside, some drills are threatening to turn your pals into Mudokon sushi. Cross
    to the other side as quick as you can without getting yourself killed. Possess
    the Scrab and make him go all the way to the right. Leave his body and quickly
    pull the lever to raise the gate. Don't possess the Scrab before you reach the
    lever, otherwise he'll just chase you and you'll end up having to do the whole
    thing again and you don't have the time. Anyway, as soon as you have the Scrab
    under control just pull the other lever and call your friends. Before moving on,
    leave the 2 Mudokons here. The next section will require speed above all and you
    can't waste time talking to all 4 Mudokons. Just go down and quickly tell them
    all to follow you before the drills get them. Be careful not to let them fall.
    After that just free them and get out.
     LOCATION #14: MUDOMO VAULTS - VAULT 1                               [PVP03C07]
    Vault 1 is the top right vault in Mudomo Hub. From the door that ends the level,
    jump to the right. As soon as you press the trigger a rockslide will begin.
    Quickly possess the Paramite and lead him to safety (if you fail, you'll have to
    start over). After that just pull the ring to activate the well and jump in. Be
    sure to Quicksave.
    As soon as you land, another rockslide will start. Possess the Paramite and make
    him jump through the webs to reach the ring and pull it. That will lead Abe to
    safety, now move on. Quicksave. As soon as you reach the top yet another
    rockslide will commence, this time a couple of your friends are in danger. Talk
    to the Paramites and tell them to pull the rings that will lower the gates and
    once they finish that task talk to them again and tell them to follow you and to
    pull the rings again to put your brothers in safety. After that, leave the
    Paramite's body, jump in the well, save your friends and get the hell out of
    that place.
     LOCATION #15: MUDOMO VAULTS - VAULT 6                               [PVP12C04]
    Vault 6 is the middle left vault in Mudomo Hub. Use the Invisibility Ghost Trap
    to pass by the Fleeches. Climb up, possess the Paramite, tell him to come down
    and jump to the platform to your right, keep moving right and you'll get to the
    hidden location. Now tell the Paramite on this screen to follow you down. You
    need to do this because the Paramite is blocking the door and if you try to get
    there you'll end up cornering the Paramite, and there's nothing worse you can do
    than that. Afterwards, get rid of the Paramite you control. Do not leave his
    body, otherwise you'll have two Paramites and they'll attack you on sight,
    instead just let the Fleeches eat him. Another way is to simply use the
    Invisibility Ring. Anyway, just go through the door.
    Once you pull the ring it will only take a few seconds for the Fleeches to break
    free. Simply crouch and roll to the screen below. The place is filled with
    drills but don't worry because they'll be your friends this time. Simply attract
    the Fleeches and let the drills do the rest. Be careful not to let them get
    anywhere near the Mudokon slaves, although the drills usually take care of them.
    After they're gone, tell the angry Mudokon to knock it off and save them all.
     LOCATION #16: FEECO DEPOT - START POINT                             [FDP01C01]
    Feeco Depot... and you're on the right path to saving all 300. By now, 104
    Mudokons should already be enjoying freedom. Right on the first screen of Feeco
    Depot we have another group of Mudokons to save. Just crouch and roll to the
    secret place and you'll get yourself in a well.
    The entire section will be patrolled by Sligs and unless you want some nice
    vacations, you will need to sneak in. Remember that shadows are your friends.
    After reaching the 3 Mudokons and saving them, it's time to go all the way back.
     LOCATION #17: SLIG BARRACKS - WORKERS CAMPUS                        [BAP05C19]
    The Workers Campus corresponds to Block 2 of the Slig Barracks. In the middle of
    this block you'll come across a sleeping Slig and a threatening moving bomb. Use
    the Slig to blow up the bomb and roll your way to a secret room. Avoid the
    moving bomb in this screen and go through the tunnel that points down and you
    will be hanging near a couple of bombs.
    When the Slig isn't looking, go up and jump through the gaps avoiding the Moving
    Bombs and the Slig. You can take as long as you like. You won't be so lucky on
    the next screen. A moving bomb is threatening your friends and you'll have to be
    quick. Hide in the shadows so the Slig doesn't see you and when he's gone get
    near your friends. If the Slig spots you and shoots he will scare away the birds
    and you'll have to start over. After saving your friends get out of there before
    the bomb blows you away.
     LOCATION #18: SLIG BARRACKS - BOMBING RANGE                         [BAP14C06]
    Here, you will need a lot of training. This is Block 4, the Trophy Room and
    Bombing Range, although they are on the same Block, the secret location is on
    the Bombing Range, after you save your 6 Mudokon brothers and free the 3 ghosts
    from their traps. Move left, avoid the Flying Slig, pull the lever and quickly
    run for the trap door. After you fall to the lower screen just get out and move
    left. See the SoulStorm Brew? It's secret time! Behind a little mount of sand,
    you can get down to a secret room. Get in the portal. This is going to be tough!
    Be sure to Quicksave!
    When you enter you'll be stuck. Possess the Flying Slig and Quicksave. Prepare
    to fly, a lot. Make him pull the lever and start flying, avoiding the electric
    walls and the moving bombs. It may take some time but you'll eventually learn to
    avoid all the obstacles. If you succeed, pull the lever at the end of the
    section and that will shutdown the electric walls. Now take the Slig all the way
    back and let him get a hit from the remaining bomb. Now just go all the way to
    the end and save your pals. If the bombs get the Flying Slig before he can reach
    the lever or if he goes through an electric wall you'll have to start over.
     LOCATION #19: FEECO DEPOT - PATH TO BONEWERKZ                       [FDP04C04]
    This location can only be accessed after you entered to the Bonewerkz part of
    Feeco Depot but before the train ride, in Terminal 4. This part will be tough
    and I mean really tough. On the third screen of Terminal 4 you'll see the
    SoulStorm Brew bottles on the ground. Just get down behind the container. Be
    careful not to get shot. Below there are also Sligs patrolling. Try to get to
    the well alive.
    As you can see, the gate system here is a bit different than normal. The levers
    only open the gates of the corresponding color. Below there are also triggers
    that only open designated gates. You have a Slig on patrol and a Slog below. As
    long as the Mudokon is working the Slog will not attack him and the Slig will
    never attack the Mudokon no matter what. Also, don't forget that even though the
    Slig is in the back row, he still has a sense of left and right, so if he's
    facing right, he can't really see that's happening to his left, use that to your
    advantage. So, first of all, go on to the next screen and dispose of the Slig
    patrolling this area. Get the Slog to follow you way to the back of this section
    and pull the lever to trap him. Be sure to leave the green gate closed because
    if you don't the Slog will eat your friend. After that open the green gate and
    lure the Slog to the beginning of the section and trap him there. Now open the
    green gate and tell your friend to follow you. You can open the red and yellow
    gates. Don't close the yellow gate because the Mudokon will do that when he
    steps on the green trigger. After that just chant and set him free. All that
    work for a single Mudokon... jeez.
     LOCATION #20: BONEWERKZ - ANNEX 1                                   [BWP07C06]
    As soon as you enter, let the Sligs leave the screen and call your pal (you
    don't have to do this to get to the hidden location but you really shouldn't
    leave a Mudokon brother to be beaten by Sligs). Either way, follow the Sligs
    closely. As soon as you enter the screen it might seem that you are visible but
    the Sligs won't spot you. Once they leave, go on to the shadows ahead. You can't
    see it but there's a door there. Get in.
    As soon as the Slig turns away, teleport yourself, sneak and pull the lever to
    teleport yourself before he sees you. In the next section you'll need quick
    thinking and quick fingers. As soon as you enter, sneak behind the Slig and
    teleport yourself to the back row. When you get there run quickly to the upper
    level and teleport yourself near your friends. A Slig will be patrolling there
    so just run. Let yourself fall (don't jump, otherwise you might skip the
    teleporter's trigger) and you'll get transported to the upper level. Once again,
    run quickly to your left and you'll step on yet another trigger, this time
    transporting you to the back row and to safety. Now, possess one of the Sligs,
    kill the other and transport yourself to the back row. Use the Slig to kill the
    other Slig on the front row (be careful not to kill any of the Mudokons). After
    that just blow yourself up, show some sympathy for your friends and save them.
    You can leave by jumping into the well.
     LOCATION #21: BONEWERKZ - ANNEX 1                                   [BWP07C08]
    An easy one for a change. After leaving the previous location, you'll eventually
    set off the alarm. Up ahead you'll get chased by a Slog. Just lure him into the
    falling objects. Luckily Slogs aren't that smart. After getting rid of him just
    crouch and roll all the way to the right. You will see the 5 Mudokons, a long
    gap, and a lever. Jump, pull the lever and save your pals.
     LOCATION #22: BONEWERKZ - ANNEX 7                                   [BWP03C09]
    This part is very complicated, filled with falling objects. To get to the
    intended location first, open the three electric gates, keep moving on, use the
    lift to go down. Keep going down. See the SoulStorm Brew? You guessed it. Just
    drop down from the ledge and you'll get in a well.
    Be sure you're prepared before going on to the next screen. As soon as you get
    there, hoist yourself up and jump. You'll be hanging right next to the Slig.
    Once he turns away, pull yourself up and give him some permanent vacations by
    pulling the lever. After that just jump and pull the other lever to bring your
    friend to safety. Now the drills on the other screen will be activated as well
    so you're going to need some pretty good timing to save your pal without him
    losing a leg. If you manage to save him, the remaining four drills that were
    offline will be activated. Turns out that leaving this location is actually
    harder than the rescue itself.
     LOCATION #23: BONEWERKZ - BOILER DOOR 2                             [BWP04C19]
    Just move on to the last screen of this section. If you're having troubles just
    look for the SoulStorm Brew. Don't worry about the mines. Give it a good jump
    and you'll hang from the ledge. After that just let yourself fall down and you
    can save 4 more buddies of yours.
     LOCATION #24: FEECO DEPOT - MAIN LOBBY                              [FDP02C09]
    At this point you should have 202 Mudokons rescued. You're almost there. The
    next secret spot is right next to the door that leads to SoulStorm Brew. Don't
    go in, just take a step left, go down and into the well.
    The Mudokons will be on the front row, so go through the door as soon as the
    Slig turns back (in fact, you have to go through the door before the Slig turns
    back because your window of opportunity will be extremely short and Abe takes a
    few seconds to appear), follow him and go up the projection. Proceed to the next
    screen and jump over the drill so you can end up hanging on the ledge, in the
    shadows. When it's safe head down and hide in the shadows on the top left corner
    of the screen. When the Slig faces away, pull the ring and both Abe and the Slig
    will fall down, but Abe will remain hidden in the shadows. When it's safe, go up
    again and possess a Slig and pull the lever. When you pull the lever you'll
    activate the other drill so you'll need some good timing to cross with the Slig
    still intact. Anyway, once you do, just shoot the other Slig and blow yourself
    up. But the real difficult part is just getting started. You'll have to escort
    the Mudokons pass the same drill. It's a difficult task but with a good timing
    you can do it. After that just leave the place.
     LOCATION #25: SOULSTORM BREWERY - ZULAG 13                          [BRP20C02]
    As soon as you pull the lever, your friends will be bombarded with laughing gas.
    You'll have to go through a series of screens filled with gates, electric walls
    and a good amount of triggers to activate them. Anyway, after you save the 5 of
    them turn the wheel and go all the way back through the path your friends took.
    At the end of that path there is a well (you needed to turn the wheel to
    activate it) so get in to reach the hidden location. Use Shrykull's power to
    blow up the mines and after that just move on.
    You'll need to use the shadows efficiently to avoid getting shot. Once you reach
    the end of this section just go up and turn back. Pull the lever to summon a
    Glukkon. Use the Glukkon to deactivate the Tear X-Tractor and after that just
    call a Slig and have him shoot all the other Sligs. After that go all the way to
    the beginning of the zulag and get the Slig to fall down the precipice. All you
    got to do now is save the last hidden Mudokons. At this point you should've
    saved around 288 Mudokons, depending on the Zulags you have completed. The
    remaining Mudokons are not hiding so you shouldn't have too much trouble in
    finding them. 6 of them are in Zulag 14 and the remaining 6 will be waiting for
    you in Zulag 16.
     001. VERSION HISTORY                                                 ID#03.001
     Version 1.00   Added the Acknowledgments section, plus all of the info about
                    The Actors, the Emotive Mudokons, the Environments, the Work
                    and Quarma Section, the Game Cheats, the Prophecy and some
                    other details.
     Version 1.10   Added the Getting Started section and some extra-info on the
                    game play. Now this FAQ is also available at neoseeker.com.
     Version 1.20   Changed the Hints and tips Section and some minor mistakes.
                    Also added a spoiler alert in the beginning of the guide.
                    Added some acknowledgements and changes a bit of the ending
                    section. Some rules about e-mails were changed. A new thief
                    was added to the banned list.
     Version 1.30   New website rules to attend for, minor mistakes corrected, a
                    new website hosts this FAQ. Acknowledgments section has been
     Version 2.00   Major change in layout. Various sections suffered significant
                    modifications. The guide is now much more organized.
     Version 2.10   Mailing rules altered. Copyrights section modified.
     Version 2.20   Many goodies added. A new site hosts this FAQ. Copyrights and
                    Mailing sections altered.
     Version 3.00   Major layout modifications. Section about the Gameplay was
                    removed. Full update on all parts of the guide. Corrected
                    spelling errors. Some chapters were reorganized and ended
                    merging with others. Re-wrote the entire Version History in
                    order to follow the standard version numbers.
     Version 3.10   Rewrote, remade, slashed, changed and moved some chapters.
                    This FAQ is officially done. No more updates.
     002. OUTRO                                                           ID#03.002
    Copyright 2002-2009 Inoffensive
    The revolution will not be webcast.
     THE END

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