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"Get this with friends!!!"

A great game to play with friends. You can fully customize your player you can change anything from the ball weight to your player’s origin. The games bowling alley is very detailed and you control the spin on the ball as well as the power. After a game you can print out the bowling card. The game gives you a close up of the pins and a score card to keep track of your game. Up to four players can bowl either against each other or on a team. You can play a single game or you can play a three game total. The graphics in this game are very sharp and look nice. The sounds in this game are very detailed and sound great. This is a very nice bowling game that should keep you busy for a little while.


Very simple you just have to click on bowling ball and let go. It is all done with the mouse and is very simple to do and to remember. You only use the mouse to control the game and nothing else. It is very easy. Unless you are playing on expert mode. The gameplay is very simple with no problems at all. If you feel that the beginner gameplay is to easy than try the intermediate gameplay and so on to keep the challenge alive.


The usual bowling music. There’s the guy saying stuff and the sound of the ball hitting the pins or the turkey call. It’s all their nothing special about it. The sounds are great and sound good. There really isn’t any music on this game so we don’t have to judge that. All of the sounds are very detailed and sound great. The game could use some music to spice the game up. It kinda gets boring without music but its okay.


Only the best. They are very detailed as well as your player. Everything is detailed and looks great. You player is designed very good. You can change almost anything on you guy. You can change clothes, ball color, ball weight, etc. After you throw the ball and the sweep comes down a little picture of your player comes up with them saying something. The game is very neat looking. All of the graphics in this game are very detailed and look good.


It’s a great game for friends to play but to play by yourself it will get boring pretty fast. The game just needs some work on this part of the game. The multi player option it a nice thing and works great. It might not have the best replayability level but it should keep you entertained while playing with friends with up to four players. The game may not last long but it’s a great game to get to play with friends.


Once you learn how to throw the ball and your guy is in the right position this game will be a sinch. The game is very easy once you find the right power spot and spin spot. All you gotta do is find out where to put your arrow on the pins and your set. The game is easy once you learn everything but for a beginner it may put up quite a challenge trying to figure everything out.


The game needs a little help but other than that this game is fun to play with friends, awesome graphics. Worth about $10 or less. If you get really board you could just keep on playing and printing out your score cards to brag to your buddy about how high of a score you got.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/22/00, Updated 08/14/02

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