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    Walkthrough by Comix122

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    BY Comix122
                                                CHAPTER ONE
    Explore the house, go through every room carefully.  Find some locked doors.
    Go to the realiter to get the key, beware talking to him is like pulling
    teeth.  Go home and go to the door at the end of the hallway on the first
    floor, use the key to open in the door. once you get into the library click
    on the fire place. To get to the hidden room use the letter  opener.  The
    letter opener is on the desk, it appears to be a little figurine.  Use the
    eye examiner to look at it, click on the back of it's head.  Use the letter
    opener to take out more bricks.  Once in the chaple take the bible off of the
    altar, then click on the strange box, and watch the show.
                                              CHAPTER TWO
    Get the five dollars out of the drawer of your dresser then go to the general
    store and buy the drain cleaner, then go to the back of the store and get the
    bone. Get back home and give the drain cleaner to Don who is in the carraige
    house.  Then go to the darkroom.
                                             CHAPTER THREE
    Go to the pantrey and use the fire place poker to open the trap door.  Then
    the matches to light your way.  Get the hammer that is on the floor of the
    basement.  Know go to the carraige house. To get the strange lady out of the
    hole click on the pitch fork. Then click on the hook. After this use the
    hammer to pull the nail out from under the loft. 
    Go to the locked door on the third floor and use the  nail to poke out the
    key.  Then use the poker to get the key.  Open the door.  Go to the tower
    room and get the book of the dresser.  Go to town and give the bone to the
    dog at the gate of the strange house.  Knock on the door and give the book to
    the lady at  the door.  Talk to Malcom, go home and have a fight with Don.
                                                 CHAPTER FOUR
    Go into the tower room and look through the window.  Go down stairs and talk
    to Harriet.  Now go outside and talk to Cyrus.  Go back in side and see  what
    Don is doing in the dark room.  Now go back outside and find Cyrus choppind
    wood.  Ask him about the building you saw through the window.  Now follow him
    to the washed out path Then walk over the tree Cyrus should of pushed over
    for you.  Go over the tree. Pick up the lenspiece on the ground on the path.
    Now go to the green house and pick up the garden tool.  When the movie is
    over put the lenspiece in the telescope.  Look through it.  Now go back to
    the tower room.  Use the hammer to tear out the fake wall at the top of the
    stairs.  Explore the attic very carefully.  Now go to the first floor.
                                               CHAPTER FIVE
    Leave the bed room.  Go to the first floor door.  Follow Cyrus to the
    carriage house.  Watch the seance.  Now go to the conservatory.  Click on the
    fountain.  Go to the dragon on the wall.  Find the secret passage near it.
    Follow it to the wheel.Turn it.  Now go to the other wheel and turn it.
    Explore the passeges carefully.  Now go to the secret panel that goes to the
    theatre.  Now explore the theatre,  then leave the theatre through the doors.
    Go to the couch.
                                                         CHAPTER SIX
    Walk to the theatre.  Go to the room on the left of the stage.  Do this if
    you didn't find the picture last chapter.  Open the closet and get the
    picture out of the top shelf.  Go to town, walk to Malcom's  house.  Give the
    picture to the lady.  Go talk to Malcome.  After that walk home and find the
    telephone man just finishing up. Then watch him die.
                                                      CHAPTER SEVEN
    If you don't have the cameo brooch go to the nursery and get the glass behind
    the door.  If you don't have the crusifix go to the Chapel.  Find the secret
    panel on the right side of the chapel.  Follow it to the crypt.  Get the
    rosary beads on the first coffin.  Go to the theatre.  Go into the makeup
    room and  find Don's vest lying on the floor.  Get the snowman ornament out
    of it.  Go to the dark room.  When Don grabs click on the  drain cleaner.
    When she throws it on his face run to the nursery and go behind the door.
    When Don comes in stab him with the glass or cameo brooch.  When you get away
    run to the dark room and get the spell book off the table.  Now you
    automatically get caught.  As Don is strapping you in quickly use the snowman
    to give him back his sences. After he takes it pull the lever.  When the
    Demon comes up run to the theatre secret panel.  Go to the stairs in the
    passege.  Grab thee top of the pipe and climb across.  Now go to the room
    behind the closed door and remember to bolt the door by click on the left
    side of the door.  Go to Carno's dead body and get the tailsman out of his
    pocket.  Put the speel book on the table, now put the tails man on it.  Use
    the glass or cameo to cut yourself.  Now put the rosery or crusifix on it.
    Now it goes into video sequence until you beat the game.  
    YOU WON.
                               REMEMBER TO TRY NEW THINGS.  IF YOU GO STRAIGHT
    I HOPE YOU ENJOY.  FROM Comix122

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