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    Walkthrough by RedDemon

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      -=P H A N T A S M A G O R I A =-
                        p h a n t a s m a g o r i a
    Created By: ParanoidXE (formerly NemesisEra)
    Version: Final
    Email: paranoidtsi@hotmail.com
    Console: PC
    Game Release Date: 08/95 (m/y)
    Latest Revision Date: 10/28/00
    Quick Author Comments:
    Well after about a year of pondering about returning to FAQ writing
    I have decided I'd come back under a new alias. I have decided I 
    will write once more, and hopefully I will first fix up my rather
    newbish FAQs that I did when I was just beginning. Well here is
    my first FAQ to be redone, ENJOY!  - Formerly NEMESISERA
    =[Terms and Conditions]=
    * Do not reproduce this in any form other than electronic
    * Do not attempt to make profit from this FAQ, it is FREE
    * Do not put this up on another website with out proper
      permission from me, the author.
    * Do not modify this document in any form
    If you don't agree to this, please click BACK now, and exit this
    document immediately.
                     T A B L E  O F   C O N T E N T S
    i. Introduction
    1. Getting Started
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Things to try
    4. Cheats/Easter Eggs
    5. The Story Explained
    6. Unanswered Questions
    7. Glitches/Bloopers
    8. VMD Movie List
                  ~~>i. Introduction to Phantasmagoria<~~
    I purchased Phantasmagoria about a year after it was released. I was
    extremely impressed with the graphics and audio effects. At the 
    time of its release in 1995 a typical PC user was running a 486DX, 
    which now-a-days is rather pathetic, but even now Phantasmagorias
    graphics are great, it includes a variety of FMV (Full Motion
    Videos) to keep you entertained.
    When Phantasmagoria was released, it went beyond the boundries
    of any typical violent game of its time. Censorship issues 
    arrose all over the place, about weither this game should even
    be allowed to see the light of day.
    Phantasmagoria introduces us to the couple Adrienne Delaney and
    Don Delaney, which at first is a happily married couple. They 
    move into a mansion in which they have no idea of the history
    the house possessed at one time. All is fine until Adrienne just
    gets to curious...so the saga begins....
                       ~~>1. Getting Started<~~
    Phantasmagoria is compatible with almost any PC, however in some 
    cases the setup may crash your computer, due to the fact that 
    phantasmagoria was released at the time that only Intel Processors
    were dominate. This is rather easy to over come, make sure you 
    skip all the speed tests and Phantasmagoria will run fine.
    - 486 Processor or Higher
    - 8 Megs of RAM (more recommended)
    - Soundcard
    - 1VRAM SVGA Video Card
    Watch Intro - This is a FMV that is designed to get you more 
                  familiar with Phantasmagoria and just what the
                  storyline is all about.
    Start New Game - This option creates a new game, you'll be prompt
                     for a name, when you are done continue. You will
                     now be able to select which Chapter you'd like to
                     start at. If you are new to the game start at 
                     chapter one and don't skip ahead.
    Continue Old Game - This option loads a game that has been previously
    Quit - Exits the Phantasmagoria game.
    About - Gives information about the Phantasmagoria production team
            and also tells you who to contact in case you are having 
            problems with your game.
    Phantasmagoria is based upon one cursor in which you control one
    character (Adrienne)
    1. Taking Inventory Items
    During gameplay there are various objects you can take and use, 
    Phantasmagoria informs you that an item can be picked up by 
    changing the cursor color. You can hold up to eight items at 
    a time.
    2. Examining Inventory Items
    Some objects have hidden attributes to them, or maybe you just
    want some eyecandy to look at. To look at an object closer 
    click an object and drag it to the eyeball located in the 
    lower righthand corner.
    3. Using Inventory Items
    Select the Item from the Inventory Box, then move it onto the gaming
    screen, the icon color will change when the game deems it useable,
    but this doesn't mean you have the correct object for that specific
    To access the Control Button, Click the "P" you see in the bottom
    partion of the screen. 
    1. Chapter Progress Gauge
    This informs you of the process you are making in a specific chapter,
    it is rather useful to see if you are actually getting anywhere in 
    the game.
    2. Restore
    This option allows you to go back to the last place you saved your
    3. Save
    This allows you to save your game, and quit, or you can just save and
    continue playing, whichever suits you best.
    4. Play 
    This option will close the Control Button and allow you to resume
    gameplay to where you were before you entered the control button.
    5. Quit
    Gives you the option to save your game at your current location and
    quit, or save your game at the last place you saved it and quit.
    6. Volume
    Use the arrows to adjust the ammount of sound you hear.
    7. Screen Size
    If your computer is rather weak when you are playing this game you
    can make the Full Motion Videos into a half screen mode which 
    improves performance in low-end machines.
    8. >> Button
    This is used to speed up processes in the game, you can use it 
    to skip videos, you can also skip sequences where it may take
    Adrienne a longtime to walk to a specific area.
    9. Hintkeeper
    The Hintkeeper is the skull in the lower lefthand corner, he is there
    to assist you in case you get stuck in the game. Only use him when
    you need it.
                          ~~> WALKTHROUGH <~~
    This walkthrough is designed to only allow you to beat the game, 
    there are many features in the game that you will miss by simply
    following this guide. About 70% of the game is missed by just 
    following this walkthrough.
    Chapter #1 - Evil Presence Detected (Sunday, Oct. 16th, 9AM)
    It is the first day in the new estate. Adrienne and Don are having
    coffee and are discussing what events they are going to do today.
    Don explains that he is going to fix up the Darkroom while Adrienne
    says she is going to do a little exploring (uh-oh)
    ~ Standup from the chair by clicking anywhere on the floor
    ~ Find the locked door, which is located in the Reception Hall,
      and to the left
    ~ Walk out of the house through the front door
    ~ Jump in your BMW and have a drive to town
    ~ Cross the bridge to get to town
    ~ Go to the Realtor's office
    ~ Talk to him, he will try to flirt with you, he explains he has
      given all the keys to you, but tells you to look in the filing
    ~ Look in the filing cabinet to reveal there is a key he hadn't 
    ~ Go back home by walking back to your car
    ~ Go into the house, and go to the library door
    ~ Open it and go into the library
    ~ Check the fireplace and discover that it is fake
    ~ Check it again to discover there is a secret room behind the
    ~ Get the Black object found on the desk in the library, use 
      the eye to examine the object
    ~ Adrienne discovers it is a Letter Opener
    ~ Use the letter opener on the bricks
    ~ Walk through the newly created passage
    ~ Walk straight, and move the Bible that is on top of a 
      wooden box
    ~ Open the wooden box and watch as the demon escapes...
    We now witness a spirit jumping out of the box and seems to be 
    rushing up to Don as we hear Don express his pain. Adrienne runs to
    Don's aid, Don explains that the lamp feel on his head.
    Chapter #2 - Something is Amok (Monday, Oct. 17th, 10AM)
    Adrienne is now in the bedroom the next morning typing away on her
    computer, when Don comes in the room screaming at the top of his 
    lungs saying she hasn't done what he had told her to. Which is
    getting Drain Cleaner. Don walks out of the room upset, While Adrienne
    says that she'll get the Drain Cleaner for him.
    ~ Open the dresser located to the left of the doorway of your room
    ~ Take the five dollars you find there
    ~ Walk out of your house out the front door
    ~ Walk to the car and drive to town
    ~ Walk to the general store
    ~ Talk to the clerk about drain cleaner, he reveals he has some
    ~ Give him the five dollars
    ~ After a short talk with the clerk, go back home we wouldn't want
      to keep Don waiting
    ~ Go to the now opened carriage house to talk to Don, give him the
      drain cleaner while you are at it.
    ~ Enter the house
    ~ Go to the second floor and knock on Don's darkroom door
    Don will open the door and demand you to cook dinner, he ends up just
    slamming the door in your face.
    Chapter #3 - Malcolm (Friday, Oct. 21st, 7AM)
    Adrienne and Don are now seen having a picnic out in the yard, but it
    is cut short when Don complains that he has a bad headache. He then 
    tells Adrienne that he is going to go lay down and get some rest, and
    leaves you to clean up the mess, meanwhile you see someone peering at
    you from a tree in your yard.
    ~ Walk to the tree to talk to this stranger
    ~ He tells you that his mom needs help in the barn
    ~ Go back to the house (yeah thats right HOUSE)
    ~ Get the poker from the dining room by the fireplace
    ~ Walk into the kitchen
    ~ Take the matches from the drawer by the kitchen table
    ~ Go into the pantry (door by the table)
    ~ Turn on the light
    ~ Move the rug
    ~ Use the poker to open this trap door
    ~ Use a match to allow yourself to see as you are walking down
      the dark stairs.
    ~ Pick the hammer up from the floor
    ~ Now go back to the carriage house
    ~ Adrienne now sees a woman that is stuck on the hayloft above
      the stables
    ~ Walk up to the hayloft via ladder
    ~ Take the pitchfork laying by the wall
    ~ Stand on the edge of the hayloft and use the pitchfork to 
      get the pulley rope that is out of reach. Pull it towards
      you. Now use it on the woman, now Cyrus will pull on the
      end to lift the woman up from the hole. They then introduce
      themselves as Harriet and Cyrus
    ~ Look in the hole where Harriet was stuck, and use the hammer to
      get the nail out, take the nail
    ~ Climb down from the hayloft
    ~ Talk to Harriet and Cyrus some more, Adrienne then hires them to
      do some work around the house for money.
    ~ Leave the carriage house
    ~ Enter the house
    ~ Get the newspaper in the reception hall (by the fireplace)
    ~ Walk to the third floor
    ~ Use the newspaper on the locked third floor door
    ~ Use the nail on the door to poke the key out
    ~ Retrieve the key by pulling the newspaper out from under the
    ~ Use the key to open the door
    ~ Go to the newly discovered fourth floor of the estate
    ~ Enter the small room located here
    ~ Take the book lying on top of the chest drawers
    ~ Examine the book, to notice that the book once belonged to 
    ~ Leave the tower and walk back downstairs
    ~ Go out in  your car and drive to town
    ~ Walk to the general store, and take the free bones from the
      complimentary soup bone barrel
    ~ Leave the store and go to where your car is located, but don't
      get in your car.
    ~ Walk towards the house located to the left
    ~ Open the mailbox, to discover that this is Malcolm's home
    ~ Give the bone to the dog that is trying to block you
    ~ Open the gate to enter the yard
    ~ Knock on the door, the housekeeper will answer the door and
      will tell you that you cannot see Malcolm
    ~ Give her the book
    ~ Now she will let you in, but only for a short visit
    ~ This visit Malcolm doesn't say much, and the lady escorts
      you out of the house once more.
    ~ Drive back home in your vehicle
    Now Don grabs you and demands you not to go to town again and to stop
    talking to those stupid towns people. Adrienne argues her point, but 
    it is rather useless as Don storms off again.
    Chapter #4 - The Second Room
    It is in the morning and you are getting ready, Don comes in and he
    seems he wants to make up by kissing Adrienne, but then it turns ugly. 
    Instead of making up, Don rapes Adrienne, and you are left their 
    crying on the bathroom floor.
    ~ Go downstairs to meet with Harriet, in which Adrienne automatically 
      assigns her some house choirs.
    ~ Leave the house through the dining room door, and talk to Cyrus
    ~ Cyrus runs off and disappears on you
    ~ Walk back into the house
    ~ Walk out again and you'll find Cyrus chopping wood
    ~ Talk to Cyrus and ask him about the little building Adrienne saw out 
      the tower room window, He says he knows how to get over there, and
      he tells you to follow him.
    ~ Follow Cyrus
    ~ Walk south from the crypt and follow the washed away trail
    ~ Cyrus now knocks down a tree for you to cross, meanwhile Harriet 
      calls for Cyrus, Cyrus runs back.
    ~ Cross to the otherside
    ~ Continue to follow the trail and pick up the lens that is laying
      on the ground
    ~ Continue forward towards the greenhouse, but don't go into the 
      green house just yet
    ~ Walk past the greenhouse to the telescope, notice the lens is
    ~ Use the lens and then look into it
    ~ Adrienne discovers that there is yet another room up on the fourth
      floor that she has never seen before.
    ~ Go back to the house, you'll see the phoneman is now here, talk to 
    ~ Go upstairs to the fourth floor again, use the hammer on the 
      wooden boards to make a new hole
    ~ Enter through the new hole to discover the attic.  
    ~ Once you have explored in this room, go back down to the reception
    Don is seen getting upset at the telephone man, saying he is flirting
    with Adrienne, He warns the telephone man to stay away, but he quickly
    leaves. Adrienne trys to get Don to apologize but he refuses and walks
    off after giving Adrienne a dirty look.
    Chapter #5 - The Secret Passages
    Adrienne is now resting on the bed, but she has a dream that rather
    scares her, which depicts her laying on the bed and blood running
    down her face. She quickly awakens.
    ~ Leave the room and go down to the reception hall, Cyrus will 
      tell you that his mom wants to see her in the carriage house
    ~ Leave the house and go to the carriage house as instructed
    ~ Attend Harriet and Cyrus they will do some tarot stuff which
      brings frightening things.
    ~ After the show, go back into the hose
    ~ Go upstairs to the third floor
    ~ Walk to the convservator, located to the left of your bedroom
    ~ Click on the latern-like device located in the center of the
      round room, a dragon picture will be revealed by the wall
    ~ Walk to the wall where the dragon appeared, Click on the wall
      to reveal a secret panel!
    ~ Go through the secret panel
    ~ Follow the secret passage to a lift, Go down the lift to the
      second floor secret passage
    ~ Follow the new secret passage to another lift. Go down this 
      second lift to a first floor secret passage
    ~ Follow the first floor secret passage straight ahead until
      you see a button on the wall.
    ~ Press the button, Another Secret Passage will open up. Go 
      through it, now Adrienne is now in the locked threatre room!
    ~ Leave the theatre through the front door
    Adrienne is now in the reception hall, she hears noises from
    the couch by the fireplace. It is Don drunk on the couch! Upset
    you leave him and go up to your bedroom for the night.
    Chapter #6 - Demon Revealed
    The next morning you go down to see Don, he is still sitting on
    the same old couch. Adrienne begs to leave the estate, Don 
    stands up as if to strike Adrienne, but knocking on the door
    interrupts. The Telephone man is back to finish, Don lets 
    him in but tells him to get the job done FAST. Once again
    Don walks off, but not before he gives you a dirty look.
    ~ Go to the theatre
    ~ Go through the door on the stage
    ~ Open the armoire in the makeup room. You will see an
      old photograph
    ~ Get the photograph
    ~ Examine the photo to reveal it is a picture of Carno,
      and Malcolm
    ~ Leave the theatre
    ~ Drive to Malcolms home
    ~ Walk to Malcolms house
    ~ Knock on the door, and show the housekeeper the photo
    ~ Malcolm then reveals that Carno himself created a demon,
      and goes on to explain exactly what happened in that 
    ~ Drive back to the house
    ~ Go back into the house
    The telephone man reveals that his is done, Adrienne promptly
    thanks him for his help. As the telephone man leaves Don is 
    seen axing him to death, and then laughing like a maniac.
    Chapter #7 - Demovn Revealed
    Adrienne is now upstairs packing her bags ready to leave, when
    she looks at a photo of Don and her while vacationing. It 
    reminds her of the good times she had, meanwhile we see Don 
    putting on Carno's outfit and putting makeup all over his face
    while laughing. Adrienne decides she can't leave Don here and
    that she much destory the demon.
    ~ Go to the nursery on the third floor behind the door pick up
      the glass shard
    ~ Go to the chapel, and on the left wall find the secret passage
      to the crypt.
    ~ Continue down the tunnel
    ~ Look at the cophagus you come acrossed, there are some rosary
      beds on top of the cophagus.
    ~ Take it
    ~ Go back to the threatre
    ~ Go to the make-up room and look at Don's jacket to get the
      snowman in it's pocket.
    ~ Now its time for the encounter with Don, go to the darkroom,
      it is now open, as Adrienne walks in there is a eerie red
      glow to the room. Adrienne then turns on the light and sees
      photos of herself with the photo ripped at the head, Don
      appears and tries to choke you.
    ~ As Don is choking you quickly use the Drain Cleaner on the 
      counter on Don
    ~ Now Grab the book as soon as Don lets go, Don will capture 
      you this is supposed to happen.
    ~ Now you are in the torture chair located in the threatre, 
      Use the snowman to bring Don's humanity back to him for 
      a second.
    ~ Meanwhile, pull the lever on the left of Adrienne, Don
      takes a brutal blow to the back, and Don dies, there isn't
      much time to cry, as the house starts to fall appart and 
      the demon suddenly appears.
    ~ Run to the secret threatre panel
    ~ The demon is now following you, once in the secret passage,
      go to the passage on the right of Adrienne.
    ~ You'll notice a big gap to get to the otherside, click on the
      pipe that is above the hole.
    ~ Run down the stairs, and go through the door and lock it.
    ~ Now you are in Carno's secret chamber. You'll notice the 
      Altar in the center of the room, and Carno's corpse.
    ~ Put the book on tha Altar, the first thing the book asks for 
      is a talisman
    ~ Get the talisman from Carno's corpse
    ~ Use the talisman on the book
    ~ Now use the glass shard you got to put blood on the talisman
    ~ Now use the rosary beads on the spellbook
    ~ The demon now slowly appears into the room as Adrienne is 
      reciting the spell, finally the Demon appears behind Adrienne,
      but she manages to finish the spell as the Demon is sucked 
      straight into the book.
    Adrienne now walks out of the door with a blank look on her face,
    like she had been severly traumatized.
                          3. Things to try
    Here is a complex list of things you can try in the game, these 
    include features that you may have missed when you hurried through
    Chapter - 1
    ~ Look in the mirror in the dinning room to see that the portrait 
      above the fireplace is different
    ~ Pet the cat on the fireplace
    ~ Get your fortune told from the fortune-telling machine in the 
      reception hall
    ~ Play the piano in the reception hall
    ~ Lie down on the bed in Carno's room
    ~ Open a dresser drawer in Carno's bedroom to see his ruby ring
    ~ Have conversations with Don on the second floor
    ~ Turn the water on in the darkroom while Don is underneath it
    ~ examine the small cloud floating about in the nursery
    ~ look at the painting lying on the floor in the conservatory
    ~ notice the strange lantern located on the red table in the 
    ~ use various toilet items by the sink in the bathroom
    ~ try to enter Carno's tomb from outside
    ~ try to open the locked carriage house door
    ~ look at the large vase on the floor of the conservatory and 
      find a blood-stained gardening apron with a large "H" embedded
      in it
    ~ open the vanity drawer in Marie's bedroom and see the letter
      written from Marie to Gaston
    ~ open the desk drawer in the library and notice yet another letter
      that is written by Carno to Jeremiah
    ~ open the old magazine lying on the library table and read an 
      article about Carno's magic show
    ~ open the bible in the chapel to see Carno's family tree
    ~ talk to don in various other places such as the bathroom, on the
      bed reading a book, etc.
    Chapter - 2
    ~ get your next fortune from the fortune-telling machine
    ~ notice the dropping level of absinthe in the bottle behind the bar
    ~ check on the strange phonograph music coming from the collectables
      room from the second floor
    ~ check on the eerie baby's cry coming from the nursery
    ~ enter the antique store
    ~ ask the woman in the antique store about Carno
    ~ go into the realty office and notic the realtor with the blonde
    ~ knock on the door of Malcolm's house in this chapter
    ~ open the wooden box in the chapel and notice the spell book in it
    Chapter - 3
    ~ talk to don while he is on the bed
    ~ look more closely at the monitor of the labtop computer
    ~ notice the dropping level of absinthe again
    ~ go down into the basement and hear the sounds of a woman crying
    ~ examine the large painting on the easel in the conservatory 
      again and notice the painting is more complete
    ~ talk to Harriet while she was sitting and peeling potatoes in the
      carriage house
    ~ talk to Cyrus while he is skinning a rabbit in the carriage house
    ~ give the tarot cards to Harriet while she is peeling the photato
      in the carriage house.
    ~ talk to the realtor about the telephone man coming to your house
    Chapter - 4
    ~ examine the painting in the conservatory again and notice the 
      painting is even more complete
    ~ examine the gold necklace that "magically" appear in Carno's 
    ~ pet the cat in the reception hall again
    ~ give the tarot cards to Harriet while she is washing the dishes
    ~ get your next fortune from the fortune-telling machine
    ~ notice Harriet cleaning various places in the house
    ~ talk to Cyrus in the carriage house after Harriet is through
      cleaning the house
    ~ pick up the trowel lying in the greenhouse floor to reveal Carno
      killing his Wife Hortencia
    ~ look at the pictures of the wifes in the attic
    ~ ask Lou in the Antique store some more questions
    ~ open the trunk in the attic to reveal various items
    Chapter - 5
    ~ look at the monitor of thae laptop computer, notice different text
    ~ examine the large painting in the conservatory to reveal the 
      painting is almost complete
    ~ look in the mirror in the attic to see the death of Leonora
    ~ open the dresser drawer in Carno's room and notice that one 
      cigarette is now missing
    ~ get your next fortune from the fortune-telling machine in the
      reception hall
    ~ notice that the absinthe level in the bottle is still dropping
    ~ look in the mirror in the dining room and see Carno murder his
      wife Victoria
    ~ look closely at the fishpond in the yard and discover that your
      cat Spazz is now dead
    ~ pick up a red rose that appeared by the gazebo in the yard and 
      see a vision of Marie and Gaston plotting to kill Carno
    ~ find a recently-discarded cigarette butt in the secret passages
    ~ eventually make your way to Carno's crypt
    ~ examine the strange chair sitting in the stage of the threatre
    ~ discover all the secret passages
    ~ look in the mirror in the collectibles and watch Carno murder
      his wife Regina
    Chapter - 6
    ~ notice the absinthe bottle is now missing
    ~ get your next fortune from the fortune telling machine
    ~ talk to the telphone man in the reception hall
    ~ look closely at on of the wine cases in the basement, 
      and see a vision of Victoria's corpse bobbing around
      in the red wine
    ~ look into the flip-card machine on the stage in the theatre
    ~ look in the mirror in the make-up room to see Carno's messed
      up face
    ~ trade the cameo brooch for the curcifix in the antique store
    ~ find the empty absinthe bottle in the secret passage
    ~ go to the carriage house to find out Cyrus and Harriet are 
    Chapter - 7
    ~ examine the painting in the convervatory to reveal the painting
      of the demon
    ~ use various weapons on Don while he is chasing you though the
    ~ run into the crypt and hide in Marie's sarcophagus while Don is
      chasing you
    ~ go into the theatre and discover the dead Harriet 
    ~ go into the underground tunnel while Don is chasing you around
      the house and find Cyrus's corpse
                     4.Cheats and Easter Eggs
    ~ Click on the seating spot in the bathroom seven times, then use
      the bathroom to hear some rather interesting toilet effects.
    ~ In any chapter cept for 7, click on the baby picture 4 times to
      hear and eerie laugh and red eyes glow in the picture.
    ~ The designer of Phantasmagoria, Roberta Williams can be seen 
      at random when you exit the antique shop in town.
    ~ Use the drain cleaner on the manacles, which will result in 
      an odd "blood" effect on Adrienne.
    ~ During the conversation of Malcolm in Chapter 3, you can see
      pictures above the fireplace, one is a picture of a typical  
    View Video Files
    - Open the Phantasmagoria directory and modify the Resource.WIN
      or Resource.CFG file
    - Change the "movDir=" to point to a directory on your hard drive
    - Copy the VM files from a selected CD you wish to view (in \VMD)
      to the directory you have movDir= pointing to
    - Now rename any video file in that directory to "10.VMD" then 
      load up the game and play the "introduction" instead it will
      be the video you renamed!
                       5. The Story Explained
    After moving into the new estate Adrienne has a horrible dream in 
    which she is manacled to a chair and a blade is swinging towards 
    her head. She then awakens, as Don comforts her, they then make love.
    The next morning both Adrienne and Don are around the table drinking
    coffee in the kitchen. Don explains that he thinks that the second 
    floor bathroom would make a excellent darkroom for his photography.
    Adrienne states that she is just going to explore the house and see
    what it has to offer. Adrienne then unpacks a Snow Ornament that 
    reminds them of christmas when Don proposed to her. Adrienne wonders
    around the house and finds the bedroom of Carno, she lays in the bed
    and has another dream in which hands come from the bed and try to 
    grab her, but she wakes up screaming as Don comes to her aid. They 
    engage in a short conversation. Later, Adrienne discovers a locked
    door to the library, so she drives down to the town and obtains a
    key from the realtor's office. Adrienne then drives back to the 
    house and opens the library door. By accident she bumps a brick 
    loose in the fireplace and she finds that there is a secret room
    behind the fireplace. She then discovers a letter opener and removes
    the motor from the bricks and enters this room. She then goes to the
    stand north and moves the Bible off a little wooden box. Unknown to
    Adrienne when she opens the box it releases a green mist, known as
    the demon,which climbs the stairs and causes a lamp to fall over
    Don's head, which unknowningly Don is now possessed.
    The next morning Adrienne is innociently typing on her computer,
    when Don comes up the stairs shouting and demanding that she get
    his Draino cleaner he asked for yesterday. They have an arguement
    that ends with Adrienne saying she'll get the drain cleaner, and
    Don storming out of the room. She gets the drain cleaner, but Don
    is still in an uptight mood. Adrienne slowly realizes that a bump
    on the head isn't the only reason he is upset, something more 
    deeper and darker than that. Adrienne is exploring the house to
    find out what exactly is going on, while Don is constantly locked
    away in the darkroom. Later, Adrienne is brutally raped by Don, 
    and she becomes more confused by Don.
    Adrienne learns the history of the Carno Estate and the former 
    owners. The magician was intrigued by black magic and he also
    had five wifes, which most were burtally murdered by Carno 
    himself when he is possessed by the Demon. Marie, Carno's last
    wife started to believe that Carno was behind the evil of all
    his missing previous wifes, and the plots to kill Carno with 
    her lover Gaston. They planned on making sure he couldn't escape
    from his magic trick so he would die, but it ultimately ended 
    with Carno killing both Gaston, Marie and then finally killing
    himself in the process.
    Adrienne also meets new friends around town such as Harriet and 
    Cyrus. Harriet held some tarot card readings in which summons 
    the Carno spirit and he explains to her that she must destroy 
    the demon that is loose in the house. Adrienne hires Cyrus and
    Harriet to do some house choirs in the estate. Then she meets
    Malcolm which lived in the estate over 100 years ago, he explains
    what exactly happened to Carno and also explains how to get rid
    of the evil once and for all.
    Finally the door to the dark room has opened Adrienne goes into 
    the room and discovers pictures of herself all of them cut in 
    two at the head. Adrienne is shocked, then her husband appears
    behind her, he is in carno's costume and has make-up all over
    himself. Don attempts to choke Adrienne out, but she gets the
    drain cleaner and throws it in Don's face, She then grabs the
    spell book, but gets captured in the process.
    When Adrienne wakes she is in the torture chair getting shackled
    to the chair, Adrienne pulls out the snowman to Don, Don steps 
    back for a minute, Adrienne meanwhile pulls the lever to release
    the blade, which hits Don in the back and kills him. There is
    no time to cry, as the Demon then appears. Adrienne immediately
    runs away and takes the secret passage in the threatre. She
    manages to get over a big gap in the passageway by using a pipe
    above the hole. She eventually makes it to Carno's Secret 
    Place. She then recites the spell that ends up with the demon
    being sucked into the book and sealed....forever. Adrienne
    then walks out of the house with a blank look on her
                 5. Unanswered Questions
    UQ = Unanswered Question
    TY = Theories
    This section includes some questions you could never have got 
    answered by playing the game, however I have my theories to these
    UQ = Why is a large human face depicted on the outside wall of the
    TY = Since Carno's estate was used for magic spells, it might just
         be a decoration for it.
    UQ = Why are the sleeping rooms so illogical, Carno and Hortencia 
         slept on the second floor, Sofia on the third floor, and Malcom
         is in the tower room. Why was the baby put on the third floor 
         instead of on the second floor?
    TY = Unknown
    UQ = Do you think that Don and Adrienne actually slept in the same 
         bed during the entire fiasco, where'd Don Sleep?
    TY = In the darkroom possibly, on the couch in the reception hall,
         or possibly in Carno's room
    UQ = How did the door on the third floor get locked from the other-
    TY = Demonic Activity
    UQ = Why doesn't Adrienne fill Don in on these discoveries?
    TY = Don didn't want to even speak to her, or she was afriad of
         him and what he may do to her.
    UQ = Where'd the new phone installation go?
    TY = Don removed it to prevent Adrienne from using it
    UQ = How did Malcolm survive in the Carnovasch Estate?
    TY = Unknown
    UQ = How does the Demon cross the hole at the end of the game?
    TY = Magic possibly
                       6. Glitches/Bloppers
    ~ In chapter 1 we see the box in the introduction movie, yet when you
      take control of Adrienne it just simply dissappears, you can't find
      it anywhere in the game.
    ~ When Adrienne eats food from the fridge, you can tell her hands 
      never touch the food.
    ~ When Adrienne is shown petting the cat the couch is up to her knees
      yet in normal circumstances it is about up to her calves.
    ~ Carno's jewelry box is shown next to the lamp, but in the bed scene
      in which the hands try to grab Adrienne it disappears.
    ~ When going to the realtor's office it is clearly day, but when you
      are in the office and look in the background as Adrienne talks to 
      the realtor it is black as if it is nighttime.
    ~ In chapter two, the picture of Adrienne and Don is missing from 
      the stand by the bed.
    ~ When Don is walking off after the conversation of the drain cleaner,
      he walks in the direction of the fireplace not the exit.
    ~ In chapter three, when the introduction move is over, the picnic
      basket mysteriously disappears.
    ~ A task said by Adrienne to Harriet was to make the bed, but it is
      already made
    ~ When Adrienne is in a secret passage and most move a platform, 
      her hands move but the wheel doesn't.
    ~ In chapter 7, Carno's corpse dissappears as soon as you take the 
      talisman from him
    ~ When Adrienne runs back into the threatre after poking Don, the 
      chair in the make-up room is missing
    ~ Cyrus' corpse falls onto Adrienne when she runs to the crypt while
      Don is chasing her, and is still there when she races from the 
      cyrpt, however if you use the gargoyle to drop on Don the corpse
                      8. VMD Video File List
    CD  #1
    10.vmd    = Game Introduction
    30.vmd    = Introduction to Chapter 1
    290.vmd   = Panorama of reception hall from front doors
    295.vmd   = Panorama of reception hall from dining room archway
    300.vmd   = Panorama of reception hall from second floor
    740.vmd   = Carno's bed grabbing Adrienne
    1540.vmd  = Romantic kitchen scene
    2100.vmd  = Using the letter opener to remove bricks in library
    2140.vmd  = Picking up Bible from chapel altar
    2170.vmd  = Release of the Demon (conclusion to Chapter 1)
    CD #2
    745.vmd   = Carno's bed grabbing Adrienne (without DON)
    2290.vmd  = Introduction to Chapter 2 (walls of the mansion)
    2291.vmd  = Introduction to Chapter 2 (drain cleaner incident)
    CD #3
    3070.vmd = Introduction to Chapter 3 - Part A
    3071.vmd = Introduction to Chatper 3 - Part B
    3970.vmd = Conclusion to Chapter 3
    5460.vmd = Attempted murder of Carno
    CD #4
    3980.vmd = Rape Scene
    4550.vmd = Murder of Hortencia
    CD #5
    4010.vmd = Murder of Regina
    4840.vmd = Introduction to Chapter 5
    4860.vmd = Murder of Leonora
    4950.vmd = Murder of Victoria in dining room
    4970.vmd = Finding of Spazz
    5010.vmd = Harriet's seance
    5030.vmd = Maria and Gaston plotting to kill Carno
    5300.vmd = Throne of Terror investigation
    5440.vmd = Victoria's body in cask in cellar
    5710.vmd = Malcolm's tale
    CD #6
    4950.vmd = Murder of Victoria 
    5850.vmd = conclusion to chapter 6
    5855.vmd = Introduction to Chapter 7
    5460.vmd = attempted murder of Carno seen in flip card machine
    CD #7
    1000.vmd = Manacling to Throne of Terror
    1010.vmd = Manacling to Throne of Terror
    1014.vmd = Don kills Adrienne in the Chair
    1020.vmd = unsuccessful attack with poker
    1030.vmd = unsuccessful attack using hammer
    1040.vmd = unsuccessful attack using glass shard
    1050.vmd = unsuccessful attack using freehand
    1060.vmd = Adrienne presses the lever too early and kills herself
    1100.vmd = Presentation of snowman Christmas ornament
    1130.vmd = unsuccessful attack using hammer after presentation of
    1130.vmd = unsuccessful attack using the glass shard after 
               presentation of snowman
    1205.vmd = watching of demon on stage
    1730.vmd = Adrienne falls into the gaping hole
    2640.vmd = Completion of the Game
    9100.vmd = Demon appears behind Adrienne at table and kills her
    Unpublished Work Copyright paranoidxe 2000-2001

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