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"City building madness!"

Pharaoh. Long ago in ancient Egypt the land was ruled by Pharaohs. These Pharaohs were like dictators. The ruled all, and their word was law. In this game you play the Pharaoh and build your own empire. You start with a small town and end up with a city fit for a god!

What is it?
A city builder. Along the lines of games like Caesar(which is also made by Sierra) and Sim city. You start out with a small town and have to work you way up to leading an entire city. And its not a cakewalk. You run into hazards such as fires and other natural disasters. This game has as much depth as you choose. Even after completing all of the objectives you can still build your city into infinity.

Graphics 6/10-
For a huge game like this the graphics are o.k. This game is also pretty you really cant expect much. But everything is good. You can see some details and there are some cool effects like the grain swaying in the wind, and the water slipping out of the bucket your citizens are carrying. So overall the graphics are dated but graphics areant always strong points for this kind of game.

Control 7/10-
Well it IS a keyboard and mouse so how can it go wrong? I'll tell you how, scrolling. Scrolling up and down the map is painful. It goes slow and I have not found any options that make it better. But it IS a keyboard and mouse, so it only has a few downsides.

Sound 8/10-
Great music and effects. From the chopping of wood to the harvesting of grain is sound pretty good. Good not great. It all plays into the game.

Overall 7/10-
So, overall this game is a good, not great, game. Everything is average about this game. But you can probably find this game for about $10. For $10 you cant go wrong now can you? With great sound, ok graphics, ok control this game is overall good. Plus I have to say I am very fond of the Egyptian setting. So, even though there are much better city builder games than this*looks at Sim city* this one is great for all who are on a budget or want a city builder in a old world setting. This game is well worth $10 and if you see it pick it up. You wont be blown away by it, but you will be in for a good gaming experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/08/04

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