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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xylanic

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                           Pool of Radiance:Ruins of Myth Drannor
                                 A Walkthrough By:Xylanic
                                  Copyright October, 2001
    Version 0.2
    Table of Contents:
    1.Author Information, Contact Information, Etc.
    2.Some Basic Game Information
    3.Walkthrough Part 1:Arrival to Dwarven Dungeons
    More to come as FAQ is updated.
    1.Author Information, Contact Information, Etc
    A. Contact Information
      You may contact me in one of several ways.  My main mail address is 
    Xylanic@aol.com.  I also do not mind AIM messages, but do not always expect 
    an instant response.  You may also contact me through ICQ 51016774.  Please 
    title all mail with the heading POR FAQ, Pool of Radiance FAQ, or something 
    similar, so I know what it is and do not delete it.  I will give credit to 
    anyone who has information to add to the FAQ, or to correct me if I am wrong.  
    The newest version of this FAQ is always at WWW.Gamefaqs.com.  Don't ask me 
    for the latest version, or when it will be out, I work at my own pace. I do 
    not mind mail asking for help, as I have played through most of the game now.  
    I do not mind criticism, but I am not perfect, so don't expect me to be. One 
    last portion of information, I am not Technical Support. Please go to 
    Poolofradiance.com if you have technical problems with the game.  Thank you.
      Again, the easiest way to contact me is XYLANIC@AOL.COM.
    B. Who Am I?
      I am a Professional writer who writes Fantasy and Horror in my spare time.  
    I spend a lot of time at the Survivor Board on Gamefaqs as well if you wish 
    to find me there.  I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be, so if you find 
    a small mistake in the document, I don't mind criticism for it, but do not 
    care for flames very much.  I do this because I happen to enjoy this game, 
    and enjoy the story, and most of all, because I enjoy writing.
    C. What's in this FAQ?
      This FAQ is designed mainly to get you from one point to the next, and where 
    key items are and how to use them to get from that point.  It will not cover 
    how to fight every battle, although some key battles I will give tips for.  
    It will also not cover the best type of party to use, or what equipment to 
    use, as that debate can go on for ever. It will also not cover in detail the 
    rule system, or how that works, as there is plenty of other material out there 
    for that. I do plan to cover each game area as fully as possible, and explain 
    a bit about the area as well.  I also plan to detail how to complete each 
    quest as fully as possible, and where some of the best items are. At this 
    time, I have no plans to give a complete item list, or where to get everything.
    D. Where Can I read this FAQ?
    The following sites are Pre-Approved to use this FAQ, and do not need to mail 
    me for permission. Any other site is requested to mail me at Xylanic@aol.com, 
    I am very giving, as long as I know you are using it.
    Any other sites are requested to mail me. Thanks.
    E. Version Update Information
    10-04-01-Released Version 0.1, With basic format, and contact information.
    10-07-01-Released Version 0.2, With some general hints and tips and the next 
    portion of the walkthrough.
    F. Thank You's
    Thank you to Robin, for giving me purpose.
    Thank you to All the people who will very soon be flooding my mailbox with 
    tips and suggestions =).
    G. Frequently Asked Questions.
    Q.Where do I find my first NPC, Jarial?
    A.Jarial will be the first and easiest NPC to get to join your party.  To 
    get him, From the entry of the Main Halls (first dungeon) Head through the 
    South door (Key of the living door) then head east down the main throughfare 
    until you reach the intersection with the doors to the Great Hall north and 
    Turgild Square south. There is a yellow marker here as well.  Head south into 
    the square, and into the eastern section of the square, where you will enter 
    a room, then another room to the south of this one, that appears all blasted 
    out.  In a rock in the center of the room is Jarial.
    Q.How do I free Jarial from the Rock?
    A. Equip one of your characters with a ring, and bash the rock.  The answer 
    to the riddle was indeed ring.
    Q.What is that odd Jasmine smell that I see in the Great Hall area and after 
    I defeat the Wraith in the Hall of the Dead area?
    A.This is marking a hidden room with some great treasure inside, including 
    a Hammer that is +5 to Undead and a great asset to pick up for your party.  
    After you defeat the Wraith, open the chest in the Wraith's room and take 
    the key. Wrap around to the Great Hall. In the western corner of the hall 
    are Orc Bedrooms. The topmost bedroom has a secret door in the back wall, 
    leading to an ancient burial area that the Orcs have sealed off to prevent 
    Undead from coming into their lair.  The coffins contain Ghouls, so be careful.  
    On the west wall of this area, just above where you fought the Wraith, is 
    another secret door leading to the crypt of a Ghast. When you defeat the Ghast, 
    you can open the chest and get the +5 hammer, +2 against normal creatures. 
    2. General Game Information.
    A. Starting the Game, Initial Story
      As I stated earlier, I will not be telling you how to play the game in this 
    FAQ, or about the Dungeons and Dragons Rules for 3rd Edition.  There are many 
    other manuals included within the game that shed light on this subject. This 
    section is designed mainly to get you started, not to tell you what is the 
    best party to have.  This section will also shed a bit more light on the story.
      Once you have started up and begun the game, you will observe the initial 
    movie, which details the events that occurred at the end of the original Pool 
    of Radiance Games, which are excellent as well by the way.  The destroyed 
    Pool of Radiance underneath New Phlan has begun to spawn anew, and is 
    producing undead, and causing all that it touches to become an undead creature.  
    Elminister, the saintly good wizard who seems involved with everything in 
    Faerun, has come to Phlan after hearing this, and speaks with the council.
      Elminister has charged Athan and his companions, a band of great heroes,  
    with tracking down the reason the Pool has begun to spring anew...Apparentely, 
    it has to do with a connection to another pool in the dreaded Myth Drannor, 
    an ancient city that was once one of the most glorious cities in the realms, 
    and is now without a doubt, one of the most dangerous places to visit.  He 
    has given them the Guantlets of Moander, a special artifact that has the power 
    to defeat the pool, and prevent it from spawning new pools, that could 
    eventually cause all the realms to become a pool of Undead.
      A second party, of Amateurs, has been asked to keep watch over the pool 
    below New Phlan for possible emerging undead and other dangers. (That's You.)  
    Shortly after arrival in watching over this pool, a portal opens, and Athan 
    is seen in a great battle, calling for help.  However, when your amateur group 
    goes to assist, Time is warped, something goes wrong, and you arrive hours 
    later, to find the scene almost empty, and the party dead...And you alone, 
    trapped in the middle of Myth Drannor, one of the most dangerous places period, 
    as a novice character. Good luck.
    B. My Party
      Although as before, I will not advise on what party to use, the party I 
    have used to work through the game is the following:
      Initial Party I Used:
      2 (Two) Half-Orc Fighters-Str 18 Dex 17 Con 17 Int 5 Wis 3 Chr 1:I felt 
    that I did not want Barbarians, due to personal factors. Again, I am NOT 
    telling you what party to use, just what got me through the game.  The maxed 
    Str, and almost maxed Dex and Con as Initial stats worked well, and the others 
    can be improved Later.
      Kestrel (Default Thief) Her overall stats are better then most you could 
    roll for a thief to be overall efficent, and besides, she was awesome in the 
    book adaption that comes in the Collectors Set.
      Skylar (Default Cleric) Again, her overall stats are more efficent then 
    one that you could create, and In my opinion a cleric is a much needed member 
    of your party.
      I would like to add one suggestion here, that being, A starting sorcerer 
    is not needed. Why?  As you will see in the walkthrough, a Sorcerer can be 
    picked up within 30 minutes of the start of the game, with decent stats as 
    well.  However, it is your decision.
    C. Game Tips
      This section is mostly made up of user submitted tips.
    From Erion The Butcher:
      Dealing with potential traps.
    When dealing with a potential trap situation (ie any chest or openable
    object) this is the recommended method for dealing with it. Keep your party 
    as far to the side of the chest as possible, then send your rouge over to 
    the side of the chest before performing your Search, Disable Device and Open 
    Lock tests. This will help you completly avoid Lightning Bolt and Cone of 
    Cold traps, and make it so only your rogue is at risk for most other traps 
    if they go off.
    From Rodrigo-How to find Secret Doors Easily.
    Just turn on the 'Show dice rolls' option. When you pass near a wall and
    your characters begin rolling their skills for no apparent reason, it's that 
    they're trying to detect a secret door nearby. Since you have to be very close 
    to walls for this to work, you've still got  to have a general idea where 
    the door is supposed to be- but this still saved me quite a bit of time and 
    If you want more tips, submit them to me, I will add them to this section. 
    These are asked to be only general tips or suggestions.
    3. Walkthrough Part One-Arrival to the Dwarven Dungeons
    A. Your Arrival in Myth Drannor
      When you arrive, Athan's battle has long been over, and you stand in a ruined 
    central courtyard area.  Orcs, devious pig-faced creatures, Scavengers, loot 
    the bodies of the slain, however, these seem not to be the individuals who 
    killed the mighty adventurers in the first place.  You are thrust into combat 
    as soon as you finish reading about your circumstances. This is a short, easy 
    combat against 2 orcs(AC:14 HD:1d8) and should not be a problem for you.
      When the battle is complete, You will find a document one of the orcs was 
    carrying, bloodstained rags that tell a little more about what is happening.  
    In short, the rags were Athan's Journals, and reading what is left of them 
    reveals that a group known as the Scarred Ones have taken residence in Castle 
    Cormanthor, and that the Mythal, age-old magic that has protected the City 
    of Song, Myth Drannor, for generations, is being corrupted by them.  Athan 
    sought a way into the Castle, but had found none.  Mentions of allies, City 
    Heights, and a Skeletal Arm were also there, but the rest was blotted out.
      After finishing reading, search the battle area for a little gold, and a 
    few other basic goodies, then head east (to your right.) Directly east of 
    your arrival area is a shrine within a tree stump, with a set of stairs leading 
    up into it.  Destroy the zombies here (AC:10 HD:2d12+3) and then search the 
    Topmost barrel on the ground nearby, within is a Hardwood key.  You may hear 
    a voice telling someone to get away from his wagon, this is normal, and will 
    wait just a moment. With the key, head into the shrine and open the chest 
    for some goodies. Use the healing fountain if you need it.
      Now, from the shrine, continue east, to the ruins of a bowl shaped bulding, 
    with a small wagon parked inside.  The voice you heard is shouting from within 
    the wagon, which is currently being besieged by two Zombies (AC:10 HD:2d12+3).  
    Defeat the zombies and you will be thrust into conversation with Nottle, a 
    halfling trader who does his business with unsavory types such as orcs and 
    Drow, and who trades right here out of Myth Drannor.  Interesting how a 
    halfling can stay alive in Myth Drannor alone and not be able to fend off 
    two Zombies, eh?
      In return for your assistence, Nottle will give you a magic Word, Tam-tamak, 
    the knocking word, which opens a shelter that two Elves live within who he 
    thinks may be able to help you. He informs you they live in a tree stump 
    directly to the west, across the bridge by where you arrived.  You can also 
    get more information about the surroundings and Nottle himself by choosing 
    certain dialogue options. When you have finished, and possibly inspected 
    Nottle's wares as well, head back to the area that you arrived at, check the 
    sign if you wish that informs you Greeners Glade is across the bridge, and 
    then cross the bridge to the west across the chasm.
    B. Faeril and Beriand and into the Dungeons
      On your way across the bridge, or just after it, you will run into two Orcs, 
    (AC:14,HD:1d8) An easy battle.  Their remains will contain +1 Leather armor, 
    great for a rogue if you have one. Across the bridge, you stand in a small 
    area, with a large tree stump to the south. Make your way around the stump 
    west and south, and notice the cave entry on the cliff-face. This will come 
    in handy later in the game. Continue south and around to the front of the 
    Stump, where you will notice a glowing Glyph on the ground, and ruins around 
    the stump.
      Step onto the glyph, and the knocking word will speak itsself, opening the 
    path into the reclusive Elven shelter, and home of the Blind Cleric of Mystra 
    Beriand and his assistent Faeril (who later in the game can join you.)  Speak 
    with them, and you will learn a bit more about the situation you are in. It 
    appears that now that Athan's band of warriors has been destroyed, it is up 
    to you to fufill his quest. To do that, you must reach the heights of the 
    city. However, the only way to do so is with an item called the Ring of Calling, 
    which furthermore is stuck on the arm of a skeleton.
      You are informed you need to find the skeleton's arm and the Ring of Calling 
    upon it, then locate a place within the Dwarven Dungeons that permate the 
    hillside called the Room of Words, that should contain a word to release the 
    ring from the arm.  They also have some other information as well, most 
    importantly being that they ask you to read the book nearby for another word 
    to use to unseal the Tumbledown Door to the East, the door that leads into 
    the Main Halls of the ancient Dwarven Dungeons that they sealed when escaping 
    the area a while back to prevent Orcs from following them.
      Read the book to learn the Word Alahnmalyr, which will Unseal the Tumbledown 
    door. Additionally, you should gain a level at this point due to the amount 
    of experience you receive!  At this point, I would advise continuing to speak 
    with the duo of Elves, as they have many tales to tell you about the dungeons 
    which give many, many clues to subquests hidden within the dungeon.  When 
    you have finished getting all the information you wish, exit the Elven 
      It is possible you may have some random battles in this area with skeletons 
    if it is night, however this is another simple battle.  Make your way back 
    to the bridge over the chasm and cross back into where you entered Myth Drannor. 
    Make your way back to where Nottle and his wagon lies, then continue just 
    to the east and north of his dwelling area, where you will come upon a ruined 
    temple with a boulder in the doorway, and two orcs in front of it, with another 
    just off to the east slightly watching.
      As you approach, you will be launched into a short conversation with the 
    Orcs, which will most likely reveal they are guarding treasure, and they are 
    orcs of Zud, a powerful Orc Leader you encounter later.  Defeat them, a simple 
    battle, smash the boulder, and enter the interior of the ruined temple.  
    Within is another regular Orc (AC:14,HD:1d8) and an Orc Leader 
    (AC:16,HD:2d10). Defeat both of these, again, they should not give you much 
      After you finish the battle, use your rogue (did you remember to have one? 
    =)) to disable the flame trap on the chest just north of the campfire, then 
    open it.  Inside the chest is a ring of protection(AC+1,+1 to all saving throws) 
    and a Dwarven Warhammer (+1). Nifty. Camp here if you wish, as this is now 
    a safe area, equip your characters how you wish, and head out of the temple.
      Now, head back to the steps leading to Nottles place, and head directly 
    south, where you see a ruined Tower. You may fight a few orcs around here, 
    but it is nothing to fear.  Pick up the gold lying on the ground near the 
    tower, then bring your entire party inside and open up the treasure chest. 
    At this point 2 skeletons (AC:18,HD:1d12) appear to either side of you. A 
    quick turn undead renders this battle over, or just fight the battle. Inside 
    the chest is another ring of protection (AC+1,+1 to all saving throws) and 
    a Amulet of Constitution (+1 con).
      With your newfound goodies intact, you can take a look just to the west 
    and south of this tower, where you will see a set of circular stairs leading 
    to a watchtower and a raised drawbridge. Much later in the game you can lower 
    this bridge. Defeat any orcs or skeletons that may be wandering about this 
    area and start to make your way east and south, going underneath (or around, 
    depending on your direction of approach) an arched bridge, where most likely 
    more basic orcs will be atop of it and fight you.
      Stick to the south wall while you are heading east (against a raised wall) 
    until you hit a cliff on the eastern wall and notice blue-green moss on the 
    ground.  Use this moss to heal your party members, then head directly north 
    to the Tumbledown door and it's Guardians, two Orc Leaders (AC:16,HD:2d10).  
    Defeat them, and you will notice a round blue stone fall out of one of the 
    orcs pockets, an Iron-Bound Crystal. Take it, then rest up if you need to, 
    you shall need it. When you are ready, step on the Glyph of Mystra which will 
    speak the word you learned earlier to open the Tumbledown Door.
      Welcome to the Dwarven Dungeons.
    4.Walkthrough Part 2-Dwarven Dungeons Main Halls
    A.Entry to Jarial's room
    Updated by 10/10.

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