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    Spells FAQ by Lord Veovis

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/18/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Populous: The Beginning
    Spells FAQ
    Written by Lord Veovis (lord_veovis_gamefaqs@yahoo.com)
    v 1.1
    Version History
    1.0- Created and submitted FAQ (2-22-03)
    1.1- I have a new e-mail address (lord_veovis_gamefaqs@yahoo.com), so send all 
    your questions and comments to it instead of the old address (5-18-03)
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Spells
    III. Legal Information
    I. Introduction
    Populous: The Beginning is one of my favorite god-games. I decided to write this 
    FAQ because there weren't any FAQs on the spells, which in my opinion are the 
    best feature of the game. There are 20 spells in the entire game. 16 of the spells 
    are normal spells, and the other four are super spells and can ONLY be used in 
    a few certain levels (even if you cheat to get all spells).
    II. Spells
    There are 20 spells in the game. Each has a specified range and mana use. Both 
    are measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the maximum range/mana 
    Range: 10
    Mana required: 5
    A simple spell, blast is more useful early in the game because of its low mana 
    cost. It will send nearby followers (including your own) flying into the air. 
    A good tactic would be to use this on an enemy follower near the water. If aimed 
    right, the enemy follower will be blown into the sky and fall into the water. 
    Also, when enemy followers surround your Shaman, casting Blast on your Shaman 
    will get the enemy followers off your tail (temporarily).
    Range: 100
    Mana required: 5
    Convert is not an offensive spell. Cast it around wildmen and any wildmen caught 
    in the radius of the spell will be converted into a Brave of your own. Cast it 
    in the center of multiple wildmen for maximum effectiveness.
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 50
    Swarm isn't a spell used to kill enemy followers, but it is a very effective 
    distraction spell. Cast it around any enemy followers and they will stop whatever 
    they're doing and run around frantically trying to get away from the swarm of 
    insects. There are many good ways to use this. If an enemy Preacher is converting 
    your followers and you don't want to cast blast or lightning on him (you might 
    kill your own followers), cast swarm on him and he'll stop preaching and run away. 
    Cast swarm on enemy followers in a boat and they'll jump out and drown, or on 
    a balloon over water and they'll fall out into the water. It also can be used 
    to kill enemy followers who are near death.
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 25
    Invisibility will make the followers you cast it on invisible (obviously). Cast 
    invisibility on your followers and send them into an enemy base for a quick and 
    effective raid. Once an invisible follower begins to fight he will become visible 
    again. Combine invisibility with magical shield for an even better raid.
    Magical Shield
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 30
    This spell casts a shield on your followers to protect them during battle. It 
    also gives them nearly complete immunity from enemy spells. When I say nearly 
    complete that means that an enemy Shaman can't cast any spells directly onto the 
    shielded follower (blast, lightning, etc.); it will just bounce off the shield 
    in a random direction. However, the shielded follower isn't protected from 
    offensive spells if the spell is cast near him. An example would be lightning 
    or blast cast near (not on) a shielded follower and the area of effect causes 
    some damage to him. The shielded follower dies upon walking through a swamp. Angels 
    of death will still eat him. An effective use would be to cast it on your warriors 
    to make them even better fighters and your  preachers to prevent them from being 
    attacked while converting enemy followers.
    Land Bridge
    Range: 50
    Mana required: 30
    When you cast this spell, a land bridge will rise to connect the spot where the 
    Shaman is standing and where it was cast. It can make bridges to cross water and 
    create ramps to travel up and down cliffs.
    Range: 60
    Mana required: 30
    Similar to the blast spell, but much more powerful. It will kill any enemy follower 
    (except shielded followers) if it hits them perfectly. It also sends nearby 
    followers (including your own) flying into the air, but not as far as with the 
    blast spell. If you cast it on buildings they will catch on fire and send any 
    occupants running out. Cast it on large groups of enemy followers, enemy Shamans, 
    and guard towers with preachers or firewarriors in them.
    Range:  30
    Mana required: 35
    Hypnotize can turn the tables in any fight. Cast it on a large group of enemy 
    followers and they'll convert to your side. However, it only lasts for around 
    15 seconds. A very good tactic is to cast it on enemy preachers. He will start 
    preaching to other enemy followers and convert them, but the converted followers 
    won't be hypnotized, they will be your own followers.
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 35
    When you cast tornado it will stay in the spot it was cast for awhile, then it 
    will move in a random direction for awhile and eventually wear off. Any followers 
    (enemy or your own) who get near it will be sucked up and thrown far in a random 
    direction. The fall from that height won't kill most followers at full health, 
    but they may be thrown into the water. If you cast it on a building it will suck 
    up the entire building and throw the wood around randomly. It is a good disruptive 
    spell against enemy Shamans or large groups of enemy followers heading to your 
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 50
    Swamp is a great defensive spell. Any followers (enemy or your own) that walk 
    into a swamp will immediately die. After a swamp has killed 10 followers it will 
    disappear. An effective strategy is to cast it near your base to prevent the enemy 
    from attacking your base, and to cast it on large groups of enemy followers.
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 60
    When you cast flatten, all land around the point where the spell was cast will 
    rise or lower to the exact height of where the spell was cast. A good strategy 
    is to create a tall cliff that surrounds your base with one opening for the enemy 
    to enter, which would be very easy to defend.
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 60
    When you cast earthquake, the screen will shake and you will hear a deep rumbling. 
    After a few seconds, the area where the spell was cast will suddenly split and 
    emit a small amount of lava. If you cast it on very low land near the water, the 
    land will go underwater for a short period, sinking any buildings and people on 
    the land. The best places to cast earthquake are on enemy buildings on the shore 
    or on high cliffs.
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 80
    Upon casting erode, the land will sink quickly. It is most effective when used 
    on enemy bases on high land. Also, if you cast it on low land near water, the 
    land will sink underwater, and so will any buildings or people on the land.
    Range: 30
    Mana required: 85
    Firestorm is a very powerful spell. When you cast it, flaming meteors will fall 
    from the sky, igniting anyone, including your own followers (but not your Shaman), 
    and any buildings in the radius. It will do major damage to buildings and usually 
    kills anyone in the area. It is best used in large settlements with a lot of enemy 
    buildings and/or followers. Don't cast it when your followers are around the Shaman 
    because the radius of firestorm is large enough to hit your followers.
    Angel of Death
    Range: 15
    Mana required: 90
    When you cast angel of death, a giant flying creature will emerge from the ground. 
    It will quickly fly to enemy settlements. There it will lock onto an enemy follower 
    and rush at it, grabbing it in its jaws, igniting the follower, and spitting him 
    out to fall a great height. This will kill any enemy follower regardless of heath 
    or even having a magical shield. There are three ways to destroy an angel of death: 
    create another angel of death to fight it, send lots of firewarriors to shoot 
    at it, or wait until it dies of old age (around 5 minutes).
    Range: 15
    Mana required: 100
    When you cast volcano, the land will rise in a circular pattern from the ground 
    (or water) where you cast it. Lava will pour out of it and set fire to any building 
    or follower, whether enemy or your own (your Shaman won't be hurt, however). The 
    lava will also create more land if it reaches water. Any land the lava touches 
    will become damaged, and buildings cannot be built there until it becomes fertile 
    The following are super spells. They require no mana, but you can only get one-shot 
    versions of the spells from worshipping Stone Heads in a few certain levels.
    Range: 100
    Mana required: N/A
    Armageddon is the ultimate spell. When you cast it a giant arena rises from the 
    ground (or water) where it was cast. All followers in the entire world are teleported 
    to that arena where they all engage in a massive fight. The Shamans stand on the 
    high parts of the arena with a permanent shield and cannot be hurt. Once all of 
    a Shaman's followers a die in the fight the Shaman's shield disappears, and another 
    Shaman will cast lightning on her, killing her and eliminating that tribe. The 
    last tribe standing wins the level. You can only find the Armageddon spell in 
    the Middle Ground and Head Hunter levels.
    Range: Infinite
    Mana required: N/A
    Teleport is only available in the Unlikely Allies level. Cast it anywhere on the 
    entire map and the Shaman will instantly teleport there. You can use this for 
    a quick escape or a quick assault on the enemy.
    Range: 30
    Mana required: N/A
    Bloodlust can turn the tides of any fight, no matter how uneven the numbers may 
    be. Cast it on your followers and they will take and deal much more damage than 
    they normally would. In fact, one bloodlusted Brave can take out a group of five 
    Warriors. Use this spell for effective raids or when your followers are losing 
    in a big fight.
    III. Legal Information
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private 
    use. It may not be placed on any web site (except www.gamefaqs.com) or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any website other than www.gamefaqs.com or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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