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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by SeaDragon

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                                  SeaDragon will now present his 6th FAQ:
    	  _______      ______	 ______     __    __   __	  ______    __    _	 ______
    	 /   ___ -   -  ___  -  /  ___ -   -  -  -  - -  -      -  ___  -  -  -  -  -  - _____/
    	/   /  /  / /  /  /  / /  /  /  / /  /  /  / /  /      /  /  /  / /  /  /  /  / /__
           /   /__/  / /  /  /  / /  /__/  / /  /  /  / /  /      /  /  /  / /  /  /  /  -___  -
          /	  _____-  /  /  /  / /  _____-  /  /  /  / /  /      /  /  /  / /  /  /  /      /  /
         /   /	 /  /__/  / /  /       /  /__/  / /  /_____ /  /__/  / /  /__/  /  ____/  /
        /___/	 -______-  /__/        -______-  /________/ -______-   -______-   /_____-
        _____________________________________The Beginning______________________________________
    				    |	    TACTICS       |
    				    |	      O F	  |
    				    |	      WAR	  |
                                       *Ver. 0.5*
    Written and published by SeaDragon. Copywright 2003-2004. All rights reserved.
    I. Intro
    Hola! Welcome to my sixth faq, and largest. My tactics of war FAQ will make sure you don't screw up
    when you're at war with you most dreaded tribe, and also guide you through some of the tough ones.
    So tighten up your loincloth and light your fists on fire, cause you're in for a big ride.
    II. Legal turdcrappings
    Well, I'd better be clear about this: YOU MAY ONLY POST MY FAQ WITH MY PERMISSION! You have no idea
    how many people have distributed my faq without permission. I wont reveal their names untill i'm
    really pissed off. You may take information from my faq without permission, just as long as the
    source is properly credited.
    III. Contact Info
    > My email is zane_tw@msn.com.
    > I'm getting sick of junkmail.
    > Cmon! Don't be shy! Just mail me about my faq.
    > Eevr tryd to red speleng uv a to yeer uld? I'm REALLY getting sick of that unreadable jargon! From
    now and on, I will delete this kind of mail, regardless of how important it is. Consider yourself
    > Go ahead and rant or flame. I won't reply, but go ahead, I don't even care one bit, I promise:).
    IV. Version History
    0.0: If you want to see a title art, forget it! I can't find anyone generous enough to give me one,
    and I can't make one myself. If you can make a title art for me, you'll be BIG in the credits
    0.1: First version, largest release.
    0.5: Second version, got a title art from elrond half-elf, and fixed some typos. Also, the secrets
    section was a little off, so I fixed it! Sorry about that! Oh, I added a secret, too so go ahead and
    V. Buildings
    Now, it's the fun part of the FAQ, time to get into the game.
    THE HUT: It increases your population while providing you with mana, also, the more the followers
    inside, the faster braves and mana are produced. They are upgraded twice to hold more people and
    produce people and mana faster. It's a good idea to keep these protected, as these are always your
    enemy's primary target.
    WARRIOR TRAINING HUT: Where great and formiddable warriors are born. However, training warriors
    costs mana, but it's well worth it. As with every training hut, protecting these are critical.
    FIREWARRIOR TRAINING HUT: Send followers in here to make them mighty firewarriors. These buildings
    are cumbersome, so take care when placing them.
    PREACHER TRAINING HUT: Sacred and not to mention annoying preachers are born here. Besides the
    ballon hut, this is oddly shaped and takes alot of wood.
    SPY TRAINING HUT: Where mischevous and stealthy spies are born. These are small and require very
    little wood, so you could make millions of these.
    GUARD TOWER: These have quite a number of functions, for one, they will most likely form the buff of
    your defensive line. If they have a preacher, they will preach farther. If you have a firewarrior,
    their power is increased and can shoot farther. If there are braves, they just simply ring the ball
    like everyone else. If it has a warrior, they will call for backup. And if there is a spy, the enemy
    spies will be unmasked. The bell it rings is quite useful, you can press space and it will take you
    to the danger, then you can call for security.
    BOAT HUT: Send braves in here to make boats, vehicles that hold five people and can travel anywhere
    on water. This must be constructed next to a coast, and building boats takes time and wood.
    BALLOON HUT: Huts that can make ballons, vehicles with a capacity of two and can go anywhere you
    want it to go.
    TREES: Provide you four wood untis per tree and grow back gradually.
    GUARD POST: Send followers here to make them guard the area.
    VI. Followers
    Various kind of people will be at your command, and they are all listed in this section.
    THE SHAMAN: The leader of your tribe, she can cast spells, and not to mention can take a huge
    beating due to her high health capacity. She is unskilled in hand to hand combat, but can still take
    on a couple of braves, and occasionally, the enemy shaman. However, if she has all spells charged,
    she can take on an army. They can be annoying and devastating to you though is easily killed by your
    own shaman. Truly a formiddable part of an army!
    BRAVES: You start out with several of these. The have basic knowledge of hand to hand combat, but it
    isn't a good idea to send them into battle with more powerful people. They are the only ones who can
    build things, so it's a good idea to keep a few around.
    WARRIORS: Strong, formiddable warriors will form a great part of your army. They are the most
    skilled in hand to hand combat, but one can still be overpowered by lots of braves. They are
    critical to keep in your army, and not to mention almost has the strength of one.
    FIREWARRIORS: They can cast the spell blast with great force, and are great for fending off armies,
    and for providing coverfire for their comrades. They are greatly unskilled in hand to hand combat,
    however, and can be killed by even a single brave.
    PREACHERS: Able to preach to enemy followers to put them on your side. They are unable to preach to
    other preachers, however, and if they see one, they'll pick a fight. If someone manages to approach
    them without hearing their words, they will try and kill them. They have as much hand to hand skill
    as the shaman, however, but are easily killed. Also, when they are preaching, keep a look out for
    SPIES: They can disquise themselves as they enemy and enter the enemy settlement without fear of
    being attacked. They are easily unmasked though. If they pass an enemy spy, they will be unmasked
    and killed. Also have caution for spies in guard towers. Enemy spies appear as braves, so when they
    are disquised they can be tricky little brats. They are the most unskilled in hand to hand combat,
    and have the lowest health capacity, so when unmasked, they will most likely get killed.
    WILDMEN: Reminants of previously banished tribes, they can be put on your side with the convert
    spell. They have low health capacity and die fast. They are found around areas with lots of water
    and trees. They will not attack anyone, and the enemy shaman will probably be after them first.
    VII. Spells
    The shaman can cast a wide array of spells, and i'll list all of them.
    A. Basic
    These are the spells that will stay with you forever.
    BLAST: The most basic spell. The radius is small, but a direct hit will send someone flying. Not too
    powerful, though.
    CONVERT: The spell used to convert wildmen. Try to cast it on a bunch of them, a good way to get
    LOTS of followers, as the radius is somewhat large.
    SWARM: Casts a swarm of locusts useful for fending off an army. Any body who it comes in contact
    with(exept followers at the command of the shaman who casted it) will slowly lose health and run
    around uncontrollably. Good against preachers.
    MAGICAL SHIELD: Casting this on a follower won't make them invisible, nut it will give them
    protection from spells such as blast and lightening(including from firewarriors.
    LANDBRIDGE: Cast this from one place to another to create a causeway. Specifically, cast it from one
    coast to another coast to walk across water.
    LIGHTENING: Sorta like blast, but with a deadlier effect. A direct hit will kill the person and
    anybody close to him. And anyone within the large blast radius will get sent flying. Quite deadly.
    HYPNOTISE: Allows you to take control of an enemy follower for a limited time. Dispite the little
    halo they get, enemy followers will mistake them for one of yours.
    TORNADO: Any building it passes will be damaged or destroyed, depending on the speed of the tornado,
    and any follower it picks up(including yours) will be tossed about, most likely to be killed.
    SWAMP: Casts an area of land that will kill anyone who steps into it. It can only kill a limit of
    FLATTEN: Levels the area of land in the vicinity of the radius. Good for creating precious building
    INVISIBILITY: Followers will be unable to spot invisible followers, so this spell is good for
    getting spies safely into another settlement.
    EARTHQUAKE: Have you ever seen a 10 pointer? Probably not. But now you can make one! Any buildings
    near the radius will be destroyed. And the land will suddenly crack and emit lava. How's that for an
    ERODE: Lowers the land in the radius maybe even to sea level. Cast this on the enemy's coastline to
    sink buildings. Quite useful on boathouses.
    FIRESTORM: Fireballs will rain from the sky and ignite anything and anyone in the radius. Usually
    destroys groups of buildings.
    ANGEL OF DEATH: Cast this and the serpent that comes out will seek out and destroy enemy followers.
    It's life is not unlimited, and can still be destroyed. Blast radius is unlimited.
    VOLCANO: Great balls of fire! The most powerful spell in your arsenal. When it erupts, it will
    launch fireballs in all directions. A few seconds later, it will spew lava all over the place. Truly
    devastating to an enemy settlement.
    B. Guest spells
    These spells are unchargeable, and when you're out, you're out.
    ARMAGEDDON: This will teleport all followers on the word to an arena where the final battle will
    TELEPORT: Cast this anywhere on the planet and you will be teleported there!
    BLOODLUST: This will make all followers in the radius extremely powerful. A single brave could kill
    10 warriors.
    GHOST ARMY: This can be used only in multiplayer and will create illusions of your shaman.
    VIII. Levels
    There are a total of twenty five levels in populous, and here they all are!
    Level 1: The journey Begins.
    The first level. Pretty straightforward.
    Level 2: Night falls.
    The second level. Not too hard, but still straightforward.
    Level 3: Crisis of faith.
    First level with preachers. Now you have to use more stratedgy.
    Level 4: Combined forces.
    The Matak want revenge, and they'll stop an nothing to get it. Build a good defense, because the
    matak are powerful now.
    Level 5: Death from above.
    The Dakini have found the great angel of death gargoyle, if they get to it before you, five
    unstoppable angels of death will wipe out your tribe. You have to make the opposite happen before
    they wipe you out.
    Level 6: Building bridges.
    The matak and chumara now oppose you, but they still won't fare well with each other.
    Level 7: Unseen Enemy.
    The chumara have found the invisibility spell, and now pose a great threat.
    Level 8: Continental divide.
    The dakini have created firewarriors and are now very powerful. Its your job to knock them off the
    Level 9: Fire in the mist.
    The location of the chumara has finally been discovered, a foggy planet far outside the galaxy. You
    need to kick them out.
    Level 10: From the Depths.
    The matak have discovered a planet with the ruins of a sunken city. They want to do the same to you.
    Level 11: Treacherous souls.
    The matak and chumara have teamed against you. You must face them both at once to survive.
    Level 12: An Easy Target.
    All four tribes are at war(including you) and this is gonna be one big battle.
    Level 13: Aerial Bombardment.
    The matak and chumara now can attack from the air. If you don't stop them, you goal of becoming a
    god will no longer be in sight.
    Level 14: Attacked from all sides.
    All three tribes now oppose eachother. And the angel of death will be there to aid you.
    Level 15: Incarcerated.
    The dakini have captured you and given you to the chumara for execution. If your followers don't
    answer your call of help in time, it all ends here.
    Level 16: Bloodlust
    There is now a war over a powerful spell that will surely bring victory to whoever posseses it.
    Level 17: Middle Ground
    A great battle has begun over the armageddon: a powerful ability that will bring a great battle to
    all tribes in the world. Prepare for a mighty battle.
    Level 18: Headhunter
    The armageddon is once again present, but the stone head is in possesion of the dakini, and if you
    don't stop them, you are doomed for death.
    Level 19: Unlikely Allies
    You must ally with the chumara to even have a chance of defending against the greatly powerful
    dakini. A great war awaits you.
    Level 20: Archipelago
    The miserable fate of the chumara is unfortunate for you. The dakini are now more poweful and you
    must build land before you meet them in the continuation of you war against them.
    Level 21: Fractured Earth
    The final battle against the dakini awaits on a highly volcanic planet.
    Level 22: Solo
    You are alone against the three tribes and must face them with only your spells and strength.
    Level 23: Inferno
    The final war begins on this large planet.
    Level 24: Journey's End
    It all happens here. If you survive this war, you will become a god.
    Level 25: The Beginning
    You are now a god, and all the tribes are at war in a last ditch attempt to banish you forever.
    However, they don't stand a chance against you now.
    Here's what it's all about, tactics of war.
    Defensive tactics:
    Guards! Guards!
     A bunch of warriors or firewarriors running around a guardfire will be a basic building block of
    your defense. Make sure you put some priests in with them, so they don't fall under enemy influence.
    Any badguys that come along will have to deal with them before they can get near your precious huts.
    Even if they are vastly outnumbered, their valiant defence will provide a useful warning of
    impending danger, giving you precious extra seconds to react.
    Preaching to the converted
     Priests make a good defence in themselves. Most effective against marauding bands of warriors, or
    braves out looking for wood. If your warriors are around they are likely to pick a fight before the
    priest can get a word in edgeways, so priests on their own should be considered.
     Keeping the bad guys at arms length is a good lesson to learn. Build on high ground, and use the
    landbridge and land levelling spells to shape the land to your advantage.
    Guard Tower Terror
     Guard towers perform two functions. Firstly they let you set up an alarm system to let you know
    when trouble approaches, and they also enhance the abilities of your people.
    Towers offer any occupant a level of protection from attack which gives them an advantage, and
    increases their range. Firewarriors can fire further and preachers can preach further. The best use
    of a spy is to stick him in a tower and let him spot spies of other tribes before they burn down
    your buildings.
    Marsh minefields
     A well positioned swamp will keep your enemies at bay. Observing the paths that invaders use to get
    to you will allow you to select a good position. Just make sure it is far enough from your
    settlement so your followers don't wander into it.
    Balloon blockades
     A row of balloons filled with firewarriors on a cliff is a good defence against air attack. Enemy
    balloons will get caught in a crossfire and emptied before they can do any mischief. Then you can
    grab the balloons yourself, fill them with firewarriors and add them to your blockade!
    Offensive tactics:
    The Holy war
      In at number one with a bullet is the humble preacher. These guys are worth their weight in gold.
    They can stop a whole army of warriors dead in its tracks, and convert them to your cause. Sending
    in a group of them will allow one to do the business while the others sort out any enemy preachers
    that try to interfere. 199 of them is an unstoppable army.
    Fire from the sky
     Firewarriors and balloons are a deadly combination. If you make them invulnerable they are
    impossible to stop. You can send them deep behind enemy lines to seek and destroy whatever you like.
    Particularly good for hunting enemy shamen with lots of mana.
    Thin out their numbers
     A good tactic to use to prepare for the 'big push' is to target firewarriors and priests,
    particularly ones in towers. Either use your shaman's lightning bolt or send in the airborne cavalry
    to knock them out. Target production (firewarrior or priest huts) as well. Then you can send in your
    ballooning shaman to drop a volcano or earthquake spell without fear of her being shot down. Then
    you can send in the footsoldiers.
    Dummy Run
       This tactic works particularly well on opponents with huge armies. Select a few kamikasi braves,
    and send them ahead of your main force. Get them to skirmish with the enemy outside the edge of the
    village. Usually a huge wave of troops will rush out to defend.
    At this point, your shaman should be ready with a suitable set of spells; swamps work well, but the
    aim is to take out as many badguys in one go as possible. A volcano would be overkill, but an
    earthquake, land erosion or carefully placed lightning bolt can all be effective. On a beach even a
    fireball can send dozens into the surf.
    The Early Bird that Catches the Worm
    The best way to enhance any attack is to do it early. The longer you wait the better prepared the
    enemy will be. If you doubt this, check out level 8 to see what I mean.
    Here's my army of choice: 100 Warriors, 60 firewarriors, and 39 preachers will make a nearly
    unstoppable army. The following battle will be quite heated, but soon things will calm down and you
    can destroy the rest of the opposing tribe.
    X. Secrets
    There aren't a wide array of secrets in populous, but they're good anyway.
    Hold TAB and press F11 to bring up the console window. At this point, type in "BYRNE" and here is a
    list of valid commands:
    TAB+F1: Gives you a healthy dose of mana.
    TAB+F2: Not sure what cheat free spells does yet.
    TAB+F3: All buildings.
    TAB+F4: All spells.
    TAB+F5: Maximum amount of mana.
    If you hold the 'o' key, here are some valid commands with options that appear:
    UP/DOWN: Scroll between options
    RIGHT/LEFT: Activate selected command
    After you enter BYRNE, press f11, demos will appear. If you click or anything ling that, you can
    actually play that level! Just don't save while doing so, unless you want your saved game to go bye
    XI. Credits
    http://www.thewheel.freeserve.co.uk/, for much of the information in this FAQ.
    Me, I wrote it.
    You, for reading.
    GameFAQS, for this incredible site.
    Elrond half-elf, for the title art, and a few typo corrections. Couldn't have done it without ya,
    XII. Other FAQS by me
    Current: Boss stradedgies for the entire turok series, Doom 64 FAQ(cancelled).
    Up and coming: A lot

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