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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by gamefan1221

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Populous: The Beginning
    Playstation 1
    This is a FAQ/Walkthrough
    Created by gamefan1221
    FAQ Copyright: March 2004
    Game Copyright: 1999 Bullfrog Productions Ltd.
    Version 1.0> This is my first FAQ ever, so  I’m just getting the hold of
    things. I think it will turn out ok…I hope.
    	- Completed in March 2004
    Version 1.1> Just had to go back and fix a few errors that I made. Should have
    other facts up soon. 4/3/04
    Version 1.2> Few more errors I missed. Sorry about all that. 4/5/04
    Version 1.3> I finally added the buildings guide. This should tell you
    everything you need to know about the structures. 4/6/04
    Table of Contents:
    I. Copyright
        A. legal info
    II. Introduction
    III. About the game
    IV. Controls (default)
          A. Menu controls
          B. In-game controls
          C. Analog Controls
          D. Spells and Buildings Menu
          E. Followers Menu
    V. Short Story
    VI. Game Screen
          A. Information Panel
          B. Map
          C. Query Panel
          D. Artifacts
          E. Miscellaneous Tips
          F. Followers
          G. Spells
          H. Construction
    VII. Winning and Losing
    VIII. Game Options
            A. Front End
            B. Options Menu
            C. Pause Menu
    IX. Building info
        A. Basic Huts
        B. Warriors Huts
        C. Priest Hut
        D. Guard Tower
        E. Fire warrior Hut
        F. Boat House
        G. Balloon Hut
        H. Spy Hut
    X. Credits
    I. Copyright (legal stuff)
    Last revised as of March 2004
    This guide is copyrighted by gamefan1221, March 2004. It may not be, and shall
    not be in any way, shape or form, rewritten, copied or used unless under the
    permission of the author, who is me. Any selling, commercial portraying, or
    plagiarizing of this document shall be dealt with to the furthest extent of
    the law. Violation of the contract is a punishable offense.
    II. Introduction
    Just to add more to the above stated. I may sound harsh, but I am only doing
    what’s best. If any of this guide would like to be used by anyone, I will more
    than likely say yes.
    I hope this guide will help you in figuring out this extremely difficult, yet
    addicting and fun game. I found that it may be a hard game to learn, but a
    guide like mine will lower that stress you may have learning how to do
    I would like to point out again that this is my first guide, and I will keep
    it updated till it is perfected. For now, I’m just going to have the basic and
    in depth knowledge of the game, but later I will include a full detail on all
    the levels which will give you an idea what to expect of them. Feel free to
    contact me of any errors I may have in this guide.
    III. About the Game
    “It’s time to become a god.” - Quote
    In Populous: The Beginning, you play the commanding lead of a god known as a
    Shaman, a spiritual leader of an Indian tribe. Your goal is to become a deity,
    a god for all eternity over every living thing. Throughout the game you must
    battle other tribes known as the Chumara, the Dakini and the Matak. You must
    battle and conquer each world you enter, crushing the enemies who stand in
    your way. Using your knowledge of magic power, you must build huge armies of
    men and unleash massive powerful spells in order to defeat your enemies. Only
    by achieving domination over every planet will you gain omnipotence.
    IV. Controls (default)
    Menu Controls:
    Action:					Command:
    * Highlight Menu Item			* Directional arrows up and down
    * Cycle Menu Items			* Controller button (X)
    * Return to Previous Menu		* Controller button (triangle)
    In-Game Controls:
    Action:					Command:
    * Move Cursor				* Directional Pad
    * Action (select objects or buildings	* Controller Button (X)
    And command followers)
    * Cancel (selection of action)		* Controller button (O)
    * Shaman (first press selects, second	* Controller Button (triangle)
    press zooms)
    * Cast Spell				* Controller Button (square)
    * Rotate Left				* Controller Button (L1)
    * Rotate Right				* Controller Button (R1)
    * Scroll Map				* Controller Button (L1 + R1 +
                                            directional pad)
    * Toggle Spells/ Buildings Menu (press
    Twice across to access Buildings menu)  * Controller Button (R2)
    * Toggle Followers Menu			* Controller Button (L2)
    * World View				* Controller Button (select)
    * Pause Menu				* Controller Button (start)
    Analog Controls:
    Action:					Command:
    * Move Cursor				* Left Stick
    * Scroll Map				* Right Stick
    Spells and Buildings Menu:
    Action:					Command:
    * Move Menu Highlight			* Directional Pad
    * Action (select)			* Controller Button (X)
    * Toggle Spell ON/OFF			* Controller Button (square)
    * Send Followers to Building		* Controller Button (X)
    * Open Buildings Menu (when in 		* Controller Button (R2)
    Spells menu)
    * Close Menu (when in Buildings 	* Controller Button (R2)
    Followers Menu:
    Action:					Command:
    * Move Menu Highlight			* Directional Pad
    * Action (select one follower)		* Controller Button (X)
    * Deselect All				* Controller Button (O)
    * Select All				* Controller Button (square)
    * Close Followers Menu			* Controller Button (L2)
    You may be wondering why I put all this down. Well the reason is that Populous
    is an extremely rare game for the Playstation and an old one as well. In that
    case, it may be hard to find this game to rent or purchase. And in like most
    cases, and I say this from experience, not many people still have the manual
    for this game, so it is hard to find a complete game. And this is one game
    where you will need the manual to learn the controls. So I wrote up the
    controls for those who forgets them and doesn’t have a manual to look off to
    remember. Instead you can just print these off to use.
    V. Short Story
    Before I actually get into the game I just want to explain a little more of
    the story and the on game screen in a little more detail. Please bare with me.
    “To realize the ultimate dream of becoming a god, you must conquer all the
    worlds in the Solar System. There are twenty-five worlds in the Solar System,
    divided into small groups of moons orbiting major planets. You start on the
    furthest moon from the sun and must work your way inward.” - Passage from
    manual (Page 7)
    Along with the controls in the game, there is an information panel to look off
    VI. Game Screen:
    *Information Panel:
    Blast is a special spell and is the spell you start off with in the game and
    it doesn’t require manna to cast and, therefore, doesn’t need to be charged
    like other spells.
    Things you will find on the Information Panel: (located on top left of screen)
    Enemy Tribes Icon: Appear only if that enemy tribe is on the world. This will
    be displayed as one of three colored blocks, each representing the tribes
    	- Yellow- Matak
    	- Green- Chumara
    	- Red- Dakini
    Followers Selected: Number of followers you have selected. This is displayed
    below the Enemy Tribes Icon
    Shaman: Current activity of the Shaman and her health. If you have a dual
    shock controller activated, it vibrates when Shaman is under attack. This is
    located on the middle of the information panel.
    Currently Selected Spell: If the casting point is out of range of the Shaman,
    a red circle with a slash appears. If you use up all of your available shots,
    the selected spell defaults to Blast. This icon is located on the upper right
    on the information panel.
    Enemy Spell: The spell currently being cast by an enemy Shaman, displayed in
    the color of the enemy tribe. This icon is located in the lower right on the
    information panel.
    First, to be able to check out the map, the controller button (select) must be
    Once on the map, what can be viewed is:
    - Your Shaman which her icon looks like a blue square
    - Your Followers which are indicated by a blue dot
    - Your Enemy’s Followers which are indicated by the color of their tribe
    - And your Spell Charge Rate: the rate at which your spells are charging with
    mana. This is indicated by a colored bar at the bottom of the screen.
    *Query Panel:
    > To access the Query Panel, press (X) on a building, vehicle, or artifact -
    anything that requires followers to work.
    BUILDINGS: Displays the number of people in the building and the maximum it
    can hold.
    HUTS: Displays the number of people in the hut, the maximum it can hold, and
    two bars: birth progress at the located at the bottom. When each bar reaches
    it’s maximum, either a new Brave is born of the Hut is upgraded.
    TRAINING BUILDINGS: Displays the number of people in the building, the maximum
    it can hold, and the training progress.
    ARTIFACTS: Displays the maximum number of people required to worship the
    artifact and the worshipping progress.
    > Each artifact must be worshipped to unlock it’s secret. (secrets are usually
    > To worship an artifact, select either the Shaman or a number of followers,
    then move the pointer over the artifact, and press (X).
    - If you query the artifact press (X) while over the artifact. A Query Panel
    displays the maximum number of followers required to worship it. You don’t
    need to fulfill the maximum, but worshipping it is faster if you do.
    - When the followers are worshipping an artifact, the bar on the Query Panel
    indicates worshipping progress.
    There are four artifacts to discover in your Explorations. These are:
    STONE HEAD: An artifact that grants a prayer, to say In fancy words with
    either a single use spell or building. Single shots can only be used once, but
    they don’t require any charging to be able to use.
    OBELISK: Only a Shaman is allowed to worship this artifact. Otherwise nothing
    will happen. It often triggers an event important for conquering the world.
    TOTEM POLE: When this type of artifact is worshiped, it triggers a spell that
    is beneficial to you and your tribe. This could be an attack at your enemies,
    or an increase in your people or land.
    VAULT OF KNOWLEDGE: A monument that contains some kind of knowledge about the
    enemy. Once again, only your Shaman can worship this artifact, and any spells
    or buildings discovered are permanent and will stay with you for the rest of
    the game.
    *Miscellaneous Tips: (brought to you by Bullfrog Productions)
    - Reincarnation Site: Each Shaman has a site where she enters the world
    whether you are just starting the level or you have died and come back to
    life. It cannot be destroyed nor built on; however, it can be used as the
    starting point of a settlement.
    -Wildmen: Wildmen are men who belong to no tribe and instead just roam the
    lands looking like idiots. You can convert these men to become part of your
    tribe by using the Convert Spell.
    - Water: Your followers will drown if they fall in water. A Shaman will also.
    The only way you will end up going in the water is if you are hit into it by
    the opposing tribe.
    - Trees: Trees provide the necessary materials for building buildings. Each
    tree holds a maximum of four pieces of wood and will grow back whenever the
    tree is reduced. A completely cut down tree takes a lot longer to grow back.
    > The followers menu is a table displaying how many of each type of follower
    you have and the jobs they are currently doing. The left-hand column, listing
    the total number of followers of that type, is always visible on screen.
    > To toggle the Followers menu ON/OFF, press controller button (L2).
    Selecting Followers from the menu:
    - To explore the menu, use the Directional Pad in any direction.
    - To select the highlighted follower, press (X); to select all followers,
    press (square).
    - To deselect all Followers, press (O).
    - The number of followers selected at the time is shown on the information
    panel like I have already told. NOTE: The maximum number you can have on at
    any time is 250.
    Selecting Followers from the game screen:
    - To select a follower, move the pointer over him, then press (X).
    - To select multiple followers, position the pointer on the ground, hold (X),
    and then move the pointer away. A white selection box appears. When you let go
    of (X), any followers within the box are selected.
    - To deselect your followers, press (O)
    - To select the Shaman at any time, press (triangle)
    On the followers job list, each row from left to right show the total;
    followers, idle followers, housed followers, working followers, the number of
    balloons with one or more followers inside, and the number of boats with one
    or more followers inside.
    Selecting a spell from the manual:
    > To navigate the menu, use the directional pad in any direction.
    > To select the highlighted spell, press (X). The menu closes.
    When spells are displayed with a white box, that means that spell is
    unavailable. A spell that is available on the world but has not been
    discovered yet is displayed with a question mark. A single shot spell is a
    spell that can only be cast once and once only. It shows a white dot above the
    spell. A spell that has been turned off from charging shows no charging box
    below the spell. Press (square) to toggle the spell ON/OFF. When off, it
    doesn’t charge that spell but it charges other spells faster. Spells that are
    charging show a bar at the bottom of the spell to show how much it has
    charged. A spell that is fully charged will show the bar at the bottom, but no
    activity will occur.
    Casting Spells:
    > To cast a spell, move the pointer over the land, then press (square). If the
    target is out of        range, then the Shaman walks over there till she can
    cast the current spell.
    - If you cast a spell on an object, building or person, the spell is fired
    directly on it.
    - If you have a dual shock controller activated, it vibrates when a land-
    alternating spell is       cast, either by you or by the enemy tribe.
    - When your selected spell has run out of shots, it defaults to the Blast
    spell and the narrator will notify you of it sometimes.
    To access the Buildings menu, press (R2) twice. Pressing it once opens up the
    Spells menu.
    To construct a building:
    1. Use the directional pad to navigate the menu, then press (X) to select the
    highlighted building and close the menu.
    > When the menu closes, you have a yellow rectangle in the shape of the
    building with a ghostly image. This is the amount of space the construction of
    the building is going to need to be built.
    > You can place your building only next to existing buildings or the
    Reincarnation site. The only exception to this is the Guard Tower, which you
    can build anywhere.
    > If you cannot place it down on a particular spot, the rectangle is colored
    2. When you find a spot of placement, press (X) to place the plan down.
    > To rotate the plan, hold down (X) and use the directional pad left or right.
    When you release (X), the plan is then placed down.
    < You can place the plan as many times as you want. To remove the plan from
    your cursor, press (triangle).
    3. Braves are the only followers who can construct buildings, and they do so
    automatically. To command more Braves to build, select them and press (X) over
    the building that you want built.
    > To dismantle a building, select the deconstruct Icon from the Building’s
    menu, and then press (X) over the building you want destroyed. (crash)
    VII. Winning and Losing:
    In order to conquer or defeat each world, you must carefully follow all the
    instructions then narrator provides you with throughout the entirety of the
    level. On some worlds you may simply have to destroy the opposition, while on
    others you may have to perform some specified actions without being killed
    yourself. And last, you may have time limits on certain levels in which they
    must be beaten by a certain time.
    Losing is another matter. If all your followers are killed and your Shaman
    dies as well, you will lose the level. This is because you have no follower-
    generated man flowing to you, and so your Site is powerless.
    VIII. Game Options:
    Front End:
    NEW GAME: Begin a new game from the first world
    LOAD GAME: Load a previously saved game from a Memory Card
    OPTIONS: Go to the Options Menu
    TUTORIAL: Start the Tutorial (guide in how to play the game)
    CREDITS: View the credits
    Options Menu:
    SCREEN ADJUST: Readjust the position of the screen to your TV
    SOUND OPTIONS: Music volume: Increase/ decrease volume level
    		     FX volume: Increase/ decrease volume level
    		     Speech volume: Increase/ decrease volume level
    *Control System: Choose one of the four alternative preset button
    *Sticky Select: When ON, any followers you select and command remain selected
    until you press (O). When OFF, your followers you select and command are
    deselected after the command is given
    *Push Scroll: When ON, you can scroll the map by moving your cursor to the
    edge of the screen
    *Smart Menu: When ON, when you re-enter a menu, the highlighted is on the same
    icon you left it on when you last exited that menu. 	If Smart Menu is OFF,
    when you re-enter a menu the highlighted automatically defaults to the bottom
    left-hand corner
    *Dual Shock: If you’re using a Dual Shock Analog Controller, this turns the
    rumble effect ON or OFF
    Pause Menu:
    > To access the Pause menu from the Game screen, press (start). DUH
    GAME OPTIONS: Go to the options menu
    *Load Game: Load a game currently saved to a Memory Card
    *Save Game: Each saved game requires up to fifteen spare slots of the Memory
    MISSION BRIEF: Replay the mission briefing speech done by the narrator.
    REPLAY SPEECH: Replay the last speech given to you by the narrator.
    RESTART LEVEL: Quit your game and start playing at the beginning of the
    current level.
    QUIT: Return to the main menu. Your current game will be lost.
    RETURN TO GAME: Resume play from the point  at which you paused the game.
    IX. Buildings
    Building buildings are the key thing to do to increase followers and increase
    followers powers. Build as much as possible of each in order for followers to
    increase in population and in strength faster.
    Basic Huts:
    Each basic hut can hold 3 people, and increases your maximum population by 3.
    This is ok, unless you already have a large number of followers. Huts produce
    new braves even if empty, but produce them quicker when full. Full huts will be
    enlarged after a while to hold up to 5 braves, so this is a good way to expand
    when space is tight.
    Introduced on level 1.
    Warrior Hut:
    The warrior hut takes up the same amount of room as a basic hut, but allows you
    to build warriors. You will probably only want one of these at a time, unless
    you envisage training lots of braves in a short space of time. Only one
    follower can be trained to be a warrior at a time.
    Introduced on level 1.
    Priest Hut:
    The priest hut / temple takes up a little more space than the basic hut, and is
    where priests get trained. Once again, only one follower can be trained to be a
    priest at a time.
    Introduced on level 3.
    Guard Tower:
    Has a small footprint, can be built away from other buildings and accommodate
    one 'guard'. The Shaman, fire warriors, priests and spies in guard towers gain
    extra reach for their respective skills, and gain a level of protection from
    certain attacks. Use to defend a perimeter or to start a settlement away from
    your reincarnation circle.
    Introduced on level 4.
    Fire Warrior Hut:
    Takes up a lot of space, and is used to train fire warriors. Once again, only
    one can be trained at a time.
    Introduced on Level 8.
    Boat House:
    The Boathouse has to be built near other buildings, and on a shoreline, and the
    right way round, so can be difficult to place. Once it's built, send in one
    brave for every boat you want. It is a good idea to have a few braves
    collecting wood and leaving it outside the door for the boat builders to use.
    Boats can be a devil to use, and need to be closely watched.
    Introduced on level 5, but you won't learn the secret of building boathouses
    until level 11.
    Balloon Hut:
    The need for building this immense structure can often be negated by capturing
    enemy balloons; the same could also be said for boats. Like the boathouse; send
    in a brave for each balloon you need.
    NOTE: a Shaman in a balloon is very vulnerable; fire warriors will pick her off
    very easily!
    You will meet balloons on level 13: be ready for them!
    Spy Hut:
    The spy hut; a small building where braves go to learn pyromania and put sacks
    over their heads. Spy’s are invincible to the enemy tribe.
    Introduced on level 12.
    X. Credits:
    Well, I finally got it all done. It only took me a couple days, but version
    1.0 is complete. Now comes the hard part, and that is adding all the levels,
    but that is going to take a little longer and I should have it to you within
    the next couple weeks. I think I will also add an FAQ for the Spells and the
    followers as well.
    I would like to thank my friends at home who are a huge fan of this game as I
    am, and were able to help with the details on the more detailed parts in the
    game. Also, the manual of the game Populous: The Beginning, help me get most
    of this guide done without much trouble at all. Just a few hours of work.
    I think though, I am going to take a break in writing these FAQ’s and go back
    to the simple reviews for games. Thanks for checking out my guide to playing
    the game, Populous: The Beginning for the Playstation 1.

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