The Quake death squads are back for more bloody battle. This time they won't stop until total victory or total annihilation. Earth's counter offense calls on its best man (you) to wipe out the leader of the Quake dominion. If you accomplish this, the strong link will be eliminated and Earth's forces can wipe out the remaining Quake bastards!!!
In Q!ZONE, you are challenged with three completely new episodes, including a new weapon and new enemies to defeat. Q!ZONE's new episodes are totally linked together - not just a bunch of add-on levels you have to launch one-by-one (unless you want to). The new episodes also make use of Quake's superb lighting and three dimensional graphics techniques.
And, when you thought it couldn't get any better, Q!ZONE provides an exceptional full control map and level manager. The level manager allows you to control everything from sound quality to selecting game play mode.
- 3 New Episodes
- Multi-player Combat
- New Weapon
- New Monsters
- Exceptional Map & Level Manager

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