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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by melmdor1310

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 01/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    					 BY: JOE KENNEDY
    					   Version 0.6
    Firstly, a quick note...
    This is my first attempt ever at a FAQ.  I am aware that RRT2 is an 
    older game by now, but I have played it a few times through and know it 
    like the back of my hand.  I figured I would write a FAQ on this game 
    since I know it so well and since there is only one other FAQ about it 
    at this time.  I've always wanted to write a FAQ so here goes nothing, 
    if you should read this FAQ I hope it serves you well.  
    -Legal Matters-
    Please use this FAQ freely, just don't sell it.  If you would like to 
    post this FAQ, please do not alter it in any way and please e-mail me 
    for permission.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
    To easily jump to any part of this FAQ, press CTL + F and type the Quick 
    Word that will follow in the Contents section.  Then press "Find Next" 
    and you will be instantly transported to that part of the FAQ like 
    magic!  (Take that Gandalf.)
    To get the most out of this FAQ, it should be used as so.  First, read 
    through the entire portion of the FAQ you need for a good overall view.  
    Then refer back to it as needed.  This is because I sometimes mention 
    things that may happen sooner or later but they may not fit 
    cronologically in the game.  (If that makes sense.)  It's not something 
    I did intentionally, but I will try to fix it when the FAQ is completely 
    edited by an outside party.  
    Chapter							Quick Word
    1.0  Version History					RRT_VHist
    1.1  Intro							RRT_Intro
    2.0  Part 1 of 3...the Real Early Years		RRT_Pt1
    2.1  The Iron Seed					RRT_Seed
    2.2  Handle on the Breadbasket			RRT_Bread
    2.3  Bridging a Nation					RRT_Nation
    	2.3.1 New Orleans to Los Angeles		RRT_South  The Volitale Stock Market	RRT_Stock
    	2.3.2 St. Louis to Sacremento			RRT_Middle
    	2.3.3 St. Paul to 				RRT_North
    2.4  Silver Booms & Market Busts			RRT_Boom
    2.5  Whistle Stops & Promises				RRT_Stops
    2.6  Crossing the Great Divide			RRT_Cnda
    3.0  Part 2 of 3...the Early Years			RRT_Pt2
    3.1  Birth of the Iron Horse				RRT_Brit
    3.2  Excess on the Orient Express			RRT_Excess
    3.3  Knitting with Iron					RRT_Germ
    3.4  Next Stop 20th Century				RRT_20
    3.5  The Brenner Pass					RRT_Pass
    3.6  When Walls Come Down				RRT_Wall
    4.0  Part 3 of 3...Not so long ago			RRT_Pt3
    4.1  Crossiants or Crumpets				RRT_India
    4.2  Samurai Rides an Iron Horse			RRT_Japan
    4.3  Which Way to the Coast?				RRT_Coast
    4.4  The People's Train					RRT_China
    4.5  Dilemma Down Under					RRT_Under
    4.6  Cape to Cairo					RRT_Africa
    5.0  Other Pertinent Information			RRT_Other
    5.1  Managers						RRT_Manage
    5.2  The Iron Horses					RRT_Trains
    5.3  Industry and Cargo					RRT_Cargo
    5.4  Depots and their Services			RRT_Depot
    5.5  Basic Catch All Advice				RRT_Advice
    6.0  Cheats							RRT_IMACheater
    7.0  Outro							RRT_Outro
    -Version History-						RRT_VHist
    Version 0.1  December 31, 2002
    I started the FAQ today (12-31-02) sort of a New Year's Resolution since 
    I've always wanted to do one.  Added the Conents, did the Intro some of 
    Part 1, added some managers and threw in all the trains and 
    industry/cargo info, also some cheat codes.  3...2...1 Happy New Year 
    Version 0.2 January 1st, 2003
    Added some more managers, corrected some grammatical errors and did two 
    more campaign scenarios in Chapter 2.
    Version 0.3 January 3rd, 2003
    Added some more managers and did campaigns four and five.  Work this 
    week has been throwing me off the important things...like this FAQ.
    Version 0.4 January 5th, 2003
    Finally, the weekend is over and I get a day off.  Tomorrow will be 
    busier.  Today, I finished all of chapter 2 and I added some cheats.
    Version 0.5 January 6th, 2003
    Started chapter 3 and added some new managers.  Not as much was done as 
    I had hoped today.  
    Version 0.6 January 10th, 2003
    Well it's been three days since I sat down, and all I was able to do for 
    now was finish halfway through part 2.  Whew.  Almost done though.
    -Intro-							RRT_Intro
    Hello there!  As I previously mentioned, this is my first FAQ ever, I 
    anticipate having a good time with this and hopefully this will motivate 
    me to do more FAQ's in the future.  This FAQ is unlike others I have 
    seen because I will attempt to write a walkthrough for each scenario 
    whereas others only give advice onto what to do.  I'm not going to write 
    about how to use the controls since the game provides a tutorial on how 
    to do so.  So, without further ado, I present to you, my RRT2 FAQ!  I 
    hope you find it to come in handy.  Happy gaming!
    * Part 1 of 3...the Real Early Years *		RRT_Pt1
    This section will walkthrough the first six scenarios which are 
    predictably easy.  Most occur in the early 1800's so that means slow 
    trains.  Not to worry, you will be dealing with diesels and electrics 
    sooner than you think.  Not to mention, some steam engines which can 
    haul you know what!
    * The Iron Seed *						RRT_Seed
    -Start Date:  Jan. 1830
    -Time Limit:  10 years
    -Condtions for Winning
    	Bronze -- Connect to Washington D.C. and haul at least 4 loads of 
    		    cargo lifetime.
    	Silver -- Connect to Washington D.C. and Harpers Ferry and haul 
    		    at least 8 loads of cargo lifetime.
    	Gold	 -- Connect to Washington D.C., Harpers Ferry and 		
    	    Philadelphia plus, haul 12 loads of cargo lifetime.
    -Bonus:  Pick the John Bull 2-4-0 
    -Difficulty:  Extremely Easy
    Baltimore to Washington D.C.
    Okay, your first task is before you.  We want the gold of course so this 
    is what to do.  Pick the John Bull 2-4-0 as your bonus prize.  Although 
    lame, it's speed and power are far better than the Stephson Rocket that 
    you would have to use.  Build a length of single track to Relay (which 
    I'm not sure is a real town or not) and then build a medium size station 
    there.  You should have about $206K in the coffers now.  Time to get 
    those trains running.   Buy a John Bull and start it at Baltimore and 
    run in to Relay with two or three passenger cars.  Also, buy a second 
    train and run it from Relay to Baltimore with two passenger cars, any 
    more and your train will be sitting in the station for a while waiting 
    for cargo and depreciating in value.  When those trains get to their 
    destination you'll be halfway to a bronze medal already.  With the money 
    from those loads, start your track to Washington D.C.  You should be 
    able to get about halfway there, be sure to keep enough money in the 
    coffers to finance the fuel and maintenance costs of your engines.  Now, 
    you can either wait until your trains make the return trips to their 
    stations of origin, or you can float a bond since you credit should be A 
    or better.  This will give you $500K right off the bat.  With this, 
    connect the rest of the way to Washington D.C. and build a large station 
    there.  You should get a update in the game advising that you have the 
    bronze in the bag.  Outfit the station with a water tower, sand tower, 
    roundhouse and a saloon.  You should have plenty left over.  Buy two 
    more trains and start one in Washington and one in Baltimore and give 
    them priority status.  These two trains will, when filled with 
    passengers will produce the bulk of your income.  
    Baltimore to Ferrys Harper and Philadelphia
    Now that you have your money making route all set and running you can 
    get to the task of connecting to Harpers Ferry and Philadelphia.  Start 
    laying your track west to Harpers Ferry.  Again, be sure to keep enough 
    money so you can cover fuel/maintenence.  Of course, you can always 
    float another bond, in fact, take advantage of it because you are not 
    required to repay them in order to win.  So, float two bonds (you should 
    easily have the credit, if not wait for the trains to make a couple of 
    stops and that'll jack your credit up fast.) and with this money make a 
    sensible route to Harpers Ferry and northeast to Philadelphia, build 
    small stations at both, we won't be running trains to them.  By now the 
    trains should have delivered your 12 loads of cargo, if not, just wait 
    till they do, or run more trains to make the load requirment not take as 
    Once the loads are delivered, you'll get your reward.
    "Marvelous Job.  Your victory will set the stage for all who follow.  
    The Board of Directors has awarded you a Gold Medal in recognition of 
    your feat!"
    * The Handle on the Breadbasket *
    -Start Date: Jan. 1847
    -Time Limit: 22 years for Bronze and Silver, 11 for Gold
    -Conditions for Winning
    	-Bronze:  Connect New York to Chicago and haul 8 loads between 	
    	    them by 1870.
    	-Silver:  Connect NY & Chicago, haul 8 loads, and have a company 	
    	    book value of $4,000,000 or greater.
    	  -Gold:  Do both by 1858.
    -Bonus:  Take the 15% cheaper track building cost.
    -Difficulty:  Extremely Easy 
    The Start
    This campaign is a lot easier than it may seem.  The 11 year time limit 
    may not seem like much, but we'll have this complete in about 7 or 8.  
    The game has generously connected Albany and New York for us and built 
    stations.  New York has oil, water and sand services and Albany has 
    water and sand towers.  So now all we need are income producing trains.  
    Buy two Prussia 4-2-0's and start one in New York and the other in 
    Albany.  Have them haul two passenger cars and a mail car each.  Both of 
    these trains will each fetch about $350,000 so it doesn't take an 
    accountant to figure out that you'll have the better part of a million 
    when these two trains come in.  In 1848, the 4-4-0 American Class C will 
    be available.  Upgrade your engines.
    Go West Young Fellow
    With this money, build a saloon at Albany and New York, also, expand 
    your track westward and connect to Syracuse.  Once there, you can build 
    either a small or medium train station.  Personally, I built a small one 
    since I wasn't running trains to the mediocre Syracuse anyway.  Outfit 
    this station with water, sand and oil services.  You can run trains if 
    you want to, but it's not necessary.  Once the station is built, the 
    simulator will tell you that businessmen in Erie will pay you $150,000 
    if you get there by 1855.   
    Although not a huge incentive, Erie is on our route, plus we'll get to 
    Chicago before 1855 so might as well pick up some loot.  Once your 
    trains produce enough money (it shouldn't be long) extend your track 
    southwest to Erie, receive the reward and build a medium station with 
    sand and water.  I ran a train to New York from there with three 
    passenger cars and a mail car.  This is easily a $700,000 run.  Once 
    this train comes in you'll be ready for the homestretch.
    Ah, the Windy City
    By now you should have learned that you will earn $2,000,000 if you 
    connect to ChiTown before 1860.  You should probably have over a million 
    in the bank so build a track, as straight as you can to Chicago.  Build 
    a large station and receive your 2 million bucks.  Build a roundhouse, 
    water/sand towers, saloon, small restaurant and a small hotel.  The 
    saloon, restaurant and hotel aren't necessary, but they really line the 
    wallet nicely.  You can build these in New York as well.  Also, build a 
    small train station in between Cleveland and Toledo and give it a water 
    and sand tower.  Your trains will limp to Syracuse without it.  With the 
    remainder, run a couple of trains between New York and Chicago and 
    before you know it, you'll be in the gold.  If you want, you can build 
    double track there once you reach Chicago but it doesn't matter.
    "Winning with style!  Your grasp of railway details has set you apart 
    from you fellow rail barons.  No question who rides the rail of success!  
    Fine job."
    * Bridging a Nation *					RRT_Nation
    This campaign allows you choose which route you want to take instead of 
    giving you a bonus.  In my opinion, the southern route is the easiest 
    and the northern route the hardest.  I will, however, walkthrough each 
    Start Date:  Jan. 1862
    Time Limit:  20 years for bronze and silver, 10 for gold.
    Conditions for Winning:
    	Bronze:  Connect the two cities you chose by 1882 and haul 6 	
    	   loads of cargo between them.
    	Silver:  Do the above and have a company equity of $10,000,000 or 
    	Gold:	   Do the above two, do it by 1878 and have a personal net 	
    	   worth of over $8,000,000.
    Difficulty:  Varies, but on average it is easy.
    * New Orleans to Los Angeles *			RRT_South
    Difficulty:  Easiest of the three
    A Quick Note:  Don't worry about getting the 10 Million in company 
    equity, that will come easily while playing this campaign.
    The Birth of a Company
    Okay, now that you've chosen the southern route, you're going to need a 
    company.  You get to create it from scratch.  When you're able, put in 
    $170,000 of your own money into the company, and accept 1.7 million from 
    investors.  This gives you more than enough money to get your company 
    going.  Next, give your company a clever name, I chose Pacific West, and 
    pick a logo.  Now with your 1.87 million, build track between Houston 
    and New Orleans.  Equip the Houston station with a roundhouse, sand and 
    water towers plus a saloon.  Equip the New Orleans station with the 
    above except a roundhouse, no need for one here.  Also, build a small 
    station with a short length of track just a little east of LA.  Do this 
    because if you don't, the simulator will sometimes start their company 
    out of LA which causes major problems later on.  You should have roughly 
    $550,000 left over now, plenty to buy trains with.  Buy two trains and 
    run them between Houston and New Orleans, with two passenger cars and a 
    mail car if you like.  These trains will quickly start producing income 
    and that's good, cause it's a long way to LA.  
    The Westward Expansion
    You should have enough money in no time to build to San Antonio.  Once 
    there, build a medium station with sand and water.  That should be big 
    enough to cover all the houses and any industry nearby.  Start trains 
    between here and New Orleans as well.  Okay, a year should have just 
    about gone by by now.  Your stock should have split 2 for 1, so I will 
    sidetrack for a moment and talk about the stock market and how it comes 
    into effect in this and future campaigns.  
    The Volitale Stock Market					RRT_Stock
    Companies cannot be companies without owners.  All owners have a share 
    of stock invested in the company and they expect you to make them money.  
    Having a company that creates a lot of income will have a profound 
    effect on the price per share of your company.  Every time the shares 
    price goes at or above $100 each at the end of the year, the stock will 
    split.  This can mean big bucks for you and if you want the gold then 
    this is essential.  Every time the stock splits, you can double, triple 
    and even quadruple your investment if you're lucky.  Be sure to watch 
    the other companies stocks too because you can buy them and they will 
    make money for you.  Be sure to check the stock screen every December 
    and buy stock if it is going to split that year.  Be careful when buying 
    on margin though, if the market crashes you will find yourself swimming 
    in a pool of debt and you'll never be able to dry off.  Kiss that gold 
    goodbye.  Always be sure that your purchasing power never dips below 
    $250K to $300K.  This is usually enough to keep you afloat unless a 
    depression drags on for years.  The stock market is tricky but with 
    patience and practice you can make it make money for you.  That's all 
    for now, I'll go into more details later in the game.
    The Westward Expansion...continued
    Okay, now where were we?  Oh yes, we just connected to San Antonio.  You 
    should have at least four trains running now.  You'll find that they 
    will make you money quickly.  At this point, something exciting should 
    happen.  You'll get a text box asking if you'd like to conduct some 
    shady business that would lower your track building cost by 30% by 
    having the government foot the bill.  All I can say about this is you 
    will NOT get caught...I know what I picked.  So with this money start 
    heading west, remember to check for new managers every now and again, if 
    you can you're gonna want to hire someone who will lower your track 
    building cost.  Connect to Alpine and build a small station with a 
    roundhouse, sand and water.  No sense in running trains here, not very 
    profitable.  If you have enough money, you may want to consider making a 
    double track between Houston and New Orleans and later, San Antonio and 
    New Orleans.  Be sure to change over to the stone bridge option, these 
    bridges are $300K apiece but they're worth every penny.  Your single 
    rail line between these cities will probably be pretty cluttered and 
    it's only going to get worse.  
    Those four trains sure are workhorses, you can make more routes if you 
    like.  Keep earning that money and keep checking that stock market, you 
    have to to get 8 million.  Although El Paso looks enticing, forget it, 
    it's in a very awkward area and the terrain is terrible, just keep 
    heading west until you reach Tucson.  Phoenix is just slightly to the 
    northwest, continue here and build a large station with all the works.  
    (If you need to, build a small station in the area between Tucson and El 
    Paso, the terrian is mountainous and sand and water will be a precious 
    commodity.  Do the same when you get to Yuma.)  Phoenix is a nice big 
    city and will produce lots of cash.  Have trains run from here to New 
    Orleans and to Houston.  If you get the chance, hire Bat Masterton as 
    your manager.  He makes train robberies decrease by 50% which is great 
    in the days when the west was wild.  If you don't hire him, I'm willing 
    to bet that at least one of your trains gets robbed before this campaign 
    is over.  With all these trains running, you should get enough money to 
    make that final push into Los Angeles.  
    California Here I Come
    Hopefully you've been good and have been watching the stock market.  You 
    should be worth at least 2.5 million, hopefully more.  Your trains will 
    make money to get you to LA.  Once there, upgrade to a large station, 
    when I made it here I had around $2 million in the coffers.  Build a 
    roundhouse, sand/water, saloon, restaurant and hotel.  Do the same at 
    Houston and New Orleans.  Now start running trains.  Start out with two 
    going from LA to N.O. and vice versa.  This will take care of the 6 load 
    condition.  Once these trains start coming in, you'll be raking in huge 
    dough.  I'm talking over a million bucks per train.  Upgrade to double 
    track and stone bridges when you can and keep sending trains to and from 
    LA and N.O.  Your company will be booming, your stock price will be high 
    and your personal net worth will be climbing.  If 1866 hasn't rolled 
    around yet (it shouldn't have otherwise you should start building 
    quicker) when it does you will be offered the Consolidation for 
    $100,000.  Refuse this offer, something better is right behind.  Also, a 
    farmer in Abilene will ask you to connect for $500,000.  Getting there 
    and connecting costs more than the reward so nix this as well.  In 1867, 
    land halts will be stopped...track building will go to normal price 
    while an investigation occurs.  Apparently, someone has been sending the 
    bill for track building to the government...hmmm, now who could that be?  
    No worries though, like I said you won't get caught and soon enough 
    track building will drop again.  (By now there shouldn't be any track 
    left to build anyway.)
    Whew...lastly, in 1868, the 8-Wheeler becomes available.  Upgrade your 
    engines, these trains are much better suited for the Rockies.   Now all 
    that's left is your personal worth.  Go into the company screen and jack 
    up the dividend of your company to receive quick cash.  If your 
    purchasing power is above 2 million dollars and you're already worth at 
    least 5 million then this is what to do.  Save the game.  Now, go to the 
    stock market screen and go on a shopping spree.  Just buy up shares of 
    your company until your worth goes above 8 million.  Then, wait for the 
    month to pass and bask in the glory of your gold medal.
    "Congratulations!  You've completed the southern route in record time!  
    A feat of railroading greatness."
    * St. Louis to Sacremento *				RRT_Middle
    Conditions for winning are the same.  
    Difficulty:  Easy/Medium
    If you haven't read New Orleans to Los Angeles, be sure to because 
    certain events happen that are helpful to winning this campaign and are 
    not mentioned here.
    The Gateway to the West
    First thing to do is to pause the game and check your spread.  St. Louis 
    to Sacremento is somewhat harder than connecting LA with New Orleans.  
    Start a company.  Now, Topeka and Kansas City should be close enough 
    together that one large station will cover most of the houses and 
    industries in the area.  Also, one or both of these cities may have a 
    Meat Factory, Cattle Yard or Grain Field or if you're lucky, all three.  
    Also, St. Louis may have a Meat Factory or Textile Mills.  You're going 
    to have to make use of these in this scenario because the middle route 
    is long and mountainous and passenger income is scarce.  You may want to 
    connect to Chicago if you can, but do it quick because 99% of the time 
    the simulator will start there.  Also, build a small station in 
    Sacremento, 99% of the time a company will start in San Francisco and 
    run there.  Once you have profitable trains running, just start making 
    your way westward.  (Also, look at my little passage about the stock 
    market in the Los Angeles to New Orleans portion of the FAQ.  Press CTL 
    + F and RRT_Stock, press it again to get back here.) When you reach the 
    mountains, start heading north to the pass that is up near Casper, make 
    sure to hit Denver if it is large enough to have potential.  
    The Mean Ole Mountains
    The mountains are another reason that this scenario is harder than the 
    southern route.  Also, the cities are small and there aren't really any 
    engines that are good in the mountains.  (Not to mention cash is harder 
    to come by.)  Be sure to check the stock market!  Okay, don't even 
    bother building stations at Casper or Rawlings, both are small and will 
    just be a waste of money.  Keep working your way through the Rockies to 
    Rock Springs and connect to Salt Lake City.  Definitely run trains from 
    here to St. Louis or even better, Chicago, now you can finally get some 
    passenger revenue going.  Keep plugging away with as many trains as is 
    profitable.  Head northwest to Winnemucca and Reno until you can get 
    through the pass to Sacremento.  Now start running those trains.  
    Hopefully you'll have enough time to get the required six loads or say 
    bye-bye to gold.  Also, watch the market and get your personal net worth 
    up there.  For a more comprehensive FAQ, see New Orleans to Los Angeles.
    "You did it!  St. Louis and Sacremento.  Together for the first time.  
    The streets are lined with well wishers and admirerers.  Your job will 
    go down in the history books.  Maybe even your own chapter?"
    * St. Paul to Seattle *					RRT_North
    Conditions for winning are the same.
    Difficulty:  Hard
    If you haven't read New Orleans to Los Angeles, be sure to, it has 
    events that occur that will be very helpful in winning this campaign and 
    are not discussed here.
    So, New Orleans and Los Angeles was childs play?  St. Louis and 
    Sacremento, no challenge?  Well then this is the route for you.  Here's 
    what you're up against:  Mountains, taller and steeper than the likes 
    you've ever seen before.  A forest, deep and heavily wooded.  Long 
    distances between small villages, ever longer distances between 
    worthwhile cities.  Cash that is short on hand.  Oh yeah, it all has to 
    be done in 10 years to boot.
    The Twin Cities
    Pause the game.  Look at the distance between Seattle and St. Paul and 
    look how small the cities in between are.  Start your company and get to 
    work.  Connect St. Paul with Fargo and if you can, Milwaulkee and 
    Chicago, this will be your main source of income for the whole time.  Be 
    quick about it and make money as fast as you can and start headin west.  
    Be sure to check out the stock market section for this campaign.  (Ctl + 
    F type RRT_Stock)  This is where it starts to get rocky.  (Get it?  
    Rocky?  Rocky Mountains?)  
    Those Pesky Mountains again
    While going west you should build a large station between Bismarck and 
    Minot like you did for Topeka/Kansas City.  Continue your trek west 
    stopping at Helena and Boise once you get through the thick forest.  (By 
    the by, going through the woods costs more money to lay track then 
    elsewhere.)  Be sure to send trains from each of these cities and be 
    sure to check your stock market screen often and make your buys 
    accordingly.  Once you have enough money, head north for the steepest 
    mountains you've seen so far.  Pause the game and find the least steep 
    route you can, try to keep it to 3.5 to 4.0 grade, anything much higher 
    will slow your trains down and it will take what seems like forever to 
    get through here.  Build little stations before and after the mountain 
    with sand/water services, you'll defintely need them.  Once over the 
    mountain, head to Portland and north to Seattle.  Start running trains.  
    Opt for six one car trains instead of two three car trains.  If you've 
    got the skills then you should just be able to beat this one in the nick 
    of time.  I must admit, even though I've played this game through at 
    least a dozen times (on hard I might add) I still have trouble with this 
    one.  Keep at it, and you'll win....maybe.
    "You've done it!  The greatest of northern routes in the USA.  The 
    highwaters of the Mississippi River have connected to the Emerald Coast 
    of the Pacific Ocean.  It's a wonder you're not president!"
    * Silver Booms and Market Busts *			RRT_Boom 
    Start Date:  Jan. 1875
    Time Limit:  Bronze 30 years, Silver 25 years, Gold 20 years.
    Conditions for winning:
    	Bronze:  Have a personal net worth of $5,000,000+ by 1905.
    	Silver:  Have a personal net worth of $10,000,000+ by 1900.
    	  Gold:  Have a personal net worth of $20,000,000+ by 1895.
    Bonus:  Take 20% higher security + 10% faster steam engines.
    Difficulty:  Easy/Intermediate
    Head East...for now.
    The previous campaigns requirement to build your personal net worth was 
    all just practice for this campaign.  Here, your personal net worth is 
    all that matters.   The stock market is the secret to success.  You have 
    a station in Kansas City with a very small length of double track going 
    west.  Ignore that for now and build a single rail line east to St. 
    Louis, once there build a large station with water/sand and a 
    roundhouse. Build water/sand in Kansas City as well, since they were not 
    provided. There should be a textile mill and a meat factory in St. Louis 
    by default, and usually a tool and die factory also.  Don't worry about 
    those for now, just make sure they're there.  Also, check and find out 
    where your steel mills are, usually they can be found in either 
    Burlington, Omaha and/or Denver.  Two of these three will usually have a 
    mill there.  Also, just west of St. Louis should be a coal mine and a 
    iron ore mine, they're hidden in the trees but they're there.  Start 
    some trains with passengers to and from St. Louis and start making your 
    income.  The company's stock price should be pretty high to start out 
    with so these trains will push it over the $100 split limit, so stock 
    up.  (Another pun!)  It is very important to watch your purchasing power 
    doesn't slip below $300K to $350K.  If it does, the results could be 
    disatourous.  We have to get to $20 million but we have plenty of time.   
    Head West Yet Again
    Once you are satisfied with the amount of money you have (don't take too 
    long building up a nest egg) start building single track west towards 
    Topeka.  Once you are done laying track, a text box will pop up saying 
    that Denver will give you $700,000 and increase security by 30%, but you 
    have to get there in 2 years.  This is a great deal and we will need 
    that 700 grand plus security is a must, the robbers are out and about in 
    this scenario.  Topeka should have a cattle farm and a couple of houses.  
    You're going to have to create as much income as possible so that your 
    stock price stays steady, even if the market should recede.  In the 
    first few years, the market should be prosperous and then eventually 
    boom.  This will not last forever, so act accordingly.  Also, watch your 
    competitors stocks.  Of the three other companies, only one will be real 
    successful.  Buy their stocks when the timing is right I.E. when it's 
    about to split.  Kansas City might have a meat factory also, if so, then 
    send the cattle from Topeka to Kansas City and send the food to St. 
    Louis, fill it up with passengers and head back to Topeka.  Also have a 
    train with passengers and mail head to and fro as before.  Now you have 
    to act quick and get to Denver, every time a train comes in, extend your 
    track out west, use only single track, it's initially cheaper and it's 
    also cheap to upgrade to double track later.  Make your way past Great 
    Bend (which should have plenty of sheep farms) and then start going 
    north a bit and you should find grain fields and it will line you up 
    nicely with Denver.  If time is cutting close, do not hesitate to float 
    a bond, just get there and build a station before the two years are up.  
    The $700K will boost your coffers and you'll be able to expand.  Build a 
    station near the grain fields (if there are any, otherwise build track 
    to one or two) and another in Great Bend.  Start trains from St. Louis 
    to Denver, these will make you the big bucks, so build saloons and a 
    restaurant and hotels later.  If the stock market starts to slip, just 
    hold off your buying and ride it out, it will turn for the better soon 
    enough.  By 1885, you should have 8 to 10 million dollars in personal 
    wealth.  When Los Angeles offers you 1.2 million, forget it, it's not 
    worth that ridiculously long haul through the mountains.  When "men of 
    dubious character" offer to screw with your competitors tracks, take it, 
    you shan't be caught, and the price is right.
    Now Branch out North and South
    Your trains should be raking in dough and your line should be congested.  
    When you have over a million in the coffers, start upgrading to double 
    track.  Start sending the coal/iron to Denver if there is a steel mill 
    there.  Head south to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, north to Omaha and 
    Burlington and start train after train with people and the various 
    cargoes.  Double click on a industry that you service and check how its 
    doing.  If it is lucrative and you can afford it, then buy it.  
    Especially the steel mills, although they have a hefty price tag, they 
    are well worth it.  Plus, its good to get into this habit, in the next 
    set of campaigns you're going to have to do it.  Just keep checking the 
    stock market the whole time. When you have about $3 million worth of 
    purchasing power AND the market is either prosperous or booming AND you 
    already have 9 or 10 million in personal worth, then save your game.  
    Once that is done, go to the market screen and buy up all your stock.  
    If your company is strong then you should have around $22,000,000 in 
    personal wealth when you are through buying.  Wait for the next month to 
    go by and enjoy your victory.  If you don't reach the 20 million mark, 
    then reload wait a bit longer and try again.
    "Magnificent!  The highest degree of professional railroad stewardship 
    is at your command.  Your company is now the dominant carrier in the 
    * Whistle Stops and Promises *			RRT_Stops
    Start Date:  Jan. 1, 12:00 AM
    Time Limit:  14 days
    Conditions for winning:
    	Bronze:  Visit 13 cities by Jan. 14
    	Silver:  Visit 14 cities
    	  Gold:  Visit 16 cities
    Bonus:  Take the Mogul 2-6-0
    Difficulty:  Extremely Easy
    This campaign is probably the easiest in the entire game.  To win gold, 
    bring Teddy Roosevelt to 16 cities by midnight Jan. 14.  I recommend 
    trying this on your own before scrolling down further.  My advice is, 
    start south then west, north, east and west again.  Below is the winning 
    Cheyenne --> Rock Springs --> Pocatello --> Twin Falls --> Boise -->
    Pasco --> Missoula --> Helena --> Great Falls --> Portland --> Salem 
    --> Eugene --> Tacoma --> Seattle --> Bellingham
    I'm not sure if this is the only winning combo, if anyone has any other 
    ones that work please email them to me.  Also, when Missoula offers to 
    increase your speed, just forget it, it's not necessary.  With the above 
    combo, you can break down once and still make it in time.
    "Teddy is proud of you!  He gives you a gold medal and a stuffed bear as 
    a reward.  It looks like you're a shoo-in for secretary of 
    transportation.  You just did it out of patriotism right?
    *  Crossing the Great Divide  *			RRT_Cnda
    Start Date:  Jan. 1868
    Time Limit:  28 years
    Conditions for Winning
    	Bronze:  Connect Vancouver and Halifax by 1896 and haul six loads 
    		   between them.
    	Silver:  Also, have a company net worth of $20,000,000.
    	  Gold:  Have a company net worth of $50,000,000.
    Difficulty:  Intermediate
    Bonus:  Take William Vanhorne and 10% lower track costs.
    In the beginning...
    Okay, we've made it to the last scenario in the set.  We finally leave 
    the USA and head north to Canada.  As you see, you have $925,000 to 
    start with but it burns very quickly.  Your best bet is to start a route 
    between Montreal (Canadiens suck, go Devils!) and Ottawa (Senators suck, 
    go Devils!) and then head to Quebec.  The money will come slowly and you 
    will have to float a bond probably to get to Quebec.  Quebec residents 
    will offer to lower your track building costs within the province for 
    two years for a ridiculous price, absolutely ignore this offer. Try to 
    minimize expenses as much as possible.  Use Iron Dukes as your engines.  
    They're powerful and they're fast!  The real problem in the beginning 
    (title moment) is creating revenue.  Just keep at it and head east 
    towards Halifax, don't even bother with...uh...that city on the hill, I 
    think it begins with F...I forget.  Anyway, forget it, it's in a bad 
    spot and doesn't have much to offer.  Try to get your trains to do the 
    long hauls for more money.  In the beginning, the economy will crash and 
    your cargo will be worth crap.  Just wait till the economy stabalizes 
    and your trains will bring in more.  Oh yeah, since personal wealth is 
    not a factor in the scenario, lower the dividend until it's zero.  That 
    will help company growth.  In 1875, your track building costs will be 
    reduced by 20% thanks to the kindly Canadian government.  You can build 
    to Toronto (Maple Leafs suck, go Devils!) if you feel like it, but I 
    think its a waste anyway.
    The Land of the Hidden Bonuses
    Yeah, we may be starting off slow but things pick up soon enough, and 
    once they get going, there's no stopping them.  Start heading west 
    towards Sudbury and if you feel like it, Sault Ste. Marie.  When it's 
    practical, you'll want to start doubling up track since they'll be 
    clogged soon enough.  In 1878, if you have 150 or more track cells in 
    place, you'll be asked if you want to use substandard sleepers for your 
    tracks.  Be sure to try and save before this happens.  If you pick no, 
    the price of track building increases 30% for a little more than a year.  
    If you pick yes, you dodge the 30% increase, but you risk being caught 
    and charged with negligence.  Your company will be frozen for a year 
    (meaning your trains will sit there, their cargo depreciating) and then 
    you'll be slapped with a $1,000,000 fine.  Ouch.  So make like Indiana 
    Jones and choose wisely.  In 1879, you'll be asked if you want to buy 
    rights for the USA for $300,000.  I personally do not like this option 
    but it can work if you got the money and want to build the Canadian 
    railroad in the USA (isn't that a larf?).  I keep my track Canadian and 
    start making for Winnipeg (Jets suck, go Devils).  Now you can make real 
    decent money for the first time.  Run trains from Winnipeg to Halifax 
    and vice versa and money will pour in.  Also, don't just concentrate on 
    passenger revenue, be sure to see if it's practical to utilize industry 
    as well.  
    The Run Home
    Keep making your way west towards Edmonton (Oilers suck, go Devils!).  
    You can hit Calgary (Flames suck, go Devils!) instead if you like.   
    Then head north and go for the mountain pass by Prince George.  Running 
    trains all the time, you should be raking in the dough.  Head back down 
    south and go towards Vancouver (Canucks suck, go Devils!).  Well those 
    crazy Canucks thought it would be bright to build their fine city right 
    at the base of a mountain.  You WILL have to build track with a 12.0 
    incline and that will slow your trains down big time.  Look for the 
    train best suited for the job and start making your haul quota.  Once 
    all your track is doubled up and you have stone bridges and all that, 
    then concentrate your efforts on making money.  Build hotels, 
    restaurants, saloons etc. etc. at all the stations that bring in a lot 
    of passenger revenue.  Send tens and tens of trains between here, there 
    and everywhere.  If you left yourself enough time, you should have no 
    problem getting the required $50,000,000.  Once that is done, relax, 
    because now you're ready for harder, more exciting challenges.  Oh yeah, 
    did I mention I'm a Devils fan?
    "Hail to thee!  The binder of nations.  The glue of governments.  The 
    sultan of sharing!  The doubters in the western provinces have committed 
    to preserving Canada, and the east has seen the strength of Canada's 
    diversity.  All due to your diligence."
    The Early Years						RRT_Pt2
    Well, it's kinda like the real early years, but in Europe.  Then, the 
    last one is in the 1990's.  So, get ready, cause the challenges are a 
    bit harder here.
    *  Birth of the Iron Horse  *				RRT_Brit
    Start Date:  Jan. 1835
    Time Limit:  20 years
    Conditions for Winning:
    	Bronze:  Have the highest personal net worth by 1855.
    	Silver:  Have the highest PNW and have at least $10 million PNW.
    	  Gold:  Have the highest PNW and have at least $20 million PNW 
    		   and be the sole surviving railroad.
    Difficulty:  Easy
    Bonus:  Take John Bull 2-4-0 and 10% cheaper track laying costs.
    Ruthless Since Birth
    Ah, this is perhaps my most favorite scenario in the game.  It's easy 
    and it prepares you for future missions.  You have to use the stock 
    market as your ally here.  Ever hear of a hostile takeover?  Well we'll 
    be doing some of that my friend.  They start you off with plenty of 
    money here, so build a length of track between Oxford and London, also 
    be sure to build a station at Birmingham or another company may start 
    there.  It's easy to make money with just passengers here, so build 
    saloons and restaurants and then hotels once you have enough money.  
    Now, to win the gold you have to oust your opponents, once you do, they 
    cannot start a new company...bear in mind, if they oust you, then you 
    cannot start a new company either.  We have to hit em hard early.  Stay 
    competitive with their stock buying.  If they own 3,000 shares of their 
    company, then you buy 4,000.  Don't get in over your head though, the 
    market crashes at the beginning of the scenario, so if your purchasing 
    power is low, then you could be in for some trouble.  Try to own more 
    than 50% of both companies as soon as you can.  Connect to Birmingham as 
    quick as you can, those trains bring in the real money.  It is possible 
    to win this scenario with just these three stations but I always like to 
    go south to Glouscer and hit the towns between Birmingham and Liverpool.  
    NOTE:  If at any time your company money should drop below $0 you will 
    be offered to smuggle drugs into the country for $350,000.  You can take 
    this deal but it is possible for you to get caught.  If you do get 
    caught, your stock price will drop 25%.  
    It's Mine!  All Mine!  Ha Ha Ha!
    Once your company has a couple million in the coffers and is steadily 
    making money, here's what to do.  Look for the company that is doing the 
    worse, their stock price should be the lowest.  Now, sell that stock 
    until you own just more than 50% of it.  That will drive the price down 
    and then you can attempt a merger.  Your company will have to buy out 
    the company you want to merge with.  If you play your cards right, you 
    can buy out a company for around 2 to 3 million dollars.  The 
    stockholders will have to vote on it, but since you own the majority of 
    the stock, it doesn't matter what the other investors think.  A 
    newspaper should announce the merger and now you can congratulate 
    yourself, you've just done your first hostile takeover.  
    Once you've done that, upgrade the old companies trains to the Prussians 
    and re-do their schedules.  It should now be very easy to make bundles 
    of money.  Do the hostile takeover to the other company and then work on 
    your personal worth.  Once you takeover both companies, your purchasing 
    power will skyrocket and so will your cash on hand.  To get over the 
    $20,000,000 limit, save the game and buy up stock, once it's over 20 
    million then wait a month and win.
    "Victory!  Bold and brave my good man!  Should make good reading in the 
    history books?  There is rumor of knighthood from the palace."
    *  Excess on the Orient Express  *			RRT_Excess
    Start Date:  Jan. 1850
    Time Limit:  Bronze 39 years, silver 37 years, gold 33 years
    Conditions for Winning:
    	Bronze:  Connect Paris and Constantinople (not Istanbul) by 1889 	
    	   and haul 24 loads between them.
    	Silver:  Do it by 1887.
    	  Gold:  Do it by 1883.
    Difficulty:  Easy/Intermediate
    The French Connection
    You start with 900K and a large task ahead of you.  You will probably 
    lay more track than you have for any scenario, although Canada comes 
    close.  Start off by building a single track from Paris to Lyon, I know 
    Dijon is closer but we're looking to generate revenue.  Also, go in the 
    company screen and lower the dividend to 0.  PNW is not a factor in this 
    scenario.  This route should start making cash fairly quick and when it 
    does get to Marsielle without delay.  (Cool, that rhymes.)  Somone 
    probably started a company in Nimes and they WILL go to Marsielle if you 
    give them the opportunity.  Start running your trains to and from 
    Marsielle and Paris and money will come quickly.  Upgrade your Prussians 
    to Iron Dukes in 1855, double up your tracks and just use the double 
    track from now on.
    Take the High Road or the Low Road?
    In this scenario, you can either go east through Germany or Italy.  I 
    pick Italy because it is cheaper to buy rights to this country.  Go 
    northeast towards Milan and build there, Torino isn't that profitable 
    but you can build there too.  Italy is great because it's a straight 
    shot right through.  Hit Venice along the way and just keep those trains 
    moving.  When you can buy rights to Austria-Hungary and make for 
    Belgrade.  East of Belgrade is a river between some mountains.  You can 
    follow the river around and get over the mountain without having the 
    grade go into the red.  From here, buy the rights to Romania and just 
    keep heading west as the money should be pouring in.  Now go southward 
    and buy rights to Bulgaria, proceed to the Ottoman Empire (after you 
    bought the rights) and build in Constantinople.  Upon building there, 
    you will receive 1.3 million dollars from the Romanian government in 
    appreciation of connecting them to Constantinople.  You don't get this 
    perk if you take the high road.
    Now for the Long Haul
    Start running trains with three cars and a caboose from Paris to 
    Constantinople and vice versa.  Cabooses decrease the breakdown chance 
    and help prevent robberies.  You should have gotten to Constantinople by 
    1865 which is in no time.  In 1866, Austria goes to war with Germany and 
    all rail traffic within the countries stop.  This war is short and soon 
    enough your trains will be running again.  In 1867, you are offered the 
    opportunity to buy the queen of Bulgaria a clock to improve goodwill.  
    If you've already reached Constantinople as you should have, then tell 
    her to go scratch.  Otherwise, take this offer since it will make 
    getting into the country cheaper.  Just run trains until you reach the 
    24 limit.  This scenario is long, but not at all hard.
    "Stellar success!  This is one that the historians will not forget.  It 
    has certainly made you the toast of Europe and a hit with the 
    aristocracy.  Sounds like your trains has come in?"
    This is it, the halfway point.  Only nine more scenarios after this one.  
    There is a definite difference in difficulty after this.  So be on your 
    toes.  Here we go!
    *  Knitting with Iron  *				RRT_Germ
    Start Date:  Jan. 1850
    Time Limit:  Bronze 26 years, silver 25 years, gold 24 years
    Conditions for Winning:
    	Bronze:  Have stations in 8 states by 1876
    	Silver:  Have stations in 9 or 10 states by 1875
    	  Gold:  Have stations in 11+ states in which one MUST be Bavaria 
    		   by 1874 AND haul at least 70 loads of cargo in one year.
    Difficulty: Easy  (Enjoy it while you can, it gets much harder from 
    Bonus:  Take $100,000 and 10% higher goodwill.
    Welcome to Germany
    Ah Germany, my birthplace (my old man was in the service).  With the 
    bonus we chose, we should have $400+ in the coffers to start with as 
    well as track between Berlin and Stettin.  Both cities have sand/water 
    and Berlin also has a roundhouse.  Not at all a bad start.  Start some 
    trains between the two towns and then take a second to check out the 
    spread.  Find which industries will be useful because you're going to 
    need them.  Also, take a look at the stock market and notice that your 
    companies stock price is through the roof.  Once it gets above $300 a 
    share, go the company screen and choose to issue stock.  This should 
    give you about $120,000 extra.  With this money and the money that you 
    get from your trains, start building out west towards Manhiem.  This 
    train will make more money than the previous trains.  Buy the rights to 
    Brunswick (should be around $230,000) as soon as you can.  Generally in 
    this scenario, the longer you wait to buy rights to countries, the 
    higher the price will be.  Just keep saving money and then buy the 
    rights to Hannover (about $890,000), don't be afraid to issue a bond or 
    two, company net worth is a non-factor.  Once in Hannover, build a large 
    station between Celle and Hannover and you should be able to reap all 
    the benefits of both cities.  At the end of 1852, you will be offered to 
    be able to buy American 4-4-0, ignore this offer, the Iron Duke is 
    around the corner.  
    Do I go north or south?
    Once you've reached Hannover/Celle you should be starting to make some 
    decent money.  With your profits, build up double track and improve your 
    stations.  Passengers are the bulk of the profit in this scenario.    
    Now, if you take a look southeast, you'll notice that Dortmund and 
    Dusseldorf are close together and both are fair sized cities.  
    Unfortunately, Westphalia is a expensive state to buy the rights to and 
    if you wait too long another company will surely connect there.  So you 
    know what you have to do.  Keep saving money, if you have a chance to 
    get a manager that improves goodwill then hire him.  Hopefully, you 
    should be able to get into Westphalia for around $2.2 million.  Once in 
    build a length of track and build a small station.  Your funds should be 
    hurting right now.   That's okay.  Let your trains do their thing and 
    soon enough you'll be in fine shape.  Once you are, connect the track 
    between Celle/Hannover to Dortmund/Dusseldorf.
    Now go North.
    Okay, another state is to our north.  Buy the rights there, it shouldn't 
    be so expensive.  Notice again that two fine cities are right next to 
    one another.  Be sure to build your station on the Heligoland side of 
    the boundry.  Bremen is in Hannover and we already have rights to that.  
    So now you have a Bremen/Heligoland station as well.  Keep earning money 
    and connect north to Hamburg.  (You'll have to buy more rights.)  Now 
    you have your main infrastructure set up.  This is a certified money 
    making machine.  Now, you have three tasks ahead of you.  
    Task #1
    This one is easy.  While the money is pouring in, double up all your 
    track and build stone bridges.  Also, upgrade all your stations to have 
    at the very least a saloon.  Preferably a hotel and a restuarant to 
    boot.  And custom houses are a must.  Now, pause the game.  Unless 
    you've been watching very carefully, there is probably a station or two 
    that is not exporting all it's available goods.  So buy trains as 
    neccesary and get them moving.
    Task #2
    You have to haul 70 loads of cargo in a year in order to win.  This is 
    not as easy as it seems.  Now you know why I had you look around and see 
    that each station was exporting everything it could.  Check each year 
    and see how many loads you have been hauling.  Make adjustments as 
    Task #3
    Okay, we need to have stations in 11 or more states and one HAS to be 
    Bavaria.  Take a look at Bavaria.  Ouch, that's a hefty price to pay.  
    Fear not.  First, take a look at the territory screen and see which 
    territories are cheapest.  Saxony is a good start and so are the 
    Thurgonian States and Hess-Darmstadt.  You can get these for cheap.  
    Build single track and small stations here.  All you need is a station, 
    you don't have to transport anything there if you don't feel like it.  
    That should be either 9 or 10 states that we have rights to now.  If 
    not, buy until you have at least 10 states.  
    The End is Near
    You should definitely have at least 20+ trains running and money pouring 
    in.  We're gonna want to just keep saving, saving, saving until we save 
    enough to buy rights to Bavaria.  Take the offer to buy the King of 
    Bavaria a model castle as it helps improve goodwill.  Once you get the 
    money you need, buy the rights to Bavaria and build a station there.  I 
    was able to buy it for a little less than $15,000,000.  As long as you 
    have hauled your 70 load quota and have 11+ states (including Bavaria) 
    then you should be good as gold.
    "No greater glory can be earned!  You've set the newly formed German 
    Empire squarely on the path of success.  If we didn't already have a 
    Kaiser, you surely would be crowned."
    @ Other Pertinent Information @			RRT_Other
    The train information is taken from the manual.   
    @ Managers @						RRT_Manage
    Managers, for a price, will manage your day to day operations of your 
    company by doing things such as reducing costs of certain things, making 
    stations produce more revenue, increase goodwill, stock prices credit 
    ratings and/or making trains perform better.  Here is a list of the 31 
    managers in the game.  (In no particular order.)  I will rate them with 
    stars, 1 being a mediocre manager and 5 being a excellent manager.
    Allen MacNab  **
    10% cheaper Overhead
    10% higher goodwill
    Allen is a alright manager if you have to buy the rights to another 
    country since he makes your goodwill a smidgen better.  The overhead 
    cost isn't that enticing.
    Frederick Billings *
    10% cheaper overhead
    All I have to say about him is big deal.
    Ginery Twitchell *
    15% higher goodwill
    15% lower stock price
    Again, a good choice if you need to buy rights but if you need a high 
    stock price then forget, 15% is more than it seems.
    William Strong  ***
    20% higher overhead
    10% lower station building
     5% higher station revenue
    Although the increase in overhead is considerable, he is a good manager 
    that makes station building less painful, so you can buy bigger stations 
    with more amenities such as restaurants and hotels for cheaper and make 
    money that way.
    John Wootten **
    20% cheaper fuel costs for steam
     5% cheaper fuel costs of all types
    15% higher engine maintenance
    If you have steam trains that have high fuel costs then he is not a bad 
    choice as it is really 25% cheaper.  For any other train you'll be 
    paying more in maintenance than your saving on fuel.
    Ames Oakes **
    10% cheaper station building
    12% higher engine purchase
    Credit Rating 1 grade higher
    10% higher goodwill
    You get a lot of bang for your buck.  He is especially good when you are 
    later in the scenario and have bought most of the trains you need and 
    are strapped for cash or need to make friends with stubborn countries.
    Rudolph Diesel *
    10% lower stock prices
    30% cheaper diesel engine purchase
    He is good at the start of a scenario where you need to purchase diesel 
    engines and your stock price really doesn't mean much.  Other than that 
    you can toss him aside like a parking ticket.
    Thomas Swann *
    20% higher goodwill
    Again, so what?  Possibly if you need that country that refuses to 
    Dr. Robert Garbe *
    15% cheaper steam engine purchase
    Ernst Siemens *
    30% cheaper electric engine purchase
    There is hardly a scenario that requires electric engines.
    Thomas Crampton***
    Train Speed - Steam 10% faster
    Track Maintenance - 10% higher
    Accleration - 10% faster
    Thomas Crampton is one of the best managers that you can get for a cheap 
    price.  He really makes the trains move.
    Roy B. White***
    Track Building - 15% more costly
    Station Building - 20% cheaper
    Station Turnaround - 20% faster
    He is also a very good manager.  Use him for when you have most of your 
    track laid down already and want to improve the stations.  The 
    turnaround is a great help also.  
    Richard Trevithick**
    Train Speed - 10% faster
    Engine Maintenance - 15% more costly
    Engine Purchase - 10% cheaper
    Not a great manager, but not a poor one either.  His benefits apply to 
    all three types of trains which is handy at times.
    Henry Booth*
    Car Maintenance - 10% cheaper
    Not all that impressive.
    Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt**
    Traction - Steam - 10% better
    Fuel costs - 10% cheaper
    Not too bad, but he only comes in handy really in mountainous terrain 
    with steam engines.
    Theodore D. Judah**
    Track Building - 15% cheaper
    Company Overhead - 30% cheaper
    He's good when your strapped for cash and still have places to go.
    Daniel Gooch***
    Engine Purchase - 20% cheaper
    Company Overhead - 5% cheaper
    Iron Revenue - 40% higher
    Track Building - 5% higher
    Not bad...there will be times when he's great.  When you're making steel 
    he can supplement your iron...instead of your iron supplementing 
    you...hee hee.
    Albert Alonzo Robinson*
    Track Building - 15% cheaper
    Stock Price - 10% lower
    Let's see, I can hire a manager that makes track building cheaper and 
    keep my stock price the same, or I can hire this guy.
    George Westinghouse***1/2
    Train Safety - 30% safer
    Car Maintenance - 5% higher
    Passenger Revenue - 5% higher
    He's a very good manager but just shy of four stars.  By making the 
    trains safer, they are less likely to break down or crash, and 
    passengers like that.
    John Work Garrett**
    Electric Track Building - 40% cheaper
    Mountainous Track Building - 20% cheaper
    Track Building - 5% cheaper
    Eh, not too shabby.  Problem is, we really don't use electric track much 
    in this game and if we did what are the odds we'd get him?
    Bat Masterson****
    Security - 50% fewer robberies
    Station Revenues - 5% higher
    Passenger Revenues - 5% higher
    This guy is awesome, not only does he make your train virtually 
    invincible, he also fought Indians, hunted buffalo and captured 
    criminals for a living!  Plus, he generates better income.  Wow.
    William L. VanHorn***
    Track Building - 15% cheaper
    Mountainous Track Building - 20% cheaper
    Station Building - 10% higher
    Fuel - Electric - 10% cheaper
    Not a bad manager to start with if you're lucky.  He makes track 
    building very affordable and 10% isn't much in the way of station 
    Andre Chapleon*
    Train Speed - 10% faster
    Ladies, nothing to write home about.
    Robert Gerwig****
    Bridge Building - 40% cheaper
    Mountainous Track Building - 50% cheaper
    Acceleration - 10% faster
    This guy is the man when you have hilly terrain and rivers to cross.  He 
    literally saves you thousands.
    Andrew Carnegie***
    Bridge Building - 30% cheaper
    Steel Revenue - 30% higher
    Station Building - 15% cheaper
    Not bad really.  He helps with your station and bridge upgrades.
    Eugene Debs***
    Company Overhead - 25% higher
    Passenger Revenue - 10% higher
    Engine Maintenance - 5% higher
    Safety - 50% higher
    For the salary he makes he doesn't really do that great.  He's good if 
    you have unreliable trains since they will break down and crash half as 
    often.  Other than that, you can probably skip him.
    Oscar C. Murray***
    Station Turnaround - 20% faster
    Passenger and ALL cargo revenue - 5% higher
    He's real good when you have a up and running company.  Stations will be 
    ready with their cargoes faster and they'll be worth more no matter what 
    you're hauling.  
    Robert Stevens**
    Track Building - 25% cheaper
    Track Maintenance - 10% cheaper
    Not all that enticing.  I guess if you need to build track.
    George Nagelmacher***
    Passenger Revenue - 15% higher
    Car maintenance - 10% higher
    He's good also when you have an established company that heavily relies 
    on passengers.
    Charles Melville Hayes***
    Track Building - 40% cheaper
    Company Overhead - 25% cheaper
    Train Safety - 5% riskier
    He's not bad at all if you can nab him early.  The pros definitely 
    outweigh the cons.
    Johns Hopkins**
    Passenger Revenue - 10% higher
    Not good, not bad.  Help the income somewhat.
    Charles F. Mayer
    William J. Palmer
    Daniel Willard*
    Fuel Costs - 25% cheaper
    For all he does, he's not worth his salary at all.
    Philip Randolph
    Ben Holladay
    Herbert Garratt**
    Fuel Costs - 40% cheaper
    Train Speed - 5% slower
    Yeah, he slows down the trains but not by much, and you save a ton on 
    Henri Giffard
    George Pullman****
    Car Maintenance - 20% higher
    Passenger Revenue - 25% higher
    Station Revenue - 5% higher
    A king among men.  He is usually not available until late in the 
    scenario.  When you can get him, do get him.  He gives your company the 
    boost it made need.
    @ The Iron Horses @					RRT_Trains
    These are all the trains available in the game.  Shown in a table 
    exactly as in the manual.  Maintenance and Fuel are monthly.  (Speed is 
    in MPH, on a flat 0.0 grade surface with no cars.)
    Note that there are other conditions to these trains that may effect 
    your decision.  For example, the MAG-LEV-TBX-1 can go 280 MPH however, 
    when going up a hill any steeper than 2.0, it goes painfully slow.  
    Also, not all engines will be available once the year that they are 
    available rolls around.  I.E. the Iron Duke was made in Germany and 
    cannot be purchased in the USA in 1855.
    |Name               |Year|Type |Init. Cost|Maint. Cost|Fuel Cost|Speed|
    |Trevithick 0-4-0  |1804|Steam | $10,000   |$6,000    |$330     |   5 | 
    |Rocket 0-2-2      |1829|Steam |$16,000   |$6,000     |$330     |  26 |
    |John Bull 2-4-0*  |1831|Steam |$13,000   |$5,000     |$340     |  18 |
    |Clinton 0-4-0     |1833|Steam |$12,000   |$5,000     |$340     |  15 |
    |Prussia 4-2-0     |1837|Steam |$14,000   |$5,000     |$350     |  27 |
    |American 4-4-0 C  |1848|Steam |$46,000   |$5,000     |$12,606  |  42 |
    |Iron Duke 4-2-2   |1855|Steam |$78,000   |$9,000     |$30,736  |  54 |
    |8 Wheeler 4-4-0   |1863|Steam |$59,000   |$5,000     |$17,808  |  48 |
    |Vulcan 2-4-0      |1872|Steam |$29,000   |$4,000     |$370     |  30 |
    |Consolidation2-8-0|1877|Steam |$51,000   |$8,000     |$19,512  |  45 |
    |3 Truck Shay      |1882|Steam |$43,000   |$17,000    |$18,227  |  12 |
    |Mastodon 4-8-0    |1890|Steam |$60,000   |$13,000    |$22,995  |  45 |
    |Ten Wheeler 4-6-0 |1892|Steam |$66,000   |$11,000    |$21,727  |  50 |
    |1-3 Bobo          |1895|Elec. |$85,000   |$6,000     |$33,116  |  60 |
    |Mogul 2-6-0       |1895|Steam |$83,000   |$12,000    |$25,131  |  50 |
    |Atlantic 4-4-2    |1902|Steam |$93,000   |$18,000    |$43,556  |  80 |
    |Camelback 2-6-0   |1905|Steam |$75,000   |$9,000     |$15,000  |  30 |
    |Pacific 4-6-2     |1908|Steam |$119,000  |$21,000    |$62,516  |  95 |
    |Class G10 0-10-0  |1910|Steam |$98,000   |$38,000    |$50,521  |  50 |
    |Prairie 2-6-2     |1912|Steam |$85,000   |$9,000     |$34,157  |  60 |
    |American 4-4-0    |1914|Steam |$65,000   |$10,000    |$21,024  |  45 |
    |Class XIII H 2-10-|1917|Steam |$102,000  |$36,000    |$46,289  |  40 |
    |USRA 0-6-0        |1918|Steam |$90,000   |$13,000    |$29,993  |  40 |
    |Mikado 2-8-2      |1919|Steam |$133,000  |$32,000    |$51,072  |  55 |
    |Class Be 4/6 II   |1920|Elec. |$61,000   |$11,000    |$14,701  |  32 |
    |Class B12 4-6-0   |1923|Steam |$146,000  |$14,000    |$32,407  |  71 |
    |Ee 3/3            |1923|Elec. |$47,000   |$7,000     |$11,880  |  31 |
    |Class 1045        |1927|Elec. |$95,000   |$6,000     |$11,636  |  40 |
    |0-8-0             |1930|Steam |$98,000   |$20,000    |$32,236  |  45 |
    |Mallard 4-6-2 A4  |1935|Steam |$200,000  |$19,000    |$55,136  | 126 |
    |GC1               |1935|Elec. |$285,000  |$19,000    |$42,721  | 100 |
    |Class E18         |1936|Elec. |$97,000   |$16,000    |$27,493  |  93 |
    |Daylight 4-8-4    |1937|Steam |$230,000  |$30,000    |$63,611  |  80 |
    |Hudson 4-6-4      |1937|Steam |$210,000  |$21,000    |$54,017  |  90 |
    |Class J3a 4-6-4   |1938|Steam |$255,000  |$23,000    |$28,000  | 103 |
    |Class Ae8         |1939|Elec. |$210,000  |$37,000    |$47,906  |  68 |
    |Big Boy 4-8-8-4   |1941|Steam |$375,000  |$70,000    |$88,040  |  68 |
    |Class 1020 Co-Co  |1941|Elec. |$119,000  |$23,000    |$21,545  |  56 |
    |Penn. T1 4-4-4-4  |1945|Steam |$284,000  |$30,000    |$78,213  |  80 |
    |F3                |1945|Diesel|$265,000  |$16,000    |$52,150  |  85 |
    |PA-1              |1946|Diesel|$210,000  |$16,000    |$52,800  | 100 |
    |F7A               |1949|Diesel|$337,000  |$15,000    |$63,000  | 120 |
    |GP9               |1954|Diesel|$165,000  |$15,000    |$48,028  |  71 |
    |E 69 02           |1955|Elec. |$86,000   |$10,000    |$12,837  |  31 |
    |GP18              |1958|Diesel|$245,000  |$15,000    |$53,878  |  83 |
    |Class V200        |1959|Diesel|$160,000  |$19,000    |$53,878  |  87 |
    |E44               |1960|Elec. |$370,000  |$22,000    |$37,971  |  70 |
    |Class 55 Deltic   |1961|Diesel|$480,000  |$15,000    |$52,155  | 100 |
    |Shinkansen Bullet |1966|Elec. |$650,000  |$66,000    |$66,680  | 130 |
    |FP45              |1968|Diesel|$366,000  |$22,000    |$65,740  | 103 |
    |SD45              |1972|Diesel|$360,000  |$22,000    |$36,009  |  65 |
    |E60CP             |1973|Elec. |$260,000  |$19,000    |$38,043  |  85 |
    |SDP40             |1973|Diesel|$292,000  |$18,000    |$61,966  | 103 |
    |Class E111        |1974|Elec. |$390,000  |$17,000    |$38,016  |  85 |
    |E656 Camino-FS    |1975|Elec. |$226,000  |$17,000    |$37,734  |  93 |
    |Dash 9            |1993|Diesel|$478,000  |$32,000    |$68,410  |  70 |
    |AMD-103           |1993|Diesel|$425,000  |$25,000    |$88,068  | 103 |
    |Thalys Bullet     |1994|Elec. |$1,000,000|$40,000    |$111,756 | 186 |
    |Class 232         |1997|Diesel|$492,000  |$35,000    |$72,625  |  75 |
    |Mag-Lev TBX-1     |2008|Elec. |$2,500,000|$200,000   |$274,139 | 280 |
    * I am 99% certain that these are not the correct figures for the John 
    Bull.  If anyone knows the correct figures please, email me.
    @ Industry and Cargo @
    This is it.  The very things that make the money.  There are many types 
    of industry in this game, which in turn creates cargo which in turn 
    brings in the green.  
    Aluminum Mill
    Demands:  Bauxite
    Produces: Aluminum
    Aluminum is brought to tool and die factories to create goods.
    Auto Plant
    Demands:  Steel and Tires
    Produces: Autos
    Autos can be brough to any city, they all accept them.  The bigger the 
    city, the higher the demand, the more money you make.
    Demands:  Grain or Sugar
    Produces: Food
    Food too can be brought into any town or city.
    Bauxite Mine
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Bauxite
    Use the Bauxite to make aluminum.
    Demands:  Coffee or Produce
    Produces: Food
    Canneries are needed because at some point, cities will stop accepting 
    raw coffee and produce and would like their product canned.  So this is 
    where to do it.
    Cattle Yard
    Demands:  Grain
    Produces: Cattle
    Bring the cattle to the Meat Factory where the cows are slaughtered and 
    that hunk of filet migon is on your plate in no time.
    Cement Plant
    Demands:  Gravel
    Produces: Cement
    Any city accepts cement.
    Chemical Plant
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Chemicals
    Any city accepts chemicals.
    Coal Mine
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Coal
    Coal is one of the ingredients of steel.  This can be an extremely 
    lucrative industry.
    Coffee Farm
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Coffee
    Bring the coffee to any city for cash.  In a can, it will make more.  
    Although not demanded, if you deliver fertilizer, output will be 
    increased by 50%.
    Cotton Farm
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Cotton
    Bring cotton to cities with Textile mills for maximum profit.  Bring 
    fertilizer and increase production 50%.
    Dairy Farm
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Milk
    Although the Dairy Farm doesn't demand it, if you deliver grain to it 
    its output will be increased by 50%.
    Dairy Processor
    Demands:  Milk
    Produces: Food
    Magically convert milk into food and bring it to any city.
    Electric Plant
    Demands:  Coal or Diesel
    Produces: Waste
    This is perhaps tied for the most stupid industry.  Bring the waste to 
    the landfill.  (Which is equally as useless.)
    Fertilizer Plant
    Demands:  Chemicals
    Produces: Fertilizer
    Fertilizer maximizes the output of grain, sugar, coffee and cotton 
    farms.  Other wise its a load of....well you know.
    Grain Silo
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Grain
    Bring the grain to cities with bakeries or cattle yards.  This can prove 
    to be a lucrative industry also.  Fertilizer increases production by 
    Gravel Pit
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Gravel
    Bring the gravel to cement factories.
    Not for Sale
    Demands:  Anything and everything
    Produces: People and Mail
    This is what produces passengers.  Probably the most valuable cargo in 
    the game.  Mail is also produces but not as much as people.  Mail too, 
    is very valuable.
    Iron Mine
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Iron
    Iron is the other ingredient to steel.  Iron is also very valuable.  
    Tool and die factories accept raw for a while.
    Demands:  Waste
    Produces: None
    A silly industry to say the least, bring you waste here get a small 
    amount of cash.  Not exactly what I'd call a cash crop.
    Logging Camp
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Logs and Wood Pulp
    Bring the logs to the lumber yard or they're worthless.  Bring the pulp 
    to the paper mill or it is equally as worthless.
    Lumber Mill
    Demands:  Logs
    Produces: Lumber
    The lumber is what makes the money.  Any city will accept it.
    Meatpacking Plant
    Demands:  Cattle
    Produces: Food
    This is where the cows go to die.  Bring the food to any city for cash.
    Nuclear Plant
    Demands:  Uranium
    Produces: Waste
    This industry is what it produces.  It is tied with the electric plant 
    for least useful industry.  And with that astronomical price...
    Oil Refinery
    Demands:  Oil
    Produces: Diesel
    Bring the oil here, turn it to diesel, bring the diesel to the electric 
    plant end up with squat.  
    Oil Well
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Oil
    Oil is accepted at refineries and at cities with ports.  Not a very 
    valuable cargo though.
    Paper Mill
    Demands:  Wood Pulp
    Produces: Paper
    Any city will accept paper.
    Demands:  The demands vary greatly and it is all random.
    Produces: Same as demands.
    Ports accept and produce just about everything with some exceptions.
    Produce Orchard
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Produce
    Bring the produce to cities or canneries.  Fertilizer increases output 
    Rubber Farm
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Rubber
    These are pretty rare.  You're more likely to get rubber from a port 
    than anywhere else.  Rubber is needed to make tires.  Fertilizer 
    increases output 50%.
    Sheep Farm
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Wool
    These can be a profitable enterprise.  Bring the wool to Textile Mills 
    and create goods.  Grain increases output, you guessed it, by 50%.
    Steel Mill
    Demands:  Coal and Iron
    Produces: Steel
    This is the mother of the industries.  Arguably the most lucrative, 
    genuine industry in the game.  Not only will you make loads off the 
    steel itself, the whole mill is a money making machine.  Buy these as 
    soon as you can!  You must be delivering iron and coal and shipping its 
    product for it to be truly profitable though.
    Sugar Farm
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Sugar
    Sugar can be delivered to bakeries and lots of times to ports.  
    Fertilizer increases production 50%.
    Textile Mill
    Demands:  Cotton or Wool
    Produces: Goods
    This is another excellent industry.  Give it cotton or wool or both and 
    get goods.  Bring the valuable goods to any city, the bigger the better.
    Tire Factory
    Demands:  Rubber
    Produces: Tires
    These are needed to make cars.  Cities without Auto Plants will pay 
    very, very little for this product.
    Tool and Die Factory
    Demands:  Iron, Steel or Aluminum
    Produces: Goods
    Another great industry.  You can make loads of money off these, plus 
    they're cheap.
    Uranium Mine
    Demands:  None
    Produces: Uranium 
    Bring this to nuclear plants that create deadly waste.  
    @ Depots and their Services @          			RRT_Depot
    RRT2 has three different sized train stations to choose from.  Small, 
    medium and large.  Each station has a certain amount of area that it 
    will cover and any industry or house that is in the area will be able to 
    import and export cargo at that station.  The stations are also where 
    the trains can be serviced to help them perform better.  Here is a list 
    of the services that can be rendered at a train station.
    Telegraph Poles - Increase turnaround by 25% - $40,000
    Telephone Poles - Increase turnaround by 50% - $80,000
    These are good for long scenarios, especially when the movement of cargo 
    is required to win.
    Saloon	     - Increase passenger revenue by  5% - $35,000
    Small Restaurant - Increase passenger revenue by 10% - $50,000
    Large Restaurant - Increase passenger revenue by 15% - $100,000
    Small Hotel      - Increase passenger revenue by 15% - $65,000
    Large Hotel      - Increase passenger revenue by 25% - $175,000
    Excellent at big stations where passengers are big money.  
    Post Office    - Reduces the wait time for mail by 50% - $35,000
    Customs House  - Reduces the wait time for customs 50% - $25,000
    These are essential.  Mail is one of the most valuable cargoes in the 
    game, the quicker you can get it, the better.  Customs houses are a must 
    in campaigns with different countries.
    Sand Tower   - Provides the train with sand  - $30,000
    Water Tower  - Provides the train with water - $25,000
    Roundhouse   - Provides the train with oil   - $120,000
    You will definitely have to have water and sand at probably each station 
    and a roundhouse at every other station.  Without these your trains will 
    be crippled in no time and they will break down or crash shortly 
    Liquid Storage - Reduces wait time for oil and chemicals by 50% - $50K
    Cold Storage   - Reduces wait time for milk and produce by 50%  - $50K
    Grain Silo     - Reduces wait time for grain by 50%		    - $35K
    Warehouse	   - Reduces wait time for goods/cotton/wool by 50% - $25K
    @ Basic Catch all Advice @					RRT_Advice
    -When working with cargo, other than passengers and mail, be sure to 
    maximize your trains output.  For instance, let's say that Topeka has a 
    grain farm in it's limits, and Kansas City has cattle yards and St. 
    Louis has a Meat Factory, the most profitable route would be...
    	Topeka w/grain --> Kansas City from KC w/cattle -->St. Louis from 
    	St. Louis w/food --> Kansas City from KC w/passenger --> Topeka.
    This way, your train is making money at every stop.
    -Be sure to check the managers available from time to time.  One may 
    come up that can serve you better than the one you have.
    -When laying track in mountainous terrain, be sure to pause and look for 
    the path of least resistance.  There is usually a path that you can take 
    and be able to keep in under a 4.0 grade.  This saves valuable time.
    = Cheats =								RRT_IMAcheater
    Although with this guide you will not need to put any of these to use, 
    they are fun to toy around with at times.
    To activate a cheat, press the TAB button any time and type the 
    following codes, then, press ENTER.
    Code					Effect
    Slush fund				Adds 1 Millin to Company Coffers
    Powerball				Adds 10 Million to Company Coffers
    King of the Hill			Adds 100 Million to Personal Coffers
    Show me the Trains		Access to all trains
    Casey Jones				Trains of Competitors Crash
    BigFootGold				Win Gold Medal
    BigFootSilver			Win Silver Medal
    BigFootBronze			Win Bronze Medal
    Viagra				Cities Grow Faster
    Overtime				Stations instantly filled with cargo

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