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    Boss FAQ by oracle93

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    Rayman Boss FAQ for PS
    Version 1.0
    By oracle93
    Boss Guide
    	Boss 1: Little Moskito
    	Boss 2: Moskito
    	Boss 3: Mr. Sax
    	Boss 4: Mr. Stone
    	Boss 5: Opera Mama
    	Boss 6: Space Mama
    	Boss 7: Mr. Skops
    	Boss 8: Mr. Dark
    Version History
    Special Thanks
    Hello again! Oracle93 here, presenting his third FAQ: a boss guide to 
    end all boss guides. This guide is for Rayman, an old game from the 
    90s. It's cartoony, it's side-scrolling, and you control with the D-
    Pad. However, it's an extremely fun and challenging game, and all those 
    new games with flashy graphics and complicated control systems and 
    "innovative" crap should take an example from it. On a side note, I 
    highly recommend the sequels, The Great Escape and Hoodlum Havoc.
    This is a guide for the 8 bosses in the game. If you are having trouble 
    with one, hit Ctrl+F, then type "Boss" and the number it is.
    My e-mail address is at the top of the guide in case you find a problem 
    I haven't covered. EL NOA YOU SPAMMO! SPAM=BAD! NNOO SSPPAAMM!!!!
    D-Pad(left/right): Move Rayman left/right
    D-Pad(down): Duck
    R1: Crawl right
    R2: Crawl left
    Square: Punch
    Hold Square, then release: Charged punch
    X: Jump
    X, then X in midair: Helicopter
    O: Run
    Start: Pause
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Q: Can I put your FAQ on my website?
    A: Yes, but ONLY with my explicit permission.
    Boss Guide
    Boss 1: Little Moskito
    Location: The Dream Forest, Anguish Lagoon
    Strategy: This boss only has three attacks. In the first, he will fly 
    down from the ceiling and attack. In the second, he will zoom across 
    the floor. The third is like the second, only higher up. To defeat him, 
    all you need to do is attack him at the right time. The first attack is 
    a prime opportunity. When he comes from the ceiling, punch him when he 
    gets low enough. He can also be punched while charging. Watch for his 
    head on the outskirts of the screen, this means he is about to charge. 
    If he is on the ground, attack when he gets close enough. If he is 
    higher up, jump before you punch. A few hits to defeat this easy boss. 
    (Side note: I think this guy is Bzzit, from Rayman 2, but have yet to 
    find conclusive evidence)
    Boss 2: Moskito
    Location: The Dream Forest, Moskito's Nest
    Strategy: This boss is a lot like the last one, except with more HP and 
    some new attacks. Again, you cause damage by landing punches at the 
    right time. Attack during the charges and hovering periods to get the 
    most hits. The three new attacks involve spiked balls. First, Moskito 
    can fly across the top of the screen with a small spike ball. When you 
    run underneath, he will drop it. Avoid this by moving in the opposite 
    direction from Moskito. Second, he will fly into the arena with a 
    medium-sized spike ball. He will then drop it, so avoid it as it 
    bounces. Finally, he can carry a huge spike ball across the screen. 
    Simply duck to avoid this.
    Boss 3: Mr. Sax
    Location: Band Land, Mr. Sax's Hulabaloo
    Strategy: Mr. Sax, as is customary for all world bosses except Space 
    Mama and Mr. Dark, will chase you before the fight, which, unlike with 
    all the other bosses, is an opportunity to score some hits. As he 
    chases you, you will see wrong notes (those spiky musical notes that 
    are all over Band Land). Punch them back at him to damage him. You can 
    deal a maximum of 4 damage this way. After the chase, you drop into the 
    arena, and the real battle begins. Note that Mr. Sax often crosses the 
    area, using a combination of walking and jumping. You'll need to get on 
    the other side of him or you'll take damage, so run underneath him when 
    he jumps. Mr. Sax has three attacks. The first is one, two, or three 
    bombs that explode in eight directions. The second is a bomb that will 
    explode and damage you if you're on the ground. In the third, he shoots 
    wrong notes which bounce along the floor. This attack is the way to 
    defeat him. When the wrong notes are played, punch them and they'll fly 
    at Mr. Sax. Compared to some of the other bosses in Rayman, Mr. Sax is 
    easy to defeat. You'll probably only need one or two tries.
    Boss 4: Mr. Stone
    Location: The Blue Mountains, Mr. Stone's Peaks
    Strategy: Mr. Stone is one of the more difficult bosses of the game. At 
    the start of the fight, jump onto the boulder and grab the large power 
    ball. While in the air, punch the head of the statue to damage Mr. 
    Stone, then helicopter to get over him as he charges. Watch out for 
    chunks of the rock when he breaks it. A boulder will drop from the 
    ceiling now, so watch out for it and the pieces after it breaks. 
    Another rock will fall and Mr. Stone will catch it. Quickly knock the 
    rock out of his hand before he throws it. If you do this right, the 
    rock bounces to the other end of the room. Jump on it and punch the 
    statue for another hit. As before, helicopter to get over Mr. Stone 
    while he lumbers at you. Head into the middle of the room now. Mr. 
    Stone will call three rock puppies for you to defeat. After you beat 
    them, look out for falling boulders, then knock the rock out of his 
    hand again. Jump on it and punch the statue, then helicopter over Mr. 
    Stone. On his fourth life, he will shoot blasts of energy at you. Avoid 
    them by jumping and ducking, then repeat the process: avoid boulders, 
    punch boulder in Mr. Stone's hand, jump on boulder, punch head of 
    statue, helicopter over Mr. Stone. Now, he will get a rock and throw it 
    at you. Avoid it, then look out for the pieces and Mr. Stone. After 
    some attacking, a cloud will appear. Jump on it, and punch the head of 
    the statue. At this point, Mr. Stone won't do anything you haven't seen 
    before, so punch the head three more times to defeat the evil lord of 
    the Blue Mountains.
    Boss 5: Opera Mama
    Location: Picture City, Eraser Plains
    Strategy: Rayman is on a stage, and a ship comes in on the background. 
    Before you fight Opera Mama herself, you must defeat her two crewmates. 
    The first one jumps out to fight you head-on, while the second one 
    bombs you from the crow's nest. The first enemy uses his earring as a 
    boomerang. Avoid it and punch him until he falls. Now, hit the crow's 
    nest three times to knock out the pirate with the bombs/ He will throw 
    his bombs at you, so jump over them. Punch him and he should go down 
    quickly. Finally, Opera Mama jumps out of the ship. First, she will 
    fire three knives out of her cannon. They will stick in the ground, so 
    bounce on one of the handles. Opera Mama will rise up, so punch her in 
    the head. Back on the ground, she will fire four knives which rotate 
    for a few seconds at the top of the screen. After that, they will fly 
    at you, one by one. They aren't difficult to avoid, as once they start 
    to move, they can only stay on the same path. Once they have all fired, 
    Opera Mama will shoot knives into the ground again. Bounce on them to 
    attack, then avoid the four flying knives again. Repeat the process one 
    more time and Opera Mama gains a new attack. She fires knives into the 
    ground, like before (attack with them), but after a while, they will 
    start to rotate, and shoot horizontally at you. Repeat the process of 
    the other attacks for victory.
    Boss 6: Space Mama
    Location: Picture City, Space Mama's Crater
    Strategy: I HATE THIS BOSS! My complete and total hatred for this boss 
    knows no bounds! The blazing fire of a million suns is only a tiny 
    fraction of how much I hate this boss! Just thought we should clear 
    that up. Anyway, the housewife from hell enters in a flying washing 
    machine, which you should duck to avoid. When the machine lands, Space 
    Mama comes out and advances toward you, firing a blast from her rolling 
    pin (avoided by ducking). After the shot, punch her in the head. She 
    will move closer now, so repeat the process until you either get hit or 
    Space Mama jumps. If she jumps, wait until she lands, then punch her 
    and avoid a rolling pin blast (be warned that she can land on you). 
    After you have depleted about half of her HP this way, the Challenge of 
    Exploding Pots will begin. Whenever a pot explodes, it will go out in 
    two directions. Also, during this section, watch out for Space Mama 
    whirling across the arena. Duck to avoid the first two pots, then 
    quickly crawl to the left or right to escape the next one. Now, Space 
    Mama creates a layer of pots. Crawl into the gap to stay safe. Crawl 
    into a corner to avoid the next three, then quickly crawl into the 
    middle. Stand up now, and run under the gap. Duck to avoid the Space 
    Mama, then run to the gap on the other side. Duck again, then run back 
    to the other side (see why I hate this boss?). Finally, crawl into the 
    last gap to survive the great Exploding Pot Challenge. Here, you have 
    an opportunity to attack Space Mama in the normal way, so do it. Now, 
    in a section that is almost as irritating as the last one (but not 
    quite), Space Mama hides behind the washing machine. To get her out, 
    you will have to punch the machine until all the lights on the dial 
    have turned on. She will fire a short low shot, then a high one which 
    can be either long or short. Jump over the low attack, then punch the 
    machine and duck under the high one. This may take a while but does 
    work. All you have to do is make sure not to screw up. After you 
    destroy the machine, it bounces, so watch out. Fight Space Mama like in 
    the beginning, and after 4-5 more hits, she'll go down.
    Boss 7: Mr. Skops
    Location: The Caves of Skops, Mr. Skops' Stalactites
    Phase 1 Strategy: You begin on a bridge of five platforms, in front of 
    a sleeping Mr. Skops. Punch him to wake him up, and he'll destroy part 
    of the bridge. After doing this, he shoots his claw at you. Jump over 
    it, and beware of getting hit when it comes back to him. He'll destroy 
    another part of the bridge and shoot his claw again. This process will 
    repeat until four of the platforms are gone. Mr. Skops will move back a 
    bit, so helicopter and grab the ledge. Don't jump up, though. He will 
    move forward and shoot his claw, then move back and pound the ground. 
    When he is back, you have to stand on the platform, when he is forward, 
    hang off it. Repeat this until Mr. Skops sinks the stone platform into 
    the lava. Run and jump to the gold platform to avoid death. This 
    platform is the first in a series of three that lead to another stone 
    ledge where Mr. Skops is. Do not move from this spot. Wait until Mr. 
    Skops destroys the two platforms in front of you. At this point, he 
    will shoot a blue beam at your platform. Wait until you can jump over 
    it, then leap and helicopter to Mr. Skops's platform. He will sink the 
    stone ledge, so run right, swing across the rings, and run right again. 
    Touch the sign to enter battle with Mr. Skops. (I know that this 
    segment is actually a level, not a boss fight, but since it involves 
    Mr. Skops and the strategy is so precise and complicated, I figured it 
    was worth including in the guide)
    Phase 2 Strategy: This is the true battle. Considering the difficulty 
    of the fights with Space Mama and Mr. Stone, you'd think this would be 
    difficult, but it's actually surprisingly easy. Mr. Skops cannot be 
    harmed by any of your attacks. Therefore, in a staple of boss fights, 
    you must deflect his attacks to damage him. Mr. Skops only has two 
    attacks: the claw shot he used in phase 1, and a homing blue beam. The 
    beams are what you damage him with. Though they may seem to be homing 
    in on Rayman, they're actually tracking his fist. Given this, wait 
    until the beam is fired, then punch Mr. Skops. The beam will fly into 
    his face and hurt him. Do this 7 times, and Mr. Skops walks up to you, 
    giving you much less dodging space. Hit him with one more beam to win.
    Boss 8: Mr. Dark
    Location: Candy Chateau, Mr. Dark's Dare
    Phase 1 Strategy: This is it, folks, the final confrontation! Mr. Dark 
    has a whopping 4 different forms! At the beginning of phase 1, he takes 
    away your power to punch, and dangles it on a fishing line for a few 
    seconds before pulling it away. Now, you have to avoid his various fire 
    techniques. First, he shoots two fireballs that move in a wave. Jump 
    between them, or over them when they converge. Next, he creates pillars 
    of fire that move from side to side. Get between them and move with 
    them. Sometimes, he will do both at once. Eventually, the pillars of 
    fire start to close in, and Mr. Dark says you're doomed. Stay between 
    them, and at the last minute, an electoon will give you back your 
    punch. This will begin phase 2.
    Phase 2 Strategy: This boss is an odd combination of Mr. Stone and Mr. 
    Skops. The weak spot is the head, but if you try to punch now, he 
    blocks it with his claw. You must wait until the claw is out of the 
    way, i.e., when he has thrown it at you. Jump over it and punch the 
    boss in midair to damage him. After several hits, phase 3 will begin.
    Phase 3 Strategy: You're fighting twin Space Mamas, but don't worry, 
    there aren't any pots or washing machines. They will just move up and 
    down the sides of the screen, shooting at you with their rolling pins. 
    Jump or duck the shots. The great thing about this fight is, not only 
    can the Space Mamas be attacked at any time, but if one is hit, damage 
    counts for both. Keep punching, and after eight hits you'll get to the 
    final battle!
    Phase 4 Strategy: This is the final boss of Rayman, a hybrid of Moskito 
    and Mr. Sax. You will automatically be shrunk for this fight. When the 
    boss jumps, run underneath. The impact will catapult you into the air, 
    so attack the head. Eight more hits, and you've won Rayman!
    Version History
    Version 1.0: Completed contents, introduction, controls, FAQ, guide for 
    every boss, special thanks, disclaimer.
    Special Thanks
    oracle93: Me, for being the self-proclaimed greatest Boss Guide writer 
    of all time.
    CjayC: For being the one who started gameFAQS, the site that hosted my 
    crap walkthroughs when I had nowhere else to turn.
    Ubisoft: For creating Rayman, Rayman 2 and Rayman 3, unsung classics of 
    the gaming world.
    "Rayman" copyright 1998 by UbiSoft Productions, Inc, all rights 
    This Boss FAQ copyright 2006 by oracle93.
    This Boss FAQ may not be sold, distributed, or placed on any website 
    other than GameFAQs without the author's explicit permission.
    Violation of this agreement is prohibited and punishable by law.

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