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Reviewed: 06/15/01 | Updated: 06/15/01

A great game that's fun, challenging, and addictive

Storyline discussion

The storyline to Rayman is that Rayman is trying to free all his friends trapped in cages by the evil Mr. Dark. Rayman along the way, at certain points, meets a fairy named Betillia. She gives Rayman powers such as punching with your fist or using your hair as a helicopter. Eventually, if you should free all of Rayman's friends called ''electoons'', you should get to go on to Mr. Dark's lair and try to defeat him. It may not be the best story but it's a pretty fun game.

Gameplay discussion

The gameplay in Rayman is challenging (maybe too challenging) but fun. The graphics are pretty good for a game meant for Windows '95 and Windows 3.1. There isn't anything too extreme or modern in this game. There are different levels and in these different levels, there are different areas and different worlds. The worlds go from Dream Forest, through Band Land, The Blue Mountains, Picture City, a Cavern World (I forgot the name), to the Candy Chateau where you'll face Mr. Dark. Freeing each and every one of the electoons in cages can be difficult. There are 6 cages in each area. It is very difficult to get all 6. There are photographers who take your pictures and save your place, the standard baddy who'll walk around and try to hurt you, rings to grapple on, angels who'll make you smaller or larger, bubbles (tings) that you can collect to try and gain a life, standard extra lives, plums to be used for transportation, magicians for you to play bonus games, and more.... This wacky game is full of neat things to do. The fun factor is quite high in this game but it is probably the most challenging game I own, being too challenging.

Sound factor

The music in this game is generally O.K. and it's nothing you'll be humming after a few days of playing this game. The sound effects are also generally O.K.

The Big Bucks

If you find this game, it probably won't cost too much so it'll be worth shelling out how ever much it'll cost. I'm sure you'll enjoy this game because it's fun and easy to control. (just a few keys to learn)

Well, that's it for today, folks....

This is my humble opinion on this game and it is definitely worth buying. I hope it adds a smile to your day like this great game does to mine.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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