Review by CChan

Reviewed: 03/29/00 | Updated: 03/29/00

Fun, cartoon-like game with wonderful graphics and gameplay and more!

“Rayman, to the rescue!” yell comes from our hero when you start a brand, new adventure.

Graphics – 9
I must comment that the graphics are noticeably good, with wonderful graphics, amazing and pictured backgrounds together with smooth animations that make this whole game successful. The animations are the best of all.

Music – 9
From jungle background music to musical areas, this music is really good! The special effects used are definitely the best! Listen the drops of the rain and others! Thanks to Ubisoft we are able to hear this wonderful music.

Gameplay – 9
This game is truly fun! You, as the player, controlling Rayman, the character which parts of body don’t really join together! The evil Mr. Dark has kidnapped Betilla the Fairy and caused the whole world unbalanced and released all sorts of enemies! The good, creatures called Platoons are trapped in cages and you must rescue them all!

There are many moves here some permanent while some temporary that are given by Betilla the Fairy. There are dozens of places that you MUST go in order to finish the stage and defeat the bosses. Finding cages of Platoons are not easy as they are hidden VERY carefully and sometimes, you must perform certain things in order to make them appear! There are lots of them scattered in every stages and if you get all of them, you can access the final level.

Bosses are hard and you must use your brains and create strategies to beat the boss. If you buy Rayman Gold, you can even use the Level Designer program to create levels to let your friends play!

Replayability – 7
Well, once you finish this game, there is nothing to do really! This game is boring unless you buy Rayman Gold with the Level Designer program.

Overall – 9
A fun, cartoon game that will entertain you for a long time!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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