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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BHunt

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 08/11/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    RAYMAN 2: The Great Escape(PC) WALKTHROUGH v0.3 (11/9/01)
    Written by Ben Hunt
    E-Mail: dias_flac39@hotmail.com
    1. Revision History
    2. Introduction
    3. Character guide
    4. Lums
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Credits
    7. Legal stuff
    1. Revision History
    -Version 0.1 (9/8/01)  - There is far, far more to be added to this guide, 
    at the moment there is an introduction to the game, a list of characters 
    which I have come across so far and a walkthrough of level one and two. 
    Expect this guide to be updated every few days or so, by tomorrow I should 
    have added level three and maybe four to the walkthrough.
    -Version 0.2 (10/8/01) - Added levels three, four and five, added more to 
    characters section.
    -Version 0.3 (11/9/01) - Added levels six and seven and info to character 
    section. Altered a few other bits.
    2. Introduction
    When I first purchased a Sony Playstation one of the first games I bought 
    was the original Rayman. I thought the graphics were quite impressive for 
    being 2D (although not brilliant), however the repetitive gameplay and 
    boring levels did not please me at all. I also thought the music was 
    incredibly disappointing(and cheesy to say the least). Rayman 2: The Great 
    Escape was released a couple of years after. After I purchased a magazine 
    with a free demo I was very impressed by the graphics and was also quite 
    impressed by the fairly good gameplay. The music was also far better than 
    the original. I bought the full game recently and am now writing a full 
    walkthrough to the game as I play through it.
    This is my first walkthrough so probably won't turn out to be very good but 
    I shall continue writing it to the best of my ability. It is very far from 
    completion, with the character section constantly expanding and a few levels 
    everyday being added to the walkthrough. I must make it clear that this 
    walkthrough does not tell you the locations of all the yellow Lums in the 
    game. So if you use this walkthrough, unless you explore the game a little 
    yourself you are unlikely to complete the game 100%. However it is still 
    perfectly possible to finish the game without getting every yellow Lum. It 
    is unlikely that I will add a Lum guide in the future. I believe there is 
    already one on GameFAQ's anyway. I generally use the locations of them in my 
    walkthrough so as to let you know that you are heading in the right 
    direction and do not get lost. I do not want to receive e-mails asking where 
    the last three Lums in level 6 are or the final Lum in level 10 is. I will 
    ignore this type of e-mail. If you are e-mailing me to let me know something 
    or ask for any other kind of help then put in the subject of you e-mail that 
    it is about Rayman 2 and/or the FAQ.
    If you wish to e-mail with any information, help etc use the following 
    address - dias_flac39@hotmail.com. I do not expect to receive hate mail 
    thank you very much! If you do not receive a response straight away either 
    assume you question is not sensible enough to be answered or has already 
    been answered in the FAQ
    3. Character guide
    For this character guide I will add characters I come across as I progress 
    through the game I will also expand the information on the characters I have 
    already listed as I gain more information about them. After completing level 
    two I have come across the following characters.
    Rayman's the central game character that you control; he has the ability to 
    attack enemies with his spheres of energy from long range. He also has the 
    ability to float from high places using his hair as a helicopter blade. He 
    can also swim, swing, climb, hang-on and climb between to walls to reach 
    higher locations. He is good-humoured and has fantastical powers. The game 
    manual states Rayman is a unique character of unknown origin.
    Globox is Rayman's best friend and has the power to create rainstorms, the 
    manual states at last count he has more than 650 children at LAST COUNT!! 
    His mate is Uglette. He escapes the prison ship with Rayman but the two get 
    separated. Later on Sssssam informs Rayman that he has once again been 
    kidnapped and taken across The Marshes of Awakening. Rayman pursues the 
    pirates to help his friend once again.
    ---The Teensies---
    Ancient wise people who created the Hall of Doors, which can be used to 
    access different regions of the world. They are very old but very amusing. 
    They are so old they cannot remember which one of them is the king. Reside 
    in the Council Chamber of Teensies.
    Murphy helps you at various points throughout the game explaining certain 
    controls or how to get passed certain areas of the game. He can also be 
    called by passing over magic stones.
    Ly is a fairy and possesses magical power however due to the explosion of 
    the primordial core she is now weak. By using energy she has gathered she 
    can return certain powers to Rayman by using silver Lums
    Although I have not come across this character yet he has been mentioned by 
    Ly and is apparently the Spirit of the World. Reuniting the four masks can 
    only awaken him. Rayman is able to communicate with him through some kind of 
    dream world.
    Sssssam appears after Rayman frees him from a cage at The Marshes of 
    Awakening. After a short conversation between the two he offers you a ride 
    across the Marsh to help Globox who has once again bee kidnapped.
    The only one of the freedom fighters not to be captured. You first meet 
    Clark the Menhir Hills but he is unwell(due to his sensitive stomach) and 
    needs a life potion, which can only be obtained from The Cave of Bad Dreams. 
    Rayman is willing to take a risk for his friend. He is extremely strong. Can 
    send a regiment of pirates flying with a single blow.
    ---Guardian of The Cave of Bad Dreams---
    You first meet this guy when you need the life potion from within the cave 
    to help Clark. He challenges you to a fight and when you win you discover a 
    cave full of treasure. Everything within the cave is apparently stemming 
    from the nightmares of Polokus.
    Famous for reducing over one hundred planets through out the galaxy to 
    cosmic dust. His dream is to take over the world and reduce all its 
    inhabitants to slaves. Looks kinda funny.
    4. Lums
    ---Yellow Lums---
    The 1000 fragment of the heart of the world broken by the pirates. They 
    contain universal knowledge. The more Rayman gathers the more he learns. 
    They are used to access the powers of the world and during the game Rayman 
    can use them to access secret areas and secret levels. There is a certain 
    amount spread around each level as indicated in the Hall of Doors. Sometimes 
    released from cages with the captives of the cage. There are also larger 
    yellow Lums with smiley faces to be collected
    ---Silver Lums---
    Ly can make silver Lums when she has gathered enough power and return one of 
    the powers Rayman lost when the primordial core exploded.
    ---Red Lums---
    Red Lums are vital as they replenish Rayman's health throughout the game. 
    Scattered through out the levels.
    ---Green Lums---
    When Rayman dies he will reappear at the last green Lum he touched, these 
    are vital in long levels.
    ---Blue Lums---
    These Lums are similar to red Lums but instead of replenishing health they 
    replenish oxygen, vital for when Rayman is swimming in underwater areas. 
    Scattered throughout underwater areas.
    ---Purple Lums---
    Purple Lums are very useful for reaching ledges that are to far to jump to. 
    If Rayman shoots an energy sphere at one he will swing from it, once he 
    presses jump he will let go. Usually found in areas where a jump is to far.
    5. Walkthrough
    Robo-pirates from deep space have arrived and are determined to enslave the 
    entire world. Volunteers form resistance group's fight to defend the planet 
    from the pirates and among these volunteers are Globox and Rayman. It 
    appears that the pirates have destroyed the primordial core preventing 
    Rayman from using his powers. All of the resistance fighters but Clark have 
    been captured. Razorbeard, leader of the pirates, also captures Rayman but 
    Globox manages to escape and flees to Ly the Fairy for help. Powerless, 
    Rayman is then thrown into a prison cell.
    "Rayman, look what the pirates have done to our world. A planet of anguish 
    and pain, haunted by evil. A dark place, teeming with monsters. Nothing can 
    stop them now they've captured you. They've taken everything and reduced our 
    people to slave. The robots search for innocent prey. In the chaos they 
    exploded the heart of the world. The 1000 lums of energy which form it have 
    been scattered. We are getting weak, soon it will be too late. You must 
    escape, Rayman you are our only hope."
    Note: Because this is the first version of my walkthrough it only tells you 
    how to complete each level(not all of them currently), and at the moment. It 
    does not tell you the location of every yellow Lum(and is unlikely to do so 
    in the future) although I encourage you to e-mail me with any secrets you 
    know of which you think may be useful.
    The game opens up with Globox being dragged passed other imprisoned 
    creatures by two pirates, he is then thrown into a prison cell with a 
    powerless Rayman. Globox informs Rayman that he has a silver Lum from Ly. 
    Rayman can now use his fist again, once you gain control of Rayman stay away 
    from the Laser guarded door and instead use your fist to break the rusted 
    grid blocking off a tunnel. Jump into the tunnel and slide from left to 
    right to collect the red lums to restore Rayman's health. You end up on a 
    platform outside only to be knocked off the pirate ship altogether by Globox 
    who has followed you down the tunnel. You will fall to the Woods of Light 
    ***Lv1:Woods of Light***
    ---Lums:5   Cages:2---
    The game starts off fairly simple, walk forward and you will run into Murphy 
    who will explain how to use the magic stones. Continue to run forwards until 
    you reach a cage; hit it twice to release the captured creatures. Murphy 
    will reappear and will talk to you about yellow Lums. Collect the Lum and 
    the grid below it will slide back and allow you to jump down the hole. 
    Follow the river avoiding the enemy and walk over the magic stone. Continue 
    forward and jump up the platforms for another magic stone and a yellow Lum. 
    Jump up once again for another yellow Lum. Jump across the river avoiding 
    the enemy. Walk to the magic stone and then go collect the yellow Lum you 
    see under the waterfall. Run back round over another magic stone back up the 
    hill. Make the rather large jump over the river and you will engage in a 
    conversation with Globox's kiddies. They say that the pirates have kidnapped 
    Ly. Run through the tunnel and over to the magic stone and Murphy will teach 
    you how to jump up the crevice. Walk and jump up the crevice collecting the 
    yellow Lum along the way. Once at the top hit the cage twice to release a 
    group of the Teensies.  A funny scene will follow. The Teensies inform you 
    that the pirates have taken Ly to The Fairy Glade but the only way to get 
    there is through the hall of doors. The Teensies however can create a portal 
    to get there with the five Lums you have collected during the level. Rayman 
    jumps in and is transported the hall. Murphy teaches you how to start at a 
    new level. You are now able to enter The Fairy Glade.
    ***Lv2:The Fairy Glade***
    ---Lums:50   Cages:7---
    Start the level by jumping into the water and find an underwater passage, 
    dive down and pass the magic stone, collect the blue Lums when you can as 
    they replenish your oxygen supply. Hit the cage you see twice to release the 
    creatures from it and collect the Lum released. Head back out from the 
    passage way and surface and head to the area of land that the bridge is 
    connected to. Jump on the mushroom you see. You will grab the above overhang 
    and receive a yellow Lum. Swing to the ledge you can see and drop down. Walk 
    around the corner and pick up the green Lum. You will come across some 
    piranha infested waters so do not jump; instead use the lily pads floating 
    in the water. Once over the other side, walk on top of the magic stone and 
    collect the red Lum to replenish any health you have lost. Now jump onto the 
    ledges sticking out the wall until you reach an opening, walk forwards up 
    the netting and hit the switch to open a door. Jump down into the water you 
    can see below and walk to the door where Globox's kiddies are standing. Walk 
    through the door and over to the magic stone and follow the waterfall down 
    and you will come across another area infested with Piranhas. Walk up the 
    green path and up the netting onto an odd machine. Go as far to the right as 
    you can and then jump and helicopter to a platform you see in the corner, 
    jump onto the large block floating in the water and it will take you for a 
    ride, while on the block you collect to one yellow and two red Lums. Once it 
    has finished moving around jump back onto land and back to the large machine 
    you were on before. Jump as far up as you can until you see two spring like 
    structures, jump from one to the other and onto the opening to finish the 
    first section of this level.
    For the second area you have to cross the river but it is far to jump, you 
    will notice however that the walls are covered in vines. Grab onto the vines 
    closest to you and move around collecting any Lums you can see along the 
    way, make sure you also avoid the jumping piranha once again. Once you reach 
    the other side, walk around the corner to finish this relatively short 
    The next section can be tricky if you haven't got a clue what to do. You 
    must run over to the wooden area in the grass and wait until the pirate 
    fires at you, now run away and the wood will be blown up revealing a hole 
    which you can jump down. Now you will see a head of you a bunch of boxes and 
    kegs floating in some kind of slimey stuff. Make sure you take your time; by 
    trying to jump them as fast as you can in one go will only get yourself 
    killed. Make sure you helicopter to each one slowly and safely. Collect the 
    red Lums along the way. Once across this area you will see a sticky web. 
    Jump onto it and climb up it moving from left to right avoiding the falling 
    kegs from each side, if a keg hits you, you will be knocked off. Once at the 
    top jump left to safety and hit the door to smash it. Walk up the stairs and 
    Murphy will converse with you. As you walk forward a pirate will run around 
    the corner and star attacking you. A good method of killing him to hold the 
    ctrl button and continuously move from left to right will hitting him. He is 
    fairly easy to kill and you will gain a red Lum. Walk through the next door 
    you come to and you will see a sleeping pirate. He is exactly the same as 
    the last pirate but you get the advantage of first shot at him. Finish him 
    off and collect the red Lum he leaves behind. Once he dies a net falls down 
    on the wall to the left allowing you to climb up it. Do so and jump to the 
    overhang and collected the available Lums. Jump to the gap in the wall but 
    do not jump into the next room. If you observe closely you will notice a 
    laser, which moves from side too side. Helicopter down and jump the laser to 
    avoid taking damage. While jumping hit the switch you see. Now jump up above 
    the switch and grab the platform. Jump through the laser beam in front of 
    you and down the stairs to find another lazy sleeping pirate. Kill him for a 
    red Lum. Hit the switch he was supposed to be guarding and you will notice a 
    door guarded by laser beams has now opened up for you. Jump over the 
    banister and walk through the door to start the next section of this level.
    Once you start this area you will notice two laser beams next to each other 
    moving up and down and from side to side, jump these carefully to avoid 
    unnecessary health loss. Walk down a set of stairs and into a high up area 
    and you will see a broken bridge. You must jump to the ground below and you 
    will see Ly who is the only one who can help you to get over the bridge. She 
    explains that you must destroy the machine that is holding her too free her. 
    Walk through to a room behind you. You will see a large machine in front of 
    you. Now the next part can be tricky. First pick up the keg and start 
    walking towards the machine. Every so often a bomb is sent from the machine 
    and floats towards you. What you must do is throw the keg in the air and 
    shoot at the bomb to destroy it, however you must not move or you will not 
    catch the barrel when it falls back towards you. Once you are close enough 
    to the machine throw the keg at it. You must hit it three times in a row. 
    You will know when you have destroyed it, as Rayman will run back to Ly who 
    will now talk to you. She asks you if you have ever heard of Polokus. She 
    informs you that Polokus is the spirit of the world and reuniting the four 
    masks can only awaken him. You may be a bit confused at the moment but all 
    should become clearer later on in the game. Ly informs you that she is too 
    weak to restore all your powers but does give you the power to use purple 
    Lums. Now walk to the tall structure you jump from at the start of this area 
    and climb up the netting on the side collecting two yellow Lums on your way 
    up. Now face the purple Lum you see in the middle of the air above the 
    broken bridge. Shoot to grab it and swing across to another platform. Walk 
    to the two pipes running down the wall and jump between them collecting the 
    yellow Lum. Once you have reached the top you will start a new section of 
    the level.
    Walk to the very edge of the pipe you land on and you will see the long fall 
    to the bottom. You must helicopter down to the next pipe collecting the 
    yellow Lums along the way. Collect the Lum on this pipe and helicopter your 
    way down for another Lum in the air and one on the pipe. Go down once more 
    and fall onto the pipe with the sleeping pirate. He is likely to wake up 
    before you land and may start firing at you before you get the chance to 
    fight back. You must make sure he does not knock you off the pipe or you are 
    likely to fall to your death. Once you have killed him collect the red Lum 
    and free the captured creatures and collect a bunch of Lums released as 
    well. Finally jump down onto the wooden bridge below. Collect the green Lum 
    and head over too the magic stone. Murphy will appear and will explain to 
    you how to use the whirlwinds to get to the top of the cave like area. Each 
    whirlwind has a couple of yellow Lums. Some are found at the bottom so you 
    must disable your helicopter to fall to the bottom of the whirlwind and then 
    quickly enable it again to make sure you don't fall to the bottom of the 
    cave. Once at the highest whirlwind you will see a purple Lum, which you can 
    use to swing to safety. Walk around to the cage you see to free a Teensie. 
    He will walk to the wall, follow him and he will create a portal to the hall 
    of doors. Make sure you save your progress.
    ***Lv3:The Marshes of Awakening***
    ---Lums:50   Cages:5
    This level is fairly short, start by walking to the end of the wooden 
    platform and jump from lily pad to lily pad using your helicopter. Jump to 
    the smallest pad for a red Lum then proceed to the largest pad. Jump onto 
    the netting opposite the pad and climb to the left until you see another 
    platform. You must jump over the netting and grab on the other side. Then 
    proceed by jumping from the netting to the platform. Hit the cage twice to 
    free Sssssam.
    Rayman will enquire about the four masks but Sssssam hasn't got a clue what 
    Rayman is talking about. He will say he saw Globox being taken away by two 
    pirates across the marshes. Sssssam will offer to give Rayman a ride across 
    the marshes and Rayman will accept.
    Shoot to grab onto Sssssam.
    This little game may seem fun at first but I guarantee that you will be 
    frustrated after a few tries. This section is hard to explain. You must 
    simply avoid any objects in the water while collecting as many of the Lums 
    as you can. You must also follow the same route around the pegs in the water 
    as Sssssam does. At the end of this section Sssssam will circle an Island a 
    couple of times. This is your opportunity to smash the cages floating in the 
    water. When you circle round again pick up as many of the yellow Lums as you 
    possibly can. Sssssam will take you onto the next section.
    This area is similar to before. When you come across a bomb and think you 
    may hit it speed up (ctrl) to avoid damage. At the end of the level Sssssam 
    will drop Rayman off in a small opening and depart. Smash the cage open to 
    reveal a Teensie who will go on to open a portal. Rayman does his cool dance 
    and jumps in. You may find it quite hard to pick up all the Lums in this 
    level so you may wish to repeat it. Once again make sure you save you 
    ***Lv4:The Bayou***
    ---Lums:50   Cages:7---
    This level opens up with Razorbeard on the pirate prison ship. The crackhead 
    only goes and eats one of the yellow Lums(does his voice remind any one else 
    of the Shredder from teenage mutant ninja turtles?) Once the level opens if 
    you look to the left you will notice Ly. You must for a short part of this 
    level pursue the ship. You must jump on the moving block to start with, once 
    it has stopped moving make sure you jump off or it will disappear. Make sure 
    you shoot the bomb that is fired at you. Pick up the green Lum. Jump onto 
    the next moving block and quickly jump in the cave it takes you to. Head up 
    the ladder collecting the three yellow Lums on your way. Once at the top, 
    grab the lums and hit the switch you should be able to see. Jump to the 
    bridge that has just fallen down, it will start to shake and will eventually 
    break so you have to jump to the next bridge and keep doing so before they 
    break. On the last straight of bridges the pirates will fire bombs at you so 
    make sure you jump early as the bombs will cause the bridges to collapse. 
    Climb up the ladder and run round the corner and get the green Lum. Bust 
    open the cage quickly and dispatch the pirate. Pick up the red Lum he drops. 
    You should now see a purple Lum in front of you. Swing from it onto a moving 
    block. Avoid all the enemies that head towards you by jumping over them. At 
    the end the block will fall down a waterfall. Jump to the log across from 
    the waterfall to avoid falling to your death. Collect all the Lums on top 
    and hit the cage you see below the log. Run, jump, and helicopter to the 
    platform near the ship. Collect the Lums you see but once again make sure 
    you're not on the platform a bomb hits. At the end of this section you will 
    be in a cave with a pipe at the top of it, continue forwards to complete the 
    area and make sure you open the cage you see.
    Run forwards and jump to the log you see, walk right to the end and make the 
    Lum come to you. Then jump across to land making sure you avoid the jumping 
    piranha. Walk through the cave like area you come across and helicopter over 
    the water just to be safe. Carry on forwards but beware of the pirate. He is 
    up and ready to fight. Finish him off and collect the red Lum he leaves 
    behind. Hit the switch you should be able to see and walk across the metal 
    bridge which extends outwards. From the metal bridge jump to the wooden 
    platform and collect the green Lum but be very careful of the kegs that 
    fall. The first part is quite easy but when you jump to the second platform 
    you have to watch out for the rolling kegs. From this platform jump back to 
    land. Once again helicopter across these small gap you see to avoid damage. 
    Pick up the green Lum. Ahead of you, you should see a small piece of rock 
    sticking out from the side of the cave with a Lum on but kegs will fall from 
    the side and knock you off if you are not quick enough. Jump back to land 
    and you will see even more small rocks with three yellow Lums on. Jump 
    across once again avoiding the kegs. You will come too an opening, collect 
    the Lums you see and check behind one of the rocks for another Lum and a 
    switch. Hit the switch to extend the metal bridge. Walk to the end of the 
    metal platform collecting the Lums and use the purple Lum to swing across 
    collecting any other Lums along the way. You will see an enemy, when he runs 
    to you side step him and run forwards. He should leave you alone afterwards. 
    Now hit the round red switch you see and run through the swinging blades. 
    Once at the end of the passage turn left and jump over any kegs that roll 
    from behind you. Don't carry on walking forwards or you will fall off the 
    ledge like the kegs are. Instead walk left to the pipe. Get the yellow Lum. 
    You will notice that there are pads on the pipe. Jump on the one to the 
    right and free a Teensie from the hanging cage. He will use the bouncy pads 
    to jump up to a ledge high up above the pipe. Follow him and he will open a 
    portal. Rayman will do his groovy dance and you have completed the level. 
    Save your progress and get ready for the next level.
    ***Lv5:The Sanctuary of Water and Ice***
    ---Lums:50   Cages:2
    This level starts out with another amusing scene from the Teensies. They 
    welcome you to the council chamber then send you through the door to The 
    Sanctuary of Water and Ice.
    When you start this level you should see a wooden platform extending out 
    into the see. Run to the end of it avoiding any crabs and open up the cage. 
    Collect the three yellow Lums released. Now walk towards the large cliff 
    like structure and a pirate will appear. You are advised not to climb until 
    you have dispatched of the pirate. When he appears shoot him once. He will 
    then dive underground and reappear at a new spot, hit him again. Repeat this 
    process until his is dead and collect the red Lum he drops. Climb up the 
    side of the cliff and collect all the yellow Lums you see. Walk through the 
    gap into the wall and jump straight into the water. There is a tunnel in the 
    bottom and you should swim through it to collect the yellow Lums and free 
    the second and last cage of the level. Jump out the water and climb the 
    ladder and get the yellow Lum. Jump down the other side for the green Lum. 
    Walk up the stairs and get the red Lum, walk down the stairs opposite. Kill 
    the pirate you see and collect the red Lum he drops. Now make your way 
    across the beach and up the stairs you see. Walk round the corner and pick 
    up a keg and walk back across the beach until you see a door. Throw the keg 
    at it and Murphy will come and explain about the magic spheres to you. Pick 
    up the blue sphere you see and walk across to the blue base on the beach. 
    Throw it on top and head back to the kegs. Pick up another and this time 
    throw it at the door near you. Walk up the stairs and pick up the red magic 
    sphere. Throw it on to of the red base on the beach to open the door in 
    front of you. Walk through the door to the next area.
    Walk into the large open room and run around the outside of the room to pick 
    up all the Lums available. Walk through the large door for the next area.
    In this area you must slide down a slope and there are a lot of Lums to 
    collect so try not to miss any. Ever so often there is a gap in the slope 
    and you must jump to reach the other side. Once you have reached the end of 
    the short but fun little game you will run into the first real boss of the 
    -Boss: Axel
    This guy is fairly easy to kill but the method in doing so can be difficult. 
    When you begin Axel will start throwing a load of Ice at you. Look above 
    Axel and you will notice a purple Lum. Grab onto it and you will see a load 
    more purple Lums. Swing from each Lum. Watch out for the Axel throws at you 
    though or it will knock you off. Once you reach the last purple Lum jump 
    into the air and shoot at the massive ice block you see. It will fall on 
    Axel killing him. A new purple Lum will appear. You will have to swing from 
    the start again but this time when you reach the last Lum jump into the air 
    and helicopter to safety.
    Now you need to walk to the left or right and walk all the way round for an 
    extra yellow Lum and two red Lums. Walk under the waterfall and continue 
    A scene will now take place. Rayman will discover the first mask but will 
    then disappear into thin air. He has been transported to a dream world where 
    Polokus resides. He will take the first mask off Rayman and return Rayman to 
    the Hall of Doors. Once again save your game.
    ***Lv6:The Menhir Hills***
    ---Lums:50   Cages:8---
    At the beginning of this level Murphy will come and talk to you. Start this 
    level by quickly running behind the tree and hitting the switch. A hole will 
    appear nearby where the three odd structures are. Jump down the hold and 
    walk down the tunnel to find a cage. Open it and collect the five yellow 
    Lums. Climb back up the web on the side of the wall. Now wait for the shell 
    to run at you and once it is quite close you must run away from it. Once it 
    stops pursuing you jump on top of it. Now ride it across the thorns and jump 
    off once you reach the other side. Murphy will reappear and once again talk 
    to you. You should instantly see a cage, open it. Return to the outside and 
    jump the small fence. Walk inside and kill the two sleeping pirates and 
    collect the red Lums they leave behind. Run through the door to your left 
    and bust open the cage. Run back to the previous room. Go through the next 
    door you see to head on to the next area.
    Run behind the tree and pick up the yellow Lum and then jump onto the 
    mushroom next to the tree. Use that mushroom to jump to the one growing in 
    the tree. Once on top of the mushroom in the tree swing from the purple Lum 
    to the platform above the entrance where you came in. Collect the two yellow 
    Lums and shoot the cage opposite the platform you are standing on. Jump back 
    down and tame the shell once again and run through the cave. This bit goes 
    quick so make sure you get all the Lums you can and avoid any spikes that 
    pop up out the ground or from the side of the wall. Go over the bridge and 
    avoid any boxes in your way. A bird will also attack so simply dodge it. You 
    will see a red Lum, which you should pick up. Carry on up the platform and 
    crash into the door you should see. The shell will explode destroying the 
    door. Walk through it and make an easy kill of the pirate. Press the switch 
    he was supposed to be guarding and finish the area. You will now enter a 
    conversation with Clark but he is unwell and requires the life potion found 
    at The Cave of Bad Dreams.
    You must return to The Marshes of Awakening. Jump on the first lily and you 
    will notice to the left there is a tree root you can jump onto. Make sure 
    you avoid the piranhas. Walk upwards and collect the two yellow Lums. Walk 
    around the corner and into the cave. Avoid or kill the enemies you come 
    across. You will talk to the guardian of the cave who will grant you access 
    to the cave however he wishes to race you further on in the level.
    ***Lv7:The Cave of Bad Dreams***
    ---Lums:50   Cages:0
    This level looks pretty damn cool. Start by walking to the end of what you 
    are standing on. Swing to the next platform using the purple Lum. You must 
    now jump across a few platforms until you reach a green Lum. Use you 
    helicopter to be safe. Collect it and then jump from floating skull to 
    floating skull quickly, watch out because they sink. Jump from the last 
    skull onto the wall and collect the Lums. Climb left and jump off the wall 
    onto some more floating skulls, these also sink. Jump back to land and 
    collect the green Lum and legit past the giant set of skeleton hands to 
    collect a yellow Lum. Use the purple Lum in the air to swing to the wall 
    where you will find a yellow Lum. Climb left until you reach a bridge. From 
    hear jump to the giant pillar. You will not be able to jump to the top but 
    you will be able to cling on to the side of it. You will notice the pillar 
    start sinking so quickly climb up and swing using the purple Lum you see to 
    reach the next pillar. Quickly get to the top and jump to the next pillar 
    and from that pillar you can easily jump to safety on land. Pick up the 
    green and two yellow Lums. Avoid the skeleton hands and jump up to the 
    crevice when you are able to. You will get a yellow Lum. Quickly squeeze 
    through the gap forwards to avoid falling and collect the two red Lums. Jump 
    the large gap you see over to the area of land where there are two enemies. 
    Kill them and kill two more, which rise from the ground. Use the yellow 
    sphere one of them drops on the yellow base and jump down the newly opened 
    hole. Once you are at the bottom collect the yellow Lum and head forwards. 
    Once in the large room you should see a gold and blue base. Avoid the 
    ghoulies, as they will constantly reappear. You should also see another 
    door. Head for it and pick up the green Lum. There is a path left and right. 
    Run right and use the purple Lum and use the skulls to head forwards to a 
    platform with a yellow and two red Lums. Use the purple Lum to swing to the 
    moving crevice. When there is a small gap is the time to swing and 
    immediately climb upwards. You must now jump over a few more platforms and 
    use the skull on a hand to move across even further. You should now see four 
    platforms with yellow Lums on them but there are ghoulies moving about on 
    them. To make life simple kill them and then collect the Lums. Jump onto the 
    skull in the water and it will move upwards on a hand. Jump on the platform 
    you stop at to discover the gold sphere. You must now throw the sphere 
    across to another platform, which you yourself must jump to. Repeat this 
    once more. Then throw it across to the next platform heading back to the 
    room with spheres only use the purple Lum to swing across instead of 
    jumping. Now return to the room with the gold base picking up the green Lum 
    along the way. Pop it on top of the base and return to the doorway but this 
    time head left instead of right. Jump onto the floating skull and then to 
    the next and it will rise. You must now jump onto the nearest rotating 
    platform. Jump to a platform with the yellow and red Lum to collect them. 
    Return back to the rotating platform and then jump to the other. Jump to the 
    non-moving platform for a green Lum and the blue sphere. The next part can 
    be tricky. You must return to the room with the two bases by throwing the 
    blue sphere from platform to platform. When you are heading back collect the 
    green Lum and pop the blue sphere on the blue base for the strange Cyclops 
    mouth thingy to open.
    You must now race the monster. You must walk forward and begin sliding down 
    the green slope. People will find this tricky, as they do not realise that 
    when they slide they can also shoot and destroy the green crystals that 
    block your way. Make sure you collect all Lums possible. You may wish to 
    retry this later to get them all. Jump any gaps you come to and you will 
    come up against a boss.
    -Boss: Guardian of The Cave of Bad Dreams
    This guy can be damn tricky and may take a while to beat. When he shoots 
    fire at you from the other platform side step it. However when he fires a 
    skull at you fire at it to stop it in mid air. Jump to it and stop the next 
    skull he fires. You must repeat this until you get onto the same side as 
    him. When you do he will jump to the side you were originally on. Repeat the 
    process until you can once again get onto the same platform. He will jump 
    down platforms through a small cave. Repeat the same process until you reach 
    a green Lum. Pick it up and then use the two purple Lums to swing to the 
    next platform. He will once again run away from you. You must use the 
    skull-stopping tactic again but this time once you reach the smaller pillars 
    jump onto them and collect the yellow Lum. Once you jump across to him he 
    will take one last rather large jump. Use the skull-stopping tactic again. 
    This time it could be rather tricky. It is imperative you do not fall or you 
    will have to start at the last green Lum. With a bit of practice it will be 
    easy. Once you get onto his side he will flee into a cave. Run after him and 
    a sequence will start up.
    Rayman runs into the cave and is impressed when he sees it is full of gold. 
    The Guardian will give you a choice of taking or leaving the treasure. 
    Choose to take the treasure first for a funny sequence. Once Rayman stops 
    daydreaming choose not to take the treasure. You will return to the start 
    and the Guardian will give you a life potion for Clark. Exit back the way 
    you came through The Marshes of Awakening and return to Clark.
    ***Return to The Menhir Hills***
    Ok this level is the same as before. You must use the same method of taming 
    the shell etc. Remember to pick up anything you missed before. You have to 
    fight all the pirates, which were originally in this level. Once you return 
    to where you met Clark Rayman will give him the potion. Clark says he is 
    ready to crush more pirates and runs through a wall making way for Rayman. 
    Walk ahead of him and you will come to a closed gate. Climb on top of the 
    box and use the purple Lums above you to swing to the highest platform. 
    You'll find a box. Open it and your health gauge will increase. Now and jump 
    down to the second highest level. Walk forwards and drop down into the 
    hallway. Press the lever to let Clark through the gate. He will walk to 
    another wall the run through it making way for Rayman once again. Leave 
    Clark behind and walk down the stairs.
    The next area is small and easy. Run and jump on top of the tree trunk. From 
    there use a purple Lum to swing to a cage on a wooden platform. Open it and 
    jump back down. Run towards the shell, jump over it and jump up the vine 
    behind it. Jump to the ledge with a cage and open it up. Jump back down to 
    the ground and tame the shell. Direct it up the extremely steep hill. There 
    are lots of Lums including yellow ones to collect. Get as many of them as 
    you can. Avoid any rocks that rise from the ground and go over the two 
    bridges dodging and of the boxes. You will wind up in a small tunnel and a 
    sequence starts. Rayman will slow the shell down and jump off a cliff into a 
    portal down below. This level is now finished completely. Save you game.
    (Continued soon!)
    6. Credits
    Seeing as I have only just started this walkthrough I guess I've had no help 
    and so have no one to thank. Although I guess that I should thank anyone who 
    is taking there time to read this.
    7. Legal stuff
    This guide can be found at:
    This game guide is Copyright © B. Hunt 2001/2002
    This FAQ is not to be posted on your own or anybody else's site without 
    first asking for my permission via e-mail. If I do give you permission I 
    expect to receive full credit for the FAQ. If I discover this FAQ at any 
    other site than the one mentioned above I will not be best pleased. 
    Publishing of this FAQ in any magazine or other publication is strictly 
    prohibited. DO NOT use this FAQ for your own financial gain and DO NOT use 
    it as a basis for writing your own. DO NOT rip-off my work in any way 
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    immediately. If you wish to print this FAQ for personal use then feel free 
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