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"This is the REAL director's cut edition!"

When Resident Evil: Director's Cut was released on Playstation, a lot of folks(myself included)were really pissed to find out that the game was still edited with only some new camera angles and costumes. Big whoop! I wanted more blood! While the PC version of the survival horror classic doesn't have the costumes and camera angles, it is the pure, uncut, non-neutered, super-gory, definitive edition of the RE that we all know and love!

Graphics 8/10
On 640-480 resulution, the polygonal characters look fantastic! Much better than on Playstation. Unfortunately, the static backgrounds look terrible, though it may just be that they stand out so much due to the hi-res polygons in the game. Oh, and when I say uncut, I mean it. Watch poor Joseph in the opening intro and see what I mean. The graphics are great, but the fuzzy backgrounds bring the score down two notches.

Sound 8/10
Not much different from the old playstation and saturn versions. One thing you'll notice is that the dialougue sounds less akward because the characters don't pause for 2 seconds before each sentence. But it still remains delightfully cheesy though.

Control 7/10
Good enough, if you could play Alone in the Dark, you can play this. Get a game pad with some shoulder buttons for maximum fun.

Extras 7/10
Only one exclusive secret here, but it rocks. Rather than the clumsy rocket launcher, your special weapon is an Ingram MAC11 (it's NOT an Uzi, everyone confuses those two! Am I the only one who can tell these two guns apart?)
After mowing down a few zombies with your handy MAC11, you'll never miss the rocket launcher. And you can point it
up and down too. Oh yeah, remember those damned door opening load screens? You can skip 'em if you have a fast enough computer.

Gameplay 10/10
Read any Resident Evil review that wasn't written by some shameless Alone in the Dark devotee to find out about gameplay. It's spooky as Hell and Hell is really spooky.We all agree, if this game doesn't make you jump at least once, you must be a zombie too. Lemme get my gun...

Bottom line: If you can ever find this game (good luck, as it's the hardest game to locate I can think of), get it. You shouldn't regret it. Sorry, but I'm not telling where I got mine. I spent four hours tracking down a copy and want to challenge you to find it on your own.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/03/00, Updated 11/03/00

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