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"Perfect starting point for the PC only gamer.."

Resident Evil is a game that you really can’t get away from unless you’re not a fan of the survival horror genre. With several different games already out on the market, there really is no need to play through this version of the title unless you want to see how the game was originally meant to be perceived. Several things are added, and although you need a fast computer to really enjoy the game, there is enough here for the Resident Evil affectionate fans to appreciate and newcomers to experience!

The story line isn’t any different in this version of the game as it was in the Play Station version. You take control of either Chris or Jill and lead them through a mansion that is simply filled with monsters of all sorts, looking to make you the next meal on the ticket. You’ll be taken through a mystery that leads in all sorts of directions, frights that will come seemingly out of nowhere and a story line that twists and turns enough to make you stop and think.

As with all computer games, be aware that every system is different in what you can and cannot do. For the most part, the game is nothing more than a carbon copy of either a system port or an arcade machine and it is only worth playing if you’ve got some extra bucks to spend and are looking to expand a collection. However, if your computer isn’t set up to handle the speed and the different visuals that you find here, you may find that some of the game attributes cause the program to shut down or cause illegal operations. Beware, as always because the files on this game take up a small portion of your drive, and if you try to delete it, it could screw everything up!

The Game Play

Zombies and monsters is not your only goal in this game. There are several puzzles that must be completed to open up other portions of the house. You need to find items to further your quest, and ammunition to survive the onslaught of mutations that come at you throughout the game.

The puzzles, range from relatively simple, to insanely hard, your first time through, in some sections, you need to make a decision, and it will effect the outcome of the game as you play. Every section of the game has its purpose, and even when you think you have something figured out, you don't. In some cases, you can't figure it out, and the answer is right in front of your face...that makes for a challenging game right there.

Ammunition is important in Resident Evil; it's the only thing that stands between you, and certain death, so, at times, it's better to run away, than stand and fight. You'll notice this depending on which character you play, Jill has more slots for items, but has a lower tolerance for damage, while Chris, has less slots, but a higher tolerance. You'll have to decide which character has a better chance.

On that note, when you play with either character, there is a change in the game play...Chris uses keys, Jill uses a lock pick. Chris can handle heavier weapons, while Jill can handle specialty weapons. This, again, makes it interesting to play through, because it pits your intelligence and drive, instead of how much damage you can do.

Once you've played through both scenarios, you'll find that there is little in terms of secrets. The name of this game is time...if you finish quickly, than you get something great, but miss out on some of the rooms in the mansion, if you take your time, no reward, but you get to explore. Again, this is a case of pro and con. The choice is yours. The enemies of the game can be difficult, and some, can kill you with one well placed it's important to keep an eye on your health, and where to pick up the medicine if you are poisoned. This all makes the game play first rate and top notch.

The Audio

It can give you the creeps in the least. Playing through for the first time, the dark, moody, horror flick music that you come into contact with in the game is enough to make you play with the lights on. You never know what's around the next corner, and the music score of the game follows that attitude to the fullest, making your pulse race just a bit when you hear the soft undertones, only to have it pick up at the last moment.

The audio effects of the game truly make this a suspenseful game to play. You may not se the zombie...but you can hear it with crystal clear quality, as it lurches somewhere just out of your sight range, and shambling into view. That squish-thud of the dead feet on the carpeted floor speeding up, only makes you want to look behind you for a split second, that's how real this all sounds.

But let's not forget about the other effects in the game...the thumping of spider legs in the distance, the clicking sound of a dog's toenails on the concrete...the flow of water in certain all meshes like something out of real-life, giving you the feeling of not just playing the game, but actually being there beside your character. The voice over, and the story lines, are first rate. And they do follow the format of a B-type horror movie. When you listen to this game, and what it has to offer, think of George Romero's original Night of the Living Dead. You'll get not only the same feeling, but the same notch.

The Visuals

Based inside in the deep dark woods of a town, much like the small one that you might live in, this game follows a dark story with exceptional visuals, environments, and a creepy story that brings to life, every fear that may live in the back of your mind. The characters of this horror game are polygonal set in a rendered environment of a mansion. Each character in the story is unique in the way they look, move, and act, right down to the body language they use when performing some sort of action.

The true stars of this game are the creatures that inhabit the mansion that is Resident Evil's staple. The creatures, from the beginning zombies, to the dogs and spiders, all jump from the screen with awesome detail and coloring. A true work of art, even in the day and age of cinematic games such as Final Fantasy 8 and Parasite Eve. Each monster, has it's own way about it, moving, shambling, or leaping at a full run...a pull of the trigger, and you see not only the muzzle flash, but the spent casing flying into the air beside's awesome to watch what Capcom is capable of when you break down the visuals alone!

Base this all on the fact that this is a single disc game, when you look at the textured, rendered environments, the carpets, the reflections in mirrors, the FMV sequences, all of won't find a better example of what can be done with just one disc. Each environment has its own dark mood to it...the camera angles, and other various portions of the game, all make for a visual masterpiece to watch.

The Verdict

You have to make a choice on whether or not to buy this game with all of the current ones out there on the market now. Outdated to say the least, this is a great introduction to the Resident Evil series if you’re a PC gamer only and haven’t played one before. Collectable if you can find it some place, it belongs in your collection only if you’re into the survival horror genre!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/10/02, Updated 05/10/02

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