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"Still a great game!"

Introduction- You'd think with the release of the remake of Resident Evil on Gamecube, the original would seem hopelessly silly and outdated. This is not the case. The speech is as laughable as ever, but the game has held up amazingly well since it's release. It still has some of the best atmosphere ever seen in a game, you're guaranteed to jump out of your seat. Oh, did I mention, this PC port is the only real uncut version, unlike the so-called Director's Cut for Playstation.

Gameplay (10/10)- Just great. People complain about the controls too much, after spending time with them on RE2 some time back, I've never lost the hang of them. You must search an old mansion for clues as to why it's infested with zombies and other horrors. The controls allow you to talk, search, push, equip, combine, among other things. The game is often very difficult, especially when the Hunters first make their appearance. This game is great, pumping led into zombies has rarely been this much fun (or scary). You have the option of playing as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. Their stories differ, though not much.

Story (10/10)- Brilliantly creepy. I won't go over it too much, if you've read any other review of the game, you'll know. All I'll say is that you're trapped in an old mansion filled with zombies, rabid dogs, giant spiders, and other horrors. It's up to you to discover why and put an end to it, as well as escaping with your life and sanity. No other story in the RE series drew you in like this one.

Graphics (9/10)- They come off a little dated, but still nice. The backgrounds are nicely detailed and great to just look at. The characters suffer from square polygon body parts, but they're animated very well. Zombies stumble and creep towards you realistically. Everything looks sharper and cleaner than the PSX original.

As stated above, this is the real uncut version. You'll see all the gore in the opening cinema, as well as Chris lighting a cigarette, and the decapitated head. Blood gushes all over when a zombie is shot (or when you're bit). The graphics overall perfectly capture the feel of a horror movie.

Sound (7/10)- Everybody knows how bad the voice acting is. Lines like ''Master of Unlocking'' have become legends. ''We sure got to the root of that problem!''. Geez. I know it's supposed to capture the feel of a B-movie, but did the voice actors even try?

That said, the background music (when there is any) really sets the mood. When you're caught by surprise by some monster, the music will switch to a heart pumping track that does it's job well. The sound effects are very creepy, the zombie moans send chills up your spine.

Replayability (8/10)- Replayability is okay, you might want to play through as both characters, though after that you'll probably want to move on the sequel. There really aren't any modes like the ones seen in the Director's Cut.

Final Recommendation- The PC version of the original is difficult to find, but worth the search. It's great to finally see it in its uncut glory. It plays just as well as ever, and the graphics are better than on the PSX. All of this adds up to an unbeatable combination of horror you can't afford to miss, even if you have the GC version.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/08/03

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