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    Tofu Mission Walkthrough by HMason

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    FAQ No.3
    "This document Copyright 2001 Harry Mason" 
    Written exclusively by Harry Mason.
                                RESIDENT EVIL 2
                           TOFU 4TH SURVIVOR MISSION
    Version 1.0 - 01 August 2001
    Original document
    01. Intro
    02. How to earn this mission
    03. Walkthrough
    04. Legal Stuff
    01. INTRO
    Welcome to my guide for the hardest part of the whole resident evil 
    series - Tofu's mission. As this extra mission can only be obtained 
    by being a fairly good player (or cheating) I will assume that you 
    are capable of doing what I did to finish this game. There is a list 
    of the enemies in each room, don't worry if I say there's 4 zombies 
    and only tell you how to get past 3 - the other won't come into play.  
    You won't finish it first time but hopefully I can help you finish it 
    eventually. Good luck...
    Complete 6 scenario's on the normal difficulty with A or B ranks and 
    save the completed game over the same slot each time.
    E.g. Leon A, Claire B, Leon A, Claire B, Leon A and finally Claire B.
    The only other condition is have Hunks mission unlocked before 
    starting scenario 5.
    To unlock Hunk you need to complete an A and s B game both with A 
    ranks. You can have 2 attempts at this (scenarios 1 + 2 or scenarios 
    3 + 4). 
    Room 1 - Sewer
    Enemies - none
    You start off face(?) down in the water. After getting up you will 
    use the radio which will show you your rendezvous point. (the roof 
    where the chopper crashed at the start of B mission). Just go up the 
    stairs and through the door.
    Room 2 - Chess plug room
    Enemies - 5 Zombies
    Knife the woman zombie so that she moves the get past and on to the 
    walkway. Stick to the left to get past another zombie then go right 
    to tempt the zombies by the door. Go back and stand on the left 
    corner of the walkway and wait for the 3 zombies to close in. When 
    they get close run to the wall and along it to the door.
    Room 3 - L-passage
    Enemies - 4 zombies
    Stick to the right to get past a zombie then left to go past next 
    zombie. Tempt the last zombie to move then go past him on the side 
    that he leaves most open. Do not attempt to pass him when he's in his 
    starting position - you will pay for it.
    Room 4 - Spider tunnel
    Enemies - 2 spiders (surprisingly) 
    Run straight down the tunnel to catch the first spider facing the 
    wall, go past him by running into its sack(?) then when it turns to 
    face you it will leave an opening. The second spider might be doing 
    the same thing, if not you should be able to get past easily at it 
    will be at the corner.
    If you are poisoned here the restart - you won't finish the mission 
    if you carry on.
    Room 5 - Dog Kennels
    Enemies - 3 dogs (another shock)
    Run straight forward immediately and then round the corner to the 
    door. For some reason this works every time for me. Easy room.
    Room 6 - Cells
    Enemies - lots - not sure exactly
    Run forward sticking to the right to avoid the zombies on the floor. 
    The next bit can be tricky. You need to lure the zombie to inside of 
    the corner then go round him on the outside. The zombie by the door 
    is quite easy to pass - he seems a bit slow.
    Room 7 - Car park
    Enemies - 3 Dogs
    Run forward then do a little sidestep left or right before reaching 
    the cars to avoid the dog running straight at you. By sidestep I mean 
    press up and left/right to run diagonal then the other way to go back 
    to your original path. Head for the door.
    Room 8 - Basement corridor
    Enemies - Lots of crows
    Just run, your heading for the stairs. First left if you didn't know.
    Room 9 - Shutter corridor 1
    Enemies - 3 dogs
    Tricky room. You need to run past the dogs without using the knife 
    (this will attract the attention of all the dogs, then your dead). 
    Dogs can't really be tempted to one side as there a bit quick. Try 
    running up corridor on left the switch to right side just before 
    reaching dog. The other 2 dogs can be easily passed in the wide 
    section at the end.
    Room 10 - East office
    Enemies - 6/7 zombies
    Run to the door on your right - you will have to beat the approaching 
    zombie to it. Then go past the office and you will notice a zombie 
    round the corner. Stand at the corner of the large table to tempt him 
    then go round him (you need surprisingly little room), round the 
    table and through the doors.
    Room 11 - East corridor
    Enemies - 6 zombies
    Turn right and take one step, then face the way you were to start 
    with. As the zombies close in they will leave a space directly in 
    front of you. Don't let them close in too much. Run to the phones 
    along the wall (go right) and into the wide space at the bottom. 
    Stand in the corner near the vending machine and wait. The zombies 
    will stumble towards you but there's too much space for the to pose a 
    The last zombie stays next to the door. Lure him to the wider space 
    near the phones, then go round him.
    Room 12 - Main entrance
    Enemies - none
    Catch your breathe before gong through the double doors on the 
    opposite side.
    Room 13 - Waiting room
    Enemies - 2 spiders
    See that large round thing in the middle of the room? It separates 
    you and the first spider. Let him choose which way he wants to go 
    then go the other way. The second spider is round the corner. Run at 
    him to push him back while pressing X so that when you reach the door 
    you will exit. Obviously you have to be facing the door, but not 
    square on.
    Room 14 - Licker corridor
    Enemies - 3 super lickers
    Run forward to get past the first one before he drops down the run to 
    the wall on your right. The licker round the corner goes to the 
    inside, you go round the outside. The third licker is unpredictable. 
    If he jumps he'll probably miss as you will be running round the 
    second one and they usually miss if your not going in a straight 
    line. It may just hiss or it may try to swipe your legs. It won't do 
    too much damage - just get out before it's mates gang up on you.
    Room 15 - The most annoying place EVER
    Enemies - 2 plants
    I hate this room, there is just no way on Earth to get past these 
    things without a gun or being hit. My minimise-your-losses tactic is 
    to run down the corridor and straight at plant 1. Get close so he 
    doesn't spit but not close so he grabs you - you will know when the 
    distance is right as it will arch its back to hit you with its vines. 
    Step back at this point then charge and force the plant back. If your 
    lucky you may only need one push to get to the wide part where the 
    doors are. If not repeat the process until you can get away.
    The next plant is round the corner. Wait just around the corner until 
    it spits then close in on it to that special distance. The idea is to 
    shove it back until you can go round the corner on the inside. Easier 
    than the other plant but not easy.
    Room 16 - More plants room
    Enemies - 2 poisonous plants (arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh)
    Run forward to avoid the spit the let the plant on the right grab 
    you. Smash the buttons to get him off quick the charge forward. You 
    might push him back enough to get round the corner. If not let it 
    grab again and repeat the smashing buttons and charging tactic. Once 
    round the corner run round the back of the plants and up the stairs. 
    Don't try the wait for them to arch their backs tactic as you will 
    get poisoned to death.
    Room 17 - statue corridor (at last, an easy room)
    Enemies - Mr X/Tyrant
    Use blue herb now. Start to run down the corridor until you see the 
    Tyrant, return to the top of the stairs and run around him in the 
    wide area. Easy.
    Room 18 - STARS Corridor
    Enemies - 6 zombies
    Not as hard as it sounds as all zombies are crawlers or just lye 
    there. Make your way to the end of the corridor, you should only take 
    1 bite at most.
    Room 19 - T shaped corridor
    Enemies - 3 super lickers
    Turn left and go round the licker ending up facing the wall just to 
    the right of the corridor leading to the library. Wait for a licker 
    to jump attack down the corridor before going up to enter the 
    Room 20 - The Library
    Enemies - none
    Take another breather before exiting to the 2nd floor of the main 
    Room 21 - Wait for a long time room
    Enemies - 2 plants (my favourite)
    Wait in the circular wide space where you are until plant 1 gets 
    round to you (long time). Go round the plant at this point, should be 
    easy. Run up to the top and wait for plant 2 to reach the wide area 
    (where the emergency ladders are) and go round it here. Again this 
    should be no problem given the slow speed the plants turn at and the 
    wide space available. Head for the door.
    Room 22 - Not for claustrophobics 
    Enemies - 7 zombies
    Erm.... there's nowhere to run and you have no weapons worth using. 
    Stick to the right and keep throwing zombies off you and you should 
    get to the other end with just 2 bites. Seems a pointless room really 
    as there is absolutely nothing you can do.
    Room 23 - Burning Chopper room
    Enemies - 5 zombies
    Turn right and run forward to take a bite. Throw zombie off the run 
    along wall before going to other side of corridor to find the door. 
    Another stupid room.
    Room 24 - Crow corridor (without crows)
    Enemies - Mr X/Tyrant
    No open space so you will take a punch, easy to get past with just 1 
    hit. Head for the door at the end.
    Room 25 - Makeshift helipad
    Enemies - none
    Watch the short cut scene which is same as Hunks (but with Tofu 
    instead) before getting a badly translated message hinting at the 
    presence of another secret character. Left in from Hunks ending or is 
    there another reason to play this great game some more?
    If you want to use this guide for anything other than your own 
    personal use then you will need permission from me. Contact me if you 
    want to use this guide on your website. I will probably agree to let 
    you use it. If you want to use this guide to make a profit, whatever 
    the language it is in, then contact me and I will decide if I will 
    let you use this. 
    I spent a lot of time writing this guide so I don't want anyone 
    ripping me off. Don't try and change some of it and call it yours 
    either cause I will recognize my own writing style a mile away.
    The only sites allowed to use my guide or any part of it are:
    And any site that I make myself, when I get around to it. If you see 
    this guide anywhere not mentioned then please tell me so that I can 
    sue them and live a life of luxury. 
    Contact can be made via E-mail, me my address is:
    Written exclusively by 'Harry Mason'
    "This document is Copyright 2001 Harry Mason"

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