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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LSlavchev

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    Redident Evil 2PC-The real walkthrough!!!
    Last update made on 03.03.2001 (dd-mm-yyyy)
    Finished Leon's Mission A: 09.03.2000 (dd-mm-yyyy)
    Finished Leon's Mission B: 04.07.2000 (dd-mm-yyyy)
    Update character: Added GOD-mode cheat
    Author: Lubomir Mario Slavchev (Nick: MS Lubo)
    Country: Bulgaria
    City: Sofia
    Wear glasses: No
    Date started:07/02/2K (dd/mm/yy)
    1.Author's minds
     1.1.My language
     1.2.System reqs
     1.3.Current status and my terminologia
    3.Walkthru for Leon's Mission A
    Racoon City streetes - line 69
    RPD - line 98
    Lightplace puzzle - line 119
    Moving statues puzzle - line 129
    STARS office - line 136
    Helicopter-landing area - line 173
    Virgin Heart puzzle - line 192
    Safe-combo puzzle - line 202
    Power supply puzzle - line 229
    Ada Wong's appearance and story change - line 234
    Ben's appearance - line 243
    New creatures appearing! - line 249
    Ada Wong's quest - line 257
    Second statue puzzle - line 280
    FIRST BOSS' APPEARANCE!!! - line 295
    Aneette Birkin's appearance - line 310
    Ada Wong's second quest - line 315
    Leon's adventure continues - line 323
    Sky Tram adventure - line 346
    Racoon City - Factory area - line 359
    Second power puzzle - line 387
    Filching the G-virus - is this good or bad ending? - line 437
    Leon's payment for the awful adventure - line 443
    The beginning of the ending - line 451
    The final showdown - line 468
    1.1.I'll use bad language, so if you are a nice little baby, that runs to mummy, crying
    when it hears screw-words, delete this file!
    1.2.The game'll run on any PC over 100MHz and 16MBs of RAM. Mine is 100MHz within 20 MBs
    of RAM. Well, movies are a bit jerky, but the gameplay in 640x480 is smooth.Before playin
    the game, close all apps except this walkthru and the game!
    1.3.I've played Leon and Claire's both Missions A and B in NORMAL and EASY mode. Now I
    am playin Ex.Battle and HARD(really cool) mode.
    Well, to decrease file size, I'll use the words "magnum","shotgun",etc like verbs.For
    example to magnum someone means to take him down with a Magnum shot. Also, I'll use
    codes, as h.g.b. means Hand Gun Bullets.
    Also, I will put asterisks in the beginning of rows, that are optional for doing.
    2.Turn off all effects and shading, but keep alpha-blending!
    Come on, we started it! Dont stay there like deaf-dumb! Get your knife in hand
    and dodge these bastards! But be careful! Dont bump in em!3-4 hits and you'll be
    watching cool "YOU DIED" movie.Get to the Gun Shop Kendo. There, speak bullshit and
    collect 2xh.g.b. Movie plays and zombies get in. Ready and handgun the undeads fast.
    Check the man's body twice and filch the Rem.M1100P. Dont waste it now, keep the 4 bullets
    in it for later, as you really will need them! Before the zombies wake up, get
    the hell out fast! Get straight and right. Behind a fence-2 undeads. Mow them down( each
    6-7 shots)!!! A movie plays. Dont worry, this guy wont get you fast! Fast! Get straight to
    a car and get h.g.b.!Return and mow him to death. Enter basketball ground. Ther's another one
    stupid mother-fucker, trying to get at you! Dodge him and get fast to the door!
    Climb up and down stairs. When you get down, check the bin behind you. More h.g.b.
    Get on box and equip your knife! Woo! Cut the throat of the fierce lady. Wait a while,
    two males come up and the lady one gets up from sleep. Wack'em fast! Almoust with
    cut-off heads they lay down. Be careful! They can vomit on your leg, draining
    your health! Escape to the street! Walk/run past the cars. YUK!!! 4 undeads eating a
    cop. Beware, cause they want flesh raw meat! Dodge the all of them and run to the
    fucked bus and get h.g.b. behind you. Aim down, pummel 4 shots in a fierce lady,
    that closes to you. If your ammo is a little let her grab your leg and then stomp her
    head! A frame up, comes another motherfucker! Mow him to death. Get off bus! Fuckside!
    6 zombies comin up, wanting flesh raw meat! Kick asses! Kill the first 2 and the last 2!
    Get in door. Now where? Right or straight? Straight, cause on the right are waiting for
    dinner two zombies. Climb down and up stairs! Get a g.h. from the bushes. This can cure
    you. Use it, if you are dangered and get fast to the really fucked police station!
    *Note that if you've picked no items to this point, you will meet a Brad Vicks zombie
    *in the stairs tunnel before the RPD. Plunk him with 16-18 handgun shots and check his
    *body for the special key, that you can use later to change your clothes.
    Climb down the stairs and get ot the only one unlocked door. Talk to the wounded cop, as
    he'll give you the card key for unlocking the doors. "Just go!" Once again in the hall,
    use the card on the computer. There you will find a typewriter(tpwr), ink ribbons (inrib)
    and one clip h.g.b.(with the ink ribbon you can save your game). Well, filch every one
    damn thing and get to the double doors. Hey, whats that box here? Its an item box(ib).
    You can leave and retrieve items from it, as you can carry only 8-10 items in your in-
    ventory. Leave your knife and inrib. Continue straight to a cupboard, which's drawer is
    locked(search and you'll know). Turn left and get to a door. Hey, whats this on the window?
    You'll understand a few seconds later... Equip your shotgun now!!!(if you used all the 4
    rounds in it, you're the most fucked mother-fucked bastard in that fucked world!). Get
    to a guy, that has a little headache, and after checkin him twice, filch some h.g.b.
    Continue straight to a bloodpool.Well, baby, gulp an aspirine now, cause you might
    faint... A cut-scene plays.
    It's the first appearance of a licker, so beware! It needs about 2-4 shots from the
    shotgun, and if the 4th shot doesnt kills it, switch to handgun and fire 3-6 rounds!
    It's dead.(Maybe you thought that this was the first boss?). In the fight, beware from
    its tongue, cause it'll lick out your heart.If you've suffered any damage, get the g.h.
    to heal up! And get at the door...
    Get thru the coridors to a double-doored room and enter. At the end of it is another
    small room, where is a lightplace. Get to it and use your Zippo lighter. Then take the
    first Virgin heart(red jewel). That's it. Oh, yes. Check around for h.g.b. Then
    exit the room and continue down the coridor to a door. Check your handgun and get
    4 zombies comin up! KIll em all with the handgun, as you'll need to come back here again
    later! Now climb fast the stairs and continue down the coridor to the 3 statues...
    Well, your aim is to get the damned Virgin heart from the hand of the center statue.
    How? Look carefully the floor. There are 2 plates, that are not same like the others.
    You must move the right(brown) statue on the left plate and the left(grey) statue on
    the right plate. Then a movie plays. Get to the center statue and check it for the
    second Virgin heart. Then exit thru the door near the statues.
    As you walk up, 2 or 3 undeads appear... Dodge them fast and get into the door onto your
    left side. Search the desks for h.g.b. and the locker for another Rem.1100-P. Then search
    the center desk and find Chris Redfield's diary(Chris is Claire's brother) and a Unicorn
    Medal(um). Well, in the room is a first-aid spray, but DO NOT TAKE IT! It reduces ranking!
    *Oh, yes, a secret! If you check the desk, opposite to where you found the h.g.b. you
    *will find a film. But you must check it about 50 times!
    Then exit and get fast to the Hall.(this is where the computer was)
    Use the um on the statue(again statues, I hate them!) and a cut-scene will show you a
    key droppin. Filch it! Get to any item box and leave the Virgin hearts and the one shotgun.
    Return fast to the licker area and access the door to the right of Leon. In the cupboards
    you'll find inrib, h.g.b. Your goal is to push the grey sidestep to the second cupboard.
    Then climb on it and check. You'll get a Crank. Exit and continue to where the 4 zombies
    were. I a coridor(under the stairs) are laying two g.h. Get them and enter the Dark room.
    Leave the g.h. in the box and carry one with you. Any films found can be developed in the
    room behind(with the red light).
    *If you've killed the Bard Vicks zombie and the special key is in you, you can check the
    *locker for uniforms(a baseball one and a rocker one).
    Oh, yeah, leave the red jewels and the crank.
    Now get back to the STARS office, but dont enter. Continue straight and left to a
    door. Open it and discard the spade key. YUK! Undeads are having dinner! If you
    have fast fingers, dodge them all and get right to the library. Climb the stairs
    and continue to the END of the way. You must fall down. Switch on the power and
    get out. Move the first two bookshelves to the right and return where you fell.
    Search and get the first plug. Then exit the room thru the double-doors.
    On the way, some zombies to kill. Get to the end and to the Waiting Room. Leave the
    unwanted stuff and get the crank. Return to library and climb the stairs. Exit thru the
    door on the third floor and enter the clock room. There, fix the crank on the square hole.
    A ladder will get down, but you must return to the Wait. room. There, filch the
    Small Key from the sofa, leave the plug in the box and get back to the library.
    From the library you can get a red herb(combining it with g.h. and using the mess
    will get you back to fine from danger). Exit again to the STARS office but dont
    go there - up to the door you just now exitted is a small drawer. Open it with the
    Small Key and get the H.G. parts. You can combine them with the H.G. when your
    ammo is over to get 18 free bullets and a new weapon! Get back again to the fucked
    Wait.room. Save now! Then exit thru the door near the typewr. 
    Mow the bastards there and get right to the door. You are in a new coridor. Run like 
    crazy to a dead body but beware of the crows! Search the cop for ammo and get to 
    another door(not the blue one!). You are on the helicopter landing area. Dodge or kill
    the mother fuckers and get down a ladder.
    Then make your way to a small building and enter. There you will find a tpwr and the
    Valve Handle. Grab first the valve and, if you have free space, the inrib and the hgb.
    DO NOT open the door!!! There are zombies lurking and the only cost is wasting ammo.
    *If you've played the 2nd scenario of the game, you'll know that this door is the thread
    *between the two scenarios! It's really bad that you cant access Claire's 2nd scenario
    *with Leon's 1st.
    Well now, get back to the landing area and notice the gap between the fences. Go there
    and use the valve. You will  put off the helicopter's fire! Now return to the Wait.room
    (AGAIN!!!-:-(!)and leave the valve and the inrib. Get the Red Jewels and make sure you
    have at least one free space.
    Exit again thru the door left of the tpwr and this time continue left. You'll find the
    other half of the helicopter. Get to the accessible door and find nothing dangerous there.
    Well, your goal is to use the two Virgin Hearts(Red Jewels) on the two lady-statues. Then
    seach the center statue for a plug. Also, get the Diamon Precinct Key, which is shining on
    the left of the left lady-statue. Before exitting, search some boxes(green ones) to find
    some shsh(shotgun shells).Now get back to crow-coridor(but remember to leave the plug in
    the ibox). Exit thru the blue door, that you ignored and take about 4 gh. Take 2, cause
    you need inventory space. Climb down stairs and get to a door. On the floor is lying a dead
    cop. Check him for h.g.b. Then go to the room, where undead cops are lurking. Mow every
    one damn mother-fucker and get to the small room with a safe.
    Well, check the safe and I'll tell you the combo-it is 2236. You will get shsh. Then get
    behind the table and search the floor for another one g.h.Exit the whole area thru the
    double doors.
    Yeah, these bastards really tease me, so fill their asses with buckshot! Under the vendering
    machines is lurking a green herb. Take it and return to the nearest ibox. Leave any plugs
    in it, also herbs, but dont leave any keys! Go back to the vendering machines and continue 
    right the coridor to a door. 3 undeads are comin for dinner, but will get bullets. Access
    the door, that needs no key to open. Grab everything in sight and exit. Enter the door,
    that needs the Diamond key to access. Take only the cord and the plug. If you take the 
    First Aid Spray, you'll reduce your ranking. Get again to an ibox and leave the plug, 
    the rh there. With your Diamond key and shotgun armed, get fast to the Dark room area.
    Notice the grey door, that requires the Diamond key to open and mow the zombies there.
    But be careful, cause this is a tough part of the game and you may die! Check the room
    carefully and completely. Get shsh and a film roll, which is optional for taking. Exit
    thru the other door and get the h.g.b. on the table. Continue to lying zombie with blasted
    head and heal yourself. Then get to a little room for a really cool movie! The bastard may 
    grab you by the throat, but you have to kill him. Then filch the item on the desk(a
    heart key). Exit the whole area thru the door near the lockers. But before doing this,
    search the lockers and/or the desk. You're now in the main hall. Get fast to the room,
    where the combo-safe was and enter the door, that needs a heart key to open. Take the
    gh if you have space, but note that for this part you must have inv. space. Use the cord on 
    the control box to close the shutters. Search the shelf for shsh and get downstairs.
    There are dogs byting! These creatures are the worst of the game! Fast enough, they dont
    stop attacking you. Shoot them to death and get to double-doored room.
    You must turn the power on. How? The power mustnt be more or less than 80. The switches
    are up,up,down,down,up. After that, filch the herb and the B1 map. Leave and continue
    to a door, with a "Parking lot" sign.
    Well, as Leon walks out, he would be almoust killed from Browning shots, done by Ada 
    Wong. Yes, she's pretty and Leon will fall in love with her, so dont be angry of her
    appearance (I love this movie, showing Ada in all her beauty!). The sultry young
    pretty dame needs Leon to move a truck. Well, help her and watch the movie. One frame
    right of the truck is a gh. Take it and enter the door. Walk to the end of the coridor
    and filch the ammo there. Enter the prison cells now. There - a gh and a blue herb(bh,
    this can cure you when you are on poison-condition).
    At the 2nd cell is Ben. He's a news agent and "knows too much". Well, leave him alone
    and continue your work. Get the Manhole opener and go to the door with the steel color,
    that you ignored. There kill these dogs and get the herb. With using the opener, go down
    the ladder into a sewer!
    Hey, what's this? A giant sipder!!! Fuckside! Get your Rem.M1100P ready and shoot it like
    crazy. It needs about 3-4 shots to die, and it can poison you or hurt you with its hug.
    Dont get close, baby! Kill the bug fast and get thru the sewer for another one! Whack it
    fast and they are gone! Then climb the stairs and visit the first room. Take your plugs
    and exit. Get to the other door and cross over the little bridge to a door with a panel
    on the right. Plug your 3 plugs there and leave.
    Ada appears again. She asks Leon to push her over the locked door. He is positive to do
    it and now you are Ada Wong. She has a Browning and 45 h.g.b. Well continue and you'll
    meet dogs again. Kill them fast! 6 shots each. Then get to the left room. Take the map
    to your right and climb down the biggie stairs. You end up in a box area. Your aim is to
    move all the boxes to the wall, forming a bridge from the left to the right side. Return
    upstairs and move the lever(with the blinking light). A movie plays. Walk/run over the
    boxes to the other side and pick the sparkling item from the shelf-it's the last Precinct
    key! Then return to where Leon is.
    *If you want, you can access the another room, straight from where the dogs were. There
    *you will find shsh for Leon.
    Ada throws the items to Leon and you are him again. Return to the basement, pass the power
    room and visit the Autopsy room. Get to the cupboard and filch the Red Lab Card Key.
    When you start goin back, every dead body comes undead(really cool effect, dont you
    think?). Kill the bastards and exit. Get to the room, near the power room and use the
    Red Lab Card Key on the card reader. Inside, you will find ammo. In the lockers you
    must get the Side-pack(it increases your inventory space!). However, if you take it
    now, Claire wouldnt get it in her 2nd scenario, so the choice is yours. Also, dont
    take the Submachine gun! It reduces your ranking! Leave and return upstairs. Open the
    door with the Club key. There, search the locker for shsh. Continue searching and you'll
    get a report and the... MAGNUM!!! This is my favourite weapon. It is more powerful from
    the shotgun! Well, I dont remember, but maybe the killed by a licker cop hands h.g.b.
    Exit and return to where you found the rook plug and the red herb. There's a door, that
    you havent accessed yet. Use and discard your precinct key. Inside the room, get to the
    3 statues and light the statue furance. Then light statues 12,13 and 11. A cut-scene
    plays. Return to the painting and get the Gold Cogwheel. Now you must return to the Clock
    room(where you used the crank). But beware! On the second-floor, in front of the library
    waits a licker. Kill him with the shotgun(dont waste now the Desert Eagle now). Get to
    the clock room, climb the stairs, fix the cogwheel on the mechanism and push the button.
    The last plug falls near you. Take it and fall down the shaft. A movie plays! Wow, what
    is this guy? Ben is visited by him and even fed up with something! Get to Ben fast! He
    gives you something and then is greeted by awful death! Then comes Leon's sweetheart -
    Ada, who again bolts somewhere. Check again Ben's body and make a screenshot. It is really
    good to put this picture on your Windows Desktop! Now get fast to where you plugged the
    plugs, but before going there, save your game and pick some herbs!
    As you enter the door and make some steps, a movie plays. Motherfuck!!! This creature
    is really tough! Equip your shotgun and start blowing his ass! He must pay for Ben's
    death! Remember, dont get too close! It throws critters at you for draining your health
    level. You must avoid them. After killing the beast, plug your last plug and get to a
    new area - the city sewers!
    Well, climb down the stairs and meet Ada again. Leon will start boasting with the fact,
    that his girlfriend is a cop, and how he killed the boss and bothering us. The adventure
    will continue now with Ada, cause she now knows, that her sweetheart cant live without
    her! Hey, remember to get the Valve Handle and carry it with you! Now it is an important
    item! OK, when you get down an elevator, you will meet a new character!
    That bitch is William Birkin's wife and Will Birkin is the creator of the G-virus! She
    attracts Ada and fires to her, but Leon Saves Ada with his body. He is toughly hurt and
    lost concious! But dont worry - he is not dead!
    Well, now you are Ada again and you must chase Annette. Take the map near the door and 
    jump down to the sewer. Then continue to the ladder up to a ventilator shaft. Once up,
    RUN!!! Dont worry of these cockroaches, run away and then climb down. Make a few steps
    and meet up with Annet. A cut-scene plays. After the conversation Ada beats Annet and now
    you must go thru the bridge to another ladder down. A movie shows Ada climbing down and
    screaming, as she finds something alive...
    Now you are again Leon - the rookie cop, our friend! Go again to the ladder of the fan, 
    but dont climb. Continue straight to the dark gate and climb to the left. Search there
    for keys. You must get the medal, the Small Key is optional. Now go back to the fan and
    continue down the sewer to some spiders. Dodge them all and climb to a double-doored area.
    Inside, an infinite plant pot with blues. Use, if you are poisoned and, with the valve,
    get the bridge down. Cross to the other side and get it back up. If you want, save here,
    cause for you is a little surprise... Enter the door and run to the end of the coridor,
    where you will go crazy.
    Ada is stuck by an enormous alligator and Leon must save her. Atract the monster to a
    gas barrel, located at the tunnel, where you came from. A light is sparkling to show you
    the place. Push the button and wait the juicy bastard to bite it, then fire your weapon!
    KA-BLAM! It dies. Well, this tactic remembers to me a film, that I wathed - "The killer
    crocodile" and "Jaws". Race fast to Ada, use the switch to open the door and a movie
    plays. Ada treats Leon's wounds and helps him to stop the blood running. Then they go
    up the ladder. Now get left to a place with dead officer and get the another medal.
    Run to the fan and use the valve to slow it down. Then climb up and down to where the
    quest started. Run to the spider area, then straight to a waterfall. As you see, on the
    right side is a metal box. Use the two medals on it and climb to the door. Upon doing
    this, beware of the spiders. Move thru the new area to a tram station.
    Rush to the power on the right and program it. Then get into the tram and go on the
    way! You maybe think, that you are safe in the tram, huh? No, guy, the adventure just
    now starts! An enourmous hand smashes thru the tram's roof. Get your custom H.G. and
    shoot it, until it blasts no more! After the tram stops, get left to a flare gun and
    light it with the Zippo lighter. On the right side is a sparkling item, take it! This
    is the Weapon-box key. Then continue to a door and enter. You are in a coridor full 
    of undeads! Mow them down and search the whole place COMPLETELY and FINALY! There you
    will find the shotgun-parts, ammo and herbs. Combine the shotgun parts with an empty
    shotgun and you'll get a new weapon plus free reload! Now you have the full Rem.M1100!
    Get to a ladder and climb up to the Factory.
    Save here! Get some herbs from the ibox, cure you and carry 2 ghs with you. Grab the 
    ammo and exit to a tractor. Take the map on the wall. Get inside the tractor and filch
    the keys. Exit and use them on the panel. A movie plays.
    In the tractor, Will will again smash in and this time, hurts Ada very badly! NOOOOO!!
    She's unconcious and may die! Search the tractor for Magnum Bullets! Then exit out for
    the next surprise...
    Yeah, get down and a cut-scene plays. He is ugly, isnt he? Wlliam jumps down and you
    must kill him fast! C.shotgun shells will beat him hard, but Magnum bullets are the
    best again him! Aim well, cause Magnum's rounds are rare! Dont get caught in an angle.
    If you are a good player, you can kill this boss with no wounding. Use the run-shoot
    technique and keep magnuming him. It is a short delay when he wants to attack you, so
    use the time. His weapons are his claws! Beware of them!(Hey, man, can you believe me?
    Once I killed Will with C.H.G. shots!).
    After killing mister Will, get back to Ada. She is really badly wounded and cant walk.
    Then a movie plays and you are in the final area.
    Leon carries Ada from the tractor to a Security room(save point) and puts her on one
    bed. She is not well enough to continue the horror adventure with you. So you must now
    get your Desert Eagle, Rem.M1100, shsh and M.Bullets. Also, take 2 gh. If you want to
    play this part again, save here. Then leave the inrib in the ibox and exit. Go straight
    right to a door and then to a power area. Seach and you'll know that you need a fuse to
    power the lab. Then go with the blue path.
    Continue to the cyro room(with ice on the door) and you will find there a Fuse Case on
    the tray rack. Then use it on the arm-machine and you will filch the Main Fuse. Return
    back to the power room and use the Main Fuse on the center machine. The power is on and
    now you must continue with the red path.
       Get to a door and get right to an unlocked door, where you will find some items. In
    the locker is a Flamethrower! However, it needs two spaces to carry, so if you want,
    dont take it. Then search the computer for info once and again to activate the gas 
    sprinkles. Check completely the sofa and get to the end of the room - a plant is blocking
    your way. Use either your flamethrower(flmthr) or the Zippo lighter. Then arm the 
    c.shotgun and get thru the hole. In the other room for dinner are waiting two black(!)
    lickers. Mow the bastards with the shotgun and check twice the locker for shells, the 
    desk for ink ribbons. Then exit the room. Continue to a shutter switch and open the door
    with it. Now move few feet backwards, cause you've seen the movie - two plants! If you
    use the flmthr here, you must get close, which is not very good. The shotgun needs good
    aiming, but it has higher range. However, the flmthr is better, so use it to kill that
    ugly deadly flowers. But be careful, they can poison you! OK, exit the door and aim the
    flmthr again! Another plant is trying to get at you! (If you are poisoned, get back to 
    where you get the flmthr and use the blues there.) Now, climb the ladder down, but dont
    forget to get the greens!
    As you go thru the coridor, you are greeted by black lickers! Pummel them with shotgun
    shots and continue to a room with 3 greens and a monitor. Check the monitor and you'll
    know that you need a MO disk to access the new area. Go with the other coridor to a
    Monitor room, where you can save again. Dont save for now, just get your W-box key and
    any h.g.b. left. Enter the door to the right of the typewriter and pick the red one,
    which is hiding in the darkness(Dont go to the room with falling larves, but to the 
    other room with the blue door). Enter and you will see a locker with blinking light on
    top. Use the Weapon-box key and get the CUSTOM MAGNUM PARTS!!! Dont upgrade the Magnum
    now, just continue to the other door. Handgun the zombie here. (You must use all your
    h.g.b. and here is the place and time, cause the room is filled by zombies). Enter the
    little lab and kill every one damn undead! From the room take the sparkling item - it
    is the Red Lab Card Key. Then exit back to the Monitor room.
    *If you want to check the whole lab in Mission B for Claire do the following. With the
    *Red Lab Card Key access the door in the coridor with falling larves, that I mentioned
    *for. There, you will face a small boss - it is a GIANT MOTH. Kill it with shotgun shots
    *and use the computer. With any left h.g.b. kill the larves and enter your name as GUEST.
    *Register you fingerprint and exit back to the Monitor room.
    Here, cure yourself if you are damaged and equip with herbs, Magnum, Magnum parts, Magnum
    bullets, shotgun, shsh and Red Lab Card Key. Then SAVE YOUR GAME! Get back to the room
    with the shining monitor(the one which told you about the MO disk). On the way, one
    licker to kill. Equip again with the shotgun and race fast to the center junction!
    There, get with the left path.
    *If you've done the GUEST-computer trick, do this. From the door you see straight at the
    *EAST area turn right and open the shutter. Inside, register again your fingerprint.
    *This will help Claire access the room in Mission B.
    In the room, which needs the Red Lab Card Key to open it, are some green zombies and
    ammo. Kill all the fucked mother-fuckers and filch the MO disk, the sparkling item on 
    the tray rack. But before doing this, turn the lights on!
    As you exit the place, Annette shows up, but her husband is on the roof and causes an
    accident - Annet is hurt by some metal tools, which fell from the roof. Leon will now
    get the G-virus tube - for good or for bad?
    Now race back to the room with the locked door, which needs the MO disk to open. 
    But on the way a tragedy will happen.
    *Well, if you want some more zombies, return to where Leon leaved Ada. There are naked
    *undeads outside the Security room, so mow them to death and enter to find out that Ada
    *is not there!!! Then where's she? You'll know a moments later...
    On the red path Ada will face Leon. Why she points the gun to him? Well, as they are
    talking, Annette comes and shoots Ada!!! But Ada is not killed from the shot - she will
    fall out of the building! Leon holds her by the hand, but he cant pull her back and she
    almoust goes out of mind here, so hard he loves Ada! Annette faints and then dies-what
    for she shot Ada? What made her do that?
    But the game must continue! Leon has to kill the final boss and get out of this fucked
    city! Will he succee? It depends only on you!
    In the coridors are lurking naked zombies! Yuk, they are even more uglier from William!
    You must use the MO disk on the monitor there and a new(the last area) will get opened!
    After mowing the all zombies, you must do the last part of the game - get back to the 
    Monitor room and equip yourself for the final trip to hell. Leon should take the Custom
    Magnum, M.Bullets, C.Shotgun, shells, and all of his green and red herbs.
    After doing everything, return to the new-opened area! Enter the Bio Hazard signed room
    and prepare for the final battle! Get fast to a lift and press the red button on its
    right side. The lift is coming and you will go away, at last, from this fucked city!
    Bad news, guy! William has managed to catch you right here! A movie shows something
    trying to break at the lift and at the next moment... your heart will stop for 5 seconds!
    More faster, bigger, meaner and deadlier down comes mr. William Birkin! Ready your
    Custom Magnum and pummel max 2 shots at his chunky ass! Then run away or in circles, 
    keeping shooting at the guy until he, or you die. His four hands, armed with claws are
    so awful, that you can die within 2 hits! Well, you made it! He dies... or mutates in a
    second form!!!(Hey, doesnt this guy have no end of life?) The second form is even more
    dangerous from the first - 1 hit and you are in Danger condition! He needs at least 7
    Custom Magnum shots! Keep firing and healing yourself, until the beast dies or time
    runs out. Also, dont stay in one place when he jumps! One hop on you and, if you are
    cautioned, you will die. Do not fire at him when he is over the containers, cause to
    hit him at this moment is hard!
    Well, after you killed William Birkin(or his dark half, I dont know), you must get in
    the lift and go up! You arrive to the train station. Run or trail forwards until the
    GAME ENDS!!!
    Hey, guy, you survived to the ending!!! Thanks to me, you maybe will achieve a grade of
    A or B! But dont think, that the game ends here...
    If you carefully followed the instructions, you'll achieve and A or B rank. Also,
    you can access HARD MODE now! If you played Normal-skill and got and  A/B rank, you
    will get the Rocket Launcher for Claire's second scenario. Advice: Try playing
    HARD MODE and count how many seconds you will stay alive.
    Now, here is Leon's guide for his Mission B(second scenario). You must play Claire's
    first mission to get Leon's second, but I'll write only about Leon's missions.
    Yes, the area is new, but the zombies are the same! You start up in a new area.
    On the way there are zombies to take down, so beware. Remember, I think that you've
    played Leon's Mission A, so this time I will write the walkthru breezly. Way to
    some areas may not be described fully, so I have in mind that you've played Mission A
    for both Leon and Claire.
    Just dodge these zombies until you get to a door. Enter and bravely get right to a
    cabin, where you will find a key and two zombies. Left again and open the door with 
    the key.
    Hey, remember? Here you previously found the valve handle? Now filch the h.g.b. and the
    inrib and exit thru the other door.(the h.g.b.'s on the table). Now once more zombie 
    dodging. Lure them all the away and run to the stairs. Beware!! There's a female zombie!
    You can lure or shoot her- it's your choice. After climbing the stairs you're on the
    Just like in Mission A, you must put off the fire of the helicopter, but first you
    must find the valve. Now get into the building. Inside, take the g.h. near to you on
    the floor. Now... RUN!!! Straight to an officer's body. Fast check him for hgb and 
    escape from the crows! Unlock the blue locked door, but go thru the next door.
    Damn! Two lickers waiting for dinner in that corridor! Run fast to the door of the 
    Wait. room, cause you have no chance beating the monsters right now. In the Wait. room
    search the desk for the secretary's diary and for the ammo and for the inrib. Well,
    don't save for now, just leave the ribbon in the ibox. Reequip Leon with Handgun+h.g.b.
    and one g.h. if you have. Also, get the Small key from the sofa. Exit thru the door
    near the ibox and you're on the 1st floor. In Mis.A there were zombies lurking here,
    but now noone will appear. So now walk/run to the emergency ladder and drop it down.
    Then climb down and get to the computer desk.
    Yes, that's right. On the desk, with 5 shells in the magazine, is laying the Remmington
    M1100-P shotgun. Filch it! You know what big help it gives you! Also, get the inrib and
    now fast back to the Wait. room. Remember first to exit outside the RPD and check the
    bushes for a g.h.
    *If you have killed Bard Vicks in Mis.A you now can go outside the RPD and down in the
    *tunnel where you found him in the past. He's still there. Pump 'im up and check the
    *body for the special key, which you can use later on the locker in the Dark room.
    In the Wait. room SAVE your game, then leave the inrib in the ibox and armed with the
    shotgun, exit in the coridor and fast get into the crow-coridor. Be sure to be fast
    enough to escape from the lickers there! Remember the door you unlocked? Enter it. 
    Climb down the stairs and get the g.h.'s there, but be sure you have two inventory
    spaces free! Now enter the door near you and check the body for ammo. Then enter the
    room, where you will
    The valve is on the right side of the screen so quickly race and get it! Here you must
    be very fast and good to suffer no damage, cause the zombies in Mission B are more 
    deadlier and faster than these in Mission A. Now you must enter the room with the safe.
    The safe code is 2236 and inside you will find shells and a map. If you want to, go
    behind the desk and get the 2 greens, hiding there. On the desk also h.g.b. Now exit
    thru double doors, equiped with the shotgun!
    Don't panic, don't panic! Yes, the zombies are many and smart now, but you can kill em!
    Come on, you can do it! Pepper the upcoming and get far from the other. Shoot them too
    and be sure you're aiming well, cause you must save the ammo! If you've killed 2 or 3
    with the shotgun, finish the other with the HandGun. Also, if you've cut some of 'em 
    in two, shoot the torso with the Handgun to save the shotgun power! If you want, get to
    the vending machines and filch the g.h. there. You must exit to the RPD main hall.
    From the main hall get thru the Wait. room to the helicopter landing area. Remember,
    if you're dangered or red-cautioned, you must heal up, plus you must take 1 or 2
    g.h.'s with you. It's important not to forget this!
    How to put out the fire? As in Mis.A - with the valve get into the section behind the
    chopper and use the valve. You will see the movie. Check the helicopter for shsh! Then
    Get back in the building for a surprise...
    As you try to get into, Leon will look up and you will see a new helicopter, dropping
    a drum or something like that. In the drum is your biggest enemy... Who? You'll find
    out in a moments later...
    Upon entering the rooftop will fall and the debris will block the door - no way back!
    As you walk thru the coridor, you will see a scaring dark figure, who comes towards
    you slowly... Damn, who's this?! Is this The Terminator? No! This is mr. Tyrant, sent
    to kill the alive cops in Racoon City, who want to know more 'bout Umbrella and so on.
    With his metal fists he can easily kill you with 1-3 punches! While getting up from
    the ground after the high-powered punch, he will kick you with his metal legs. So you 
    have no right of making mistakes! OK, here's how to get out of this situation! Either
    get past him, taking one blow, or shoot his chunky slow fat ass with everything you
    have! After he drops on the ground, check him for ammo! Now run/walk/trail to the
    Wait.room coridor. While exiting, a scaring movie plays!!! Tyrant is alive! Your shots
    didn't harm him enough and he's ready to find you and kill you again!! Remember, after
    every takedown, he becomes more harder to defeat! Also, he always caries ammo with him!
    Well, kill the lickers and get to the Red Jewel room(near the wreck). There, get the
    shsh from the other boxes and the Blue Card Key from near the 3 statues. Now go back
    to the Wait. room. While walking, a licker drops from the roof window. Pepper him with
    12 gauge shells and exit. Get fast to the computer desk(using the ladder) and unlock
    the doors with the aid of the card and the computer. Now enter the double doors on the
    left side of the hall and handgun the zombie there. File the report and leave unwanted
    stuff in the ibox. Also, heal if needed. Now continue with the known path and kill the
    motherfucked undeads there. Don't get killed! Get fast to where the first licker 
    appeared in Mis.A and get the ammo from the dead body. Upon walking to the door, a g.h.
    to take. Continue carefully to the fireplace room and beware of the zombies, who will
    brust out from the wall! Handgun them fast and you can safely now enter the fireplace.
    Walk/run to the fireplace room, light the fireplace, take the Virgin Heart and
    the ammo in the mess of things at the bottom of the room. Exit and continue as in Mis.A.
    At the Dark room coridor two greens to take. Get in the Dark room and store the Virgin
    Heart in the ibox. Take the inrib from the tpwr and place it in the ibox too. Check
    the shelf on the left of the ibox for h.g.b. If you want, you can save here, but it's
    optional. Better save later in the Wait. room. Also, take a g.h. from the ibox and exit.
    *If you've killed Bard Vicks in the beginning, and if you have the Special key, you can
    *access the locker here and change Leon's clothes. There are two uniforms - one rocker's
    *and one baseball lover's. Pity there isn't a movie while Claire changes her clothes!
    *It would be very sexy as well...
    Remember to take the Small key from the ibox - you'll need it soon at the library.
    Continue up with the stairs. Solve the stupid statue puzzle and get to the STARS office
    Kill all these bastards and get into the office. Read Chris' diary. Remember what you
    found in the locker before? The shotgun. Open it. You found the "Desert Eagle 50A.E."!
    Keep its extreme power for later, use now the shotgun. Exit and continue to the library
    door, which was previously locked.
    As you enter, the little mommy-crying bastard Sherry comes up and then runs away from
    Leon. Shit, she thinks he's a zombie! I really can't stay looking at Sherry, and I
    believe you can't too. Luckily, the sexy maiden Claire comes up and talks to Leon.
    Better pop your eyes out at her tits, instead of watching Sherry. After the conversation
    is over, run to where Sherry went and search the area for a key and ammo. Then get to
    the library, but don't forget to check the drawer. Open it with the Small key and get
    the custom-handgun parts. After finishing out a clip, you may combine the parts with
    the gun to get a free clip plus new weapon. Auto mode fires 2-3 rounds together and is
    perfect against crews of zombies and "manual" is suitable when you don't have much
    ammo. Well, in the library solve the puzzle as in Mission A - refer to lines 158-162
    of this walkthru. Take the red one from the table near the door and exit. Remember
    first to take the plug! Fast run to the Wait. room. There leave the plug and take the
    Virgin Hearts(Claire's heart? Hmmm... ;-). Return to the Red Jewel room and fix them
    on the statues as in Mis.A. You will get the next plug here. And a key, I think. Leave
    the plug in the ibox and fast to the Dark room. Open the door with the new key and find
    nobody inside. Explore the room completely, I think you will find a film or bullets,
    but I'm not sure. Well, enter the other door to practice some zombie-fighting. Remember
    that the zombies in the 2nd scenario are quite more fast and powerful. Handgun them all
    down and in the little room take the key from the desk. Then search the locker and get
    the small key nearby(on right of the lockers). Exit to the Hall. Return to Wait. room.
    There, heal yourself, if you're wounded and equip the custom-handgun+h.g.b.; shotgun+
    shsh; 1 g.h. and Heart key. Save the game here! Return to the safe-room and unlock the
    door with etched heart under the lock. You are in the
    Head fast to the Power room and solve the power puzzle as in Mis.A(lines 229-232). Then
    get fast to the parking lot. Here you will find the another sexy female character.
    Well, this chick wants you to help her move the truck. Sure, you will. (Leon shows
    Ada his strength and believes he will impress her ;-) As in the past, get to the jail
    and talk to Ben. In the other cell you will find a blue and a green one.(did you picked
    the g.h. behind the truck you've just moved?) Get the Manlid opener from the shelf.
    Return back to the iron door you passed. Use the opener on the manlid and get down...
    *If you want the color-scheme(RGB) in your inventory(g.h., r.h. and b.h.), you can
    *try gettin the r.h. near the dog's cells. But beware of the dogs!
    Down in the sewer are our nasty friends - the giant spiders. I hate them. Shotgun both
    of them(each needs 2-3 shots from Rem.M1100-P or 1 shot from the "Desert Eagle").
    Climb the stairs, get the plugs from the ibox and fix them in the console. Don't worry,
    no boss bother you. As you exit, Ada once more asks you for help. Sure, baby, no 
    problems! Leon helps her climb up. But don't expect to see the same movie as in Mis.A!
    As Ada falls down, Sherry runs away from her, but she drops her necklace and Ada takes
    it. It opens and inside is a photo of Sherry with Annette and William before he was
    infected with the G-virus. They're so cute, aren't they?
    As in Mission A, you must form a bridge with the boxes. Instead of dobermans lurking,
    now vomiting undeads will greet Ada. YUKS!!! Handgun all of them. Solve the box puzzle
    and filch the Club key.
    *If you want more shsh for Leon, make Ada climb down the elevator in the other room and
    *you'll find on the floor a box of 12 gauge shells.
    Return to Leon. Watch the movie. Then with the Club key get back to the parking lot.
    Mow down the dobermans and get to the coridor. Kill the fast bastards and prepare to
    make autopsies in the Autopsy room. Unlock it with the Club key and enter. Equip the
    Rem.M1100-P and beat the lickers with 12 gauge shells. Filch the Red Card Key and enter
    the room with the card reader next to the door. This is my favourite room - the reload
    room! Filch two h.g.b. boxes and the first MAGNUM BULLETS CLIP for the "Desert Eagle".
    not take the Side pack in Claire's Mis.A, you can take it now. Then return upstairs.
    Depending on the skill, here you will or won't meet zombies. If you do, pepper them 
    with shells and enter the room with the etched club under the keyhole. Another Magnum-
    bullets clip and shsh in the lockers. Also, file the diary, you've found. Return to
    any ibox and take back all shaped keys(Heart, Diamond, etc). Go to the vending machines
    room and continue thru the coridors until you explore the whole area and find a plug
    and a room with a licker. Kill 'im only if you got no h.g.b. Then continue. You'll 
    find a r.h. Discard the Club key and make sure you have at least one free inv.space!
    Enter the golden cogwheel room and solve the puzzle as in Mis.A - first light the
    furance with the Zippo, then 12, 13 and 11. A movie plays. As the wheel drops, Tyrant
    drops in too. Race fast to take the cogwheel and exit.
    *If you want to, you can kill the Badass here. He'll give you ammo!
    Don't think you dodged Tyrant! He's fat and slow, but he's clever and smart too! So
    keep running closest to the wall, that is on the right side of Leon. As you're running,
    Tyrant breaks out of the wall! If you followed my instructions to run closest to the
    wall on the right of Leon, you will run past Tyrant and escape with no blows taken. 
    Go to the Wait. room. Note that if you climb the emergency ladder, a licker waits for
    you there. So beware. Leave everything except your weapons and one g.h. Get the
    "Desert Eagle" too. You'll need it! Now fast to the Chief's office, where Claire
    found Sherry in Mis.A. Search the bag and take the crank! Also, file the Secretary
    diary. Now equip the Desert Eagle and exit.
    Yeah, Tyrant's here! You can't escape, cause the coridor is not so wide. So your
    only chance is to pepper the fat bastard with 50-caliber steel-cored Magnum rounds!
    The darkman needs at least 5-7 shotgun shots or 3-4 Magnum ones. So now you know the
    Desert Eagle is twice better than the shotgun! Search Tyrant's body for a Magnum clip!
    Fast to the library, climb the stairs and to the clock tower. Use the crank on the hole
    to get the stairs down and climb them up. Use the golden cogwheel on the clock mechanism
    to release the last plug! Jump down the old dust shot and you're in the jail area. The
    movie how a monster feeds Ben something is the same as in Mis.A, but you won't fight
    the same boss, cause Claire defeated it in Mis.A(Remember?). Fast go to Ben's cell and
    talk to the dying man. File the letter to the Chief and talk to Ada, who again runs
    away. Then Claire calls Leon and he finally says new words: "Why won't anyone listen
    to me?!" OK, now. Go to any ibox and equip yourself with the Desert Eagle plus magnum
    bullets; shotgun plus shsh; herb/s and, of course, the last plugs you found. Now race
    to the plug-console to fight the new boss... Remember to save your game and to equip
    the Desert Eagle!
    As you enter and walk/run to the console device, mr. Will Birkin meets you. He can't
    risk fighting with you with no weapon, so he rips off a steel pipe to smash you as a
    cockroach. So you must show him who's the leader... Aim your Desert Eagle as well as
    you can and plunk 2-3 shots at this guy. He needs from 6 to 10 shots to die. Well,
    after the eighth shot, stop shooting. If he still attempts to hit you with the pipe,
    fire! Even defeated, he still manages to smash the pipe in your face, so run away
    until Will drops down. Then fix the last plug and open the door. You arrived in
    With Ada go thru the sewers until you two arrive in a save spot. Don't reequip for now.
    Just filch the h.g.b. and read the report.
    *If you want to, you can move the locker and visit the warehouse, which is down. There
    *you'll get reloads for the Remmington M1100-P and the Desert Eagle.
    With the elevator our two heroes will get down and Ada will get chasing Annette all
    over the place. Leon is hit and unconscious. Ada must find Annette. So navigate her
    thru the sewers to a ladder, then thru a fan and, at last, she will find out what 
    happened to Racoon City and why. She will fight Annette. Then move her(Ada) forward
    to a ladder and climb down.
    You're again Leon. Stand up and visit Claire's save point(with the other elevator).
    Equip shotgun+shsh; Magnum+bull.; handgun+h.g.b.; b.h. You must have 2 spaces free!
    There you will find THREE GREENS and h.g.b. Open the warehouse door with the Small
    key and downstairs find shsh. Again upstairs and then to the fan ladder. Continue
    and climb the platform to the left. Check there and get only the Wolf Medal. Leave
    the key. Then thru the sewers dodge the spiders and get to double doors. Use the
    valve to take down the bridge and cross over. Then return the bridge up. Take what
    you see, but remember to leave 1 space free! Enter the door. If in Claire's Mis.A
    you've killed the giant alligator, you won't fight it again. So open the gate at 
    the end of the coridor and go to Ada. She'll treat your wounds and heal you. Then
    climb up. Go left and take the Eagle medal. Use the valve to slow the spinning of
    the fan and climb up. Threre are no more cockroaches now. Get down together and 
    dodge the zombies. Continue to double-doors, but don't enter. Avoiding spiders,
    fix the 2 medals on the box on the right side of the waterfall. The waterfall will
    stop and you can enter the door behind it. Race fast to the tram station. The tram
    isn't here, so get to the keyboard and call it back.
    As Leon and Ada "safely" travel with the tram, Will's hand breaks in. Handgun or
    shotgun his hand until you see Ada shooting it. Will managed to escape.
    The tram stops and you must use the lighter to fire the flare gun. Filch the Weapon-
    box(W-box) key. Then enter the undead's coridors. Kill every one damn undead! Remember
    to find the shotgun parts and some greens. Then you're in the
    Yeah, if you want to, save here, but I advice you not to. Ada will leave you and start
    taking care of things, that are more interesting than Leon's big pistol or shotgun.
    So you must find a key o help her program the tractor back. First, take the ammo near
    her and exit. Outside, take the h.g.b. and the map. Use the lift and equip your shotgun.
    This is useful, cause you won't find Magnum bullets soon and you must save them. Enter
    the door and race to the monitors. Don't turn them on, just take the key! Also, bad
    news - Tyrant's comin'.
    Yes, you must defeat him this time with shotgun shells, so equip the Rem.M1100-P.
    Shoot 5 shells at the fatass. If he's not defeated, UPGRADE to Remmington M1100.
    Heavier and deadlier. With the strength of a Desert Eagle, loaded with lead shells.
    Pummel max 2 shots at Tyran and back up. If he's still on legs, fire away the whole
    load of the custom-shotgun. Check his body for shells. And return to Ada. Use the
    keys on the monitors next to her. Now she again can admire Leon. Now reequip him with
    Desert Eagle+clips; custom-shotgun+shsh and 3 herbs(1 g.h. 1 mix of 2 g.h. and 1 mix of
    g.h. and r.h.). Now SAVE YOUR GAME!!! The boss, that you will meet, is so awful, that
    you'll maybe need to reload the game! So tough is he.
    Check the outer control mechanism of the tractor and get in. The same movie as in Mis.A
    plays. Will's hand hurts Ada very badly and you must kill the bastard. Or make him go
    away... Now filch the M.Bullets, which are near Ada(on the floor)!
    Exit the tractor and get to its front part to meet the new sub-form of mr. William - 
    more deadlier, faster, meaner and stronger! Equip the Desert Eagle and let the fun
    When I fight this boss, I feel like fighting against Kintaro in MK2. This form of
    William is the last form from the 1st scenario, remember? But in the past you got a
    Custom Magnum. Now you don't. So get your ass moving, baby. Fire max 3 shots at him
    and run away. Beware of his 4-hit combo, which can danger you. Keep magnuming him
    with single shots while running around him. When you dodge him, he will fly to your
    new location and hit you. Most of the time he will use fast claw rips and to find
    out when he manages to use the 4-hit combo, watch his upper claws - he rises them,
    before using the 4-hit combo. He needs from 12 to 20 50-caliber shots to run away,
    depending on the skill you're playing. To find out when he's over, look if he goes
    away and jumps upstairs. Then return to the tractor and a movie rolls off. The tractor
    engine(which is really motherfucked!) has stopped and you must reveal it back to normal!
    !Note that if you're playing HARD MODE, you'll die, when William uses the 4-hit combo,
    so be extremely careful while fighting him in HARD MODE!!!
    Get out and climb a platform. Then jump thru a little door down. As you land, the tractor
    goes on the way to the lab without you! You must now find a way to there. Race to a door 
    and enter it. In the room- a g.h., an ibox and a metal box. Take the g.h., use it, if
    you need, take the handgun back(if you have h.g.b.). Here awaits you the
    Yeah, that's right. But I'll do my best to help you solving it.
    Now concentrate. Move the box to the door. Then right, opposite the
    elevator. Make sure you can place Leon between the door wall and the box. Now push it
    on the elevator. Be sure Leon can get between the box and the elevator control panel.
    Also, the box must be pushed to the end of the elevator this way:
    |elevator |       L=Leon
    |____     |       0=elevator control panel  
    |    |    |
    | box| L  0
    Now go down. And move Leon this way:
    |elevator |       L=Leon
    |_L___    |       0=elevator control panel  
    |    |    |
    | box|    0
    And push the box off the elevator platform. Then place Leon this way:
    \elevator|     \
    \platform|     \ 
    \        0     \
    \________|     \
    \              \        L=Leon
    \  ______      \        0=elevator control panel
    \  |     |     \        \=railing
    \ L| box |     \        ->=push direction
    \  |_____|     \
    \    ->        \  
    Now push the box to the right railing. The map must be:
    \elevator|      \
    \platform|      \
    \________0      \     L=Leon
    \               \     0=elevator control panel
    \         ______\     \=railing
    \         |     \     ^=push direction  
    \       ^ | box \
    \         |_____\  
    \           L   \
    Push the box until it gets near the elevator platform. Like this:
                      \      \
                      \      \
                      \   ^2 \
                      \      \
    __________________\      \_____________
    \        |   _____ 
    \elevator|  |     |
    \platform| L| box |   x
    \________0  |_____|     
    \            ->1    
    \                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\       
    \                 \     L=Leon
    \                 \     0=elevator control panel
    \                 \     \=railing
    \                 \     ->1=push direction no.1
    \_________________\     ^2=push diirection no.2
                            x=where center of box must be after push no.1
    Push the box, so its center part tally with the "x". Then move Leon behind the box and
    push it thru the way up, until it reaches other boxes. The final scheme must be:
                      \  ______|      |
                      \  | our |higher|
                      \  | box | box  |
                      \  |_____|______|
                      \        \
                      \        \
                      \        \
                      \        \
    __________________\        \________________________
    \        |                              | "DANGER" |
    \elevator|                              | signed   |
    \platform|                              | elevator |
    \________0                              |          |
    \                                       |__________|
    \                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    \                 \              \=railing
    \                 \              z=zombie dead body
    \                 \              tpwr=typewriter table
    \                 \              0=elevator control panel
    \                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    \                                        \
    \                                        \
    \                                tpwr    \
    \           z                            \
    Well, you may need to practice it a couple of times. If you fuck up something, you
    can correct the error with re-entering the room.
    After finishing the puzzle, don't climb the box. Get with the right path to and eleva-
    tor with "DANGER" sign and go down. Equip the C.shotgun and go forward. BLACK lickers
    await you! Pummel them with shotgun shots and continue to an elevator switch. Push it.
    You activated an elevator to get to the lab! Return upstairs and go to the typewriter.
    Pick the shsh, the report from the dead body and save ONLY if you finished the box-
    puzzle and activated the lab elevator. Return to where you dropped(from the tractor, do
    you remember?) and get in the new elevator. Push the button and you're in the
    Once you arrive here, ready your shotgun and mow the naked undeads here.
    *If you want to, you can use the left h.g.b. to kill that naked zombies. But beware-
    *two hits and you're dead!
    Well, the tractor is here. But where's Ada? We must find out!
    Remember where Claire left Sherry in her 1st scenario? You can't access this room for
    now... So you have to do some boring things from Mis.A. First, you must solve the
    The power is off, yeah? You must turn it on again as in Mission A. Get to the cyro room
    and solve the fuse puzzle: take the fuse case and use it on the arm-robot, then pick
    from it the main fuse and fix it on the center machine in the power room. Now the power
    is on.
    *Remember not to take the F.aid spray from the cyro room! It reduces your ranking!
    Now carry with the red path. Go right the coridor to an unlocked door and equip the 
    Remmington M1100. Enter and mow the damn undeads to death. Check the locker for the
    best weapon against bugs(not Windows bugs ;-). It reminds me what Jazz Jack Rabbit2
    said: "A flamethrower works well against bugs...". File the notes on the sofa and
    pick also the Red Card Key. You can get into the locked room, that you've passed in
    the coridor before from the airduct. But before doing it, ready your shotgun!
    As you drop from the airduct, you may hear licker sounds! Shit! Fire one shot at them
    and get ready for the attack. The two lickers will try to get at you, so pummel more
    2 shots at 'em. They may need 2-5 shots to die. Also, try to hit the both of them with
    one blast. Be careful, cause you can die easily here! After killing them, search the
    locker for shsh and exit. Now ready the flamethrower and open the switch in the other
    side of the coridor. You'll meet two
    As you wonder what to do, the two plants spray poison at you. So you have 2 choices:
    1.Quickly spray them with the flamethrower! They must die fast!
    2.Back up in the coridor, so you are out of their spitting range. Equip the shotgun and
    fire 5-6 shots into the plant direction. The shotgun has blast and higher range from
    the flamethrower so you can hit the both plants with one shot. If you're low on health,
    this is the better choice.
    Also, when walking over the dead plants, be careful! They can still hit you with their
    tentacles when they're on lying on the ground.
    Enter the door that was blocked by the plants and arm again the flamethrower. Quickly
    burn the plant and make it keel over. Then (if you have inv. space) take the g.h.'s 
    near it. Go down the ladder to meet some friends...
    Yes, as you climb down, you meet up with 3 black lickers!!! Pummel the with some shots 
    from the shotgun and continue to the room with the monitor, that needs the M/O disk to
    open the door. Continue thru the new coridor to the Monitor room, where you can heal
    yourself and reequip Leon. Take the lab map from near the monitors and filch the W-box
    key from the ibox. Also, if you don't have the Desert Eagle in your inventory, take it
    from the ibox too. Then enter the door near the typwriter. Also, save ONLY IF you're on
    low health level. If not, just go with the new path to a metal door with RED HERB on the
    right side. Take it and enter the metal door. Do you see the blinking light over the
    one of the lockers? With the W-box key unlock this locker and take the CUSTOM MAGNUM
    parts!!! Don't upgrade the magnum pistol for now, just equip it and enter the door.
    Kill the zombies with the Desert Eagle and enjoy their heads exploding! Then enter the
    lab room and take the power room key from the desk in the bottom of the room, near the
    experiment machine. Return back to the Monitor room. Unload the unwanted stuff and back
    to the centered power room. On the way to there, 1 licker to kill.
    *If you want to, go to the room near the cyro room. It needs the red card key to open.
    *Inside you'll find plants. Kill them and take the magnum clip from where you've got
    *the M/O disk in Mission A.
    Be sure you have at least 1 g.h. in your inventory! Leave the flamethrower in the ibox.
    Take the power room key and prepare for new adventures.
    *Remember the guest registration in Mis.A(refer to lines 420-425)? Now you can explore
    *the lab, if you've registered Claire in the computer in Mission A. Get to the where
    *the giant moth was and register Leon with the name "GUEST". Then go to the room, which
    *is in the right side of the cyro room coridor. Register again your fingerprint and
    *enter the new door to find a Sub-machine gun and some plants/lickers. No aim of taking
    *the sub-machine gun, OK?
    Well, return to the elevator and get down to the
    Well, as you walk to the box-puzzle area, Annette comes up and tries to give you the
    G-virus test tube and then tries to kill you. But here comes who?... Tyrant, of course!
    The darkman comes down to scare away Annette, but also to kill you! So now is the time
    to upgrade the Desert Eagle and pummel the black bastard with 3-6 shots! The custom-
    magnum shots hit hard, 50-caliber rounds easily take down Tyrant. Check his body for
    magnum-bullets clip. Then get to the box-puzzle area and reequip Leon, if you need.
    Go down with the elevator(not the "DANGER" signed one!) to where you've pushed the
    box and climb over it. Now you're in a new area - the power room, where
    As you enter the power generator room you find nobody inside. But while walking around,
    mr. Tyrant (fat-assed bastard, doesn't he got no other interests?) comes up again...
    Now Leon can't get away. Tyrant prepares to kill him, at last, but someone stops him.
    Ada! The 9mm round can't do harm to this fat bastard, so he gets to Ada and tries to
    tear her in two! But in the last moment she shoots him in the eye and he goes down, in
    the pit with burning and melting steel. The flames swallow him and he is over...
    But Ada is very badly wounded. Leon tells her how much he loves her and kisses her.
    Then she dies. Leon almoust goes out of mind, he is very sadden and mourn for Ada.
    Check the ground near Ada's dead body for the MASTER KEY. Then exit the room. Claire
    comes in contact and asks Leon to get Sherry from the Security room. After the conver-
    sation is over, a new movie rolls off- from the burning pit an enormous hand gets up...
    Tyrant is alive... (Doesn't this guy got no end of life?)
    Now get back to the lab and enter the Security room, which is locked and needs the Master
    key to enter. Inside Leon will find Sherry and take her(I can't stand Leon looking 
    after her, since she gived us a hard time in Claire's 1st scenario). As you two get in
    the lift again, you must activate the emergency evacuation route of the elevator. Use
    the Master key on the control panel to do it. Even dead, Ada saved you once more.
    Well, this is the final area you have to explore, so keep your run-button pushed! With
    Sherry Leon enters the train, which will make them leave Racoon City. Without Ada. But
    with William Birkin's daughter. Now run to the back part of the train, where you'll
    find an ibox. Reequip Leon with: Upgraded "Desert Eagle"+M.Bullets; Remmington M1100+
    shsh; 2 g.h.'s and the key, that you'll find on the floor near the ibox. Then SAVE!!!
    Then exit the train, armed with the Desert Eagle. Open the gate with the key and 
    discard it. Now be fast! As you make 2 steps, the power generator explodes and must 
    get the hell out fast. Cross over the bridge and get the joint plugs. Then enter the 
    door on the other side. Run forward to a device to mount the plugs and mount them 
    there. Then the power goes off and somebody comes up for revenge...
    Yes, he's faster, deadlier, stronger and smarter! Magnum bullets or shotgun shells 
    can't kill him now, but can slow him for a while. So equip your strongest weapon - the
    Desert Eagle and start pumping him up! Shoot max 2 shots and run away or in circles to
    avoid his awful claws. This is Tyrant's real nature - a fast and fierce monster, whose
    only aim is to scatter your guts all over the floor! Well, after 3-6 shots, something
    happens... A cut-scene plays: a misterious figure in black shows up and throws at Leon
    a Rocket Launcher! She looks right as Ada! The woman throws the weapon and disappears.
    "Use this!" Race fast to where the bazooka fell(near to where you fixed the plugs) and
    take it! It has only 2 shots in it, so aim very well! Wait for Tyrant to fill in your
    range and fire away! BOOM! Tyrant is over! Now you've avanged Ada's death. But where's
    Will Birkin? You'll find out in a moments later...
    *Note that when you pick up the Rocket Launcher, you must after that equip it to fire!
    Heal up, if you need and return to the train area, but don't enter the train. Here is
    the moment to use the left shells for the custom-shotgun. Naked zombies are lurking
    everywhere. So just kill them with 5-6 shots.
    *If you want more fun, shoot 'em with the custom-magnum! But you must aim well, cause
    *you won't find any more bullets for your weapons! You must have at least 15 bullets
    *for the Magnum now.
    After killing the zombies, go to the gate control panel and release the gate lock. Now
    the train is ready to leave Racoon City. Run back in the train and get into the room
    with the main controls of the train engine. Push the lever and the train will ride out!
    After you exit the main train control room, you'll see Claire and Sherry. Claire has
    cured Sherry from the G-virus. Now you are ready to leave this town! Good ending.
    A voice will tell you that the train will be blown up! So you need to get off it and
    continue down the tunnel alone. But first, you must find out what is making the train
    go slowly...
    Arm the upgraded "Desert Eagle" and race to where the ibox and the tpwr were(in the
    back side of the train). As running to there, something brakes into the train from the
    roof! FUCK, this is the last form of William!!! Well, don't worry! This form is more
    easier to beat than a black licker! If you have one shot left in the Rocket Launcher,
    fire away! Then finish William with custom-magnum shots. Your aim is to stay as far as
    possible from him - he can easily kill you with two or three bites! So fire away all of
    your M.bullets and shotgun shells until the bastard dies. Then exit and return Leon to
    the other carriage.
    *It's fun to look how the last form defeats Leon - Will will bite him a couple of times
    *and then swallow him!
    Well, you've done it!!! CONGRATULATIONS, ROOKIE! Really good job! You finished the
    really tough part - Mission B! Now "Extreme Battle" awaits you!
    *Also, if you've finished both Claire's and Leon's Mis.B with A-rank, you can play with
    *a secret character, named Hunk, who can really make you cry over your monitor!
    Wow, I didn't think that you can survive to here! Well, in this mode of RE2, you can
    play with Chris Redfield and Ada Wong too! But the way thru is same for all of them.
    Also, first play on LV1 skill level with Leon or Chris. This is the easiest way to 
    get thru Extreme Battle. I will write the walkthru for all of the X-battle characters,
    cause the areas they go thru are the same(I told you). So the choice which weapon to 
    use depends on you. Also, in X-battle many of the rooms are optional for visiting, so
    I'll mention the optional rooms with asterisk(*). Remember, when playing X-battle, you
    can't save frequently, cause your ink ribbons are limited!
    Well, we started it! You're in the Monitor room save point, huh? Well, get to the ibox
    and leave the First Aid spray and the b.h.(if you want to visit the optional rooms,
    keep them!). In X-battle you don't have to worry if you've used the F.aid spray or the
    Sub-machine gun, cause the ranking system depends only on the time, for which you've
    cleared out each level. So now exit from the Monitor room and go to where the M/O disk
    door was. There some zombies to take down. Then continue with the new coridor to a room
    with a ladder.
    *If you want to, you can visit the giant moth room and the mini-lab. In the giant moth
    *room now are residing two spiders and 2 boxes of shsh/bowgun bolts. In the mini-lab
    *you will find new fellows - small spiders, which won't do much harm to you. There you
    *can find some h.g.b.
    Before climbing the ladder, ready your shotgun/grenade launcher! Now climb up to find
    1-3 undeads depending on your skill. So blast them fast and enter the door. Again be
    ready to fire! A zombie is blocking your way, so mow it down fast!(I like to use here
    Leon's "Desert Eagle"! Pieces from the zombie's head will fly all over the screen!).
    On the way, some more zombies. So take 'em down quickly and escape left to a door!(Not
    the door in the continuing of the coridor, but the one that goes to the power room)
    *If you want to, you can visit the two rooms in the continuing of the coridor. In the
    *first you'll find a spider and the HandGun parts! In the other(where two lickers were
    *before) are now waiting two plants. You can find there M.bullets/shsh/bolts/grenade
    Now run to the center power room, where you'll meet up with either dogs or zombies.
    For the dogs use your favourite blast-radius weapon. Then move with the path to the
    Security room.
    *If you want to, you can carry on with the blue path and explore the cyro room and
    *the other two rooms, where you can find h.g.b.(cyro room), 5 or 2 g.h.'s(the room with
    *fingerprint verification) and 2 boxes shsh/g-rounds/bolts in the room for vaccine
    *synthesis. Beware of the spiders there and from the plants in the fingerprint 
    *verificated room!
    Now visit the Security room, where Sherry was in Mission B! Find there 1-3 g.h.'s!
    Exit and race to the tractor(first dodge/kill the undeads) and get in. You cleared
    out the first level - Umbrella's secret labs.
    *If you want to, you can use the elevator to get to the box-puzzle area. Pity you can't
    *visit the train station! Also, you can't enter the door with the M/O disk coridor. 
    *One you've gone down, kill the zombies and go to where the box was pushed. Your box is
    *still there! So you can visit the Power room, where Ada died in Mission B. There you
    *will find 1-4 lickers and the Submachine gun. Next to the typewriter - 2 r.h.'s! In
    *the room, which is reached by the "DANGER"-signed elevator you'll fight dogs and get
    *1-3 boxes of shsh/grenades/bolts from the elevator switch panel. Then return to the
    *Security room and exit the level.
    Remember to filch the two blues behind the tractor!
    Yes, you're in the second level of Ex.Battle! Get off the tractor and get to the Factory
    save point. If you're playing LV3 skill, get your Sub-machine gun. If you didn't get it,
    filch some herbs and the F.aid spray, cause you may meet up with Tyrant down in the
    coridors! Also, save here! Prepare the magnum pistol and get down. Remember to filch
    the h.g.b. from the monitor controls.
    Down in the coridors you may meet either Tyrant or some zombies. If you continue down
    the coridor you can find 2 boxes shsh/grenades/bolts.
    Here Tyrant is really tough to defeat! Use the Sub-machine gun to fill his ass with
    buckshot! Or the "Desert Eagle" to drive a hole in his coat. Then continue thru the
    In the next coridor you may meet up again with another Tyrant or with dobermans. Kill
    everything in sight and get to a door.(In the dead end of the coridor you can find
    magnum clip/shsh/bolts/grenades. Once you've opened the door, DASH AWAY from the crows!
    Enter the Sky Tram and get away. Ready you shotgun/g-launcher with Flame rouns and
    mow down the plant(s). Then continue thru the new coridor to find none or up to 3 gh's.
    Then exit the door. You're where the waterfall was. Kill the dogs and continue straight.
    *It's optional, but I advise you to visit the double doors here! If you're poisoned,
    *you can heal up. Cross over the bridge to a typewriter and there might be either shsh
    *or Shotgun parts!!!(for Leon only). For Claire/Ada there are grenades/bolts. Continue
    *thru where the giant alligator was to find 4-7 undeads. Blast them away and get into
    *the trash room. Blast the dogs there and climb up the ladder. Mow fast the plant there
    *and get left to a platform, where you'll find the ROCKET LAUNCHER with 10 rouns in it!
    *Filch it and return to the sewers. (Note that you may find shsh instead of the shotgun
    *parts here. It depends on how you're playing. If you're good, no shotgun parts, but if
    *you need help, they'll be there, waiting for you to upgrade)
    Continue thru zombies/dogs to where the ladder to the fan tube was. Climb up the left
    platform to get h.g.b. and then climb the other platform to enter the door. Upgrade
    your Remmington M1100-P to M1100 and ready for 3 lickers! Blast them and go to the
    left savepoint.
    *If you want to, you can visit Claire's(or Leon's, if you are playing with Claire) 
    *savepoint to get some more ammo. In the save room, get the 3 greens!!! Also, you
    *can go to the warehouse to find there a zombie, two blues and Magnum clips/bolts/
    *shsh/grenades. Return up and get to the left savepoint(Leon's).
    There find h.g.b. on the little cupboard and on the table. Visit the warehouse room
    to get 2-3 reds and some shsh/grenades/bolts. Beware of the policeman zombie. Return
    up and exit thru the door to the last sewer you need to bypass alive. You don't need
    to kill these lying zombies here, so just move between them and exit thru the slide
    door. Wow, you've done it again! you're in the
    Well, at last, you're on stage number 3! The last stage. As you saw in the end-message,
    you must find the 4 special bombs. Well, I'll tell you where they might be: the first
    is in the STARS office, the second is in the lightplace room, the third is in the
    little cabin, where you've found the Cabin key in Mission B and the last bomb is either
    in the room, where you've found the Desert Eagle in Mission A(the room with etched club
    under the keyhole) or in the room near the Chief's office where you've found the Crank
    in Mission B(all Missions are Leon's ones). So now just equip the shotgun and climb up
    the stairs to kill these undeads/dogs. Cross over the bridge and before entering the
    door, equip the Rocket Launcher(RL). Enter and quickly blast away the plant on your
    left side! Very cool! Then with the shotgun/g-launcher(GL) finish the other plant. 
    Enter the savepoint to pick some ammo and to save, cause the game becomes harder now!
    Also, make sure to have at least 1 free inv.space, cause you have to colect the bombs.
    Then exit and enter the little sewer thru the right door. In the sewer you may find
    either spiders or zombies. Aim up with the shotgun and watch the guts flying!!! Cool!
    Kill them and climb up the ladder. Equip the "Desert Eagle" to finish the lickers, 
    that will meet you. Exit to the jail area and again ready the custom-shotgun/GL to 
    take down the spiders! No aim going to where Ben was - only zombies there. (But note
    that sometimes in Ben's cell is one of the bombs, so search it if you can!!!) Exit to
    the carpark area. And run away fast from the crows! Equip again the RL and enter the
    door to find two Tyrants there! Kill the first with the RL and the other with the
    Desert Eagle/bowgun. The Desert Eagle is faster than the c.shotgun and equal in fire
    power, but aim well. The bowgun is weaker than the GL, but very more faster! So pierce
    the fat ass of this motherfucker and heal up, if you're low on health. Then enter the
    Weapon room, ONLY IF you're sure you can kill two black lickers before they kill you.
    To kill 'em no problem use your favourite blast-radius weapon. Grab the ammo and exit.
    It's a pity there's no sidepack in the locker. From the power room get the herbs and
    visit the Autopsy room for some h.g.b.
    *If you want to, you can go to the double doors in the end of the coridor to find a 
    *savepoint with nothing, but hundreds of small spiders around.
    So climb the stairs up to the room, where you've found the Magnum in Mission A. If you
    are lucky, you may find one of the AV bombs here. If not, you must to fight two plants.
    So if you've found or not the bomb, exit and continue to a room with lying undeads. If
    it's possible, walk between them and enter the door. Otherwise, you must kill some of
    them to clear a way to the door. If you're on FINE codition, let some of them grab
    you by the leg. Inside, kill the dobermans. Now you have two choices:first, to get thru
    the other room to the room with the vending machines, which is now full of lickers;
    second, which is better, you can access the other door and climb up to the Wait.room.
    So I advise you to climb up there. Once you're in the crow coridor, run FAST to the
    Wait.room coridor, cause in the crow coridor are lurking plants, which can poison you!
    The Wait.room coridor is full with zombies, so kill the closest and get into the Wait.
    room to find there 1-3 greens! Cure up and prepare to kill some lickers and zombies.
    Now fast to the Chief's office! When you're in the coridor with a stuffed tiger, ready
    the Desert Eagle! As you walk up thru the coridor, two lickers will come up, so mow 
    them to death with 2-5 shots! But first kill the dogs in the office! When in the next
    room, again ready the shotgun/GL to blow away the undeads there! Quickly get to the
    little room with fireplace, from where you got the Crank in Mis.B and you must get the
    next AV-bomb. Now return to the Chief's office.
    *If you want to, you can visit here the underground sewers, thru where Claire moved
    *in her scenarios. Get down with the lift and blast the spiders. Run away from the
    *little ones to the awful secret office of the Chief to find there some zombies and
    *ammo. Get down the ladder ONLY IF you're a good player and want more lickers/plants.
    *Then get up the ladder to a door, to find out, that "you've passed the point of no
    *return". Then get back to the Wait.room. Sometimes you may find one of the bombs in
    *the awful hideout of Chief Irons(on the disection table).
    Get back to the Wait.room. Leave the AV-bomb and exit back in the crow coridor.
    *Visit the Red Jewel room, ONLY IF you want more dogs and h.g.b.
    In the crow coridor blast the plants with either the RL, or, if you have Flame rounds,
    with the GL. Be sure to aim well! Or attract the plant to come away from the corner
    and blast it fast with the Magnum or with the shotgun. Then continue down the crow
    coridor to the helicopter-landing area. Mow the motherfuckers there and get down.
    Quickly escape from the crows to a door and enter it. You're where you've found the
    valve handle in Mis.A. Enter the other door and fast knock down the dogs. Run to the
    cabin room and filch the bomb! Now get back to the Wait.room. Cure up, leave the
    bombs and equip the RL! Exit thru the door near the ibox, turn quickly left and fire
    at Tyrant! Then equip the Desert Eagle and finish up the other one, coming up to you.
    Don't worry, you have enough space between Leon and him to take him down with the
    Magnum. Or, if you're low on health and want to take 'im down fast, aim well and fire
    the RL. Then get to the ladder and drop it down.
    *If you want to, you can visit the library and the clock tower to find nothing
    *interesting in the both rooms. Or sometimes one of the bombs may be in the tower!!!
    Climb down the ladder and pick the ammo near the computer desk(cure up with the blues,
    if you're poisoned). Enter the double doors with the shotgun/GL ready. 
    *If you want to, you can visit the coridors, that lead you to the cogwheel room. Kill
    *the lickers and continue down a coridor, full with zombies. Blast them all and get to
    *a room. There, filch the ammo and exit again. Go to the room, which is located before
    *the cogwheel room. Enter and mow the zombies there. Pick the h.g.b. from the table and
    *exit. Continue and enter the cogwheel room. There, kill the licker/plant and find
    *neither ammo, nor herbs. Exit back to the Main Hall.
    Shoot at the zombies/dobermans. Then get to where the licker first appeared in Mis.A.
    Blow the undeads there and continue.
    *If you want to, you can visit the room with etched spade under the keyhole and find
    *there only little spiders and some h.g.b. YUK!
    Enter the lightplace coridor and kill the first plant with the shotgun/GL with Flames.
    The second can be killed by the RL, if you have rounds in it. Get in the room with the
    fireplace and take the bomb from it. Exit the room and continue thru the coridor and
    take down the other plant. Then equip the Desert Eagle and exit to the Dark room
    coridor. Quickly kill the lickers! The one is on the ceiling! Enter the Dark Room and
    leave the bombs, take the greens and exit, equipping only the Desert Eagle, the clips
    for it and 2 herbs.(For Claire/Ada equip only the bowgun+bolts and 2 greens) 
    *If you want to explore the whole RPD, now's the time! Equip your shotgun/GL, take two
    *or three greens and enter the door near the door, you came from. Kill the spiders
    *there and take the MAGNUM PARTS from the drawers!!! Upgrade at once! Then enter the
    *other room and kill the dogs there(You see what hapens when you kill a dog with the
    *upgraded Desert Eagle? The whole dog is blasted and only the legs stay on the floor)
    *From the little room filch the shsh/bolts/grenades. Take the ammo from the big table
    *near the lockers. Then exit back to the Dark room!(Note that sometimes in the drawer
    *you may find M.Bullets instead of the Magnum-parts! YUKY!)
    Climb up the stairs and kill the dogs/zombies. Then continue to the STARS office
    coridor. Kill the zombies/dobermans there and enter the STARS office. Find on the desk
    where you've got Chris' diary the last AV-bomb and take it(if the bomb isn't here, it 
    is in the room, where you've found the Magnum in Mis.A - refer to lines 1190-1191). 
    Just exit!
    Well, you've done it AGAIN, rookie!!!!! CONRATULATIONS!! HERO!!! Now watch the cool
    movie, showing how Leon/Ada/Claire/Chris will blow up the train, terminating the virus!
    Well, well, well! So you've played all 2 scenarios plus Ex.Battle and want to test
    yourself playing EXTREMELY HARD SCENARIO? Well, I'll help you. As Hunk or ToFu you
    must get to the helicopter-landing area and deliver the G-virus to Umbrella. You can't
    save, there's nothing to take and there are many zombies, lickers, plants, etc. Also,
    your route is strictly defined. So equip you handgun and get movin(for ToFu - equip
    your only weapon - the knife). I advise you first to play Hunk's scenarios to get used
    to the situation. Climb up, exit and quickly DODGE the zombies! Be EXTREMELY careful
    and watch not to get caught! In the next room some more undeads to kill. Then get in
    the sewer and one fast Magnum shot will make the spider keel over. Lure the next, equip
    the shotgun and climb up. Blast the dogs and exit into the jail. Kill the crawling
    zombie and dispatch the other two with shotgun fire. Exit on the carpark and kill the
    dogs(or dodge them). Enter and escape the crows. Get up and kill the upcoming dog,
    then dodge the other two. Exit in the next room. Kill the closest undead and lure the
    other. Equip the shotgun and exit. Quickly blast the left zombies and exit to the
    Main Hall. You must be on "FINE" now, no used herbs, no empty weapons! Get thru the
    double doors and magnum the spiders. Enter the coridor, kill the first licker and
    dodge(you can do it!) the other two. In the next coridor you must be EXTREMELY fast
    and careful to take down the plants with no suffered damage! Continue to the door and
    exit. Run to the wall, that is opposite the plants and keep shotgunning them, until
    they die(with ToFu you must here lure the plants, so there's a gap between them and
    then run thru this gap). Climb up the stairs to meet who? TYRANT!!! With Hunk keep
    pummelling him with shotgun shots until he dies. With ToFu wait him to get close,
    circle him and run away to the STARS office coridor, which is full of crawling zombies.
    No time to bother them, just dodge to the next room. Equip the Desert Eagle and kill
    the BLACK LICKERS there(with ToFu you must dodge 'em). Exit to the library and then
    thru the double doors. Kill the plants there or dodge them(make the plant come closest
    to a wall, then run past the opposite wall). Now, before entering the Wait.room, cure
    up, if you're low on health and equip the shotgun(or prepare to run fast!). As you
    enter, fire quickly down and blast their legs(or run fast to the opposite door). One
    more blast will clear for you the way to the door to the crow coridor. But there are
    no crows now. There's Tyrant - your last enemy to defeat(or dodge). With Hunk - 
    fill his fat ass with everything you have and he might die. With ToFu - make him get
    closest to a wall, then squeeze past him, closest the opposite wall. Run to the door,
    leading to the helicopter-landing area and then to the center. YES, YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!
    never cleared out ToFu's scenario!! But you may succee!!! Enjoy the ending!
    Ye, that's it! You've seen everything in the game and now you can try finding the new
    part of Resident Evil - RESIDENT EVIL 3:LAST ESCAPE(Bio Hazard 3:Nemesis)! So here
    comes the ResEvil 2 FAQ and the additional info page.
    Q: What's RE2's story?
    A:In Racoon City there's a secret lab... Who is responsible for it? Umbrella Corp.
    What do they do in this lab? Experiments on people and animals, they want to create
    BOWs(bio-organic weapons). But something went wrong. A virus has been created. And
    now the virus infected the city. And the mutated BOWs escaped. Anyone infected with
    the virus turned into zombie - fierce undead. Surely and slowly the whole town get
    infected. STARS(special police forces) were sent to find out what happened to the 
    city, but noone returned. Then the the STARS sent a new team, lead by Chris Redfield,
    a high-class, award-winning cop. Chris Redfield and his partner, Jill Valentine found
    out the truth for the T-virus and made so it is known by the government. So Umbrella
    managed to kill everyone, who knows the truth.
    One day a new cop came to town. Leon Kennedy, a rookie boaster arrived and found the
    town as in "Night of the living dead". On the way to the RPD(Racoon police department)
    Leon found a young girl, named Clire Redfield - Chris' sister, a reporter. She wants
    to find out where her brother went. Leon decides to help her find out the truth and
    also to get alive from the zombie-city. Leon tells Claire to wait for him in the RPD,
    but on the way to there, he crashes. From where he crashed the game starts.
    Q:Is the game so good, that I need to buy it?
    A:Well, if you've played RE1, you MUST get RE2! But if you just wonder what to install
    on your HDD, it's a good idea to have it.
    Q:Are there age-restrictions for this game?
    A:Well, if you can't stay looking how blood and guts fly everywhere on the screen, this
    game isn't for you. But if you want to practice killing without getting killed, this is
    the right game!
    Q:Is the game very frightening?
    A:Frightening is not the right word. Maybe scaring is better. There are moments in 
    which creatures appear very unexpectedly...
    Q:How are the graphics? And the sound?
    A:Well, the graphics aren't the best, but... All the heroes and actors are rendered in
    640x480, but the background is always rendered in 320x240. And the only possible reso-
    lutions are 320x240 and 640x480.
    The sound is decent.
    Q:Is there a patch to improve the graphics quality or to change the resolution?
    A:I think a patch of this character is available, but I'm not sure. Check the Net for
    it, gather info from Capcom or check DLH updates, patches, etc.
    Q:What hardware do I need to play?
    A:A CPU at least 486DX5/133 or Pentium 90, 16 MBs of RAM. But it'll work on 486DX4/100
    with 20-24 MBs of RAM. I recommend you a Pentium 233 with 32 MBs of RAM.
    Q:Can I increase game-speed in 640x480 and how?
    A:Turn off shading, perspective-correction, turn the sound to off(or use the lowest
    quality mode) and even select mesh-pattern. Also, turn off the bilinear-filtering.
    And if it's still slow, you'll need to change to 320x240.
    Q:Are there any yuky bugs?
    A:No. I've played it many times and it crashed only once: when my HDD was in standby
    mode and the game couldn't read the swap-file.
    Q:Are the actors good-looking?
    A:No doubt, they're looking perfectly!! For example, Claire is really sexy and the
    zombies are very disgusting!
    Q:Are there any trainers, pathes, etc?
    A:Yeah, there are some patches - for resolutions, bugs, gameplay, sound and there are
    some trainers too - for naking the female characters, for killing with 1 shot, etc.
    Q:Is there a savegame editor as in Resident Evil 1?
    A:Up to now - nope. :-(
    Q:Are the weapons cool?
    A:Of course! Once you've seen the custom-shotgun and the Magnum-pistol, you'll want one
    at home!
    Q:Where I can get other walkthru files?
    A:From dlh.net plus from the DLH program.
    Q:Is the gameplay good?
    A:Well, it's good, but not perfect! Sometimes the zombies can fill the whole screen,
    making your hero difficult to control. Also, the inventory system is not the best I've
    seen. The one used in NightLong is much better, but nobody is perfect, yeah?
    Q:Are there female characters and are they beautiful?
    A:I told you - yes, of course.
    Q:Is the game difficult?
    A:Depending on skill level and weapon used...
    Q:Which is the best weapon in the game?
    A:The custom-shotgun, cause it has high range, fast reload and blast-radius, so you
    don't need to aim well. Well, the custom-magnum is stronger and has higher range, but
    is loaded with steel-cored bullets, that will make the aiming difficult!
    Q:Would you advise me what to do, if I don't know which weapon to use?
    A:Yes. If you're good aimer(like me) the both magnum pistols(custom&normal) are the
    best you can get. If you can fire very quickly, but you're not good at aiming, you must
    use the shotguns, cause you don't need the good aiming with them. And if you're both
    good aimer and fast-shooting cop, I advise you to use the C.Shotgun, cause it has
    weaker recoil than the C.Magnum and you can shoot faster with it. However, I'd prefer
    a C.Magnum instead of the shotgun, cause it's my favourite weapon.
    Q:Who is the toughest enemy?
    A:The plants. They are hard to kill and when you are shooting them, they'll spit poison
    at you.
    Q:What software do I need to run the game?
    A:Windows 95/95OSR2/98/above with installed DirectX6.0/6.1/above and Intel Indeo Video.
    Q:Does the game support 3D-accelerators?
    Q:How much HDD space it takes?
    A:2 CD full version, 75 MB demo/preview, 235 MB ripped, plus 25 MBs for swapping. Also,
    you can rip it up to 132 MBs. (If you throw in Recycle Bin Claire's scenarios)
    Q:Who are Ada, ToFu and Hunk?
    A:Ada is a cop, Hunk and ToFu are sent from Umbrella to steal the G-virus from William
    Birkin(its' developer) and return it to Umbrella.
    Q:Who are Annette, William, Irons and Tyrant?
    A:Annette is William Birkin's wife, William Birkin is the creator of the G-virus, Irons
    is the venal police chief, who helps Umbrella to steal the virus, Tyrant is sent to
    kill the men, who know the truth. And before you ask, Sherry is William's daughter.
    Q:What's the ranking system?
    A:For A-rank: no used F.aid spray, no used Sub-machine/Gatling gun/Rocket Launcher with
    infinnite ammo, saved no more than 10 times and finished the game for max 2.5 hours.
    Q:How can I find the Gatling gun/Sub-machine gun and the Rocket Launcher?
    A:In ARRANGE MODE/EASY. Also finish 1st scenario with A-rank. For the Gatling and the
    Sub-machine guns finish 2nd scenarios with A-rank.
    Q:How do I find Hunk&ToFu?
    A:Hunk - finish Mission B with A-rank, ToFu - play the WHOLE game 3 times with A-rank!
    Q:Are there cheats for the game?
    A:Yes, for infinnite ammo - in the inv.screen press:
    esc,up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,[aim button]
    Q:Are there any things in the game, that you haven't figured out?
    A:Yes, I'm not sure if I can get in some areas in Ex.Battle mode(such as the jail cell
    near Ben's cell and to where Sherry's quest was).
    Q:Are there things, that you haven't informed me for?
    A:Yes, again in Ex.Battle. You may meet up with William if you play high skills!
    Q:Who developed the game, web site?
    A:Capcom Ltd&Virgin interactive. www.capcom.com or www.virgin.com
    Army Combat Knife
    This weapon is not so weak as in the game. The nib is made from stainless steel, which
    melts on 440 degrees Celsium. It is unbreakeable. Weight of the nib is 3-4 pounds. With
    the little spikes you can cut even iron sheets. The whole knife is 38cm long.
    Heckler&Koch VP-70 pistol (H&K VP-70)
    This is a standard 9mm pistol, which is used mainly by hired killers. This weapon
    is manufacted by Heckler&Koch factories in Germany. It uses standard 9x19 9mm rounds.
    This weapon can carry 2 clips of 9 rounds each. Also, some models are capable of
    firing 3 rounds auto-bursts. Like M-16A2.
    Browning HP
    Almoust same as the previous, the Browning can carry one clip of 13 bullets and is a 
    little longer than the H&K. Also, it is a bit stronger. As the H&K, it uses 9mm 9x19
    rounds. The Brownings are made in Belgium.
    Beretta M-92FS
    This gun can give you all that you want from the middle-size caliber guns. It uses
    9x19 9mm rounds and is the best 9mm weapon. Longer and heavier than the other pistols
    in this category, the Beretta has greater firepower - the velocity of the bullet, when
    it leaves the barrel is 10% more powerful from Glock-17. This gun can carry 15 shots in
    a clip plus one in the breech-block. The Beretta is semi-automatic and is, as in the 
    game is told, one of thousands.
    Remmington M1100-P shotgun with pump-action reload
    This shotgun is the best for close combats after the ITHACA 37. It uses 12 gauge lead
    shotgun shells, that can make in the body of the victim a hole like dustbin. It can
    hold 5 rounds in the magazine. The only problem is the pump-action reloading, which
    wastes the time of the shooter.
    Remmington M1100 semi-automatic
    This is the best weapon to take down an elephant with 1 shot, if loaded with bullets,
    instead of 12 gauge shells. Longer and stronger than the M1100-P, with greater firepower
    and a holster. It uses 12 gauge lead shells, which can easily blow away someone's torso.
    The only better rifles are the "Barret 90" and the "Ithaca MAC-10". The "Barret 90"
    uses 50-caliber magnum rounds, which can easily make an attacking elephant sit down.
    The M1100's rounds are 1.2cm wide. The blast is very strong(but weaker than the "Ithaca
    MAC-10") and you don't need to aim well - just point the weapon in the major direction
    and forget about the victim.
    Desert Eagle 50A.E.
    The king of the high-caliber pistols! Made in Israel, this gun is stronger even from
    the Remmington M1100! It uses either steel-cored 50-caliber magnum rounds, or lead
    50-caliber bullets. If you use the steel-cored rounds, the bullet will go thru the
    victim's body and kill somebody else around. If you use the lead bullets, you can blow
    up the victim's legs(or arms). The bullet weights about 57 grams. You can also fill the
    weapon with buckshot. Then you don't have to aim- the blast will finish everything in
    front of you. One clip holds 8 bullets. It's possible to lengthen the barrel to speed
    up the bullet. One bullet is about 2.5 times heavier from the 9mm 9x19 bullet(35,5-
    caliber). The bullet leaves the barrel with about 2000 km/h.
    Leon: Never try killing dogs with the Magnum-pistol, if you're not too good at aiming.
    It's better to use the C.Shotgun, cause it has higher range and wider blast radius.
    If you're a good aimer, don't worry to use the C.Magnum - it has  very strong recoil,
    but it can also kill more than one enemy with 1 shot.
    Never let a dog to get behind you! If this happens, blast away with the shotgun.
    While fighting against plants and if you're low on health, get as far as you can from
    the plant and pummel about 3-4 C.shotgun shots at it. When you're close, the plant can
    poison you or hit you, so don't get too close!!!
    On higher skills the shotgun(the both types) won't hurt much the zombies, so better use
    the Magnum. For black lickers on HARD mode the best weapon is fast aiming with the
    Custom Magnum.
    If a licker is away from you, prepare your strongest weapon and aim. Wait for the licker
    to jump to you and fire while it's in the air. It's cool and very good if you've done
    this right.
    If there are zombies all around and they are coming at you fast, don't go using the
    Magnum, but use the shotgun to blast them away and then finish the remaining ones with
    the Magnum.
    The only way to take down a zombie in LV3 is to pummel 1-5 C.Shotgun shots at it from
    a big distance(it'll then stand up!) and then finish it off with one more shot. If you
    are low on ammo, wait for the zombie to try to get at you and fire FAST-You blew it up!
    Claire: For dogs and zombies use the GL+grenades. Grenades have blast radius almoust
    wide as the C.Shotgun.
    While fighting against plants, don't use the BOWGUN!!! It won't hit good most of the
    time, so the best tactic is to use Flame rounds against plants.
    The best weapon against lickers are the Acid or G-rounds. Against Tyrant use ONLY acid
    or grenade rounds - both of them hit hard!
    To kill William the best way use Flame rounds and acid ones. The grenades won't hit
    hard, also, they're not designed to hit from a distance.
    If you're surrounded by upcoming zombies, fire away some grenades, then finish the
    alive undeads with any weapon you like.
    If you're low on health and you've killed red plants, DON'T WALK over them! They can
    still hurt you with their tentacles! The best way to kill a plant is with the C.Shotgun
    from a distance or with the GL+flame rounds. A sub-machine gun will work sometimes, but
    as you know, it reduces ranking(however in X-Battle you can take this item no problems,
    cause the ranking system in Ex.Battle depends only on your clear-time).
    Note that flame rounds(for GL) against lickers are useful only if the licker jumps at
    you. With flame rounds you can take down the licker very easily when he jumps(for Leon
    use the Magnum to do this, since the Magnum has enough power to kill a licker with 1
    shot). The best way to get down a spider from a wall is to use a GL+grenades/acid or
    the Magnum(C.Shotgun too can be useful).
    When you're greeted by the small yuky spiders, run in circles to stomp them. In LV1
    skill they won't hurt you much, but in LV3 they can even DANGER you.
    Beware when a zombie is vomitting on you! Its vomit can damage you heavily if you are
    playing high skills.
    This file is not designed for viewing with NotePad!!! Use other *.TXT viewer, such as
    EditPlus. Also, you may need to use "word wrapping".
    And about Ex.Battle! If you play LV3 skill, you'll meet scatered thru the stages the
    sub-forms of William! So always be ready for an XTREME fight!!! Also, William is about
    two times tougher and smarter to kill in LV3, so you must be really good player to
    finish LV3. But once done, you can do it again!!!
    One more thing about Ex.Battle... Sometimes the bombs can have other locations, that
    are different from that I told you(e.g. one of the bombs may be in the clock tower)
    in the Ex.Battle walkthru. So there's no 100% warranty for the X-Battle walkthru's 
    Last update: One of the bombs may be sometimes in Ben's cell(in the jail). There's
    nothing really dangerous there, except 2-3 spiders and 4-7 zombies.
    Last update: One of the bombs may be sometimes in the room where the Golden Cogwheel
    puzzle was(and where Tyrant rams inside in Mis.B). So check, if you can.
    I would like to thank first of all the creators of the wonderful program EditPlus from
    ES-Computing!!! Also I want to thank Capcom for creating Resident Evil. And Intel for
    creating the 486DX4/100 MHz processor, which processed this info. And MicroSoft for
    creating MS-DOS and Windows 95OSR2 and DirectX7.0A. And, of course, my friends, who
    gave me the idea of writing a walkthru. And Dimo, who gave me the RE2-preview CD.
    And Boshko, who gave me the ripped(but full) version of Resident Evil 2! And Steve,
    who keeped encouraging me during writing the walkthru! Thanks, guys, I love you!!!
    Last update, not sure if it really works, got it from www.avault.com:
    Super Stamina:
    For limited invulnerability, mix the green, blue and red herbs in that order. You MUST
    mix the herbs in that order, or they will not work. Green and Blue MUST be mixed
    together first, then you add the red herb.
    Hey, I hope you enjoyed the game!!! If you have something important to tell me, send me
    an e-mail at:
    also, violentman@usa.net
                                         THE E

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