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    Walkthrough by HAHE

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    1. Story
    2.  Characters
    3.  Walkthrough 
    4.  Special Stuff
    5.  Short review
    6.  Notes
    7.  Code(s)
    8.  Copyright
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    1. Story
    Claire Redfield goes into Raccoon City in search for her brother Chris 
    Redfield.  He was one of the survivors in the first Resident Evil.  Leon S. 
    Kennedy goes to Raccoon City for his first day as a R.P.D. cop(what a way to 
    start your job!) Claire and Leon get separated when they crash in a pole and 
    a truck runs over their car. That is what starts there destiny. 
    2. Characters
    Claire Redfield- The sister of Chris Redfield.
    Leon S. Kennedy- A R.P.D. cop on his first day.
    Sherry Birkin- The daughter of the Tyrant.
    Ada Wong- A spy in search of the G-Virus.
    Annette Birkin- The wife of the Tyrant.
    William Birkin- The Tyrant.
    3. Walkthrough
    Streets: At the start go around the zombies and into the gun shop.  After the 
    gun shop owner talks get the bullets on the counter on the right first than 
    the one on the left.  Go to the door and the zombies will kill him.  Kill the 
    zombies and take the owner's gun.  Claire will get a bowgun and Leon will get 
    a shotgun.  Exit by the back door.  Go up the steps, go around the corner and 
    down the stairs.  Kill girl zombie and dodge the others.  Go through the 
    door.  Go past the zombies and into the bus.  Take the ammo then kill the 
    zombie crawling and knock down the zombie and run past it to the exit.  Kill 
    some zombies and dodge the rest.  Go through the door.  Go down the stairs 
    then go up the stairs on the other side. Now you are in front of the R.P.D. 
    building.  Enter it.
    R.P.D.: Go to the only unlocked door and talk to the hurt officer you will 
    get the Blue card key.  Go to the computer and unlock the doors.  Take the 
    ammo on the side. You can save here if you want.  Go through the double 
    doors. Take the police memorandum and Claire can get a health spray from the 
    desk but Leon will need a desk key.  Go exit through the door.  Go down the 
    hall and check the headless guy for ammo.  Go to the blood and you will meet 
    the Licker.  If you Leon use your shotgun to kill him but if your Claire go 
    past him and go through the door at the end.  Go down the hall and enter the 
    double doors.  Get the Operation report and Leon can get the red jewel.  
    Claire will need the lighter witch is found a little later.  Exit the room.  
    Go down the hall and enter the door.  Kill the 4 zombies and enter the door 
    around the corner.  Go the little locker and get ammo.  You can save here.  
    Exit the room.  Go up the stairs.  Solve the statue puzzle and exit through 
    the door. Kill the zombies and enter S.T.A.R.S. room. Leon will get another 
    shotgun in the cabinet and Claire will get a grenade launcher.  Grab Chris’ 
    diary and the Unicorn Medal and exit the room.  Go all the way back to were 
    you came in.  There will be a large statue.  Put the Unicorn Medal in it and 
    you will get the Spade key.  Go to the hall where the licker is and if your 
    Claire kill the licker.  Enter the room on the side with the key.  Push the 
    ladder to the end and climb up it.  Grab the crank.  Go back to the hall 
    where the S.T.A.R.S. room was.  Enter the door at the end.  Leon will have to 
    kill 5 zombies but Claire doesn't have to kill any(HaHa!)  Grab the ammo and 
    the end and Claire can get flame rounds at the table.  Leon will get gun 
    parts but he needs the desk key.  When your in the library go up the stairs, 
    around the corner and go to the end.  You will fall through the floor. Press 
    the button on the wall and move the bookcases.  First one right.  Second one 
    right.  And the last one don't move.  Leon will get the Bishop Plug and 
    Claire will get Serpent Stone.  Exit through the double doors.  Kill 4 
    zombies on the balcony and lower the ladder.  This will help you a lot.  Go 
    through the door at the other end.  You are now in the waiting room.  You can 
    save here.  Claire will get the lighter and Leon will get the desk key.  
    Claire can now get the red jewel.  Leon can go to the desk with the desk key 
    and get the gun parts.  Read the secretary's diary then leave.  In this room 
    there is a burning helicopter and 2 zombies.  Leon will have to kill them but 
    Claire doesn’t(they disappear when you put out the fire.) Exit to the door in 
    the back.  There will be crows in the hall.  Search the dead guy for ammo.  
    Run down the hall and don't stop cause the crows will come out of the 
    windows.  Exit by the door at the end of the hall.  Go down the stairs and 
    you could kill or dodge 4 zombies.  Enter the cabin.  Grab the valve handle 
    and leave(don’t open the door by the typewriter zombies will come out.)  Go 
    up the stairs.  Use the valve handle to put out the fire.  Go back to the 
    hall that had fire.  Enter the door at the end.  Place the two red jewels in 
    the people.  Leon will get the King Plug and Claire will get half of the Blue 
    Stone.  Both of them will get the Diamond key.  Go to the hallway where there 
    is the entrance to the dark room.  Go to the door at the end of the hall and 
    enter it.  There will be 6 zombies in this room.  Use you good weapon. Claire 
    will get a plastic bomb.  Now unlock the door and enter.  Go to the end of 
    the room and the infected officer will turn into a zombie.  Use you good 
    weapon cause he is right next to you.  Leon will get the Heart key and Claire 
    will get a detonator.  Combine the detonator with the plastic bomb.
    CLAIRE ONLY:  Go to the hall with the helicopter put the C4 on the door at it 
    will explode.  Enter the hall way and the door in there.  Talk to the police 
    chief and go to the door next to the exit.  You will now meet Sherry.  Now 
    exit the room.  The chief isn't there anymore.  There is the Heart key and 
    the chiefs’ diary.  Take both. Now leave.
    Go to the room were you came in and enter the door you didn't enter.  Kill 
    the 6 zombies and enter the blue doors.  Kill the 5 zombies and pick up the 
    1st floor map in the safe(combination 2236.)  Exit and go down the hall.  
    Enter the door.  Kill the 4 zombies and enter the first door you see.  Leon 
    will get the Rook Plug and Claire will get the Eagle Stone.  Go back to where 
    the double blue door room is and go in the back.  Enter the door.  Go down 
    the hall and down the steps.  Kill the 3 dogs and enter the double doors that 
    aren't lock.  Go to back of the room and press the generator.  Go up, down, 
    up, down, up.  Grab the basement map and exit.  If your Claire go to the back 
    double doors and if you Leon go to the front door.   Leon will meet Ada and 
    Claire will meet Sherry again.  Sherry will start her adventure witch I will 
    talk about soon and Leon will have to do one more thing.  Leon will have to 
    talk to this guy then open the manhole kill the spiders. Go up the stairs. 
    There is a save room and another room. Go to the save room if you want to 
    save oryour poisoned. Go to the other room then exit. Now you can control Ada.
    Sherry and Ada will have to go to this room do a puzzle raise the water grab 
    the key and then go back to were the came.
    When you gain control of Claire And Leon again exit the doors and go back to 
    the main hall.  There will be 2 lickers.  Kill them and enter the double 
    doors that were locked.  Grab the red key card and then kill the zombies.  
    Put the key card in the thing and enter the door.  Grab all the goodies in 
    there then leave.  Go up the stairs and enter the door Leon will get the 
    Magnum.  Go back to the hall before the room that you got the Rook Plug or 
    the Eagle Stone.  Go to the end of the hall and enter the door.  Use the 
    light at the fire place and solve the puzzle.  Grab the cog wheel and go up 
    to the 3rd floor.  Use the crank to make the stairs come down and go up them. 
     Put the cog wheel in the machine and turn it on.  Claire will get the second 
    half of the blue stone and Leon will get the Knight Plug.  Go down the chute 
    if your Leon.
    LEON ONLY:  The guy you talked to will die and you have to kill this big 
    creature.  Use the Magnum against him(or the machine gun if you don't want to 
    waste magnum ammo. 8 shots should kill him.  Put all the 
    plugs in the outlet and enter the door.  You will see Ada and then enter the 
    door.  Climb up the ledge and enter the door.  Grab all the goodies, save, 
    and then go down the elevator.  Leon will get shot and now you control Ada.  
    Go out the door.  Go up the ladder.  Pass the roaches and down the ladder.  
    You will now meet Annette Birkin.  After her speech go down the ladder and 
    now you will control Leon.
    CLAIRE ONLY:  Go to where you met the police chief.  Press the switch and put 
    the stones in the things.  Enter the elevator.  Go down the hall and enter 
    the door.  After the police chief dies go down the ladder.  Kill the big 
    creature with acid rounds.  When you kill him press the button and go up the 
    ladder.  Sherry will get sucked in a drain and now you control her.  Go pass 
    the zombie and into the shaft.  Go past the roaches and exit.  Grab the wolf 
    medal and Sherry will fall.  The Tyrant will meet her.
    Sewer: When you gain control of Claire or Leon go to the door and grab the 
    map then exit.  Go down the ledge and turn right.  Go down and climb up the 
    ledge.  Leon will get the wolf medal.  Go down the hall and kill the 2 
    spiders.  Exit through the door.  Kill the other 2 spiders and exit through 
    the door.  Use the valve handle to move the bridge.  Go up it and move the 
    bridge again.  Exit through the door next to the typewriter.  Go down the 
    hall and you will see Ada or Sherry.  A crocodile will come up.  Run away 
    from it and press this switch.  A propane tank will come down.  Let the 
    crocodile have it in his mouth and do the thing in "Jaws." If you never seen 
    Jaws just when the crocodile has the propane take in his mouth shoot it.  Go 
    down the hall and open the door.  Talk to Ada or Sherry and go up the ladder. 
     Grab the eagle medal from the dead guy then go up the ladder.  Go to the 
    other side and climb down.  Kill the 3 zombies the exit through the door.  
    Place the wolf medal and the eagle medal in the slot next to the waterfall.  
    The waterfall will go out.  Go exit through the door behind the waterfall.  
    Go all the way to the sky train and enter it.  Leon and Ada will have to 
    shoot the Tyrant's arm while Claire and Sherry don’t(Does Claire do anything 
    exciting in this game or what?.)  Light the flare gun with the lighter and 
    get the 
    weapon box key.  Go down the hall and kill the 4 zombies.  Claire will get 
    the Spark Shot and Leon will get the shotgun parts.  Go to the next hall.  
    Kill another 4 zombies and go up the ladder.  Get the ammo and save.  Exit 
    through the door.  Go to the caboose, grab the key, and turn on the caboose.  
    The caboose is really and elevator!  When you have to get out of the caboose 
    you have to fight William Birkin(The Tyrant.)  Leon will use the Magnum and 
    Claire will use flame rounds.
    Lab:  Go to the save room and save.  Grab the stuff 
    and exit.  Go to the hall where there is a red light and enter the door.  Go 
    through the door at the end.  Use the lighter to kill the plant creature.  Go 
    down the chute.  There will be 2 lickers and kill them.  Exit the room.  Go 
    the blue light hall and enter the door.  Go to the frozen door.  Get the 
    fuse case and put it in the machine.  You will get the main fuse.  Put in the 
    center of the halls.  Go do the red hall and open the big door.  Kill the 2 
    plant creatures and go enter the door.  Kill the plant creature and go down 
    the ladder.  Enter the door down there.  Kill the 3 lickers and go down the 
    hall and enter the door.  Grab the map and leave.  Go down the hall and enter 
    the door.  Leon will get the Magnum parts in here.  Go far in the room.  Grab 
    the card key and exit.  Go back to the blue light hall and enter the door.  
    Kill the 5 zombies.  Grab the M.O. disk and if your Claire grab the 
    cartridge and put it in the machine.  Turn it on and get the base vaccine.  
    Go back to the hallway where you killed the 3 lickers.  There will now be 4 
    zombies.  Kill them.  Claire will have to go back to the place where you got 
    the card key.  Put the vaccine in the machine and get the blue vaccine.  Go 
    the computer by the hall you were just in and put the M.O. disk in it.  You 
    will now have to face the Tyrant.  Leon will use the Magnum and Claire will 
    use the flame rounds.  After you killed him take go to the elevator.  Go down 
    the hall and you beat the game!  Enjoy the ending!!
    4. Special Stuff
    Machine Gun- A very fast gun, but lowers ranking.
    Spark Shot- An electric gun.  Not a good gun and lowers ranking.
    Flamethower- A gun that that shoots out fire.  Good gun but short range.  It 
    doesn't lower your score.
    Side Pack- Lets you carry more things.  It doesn't lower you rank.
    5. Short Review
    Resident Evil 2 is much better than the first.  It has bigger areas.  The 
    game is not too easy and not too hard.  It had some hard puzzles but the 
    clues tell you what to do.   This game I’ll give "Thumbs Up!"  I’ll give it 
    ****stars(out of 4.  Told you the review was short.)
    6. Notes
    There are 2 different scenarios to the game.  2 for Leon and 2 for Claire.  
    There are hidden games in it too.  One is Hunk and the other is Tofu. I like 
    to thank Rexx11@webtv.net for telling me Tofu, the Side Pack doesn't lower 
    your ranking, and for the code.  If you need more help or if you want to give 
    me more info e-mail me(see copyright for my e-mail address.) This is my first 
    Press Select during the game to bring up the menu. Highlight the Key Config. 
    and press x. At the Key Config. menu hold R1 and press square 10 times. The 
    word manual should be red. Continue playing and you will have infinite ammo. 
    This is for Dual Shock Only!!!!
    8. Copyright
     Copyright 1999 John K.  6/5/99  HAHE COPYRIGHT99@aol.com

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