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    Clare Scenario 2 Guide by marshmallow

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/02/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A strategy / walkthrough guide for...
     ___        _    _         _     ___     _ _   ___ 
    | _ \___ __(_)__| |___ _ _| |_  | __|_ _(_) | |_  )    CLAIRE
    |   / -_|_-< / _` / -_) ' \  _| | _|\ V / | |  / /    SCENARIO "2"
    |_|_\___/__/_\__,_\___|_||_\__| |___|\_/|_|_| /___|
               Author: marshmallow <marshmallow@planetn2000.com>
                           Version 1.0
       To be sure, Resident Evil 2 is an old game. However, with its recent 
    translation to the Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast systems, I felt it was my 
    duty to write another FAQ for it, regardless of the fact there are 
    already several, several quality FAQs for this game. Call it a work of 
    love if you must (and good practice for the upcoming Resident Evil: Code 
    Veronica, the true sequel to RE2, unlike that weird side story of RE3). 
    Also, I decided to do a FAQ for Claire Scenario 2 because most of the 
    existing guides already deal with her first one.
    1.  Revision History / Updates
    2.  Important Legal Information
    3.  Items 
    4.  Enemy Characters
    5.  Claire Scenario "2" Walkthrough
    6.  Rankings 
    7.  Credits
    8.  Contact Information         
    March 2nd, 2000 (Version 1.0):
    This FAQ's first release.
    I intended this to come out a LONG time ago (like November), but due to 
    circumstances beyond my control I was forced to delay it. Eventually, 
    writing to this FAQ became more of a chore than anything, but I was so 
    close to finishing it I couldn't just can it. You'll notice that near 
    the end of the walkthrough, I start to rush things a bit. I apologize.
    This FAQ can only appear on the following sites:
    - GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>
    - Cheat Code Central <www.cheatcc.com>
    - GameSages <www.gamesages.com>
    Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs 
    updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact 
    I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
    share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
    to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
    job, guys and gals. 
    I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
    get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even 
    though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in 
    the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. 
    I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. 
    this note) to put an end to it! 
    Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...
    Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
    NOT apply to are GameFAQs, GameSages, and Cheat Code Central, as shown 
    If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do 
    you do? As you read above, you can not post it directly. Instead, link 
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    Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not 
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    If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the 
    FAQs for a game, you can link to THAT, but not to the actual FAQ. I'm 
    only repeating myself, but I had to because some people have to be told 
    something twice. If you have any questions on linking, notify me. To 
    answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
    GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
    legal section. So there. 
    This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any 
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    may not be given away freely, as a "bonus" or "prize", or given away 
    with the game itself, etc. This FAQ cannot be used for either profitable 
    or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of 
    these rules is in direction violation of U.S. law. 
    Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright 
    their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, 
    Sony, Sega, Capcom, Factor 5, Angelstudios, nor any companies that 
    were/are involved with this game.
    This document is © 2000 marshmallow
    All rights reserved
    3.  ITEMS
    Herbs: Those little potted plants you find throughout the game are 
           called herbs, and you had better collect them if you have the 
           space, because you will need them to restore your limited amount
           of energy. There are three types of herbs: Green, blue, and red.
           By mixing them in the item screen, you can achieve a variety of 
           different effects AND save tons of precious space to 
           boot...because your running and turning speed reduces with your 
           status (Fine being the best, caution being okay, and danger being 
           near death), you should always keep a herb on hand. 
    1 green = energy revived                 1 blue = poison cured
    2 green = lots of energy revived         1 green + 1 red = all energy
    3 green = all energy revived                               revived
              1 green, 1 blue = energy revived, poison cured
              2 green, 1 blue = lots of energy revived, poison cured
              1 green, 1 red, 1 blue = all energy revived, poison cured
    And etc., etc...
    First Aid Spray: To the novice, this is a life saver, as it will 
                     immediately recover all health. However, to the 
                     advanced player, this is useless, because it will make 
                     your rank go down to a "B" if you just use ONE of these
                     things. I ignore them in my walkthrough.
    Ink ribbon: Use these with a typewriter to be able to save your 
                game. The amount of ribbons you pick up in a game does 
                affect your overall rank, even if you don't actually use 
    Claire's weapons: Claire starts off with a dinky handgun that can hold 
                      13 bullets per cartridge, which will just barely be 
                      able to kill a Zombie in five or six shots. 
                      Thankfully, ammo for this weapon is abundant.
                      Later, you find the grenade launcher, which can 
                      literally blow the enemy to pieces. On the plus side,
                      this can clear an entire group of zombies in one or 
                      two blasts. Flame is good for zombies, plants, or 
                      bosses, acid for lickers or groups of zombies, and 
                      regular grenades are rather useless unless you run out
                      of the other two types.
                      The bowgun is decent, and can kill Zombie's quickly,
                      but there is no way to re-fill its ammunition.
                      The bolts gun will lower your rank, so don't use it.
    Magic Box: These are usually found in the same room as a typewriter, and
               will allow you to store various items. Seeing as you can only
               hold six items (without a sidepack), and there are literally
               dozens of items to find even at the start of the game, you
               will need to make use of these frequently. Smart planning and
               foresight will enable you to only be required to backtrack a
               few times...
    Miscellaneous stuff: Throughout the game, you will find a huge number of
                         items that will allow you to unlock various 
                         obstacles blocking your path, enabling you to go 
                         deeper and deeper into the game. For obvious space
                         reasons, I did not include them all in this 
    Zombie: You can always tell the worth of an enemy in a game by thinking
            what the game would be like without it. Without Zombies, RE2 
            would be so boring it isn't funny! 
            The entire challenge of the game is mainly on the shoulders of
            these putrid walkers of death, and the point of them is to soak
            up your already low-supply of ammunition in order to make you 
            panic. Zombies by themselves are relatively harmless, but when
            you come upon a group of five or six with only 14 handgun
            bullets and are in "danger" with only one herb...you will be
            "scared" in more ways than one.
            There are basically four ways to get around zombies. (1) The 
            most inefficient way is to keep shooting until they die. You 
            never want to do this unless they are severely blocking your 
            path, you're low on health, or if you will be going through the
            area they inhabit many times throughout the game, and don't feel
            like dodging them everytime you return 
            (2) Shoot them three or four times and they will fall to the 
            floor for several seconds. Run around them...simple. (3) If you
            have enough health, let a zombie grab you. Press the action 
            buttons rapidly to shake it off, and then if the said zombie is
            knocked into any others, they will fall as well, creating a 
            perpetual domino effect. Quickly run past...
            (4) Simple dodging. There are several aways to do this...if you
            are in a tight space, try to lead the zombie to one side of the
            hall. When they are about to get you, run on the opposite side.
            Always remember: NEVER run directly in front of a zombie. Run
            behind them. They can, and will lunge at you if you are close 
            enough. Don't be fooled by their slowish walk...it's the best 
            way to meet a quick death.  
            An annoying thing with the zombie is that you never can quite
            tell when it's dead, because it lays on the ground after you
            shoot it a few times. However, there is one way to tell: if a
            puddle of blood has formed underneath it, it is truly dead, and
            you won't have to worry about it the rest of the game. 
            If you're low on ammo but are good on health, knock down a 
            zombie, and let it grab your leg. Shake it off, and your 
            character will automatically destroy it by either smashing it, 
            or kicking its head clean off its shoulders.
    Licker: A twisted monstrosity...imagine a person turned inside-out out,
            the head of a xenomorph, no eyes whatsoever...and a grotesque
            tongue that can impale you from afar. Their basic swipe does
            little damage, and you can run around them when they do this.
            Their most devastating move, however, is when they run full
            speed, leap into mid-air, and literally bowl you over with their
            massive claws. They only do this move when you are running away
            from them...they will shift their weight on their back legs
            (check their animation), scream, and then go into the motion. In
            narrow corridors you will want to take care of them with your
            shotgun or grenade launcher immediately, but in open spaces you
            should be able to avoid them with ease. Unfortunately for you,
            they mainly appear in narrow areas...
            On a last note, a Licker will often make their entrances rather
            abruptly. Bursting through windows, dropping from a ventilation
            shaft, crashing through walls...when it comes to the element of
            surprise, they have the upper-hand. Add in the fact they can run
            as fast as you when in "Fine" mode, and you have the single most
            dangerous creature in the game. Remember: They CAN kill you in
            one hit if you are in "Caution" mode if they manage to connect
            their leaping attack with your body.
    Plant: Found in the last areas of the game, the plant is a zombified 
           venus flytrap that will remain stationary all of the time. It has
           both a long range attack and a short range attack, making it a
           particularly nasty opponent...if you stay away from it, be
           prepared to be doused in poison gas shots. Luckily, these are
           easy to avoid, and cause little damage. However, get close
           enough, and it will grab onto you and strangle the life out of
           ya! Very, very painful indeed. Conventional weaponry will only
           stun the creature...its body will still strike out with its long,
           spindly tentacles. To TRULY destroy it you must use either the
           flamethrower or fire rounds for the grenade launcher.
    Dog: A rabid, diseased dog that travels in packs, this enemy can prove
         to be a nuisance. 
    Bug: There are three types of bugs in Resident Evil 2, and they don't
         make much of a mark in this title at all...
         (1) Roaches! They only appear for a brief instant in the sewers,
         and will fly towards you in an attempt to suck the life out of you.
         (2) The giant moth guards a secret room in the umbrella factories, 
         but can be ignored with little consequences. (3) The spiders 
         (wooly tarantula to be specific) are the most powerful, but can be
         avoided with ease. Even when you run right past its gaping jaws, 
         it will do little to hurt you. 
    Crows: Hitchcock's best friends return yet again, although they are of 
           little threat if you keep running. However, slowing down can have 
           a horrible effect on your health...
    G-Infant: Appearing after bursting from someone's chest in classic 
              "Aliens" fashion, the G-Infant is a gruesome beast that fits 
              the mood of the game perfectly. Unfortunately, it is easier to 
              beat than making toast. Simply stand back and unload your most 
              powerful weapons into it, disregarding the convoluted insects 
              it spews out. 
    Resident Evil 2 is set up so you can complete the game in MANY different 
    ways, and I applaud Capcom for this endeavor. However, I believe the way 
    I set this walkthrough up is the most efficient way you can complete 
    Claire's "2" scenario, as it is set up so you will not revisit very many 
    areas, and won't have to backtrack a ton. Good luck, young zombie 
    Collecting the "Cabin Key":
    Items we will find:
    Cabin Key
    After the massive introductory FMV, you find yourself near the flaming 
    wreckage of the gas tanker that rammed into your poor police car...and 
    you start the adventure immediately, as you must avoid groups of 2-3 
    zombies, lunging at you for blood. Since you only have 13 rounds, and 
    each beast takes five to six shots to put down, you will have to avoid 
    them. Simply walk on the side that has the most room, and even a novice 
    will have little difficulty sliding in and out of the large groups. 
    Continue going forward, and you will find a door. Go through it, and you 
    will end up in a small area with three zombies. Turn to your right to 
    find a small cabin, and pick up the key inside -- the CABIN KEY. 
    Meeting "Mr. X"; or Meeting the Tyrant:
    Items we will find:
    Handgun bullets x3
    Acid rounds x2
    Valve handle
    Use the CABIN KEY to open the door, and go inside. This should be 
    familiar from the first scenario...go to the typewriter and grab the 
    handgun bullets, but do not save. Exit through the other door, and 
    continue to weave in and out of the many zombies, who are just kind of 
    hanging outside in the fresh night breeze. When you go up the stairs, 
    you will automatically trigger an interesting FMV that will explain the 
    helicopter accident. Go past the flaming wreckage, and into the crow 
    hallway. All of the demon birds are sitting on the dead body, so simply 
    run past them (or, if you wish, shoot them all down using your pistol, 
    then collecting more pistol ammunition by inspecting the dead body). Go 
    to the blue door, and open it. Go down the metal stairs, collecting the 
    herbs if you wish, and open the door at the bottom to enter the 
    detective's office. Inspect the dead body for more pistol ammo. Go into 
    the main office, and shoot the zombie wandering near the start. Run 
    inside the small cubicle, and plug the dead-head full of lead. Quickly 
    go to the safe, and enter the combination to open it (N64 = 4542) for 
    some easy acid rounds (and we don't even have the grenade launcher 
    yet!). Return to the office, pick up the VALVE HANDLE off of the shelf, 
    and go through the same door we entered through (in front of the dead 
    Now, backtrack to the roof of the building, to where the helicopter 
    wreckage is sitting ablaze. You will notice a small gate in the 
    foreground -- so go there, down the "hall", and plug the VALVE HANDLE to 
    the pipe. After turning it several times, the water pipes above will 
    burst, pouring gallons of water on the fire, dousing it completely. Now, 
    go to the wreckage and search it for some acid rounds. Return to the 
    door, and when you attempt to open it an FMV will show a helicopter fly 
    over head, toting a huge rack of cylinders. One of them is released, and 
    explodes like a bomb, unleashing a mutant creature into the crow 
    hallway. Players of the first Resident Evil will recognize him as an 
    upgraded Tyrant (though he is often referred to as "Mr. X"), who will 
    stop at nothing to retrieve a vial of G-virus.
    Go inside the crow's tunnel, and a mini-avalanche of stones and wooden 
    planks will forever seal off the wreckage area. As you walk down the 
    hall, you hear footsteps...then the music starts...it's Mr. X, the 
    monster/human hybrid!! He can laugh off your pistol shots without 
    breaking a sweat, so it's a good idea to run past him. He has two 
    attacks: a quick, weak punch, and a long, powerful, two handed HAMMER 
    slam. If you take the weak punch, you can slide by him by the time he 
    powers up the hammer slam. Quickly run down the hall, ignore the blue 
    door, and go inside the brown door at the end.
    Collecting the "Blue Card Key":
    Items we will find:
    Blue Card Key
    After avoiding Mr. X and dashing into the wreckage hallway, you will 
    find two doors. Ignore the first one, and go to the area where the head 
    of the helicopter is peaking out (you will now hear a woman scream in 
    the distance very loudly). Behind it is a door: go inside, and you will 
    find a huge statue, along with two relief's of female heads. Go to the 
    stack of crates to the left of the statue, and pick up the shimmering 
    item -- the BLUE CARD KEY. With this, a licker will suddenly crash 
    through the glass window in the roof, scaring the living shit out of you 
    in the process. As you regain control, the vile monstrosity is already 
    in the "crouching position", meaning any movement will cause him to leap 
    at you, taking away 3/4 of your life (e.g. instant death unless you are 
    in "Fine" mode). So, run in one direction, and when he begins to jump, 
    run to either his left or right side, and he will miss you completely. 
    Run over the broken shards of glass and quickly exit!
    Collecting the "Spade Key":
    Items we will find: 
    Handgun bullets x2
    Grenade launcher (w/6 grenade rounds)
    Unicorn Medal
    Spade Key
    Back in the wreckage hallway, take the door in the middle, going into 
    the waiting room. Grab the handgun bullets off of the sofa, and go to 
    the magic box. Re-arrange your items until you have it as so:
    (1) Handgun (2) Handgun bullets (3) Blue Card Key 
    Which, of course, leaves five spaces open. Now, exit through the door 
    nearest the magic box, and you appear on the second-story level of the 
    police precinct. Keep running until you find the ladder mechanism; 
    activate it, and you will be able to go to the first floor/second floor 
    in an instant. Instead of going down it, however, continue, and you will 
    eventually find a HUGE mass of zombies all bunched together. Take out 
    your handgun and the 60+ rounds, and just start busting caps left and 
    right. When not a single one is left standing, rush to the cabinet and 
    retrieve the UNICORN MEDAL.
    Backtrack to the ladder mechanism and go down it, reaching the computer 
    desk. With a loving coo, take the GRENADE LAUNCHER off of the table 
    ledge (it is plainly visible). Go to the computer, activate it, and when 
    it prompts you, use the Blue Key Card to unlock all the electrical 
    doors. In the middle of the silent lobby is a huge marble statue...go to 
    it, and use the UNICORN MEDAL on it. After the FMV, walk forward and 
    collect the SPADE KEY.
    Collecting the first "Red Jewel":
    Items we will find:
    Handgun bullets x2
    Red Jewel # 1
    After obtaining the SPADE KEY, go through the door that is, roughly 
    speaking, to the left of the unicorn medal statue. Inside, three zombies 
    await. Because of Claire's pathetic amount of hit points, I would advise 
    to shoot them all down using your handgun. Then, go to the magic box and 
    arrange it as so: 
    (1) Handgun (2) Handgun bullets (3) Spade Key 
    This leaves five spaces free...
    Now, go into the licker hallway (though there are no lickers, or enemies 
    period, in this scenario). Go to the decapitated body, and examine it 
    twice to earn some handgun rounds. Go through the door next to the blood 
    puddle, and then discard the SPADE KEY when prompted. Inside this small 
    supply room, push the metal step-ladder against the shelf, then climb it 
    to retrieve the LIGHTER (this is a main difference between Leon and 
    Claire -- Leon starts the game with the lighter, while Claire starts it 
    off with a bobby pin, which can open locks that Leon would have to find 
    'small keys' in order to open). Return to the licker hallway, and on to 
    the boarded up green hallway.
    As you go down the tunnel, two zombies will suddenly burst through two 
    boarded up windows, taking off anywhere from eight to ten years off of 
    your expected life span. Because the corridor is so narrow, you must 
    shoot them both dead. Go through the double-doors, into some sort of 
    classroom -- it's hard to tell, because everything has been trashed. Run 
    into the back room, and search the far corner for some handgun bullets. 
    Now, go to the fireplace, use the LIGHTER, and the painting above will 
    melt, allowing a shiny, red crystal to lazily fall out onto the cement 
    ledge. Pick it up, and the first RED JEWEL is yours. Now we have four 
    item spaces left...
    Collecting the second "Red Jewel":
    Items we will find:
    Handgun rounds x1
    Red Jewel # 2
    After collecting the first RED JEWEL, exit back to the green hallway, 
    and continue on, until you reach a door. Go through it to find a large 
    chamber with a stair-case, a locked door, and a back-door which leads to 
    a dark room (and, subsequently, a typewriter). Go up the stairs to 
    find...what...yes, you are right: a puzzle! If you've gotten to the 
    second scenario, you should already know how to solve this, but just in 
    case you have a known history of being senile: push each small statue 
    around the center statue, so the face is looking at the central 
    sculpture. When each statue is on its correct plate, the work of art 
    will drop the second RED JEWEL. Also be sure to search behind the center 
    statue for some handgun rounds (you won't be able to see them directly).
    You now have three spaces left...
    Collecting the "Diamond Key":
    Items we will find:
    Diamond Key
    After obtaining the second RED JEWEL, go through the door to arrive at 
    the S.T.A.R.S. hall. This is rather strange...we haven't seen sight nor 
    smell of any enemies for quite some time. Go inside of the S.T.A.R.S. 
    office, and you will find Leon, quickly zipping his pants to hide his 
    beating erection from your eyes. After a bit of chit-chat, you regain 
    control. Go to the large weapon storage locker in the foreground to 
    collect the BOWGUN, which comes with a meager 18 shots (and each time 
    you pull the trigger it expends three arrows). Go to the desk behind 
    Leon (the slimy pervert!) to pick up a nice, shiny object...the DIAMOND 
    Meeting Chief Irons:
    Items we will find:
    Plastic Bomb
    1/2 Blue Stone
    When you go into the S.T.A.R.S. hall, a young girl will run away from a 
    zombie...just ignore it.
    Backtrack to the chamber before where you obtained the second RED 
    JEWEL...go behind the staircase, into the darkroom, and put away both 
    RED JEWELS, freeing up some space in your inventory screen. Go to the 
    locked door, and open it using your DIAMOND KEY. In this desolate 
    storage room, go forward and search the boxes, eventually finding one 
    you can open, revealing the PLASTIC BOMB. Mmmm...explosives. Go through 
    the door at the end. Inside, finally, zombies will be everywhere. Use 
    your bowgun inches away from their face, and they will be killed with a 
    single pull of the trigger. By the time the room is cleared, the bowgun 
    will become useless, to the dismay of players around the world. After 
    weeping for your loss, go inside the small cubicle at the end and steal 
    the DETONATOR off of the desk. In the inventory screen, combine the 
    DETONATOR and PLASTIC BOMB to make the BIG FAT OLD BOMB (er, not 
    exactly, but close enough, eh?).
    At the end of this trashed room you will find yet another door. Go 
    through it, and hey baby, we're back in the lobby of the police 
    precinct! Go to the ladder mechanism, climb up, and make your way to the 
    waiting room. Here, go to the magic box and make your inventory screen 
    as so:
    (1) Handgun (2) Handgun rounds (3) Diamond Key (4) Red Jewel 1 (5) Red 
    Jewel 2 (6) Grenade Launcher w/acid rounds
    Inside the wreckage hallway, go to the room where you got the BLUE CARD 
    KEY. With a single acid shot, the licker that broke through the glass 
    near the start of the game will be killed. Go to the statue, and set a 
    RED JEWEL into each relief. After the FMV, go to the open cavity and 
    retrieve 1/2 BLUE STONE...the other 1/2 will be found later, so don't 
    Now, go to the helicopter wreckage, and stand against the wooden door 
    that has been reduced to nothing more than splinters. Set the BOMB here, 
    and a cinema will show the twisted metal of the chopper being blasted 
    into oblivion...gotta love explosive mayhem! Go through the new tunnel, 
    and into a brand spankin' room. 
    After a cool cinema, Chief Irons will be revealed in all of his 
    glory...he's an interesting character, that's for sure.
    Collecting the "Heart Key":
    Items we will find:
    Handgun rounds x1
    Heart key
    Go through the door near Chief Irons' desk, and down the long, silent 
    corridors. At the very end, you meet the most horrifying creature in the 
    game...a young girl by the name of Sherry Birkin with a voice that rakes 
    across my brain like nails across a chalkboard. Unfortunately for you, 
    she will be a major part of Claire's game. After she runs off, terrified 
    of the monster that is supposedly following her (puberty, perhaps?), 
    open the treasure chest in the foreground to collect some handgun 
    rounds. Now, backtrack to Chief Irons' office, and he will be gone, a 
    sparkling object on his desk. Examine it, and it is true, the HEART KEY 
    is yours!
    Collecting the "Club Key":
    Items we will find:
    Grenade rounds
    Club Key
    Exit to the wreckage hall, into the waiting room, to the magic box, and 
    get rid of the 1/2 Blue Stone, leaving only with...
    (1) Handgun (2) Handgun bullets (3) Diamond Key (4) Heart Key (5) 
    Grenade launcher w/acid rounds
    Return to the crow hallway, and enter the blue door, down the stairs, 
    and into the detective's office. Avoid any would-be enemies, and unlock 
    the door using the HEART KEY, then discard it when prompted. In this 
    narrow corridor, all of the windows have been shattered, and shards of 
    glass litter the floor...uh-oh...a zombie dog! Step back and unload 
    pistol rounds into it until it dies, then go through the corridor, 
    arriving at a locked door and a staircase going down...take the stairs, 
    of course.
    In these dark, empty tunnels, go forward until the camera angle shifts, 
    allowing you to see a set of double doors being illuminated with a red 
    light. Go down there, ignore the double doors, round the corner, and go 
    through the doors there. Pick up the red herb if you wish, and 
    frantically run to the manhole (I'm not feeling politically correct 
    today) before the dogs come and rip you limb from limb.
    In the sewers, go into the typewriter room, then exit, and...oh no...OH 
    MY GOD! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! No, it's not a horde of super lickers, 
    it's...Sherry Birkin. Terrifying! I pissed my pants in terror just 
    hearing this horrible dialogue.
    Regardless, you will eventually end up controlling Sherry through a 
    series of events you can not stop (unfortunately). So, go to the 
    elevator (or lift, for you Brits) to arrive at a series of catwalks 
    containing many zombies. Don't worry, they can't grab you...they only 
    vomit hot acid when you get close, so just run past. Go to the door that 
    Ada entered through in Leon's first scenario, then pick up the grenade 
    rounds. Go to the box puzzle room...sheesh, talk about a simple puzzle. 
    You have to push the boxes in Zelda-ish fashion so they form a bridge 
    across when you turn on the water pump above. Just remember you can 
    climb on top of them, and go to the otherside in case they get stuck.
    Now, run across your makeshift bridge, and collect the sparkling object 
    on the shelf. Return to where you started Sherry's little mini-quest, 
    and a cinema will show Claire automatically receiving the grenade rounds 
    along with the CLUB KEY. Sweet molasses! Now we can clean out the rest 
    of the police precinct...
    Collecting the "Sidepack" (OPTIONAL):
    Items we will find:
    Red Card Key
    Handgun bullets x2
    Acid rounds
    Yes, this entire thing is TOTALLY optional, but it will save you a lot 
    of hassle, and only takes about two minutes to complete. 
    After Sherry runs off, go to the typewriter room and manage your 
    inventory screen as so --
    (1) Handgun (2) Handgun rounds (3) Diamond Key (4) Club Key (5) Grenade 
    launcher w/acid rounds (6) Lighter
    This leaves two item spaces to fill. Now, return to the halls with the 
    red lighting (you'll need to avoid those pesky dogs). Inspect the double 
    doors, it reads "Autopsy Room." Unlock it using your CLUB KEY, enter, 
    and quickly take out the lickers that burst from the ceiling using your 
    handy-dandy grenade launcher (with the acid rounds, of course -- best 
    for lickers). Go to the blue cabinet in the far corner, and open it, 
    shifting through the various pornography magazines, and at the bottom 
    you find the RED CARD KEY. Now, go to the second set of double doors, go 
    inside, and to the generator. Using simple mathematical skills, the code 
    is: up, up, down, down, up. Of course, there are other ways, but that's 
    the easiest one if you ask me.
    With this, the key-card operator adjacent the metal door will ring to 
    life. Use the RED CARD KEY on it, and presto, a secret cache with two 
    handgun rounds, acid rounds, and a rusted out locker. Inside, you can 
    collect both the machine gun and sidepack...but don't get the gun! It 
    will lower your rank. So instead, pick the SIDEPACK, and you can now 
    carry a whopping TEN items at once. 
    *** Note: The sidepack will not be there if you used it in the first 
    Obtaining the three stones:
    Items we will find:
    Acid rounds x2
    Eagle Stone
    Blue Stone 1/2
    Grenade rounds (if you kill Tyrant)
    Serpent Stone
    This is quite a long mini-section...it deals with collecting the three 
    stones so you can meet up with Mr. Irons again. You should have the 
    following before starting this large feat --
    (1) Handgun (2) Handgun rounds (3) Diamond Key (4) Club Key (5) Grenade 
    launcher w/acid rounds (6) Lighter
    Inside of the dark hallways (with the autopsy room), go to the parking 
    garage and quickly dodge the demon dogs (or, if you wish, kill them in 
    one hit with an acid round), and into the cellblock. Here, a dog is 
    feeding on a corpse, and you will have to end his evening meal with a 
    bang of your grenade launcher. There is another dog, but you should be 
    able to reach the kennel before it even smells you. Here, two more dogs 
    await, so quickly kill them. Go to the manhole lid (there I go rambling 
    without being PC) and pick up the CRANK. Oh baby...where have you been 
    all of my life?!
    Return to the parking garage, the dark tunnels, and to the hallway with 
    broken windows. Go to the locked door, and with the power of the CLUB 
    KEY, go inside. Search behind the lockers for some acid rounds, then 
    exit the watchman's room, back into the broken glass corridor. Go behind 
    the staircase, press the search button next to the bookcase, and you 
    will pick up some invisible acid rounds.
    Exit the broken glass corridor, entering the detective's office. Weave 
    in and out of the zombie groups, and through the blue double doors. 
    Here, six-seven zombies will surround you on both sides, so quickly whip 
    out your trusty grenade launcher and pelt them all with acid rounds, 
    killing two-three in a single shot. Take out any survivors with your 
    handgun, and then go behind them, to where the coke machines are held. 
    Run down the nearby hall, and through the door. Here, go to the first 
    door you see, and unlock it using the DIAMOND KEY, then discard it when 
    prompted. Inside this room, go to the nearby shelf and easily collect 
    the EAGLE STONE. Return to the brown hallway, ignore the second door, 
    and use the CLUB KEY on the green entranceway, then discard it when 
    prompted. Here, go to the back, and light the furnace using the LIGHTER. 
    Now, walk up to the three statuettes, and activate them as so: middle, 
    right, left. With this, the cog of a nearby painting will lazily fall 
    out, spilling to the floor with a clang. When you attempt to collect 
    it...*BANG* AHHHHHHHH!!! 
    *pauses the game and goes to wash his pants*
    Er...okay, so basically Mr. X will burst through the wall, cutting you 
    off and sending debris everywhere. Go around him, quickly collect the 
    COGWHEEL, and exit. When you try to return to the lobby of the police 
    precinct, Mr. X will make another appearance. To get around, wait at the 
    very edge of a corner. He won't see you, and you'll be able to run 
    behind him before he notices. 
    In the lobby, go to the ladder mechanism and climb up, then destroy the 
    raspy breathing licker. Turn left, and enter the library...a horrifying 
    (wink, wink) cinema will show zombies flooding into almost every main 
    corridor of the building, but luckily you won't have to have a tea party 
    with them. Go up the stairs, and through the first door you see. 
    Cross the balcony, and go inside the clock-tower. Use the CRANK on the 
    large hole, and a huge wooden staircase will be lowered. In the second-
    floor, go to the large gearbox, and insert the COGWHEEL into it, then 
    press the button when prompted. The series of gears will start moving, 
    opening a secret passage. Walk up to it, and obtain the 1/2 BLUE STONE. 
    Backtrack to the library, and Mr. X will vault over the railing, 
    blocking your escape. If you have enough acid rounds, you can kill him 
    before he can reach you. If not...try running around. If you do end up 
    killing the evil Tyrant, be sure to inspect his body for some grenade 
    Back inside the library, continue on the catwalk, and the flooring will 
    suddenly give way, causing you to fall into a secret alcove. Press the 
    glowing red button (ooh...glowing) to escape, and activate the buttons 
    on the other book-cases. 
                       _____  _____  _____
                       | 1 |  | 2 |  | 3 |
                       -----  -----  -----
    Press the button so "2" bookcase goes right, and then press the button 
    on "1" bookcase so it goes right as well. With this mentally retarded 
    puzzle completed, a slate beneath the painting will lower, revealing the 
    SERPENT STONE. Be sure to grab it, and go to the waiting room. Go to the 
    magic box, take out the second 1/2 BLUE STONE, and combine both pieces 
    to form the JAGUAR STONE. Organize your inventory screen as so:
    (1) Handgun (2) Grenade launcher (w/acid rounds) (3) Serpent Stone (4) 
    Jaguar Stone (5) Eagle Stone (6) Grenade rounds (7) Any herbs you may 
    Go to Chief Irons office, and you will meet up with Sherry...the horrid 
    creature. Explore behind Chief Iron's desk, and you will find a small 
    painting on the wall. Search it, and you will press a button, causing it 
    to move away, revealing a plate with three holes. Plug in the SEPERNT, 
    JAGUAR, and EAGLE STONES to cause a secret passage to open up!
    Finding the sewer entrance:
    Items we will find:
    Acid rounds
    Use the elevator to go down to an underground cave system, and a 
    delightful cinema will unfold, showing Chief Irons's more insane side, 
    as he threatens you with a magnum at point-blank range whilst explaining 
    about the G-virus and Umbrella's plans. Before he kills you, a tentacle 
    shoots from the nearby chute, grabs the chief, and pulls him down. After 
    seconds of intense screaming, his upper torso is spewed out, shaved of 
    any appendages. Yummy...grab the acid rounds off of the table, and climb 
    down the ladder.
    A mutating William Birkin shuffles on the metal grating, breathing 
    heavily. With his tremendous strength, he rips a metallic bar from the 
    railing, and screams in agony as his disfigured arm begins to grow, 
    blood spewing from the shoulder. The first boss fight of the game is on! 
    Stand back and peg five-six acid shots into his body...pretty simple. In 
    pain, William will fall over the railing, splashing into the water 
    Return to pick up Sherry, and go beyond the battle site. Activate the 
    ladder, and climb up into the sewer system!! Finally, we are out of the 
    police precinct!
    Collecting the two Medallions / Exiting the Sewer System
    Items we will find:
    Handgun rounds x2
    Grenade rounds x1
    Flame rounds x2
    Wolf Medallion
    Eagle Medallion
    After "escaping" from Tyrant, Sherry will be sucked into another 
    passageway, and we will not see her for awhile (thankfully). Follow the 
    path, climb onto the ledge, and go through the door to arrive at a safe 
    room. Save your game if you wish, collect the handgun bullets from the 
    bag (READ: if you have more than 30 bullets, don't bother). Go to the 
    magic box, and arrange your inventory so it looks as so:
    (1) Handgun (2) Handgun rounds (3) Valve handle (4) Grenade launcher 
    (w/acid rounds) (5) Grenade rounds
    Do not bring any herbs, as there will be plenty to pick up along the 
    Still in the safe room, pick the door's lock using your bobby pin, and 
    then climb down the ladder, lowering yourself into a storage room of 
    some sort. Kill the lone zombie using your handgun, and collect the 
    grenade rounds off of the shelf. Return to the typewriter room.
    Use the elevator to go down, and after the cinema showing the wounded 
    Leon, you can either go where Ada ran to, or to the safe room that Leon 
    came from earlier. If you go to the control room, you can get more 
    handgun bullets, and A LOT of herbs (store them in the magic box for 
    later). However, you'll want to go to where Ada did eventually.
    Here, you will have to take a dip in a river of sewage. Go to Claire's 
    left, and into the small alcove next to the ladder, finding two bloody 
    bodies that have been mutilated beyond recognition. Search them for your 
    first ever flame rounds and the WOLF MEDALLION. Follow the linear path, 
    escaping the jaws of the deadly spiders that run across the walls and 
    ceiling. You now find yourself at a miniature waterfall that is blocking 
    a door, and there is a machine next to it...slide the WOLF MEDALLION in, 
    and...oh, it seems that we need one more item to insert. Continue, and 
    you find yourself speaking to a barely conscious Annette Birkin. After 
    she collapses, use the VALVE HANDLE on the mechanism to cause a bridge 
    to come down. Cross it, and use the VALVE HANDLE on the second mechanism 
    to cause it to go back up. Collect the second batch of flame rounds, and 
    through the door we go, entering the alligator hallway. 
    If you didn't defeat the scaly beast during Leon's first scenario, then 
    here's how: lead it to the area with the yellow light. Activate the 
    light, and a gas canister will drop down. When the great monster has it 
    in his maw, shoot the canister, causing the beast to be decapitated 
    instantly. Go past the large body, through the trash containment 
    chamber, up the ladder, cross the bridge, turn left, grab the EAGLE 
    MEDALLION from the dead sewage worker, turn right, use the VALVE HANDLE 
    to stop the fan, climb the ladder, avoid the flying insects, down the 
    ladder annnnnnnndddd..........we are back in a familiar area, after that 
    ridiculously long run-on sentence. 
    Return to the water-fall, insert the EAGLE MEDALLION, and all the water 
    from the sewers will be drained, allowing you to exit this slimy place.
    Locating the steam elevator:
    Items we will find:
    Flame rounds x1
    Acid rounds x2
    Control Panel Key
    Weapon Box Key
    Follow the wooden path, and go to where the trolly was once docked. Go 
    to the control panel, search it, and a cinema will show the trolly 
    returning. Then, something horrible happens...something that will cause 
    you to break down to your knees and cry...yes...Sherry has returned. :D 
    After a naughty cinema, crawl into the trolly, cross the chasm, and onto 
    the other side. 
    Before continuing, be sure to pick up the WEAPON BOX KEY from the corner 
    (you don't need the lighter...just go to the right of the launcher and 
    search the corner). Continue to go down the narrow halls, using your 
    dwindling supply of handgun bullets to take care of the walking undead. 
    At the very end, you find a typewriter room...save if you wish, pick up 
    the flame and acid rounds, then leave Sherry behind (yes!), exit, and go 
    to the metal elevator. Take it down, through the door, and collect the 
    CONTROL PANEL KEY. Inspect the nearby monitor, and a closed-circuit 
    television will show Tyrant's introductory cinema...interesting, to say 
    the least. Stand back and plaster him with flame rounds until he falls 
    face-first. Examine him for some acid rounds, and return to Sherry. Plug 
    the CONTROL PANEL KEY into the console, and then the steam elevator will 
    have returned. Search the operation box to cause it to start, and you 
    will automatically board it...
    Locating Umbrella's Secret Laboratory:
    Items we will find:
    Flame Rounds x2
    After the nuclear platform has begun its decent, something makes a 
    strange noise outside, so you being the one with the grenade launcher, 
    gets the job of going to investigate. Before doing this, however, be 
    sure to grab the flame rounds from the bathroom (at least, it LOOKS like 
    a bathroom...). Outside, William Birkin's body has fully mutated, 
    growing an extra set of arms, his skull tearing through his face, which 
    continues to slowly move south. 
    Get back about ten feet, snap in some fire rounds, and continue to 
    unload them on this G-virus reject. After a few hits, he will leap to 
    the roof of the nuclear elevator, When you hear the first "swoosh", it 
    is him moving upwards. The second "swoosh" is that of him leaping back 
    down, so listen carefully, and when the second "swoosh" happens, that's 
    your cue to run around so you don't get mauled by this flying freak. 
    After a few more shots, he jumps up to cling to the elevator shaft. 
    Return to Sherry.
    Ugh...this cinema is SICKENING. It has more cheese than the state of 
    Wisconsin it's so bad...I wish I could skip it, but noooo, Capcom wants 
    us to see this crappy attempt at pulling our heart-strings. Oh 
    well...After this, the engine will over-heat, so you'll need to go back 
    outside. Here, circle around and crawl through the ventilation duct -- 
    just in time to see the elevator re-start and continue downward without 
    you inside. What luck we may have had left today has just vanished! :D
    These corridors are filled with cables and wires, along with a huge 
    freight elevator. Ignore it, and choose the other path. Take the lift 
    down, go to the dead body, and pick up the flame rounds nearby. Take the 
    second lift, and you will hear the familiar, raspy breathing of the 
    super lickers before you even see them. Equip your acid shots, and then 
    carefully walk around the corner, then pelt the two beasts with two 
    shots each, before they get a chance to perform their leap attack. Walk 
    past their twitching bodies and activate the generator switch, giving 
    power to the freight elevator I talked about earlier. Board it to reach 
    Umbrella's secret laboratory...
    Collecting the "Master Key":
    Items we will find:
    Fuse Case
    Grenade rounds x5
    Power Room Key
    Lab Card Key
    Master Key
    As you enter, six or so naked zombies (the type that have been stripped 
    of their flesh. Num nums!) will hoard around you. Quickly load your 
    grenade launcher and plug them all full of whatever you have (DO NOT 
    waste the acid rounds, however). When all of this is said and done, go 
    through the nearby door. Go across the metal walkway and you will find a 
    split in the path: follow the blue lining. Here, in the "EAST" area, go 
    through the large mechanical door covered in ice. Pick up the FUSE 
    CASING and examine the robotic arm (awesome animation BTW), which will 
    put the fuse inside of the casing, creating the all-powerful FUSE. Go 
    back to the split in the path and insert it into the large machine/hole, 
    and the power will return again. Follow the red path.
    Push the red button and a mechanical "slinky" door will open, revealing 
    two rabid zombie plants. Conventional weaponry can take them down, but 
    their tentacles will still try to grab you; only fire rounds can truly 
    put them down. You are now in the "WEST" area, as shown by the sign. 
    Turn right and open the unlocked door. Grab the LAB CARD KEY on the 
    table, and shoot a fire grenade down the vent to extinguish the plant. 
    Crawl through, and two hungry super-lickers meet your eye...quickly take 
    them down using your dwindling acid rounds. Go to the adjacent locker, 
    open it, and retrieve the two grenade rounds. Pick the lock and exit 
    back to the "WEST" area.
    Run past the plant corpses, opening the door to a huge vertical corridor 
    that has been absolutely over-run with plant tentacles. Climb down the 
    ladder, and into a new, twisting hallway. Equip your acid shots, as 
    super-lickers will burst from ceilings -- three in total to be found 
    here. There are three (!) herbs if you want them. Go through the only 
    Circle around, save at the type-writer if you wish, and go into Dr. 
    Birkin's laboratory. Open the locker with the blue light above it 
    (Weapon Box Key required) and two grenade rounds will be your prize. 
    Battle your way past the large amount of naked zombies, and steal the 
    POWER ROOM KEY from the desk. Backtrack a bit and a cinema will show 
    Annette returning, asking where Sherry is. After this, continue going 
    back until you reach the freight elevator at the start of the Secret 
    Lab. Go down. Go to the large crate, push it on the small lift, and go 
    down. Push it to the dead-end, climb up, and open the door using the 
    POWER ROOM KEY. After the interesting cinema that shows Tyrant falling 
    into a pool of liquid lead, backtrack to the area with the blue/red 
    paths. After the cinema showing Annette dying, take the MASTER KEY. 
    By now, the emergency evacuations and alarms should have started going 
    off. Aeiiighhhhh!
    Escaping Umbrella's Secret Laboratory:
    Items we will find:
    Platform key
    Joint N Plug
    Joint S Plug
    Rocket Launcher
    "Repeat, all employees proceed to the bottom platform." 
    Where's this bottom platform? Just get on the freight elevator, use the 
    MASTER KEY on the computer, and you'll get to a huge nuclear train. Go 
    inside and drop Sherry off, and go to the very back, where you'll find a 
    magic box, typewriter, and PLATFORM KEY. 
    You should have the following in your inventory:
    (1) Grenade launcher w/fire rounds (2) Grenade rounds (3) Acid rounds 
    (4) Platform key (5) - (7) Lots and lots of herbs. As much as you can 
    fit, the most powerful you can muster. Leave ONE space open.
    Outside the train, open the gate using the PLATFORM KEY (this frees up 
    another space, leaving two available). The computer voice now informs 
    you that you have exactly five minutes until the entire complex is 
    annihilated, and a timer appears, counting down. Run up the stairs, 
    across the bridge that goes over the train, to the console, punch the 
    button, and watch in wonder (not) as the metal bars disappear, revealing 
    two objects: JOINT N PLUG and JOINT S PLUG. Take them both, turn a 180, 
    go underneath the stairs, and into the liquid lead area. Go to the 
    adjacent generator and install both plugs. As the lights go out, a huge 
    figure suddenly blocks your view...
    The Tyrant is back!
    His body still on fire, more powerful than ever, the mutagenic beast 
    rushes right for you. This is, IMO, the most difficult fight in the game 
    because this guy can take you out with three swipes of his fiery claws 
    (which is why you'll need as many herbs and healers as possible). 
    Continue to shoot grenades at him while you futily attempt to dodge his 
    shots, and eventually a shadow of Ada Wong (see Leon's scenario) will 
    throw you a ROCKET LAUNCHER. One shot from this baby and the Tyrant is 
    down for the count...for good. The power is restored to the train as the 
    battle ends.
    Return to the train, take out the naked zombies, and open the metal gate 
    using the computer (nice sound effects I must say). Board the train and 
    hit the lever. 
    The ending cinema will proceed as usual, until the train's alarm systems 
    suddenly go off, informing you that the train will detonate due to the 
    presence of biohazardous material. A trip to the back of the train, and 
    a HUGE version of William Birkin smashes through the train's ceiling, 
    teeth exposed, tentacles flying, blood spewing...it's pretty cool, 
    really. The only way you can still tell it was once a person is by the 
    skull swinging from the spinal cord in his back.  
    Though threatening in appearance, this guy is very weak. Just step back, 
    unload all of your ammunition into him, and he's done. Game ended. 
    6.  RANKINGS
    In Resident Evil 2, you are scored at the end of completing the 
    game...you can achieve either an A, B, C, D, or E, depending on a 
    variety of factors...
    Rank "A": To get this coveted rank, you must...
    * Beat the game in less than 3:00 (three hours) -- cinemas not included.
    * Use ABSOLUTELY NO first aid sprays. 
    * Use NO special weapons (that is, any weapon that takes up two item 
      spaces). The only exceptions are the flamethrower and the rocket 
      launcher that the shadow gives you at the end of the "2" scenario. 
    * You can only pick up six ink ribbons. Even if you don't use them, you 
      can't pick them up. 
    Every other rank depends on how many of the above rules you break, but 
    it doesn't matter, because the only one you should be interested in is 
    the "A" rank...
    P.S. Getting a "A" ranking in every scenario is highly recommended. It 
    allows you to access the Fourth Survivor Mini-game (AKA Hunk's 
    Scenario). TONS of fun that is.
    7.  CREDITS
    Nintendo, Sega, & Sony: For their systems.
    Capcom: For creating the game, and porting it to the N64/DC
    Angelstudios/Factor 5: For making it possible to have an N64 version at 
                           a decent price. 
    Vesther Fauransy <vesther@verasnaship.net>: Without a doubt, his FAQs 
    were simply the best for RE2 if you wanted to get everything in an 
    insane amount of time (1:45 and lower).
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com>: For kindly accepting my 
    FAQs, and for making such a cool site. 
    Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
    any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
    condemnation, or death threats at: marshmallow@planetn2000.com. I still 
    accept mail sent to m_mallow@hotmail.com, but I don't check it as 
    regularly as my primary, Planet2000 account. 
    Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
    daily basis. 
    I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
    immediately. Who knows...you may get an answer hours after sending it, 
    or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
    questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
    <prepare for a shocker> do have a real life outside the Internet. 
    School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
    the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  
    If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
    definitely ignore it. If your question is poorly written (e.g. "Hez waz 
    up, dawg? Got mez uh q!") I will delete it.  Etc., etc...
    Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
    work? Believe me, though I may not reply to it, I do appreciate your 
    comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
    question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
    support. As for your problem..." 
    I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
    that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
    acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
    they're always good for laughs.
    Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
    site exclusively (or even as a third party). I don't care how much 
    money, women, or drugs you offer me, either. No means no, okay?
    No, I don't care about what kind of whore house your uncle runs. No, I 
    don't know who Louie is and why he has a fetish for panties. No, I don't 
    think a piano is going to mysteriously appear out of thin air and fall 
    on me if I don't send a piece of sh!t letter to other people. No, I 
    won't send you cash for a "dying" (yeah, right) kid who is infected with 
    brain cancer, though sometimes I wonder if YOU'RE the one with brain 
    cancer. No, I don't care about this new, amazing revelation about weight 
    loss (my muscle to fat ratio is quite normal, thank you very much). And, 
    finally, I will *not* make out with you!  
    I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
    questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for an M rated 
    game with copious amounts of blood and violence, I assume you will not 
    be offended by a little sexual innuendo. 
                               ~ End of Document ~  

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