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"Most complete version along with N64 one..."

I played Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for PC before playing this one. But when Resident Evil 3 Nemesis doesn't satisfy me much, Resident Evil 2 for PC has perfectly done a good job. I have played most of Resident Evil 2 versions, but I think PC version is the best. Many people think that N64 version is better than all others, but it's just because of the unique EX-Files. But about me, I think the EX-files are not completely necessary for the game, except it adds more details about the passing process of the game story. Beside the EX-files, N64 version is mostly similar to PSX one, with the controllable violent levels. About Resident Evil 2 for PC, it's a great deal when you have a strong computer enough or more to play it. The game has not only more difficulties (Hard difficulty for all modes ; The Arrange Mode can be played in Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty), but artwork as well. In the ''Special'' menu, you can see artwork, sketches, 3D models of characters and review all the movies you see while playing the game. In the process to play, you can use some keyboard buttons to control the mess and shade of the screen, zoom in or zoom out the window size that help you play the game better as you want. Generally, Resident Evil 2 for PC has many functions that can't be done in other consoles, about memory and graphic. But of course, it partly depends on how good your computers are.

Gameplay 10/10
This game is really funny and exciting. Maybe there are not many changes from PSX version, but the pictures can be sharper and cleaner, as I can control the screen mess and shade. It will be better if your computer is really strong : The game speed is faster as your PC is reading datas, the graphic and sounds are clearer etc. Besides, you can skip all the movies in the game, even the scenes showing the doors are opened, when you can't do this in PSX version ; you collect ''Special stuffs'' by playing the game, seeing more characters and objects that will be stored in ''Special'' menu.

Story 8/10
I don't have much critics about this. Just like other versions, it's a part of the whole Resident Evil story : A rookie cop begins his first day of duty in Raccoon city; a girl whose brother is lost enters the city to find him. They meet each other among the nightmare of the haunted city. Both of them begin their adventure in a police station, but to save more survivors and escape from the city. In their wandering, they find more clues about what had happened to the city which are still in mystery... Yeah, it's Resident Evil's rule...

Controls 9/10
After a time to get acquainted with the keyboard controls, I have felt that it's not very hard as I played Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. The buttons of keyboard are many enough for you to select various function directly while you're playing the game. The standard control is arranged so well that it is very convenient for players to press and move their fingers easily. This is not a ''nightmare under control'' anymore.

Difficulties 9/10
PC versions have more modes than other common ones. Arrange Game can be played in two standard difficulties Easy (which is nearly similar to Rookie Mode in Dual Shock version)and Normal as usual modes. Besides, this version has another playable difficulty : Hard that doesn't exist in some others. You can have more choice to play the game in different styles.

Characters 8/10
The characters are pretty good-designed, but of course there are still disadvantages needed repair. Different from Resident Evil 1 where real actors and actresses take roles in the movies of the game, Resident Evil 2 begins to create virtual characters with full motion videos and three dimensions graphics in some movies. But maybe their skills were still simple in that time. I was angry when seeing Leon and Sherry with dispirited eyes that have no emotion. The movements of characters, especially the movements of mouth while they are talking, seems to be forced and hard. Besides, I think some other parts need to be more graceful such as characters' hair or clothes. This is the only points that Resident Evil 2 is not as good as Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.

Sounds 9/10
Basically, it is similar to other versions : pretty good. But if your computer a high-quality one at sound cards and other hardwares, the sounds will be more lively and real. It's all up to you, I have no more ideas about this.

Graphic 10/10
Resident Evil 2's original graphic + high-qualitied PC + Controllable mess, shade and smooth levels = Excellent Graphic.
I think the PC version might be better than other ones about this. My PC which used 32MB VGA Card has made a good job with the game about graphic. Yes, a real revolution about graphic : an ordinary game machine like PSX or N64 can just read the graphic in their unchangeable standard when a PC could live longer if its hardwares are good and always increased with time until a very far limitation. This game has changed my inveterate opinion about PC games :''What a big trouble when each PC game requires different standards of PC ! I don't like it !''. Now it's ''It'll be funnier to play my favourite games by PC''.

Puzzles 8/10
In most of the games I have played, Resident Evil is one of the games that have most worthy puzzles to solve. They are not so easy, but they are all real challenges of new players (except they are having strategy guides with them). Too easy puzzles would spoil the game. But too hard and weird puzzles would sometimes cause impatience and make the game not funny and become a sum at school, and then the players must need strategy guides or ask others to find the ways. I don't like this. I don't like to have guides when I'm playing the game. That's the reason why I'm satisfied with the puzzle system in Resident Evil series, including this game because Capcom has succeed to make a great balance between hard and easy level : They are all worth solving.

Secrets 9/10
PC version also has all the secrets you find in others, and hidden scenarios : The 4th Survivor and Extreme Battle Mode found in Dual Shock version for PC.

Replayability 10/10
Perfect ! You can completely replay the game whenever you like. Although Resident Evil 2 is rather long because it's split into many scenarios, each of them just takes you between 2 or 3 hours to complete one that's very convenient for those players who don't have much time to play.

Final conclusion
Resident Evil series is a good adventure, and Resident Evil 2 can be considered as the best. It has been good enough for Capcom to re-create it for a big deal of consoles. In one of those, it will not be bad idea to choose PC version. In the opposite, PC version can be supposed to be the most complete version along with N64 one. Of course a little important trouble is that the game partly depends on your PC. This is always obliged when you are PC players. But anyway, if you are a real Resident Evil fan, you can't miss this game in your Resident Evil Collection.

Gameplay : 10/10
Story : 8/10
Controls : 9/10
Difficulties : 9/10
Characters : 8/10
Sounds : 9/10
Graphic : 10/10
Puzzle System : 8/10
Secret System : 9/10
Replayability : 10/10
Overall score : 10/10 (Of course, it's not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/15/01, Updated 02/04/03

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