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    Star Location FAQ by mootootwo

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    RRRRRR               VV        VV
    RR  RR    EE    =====  VV    VV  OO  OO LL      TT
    RRRRR     EEE   =====   VV  VV   OO  OO LL      TT
    RR   RR   EE             VVVV    OO  OO LL      TT
    RR    RR  EEEEE           VV     OOOOOO LLLLLL  TT
    Re-Volt Star Location FAQ Version 1.0 - by Michael Koenig
    Table Of Contents
    1. Legal Information
    2. Introduction to the Game
    3. Purpose of the Star FAQ
    4. Easy Tracks
       4.1 Toys in the Hood 1
       4.2 Supermarket 2
       4.3 Museum 2
       4.4 Botanical Garden
    5. Medium Tracks
       5.1 Rooftops
       5.2 Toy World 1
       5.3 Ghost Town 1
       5.4 Toy World 2
    6. Hard Tracks
       6.1 Toys in the Hood 2
       6.2 Toytanic 1
       6.3 Museum 1
    7. Extreme Tracks
       7.1 Supermarket 1
       7.2 Ghost Town 2
       7.3 Toytanic 2
    8. Other FAQ Stuff
    1. Legal Information
    This FAQ belongs and is Copyrighted to Michael Koenig 
    <mootootwo@hotmail.com> under the international Copyright law. You may 
    not in any way, shape, or form change the content of this FAQ or 
    distribute it without permission of the author. Any information taken 
    from this FAQ must be credited to me. This FAQ cannot appear in any 
    magazine/website/guide without my permission. The only site that has my 
    permission to appear on (so far) is GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>.
    2. Introduction to the Game
    Re-Volt is an RC Car racing game for the Dreamcast that puts you in 
    control of a small RC car to race against rivals in life like (and life-
    size) environments. You'll find yourself racing through neighborhood 
    streets dodging the occasional basketball, leaping over supermarket cash 
    registers, breaking into museums past closing hours, and sailing along 
    on a cruise ship. It has just short of 50 different cars to race on 14 
    different tracks. It is quite difficult, and takes quite a while to 
    unlock the whole game.
    3. Purpose of the Star FAQ
    To fully unlock the game, not only will you have to win all the races 
    and beat all the times. Those will come from experience, hard work and 
    determination. The rest of the unlocking will come from finding and 
    nabbing all the stars in the Practice mode of the game. Each track has a 
    star and as the tracks get progressively harder, so does obtaining the 
    stars. When you get the stars on every track of a certain difficulty 
    level, more cars will be unlocked, so to get all of the cars, you need 
    to get all of the stars.
    4. Easy Tracks
    These tracks all have the stars in easy to spot locations and are all 
    easily accessible. Supermarket 2 will give you the hardest time to get 
    but it should only take a couple of tries. (On a side note, for some 
    reason, the numbering of the tracks in the game is weird. The second 
    track you race in the game is Supermarket 2, when later in the game you 
    come across Supermarket 1. The same thing goes for the Museum tracks)
    <4.1 Toys in the Hood 1>
    This star requires skill or insane jump to reach. It is found midway 
    through the track underneath the red car that is halfway parked up on 
    the curb (license plate PP4 CLE). Simply drive under the car and the 
    star is yours.
    Car to Use: Any
    <4.2 Supermarket 2>
    Proceed through the track and find the three cash registers. Back up as 
    far as possible and then accelerate towards the middle register. Use the 
    conveyor belt ramp to launch over the register and to get the star in 
    the air.
    Car to Use: Any car with fast acceleration. Adeon or Sprinter XL.
    <4.3 Museum 2>
    The star on this track is located on the handrail between the two 
    escalators midway through the level. Line up with the bottom of the 
    handrail and drive the ramp and onto the narrow rail between the two 
    escalators. The star is about half way up.
    Car to Use: Any
    <4.4 Botanical Garden>
    At the end of the track, as you are coming down the last hill, there is 
    a small window to the left of the big arch. Drive down the grass, into 
    the window and onto the elevated soil box. Behind the last pillar is the 
    Car to Use: Any
    5. Medium Tracks
    These are all easy with the one exception being the Rooftops star. This 
    one is simply maddening to get.
    <5.1 Rooftops>
    This star is one of the harder ones to obtain in the game. The star can 
    be seen on a ledge just past the roof with the two large satellite 
    dishes (on the dark, unlit roof). To get the star you will have to 
    travel beyond this point. Take the track around the building on the 
    rooftop and get to the next one with small pyramid like structures on 
    your left, and large buildings on your right. Drive between the first 
    and second pyramids and turn yourself back towards the rooftop you just 
    came from. This is where the difficulty starts. You have to jump off the 
    rooftop and land on the narrow ledge that goes around the one you just 
    came from (the dark rooftop). Driving too slow will make you miss the 
    ledge and going too fast will make you fly over it. If you land on the 
    ledge, stop your forward momentum by using reverse. It will take several 
    tries. Your best bet is to point the nose of your car at the ladder in 
    the distance and land somewhat on the corner, which allows for a little 
    more room. After you land on the ledge, travel extremely slowly and 
    carefully along the top until you reach the star.
    Car to Use: I found it best to use Adeon and start accelerating from the 
    second pyramid-like structure.
    <5.2 Toy World 1>
    Another easy star. Instead of just jumping off the very last ramp, 
    slowly ride up the ramp and fall off the edge. You will get the star on 
    your way down.
    Car to Use: Any
    <5.3 Ghost Town 1>
    This star is located right before the finish-line. If you flip around 
    and head backwards right from the start you should see it. It's sitting 
    on top of a wooden crate right next to a large ramp. Just drive up the 
    ramp and fall off the side to land on the star.
    Car to Use: Any
    <5.4 Toy World 2>
    A little short of halfway into the track, one section of track jumps 
    over the other. This jump can be found by taking the right path at the 
    fork earlier in the race. Jump over the track then turn the car back 
    around. Jump the opposite way you just came, but intead of landing on 
    the track, land on the grassy spot to the right. The star is just in 
    front of the big red door.
    Car to Use: Any
    6. Hard Tracks
    Here is where the stars start being very difficult to get. All three 
    pose a large challenge with Toytanic 1 being the hardest of the bunch. 
    All three require fast cars and lots of patience.
    <6.1 Toys in the Hood 2>
    Take the first turn in the course and head towards the open doorway. 
    Instead of entering, however, take a right. Drive down to the fence and 
    up on the driveway to your left. Turn the car to face the white house at 
    the end of the street and accelerate towards it. As you come to the 
    street that intersects it, turn slightly to the right and hit the wooden 
    ramp. This will launch you up and over the trash can that the star is 
    sitting on top of. This one can be quite difficult. I wouldn't recommend 
    accelerating up the street because it requires that you turn more at the 
    end, resulting in a loss of speed. Also, you have to hit the ramp at a 
    crooked angle. The wheels of the car tend to slip off the edge alot so 
    getting this can be frustrating.
    Car to Use: Anything fast, Adeon
    <6.2 Toytanic 1>
    This is one of the hardest stars to get in the game, maybe even THE 
    hardest. Towards the end of the track there is a big long stretch of 
    deck followed by a red ramp. The trick is to speed down the right 
    corridor of the deck and up the right side of the ramp. This will launch 
    you towards a deck chair. Turn to the left and hit the top of the 
    backrest of the chair and pray that you are going fast enough, and in 
    the right direction. This one takes many, many tries and alot of luck to 
    get. And if taking forever to get isn't enough, you have to do it all 
    again (more on that later).
    Car to Use: Anything with speed and not too heavy. I got it with Adeon 
    (my car of choice in case you couldn't tell).
    <6.3 Museum 1>
    Turn around at the start and take the course in reverse. Don't go up the 
    large metal ramp after the first turn. Instead, go behind it to a room 
    filled with lasers and infared tripwires. Accelerate down the room and 
    at the very end, aim towards the top of the blue shell. You'll fly over 
    the shell and out over the staircase. The star is hanging high in the 
    air over the staircase. Another perk to this hard to get star requires a 
    long drive back around the course. After you fly over the shell, you 
    can't get back to the ledge you came from. So you have to drive back 
    towards the finish-line and back to the laser room.
    Car to Use: Anything Fast.
    7. Extreme Tracks
    These are on about the same playing field as the hard tracks (except 
    Ghost Town 2, which is very easy to get).
    <7.1 Supermarket 1>
    Turn and drive the course in reverse right from the start. Drive all the 
    way down the long corridor until you reach the wall. Turn yourself back 
    towards the cash registers and floor it. Get as much speed as you can 
    and launch off the ramp on the leftmost cash register. This one requires 
    a very fast car.
    Car to Use: Your Fastest Car
    <7.2 Ghost Town 2>
    Turn around and start the course in reverse. Head through the small 
    space between the two buildings and on through the course. Soon you will 
    see the ramp that you used to get the star in Ghost Town 1. Go to the 
    bottom and accelerate up. Instead of driving off the side like before, 
    simply drive straight up the ramp. At the top, you will come to a 
    vertical wall. Drive up the wall and the star is at the top. This one is 
    very easy to get, but incredibly hard to locate. It isn't visible until 
    you drive right over it due to the camera angle.
    Car to Use: A lightweight one.
    <7.3 Toytanic 2>
    Remember the first Toytanic? Well, the developers decided to put the 
    star in the exact same place on Toytanic 2. You get to do the whole 
    thing over again. In case you missed my advice for the first one, here 
    it is: This is one of the hardest stars to get in the game, maybe even 
    THE hardest. Towards the end of the track there is a big long stretch of 
    deck followed by a red ramp. The trick is to speed down the right 
    corridor of the deck and up the right side of the ramp. This will launch 
    you towards a deck chair. Turn to the left and hit the top of the 
    backrest of the chair and pray that you are going fast enough, and in 
    the right direction. This one takes many, many tries and alot of luck to 
    Car to Use: Anything Fast
    8. Other FAQ Stuff
    If you have any questions/suggestions/things to add to the FAQ/etc...  
    that are not covered in the FAQ, please send them to me at 
    mootootwo@hotmail.com. If you suggest something or something is added to 
    the FAQ because of your e-mail you will be credited.
    This document Copyright 2001 Michael Koenig

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