Road Warrior is so intense that by comparison it makes all other action games look like "Road Kill!"
The adventures of Drake Edgewater... having escaped from the prison city of Kemo--your challenge now is survival in the "outside world."
You are Drake. Fire up the thrusters on your Hot Hover Car and get ready for the "ride of your life." From urban jungles to dangerous desert lands--navigate your machine on an assault on the enemy Omnicorp Empire.
And you're not alone--you've enlisted the help of the rebel forces and you've got fire power that's second to none! "Fire" off a few rounds on your 50 millimeter Gatling Gun and "Fire up" your flame thrower. Arm missiles and lock'n load your anti-aircraft guns. Your ride's ready, your mission clear--rescue imprisoned rebels from the Omnicorp leaders and bring down their Empire, because...

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