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"A Great Adventure on the High Seas"

Ocean of America has reproduced one of the best high seas adventure to a new level bringing new elements and materials from the ever popular game called ''Pirates!''. Sea Legends is mostly an upgrade version of Pirates! but being added with a more in-depth role-playing adventure. It still deserve all the credits as much as Pirates! did with it's good story line and nice graphics.


This game is about piracy and war on the high seas and as captain of a ship, you journey into unknown waters to seek your fame and fortune. The ship-to-ship combat are excellent, the first person view really gives you complete control of the situation. You need to maintain everything on the ship such as foods and weapons. paying the salary of your crew really adds up the realism in the game. There is point where you can buy or get maps which are being claimed that a buried treasure is located somewhere in the map and finding it will really make you worthwhile.


The story starts off when you arrive at Barbados. The reason you are there is because you wanted to sail the high seas, to be fierce and well known just like your father once was. You meet up with your uncle who is now the new Governor at Barbados, with his orders you journey into unknown territory fighting your way against Pirates that are intending to bring down the English fleet to it's knees. One day as you patrol the waters you are attacked by the Spanish Armada which is far superior in artillery and vessels considered to your ship alone. All your crew perished in that battle and now with no money or men to revenge on what has happen, you board a friendly ship to the nearest England conquered town known as Port Royal. The Governor there agreed to help you get back on your feet with giving enough money to get yourself a small ship just to get you started. From here on you can decide for yourself on what to do next, it's all up to you and i won't spoil it.


The graphics are mediocre for now but for it's time it really had amazing graphics back then. All the town looks nice and with nice coloring of the houses, trees and seas really gives you that cozy feeling. The sound of the cannon being blown away is great and the yelling from the boatswain telling what is actually happening on the combat field is an added bonus, it pretty much brings the reality out of it.

Replay Value:

You have the option to follow the game's plot (being the good guy) or be a privateer battling your way for rich and glory (in your own sense). With lot's of town to visit and many kind of ship to choose from, starting out from a small ship and working your way up to buy the best ship the game has to offer will really take you sometime to achieve but it definitely will hook you up for weeks and there's no doubt that you will play this game again when the time comes.

Buy or Rent:

Despite that it's a pretty old game (maybe more then 10 years old), i hardly believe that you can find it anywhere today. But i would still recommend it to anybody that likes sword fighting or plundering treasure kind of game to give it a try. It's a classic high seas adventure at it's BEST!.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/21/02, Updated 05/07/02

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