Review by Captain Doormat

Reviewed: 12/21/02 | Updated: 06/14/03

Game Over (again), yeah!


Wow. I am pretty impressed by this game. 60fps, NO slowdown (unlike the DC version), high detail on cars, simple menus, nice smooth textures.. Its amazing on my P4 2.4ghz, but then again, it bloody should be!
There aer snow levels, lake levels, mountains, forests, desrts, and all look great. There is snow, rain, hail, all kinds of weather conditions to boot. And you can feel the difference. The only slightly blocky textures are on the cars, but even that is smoothed over, and you don't even notice it anyway!
It has quite low minimum requirements (200mhz CPU), but personally I think that it will be so slow that it would be unbearable to play, even on the 30fps setting.


Uh oh. What happened here then? For some reason, the music won't play during a race, and it cuts out in the menus. This has happened with every Sega Pc game I've owned, weather it's worse or slightly better.
The sound effects are lacking too. The same wheel spin sound is used for every car, and a slightly different tone engine noise used for every car again.
Hey, that bloke is still in there! Yep! ''Game Over, YEEEEEEEEEAHS!'' galore!
The music itself is pretty poor, from what I've heard anyway. The beats.. don't really fit, if you know what I mean? But it suits the rally theme.


There are Arcade, Time Attack, and 10 year Championship modes, and the expected 2 player mode, too. The 10 year championship gets harder the further you get, and is quite fun and rewarding to play.
The multiplayer has no slow down and minimal fogging, which dosn't really hinder the race. What DOES hinder the race, though, is how hard it is to set up keyboard controls for a 2nd player.
At the start of races you can change your cars settings. Speaking of cars, there are a few to choose from, and each have a different feel to them. Very good.
In Time Attack mode you can set lap and course records that you can try and better again and again and a-bloody-gain!
You can even listen to the cars pros and cons being read out by some bloke as it drives around a course!


When you've done it once, you can try it again and again, and the you'll use multiplayer many a time.

nice little rally game that is well worth the fiver that it costs in the 'Xplosiv' range. Shame about the music not working though!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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